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the social justice. yes. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that lakes the dominican republic? state less a witness documentary analogies era. ah, the european union says it'll give a $1000000000.00 to $8.00 groups in afghanistan to try to stop the humanitarian crisis getting worse. ah, no, no, bob isn't. this is all does he rely from doha. also coming up tens of thousands of demonstrators support bolivia as government as it comes under pressure over the new law. which critics say is a step towards a police state. ah. 2 chile declares the state of emergency altered, indigenous group ceases control of their ancestral lands. and
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a public health failure which costs thousands of lives. the verdict of a parliamentary report to how the u. k. handled the early days of the corona virus pandemic. ah, b u says is going to give a $1000000000.00 to afghanistan as leaders of the world's largest economies have been holding a mount line meeting to talk about the situation. the g 20 meeting came as delegations from the u. s. the u. k. and european union gathering cutter for talks with representatives of afghanistan's caretaker government. the taliban is on a diplomatic push for international support and recognition. stephanie decker reports from couple thousands of kilometers away from afghanistan to political negotiations. go on, pulling their talk to the americans. taliban delegation met european represent.
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it's in ketter's, capital, doha, afghanistan on the agenda to at this virtual g. 20 meeting led by italy. prime minister matthew draggy warned of a humanitarian disaster. the body of bruce humanitarian emergency that is unfolding is very seniors. many people in representative of international can i say sion sigh and the united nations have talk of humanitarian catastrophe, algoma. and they have noticed that with the onset of winter the situation will get worse in cobble. hardly any one has any money as watha can. one of the film you have on the scene, the arrival of these la mic emerett, i believe that all our colleagues have been unemployed. meanwhile, our salaries have not been paid by the government. let us, therefore, my request to the government of these lumnick emerick of afghanistan. he stood by yes, our seller is 1st because of people leaving poverty. unpaid salaries, no jobs, a country that has a severe cash flow problem. huge dependent on billions of dollars of international aid that is now being withheld. and there's
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a growing security problem too. with iceland, afghanistan increasing its attacks. we met the man in charge of cobbled security. he says the taliban is more than capable of handling the iso threat. that is good from a hot thought upon. if i so as a threat to have gone to sean, it will also be a threat to the neighboring countries. taliban have promised the world that it will not let the terrorist groups use of gunnison as a base for launching attacks. as i can see in the past when he days taliban damaged iso capabilities with our security operations against them for the wasn't but ice left canister is managed to carry out deadly attacks. including here in cobble venting arm groups like it from gaining ground here and using it to attack other countries. was one of the top points of last year's dough, high agreement between the u. s. and the taliban. despite engaging and dialogue with the taliban international community has made it very clear that this does not mean an official recognition of the taliban. as afghanistan's government, that's dependent on things like an all inclusive government and protecting the
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rights of women. and as that back and forth continues, billions of much needed dollars have been withheld abroad. not having a devastating impact on the people here. stephanie decker, al jazeera, cobble, or what are these a deputy executive director of the juniors stuff and he visited afghanistan last week. he says the humanitarian crisis is going to get worse. even before the recent i people, we estimated about 10000000 children were in need of humanitarian support. and at least 1000000 of those where drisco dying with severe mom attrition. i visited their hospital in capital or the money. attrition was what we saw was very shocking . the chill, the hospital was fill beyond capacity and lot of children did brink of dying for ron latrecia. and we expect this tuition to even get it worse with the winter
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coming with severe trouts with the collapse of the social service system. as you reported, situation will get worse unless we all want believes quickly to attest sort of the priorities to our bear to humanitarian crisis. while talk sat on going between the de facto government and the international community. we have had similar situation in yemen and other places for support to protect you went to the population. so the u. n. can set up systems or where support can reach people directly. a prominent ask on act of us has been shot dead by an unknown gunman. not the rock among. ma, one was killed in the city of jalal. abide and none god province is attackers believed to have fired at him from a rickshaw before escaping. targeted killings have been on the rise in the eastern country. up the chicken while he was walking toward his car. the attacker opened
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far on him from a ritual and killed him. it happened in an area where taliban police are only a 100 meters away. we're confused now because the previous regime was blaming the taliban, but killing those people not know who is killing them now. hello, louis. tens of thousands of pro government demonstrators have been rallying and some of bolivia is biggest cities. it follows days of anti government protests against the new proposed law, which would allow authorities to investigate the assets of any citizen without a court order. and no swindlers. joining us live from the argentinian capital one of the series. and this seems to be pushed back against those anti government protests. was there any indication that it worked? what the day of the rallies are still going on? they've been staggered throughout the day to allow president luis, are to say, to fly from coach of amber in the center of the country to le mars. and then over to the eastern city of santa cruz, where, where he is now bringing out tens of thousands of his supporters of government
