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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera. we believe every one has a story worth hearing. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our live from dough ha. also coming up in the next 60 minutes, the european union pledges a 1000000000 dollar aid package for afghanistan, as well as late as mate to address a looming humanitarian crisis. the top you and court sides mostly with somalia in a dispute with kenya over coastal waters. but nairobi has already rejected the court's authority. in the case, one of the worst public health valley is
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a critical report by british empire into bars. johnson's early handling of the curve of 19 pandemic. tensions escalation, 7, surely as indigenous fight is seized forests from logging companies, the government's expected to declare a state of emergency add ins for to high profile. nfl coach resides over a series of offensive e mails, plus the japanese manager says this so much more to come from his team after they became the 1st 5 to qualify. the next is wildcat martino ah, hello, and welcome to the program. the e u has pledged a $1000000000.00 for afghanistan. as late as of the world's largest economies, meant to discuss the situation. ma'am, the european commission chief says the money will help avoid a major humanitarian and socio economic. it will be given to international
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organizations working in afghanistan, not to the taliban government, which brussels does not recognize. the un has warned, the nation is facing a possible humanitarian crisis. and its economy is on the brink of collapse. that she 20 meeting comes as delegations from the u. s. u. k. and european union gathered here in kata with representatives of afghanistan's k. take a government, the afghan acting foreign minister says his administration is entering a new phase in his country's relationship with the rest of the world. the taliban is on a diplomatic push for international support and recognition. let's bring in stephanie deck and now who live for us in cobbled hello there. stephanie, how does the international community maintain pressure on the taliban while preventing these humanitarian crisis? while the one leverage they have is the card of international recognition and none
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of them have done that yet. and i think every player has been speaking to the taliban. and as you mentioned there, the talks have been on going into how the americans, european union and other countries as well. i keep stressing that this is not, you know, a recognition of them as the official government of afghanistan. but the dialogue is important. i mean, today's also we've just heard from mighty draggy the young it, i am prime minister, a part of the g 20 saying that really, you know, more needs to be done to address the humanitarian situation. also, he referred to the refugees that already outside of afghanistan. this has been a problem that's been going on for very long time. he also said that the afghan banking system needs to be salvage or what is left of it mit doug, of course, used to be the president of the european central bank, so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to money. there's huge challenges here at the moment the country is running out of cash. the international community is withholding billions of dollars much needed dollars really here as part of his political back and forth trying to put pressure on the taliban to form
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a more inclusive government to protect women's rights far more than they have done so far. but really the impact on the ground is that it's the people who are really feeling, you know, the strongest consequences of that people don't have money. there's unemployment, they cannot feed themselves. world food program saying only 5 percent of households have sufficient food to feed their families. a lot of people have a lot of children here. so challenges ahead and even though you mentioned their, you know, mechanisms of more money, i think even the g 20, we understand from sources all agree that more money needs to be brought into the country, not through the taliban. but practically speaking, what mechanisms are going to put it be put in place? how's going to filter through to those who needs it most? none of that has been agreed upon as yet. and steph, as we talk about all these different figures and monies and, and, and the like, i mean, we're actually talking about real people. what's it been like for you? what have you witnessed on the ground in afghanistan? well, every one will tell you that it's a,
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it's the worst that it's been and it's not as if his country was doing very well before the taliban took over. the economy was already dire out. people already was struggling when it came up unit to making ends meet. and what you have now is basically people cannot access their cash is a cash flow problem here. according to reports, most of the money was removed from the banks before the taliban even took power. people are allowed to withdrawal only $200.00 a week if you have that in the bank that is own in one particular place in cobble and maybe 2 or 3 other cities in the country. so atems are not working. so there is that other people who work hand to mouth to go out every day, all sort of day workers. many of those cannot find work. people are selling their smallest household items just to be able to feed themselves. many people are not feeding themselves. and there is an issue of starvation and that's very real. all the 8 agencies are warning about that. you have a health sector that again, agencies, a warning is on the brink of collapse. this country basically has become so dependent on foreign money over the last 2 decades that withholding it all of
