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on al jazeera blue ah ah, they're watching the news are on al jazeera with me fully vegetable our reminder of our top stories of gattey's times new taliban government is calling on the international community to end sanctions, which it faced risk undermining. security. the acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys in cotton pro iranian political parties, and groups in the rock have denounced the election results as a scam. early results from the parliamentary vote show a coalition led by the influential shia carrick, motel sada, one of the most seats in parliament and progress towards clean energy is far too
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slow, and governments must triple spending. that's the calling from the international energy agency. it says the world is set to miss its net 0 target by 2050, by 60 percent. well, from one that i spoke to will stephan, who's the climate change expert at the australian national university and explains why the world must move fast on renewable energy. this is a very important report. it's saying that if we want to make the paras climate goals, we have to move very quickly and very decisively now toward renewable energy. or there's a lot of interest course in net 0 emissions by 2050. but i think the real focus in this report makes it clear that we have to think of the near term targets. we need to think about it getting our emissions down by 2030 very rapidly and very deeply. so this is a report from the sector itself saying we've got to move fast and the source of these pledges are need to be moved up. i mean, shortest of as a pledge for reaching net 0 before 2060,
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that's pretty far down the track. a lot of western countries have nuts to about 2050 targets. i think we really need to focus on 2030. and i think globally, we've got to get emissions down at least by 50 percent, cut them in half in this decade. if we don't have a chance of keeping temperature eyes to well below 2 degrees. so i think this really is the crunch time is the i said, can take a lot of investment. it has to happen now. we can simply talk about it or to the can down the road. we actually have to act on it. now. chinese property giant, ever grand has missed its 3rd round of debts payment in less than a month. the property developer was due to pay a $140000000.00 on tuesday. analysts say ever grant could be declared in default as soon as monday with liabilities of around $305000000000.00. it's here, this could be the sort of a crisis across industry with other property developers in china facing payment deadlines in the coming months. now,
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the european union will shortly outline its proposal to address the northern island crisis. the u. k. has asked the blog to rewrite the part of the brakes it deal that created custom checks between great britain and northern ireland. it says these cause challenges in the region. the proposed changes are expected to ease the flow of goods, including neat plants and medicine. maybe that was the world, it was the protocol could have worked more sensitively implemented, but the world has now moved on and we now face is very serious situation. the preschool is not working is completely loss consent in one community, nor learns is not doing the thing. it was set up to protect belfast. good friday agreement. in fact, doing the opposite. he has to change. so what exactly is the protocol that the you and britain are divided about? well, northern island is the only area where the u. k. and the block physically meets, is a 500 kilometer border. keeping that open is
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a crucial part of the 1990. a good friday agreement, the accord ended the long run in conflict in northern islands, that kills more than 3000 people. to avoid any physical border checkpoints, the protocol, created a customs divide in the irish seen said, which is inside the u. k. and to add to the complicated process, northern ireland must follow e was as a condition of breaks it overseen by the european court of justice. the u. k. is adamant that must change. let's bring in under simmons as life or as in belfast. so under the you expected to make some proposals to address around about trade in northern ireland. what can we expect? yes, morrow sift of it. sure. the you, those of us, sir, the deputy commissioner, he commission has said he's going to make very far reaching changes in the process of custom checks or of on food and own goods and also medicines. and basically give
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a streamlined system available to northern ireland. but that would be good news for business people all over old island, but no, as far as david frost, the u. k. a bricks, it minister is concerned. he's basically given the government lonnie wants to tear up the northern orland protocol together or replace it with something that really is written by the u. k. in terms of getting rid of the oversight of european judges, the european court of justice, which underwrites the whole over the island protocol. now he wants that he wants to get into independent arbiter and all of that is really good. a red line of fuzzy. his concern, so we're looking at a possible major a rift between the u, the u. k. this time around for further on this, let's talk to amanda ferguson. a political analyst. ah,
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what is your read on this situation? all we, these negotiations go to be starting soon. we're going to hear from you later on. exactly what they're offering. what do you make of it? so i think the whatever and the, the commission was going to bring forward to dad. the u. k was always going to reject that has not been enough. we knew the mouse after which it indicated that there would be movement on madison's that i agree. fading customs on governance, but this added role of the c j, you know, the lord frost would say that that is an introduction into the negotiations. but the you're saying it's, it's been sprung on them. and already the irish government has indicated that it's not something that the you could move on. but certainly ad there's a sense that m, you know, whether you trigger article 5th, article 16 or not ad there still has to be some sort of arrangement. let me stop you that just sort of the irish government that's in the you, you are is government is indicating that it's, it's heard from an aid of, of, of boris johnson on twitter or who's gonna terminate. cummings. and he is saying,