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supporters across the country. and it very much, it is an attempt to the show of friends and to show the country to show the opposition that there are more government supporters than there were anti government support. anti government protested out in the streets on monday. they're protesting against a proposed law, a get a law against elicit earnings, which the government said is essential to bring more earners. more workers into the system, about 80 percent of bolivian workers work in the informal sector. the government says it will boost an ailing economy and also help in their fight against drug trafficking and money laundering. so they determined to put this lot, it's already past in the lower house. it suspended its progress towards the upper house where they have further consultations with the population. what the opposition says is, this is a law that will give too much power to the states to the tax or thorough it is that
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this is a step in the direction of a developing or a totalitarian state. and so really is a show of spence on those both when both sides, the signs are that the government has brought out tens of thousands of people throughout the day. and they have shown the opposition and the strengths of the of their numbers. the opposition is saying they're not going to surrender, and they, they want to come out and, and have further protests in the coming days if the government, dozens, and all these laws. so that it does seem as though the markers have been set for a more conflict to come to the fight that the government has brought out of supporters as well as, as obviously putting forwards on arguments in support of, of their slot. when we get the impression that the government is concerned about the level of opposition that there is to this proposed law, what will very much so i mean president are to say has been in office for less than the year. he came to office with 55 percent of the vote, depos ng or beating a temporary government,
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which had taken over him. what's the current government called a qu, getting rid of louis sadducees, predecessor abel morales. abel morales is still very much active in bolivia and politics. some would say casting a shadow over his previous colleague, louise, art of say, so yeah, it really is a case of the government trying to assert is authority. he obviously soon after coming to off is less than a year ago. had to deal with the pandemic, which has hit bolivia particularly hard and already weak economy in a, in a big mass. so really this is a case of proving a to the population and he still has a mandate that he still has power. and then he's accusing the organizers of the counter demonstrations, the antioch government demonstrations of being the very same people who are behind what he called, that qu, in 2019 c. a very much determined to, to put, to stamp his authority on his government. and on the country, daniel,
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thanks very much. that's daniels farmer talking to us from bought a status. chillers president has imposed assailable emergency over the so called mar, put che conflicts. the armed indigenous group have been fighting to recover ancestral land. troops are being sent to to southern regions, hit by violence. mozilla's, latin america editor soon, newman reports. you come up, not a good number for chillies government. this video posted on social network, spain. indigenous. my put you rebel group was the last straw to come on. we warned that whatever happens will be the sole responsibility of the forestry institute and the government. i dont in austin city called presidency by stamping. yet i said he had no choice but to declare a state of emergency in south central chile. is it boldly cook, honestly me because of the grave and reiterated acts of violence linked to drug traffickers, terrorist an organized crime committed by armed groups in the be of you and i can hear region go my feel for these violence events have not only taken innocent
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lively, which is the most painful, i feel that they have their houses, churches in my industrial, our cultural field, uncommercial installations, and a great deal of public infrastructure for chillies, largest indigenous group, the my purchase. this is the latest chapter in a 500 year conflict for control of their ancestral land. in the late 18 hundreds, the chilean state took away most of it and gave it to chilean and european farmers, planting them approaches into poverty until this day. now younger, more radical map witches are taking up arms to expel forestry companies and large landowners. highways are no longer safe. countless agricultural equipment has been destroyed while my poor communities take over land. a chilean farmer was the latest to die last week after his house was set ablaze by an armed group. conservatives applauded the state of emergency saying it was long overdue. gambowski lafitte ra
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situation and south central chile can wait a minute more. there are thousands of people who can't sleep at night because the state has abandoned learning because it doesn't have the operational capacity to guarantee their safety. but government opponents say dialogue is the only solution level in seattle violence is the last resort of the incompetent. when a government responds with violence to a political problem, but we know the result, the same one we been seeing for years, the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress's approval it will allow. * the army to provide transportation, communications, and logistical support to the militarize police that's already there, as well as patrol with them while many demanding the restoration of law and order and what they see as a lawless region. others fear that sending in soldiers will in fact escalate the armed conflict even further. to see and human al jazeera santiago,
