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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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and upfront, it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the glam is emergency. a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm fully better going doha, with a look at our main stories on al jazeera leaders of the world, 20 biggest economies. they're holding an emergency meeting to address, have ganeth fans growing economic, humanitarian and security crises. it comes a day after the u. n. chief appeals to the international community 2 for urgent cash. for afghanistan, the u. s. and other countries froze afghan aphids after the taliban took power. stephanie decker has more from cobble the well to program, saying that only 5 percent of households are getting enough food. why is out there is no money. you know,
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there's very little jobs these days. there is no cash people cannot get hold of cash. i. if you do have money in the bank, you need to q, you could only get it in cobbled in a couple of other major cities. so you need to travel if you live anywhere else. q up major qs, and then not guarantee that you get your cash 200 dollars maximum a week in this people who have means you have other people who've been depended on daily jobs, daily wages, and without feeding their families, their large families. here people have many kids, 8910 children and then you have food insecurity. you've had one of the worst droughts that have candice on has in over 30 years. so the farmers in the provinces are, you know, there is no water, they don't have crop. so it's a whole cycle of catastrophe at the time when this 100 already before the taliban took over, was facing economic hardship. people you speak to now? okay. yes. many people want to leave because of the taliban. but there's others who say it's not about the taliban, it's about the economy. and the challenge now is we've just had a pledge from the european commission say, you know,
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most 1000000000 euros being pledged. yeah. how does it filter through to the people salaries aren't being paid? people hadn't been paid in months. many of the taliban fighters have been paid for months when that could be a security challenge at the time when ice okay. is on the rise here in terms of recruitment, or there's so many elements to this of the stand off, if you will, between the international community and the taliban of withholding. you know, billions of dollars of money that this country has become dependent upon over the last $2.00 decades and really is having a devastating impact on the people in iraq preliminary election results point to a positive outcome for the party of shia cleric mac tada. asada. ah, but none of the political blocks appear to have secured a majority. former prime minister maria mckee looked said to have the ins, largest thought among sheer parties. sunday's pole was held several months early after mass anti government protest. ali hashim has more from baghdad,
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with a mac that a solder, getting his majority in the parliament. more remark it to these people were able to mobilize the supporters base and get them to the falling station, a secure their majority in the parliament. and now start thinking of the day after, however, it wasn't, it wasn't the same for other parties for those traditional islamic groups also in the country who most of them lost a lot of the presence of the parliament in avenues the u. k. government's delay in imposing a lockdown at the site of the corona virus. pandemic is one of the country's 1st ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary report. the inquiry by m. p is also found, releasing people from hospital into care homes, costs thousands of lies, and they criticize a test and trace process. and weak border controls. pharmaceutical company,
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modern i says, it will not share. it's covered 19 vaccine formula despite appeals from the world health organization. company executive say that instead increase production within the next 6 to 9 months. the most reliable way to make high quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them. and so i think that the, the appeals are broader assuming that we couldn't actually get enough capacity. but in fact, we know we can, we went from having 0 production to have been in doses and less than a year. and we think we'll be able to go from one to 3. much more on all those stories on our website at al jazeera dot com. i'll be back with more news after the documentary, blood and tears on al jazeera to stay with us. ah
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ah, it took over 400 years for the french to build and maintain their vast empire. but the whole structure came tumbling down in the space of a quarter of a century. france swam against the tide of history and tried to keep hold of its colonies by whatever means possible. but by the mid 20th century, that position was no longer sustainable. this is the story of the collapse of one of the biggest thin pies the world has ever seen
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with all of the blood. and tears sheds then ends now and of the lasting impacted sweet. and it's violent and still have on the walls today. ah, on the 6th of may 1931, the international colonial exhibition opened in paris. it was a huge celebration of the french empire, which had never before seen so vast, so prosperous and so powerful. ah, a city within a city had been built in the blood vans,