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basically that johnson is planning to ditch the whole thing, but he never really treated it seriously. anyway, this is an international treaty. so how it earth come out? half of this is quite serious. is it? no, it is very serious. this is the oven ready, dale than i am that the u. k. government appears to be back tracking on a sense a but lord cross a said is that they agreed to this protocol on under dress rather than being key to, to helping and negotiate. but certainly some resolution has to be find the whole purpose of the protocol and was to avoid hard border on the island of ireland to mitigate against some of the worse impacts m olds of frank said. and there is no a consensus between the you and between the u. k. government. neither is or consensus among the parties for the northern ireland impacts most. the politics is one thing. what about the business people of northern ireland, the ordinary folk in northern ireland, they didn't vote of foot for breakfast, they voted against it. that was the result here in northern ireland. and you have
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this situation know where some of them are quite happy for this. this, this procedure to happen to sort of b, one foot in the european union and one foot in the u. k. well, you know that there will be business people who would argue that haven't jewel access would be beneficial to the business community in northern ireland that it could bring a lot of money into the economy unionists. ab would be of the view that it damages and the economy that damages and northern arden's sort of integrity within, within the united kingdom. i think that what we do know is that something has to be in place to ensure and that sort of free flow of goods and so on on. i think all of the measures that were being brought forward to day by marquette se escalates what's going to be announced. able perhaps sort of smooth. i'd some of the bureaucracy. nobody thinks that the protocol is perfect and that doesn't need to be financed ad. but you know, something that's gonna have to replace it. unfortunately, at the u. k. government is going to have to go back to the negotiating table because essentially what it saying is that the protocols dead to them. i'm a thank you very much indeed. i'm out of ferguson,
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flexible that insides of yes verbs to the announcement. the lights are on from the european union will be covering that live from brussels on also looking at just how serious this is andrew. thank you very much. andrew simmons lived there in belfast . protesters in peru have gathered around a statue of christopher columbus in the capital to call attention to the treatment of indigenous people. they say colonization create a deep inequities on the continent. protest comes during hispanic heritage month, which commemorates the arrival of columbus in the americas. a 2nd group gathered to protect the statute. tens of thousands of government supporters have been rallying in some of bolivia as big as cities. it follows days of anti government protest against a proposed law. the bail gives authority, is a power to investigate, says dean's office without a court order. daniel shanda has a report from when his size it was
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a show of strength for the socialist government at the rick response, the anti government protests across bolivia. on monday, president luis r. c. address crowds in bolivia is 3 main cities, coach of amber, santa cruz and la bus 13 or if they don't respect the election results, if they don't respect democracy, if they don't respect the popular vote than will make sure they respect us in the streets. my daughter last night. oh, he's promoting a law designed to talk elicit earnings that he says will help the fight against drug traffickers and money laundering. the lower house of congress passed it last month. however, the government is put off, pushing it through. bolivia is up a house like that that will not give out. a lot of the women are here to fight. we won't breast. we defend our country more united than ever or, and we, but as apollo, there is a graduate. we here to defend democracy in for the eunice eve,
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the bolivian people. we reject separatism and division. and those who don't represent our country. oh, opponent say the law, give the authorities unprecedented powers and is a step towards a totalitarian state. they include business owners in small traders, but also some trade unions and indigenous groups in the country divided mama we're against law because it means we'll be inspected. they will inspect what we sell every day and also the assets we've obtained. our houses are cars and years of earnings, so we don't agree they are threatened to resume their proto, if the government does not scrap the law in the next 3 days. the challenge is clear, both sides. the said they will not back down. one go sec. they were like, are you let me when they take to the streets? unfortunately, it means the institutional spaces have shrunk. this is not a good sign. both the government and the opposition are showing their force. while
