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this just decided to cost the piece of cake and sure. and you documentary explored the desperate state of democracy in lebanon. oh. really eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh, dreams are becoming blue. democracy, maybe. democracy for sale on al jazeera. ah . the taliban says is disgust opening a new page with the u. s. during their 1st in person meeting since foreign forces left afghanistan. ah, hello again. i'm peter w, watching out to see or live from doha. also coming up, the un warns of facilities in libya, all right, breaking point. as hundreds of refugees and migrant seek help and resettlement. the
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rwandan forces pushed him out of it following a heavy battle and you can see the remains of it exploded. is it blowing the roof off this building in the bullet holes in the eye and sheets? we gain rare access in northern mozambique, off to regional forces push out al chabad fighters. and i'm going to smith in moscow wack cove left down the rising social inequality that led to an explosion in the popularity of been a fight. ah, the taliban says is disgust turning a new page with the united states during face to face talks in doha. the acting foreign minister, ami a khan. we're talking who leads the taliban delegation, says that they've discussed aid and getting cope with 19 vaccinations into afghanistan. before the meeting the you said it was going to push the taliban on.
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is use including evacuation flights and how it's guaranteeing the rights of women girls and minorities. security is another big talking point, particularly the threat posed by i saw in afghanistan, the arm group attacked a sheer mask on friday, killing more than 60 people. natasha gal. m joins is live now from doha. so natasha, what have they made progress on? while the afghan delegation arrives in doha as a former insurgence, launching an insurgency now face with the cold, hard reality of governing a country with a deteriorating humanitarian situation. mounting security issues, as you mentioned in the form of iceland, afghanistan, and major economic woes, the country acting, i'm sorry, the acting afghan. foreign minister said a bit ago that that is why he is saying that that the need for afghanistan to be
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stable is in the best interests of the world. but he issued a warning that afghanistan must not be interfered with it. the issues the country faces are its own issues that it deserves to have it sovereignty. but he also issued a please saying that the country needs assistance with its financial woes. and that it's looking to the international community to as soon as the country gets back on its feet, it appears that one of the primary topics of discussion today was the distribution of humanitarian assistance. there has been a concern among the americans. that distribution has not been flowing smoothly, that female aid workers have not a lot been allowed to do their jobs unimpeded. they did not elaborate, the afghan down delegation that is on just what was discussed with the americans.
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the americans are not going to divulge eyes according to a spokesman. i heard from a short time ago any details while the talks are ongoing. but the delegation assured that it will work on the distribution of humanitarian assistance. they also talked about the need for the implementation of the doha agreements. look, this is a transitional government that is in desperate need of cash. the foreign minister mention that the united states needs to lift sanctions and restrictions on the afghan national bank. it did not get in to some of the fournier issues that have created quite honestly a chasm between the americans and this transitional government. and that is the makeup of the government. the americans have said going into this that this meeting should not be misinterpreted as quote, as granting recognition or quote, confer conferring legitimacy on the taliban leaders. but rather that this is
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a continuation of an ongoing engagement with the taliban over matters of national security. but there might be some common ground with regards to security. the united states obviously is very concerned about afghanistan. it once again becoming a safe haven for armed groups that might attack the united states and the west. and though the taliban leaders have said that they will not work with the united states in containing i saw in afghanistan. it is clear that security is 1st on its mind as well, mentioning that they do want to have a stable afghanistan, of course, security and money go hand in hand. and one of the things that the foreign minister said is that he intends to ensure that government employees get paid and that they begin providing services to the afghan public. natasha. thank cute natasha. m a for us in doe, an exclusion in manga province in eastern afghanistan,
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cooled the governor of one local district, 3 of his god. so being wounded, exclusive to voice, was plunged on the side of the road. no group claimed responsibility afghanistan's facing an economic crisis as we've been hearing this plunging millions of people into poverty and border closures. a worsening the economic outlook. the taliban is short of cash and was called on the international community for assistance. however, as hush m, alberta reports many do not see an end to their problems. this is the friendship bridge afghanistan's link withers. becky's dan, a crucial lifeline for international aid and trade taliban and was beck officers guard the crossing. but traffic is slow. the cargo train service that used to carry over food supplies and commodities has become irregular. the tally vans,