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san on the eastern edge of paris, including a complete replica of the uncalled work temple in cambodia. the largest religious monument in the world. ah, visitors could tour the whole world in a single day, and the show was a huge success with 33000000 tickets sold in 6 months. ah. the overriding narrative was obey civilizing european nation, bringing invention and progress wherever it 20. 30. i'm off. all france considered itself,
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the center of the world is greatness and strength that the heart of the 40 or more territories under its control, the message was clear, ah, now popped off the septic, wanted the domain often i did it myself with on for you. it did when y'all are all over the home for the french of the time, this was all completely normal occurring that you sick on the said, who knew a morning or more ago? i don't see, not ideally, he said, certainly that they're not on the part of us. they were difficult and got when she was getting used. remember, we know be all gone. but by the 19th thirty's, the tide of history was beginning to turn from the car to ponti sherry and from tongue came to our jeers rebellion was in the air
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a new generation of leaders was finding its voice. alas, al fussy in morocco, happy boggy bar into neesha and miss sally hygiene algeria with questioning the colonial order and in africa and the caribbean. leo posted off and gov in synagogue, and any says a martinique denounced the colonial regime and an indo china, a young communist called ho she mean was emerging as the leader of national liberation movement. people in the colonies simply wanted their dignity across the empire, the colonizers were firmly in charge of injustice and inequality
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had few means of redress. regimes were authoritarian, and among the millions, living under colonial rule, only a few elected officials had the right to vote. and the widespread use of force labor underpins the whole system ah ah, the powerful symbol of this exploitation of labor was the construction of the congo ocean railway opened in 1934. i tuned on her colonial also double g enough sought aunt minnie wanted a deposit for the dog. yeah, bill me there are, you know, less and you call will do you like to motivate?
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let me say no cell mom on off all going i'm, he's not gonna have the quote on may so see, you know, i mean, you're a huge, you saw the population was engine block, brigitte, what are young but progress was built on the blood and sweat of local people and the new railway cost. 20000 african lies from exhaustion or disease. to skip you so fair grammar gladish all yasser m. her grandma's on the machine. a parser sound good logo he goes for years for domain it is super. yay! will go back a good day. good tom, we're going to rudy. this will be you see. so neither is actually robert said to not be a color yellow of the past in that way he sells the subjects of the empire calculated their own value in kind local barrack on physically than a shall it'd be on ponder tail,
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no eagle under 4 guns. we sunk on the day it is fatal to his will be early in gen davis, but as you lip under tallapoosa, lippy boy lebell pondered there as it were. a vandal political all is penelope, me liberties andalum, watch it politically. it can worship wickersham that you won't mind. i'm gonna click with barbara keith was his wiley. they're gone pleasure of at that lady mackey pisca mana early could all share hostile see little as to why hello community do. donal measures have i keep isn't using. didn't kill the man to point under his why the mercy of it early is and going to fall off our as either macro as well. hm. produce in work to shake or yeah. he seemed much like al dude said he
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this kind of injustice was behind the new demands of colonial workers. but the voices were soon drowned out by the sound of me. ah. on the 1st of september 1939, the world exploded. from my york city book to algiers, to saigon, the soldiers of the empire were called on to modernize for fries only. lucille, this id jane did. why time colony can not pre level viola by pre manase. so me your drop off a anemia. then why? by the blue form that you gave us the larry ball, he's got the all the activities of a 10 months later,
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on the 14th of june, 1940, the german army marched into paris. the ranks of colonial troops were shocked. france had been defeated, the white colonizer was not invincible. ah, marsha peyton's government in vichy collaborated with nazi germany, while charles de gaulle made his famous call of the 18th of june to fight on. but he stood alone to resist and to liberate france. he had only one option to rally the empire to his cause. starting with africa. in august 1940 felix, a boy, the 1st black governor of chad joined to go. soon, cameroon, the congo, the bone and others joined him. with this level of support,
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the goal could not prepare for the liberation of occupied france. support for the general and marshal guitar, respectively, split the empire into all shall day. my shun luella to day little so the bitter said um, i will go. santa la la, la museum, the jo blended little clear as is it allow you live? follow one. it did of for samar, the new titles was filled up. where if you a shar days, you know the glove exhaust, they saw mr. dog, me nerves are gelato shot this molly, go over the course of several months and battles. whole areas of empire joined. the goal is coun. brittany han had to make promises, like offering independence to syria and lebanon in return for their support.
