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in since last flooding in caracas, we could see more as that rain falls, but it's going to be columbia that see some of the severe storms as we go into sunday. those will push up into panama as we move to central america. 5 heavy rain for costa rica, it's rise up for the south of mexico. but it's going to be the hot bahamas that see some wet and windy weather come sunday. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. ah. this is al jazeera ah hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. our live from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. the taliban says it's disgust opening a new page with the us during their 1st in person meeting. since foreign forces left afghanistan, china's president, she ging paying again,
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promises re unification with taiwan, but avoids a direct mention of using force. how naming elephants for $5000.00 apiece is part of an ambitious plan to kick start canyon struggling tourism business. and i'm going to smith in moscow whack cove locked down the rising social inequality that led to an explosion in the popularity of been in support. emma de connor's at 1st. mom says her us open child has ended in defeat. the 18 year old britain who was beaten, a straight set at and in ralph ah, the taliban says is disgust turning a new page with the united states during face to face talks in doha,
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the acting foreign minister. i mean con, we're talking. who leads the taliban? delegation says they've also discussed aid and getting curb 19 vaccinations into afghanistan. before the meeting the you said it was going to push the taliban on issues, including evacuation flights and how it's guaranteeing the rights of women and girls and minorities security. of course, another big talking point, particularly the threat posed by i saw in afghanistan, the arm groups latest attack in a sheer mosque on friday, killed more than 60 people. we have to correspondence tracking the story shortly. we'll speak to a sarab injury about what's been going on in cobble in the lead up to these talks 1st to natasha. going am here in doha. so natasha, what have they been talking about? well, i do want to note something that you just mentioned, the acting foreign minister maul, the american mach talkies said which is that these talks in his view represent the
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opening of a new page between cobble and washington baron by these are once enemies on the battlefield. now, representatives of governments sitting around a conference table. so this diplomatic dance begins. there's a chasm between the 2 sides that now somehow needs to be diplomatically bridged with concessions. the acting foreign minister said that the primary focus of the talks thus far a were about the distribution of much needed humanitarian aid, or is an evolving and deteriorating humanitarian crisis. in afghanistan, a concern by the americans that humanitarian aid is not being destroyed, distributed smoothly. the acting for foreign minister said that the afghans will ensure that the aid is distributed. however, it did not make mention of the united states concerns, but female aid workers are not being allowed to do their jobs unimpeded. another
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topic of conversation, according to the foreign minister, was implemented implementation of the doha agreements. here you have the taliban once again though, reminding the world in the united states that its sovereignty cannot be interfered with. that quote. we don't want anyone to interfere in our internal affairs to the taliban leaders came here with for sure money on their minds. they have asked the united states to lift sanctions and restrictions on the afghan national bank. in turn, the afghan delegation says that it will work on pain government employees and providing services to the population. in turn, the apparently the american delegation has pledged to provide coven night, tina vaccinations for afghans. now, one of the things that is surely a point of common ground between the 2 groups is this issue of security. the
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afghanistan is reeling from 2 major bombings in the last week that have killed dozens of people. and though publicly, the afghans have said that they will not work with the united states to help weaken iceland, afghanistan, clearly, both sides want to provide some stability and from the americans point of view stability and money go hand in hand. the foreign minister said that the, that afghanistan is aware that making the country stable is in the best interests of the international community. and it plans to do what it can to work towards that the united states has said from the onset that this meeting is what it is, is a continuation of pragmatic quote engagement with the taliban. and what it is not from the american perspective, is recognition of the taliban or conferring legitimacy. those are direct quotes. so it'll be interesting to see where things go from here. but as is always the case,