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customs officer of the high right am border crossing. this misses international concerns about of got his downs future. and with my in that it will got high show on it, we want the world to be more confident about doing business with us. they have to see the level of safety and security. the former regime wasn't able to secure the presidential compounds today. all of afghanistan is safe. the taliban is beating up its presence on the border and promising a crackdown on corruption to ensure a smooth movement of people and goods. afghanistan has always struggled to build a mood and rail network that would link the country to its neighbors and expand trade with central asia. experts and imports have dramatically declined in recent weeks as the international community. once the taliban to implement political reforms form an inclusive government of face isolation, sh hundreds of laurie drivers are stuck at the border,
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waiting for clearance to cross into his pakistan. look, the business is bad traffic along the dairy was never interrupted. now it has been slowed by health, and i cannot bring the same amount of goods into country. the fall out from international isolation is felt across the country. will feed group is one of the biggest names in the agriculture industry in afghanistan. the company extracts oil from seeds, a thriving business that also extends to animal feed. but the company has recently lost 70 percent of its revenues. managers fear they might have to shut down the company or reduce how cash and our bank and recon that are getting or payment from them. and the 2nd problem is the closing up the border are surrounding us. so we can not get our rumker on time with those solutions now inside the cash shortage
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and economic crisis life for millions across of gans dan appears to be getting a lot worse. hash barbara al jazeera, i return crossing, but of garrison's border with his becky stan, a un refugee office in libya, has been forced to close after being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking re settlement for you and hcr is urging the government to resume humanitarian flights . that been suspended for most of this year. a day earlier around 2000 migrants escaped from a detention center in tripoli. our correspond malik trainer joins us live now from the city malik high there. tell us more about this. you and hcr center having to close. well that's right, a just like we saw from via security operation that were, was carried out last week over 5000 my godson, refugees were detained and arrested in libya and what are many described as the most severe crackdown or that has taken place in the last couple of years now,
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this geared many of the african migrants that are in the capital, triply other estimates that are there are over 600000 african migrants in libya at the moment. and so the, you and hcr was really overwhelmed with crowds are seeking assistance. now i spoke to an official at the unit, the r, libya earlier, and she told me that it was, we were just overwhelmed over a 1000 people came asking for assistance or some of their partner staff were injured which met her, which they fear meant that it wasn't safe for them to continue their work. as she said was very unfortunate that we had a suspend services at the community day center. this is a place where our refugees and asylum seekers can ask for assistance like primary health are for a cash emergency cash or shelter and food. so she said it was, it's very unfortunate and we hope that we can open up our,
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our community day center or tomorrow, but her will out. we're gonna have to wait and see if it's safe enough. now just to talk about this escape, there were over 3400 migrants in the elmo bonnie detention center are following riots a following a riot and attempted breakout. armed guards of a shot at at migrants resulted in the death of 6 migrants and the injure and $24.00 . others were injured. as we saw on videos it, it just caused a lot of chaos or in the capital of tripoli. or we spoke to an official in the ministry of interior earlier today where he confirmed a 2000 migrants did escape from the elm abandoned detention center. and it just goes to show the, the, the libyan government is simply overwhelmed with the influx of migrants in the country. and they're dealing with their own problems. the political divisions are the, the, the, the fact that the military is still deeply divided. so libya is in a very tough situation and dad and this just makes it more challenging for them
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moving forward. malik. thank you malik. trina, they're joining us from tripling still to come here on this program. a vow of reunification. china says it will be peaceful, but taiwan insistence future is in the hands of its people. also ahead how naming an elephant is part of an ambitious plant, kickstart kenya struggling, tourism industry. ah, hello, then now the monsoon has withdrawn from northern parts of india. you can see the fine and dry weather it's left behind, but it has picked up that rain across some of the southeast. we have seen some flash flooding and hide about up to more than a 140 millimeters of rain fell. we are seeing that rain continue on sunday. it