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a sudden is having dire consequences that i think this is why we also heard from cutters. emir, a controversy playing a quite a crucial role between the americans and the taliban. throughout these negotiations, saying that there has to be a practical solution that something needs to be result or you need to talk to both sides. and certainly i think, you know, the money is now part of this political game between the international community and the taliban, but it's having very severe consequences on the ground here for the people. it certainly is. thank you for that update. stephanie deca that live for us in campbell and deputy executive director and eunice, if are my abt de visited afghanistan last week, he says the humanitarian crisis has deteriorated and will likely continue. even before the recent i, people, we estimated about 10000000 children were in need of humanitarian support. and at least 1000000 of those where drisco dying with severe mom attrition. i visited
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their hospital in capital or the money tricia. what, what we saw was very shocking. the chill, the hospital was fill beyond capacity and lot of children. i did break of dying for van nutrition. and we expect this tuition to even get worse with the winter coming with severe trouts with the collapse of the social service system. as you reported, situation will get worse unless we all want to just quickly to a test sort of the priorities to humanitarian crisis. while talks that are ongoing between the defacto government and the international community, we have had similar situation in yemen and other places for support to protect you went to the population. so the u. n. can set up systems or where support
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can reach people direct me to the rest of the day's news. in the u. n's tom court has rejected kenya's claims in a maritime borders dispute in the indian ocean. somali of filed the lawsuit with the international court of justice in the hag after kenya awarded exploration rights in waters somali it says within its boundary, the disputed 100 square kilometer area has been identified as potentially rich in oil and gas. kenya has already said it will not recognize the court's ruling. for more on this, let's bring in malcolm web, who's been covering the story for us in nairobi. hello there, malcolm. tell us more about the court ruling, which was largely in favor of somalia who the international court of justice ruling was largely in favor of somalia. although one of kenya's requests was accepted, it has a slither of the disputed maritime territory,
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but most of it goes to somalia. and as you said, it's widely believed to be rich in oil and gas deposit. so important to understand that rich natural resort wealth, this region almost always leads to a great deal of personal well for people in positions of power, the to 2 countries where corruption is widespread. and also, it is also widely understood that the people in both countries do have their eye on these oil and gas is that they're also have international oil companies and other partners behind them. but the court has ruled for now that most of this, this maritime surgery does indeed go to somalia and only a little bit of what was seated is going to kenya. thank you for that update malcolm web for us live in nairobi. appreciate your time. a reminder now, all the competing claims between the 2 countries at stake is control of 100000
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square kilometers stretch of the indian ocean with prospects of vast oil and gas deposits. as we heard, kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a straight line east parallel to the line of latitude. somalia, however, says it should be expanded for the south as an extension of its land border. the dispute has for the strain relations between the neighbors. let's spring in it now . an expert on maritime law and international law. his name is george wacko. yeah. hello there, george. thanks for joining us. what impact is this ruling going to have on somalia and kenya, particularly given how rich they state what is may be with oil and gas? well, awesome, thank you very much for inviting me on the program. the impact is bridge the voters grace given the fact that her so my has been given and i go down good mind where you knew that it's going to reduce it into a man, look country. even if you have
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a small person not have an excuse for enjoying middle school and exclusively comic song, which means that her, the king and economic future in the see in the new jeep comics is going to be reduced to some extent. secondly, the book also has a good 5 inches consequence, whereby both questions now have to find out the solution for their issue whether they want to and it never she, it's a deal separately programming where we want to have some kind of an acord or whether can has gotten away every feeling which i don't see because they worked out. we don't know chargeable while these rulings by the world court our final. is there any way of enforcement? yes, there are so many mechanisms of enforcement. and number one,
