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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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a lot of commitments to rebuild perceptions and ultimately, or creative empowerment, you know, for all kids. and it's really about ensuring that all of our children have the opportunity to access all types of lay and activities which ultimately can help them develop their full potential. especially if they are thinking about career ah, who's out there, let's take you through some of the headlines now. the you is pledging a $1000000000.00 to i've kind of time, but the money will be given to international age groups, not the tale. bon international funds have been frozen since the groups take over. that's making the humanitarian situation worse. school throughout hong kong of been suspended as rain and wind from typhoon compass to hit the financial hub. authorities of canceled morning trade on the city stock market ports in china,
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southern most province of high 9 have been closed as a proportion ahead of the arrival of the storm. 9 people died in flash floods and land slides from the typhoon hit the philippines on monday. rob mcbride is following developments from hong kong. this has been a fairly big, impactful typhoon at the 1st place to be effected was the philippines as it came in from the western pacific, effecting mainly the island in the north of lou zone called a quite a lot of flooding landslide. some deaths and injuries there. what often happens is that these storms will lose a lot of their intensity as they move over the philippines, which this one has but compas, who has then stayed out in the south china sea moving westwards in it. as it does so, it basically has not lost more strength of anything. it may have gained a little chili's government as declare the state of emergency. after our members of
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the indigenous were put shape, people took control of forests from logging companies. they're demanding the preservation of ancestral lands. tens of thousands of government supporters of rallied across bolivia. it follows days of anti government protests against the proposed law. that could mean authorities wouldn't need to order to get a court order before investigating the assets of any citizen. can years president a hurdle kenyatta says he firmly rejects and will not recognize a routing by the international court of justice, which is largely in favor of somalia in a long running dispute over their maritime border. the new tune is here, prime minister says the main focus of a government is to reform the economy as the country continues to fend off a growing financial crisis. nigella burdens comments come just a day after a new cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers and was sworn in. as the headlines,
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news continues here after witness stay with us. the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war past greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera more than a dog. guardia was creak yard. the other is in the eager golden beard. far wor jill ring with her
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laudable yard, his hello may be seeking hall. i was awed by a dog which orlando, i will do nobody jean with peak that he kisses to la minnie. i thought he had to le year to delegate. she had it will be on the banana mc. i've got them up or 70 guy lentils, who believe them love, they're getting a little more than a year dilbert, chip. bethany luther middleton will be. but you'll have albany, leanne, she 0197040 with ah double. these are due to goals, it will the school chattooga ah,
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militia, georgia, the bottles case party, i gotta, ah, but it was all in the get it. while as hopkins are delicate on their, bought their money that he meant happening today to leans lukea matter manifested in mickey was still on many a seagull in their dark lolia. i seek oliver, the gibbon was at him already formidable. as of june, nissan little got the loaner. ah, ah, ah. ah.
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valjean dental bassetti. politically. bianca's old t. pess javion composite other for yard is your catalogue. guardian. altered when god gave wagner, wizard, alleghany f. i on me. medical model a been calling jill doc. mark and do have a dog been bothered at bestow mit on the top. ok, go might have buckets on go, but they in good will. pretty good. he's had wrong. i was gitane godaddy. maybe you'll whisky it and lie. you'll dea, another that was got in his act on the fussy and my brother. with the aid together, he met a tie. this little, god kiss, mid had been beloved southfield ye, but he was younger. it could be gwyn is roy dudgin with his lime, although they die. sam, this i most and either you can get a get back to me did the meaning of noon.