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the i saxon states will meet the foreign ministers of israel and the united arab emirates on wednesday. they are going to discuss their progress and strengthening relations. the u. e. along with some other out of nations began normalizing ties with israel last year after signing the so called abraham accords. yes, president joe biden says he supports the deals which were initiated during the trump administration, osland jordan's life for us in washington dc. what can we expect from tomorrow's meetings, ross? while they're going to be a couple of our bilateral meetings as the secretary of state antony blank, and we'll meet with his as really counterpart mr. lockheed. and then he will also have a separate meeting with thought his a morality counterpart, mr. zion, then they'll have a trilateral meeting, all 3 men in the same room. they're going to be discussing of the raft of issues, confronting middle eastern countries. everything from the political and economic
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instability in lebanon to the ongoing, a civil war inside yemen. the ongoing, a situation with libya, the ongoing, a civil war in syria, as well as looking at the ongoing efforts to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians. there are going to be any huge deliverables coming from these meetings. but it is important to get all 3 of these other countries together in the same room to try to talk about, well now there's this agreement, how can we build on it, other, any indications, what other countries might be thinking about helping diplomatic ties with israel? there aren't any specific countries that have been named, but a senior state department official did indicate. and a background briefing with reporters on tuesday afternoon that the the biden administration is interested in seeing whether more countries in the middle east would be willing to open diplomatic ties. with israel certainly from
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a regional security standpoint, the more hours you have, the more treaty partners you have, the lower the chances there are of a regional war. and certainly given that to both the u. e and israel are concerned about ongoing efforts a suspected within the iranian government to develop a nuclear weapons program, if it's in washington's benefit, to have more countries on the same page, diplomatically and trying to confront a security threat than it is to have lots of countries looking at each other as potential enemy lovers in washington dc. that's roseland jordan rose, thank you. still had on al jazeera kenya react itself to the un top coach rules largely in favor of somalia, in the long run, a dispute over the amount of time border supporters of the populace. she actually called all santa celebrate his victory in iraq selections. not everyone accepts the results. ah,
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hello everyone. here's your update for the americas. we've got pamela. expect it to be a hurricane when it slams into western mexico. in fact, the state of sinaloa, we've got to watch for land slides and mud slides over the next few days. that will be the primary concern here. give you a white look of north america and we've got some storms from. the dakota is right down to texas, we've got winds colliding, cool, and also that warm moist air from the gulf of mexico. so we'll keep tabs on storms here. now, here is a closer look at some of those storms roll in across texas into the eastern portion that se portion of oklahoma on wednesday, you know, had a lot of snow through the northern in central rockies that moves further toward the east. hence why we're seeing that storm activity follow that as well. okay, for vancouver, we've got 11 degrees in there. is that what,
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whether pulling in to at this southern canadian prairies is while, when a pick a really raw feeling day north, when look to scoop up about 25 millimeters of rain for toronto, 20 degrees. look at washington, d. c, 26. and we've got a scattering of some showers here, down toward the top and of south america. rain is piling up for the west coast of columbia. and look at this energy across the river plate region. it will eventually make its way into assault. cl ah, the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities and cultures across the world. so no
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matter what you see with the news in current calls that matter to you, lou ah, you want to go to 0 reminder of our top stories. this are the you has placed a $1000000000.00 to help us ganawe's time, but the money will go to aid agencies. not the taliban. international funds have been frozen since the on group seized control of the country. and that's made the humanitarian crisis worse. tens of thousands of pro government demonstrators have rallied across bolivia and follow days of anti government protest against a proposed law that would get a low forces to investigate assets of any citizen without a court order. at chili's government has declared
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a state of emergency and they are on she, our region armed members of the indigenous will put shape. people have taken control of force, locking companies to monitor the preservation of ancestral lands. the popular share muslim cleric mocked out al sada, has claimed victory and iraq's election alley results to show. he's 173 of the 329 seats up for grabs. but some of the main political parties have rejected the results. mock moved up the will head reports from the opposition stronghold of nasty up with the reaction is divided for the 1st time in 20 years, the people of nasiriyah will have a voice in iraq's parliament. i let it can be. is one of 4 candidates elected to represent the anti government to movement known as to screen or october. that's a reference to the nationwide mass protest that began in october 2019.
