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jump into the stream, enjoying our global community. of your online you to right now, you can be part of those conversations. wealth this stream on out is era, really understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy with the news and kind of calls that matter to you with . ready who this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news ally from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes . the european union pledges a 1000000000 dollar aid package for afghanistan as well, late as mate to address a looming humanitarian crisis. the top you in court sides mostly with somalia in
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a dispute with kenya over coastal waters. but nairobi has already rejected the court's authority. in the case tensions escalade in southern chile, as indigenous fight, has seized forests from lugging companies. the government just declared a state of emergency in the region. and lego, the world's largest toy, make it play just to make its toys more gender neutral, brick by brick and in sport. big news coming out of the n. b, a is the brooklyn that van kyrie irving from playing. i'm practicing with the team until he gets vaccinated against cove 90. ah! hello and welcome to the program. the e u has pledged a $1000000000.00 for afghanistan as late as of the world's largest economies. met virtually to discuss the situation ma'am. that g 20 meeting came as delegations
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from the u. s. u. k. and european union gathered in contact with representatives of afghanistan's k. take a government, a tele balmy's on a diplomatic push for international support and recognition. stephanie deca reports from campbell thousands of kilometers away from afghanistan, the political negotiations go on. following their talk to the americans and taliban delegation met european representatives in cat, r as capital doha. afghanistan on the agenda to at this virtual g. 20 meeting led by italy prime minister matthew draggy warned of a humanitarian disaster. the body of bras, humanitarian emergency that is unfolding is very seniors. many people in representative of international organizations, di and the united nations. i've talked of humanitarian catastrophe, algoma, and they have noticed that with the onset of winter, with the situation will get worse in cobble. hardly any one has any money as wealth . again, one of the flaw me, i want to think steer arrival of these la mic,
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emirates. i believe that all our colleagues have been unemployed. meanwhile, our salaries have not been paid by the government. therefore, my request to the government of these law mc emerett of afghanistan, he stood by yes, our seller is 1st, because the people leaving poverty, unpaid salaries, no jobs, a country that has a severe cash flow problem. she g dependent on billions of dollars of international aid that is now being withheld. and there's a growing security problem too. with iceland, afghanistan increasing its attacks. we met the man in charge of cobble security. he says the taliban is more than capable of handling the iso threat, dice good from a hot that it by one. if i so as a threat to have gone us on, it will also be a threat to the neighboring countries. talbot have promised the world that it will not let the terrorist groups use have gunnison as a base for launching attacks. as i can see in the past when he days taliban damaged iso capabilities with our security operations against them for the wasn't. but i
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saw afghan astonish, managed to carry out deadly attacks, including here and cobble venting arm groups like it from gaining ground here and using it to attack other countries. was one of the top points of last year's doha agreement between the u. s. and the taliban, despite engaging and dialogue with the taliban international community, has made it very clear that this does not mean an official recognition of the taliban. as afghanistan's government, that's dependent on things like an all inclusive government and protecting the rights of women. and as that back and forth continues, billions of much needed dollars have been withheld abroad. not having a devastating impact on the people here. daphne decor al jazeera cobble cut. i was invited to the j 20 virtual summit because of you to mediation if it's a mere shag tom and been the hammer. the l. funny appealed to the ladies and the taliban to honor commitments made at the doe hot talks and took the opportunity to remind the international community of its obligations to the afghan painful to foe had the tim howard ayesha. the deal included agreements of dialogue between afghani
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partners themselves. in addition to the withdrawal of the coalition forces from the afghan territories, the hope was that there will be peace and no other activities that pose a threat to other countries would take place from of ghani territory. at your it is upon of gun histones k. take a government to implement that on the international community has a responsibility towards afghan histone emma that includes international and humanitarian aid to afghanistan to j. experience has shown that isolation leads to polarization and sha positions. we know that corporation and darla could lead to moderation and resolution of conflict. what? the deputy executive director uni safe, i'mma abdi visited afghanistan last week. he says the humanitarian crisis will likely continued to deteriorate. even before the recent i people, we estimated about 10000000 children were in need of humanitarian support.