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this is that we did in international law and you're dealing with international court with family distinction. and you're also dealing with the court, of course, by the city compiler, say he's dixon when he's actually stay which standards his spouse from the united methods. where the game is massey, he says he's the united nations security council that a full waive he to comes to enforcement. yes. there are ways in which to my they are coming to reinforce not on the saturday by force. but if you can go into an initiative with the solution by asking it to corporate or united nations to commune, or does papa come in or either 5 knows the family and have a way out of their whole situation by having shifted settlement. but if it drives for them to use force, then that can it's, can it wall,
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which is not mr. at the moment. so can i source all at carrier is position right kind of position way from also to membership somebody because these 2 countries that brothers and their one is dependent on each other. even if i can get you over a cross section for us it is citizens who are trading. so i've been trading and we also have so my least lead in kenya. bonnie: okay, now, so my literally somalia born and raised in somalia, so they should look out for it. never she did. it doesn't sound though that kenya will cooperate, you know, with the attempt to boycott the public hearings and the like. i mean, how confident i that they will cooperate they may not go great because he'd be there before yesterday. so they go to jose, but it is the window and she's a press conference, which in itself was an issue of international law which actually provided that to
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consult for a war which may leads the wedding that department and victory were se ready at any time. and need someone to see her cadre of military would after this i guess that you're ready for just so might be able to use that close in the u. m. b, she's got to put to 9 or 41 of 3 m tension close to declare one key. so for me was not necessary. it wasn't necessary to read. if i'm yeah, the she said she'd be glad from statements before the vikings. that means door under my knee because division they fought, waited for the outcome of the case. well, there are plenty of moving parts to this story, watch this space. thank you for your insights. george wedge echo is an expert on their time and international law. thank you. thank you. thank you. more head on this news ally, including anger in bolivia against your proposed law. that will allow the
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government to investigate people's private assets without a court order. why a plan by nigerian government and violence by armed groups in the north is facing resistance. and in support the boston red sox for their place in the next round of the player, with the international monetary fund is warning the failure to equally distribute coven 19 vaccines. worldwide is darkening prospects for developing nations. it's cut, it's global growth forecasts to 5.9 percent this year, slightly lower than what it predicted 3 months ago. it or it's also calling on banks to be prepared to act quickly in the face of worsening inflation. the u. k. government's delay in imposing
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a lockdown at the start of the pandemic is one of the countries worst ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary report. inquiry by him pays also found, releasing people from hospital into care homes, cost thousands of lives. they also criticize the test and trace process and weak border controls. but the report praise the you case vaccine rollout. jonah, how has the latest from london it found this report that the delay in forest johnson's ordering of the 1st locked out in march last year that came a full 2 months after discussions initially started to be held between ministers in scientific advises. there was a delay that cost a lot of lives. it was also a delay that was based on a deliberate policy aimed at the tubing, heard immunity. and it was a policy put forward by those scientific advisers because lives, as i say, it was only abandoned once it was deemed impossible to achieve heard immunity. the
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report further accuses scientists to ministers of a so called group think that was part of that policy of heard immunity, a group think that led to a lack of transparency and decision making. a lack of meaningful challenge of decisions that were being made and the inability, or lack of knowledge sharing with international experts. also dealing with this process and dealing with it pretty much the same time. it said that despite being one of the 1st countries to come up with a meaningful 19 test, the u. k. squandered that lead and turned it in fact into a situation of permanent crisis when the government gave up mass testing in march 2020. and when an effective test trace, an isolate system so called effective eventually came along in the summer. the report concludes it was slow, uncertain, often chaotic and ultimately failed in its objective. and they were further criticisms level that the government's failure to protect vulnerable groups, including care, home residents, and black,