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a la and the for others are among line tune candidates elected to represent the southern the cod province any to capitol. now city article. we met him before the election when he told us about his resolve to fight corruption. early results from sundays, parliamentary votes suggest his party has won the 2nd most seats in nasiriyah, of the popular shia cleric, mac the. the saw that his coalition with the others kilowatt of associate with the and i referred with dawson marshall. so we're going to join forces with independent candidates in the province is to form a considerable block in a hall events, accountability in combating corruption or on top of our agenda, or so whole laws related to human rights. freedom of human dignity must be verified or widened and not enough. tamela fought like other cities in southern iraq, not li, a suffering from neglect. that's mostly felt in the health sector. in july, several people were killed in a fire that broke out at
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a government hospital. frustration is widespread, amman gets people, especially younger generations who haven't had many job opportunities or access to services. melvin with lassie lag ice, any leon to have knocked those whom booted to porn? since 2003 have done nothing for us. they only serve their own inches. so i and my family voted for the opposition. the city mondays are on people here in a 3 or say the finally manage it to punish the dominant political parties by voting for their opponents. previous election results have led to anger and protested in this city. but now many people here say they're happy with the outcome of sundays vote and see it as a lesson for iraq's political establishment. but some is still reject the electoral process and believe coated the election. they believe iraq's entire political
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system needs to change an awful mock log. shabby. how can we participate in an election set by a political system? we want to remove shadow. what can 9 position seats do among hundreds of other politicized members? what the turn out for sunday's vote was 41 percent. the lowest of the 5 elections, the country has held since the 2003 u. s. led invasion. many blame this on a larger scale boycotting campaign. among other reasons, the election itself had to be moved up after demands from the to sri movement in nasiriyah. it was originally scheduled for next year. but now the movement is a split between the boy cutters and those who wanted engage in the political process . that no, that were who else is either mostly a city, southern iraq. the u. k. government created one of the countries worst ever public
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health failures when it delayed imposing a lock down at the start. the corona virus pandemic. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary report. john hall reports from london, m. p. 's from across the political spectrum, had delivered a damning verdict on the government's handling of the coven 19 pandemic. in the words of a parliamentary report, it was one of the worst public health failures in u. k. history. it left vulnerable groups exposed and led to one of the worst outcomes among developed world economies. from this evening, i must give the british people a very simple instruction. you must stay at home. forrest johnson's delay in ordering the 1st lockdown in march 2020. the report says cost many lives. it was part of a deliberate policy based on scientific advice aimed at achieving heard immunity, something the government is always denied, and a so called group think among ministers and government scientists. the report says,
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lead to a failure to learn lessons from what other countries were doing. it took too long to make that decision. i think everyone recognizes that. now we should have been out avoid a locked on altogether. if we'd follow the muddle taken in taiwan or south korea, ah, whither much expanded test and trace program? right from the outset. we could have avoided locking down in that 1st year as those countries did so that that is a big lesson. despite being one of the 1st countries to develop a test for covey, 19 in january 2020. the report says the u. k. squandered that lead, turning it into a situation of permanent crisis when mass testing was halted in march. by the time a test trace and isolate system did come along in the summer, it was say, and piece slow, uncertain, often chaotic. there are moments of praise for the vaccine rollout and the development of life saving treatments, both involving scientists from oxford university. but that does not exonerate the
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government or it's advisors for a litany of criticism set out in what is an almost universally scathing report lobby akin, ola lost his dad phemie to covey. 19 in april, last year. he wants an apology. this moment here isn't about politics. navarre, saving faith, it's about understanding the pain that people are going through and doing what we can to ameliorate that and, and prevent it from happening again. i think you can convey all of that in 2 simple words of, i'm sorry, so the decision to not do that, i think, sense a different, an unfortunate message, quite loudly, the national coven memorial wall. opposite parliament bears vivid testimony to the pandemic. and parliament has now laid bare the extent of government responsibility for those losses. a public inquiry is due in 2020 to jona, hull al jazeera london. can his president no hurricane yet?