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and at least 1000000 of those where tricycle dying with severe mom attrition. i visited the hospital in capital demand. attrition was what we saw was very shocking . chill, the hospital was still be on capacity and a lot of children did brink of dying for bond retention, and we expect the situation to even get worse with the winter coming with severe trouts with the collapse of the social service system. as you reported, situation will get worse unless we all get out quickly to our catastrophe. the priorities to humanity and crisis while talk sat on going between the defacto government and the international community. we have had similar situations in yemen and other places where support directly went to the population. so the un can set
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up systems or where you can reach people directly to other world news. now in the u. n's top court has rejected kenya's claims in a maritime borders distribution, indian ocean. so my father law suit with the international court of justice in the hag. it accused kenya of illegally awarding exploration rides in waters. long dishes is within its boundary. kenya has already said it will not recognize the court ruling. malcolm web has more from nairobi. the court has ruled largely in favor of somalia in the area of ocean in question. according to the court ruling mostly goes to somalia, but a leader of it does go to kenya scenarios. see this widely believed to be rich in oil and gas deposits, and kenya had actually given concessions to international oil companies to start exploring this area. that's what triggered this maritime borders. dispute in the
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1st place, kenya had already rejected the jurisdiction of the court before the ruling. it said it wasn't going to accept it, that the court said that kenya con, retroactively put out to the court jurisdiction which had signed up to in the 1960 . they can use legal obligation to hold the ruling still stands. the question is, what are each of these countries going to do next? the malia has now a strong position with this court really ruling to seek diplomatic support from the united nations. from the security council can use position is weaker, but it's certainly depend what 2 countries choose to do what the allies choose to do. and certainly important to remember that there are international oil companies and foreign governments that are behind the country's respective interest. in extracting the wealth from the natural resources beneath the sea, let's take a look now at some of the competing claims between the 2 countries. at stake,
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his control of that 100000 square kilometers stretch of the indian ocean with prospects of vast oil and gas deposits. kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a straight line east parallel to the line of latitude. somalia, however, says it should be expanded for the south as an extension of its land border. the dispute is for the strain relations between the neighbors. george, why jack? oh yeah, he's an expert on maritime an international law. he says, can you can't appeal against the decision. the impact is great. the box is great, given the fact that somebody has been given a junk of land, which means that it's going to reduce it into a landlocked country. even if you have a small policy, you not have an excuse if enjoyment of an exclusive economy, which means that, that the king and economic future in the see in the blue jeep
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economics is going to be reduced some next. and secondly, the book or so i've got 5 inches consequences, whereby both 5 is now to find out a solution for that issue with the one to never ships. deals separately from building. well, if you want to have some kind of an acord where they can ask what, in a way every getting which i don't see because they walked out of the court, we don't know. there are so many mechanisms of number one. this is an international go under dylan commercial, corporate for each. and you're also dealing with composer policy diction, which is actually step, which stands is a message where the game master uses the national security council.