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these types of things begin with an initial 1st meeting. and that's what we've had so far in doha today. natasha, thanks very much live now to cobble and correspond there. some have been debate. so sama, is it significant that when they were putting the delegation together, the embryonic taliban administration, i guess they would say we're going to become the government one day pretty soon. they were putting names in the frame that weren't involved in the discussions in doha, before the taliban takeover. well, it is an interesting transition, far a movement which has been a fighting force for the last 2 decades. do now change itself all of a sudden a to a governing body and this is what you seeing in the her now, i mean, 100 looky, you see this statesman now from a taliban fighter, the evolution of these group into a government with at least they're trying to be this is hugely significant because it is the 1st meeting where the taliban interim government is interacting with the
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rest of the world, not on their soil. they have moved to doha. after long weeks of discussions, the earlier we were talking to thought about leaders were telling us that there can be no negotiations until the united states fulfills its obligations that it had in writing committed with the taliban in doha. but then they moved from that and they wanted to go to door. hi, there was a lot of shuttle diplomacy from the factory special on why going to be all government to cobble going to door meeting people. and then in the lead up to this meeting, you saw the you and representative designated by the taliban meeting, not just ambassadors from the region, but international players as well. and taliban saying that they are going to be talking to european union leaders as well. so there is a not that is at stake here for the taliban, if you heard only that, they are there because they want to help the afghan people that just don't have the money. as you've been hearing the reports, that as the former government went, it took all the money with them and billions and billions of dollars are now a frozen for the afghan international at the have gone central bank as well. so of
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course, there is a myriad of problems that a lot of fun faces. economics being the 1st one because winter is approaching, millions of people are desperately in need of aid. and we've been seeing visits from the united nations bodies, the world health organizations, a doctors without borders. everybody underlining the fact that the international community has probably weeks, not months to act. and they have, they cannot use the aid and the afghan money that they're frozen as a bargaining chip to put taliban into the shape that they want them to be. oh, sama benjamin. the in. cobble, thanks so much. talk to you later. and exclusion and anger. our province in eastern afghanistan has killed the governor of the local district. 3 of his guards were wounded. an explosive device had been planted on the side of the road. no group has claimed responsibility. afghanistan spacing, economic crisis that plunging millions of people into poverty. and border closures are worsening. the economic outlook the taliban is,
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as we've been hearing here on the news, are short of cash. it's called an international community for help. however, as hasha, my whole body reports many do not see an end to their problems. this is the friendship bridge afghanistan's link withers. becky's dan, a crucial lifeline for international aid and trade taliban and was beck officers guard the crossing. but traffic is slow. the cargo train service that used to carry over food supplies and commodities has become irregular. the taliban customs officer of the hi rita border crossing, dismisses international concerns about of got his dance future and what my in thought will got hush on it. we want the world to be more confident about doing business with us. they have to see the level of safety and security. the former regime wasn't able to secure the presidential compound or today all of afghanistan
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is safe. the taliban is beefing up its presence on the border and promising a crack down on corruption to ensure a smooth movement of people and goods of honest and has always struggled to build a mood and rail network that would link the country to its neighbors and expand trade with central asia, experts and import have dramatically declined in recent weeks as the international community wants the taliban to implement political reforms, form and inclusive government of face isolation. sh hundreds of lori drivers are stuck at the border, waiting for clearance to cross into his. becky's dan, look the businesses bed chevy belong to syria was never interrupted. now it has been slowed by health and i can bring the same amount of goods into countries. the fall out from international isolation is felt across the country. will feed group
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is one of the biggest names in the agriculture industry in afghanistan. the company extracts oil from seeds, a thriving business that also extends to animal feed. but the company has recently lost 70 percent of its revenues. managers fear they might have to shut down the company or reduce how cation our bank and recon that are getting or payment from them. and the 2nd problem is the closing up the border are surrounding us. so we can not get our run mature on time with those solutions now inside of the cash shortage and economic crisis. life for millions across of gans dan appears to be getting a lot worse. as a barbara al jazeera, i return crossing, but of garrison's border with his pakistan. well, another important border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan does remain