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asian and minority ethnic groups as well. the u. s. state of texas is banned organizations and companies from enforcing coven 19 vaccine mandates. governor greg abbott has been one of the most vocal opponents of making vaccines mandatory in the us. his move comes as the barton administration prepares to require employers with more than $100.00 workers to be vaccinated or test weekly for the virus thailand. plans to accept a vaccinated series flying from countries, it says a low risk from next month. it will scrap hotel quarantine for travelers from 10 countries, including the u. k. the u. s. germany and china all arrivals will still need to show negative coven 19 test results. prime minister, pri, you'd, china, chair, says he'll consider lifting the nighttime curve. u. m. n of alcohol sales in the capital bank cog by the ne. experts at india's drug
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regulator, a recommending the emergency use of co vixen on children above the age of 2. that's a locally made cove at 19 vaccine. the drug makers say clinical trials have shown it's safe and effective to use on that age. group tests were conducted from may and to last month and more than $500.00 children before this week's review by the regulators panel. it's the 1st vaccine in india to be recommended for the use in children under 12 years old. and utility companies in india being urged to import coal because of a shortage of fuel producers will now have to bring in up to 10 percent of their coal. despite having the world's 4th largest reserves. india's supply can no longer keep up due to the pandemic related demand for power and electricity. the u. k. bricks, it ministers says the northern ireland protocol is doing more harm than good. and he's revealed a proposal for
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a new amended deal. david frost said the agreement is creating serious challenges in the region. the 2019 protocol came as a result of a bricks deal that allowed northern ireland to stay within the e u. single market. to avoid a hard border with ireland. both sides is set to begin talks on fixing the deal later this month. let's take a closer look at exactly what's happening there. northern ireland is the only area where the u. k. and e u physically made with a 500 kilometer boredom. keeping that border open is a crucial part of the 1998 good friday agreement, which ended a long running conflict in northern ireland that killed more than 3000 people to avoid any physical border checkpoints, the protocol created accustomed divide in the irish c instead, which is inside the u. k. and to add to the complicated process, the northern ireland, northern ireland rather must follow a you rules as a condition of bricks it over same by the european court of justice,
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u. k. e's adamant that must change for more on this story. let's bring in andrew simmons in belfast. thank you for joining us, andrew. it's quite a complicated situation. but what has the u. k. bricks minister been saying to day he obviously wants his northern island protocol changed. he doesn't just want it changed more or less once it ripped up. it was a really caught an extraordinary sequence of, of events with his speech because he started off about talking about the differences between the you, you follow up with britain and saying, you know, it takes to, to actually do things and we want to improve relations and then a few minutes later he was talking about, basically changing a billing recognition. really this, tracy, this, this part of the treaty, or the more than all and protocol, which is
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a problem. there's no doubt about the major issues involved, which is the slowness of checks, the, the regulations which stop various products from being imported from the u. k. businesses having a really difficult time, especially in the relative christmas and getting their product, sir on really a major issues. but that the general consensus i know lot is that though they just want things smoothed out. but no. what we're hearing from david frost is, is, is explicit. he talks about the good friday agreement. you explained that in, in your intro. and he said that's a look really that the balance between communities is the main feature of the good friday agreement. but that's been shredded the serious turbulence. he said, he said that really this, this protocol was now discriminating against one part of the committee. and that is basically the protestant loyalists unionists community which is debt against this because they see this has been really stripping away really it's sense of belonging
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to the u. k. and so he wants basically to tackle it in a very big way by saying, look, we have to have international arbitration over anything that, that, that, that this, but spells out in terms of trade, not the european court of justice. now this is, this is european court of justice is basically the ultimate arbitrator on of this, this, this international law. and he is talking how about that going away and having international tribunal. not only that, he wants basically to actually go down a road, possibly of triggering what's known as article 16, which means that he can then unilaterally the u. k. government can unilaterally go against this agreement, do what it wants. it thinks but expects a real fights over this, the supposed to be negotiations, but this is really going to be a pretty bitter battle between the european union and the u. k. it potentially is