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doesn't ease as we go into monday. some of the heavier falls can be found around the south areas such as carola. we could see some localized flooding here, shop storms as well, expected for sri lanka. but it's around the bay of bengal. we are seeing the monsoon rains pick up. and we could see some of that rain edge into the andermann and the nic about islands as well as into muma and thailand where we've had more than a 3rd of the country affected by a wide spread flooding. now on the east side of indo china, we are expecting some very wet and windy weather. thanks to tropical storm lie in rockets, bringing some of those heavy falls to rental rain to southern parts of china. it's moved away from hong kong where we did see some heavy rain, but we could see flooding in northern parts of vietnam and louse as that moves in. we're also watching tropical depression campuses as it moves to the north of the philippines, bringing some really wet and windy weather. we could see flooding and possible landslides ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the great bar and was indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress. invest in indonesia now . ah ah. we want you all to a 0 reminder about top stories. this off our senior usm taliban officials have
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started their talks and cattle the 2 sides discussing aid and getting cubic 19 vaccinations into afghanistan. the taliban delegation will later meet e u representatives. an explosion and anger province in eastern afghanistan has killed the governor of a local district. it was gods were wounded. no group has claimed responsibility. a human refugee office and libya has been forced to close off to being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking re settlements or de earlier. but 2000 migrants escapes a detention center. in tripling the 800000 people were displaced in northern mozambique during a 4 year conflict. al chabad fighters targeted the resource rich region until ruined and forces helped to push them out. now people are waiting for it to be safe enough to return to their homes. malcom web has more now from a bow we found the raji uses sitting by the roadside. he'd been
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hiding in a nearby forest for weeks, fearing for his life by now. he showed us around the village and that for now is home here in northern mozambique and of but it's not his everyone here also fled. he sleeps him, one of the abandoned homes. people have been running away from an armed group called al chabad, notorious for beheading and abducting people, or mac, india. and then avoiding i don't know where exactly they've all gone, but they must still be hiding in the forest. because when you leave, when you have to hide in the forest, you have to run directly. you cannot stop because if they find you, if they find you and they will kill you, never mind it. in the last 3 months, rwandan soldiers, her fault, the armed group out of the towns, it controlled in cupboard delgado province. as supporting mozambique government, there had been losing ground in most towns. the armed group retreated into the forests as the ruined and fought his advanced. in
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a few places like the arm groups headquarters in the town of them bow, they fought. the rwandan forces pushed him out of it following a heavy battle. and you can see the remains of it. explosives have blown the roof of this building in the bullet holes in the iron sheets on the floor. you can see the remains of the shopkeepers property, all of the people that used to live here. and now wondering if or when it will be safe for them to come home. around 700000 people have been displaced by the conflict. we met some scattered around the towns and villages. when the ruined an army took us to visit the places it now controls the area that we visited together is pacified and we are returning. i did is back to their homes and working closely with them was i'm become a me where sure that we conduct continuous security operations. most of the displaced or encamped where they're given some food and other help. the un says
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many areas still aren't safe for people to go back. the military accompanying the returns, the voluntary returns of the of civilians is not ideal. obviously this can lead to these serve the civilians being targeted. and of course, associate return movements with, with military aims cover. delgado was extremely poor even before the conflict began 4 years ago. the mozambique and state was largely absent that fuel discontent, as did preparations to extract tens of billions of dollars worth of nearby offshore natural gas. french oil giant total suspended his operations because of the conflict. people here have been in need of government help the generations. now they'll need even more help to return to what's left of their homes. malcolm web out is era. thou, mozambique lebanon has no electricity nationwide,