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plenty more head on this news hour, including anger in bolivia, against a law or proposed law that will allow the government to investigate people's private assets without a court order. why a plan by nigerian government and violence by armed groups in the northeast facing resistance. and coming up in support with jim or the only professional female m. m . a fighter in jordan with the international monetary fund, is wanting the family to equally distribute cobit 19 vaccines worldwide is darkening prospects for developing nations. it's caught its global growth forecast to just 9 to 6 percent this year, slightly lower than what it predicted 3 months ago. it's also calling on banks to be prepared to act quickly in the face of worsening inflation. u. k. government delay in imposing
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a lock down at the start of the pandemic is one of the countries worst ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary report. as during a whole reports from london, m. p. 's from across the political spectrum have delivered a damning verdict on the government's handling of the coven 19 pandemic. in the words of a parliamentary report, it was one of the worst public health failures in u. k. history. it left vulnerable groups exposed and led to one of the worst outcomes among developed world economies. from this evening, i must give the british people a very simple instruction. you must stay at home for his johnson's delay in ordering the 1st lockdown in march 2020. the report says, cost many lives, it was part of a deliberate policy based on scientific advice aimed at achieving heard immunity, something the government has always denied, and a so called group think among ministers and government scientists. the report says, lead to a failure to learn lessons from what other countries were doing. it took too long
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to make that decision. i think everyone recognizes that. now we should have been out avoid a lockdown altogether. if we'd follow the muddle taken in taiwan or south korea, ah, whither i'm much expanded testing trace program right from the outset. or we could have avoided locking down in that 1st year as those countries did. so that, that is a big lesson. despite being one of the 1st countries to develop a test for covey, 19 in january 2020. the report says the u. k. squandered that lead, turning it into a situation of permanent crisis when mass testing was halted in march. by the time a test trace, an isolate system did come along in the summer. it was say, and piece slow, uncertain, often chaotic. there are moments of praise for the vaccine rollout and the development of life saving treatments, both involving scientists from oxford university. but that does not exonerate the government or it's advisors for
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a litany of criticism set out in what is an almost universally scathing report lobby akin. ola lost his dad phemie to kobe 19 in april last year. he wants an apology. this moment here isn't about politics. in of our saving face, it's about understanding the pain that people are going through. i'm doing what we can to ameliorate her and, and prevent it from happening. jen. i think you can convey all of that in 2 simple words of, i'm sorry, so that decision to not do that. i think, sense a different and fortunate messrs quite loudly. the national coven memorial wall. opposite parliament bears vivid testimony to the pandemic. and parliament has now laid bare the extent of government responsibility for those losses. a public inquiry is due in 2022. joan, a whole al jazeera london to the us now in the state of texas, has banned organizations and companies from enforcing coven 19 at vaccine mandates
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. governor greg abbott has been one of the most vocal opponents of making vaccines mandatory in the u. s. his move comes is the biden administration prepares to require employers with more than $100.00 workers to be vaccinated or test weekly for the virus thailand. plans to accept vaccinated tourists flying from countries, it says a low risk from next month. it will scrap hotel quarantined the travelers from 10 countries, including the u. k. the u. s. germany and china. all arrivals will still need to show and negative cova 19 test. prime minister prior root pry, you'd rather shaneka says he'll consider lifting the nighttime curfew and ban of alcohol sales in the capitol by the new year. experts at india's drug regulator are recommending the emergency use of co vaccine on children above the age of 2. that's a locally made covey, 19 vaccine. the drug makers,
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a clinical trials have shown it's safe and effective to use on that age group tests were conducted from may and to last month, and more than $500.00 children before this week's review by the regulators panel. it's the 1st vaccine in india to be recommended for the use in kids under 12 years old. and utility companies in india being urged to import coal because of a shortage of fuel producers will now have to bring in up to 10 percent of vehicle despite having the world's 4th largest reserves. india's supply can no longer keep up with demand due to pandemic, related issues for power and electricity to south american. now, in chillies government has declared a state of emergency in its south central region of a route can e m. that's where armed members from chillies indigenous mabood shay group have
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taken control of forests. there have been protests in recent weeks in the capital, santiago them of her che, demanding self determination and the preservation of ancestral lands, largely owned by logging firms. for more on this story, let's go live to our latin america editor lucy newman, who's in santiago, thanks for joining us, lucia. up. the president's been speaking, what has you been saying about declaring a state of emergency? i'm sorry you are that you just cut out then, could you just repeat that one more? of course lucy, i will just saying that the president's been speaking and just declared a state of emergency. what more can you tell us about that? exactly. he said he addressed the nation to say that he had made the decision to because the state of emergency, which can only be declared by the president in very, very limited circumstances was justified. he said, because of a quote,
