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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 9:00am-9:30am AST

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uniting across board is to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and to vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h l, making the healthier world for you everywhere. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan doh, how the quick reminder, the top stories here in al jazeera, the u. s. senate has paid the way for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default is voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $490000000000.00. it will now go to the house of representatives without raising the national barring cap. the treasury would not be authorized to pay its bills in less than $2.00 weeks. full for senate, democrats won a long term solution to the debt limit. to make sure financial remark,
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it's remain stable, and our economic recovery stays on track. america's full faith and credit must never be used as a political bargaining chip. i hope my republican colleagues relent from trying to make it one when we read. revisit this issue soon. so now that republican brinkman ship is relented. senate democrats will focus on passing, build back better agenda, so we can finally build up ladders of opportunity for people to climb up to the middle class. my county has moved from washington. well, a desire to li, crucial. if the u. s. had defaulted on its debt, the economy would have been entail said would have been unprecedented. most experts believe that everybody was going to bow at the last moments, but it's still a tense situation. and this only came about in terms of extending the debt to or,
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or putting a little bit of money in to allow it to run through to december. that took a lot of shenanigans in terms of what's been happening in recent weeks. in the end, the republicans or some republicans came to deal with the democrats, that they would vote to drop the filibuster on this. now what that means is that it would just need at 60 votes to pass that procedural motion saying that the debt ceiling can be raised temporarily. by a simple majority, the democrats have 50 in the senate are plus the vice president that gives them the absolute majority. in the end, the bill was passed by 50 votes to 48, but this is all about political games playing and certainly coming very close to the brink in terms of just a few days before october, the 18th, which is the deadline. another injection of capital is put in now, to put this into real terms, you are talking about the debt ceiling being at 28.4 trillion. what the senators
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voted on is to raise that debt ceiling to a $24.00 trillion, just for the government to be able to buy it, pay its debts until december. the 3rd, when the whole thing's going to start again. in southwest pakistan, funerals are being held for those killed in an earthquake. that's as rescuer. search for survivors, it's feared many a trapped under the rubble thursday strong, but shallow tremor has killed at least 20 people. many more injured and have been left homeless and baluchistan. han i the worst his region. the former us special envoy to haiti says security and puerto prince is worsening and master cousin kidnappings are now part of everyday life. daniel foot toll congress, america's policy of deporting thousands of patients would only make things worse. he resigned over their treatment at the u. s. southern border in september. early voting has begun in iraq's parliamentary election. those in the armed forces, police or who are totally to place cam cost that dollars today. ahead of some days
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general vote. it's an election that was one of the top demands of massive anti government protests in 2019. pfizer says it submitted a request to the main us drug regulator for emergency approval of its covered 19 vaccine for children age from 5 to 11 trials for the age group. again in july, the dr. to vaccinate, children has been spurred by a rise in infections of delta variant and the reopening of school abortion clinics in the us state of texas. ab reopened falling, a federal court ruling suspending a law that effectively banned the procedure. wednesday's temporary judgment criticize the legislation as an offensive depravation of such an important right. some texas abortion clinics are wary that could be shut down again with the possibility of an appeals court reinstating the law in the coming days. the texas legislation and pose last month is the most restrictive in the country. well, those were the headlines. news continues here now to 0 off the out as they were world station. thanks for watching. like,
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i want to talk with them to them with how people are rules that go on these mediums. little i said he was better art of handle has a house there handy, a confessional, recluse comp. he's missouri do op. a lot of you. he was not the only one i know speak further. thank you
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so be a he, i to almost little a few orders here jack and mine the pow wow. theat 2 o'clock, but in my 2nd be been might the movie at a why hello jill. from a scorn millennium sheer on middle foot sa thoughts, gallo mom, i'm the pow media solutions near beans from here. and she has ideas that up, jackie, and what i can on so could under conditions badly. it will. my 2nd will be been almost done a little bit, but more still without them though. i saw handled with this column of them, theology madison, the fear go on with sotheby's smith. the only bit to be on come and see how one of my most of the out of the fe. we had b as i'm law for dixie form with lava galani, zoe bay soluble so many subs. if she would, you say again, has any home, any document us on the put it could be? can i get some fat flaws? santa franklin, out of one called jim smith, samantha has
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a lot of them uh most what that jack had a couple of them lay him in boy buck his book with button one from one of the home say it was son. it was his book with an m m o u l. again, not a problem or not. got a note that will be schools door yet dilemma lolo in new people will not financial and she thought i got that on the via the will i usually i get off the phone as usual then. yeah. so my pm. okay. we had defendants have you tried to lead them back? i've been having she bled all financial math from the from since she didn't look at it. i don't see that this paulette got a lot of yes. yeah. like i had the fucking g he can see if that would, how could i feel? hello, neal to share how legal a bit of us one law use them fm
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a snail to get them on that level or how come so i would get them and i will call would have been a really good then up. see. and so for the idea hold, we had a z o l e a z o that josephine hell is the number that goes with the in, in west i have obama law have you wouldn't have had that i would have but all the bad piano with that i don't want it, let me look. ah, i've never seen a showing much devastation more experienced how quickly everything can change or as kind of ours and damaged the events in india became much more than just story.
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0, one was affected. we couldn't keep the people we cared about ally and there were times on air when i had to hold back tears. but every day i was driven to convey the connect of trauma to make sure that despite the high numbers, we didn't forget that every single death represented a family's worst moment. and how and not suffering could have been avoided. i became a journalist to tell the story of what is happening, but also shows the wider context. i'm elizabeth crohn, m. after decades of conflict between successive colombian, governments, i'm the fox marxist gorillas, and historic peace. the court in 2016 thought fights as lay down their arms 5 years
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on a bit rising defense and the brutal police repression unused. so i can divide and has robbed the nation, people and power off if the agreement is failing and what's next. the country columbia, killing the piece on al jazeera lu . i'm darn jordan. tow truck stories here in al jazeera, the u. s. senate has paid the way for a temporary deal to hold off a possible debt default. it's voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $480000000.00. it will now go to the house of representatives without raising the national barring cap, the treasury will not be authorized to pay its bills. and senate democrats want a long term solution to the debt limit.


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