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after its 2 biggest power plants were shut down because of the country's crippling fuel shortage. generates as a currently the only way to get power prior to the outage, many in lebanon were receiving just 2 hours of electricity a day from the state run, company supplies, a fuel medicine and basic necessities are critically low as lebanon. ensures what the world bank is calling one of the worst economic collapses in 150 years. saudi arabia says who the rebels of launched to drone attacks from yemen towards an airport in the south of the kingdom. both drones were said to be carrying explosives. the 1st launched on friday, wounded 10 people. rianne says the 2nd was intercepted by air defenses. early on saturday, the iranian backed who fees of not claimed responsibility. iraq's prime minister must offer. alchemy says he'll do everything he can to ensure fair elections. the country is holding a parliamentary vote on sunday. early ballots were cast on friday by members of the
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security forces, prisoners and people who are internally displaced. the election was one of the key demands from an anti government protest movement that began in 2019 for counting underway in the czech republic, parliamentary election, some projections show the ruling party in the lead, but unlikely to win a majority. official results have not yet been released. voters have been choosing who fill the 200 seats in the main legislative body of this either state. the chinese president, she ging ping has again promised that there will be quotes peaceful reunification with taiwan. mister, she spoke at a ceremony marking a 110 years since the end of china's imperial rule. he avoided previous rhetoric that included using force against taiwan. but the island has come under growing military and political pressure to accept china's sovereignty. in the past week, in a 150 chinese warplanes of approached ty,
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one's airspace. rob mcbride is following that story for us from hong kong. these comments by president she jin pain came at an event to mark the 1911 revolution which saw the end of dynastic rule by china's emperors and the birth of modern china. it is an event that is marked both in mainland china and also in taiwan. and is the obvious opportunity for chinese leaders to bring up this vision of re unification whereby territories are returned to the motherland as we have seen with macau and hong kong. within theory, taiwan being next, she called for the peaceful re unification with taiwan. but warned that there should be no foreign interference. basically, this being taken as a warning to the us not to get involved. he also had a very stern warning for anybody in taiwan who might be considering taking the path of actual independence. fully
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a good job of taiwan independence is the greatest obstacle to national unification and a grave danger. the national rejuvenation goes to forget their heritage, betrayed their motherland and seek to split the country. oh, it will come to no good and they will be scorned by the people when condemned by history. taiwan marks its national day on sunday with an administration and the people who are by and large set against any talk of re unification. especially in the face of increasing tensions and the incursions by nearly a 150 a war plains from mainland china. a week ago, in statements issued on saturday, a taiwan called on bay ging to abandon what it described as provocative intrusions and harassment saying that the future of the island rests in the hands of its people. now the french president emanuel micron is launching a campaign for the world wide abolition of the death penalty. he made the
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announcements at france's 40th anniversary of its last execution describing the death penalty as an abomination. good afternoon, or silicon birth or liberty soon, france will re launch the fight for universal abolition within the framework of the presidency of the european union. we will organize in paris with the n cio together against the death penalty, a meeting at the highest level. now bring together civil society from states that still apply the death penalty in order to convince their leaders of the importance and urgency of abolishing. at one more, kanyes launched a new conservation, dr. offering people the chance to name an elephant for around $5000.00. the country needs the money to continue the fight against poachers. catherine sawyer reports now from the ambush. celie national park in southern kenya. this is one of the most photographed landscapes in kenya, elephants and other wildlife room freely attracting thousands of tourists every year. and we're selling, national park is also the heart of conservation works that have seen poaching in
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canyon nearly eliminated. we have a very good relationship with canal app service for whenever there is an artist where they, it's by the community rentals, they work very closely. we be, we kind of police, we work root canal, i've service to ensure that the porters are really received whatever penalties they're supposed to in the last 4 years. the elephant population in kenya has grown by 2000 to about 36000. so this is the closest we've actually come to one of the larger hearts here in i'm with alien, it's really quite breathtaking. the ranges here tell us that the incidents of poaching have gone down significantly over the last few years. but there are other emerging threats. climate change resulting to frickin drought loss of habitat, and we have humans settlements around the parks. this is causing quite a concern and they say, these are the silent killers. a cross, ample sally,