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calamitous and grave state of a grave threat rather to public disorder. he said that the albania region is facing terrorism. he also spoke about drug trafficking, organized crime. he mentioned also the legal trafficking of timber in the region. there really isn't, however much proof about the drug trafficking and the organized crime. but yes, we know that it is a very relative area where there have been countless attacked by a growing number of armed my poochie. indigenous. my put to groups who are say there are fighting to reclaim their ancestral land. this is not only affecting forest, just affecting trucks, timber companies, the homes of some ordinary farmers in the region just of a few weeks ago, a man was killed when his house was set ablaze. he was a farmer, he died, his wife is still in the hospital, and these sorts of attacks have been absolutely on the rise as well as the takeover
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of land votes that belongs to forestry companies and to chile and farmers in the region. so the president was under extreme pressure to try to bring quotes ordered to this area would committee now think has completely fallen out of the control of the to the instate. they see it, the tulane state has long been accused of discrimination. against them appeared shay people tell us more about why they've been left marginalized? yes, there. i think there's no doubt chili's, one of the few countries in the world. certainly the only one in the americas. where did you, as people are not even recognized in the constitution as existing on, which is something that may change now that a constitutional convention is under way. they have been marginalized ever since their land was taken away from them in a war waged by the chilean state in the mid 18. hundreds. up until then the the,
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my put you nation had been able to had made a deal with the spaniards. the spanish colonial power to be in control of everything from the b o. b o river south. and this is what we call the greater out our gunny region. it's one of the richest areas in the country, but it was eventually taken over by jillions as the state decided to expand foreigners were brought in from europe. they were given some of the land that belong to the my poachers. they've never really accepted this and in recent years, younger, more militant, my purchase have decided that since the state won't give them what they need and what they want, they're going to fight for it. and that's what we're seeing different groups. and there's a lot of fear now that because this is happening, this may lead to act truly a, a more all out guerrilla warfare in the outside of the region. now the army is going, is being sent in to work alongside the militarized police. okay, well thank you for that update. lucio newman and latin america editor there and he
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government protests have been demonstrating across, protest is rather have been demonstrating across bolivia against a proposed law. they say is a step towards a police state crowds, a blocked streets and were met by counter protested in support of the president. the legislation being considered would allow authorities to investigate the assets of any citizen without a court order. for the government says it's essential to tackle elicit earnings and help the economy for more on this. let's bring in general schwein law, who's joining us live from the argentine capital one a series. thanks for joining us, daniel. what more do we know about these protests and what demonstrate is from both sides want well, monday emily was, as you mentioned, the anti government protested, who want to see an end of this law. the so called law of elicit earnings in which the government wants to get his hands on vivian tax tax money,
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or basically is estimated the 80 percent of bolivians at work in the informal economy. 65 percent, or thereabouts of transactions made happen in the informal economy. oh, so several, a bolivians were found in the recently uncovered pandora papers to have off shore bank accounts on which they're not paying tax on their earnings. and the government also see says his law needs to pass in order to fight money laundering and drug trafficking. so there was huge opposition around our bolivia may major cities. on monday the police said the 150 or so road blockages are, were out there are 10 people arrested. there were a few clashes that was monday, tuesday to day is the pro government's protest across the country in which the government is called on the bolivians. to come out in that we're getting all the major cities to show their support for the government. and for this law,
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which they say is absolutely essential. the president or louis out of say, has spoken already to a rally in the central city of got your bomba. he called the protest is on monday. and he government, a crew mongers, assassins, or could and violent people, and suggested that the people organizing it might have been the very same people who were behind what he called a crew in 2019, which unseated his predecessor, ever. morales, the for president. even what all this is also out there in coach of amber talking to the crowds as really a show of support to try to overwhelm, to overshadow the anti government protests on monday in a bid to push this law through. however, the anti government protesters have set the law is not rescinded in the next 3 days . they will take to the streets within 48 hour within 3 days, and they will hold a 48 hour stoppage across the country. so the battle lines really drawn on this issue. and daniel, you mentioned a president,