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closed today. the chairman spin, bolduc crossing was shot on tuesday, suspending trade and leaving thousands of people stranded out as here as camel hider. as more now from the pakistani side of the border, the border had been closed for almost a week because the dollar bon warranted, the budget on your daughter did do let dot gov on to wanted to come across into budget don. to come without restriction the budget on it. on the other hand, ive been concerned that are already 2000000 of on refugees and buckets on and the fact that many of the band outfit for budget i did it out that the tv, the pollutant surgeon. and i've got the la make date order on may use this border. gotten to bucket dr. gary out the gag. not to mention the fact that the additional of on refugees may afford across the border also of concern that the
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smuggler to have been now making money because of that situation. and i've run it on our smuggling people across the border. also to fact there's a lot of foreign exchange is leaving pocket on for one is don and budget on i've got just concerned, but the buckets on your daughter to say that can afford to had been going by the outbound guide by the dollar bond in broad day because of the strict restrictions that have been employed by the budget on your daughter did to warn proper paperwork for the van to want to come into a budget don and said that they cannot allow the free movement of people across the border. plenty more still to come here on the user for you, including o. d u n says it's facilities in libya, already breaking points has thousands of migrant refugees break free. the rwandan forces push them out of it following a heavy battle and you can see the remains of it explodes is blowing the roof of
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building bullet holes in the eye and sheets and we gain rear access in northern mozambique, off to regional forces pushed back. i was about to fight and in sports to major league baseball was rivals meeting the playoffs. the 1st time santa will be here with that story. ah. a human refugee office in libya has been forced to close after being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking re settlements. the you and hcr is urged the government to resume humanitarian flights. the been suspended for most of this year a day earlier, and 2000 migrants and libya escaped from a local detention center. malik, trainer joyce's live here on the news are out of tripoli malik. just looking at the pictures, it looks like a, a scene of chaos with little or no control on the part of the authorities. well, that's right. with also just of the i o. m has just issued
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a statement condemning the killing of 6 migrants and and, and the injury of over 24 others. now this happened in the ma bonnie detention center which is in the area of what charl are yesterday after a riot inside the detention center. and an attempted escape, according to the iowa guards began, shooting are resulting in the, in the death of 6 migrants and done the injury of $24.00 others. now this follows a crackdown that happened last week, where living authorities carried out an operation in the area of good gathers, are they detained over 4000 migrants, or during that operation and in the days to follow over a 1000 more. now these 5000 migrants were put into detention centers across western libya. many of them in the detention center are where we saw the escape take, place them urbana detention center. now in the seed censored censored,
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there was 3400 migrants including 356 women, and a 144 children. a 2000 of them escaped yesterday and i'm like you said in the footage, it's just cause a lot of chaos. are in the streets of, of tripoli. now we spoke to m a ministry official, the minister of an, a minister over interior official. earlier today he confirmed that 2000 migrants did escape. he said that operations went, were underway last night today to try to gather and re arrest these migrants. and it's caused a lot of alarm among 8 organizations here. the units your are, the i o m, are very concerned about the excess of force used against migrants. just to give you an idea, there's an estimate of 600000 migrants in libya at the moment and, and really are the security services are quite overwhelmed with the number that they that, that are put in these detention centers. malik,
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thanks very much man. a trainer, join his life from tripoli. nearly 800000 people were displaced in northern mozambique during a 4 year conflict. osh about fighters targeting the resource rich region until rwandan force is helped push them out. now people are waiting for it to be safe enough to return to their homes. malcom web. now reports from a bow we found neurology uses sitting by the roadside. he'd been hiding in a nearby forest for weeks, fearing for his life. they know he showed us around a village and for now his home here in northern mozambique, and that is not his every one here also fled. he sleeps in one of the abandoned homes. people have been running away from an armed group called al. sure, bab, notorious for beheading and abducting people, or mac india, amid avoiding i don't know where exactly they've all gone, but they must still be hiding in the forest. because when you leave,