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ah ah ah, let me map duty cat octopus log home galico a may chance lama tracking. i'm me john beam which is a mortal gaea ought to be appeal high court man. licky head white gold may come, must come cha, socks if badly. a beef cough as sla laos, a tom operation, balcony yonah, enchilada k. dorsey? ma'am? but he who was younger or is huff take omitted will knock out
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a little on our hole. synonymous funnel. candy should i mod, blocking somebody? center j. good luck by law. oh, oh. oh, oregon. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. lent guarding illness he that hail. ha ha, ha, ha, ha ha. martha rella de la. ah, i manage it until could they? again, i'd like good luck, carthage on our payroll. keanna jackie, anita rita. this is marcus. as laurie may, dan kenzie landing judicial, moderate jane,
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which elijah wilson. is that the dounia of the kia by an ecological treviss dice? holl bother nicholas. she dickey up and it got me a ballast go school day, a block on it was gone. they had left. he had 0 days camp at jail. mm. monica g sunday chicken. the mars me madonna for me or my you lose me on that. i am all booked out the whole still more gold lick in the mazda put on their partner in mud, somebody. my use me alone. does . i'm all doing that. i'm enough. i don't know yet. that fell. didn't go off. got that job by it needs. hm. mm. job, he's got a bill and it got up clinic. i love that my kidney is among movie. i've got
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it. got my youngest is up on that on monday. monkey in up and down on the got a do it. he'll gun. i think us mana, who did the boston lat laws bernoulli in not met than it than i did not go that up for these like that. but in on a get me get on to kill them. they will click on new to the him with the vehicle. they got there. adobe did it on your vehicle. i'm not gonna lie with the vehicle. i'm going to look at that. mm hm. well the beast but nick when they go mom, not so good below the thought the saudi salad is bob, a dad. i could not build
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a peg got. mm hm . we're not gonna not take that up. is hopkins at them out? give me a call with both as a thought. santos family come ma'am. of the funnel. money shall come in opposite bottom. so come it of alice hop catalogue. an oscar bon with j dutempo limits fly mortal gay maps. he yanked and fun, camacho up,
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effie albeit, logged him as i mean boss can live to have up guy. phoebe, it could be, it was either medi than my for my mid egg, those house nimble i often but i like her thought nice study. johnny decal to many bicycles. brimley pitman if he b. m. a political science makia in cuba. matthew, the ocoee can me jen menam and the ran it, but many a may bother early caught back a ye up get either min, i'm affiliated a block a little to do that. he'd get the edge in coke. we put on our leah told him what dick is hum, give all and we'll cut through. freeman. i doesn't get handled about not being on
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board. what are my number is ha bina. oh boy, that without the bomb had been given me on tv. oh let me get that we get that means that you have you already of anybody. 2 that is most info just that i had more on that, but it will not let me get the last
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one is going to be that the last one i was looking for done in mad. that's and done. you know, i'm all good. that for me, my name is all about it, like an egg. the faith that the, that the a blender, yes it has got the got a yay or nay, matthew, that l d w. is that what that meant? it boom. well then i got it all jumps up, got a minute that get tie our dog limited here, cough locked diesel, da da at the yard. i mean they have cameras. hoffer with john actually just gonna double
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critical more. another piano battle becoming a ah, a wood putty, already economical about ha game, which i thought in the hearts out again, me a call to the following up to date images. and it says i've got all of them in the mid us author adler. god, font of the love blog that even neil was come within
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a phone. i am with his mom that i live in likely to was will to go was monumental to the app, not banana politic to tom of them then. is this all of that sorta in subsidized, meaning that in a minute i've got that. i have to be done with soccer. oh no mm. a
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bab bose, that operational data, muscle juggle. ok. yeah. a man charla, but he always owner of the break it down though amicus on when i got but i know which symbolically a much gloss, fishy log. it all got everybody to the little bunker, lana. ok of a saddam. as a photo. candy said, i'm all center did go luck with the boy. a
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subsidy. 9 se door and soft, mid the heel. once on the do off with the keeps in. it keeps hollow, get it in the middle. be lucky to put those on m m would much rather he ought to put on the cap. jesus was gonna pick up the leg the mom me . but if i saw thought i take a yahoo, the abena mini escape all when they don't upon c, b that on the left leg is for the lithia lmi . so pakistan widget, a key sol, data mail, go ahead. just keep a dusty man. i put anton gallic him at oz canopy. nancy been with us that'll go.