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and into several east national park. they call this the elephant graveyard of a 4000 joules of elephants are kept here. but these elephants warren killed by poachers. there remains a here to serve as a reminder of what droughts can do. to discuss these wildlife reciting, says rivers are drying up. humans settlements are taking over migratory corridors and elephant are becoming increasingly isolated to the main thread. now is the issue of climate change? i think that's the main thing that i can talk about cause is the one which is now shrinking the habit of who might have the elephant numbers increasing. but if you don't have the proper habitat for them, that is the main challenge of the moment. the poachers bullet and poisoned arrow may lightly be things of the past, but this iconic creatures still find themselves in danger of extinction. cat in soil, alta 0 and possibly national park in southern kenya. meanwhile,
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zimbabwe taking a very different approach to conservation funding, the government selling the rights to hunt elephants for up to $70000.00 each or even selling the elephants out. right. how remote assa explains why, from how longer zimbabwe national parks authority says as country has too many elephants, they estimate the number to be slightly more than 100000 up from 84000 in 2014. when the last census was done, and they say they can only manage about $45000.00 elephants. so with all those animals in a small amount of space is bound to be challenges. when these elephants move around the national parks, i tend to knock down trees, trees that other animals in the park rely on to survive. then there's the human wildlife conflict. these national parks, many of them on fence. the amir villages feels that people grow their crops and homesteads. so when the elephants leave the parks into communities in search for food and water, especially in the dry season,
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they come into conflict with humans. national park says that dozens of people had been killed this year from wildlife attacks, mainly from elephants. pock officials were trying to manage a situation they are trying to sell hunting licenses. these can cost about $70000.00. but because of the coven 19 pandemic, they have not been many tourists coming into the country. another option they're looking at is calling that slaughtering many animals at one. go try and bring down the numbers. but that costs money. they're also looking at moving some animals from a more popular to places to less populated parts of the country. but that's also expensive exercise. a few years ago, they moved $100.00 elephants to a certain part of the country that costs about $400000.00 and park say they don't have the funds to keep doing this all the time. to rashana, where bare knuckle boxing has surged in popularity during the cove is locked and
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for the fighters, it offers an escape from a stagnant economy that's making life difficult. bernard smith reports from moscow . it's brutal, bloody, unfortunately brief, bare knuckle boxing has exploded in popularity in russia, in the past 2 years. the organizes put that down to pent up aggression from a struggling economy and cove. it 19. pavel she'll ski is one of the current champions and the man to beat from a small russian town. he's not working at the moment, lumina thought. rochester, the closure. but the hardest part of the fight is when you're waiting for the judge's decision, i enjoy the fight. i put a lot of work into it. training for one or 2 months for the sake of 3 rounds of 2 minutes. on this night, russia recorded an all time high of covey, 19 related deaths, with an infection rate up 27 percent in the last week. ah, but the organizer whipping up the crowd, the seemingly never ending. bad news temps,
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more and more men and women into the ring. you saw me looking for the miller, where not living in easiest of times, not only in our country but the whole world. and people wanted to reduce their emotion somewhere and get relief in russia. a big percentage of the population live in tough circumstances, and this helps them get out of the value in russia. incomes are falling or have been stagnant for years. ah, the for me to describe these boxes, glad it's oil is certainly very briefly yesterday. effectively releasing anger and frustration. several fighters were not to the floor while we filmed, and at least one left in an ambulance. but the organizers claim it's less dressed and gloved boxing weather a more punches. and so more risks of long term brain damage.
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russian doctor told al jazeera any strike to the head is dangerous and could cause out time as an other, life threatening injuries as for what the fight is earn. no one would give a figure. only say i paid handsomely for all the blood. they spin, bernard smith, al jazeera moscow, more buildings near that active volcano in the canary islands had been engulfed in lava and flames during another intense round of eruptions. it adds to the more than 1100 structures destroyed as the volcano rode back to life on la palmer 3 weeks ago . ah. $1430.00 g m t jo without you 0. let's update your top stories. senior u. s. and taliban officials have started talks and cattle the 2 sides disgust aid and getting co.


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