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when you have to hide in the forest, you have to run directly. you cannot stop because if they find you, if they find you and they will kill, you look on more just in the last 3 months. rwandan soldiers have fought the armed group out of the towns. it controlled in cupboard delgado province. the supporting mozambique government there had been losing ground in most towns. the armed group retreated into the forests as the rwandan forces advanced. in a few places like the armed groups headquarters in the town of and bow they fought, the rwandan forces pushed him out of it following a heavy battle. and you can see the remains of it. explosives have blown the roof of this building in the bullet holes in the iron sheets. and on the floor you can see the remains of the shopkeepers property, all of the people that used to live here. and now wondering if or when it will be safe for them to come home. around 700000 people have been displaced by the conflict. we met some scattered around the towns and villages. when there were,
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when an army took us to visit the places it now controls the area that we visited together is pacified. and we are returning. i did is back to their homes and working closely with them was on the can and me to where sure that we conduct continuous security operations. most of the displaced are encamped where they're given some food and other help. the un says many areas still aren't safe for people to go back. the are military accompanying b returns. the voluntary returns of the of civilians is not ideal. um, obviously this can lead to these, so the civilians being a targeted and of course associate return movements with, with military aims cover. delgado was extremely poor even before the conflict began . 4 years ago. the mozambique in state was largely absent that fuel discontent,
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as did preparations to extract tens of billions of dollars worth of nearby offshore natural gas. french oil giant total suspended its operations because of the conflict. people here have been in need of government help for generations. now they'll need even more help to return to what's left of their homes. malcolm web al jazeera, bow mozambique. ok, let's bring in from pembert dominic still heart director of operations of international committee of the red cross dominic still heart. welcome back to the news or such a huge, i mean, it's a massive internal displacement. is that now over stretching even further? all ready, overstretched resources? yes, we just saw your program before. this has traditionally been a couple days ago though, has traditionally been a very poor province,
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and i'm just back from the question which is a to under 10 kilometers in land from pen on. we could see 1st hand how a town has been completely overwhelmed by the massive influx of internally displaced people at for instance, health services all the way. and that is obviously also a shortage of safe drinking water. and therefore, i know argent need for organizations like the international committee of the red cross to do whatever it takes to improve the service is not just for the in time of the place, but also for the host communities. when you talk about those host communities, i mean on conflict is, is being conflated with climate change, mozambique for some reason. it seems to have been at the epicenter of those 2 things coming together for a good few years now. and when you got so many internally displaced people,
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they traditionally settle on the outskirts of these rural towns. these were rural communities where the water and the supply is the food supplies. find it very difficult to get to any way. surely. yes indeed, the amazon make is one of these kind of 2 studies most exposed to, to climate change. we saw it 2019 rates i. e die and kenneth stuff more or less the same areas a little bit north and a little bit of silence of where i am now in panama. and obviously you can really see people are suffering not just from climate change, social exclusion, and marginalization but no, not also by these terrible conflict that has taken a very terrible toll on the population you say before and more than $700.00. close 280-0000 people this place and they are indeed settling in the main arbin
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centers, putting a lot of pressure, not just on host community general, but on the public services that already it was insufficient, fragile, and weak. for the whole populations. it's usually the case dominate the throwing money at these, these internally displaced issues is not enough. there has to be a plan of the back of the money being donated. but this plan has to be incredibly complicated and well thought through. even if there is a plan, and on top of that, if we're talking about climate change, that's a big, big variable that people have to react to as, as a matter of urgency week to week, month to month. absolutely are entirely right. and that is also why we do in places such as monkey where she's not just emergency a yes, farces, a saving assistance, but now we are really doing everything we possibly can to strengthen the provision
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of health care and the provision of safe drinking water by supporting the authorities to hands also reduce the water authorities to that, to bring about more sustainable solutions because otherwise we are just contributing to the effects of climate change on water sources and so on and so forth. so it's really important that we adapt our response to the situation on the grounds hadn't been to so support systems that are run by the authorities. don't we have to leave it that. thanks so much. dominic, still out there. thank you very much. lebanon has no electricity nationwide office to biggest power plants shut down because of the country's crippling fuel shortages . generators are currently the only way to get power prior to the outage. many in lebanon were receiving just 2 hours of power per day from the state electricity