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the gummies of morocco, the spa, he's of algeria, senegalese wife, or men and soldiers from syria and lebanon, joined the forces of the free french awe from the heels of monte casino to the force of the vote. the soldiers of the entire flew to the rescue of occupied france, so called savages to be civilized, had become liberated. they didn't have the right to vote, but they had the right to die for them. but in 1944, as the defeat of germany's 3rd reich began to look likely,
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nationalist demands once again shook the french colonial order. as the gold crisscross the empire, he heard back hall reforms were needed to galvanized the troops and con there spirits. so on the 30th of january, 1944, he opened the brass of your conference in congo, promising to rebuild the empire on new different foundations. why don't? oh no, there's no delays or e going up there. i know or ordered up by the oh no doesn't bother my mom all my get it. oh wow. the wow. that are all to a room full of colonial officials. the goal expressed
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a willingness to change what independence was not on his agenda. francis greatness depended on its empire disappointment spread across the colonies. 7 months later, in june 1944 allied forces landed in normandy and then in august in the south of france. the war was not over yet, but the reality for the colonies was harsh and would lead to yet more bloodshed. victory in europe was on the horizon. so the french army had to be whitewashed, so that in the eyes of the world, it would look as though it was the people of france who were liberating themselves . so the government decided to demobilize several regiments of senegalese rifle, men and other african troops to speed up their return to africa. they were promised
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that they'd be paid as soon as he arrived in the car. the rifleman duly said it will best at glen antoine shaw. be a great deal. all in on e j your singular it back a deca. he saw oils and conklin up as a pool he yard clem. you'd better know, don't about mac, a content rapport say, do book fair, be you love, the more you, mo, get the, and do a are forced. this did as this is olu, common under contract already up la donna underwood shall above this arm. i tell you that the colonial authorities claimed that their demand for pay amounted to a mutiny and ordered french troops to fire on the west african soldiers.
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the otc diesel took you de monday low. do sent him up on that one because on my pass on to select them i want i particularly no. susan laquoanda scotia. see she she notions. good bye. she think will betsy, could she could she thought here. see patty's d desantis ju viva. achy, store, back on this new quote, my dog demona visits, what is oh, beyond me? ill call dana concord person. oh good is all i do is on his arm had been i think want any additional appraisal. what started as an act of repression became a massacre. the french claim that $35.00 died, but war veterans and former prisoners of war say $300.00 african soldiers were killed. on the 30th of november, 1944 white troops had fired on their black brothers in arms.