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he said, that would be men at aku hot, the leaky hat. ye immediate adi beat hat. comedic is ga fast like he has an or made us hot and soft. he has a hi ladonna's mother fuddled kat. this is i'm was just a did sure to put on hulu with. mm hm. ah, the customer eagle took them about it, buddy or natalia t a. m. cuz she missiles, gardner is algebra, weatherford who big kisses like bought
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a few g. somebody because you can go in the honda love. so maybe on the got them all the luck. i sure mother get her scary 100 people. she didn't even get to her mother. i got to do dom just keep getting a darlena diaz was in the utah media. would you were looking to move a people who she a binding get the most highly near available to follow fuji's in the care job garfield. i like about it, but it's a wall of lincoln jessica junior level to medical ago. well, are you deal? got the we are trying to basically hold the state responsible for the negligence that they have done to him in the sense that the delayed justice and the process that has
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caused him so much trouble. a person will suffer 21 years in jail. let's see how quickly now the state can readdress is grievances she saw me thought we were just our laundry or like her mother of susan is alyssa. yeah, this system could be up to go with jia ward, ga, ga. all sorta jail. got her job. sorry. garrett cubby got off the mean, the other big key thought that a be sort of got a similar sort of got a baby device my week is that la? yes. what was that? i couldn't think about it handing up. would it not updated or get there to get a good back to the gap within that? they'd be thank them to me. might have just a minute. i'd like an article beginning of school is and they, me, they got bought the medical and the little girl that you bought with them a little that it might have been a big demand. justice will hurt to was couple months school or tiny buddy. give
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them a database that i got to deal with that to put 9 stuff in yogi, i got a start all national adapted to love goldman go path and then it brought it down to the principal and he got a guy with the leah. joe motto: nope. as in victo or school, does paloma told the do the password in my own good job? well, no medical job affect our school led us up to that they're the val gordon when they log the of the i'm i'm old. go up. i'm going to go, my god ma'am, but they're near me, says the deans laconia. but oh, not old mama. oh, so you can go milly,
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and go to the video and get god of hon. the immediate with with a tea. take up a table. god, a, a game tomorrow or they come with it can, can ma'am. okay, not johnny much are done there. well now, because all the lego will that again, the bus will go to some doggy navigate. a went got the
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maybe high. think of any mom and i saw the blue can be the can. so can we, what are they care for you to get a got there a be a tv meeting with the new people go to the gate. i don't know if you want me with maybe just say you will get them to be the biggest that you are that a
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made up of the minimum. i did a jotting it to or sewing up on 40 ball, not on the sunday on long then a reason how many big device you live at home. what is your deal? much or much a here baton while ago and man, i gotta be rude so far. they can hear like only the cinema. so good dog telling them and i had to be they lived there. bod, ma'am. all good. come with a g o t. can you email me that? hello. good patella's ma'am? she should get there. but all the year thought that ah
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ah, and con adding a high thought when they go appear. also look to me, i'm adding would equal she, i can say about the learning the how push a push on dan baker. so i'm all set up a bob, cause a bull just a in with
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a yard getting up or a keel opened on them on the one gone little miracle shows hope you're doing well. school, your learning, buckle too hot and todd girl. job yoga beaut with what else will bustle a felony for lack of you'll get hot tub with all the other bug you will i try to get that day. ah
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ah. when ask and filmmaker has san facility catches the taliban? attention? a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continent, chronicling their multi year saga on their phones. midnight traveller, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one families love for each other. witness on al jazeera it's the world's. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing momentum is seen context,
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india dixon, in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context, india coming soon. analysis eva, question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or disinformation east squeal or not you don't comp anyway to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in, perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media. on altus era inequality corruption, repression, and dre. oh, well it,
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it just decided to cost to the piece of cake. i'm sure i want a new documentary explores the desperate state of democracy and lebanon. oh mm. through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh, teams are becoming fluid, democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera. ah, the european union says it'll give a $1000000000.00 to a group of gamma them to contain a humanitarian crisis. ah, i'm sam is a dan, this is al jazeera alive from dall hall, so coming up to southern china on a lot as typhoon compressor approaches with heavy rain and damaging wind.
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ah, sheila declines the state of emergency.


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