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going to be one of the biggest rifts we'll have seen between the in the u. k. and you, we appreciate you explaining a very complex issue. thank you for your time and insights entre simmons, there in belfast for us. the world's most indebted property developer. china's ever grand group has missed its 3rd round of bond payments in as many wakes . the real estate giant was trying to make a payment of $148000000.00 to its bondholders on top of its mist payments. in september. it's feed at the firm collapses. this will hurt not only the chinese economy, but could spread to markets be on to asia. north korea later, it says he's weapons development program. he's an act of self defense. came john own, made the comments at an exhibition showcasing military hardware. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states and increasing
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military force in south korea. the 2 sides have been and an accelerating arm to rice, with both sides testing, short range, ballistic missiles and other weapons. young oak is a professor in military strategic studies. at hannon university. he says kim, at john owns words, have a familiar ring. his message is custom that i mean the no school year has to like travel nuclear weapons. and laura, why launch 21 travel nuclear? plenty, is that because of the u. s. a policy tools do you and those clear and i mean, those doors fenders cannot be applied to the most korea able adult agencies developing a new weapon system. los korea has been seeing the military, public realty, south korea. so they'll last sing much about the best weapon system. but what they pew is this house, a fighter like half saudi clay. or, i mean,
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the most important rep will be with those korea is the u. s. weapons system, which is the u. s. courses in korea, how have, ah, the about deploy nigeria government has announced sweeping measures to contain attacks by armed groups in the north restrictions including cutting communication services and a ban on markets in the transportation of certain goods. as ahmed interest reports from kaduna, some people are getting desperate. oh, defiant traitors, display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down, like many traders here is here, cabella says is greens could be confiscated, or me even lose his life. if gunman strike, but he has to take the risk, am i didn't know what it was like if the markets remained close. how to feed our
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families. what about those who have to go to work daily noted to buy food? luckily we expect them to get guns and rob, good edge worthy here at cadina's biggest kettle market traders se then able to bring in new stock because of the ban on the movement of kettle. much of what is here is all stock. and they say because of an 80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in, the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications, and the movement of goods and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states. this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men known locally as bandits of turned kitten of florence, him into a lucrative business. oh, the wisdom of binding movement of cartoon in 2 or outside the state is to stop that corridor that he gets us of funding by selling
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a russell cutter. now come into the whitley market. i have also a splint that, that, that is why that is the my kids. that id yet i says to food and odon logistics . now you also look at the telecoms, the shut down of our telecom services. in these on gov and a spaces one. communication is very critical. if at the center of negotiation for ransom as we speak here, interdictions emissions are in progress. and they in day out security forces ah, taking the bonded out bad private but only say to stop the slight, into anarchy. the government was addressed. acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite few and above please men, quite few and above 5. his men. this is a country of our poor 100000000 and we have less than 4 to 500000 military men.
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please men combine. this is unacceptable. in desperation, some nigerians teach our training in arming malicious ralph white gloves but still largely outgunned the malicious 3 being poorly equipped to confront the threat posed by bandit. with superior reverence, ahmed edris al jazeera cuba still a head on al jazeera, a celebration of mexico's indigenous heritage, n a reminder of dean dashes, injustice rather, the community says it's still self. it and in sports and nfl coach resigns after revelations he sent rice system misogynistic emails. gemma will have all the details later in sort ah
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i there thanks for joining a. we're going to begin your weather story in the middle east, where there is plenty in the way of sunshine humidity starting to bump in once again for places in guitar. so that includes for doe hot with the high $35.00, but feeling in the low fourties. a clear conditions across pakistan, karachi getting up to 38 degrees that is above average. next stop, we're going to turkey and we do have some active whether it's crossed over the g m . but it's starting to move further east across the country, especially a long turkeys black sea coast. this is a cold friend, so it's snapped your temperatures down in its stumble to 17 degrees through the tropics of africa. we've got our storms, ethiopia got south sudan into the central african republic and especially round gap on camera route and into southern sections of nigeria. further toward the south look at some of this heat for k.


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