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they are no contemporary records, only word of mouth accounts. french propaganda chose instead to film the joyful return to his village of a rifle. man, probably unaware of the tragedy in charlie. i saw your mother a movie, not it only been resolves to know really badly. minimal good do do any. and i do also know that was on the phone or a man that knows more than a motive you don't want. you didn't mind. so now, like i say, in many business, you're not this unit. with the tahoe, a massacre was kept a secret in france for nearly 50 years. yeah. ok. no memoir aside, a dilemma. city liberty, bedroom in wild. is it more for sir? oh you better said tossing. shawna is in southern manner. you must. i kinda so i
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see some power quin usual you? oh see come see so is everybody's sick. is sick. i must say. gov could. could army no. could army fall says a sit it commiserate august hospice crew. so pool of ed could sit down. do all the bell is all finished this good? over 100 omega school. when you do lose, you put it in nobody. diana, whoops, up physical fit, best buy luca. pester $1.00. who am one local to special and to diesel? ah. the 8th of may 1945, a victory in europe. nasty germany surrendered, and the rest of europe rejoice. france and its empire celebrated the end of 5 years of fierce fighting and the step by step we conquest of home territory. it was epic,
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awe in tunis brazza via the car and algiers. people also took to the streets in celebration. ah, but perhaps deep down. they said that this was the time to ask for their due that shed their blood. now, it was payback time. ah, in algeria, the french colonial authorities allowed public demonstrations on condition that no one fly the algerian flag but in the city of city, the parade would turn into a battle field, one that lives on in memory to day. sure now smith read nor did she day weekly. good. yes,
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ma new additionally not dying. good food on that one. and you know, now i stay. thank you on you did not love new point. she started to sit deep. that new socialist got on was edgy disgust. won't be she flew up there. so good for katy loss is elsie presley saving the la police, which she say can go and do these. i breeza ledford l e v r or mass show room. she'll read if she les a beauty she day he wanted to garcia to between which rape in the melee, a french policeman had shot and killed a young man waving an algerian flag full of anger. the demonstrators attack settlers and killed them in the streets. soon they were over a 100 dead. this photograph of
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a victim with his hands cut off was widely distributed and spread panic among the colonial french. hatred had now been sown in algerian hans victory in europe was immediately forgotten. the colonial settlers organized themselves into local malicious, and the french army went into action. in the areas around cities, gilmer and keratin villages were raised to the grounds. the army didn't stop to question suspects. they let the cameras get the footage and the executions began. dollar you must like a murder suki, flu. me looks like out. thank you. have a can try me. the the shingle humble is latonya mose,
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her donna. beth asked you to a case they should they do both. i've actually had this awful official cowboys. oh, fun. biggest da da capo sure don't do. crippled, tinkled with so whichever public would my own deposit is on board and fill as the doctor when i see him. so the boss. oh, do turn batted lobel, financial. a clue. policy that amelia du du manuel cclc, which was compound our american to. so to pascals g q la la, nor have had the boss enjoy the tree in ammonia. doyle, the tricks are the one on preliminary, believe hall sequels to the listener. fears spread through the our population to show that order had been restored, the army reenacted scenes of surrender ah unloaded rifles were given to villages gathered,
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especially for the occasion. the official french figures were around $1500.00 dead. but according to some algerian sources, it was between 20 and 45000. the colonial authorities covered it up. a few days later, algerian soldiers, who had fought for france, began returning to their homeland. i'm glad you're on your fe, did you? what do they do? none of the all yes, yeah, great. there was a knock on the back. if i go a little while brutal to read the missile low, you saw the that i go all to reveal dollars on the cannot. i began much a tooth, la, miscellaneous, old year old off. i mean, does she may daughter, sir michael?
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all her he his lawyer her up there's of our her. but she feel like gosh on the left off the settings or she's acting nearly death on figure. but she beller bella because you know, by example, or do grandma, you know, n and clay are blue vendors know i sent him under ties on it and descriptively in room love or law or not to hunt on you barley, donald. humph. oh bel, magic, her kapoor is it, it won't have any clothes off at lee or the sherry on the french side, you understood the gravity of what had just happened. the french general, hey monte val told the colonial government that he could establish peace for 10 years, but the colonizers must reconcile the 2 communities. but france did nothing. he said the consequences could be disastrous. not even deval realized how true
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his words would turn out to be every war lisa, devastating impact on the environment. earth rises, explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian sanchez safeguarding. one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there is the assimilating. what happens when an elephant commerce life off to conflict on al jazeera? it's the was born populace. democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing moment to seen context india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me feed as those are
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for context, india coming soon. and i this is eva lew logan. i'm fully batty boy. endo, however, headlines on al jazeera leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies are holding an emergency meeting to address of ganeth vans, growing economic, humanitarian and security crises. it comes a day after the un chief appeals to the international community for urgent cash assistance. stephanie deca has more from campbell the challenge now is we've just had a pledge from the european commission saying, you know, most 1000000000 euros being pledged your how does it filter through to the people salaries aren't being paid. people hadn't been pay.


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