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he's just completed his 1st year in office. how much of this will be a test for his ladyship? what very much. so luis, are to say, came into office one elections convincingly, after a short lived interim rights when government, which had deposed our able morale, is always trying to assert his authority against her. he is in the former president or jenny and yes is in prison on charges that she misused her powers while in office. he's also living under the shadow of the former president abel morales who is still campaigning. he's still very of vocal, are very visible in bolivia, sir luis out of say, always trying to assert himself. and of course, like presidents around the country around the world story. having to deal with the pandemic, which has hit bolivia particularly hard. the economy has been shattered, which is one of the reasons why he says this law must go through in order to help
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bolivia drag itself out itself out of the economic mess that it's in. okay, we'll make sure he keep his updated as to how the next few days. i'm fall, daniel. shy my. they're joining us live from argentina. human rights groups of calling on countries in southeast asia to do more to end the exploitation of migrant fishermen. it follows a string of deaths on board ships working overseas. jessica washington reports from to gall in at central java. on this chinese fishing vessel of the waters mc route. these indonesian fishermen prepared to say good bye to one of their crew. after months at sea, so carefully has returned to indonesia, unable to forget his friend, who never got the chance to come home. yeah. long and i got reliable. he kept working despite his pain. perhaps he was scared. then his whole body became swollen
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. these fishermen have come together to discuss their experiences, sharing stories of exploitation, underpayment, and even physical abuse buffy. do the i got of everything i was hit on the back of the head. i almost fell down. others say they were tricked into working on the ships. bernard or generally, was never my intention to work on a chinese fishing ship. the agency lied to me for several months. i couldn't contact my parents. he says he was promised a manufacturing job in south korea. he never anticipated what was to come down with them tomorrow. they didn't give me any food for a whole week. i became very thin. i couldn't walk. like many returned fishermen why he was trying to get back the money he is owed. workers' rights groups in southeast asia say they concerned about the rise in reported cases of poll working conditions, physical abuse, and deaths at sea. they say governments across the region have
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a responsibility to help and force labor in the international fishing industry. in recent weeks, more than 20 n g o z across the region have signed a letter to was young calling on the regional block to ratify the work in fishing convention, which calls for the minimum requirements for conditions on board fishing vessels. some se, indonesia, as the country with the largest workforce on foreign ships, must be more proactive, applicable. but on the gonna be a fan, we should be an example and show that we want to improve the situation right now. there is no access to justice for fishermen on foreign ships. denisia maritime ministry says ratifying the convention is a priority, but it takes time and was received at our merchant chemical bought it from us. or if you'd retirement, prov, glorify recommendation into golf central java. some of the fishermen working on these small local boats
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a waiting for their deployments to work on lodge vessels overseas. on certain of the conditions they will face when they depart. jessica washington al jazeera to go . still ahead on al jazeera moon and celebration of mexico's indigenous heritage. and a reminder of the inject, just at the community, says it's still suffers and the carver 19 vaccination saga in the m. b. i takes another twist with a superstar told he won't be playing all the details later in spoke with jemma. ah, i there thanks for joining a. we're going to begin your weather story in the middle east, where there is plenty in the way of sunshine humidity starting to bump in once
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again for places in guitar. so that includes for doe hot with the high $35.00, but feeling in the low fourties. a clear conditions across pakistan, karachi getting up to 38 degrees that is above average. next up we're going to turkey and we do have some active whether it's crossed over the g m. but it's starting to move further east across the country, especially a long turkeys black sea coast. this is a cold friend, so it snapped her temperatures down in its stumble to 17 degrees through the tropics of africa. we've got our storms, ethiopia got south sudan into the central african republic and especially round gabon, cameroon, and into southern sections of nigeria. further toward the south look at some of this heat for cape town. 32.7 degrees on monday, but your temperatures have come crashing down. thanks to a switch in the wind direction there in time as we look toward that east coast, tipters are popped up here. so my put so 31 degrees. now let's go back to cape town for a 2nd because your temperatures will continue to slide here. look this just 17 degrees
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on friday, so that is below average for the sum of the year that show up, they soon ah, plan it is approaching a tip in the lead up to the car. 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the reality with green film documenting the human experience on the front line planet away reports agreement on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people in power. why politicians have been filling affected in fighting climate change full blind investigate horizon temperatures, healing a water war in the, ah, i'll just say we're world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources
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. the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding in byron.


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