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company supplies a fuel medicine, and basic necessities are critically low as lebanon in jewels. what the world bank calls, one of the worst economic collapse is in 150 years. saudi arabia says who the rebels of launched to drone attacks from yemen. tours an airport in the south of the kingdom. both drones were said to be carrying explosives 1st launched on friday . wounded 10 people. re, i'd says the 2nd was intercepted by air defenses. early on saturday, the iranian backed who thes of not claimed responsibility. the chinese president she ging ping, has again promised. there will be a peaceful reagan vacation with taiwan. mister, she was speaking at a ceremony to mark a 110 years since the end of china's imperial rule. he avoided previous rhetoric that included using force against taiwan. but the island has come under increasing military and political pressure to accept china sovereignty in the past week. nearly a 150 chinese warplanes of approach taiwanese aspects. rob mcbride is following
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that story from hong kong. these comments by president she jane pain came at an event to mark the 1911 revolution which saw the end of d nastic rule by china's emperors and the birth of modern china. it is an event that is marked both in mainland china and also in taiwan. and is the obvious opportunity for chinese leaders to bring up this vision of re unification whereby territories are returned to the motherland as we have seen with macau and hong kong . within theory, taiwan being next, she called for the peaceful re unification with taiwan. but warned that there should be no foreign interference. basically, this being taken as a warning to the us not to get involved. he also had a very stern warning for anybody in taiwan who might be considering taking the path of actual independence. fully
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a good job of taiwan independence is the greatest obstacle to national unification and a grave danger to national rejuvenation. what goes to forget their heritage betrayed their motherland and seek to split the country. oh, it will come to no good and they will be scorned by the people when condemned by history. taiwan marks its national day on sunday with an administration and a people who are by and large set against any talk of re unification. especially in the face of increasing tensions and the incursions by nearly a 150 a war plains from mainland china. a week ago, in statements issued on saturday, a taiwan called on bay ging to abandon what it described as provocative intrusions and harassment saying that the future of the island rests in the hands of its people. time to well weather with kara. hello there, we'll have a look at the weather in africa in just a moment,
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but 1st let's look to the middle east and it's warm, it's relatively dry. but it is rather dusty. we've got a shamar wind blowing down. that's a northerly wind from iraq into q weights. and cats are kicking up a lot of dust, so hazy sunshine for this area as well as the u. e. but the temperature is going to get down in doha, in the days to come. and with that, we are going to see the humidity pick up, will be sitting in early thirty's. by the time we get to choose day for the know for this, temperatures are above average, but down in the south we think and coastal showers around areas of yemen. nice feed into those from this on the shower, the cross at central band of africa, heavier across parts of ethiopia, as we go into monday. however, it's going to be gone or that see some of the heavier falls. those storms brewing across the gulf of guinea. lots of showers for parts of the democratic republic of congo. those come with the heat of the day and further south to south africa. we've had a trough pushed through from the west to the east, leaving behind plenty of sunshine. in cape town, it is looking rather wet though,
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for eastern areas. johannesburg seen some rain, but it's going to be the east of mozambique that sees the rain pick up by the time we get some monday that to weather still to come here on the news are for you. ah, iraq's main part is making big promises ahead of sundays, general election, but few believe they can deliver chromatic change and a staggering loss. corona virus, deaths, past 600000 in brazil. but there are hopes, the worst is over and, and sport will hear from the heavyweight title, rivals getting ready to fight for 3rd time. ah, on air or online, be part of the debate, or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are
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the ocean when no topic is off the table, it's as children side atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms. jump into this dream and doing a global community of your online on each of right now you can be part of both conversational south this stream. oh, now to sierra, when freedom of the press is under threat. in all how you just can't talk, genuinely about your thoughts towards the beijing government step outside the mainstream. there has been a policy implement here in system of access towards the internet shift. the focus that pan down back has turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamped out on the press covering the wave. the news is covered the listening post on a just 0 ah .


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