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i says he firmly reject some one not recognize a ruling by the international court of justice, which is largely in favor of somalia in a long running dispute over the maritime border. has been a point of contention between the 2 african nations at stake is control of a 100000 square kilometers section of the indian ocean is an area rich in vast oil and gas deposits. kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn and a straight line east parallel to the line of latitude somalia, herb says it should expand further south as an extension of its land border. the disputes straining already difficult relations between the 2 neighbors. markham webb has more from nairobi, the court has ruled largely in favor of kamali or in the area of ocean in question . according to the court ruling mostly goes to somalia, but a leader of it does go to kenya scenarios. see this widely believed to be rich in
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oil and gas deposits and kenya had actually given concessions to international oil companies to start exploring this area. that's what triggered this maritime borders . dispute in the 1st place, kenya had already rejected the jurisdiction of the court before the ruling. it said it wasn't going to accept it that the court said that kenya con, retroactively put out of the court jurisdiction which had signed up to in the 1960 . they can use legal obligation to hold the ruling still stand. question is, what are these countries going to do next? the malia has now a strong position with this court really ruling to seek diplomatic support from the united nations from the security council can use position is weaker, but it certainly depends what 2 countries choose to do. more than allies to, to do, and certainly important to remember that there are international oil companies and foreign governments to the, behind,
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each of the countries respective interests. in extracting the wealth from the natural resources beneath the sea. as well as was jacqueline as an export amount of time and international law. he says kenya can't appeal against the decision the in the back to grace given the fact that some i just didn't give it. and i just jungle land, which means that it's going to reduce it into a landlocked country, even if it will have a small passage. it would not have an excuse if enjoyment of an exclusive economic zone, which means that the canaan economic future in the see in the blue jeep economics, is going to be reduced some next. and secondly, the but also i've got 5 into consequences whereby both fight is not have to find out the solution of the nation. whether the, the went to never she,
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it deal separately from building one of the want to have some kind of an acord or whether cannot go to in a way, every evening which i don't see because they walked out of the court. we don't know . there are so many mechanisms of enforcement. number one, this is that we did with the international law, and you didn't the international court finally to speech. and you're also getting the quote by the say, compiler say, he's diction, which is actually step which stands his spouse from the united nations. where the guiding massey, this is the united nations security council. chinese property giant f. a grant has failed to pay a $148000000.00 of its dead june tuesday, and a 3rd round of miss payments and warning of a grand could be declared in default. as soon as monday liabilities of around $305000000000.00. newton is in prime ministers as the main focus of
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her government is to create economic reforms as the country continues to fend off a growing financial crisis. national broadens comments come just a day after a new cabinet. so 23 ministers was sworn in. could you say any moves bowden tries to implement will face toughest scrutiny from president of chi said in september, say they assumed all executive powers and began willing by decree, daddy. ah, this is odyssey that these are the top stories. the e u has placed a $1000000000.00 to afghanistan, but the money will be given to international aid groups. not the taliban government . international funds have been frozen since the groups take over worsening the country's humanitarian crisis. tens of thousands of program and demonstrators have rallied across bolivia. it follows days of anti government protest against the proposed.


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