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the law they're fighting over has been put on hold, represent the divisions in bolivian society, again visible on the streets a return to the social and political term. all those plague the country throughout much of its history now seems inevitable than china. al jazeera, the secretary of state is said to meet the foreign ministers of israel and the united arab emirates on wednesday. they are expected to discuss their progress in strengthening relations. c, u. e. along with a few other arab nations, began normalizing ties with israel last year. rosin jordan has moved from washington while they're going to be a couple of our bilateral meetings as the secretary of state antony blank, and we'll meet with his as really counterpart, mr. la, pete. and then he will also have a separate meeting with his a morality counterpart. then they'll have a trilateral meeting, all 3 men in the same room. they're going to be discussing of the raft of issues
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confronting middle eastern countries. everything from the political and economic instability in lebanon to the ongoing of civil war inside yemen. the ongoing situation with libya, the ongoing, a civil war in syria, as well as looking at the ongoing efforts to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians. but a senior state department official did indicate and a background briefing worth reporters on tuesday afternoon. that the by an administration is interested in seeing whether more countries in the middle east would be willing to open diplomatic ties with israel. certainly from a regional security standpoint, the more hours you have, the more treaty partners you have, the lower the chances there are of a regional war. and certainly given that to both you and israel are concerned about ongoing efforts. a suspected within the iranian government to develop
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a nuclear weapons program, if it's in washington's benefit, to have more countries on the same page, diplomatically and try to confront a security threat than it is to have lots of countries looking at each other as potential enemies. and the war in syria has created a diaspora, refugees of taken their talents and dreams with them to new countries. in jordan, syrian artisans have found a way to preserve a traditional type of wood working with id redid through the middle east. natasha. her name has the story from a man just as trunks and branches are 2 trees. traditional middle eastern wood working has formed and guided the direction of abdel rough men to banishes life. from the age of 10, the syrian artisan has been fine tuning his craft in the techniques of mother of pearl, and would mosaic in lay 8 years ago. the war forced to banish,
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to close his well regarded store in damascus and moved to a man. even as the country he knew was disintegrating, he was determined not to let his life's work disappear, but was the girl yarmouth lou louis. when i'm walking and doing something new, the mores fill my mind. i keep remembering the old days when i was young and working with my teacher older than i was in my shopping, damascus. especially when i need the materials, it was easy to find them because they are originally from syria. a non profit organization founded by the prince of wales, called turquoise mountain, is reviving handicrafts of the past and providing artisans like to banish with their future. there's a dwindling number of skilled craft workers and a declining interest in this most arab of styles. so designers recruit and work with artisans to re imagined creations more palatable to contemporary consumers in
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the region and beyond, and had think faith of sustained their businesses and developing the new products. let's put that into consideration. the importance of a like the significant elements and our culture and had it in terms of teaching craft engendered. so it's a and it's very satisfying, actually seeing for that's come to life, to protect what turquoise mountain describes as endangered handicrafts. it's ensuring a new generation, learn centuries old skills from wood and metal working to basket weaving since 2019. it is trained about $250.00 people and paid both artisans and apprentices. mohammad ibrahim is a palestinian refugee who has been training for 3 years and have been a few hun. hm. smo do do. what attracted me most is that the skill is rare in jordan makena gonna dud master craftsman. abdul rough man to banish hopes to
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reopen a store and damascus with his sons one day. but by coming to jordan, he has already created a legacy. he may not have anticipated. he sharing his rarefied skills and cultural pride in a country where there's never been a history of this kind of woodworking. natasha name l. jazeera, i'm man jordan. lego has pledged to make its toys, gender neutral. the well saw just toymaker says it will no longer target different products that girls and boys, it ends years of gender based marketing. the danish company says it made the decision after a survey found parents and children are still influenced by what it called in grains gender. stereotypes could never assume that something is just for boys or something just for girls. i think we should not be making those assumptions or big mission continue to develop products that are tapping and so on. the passion points
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of kids and then play veterans that they really like in the building parents that they really like. but we need to let them decide. i still ahead on al jazeera and sport atlanta on their way to the next round of major league baseball playoffs. you'll have the details in sports in just a few minutes. ah ah.
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ah. oh, lou. ah, welcome back. a hollywood star who inspires generations with the idea of exploring other planets is now heading to space. star trek's william shatner is on board
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a blue origin spacecraft. you to lift off in a few hours. the 90 year old will become the oldest person to go to space is traveling on a flight operated by amazon owner jeff bezos. his company. it was scheduled to blast off on monday, but was delayed because of strong winds. i want to have a vision. i was raised, i want to see the euro. i want to see what we need to do to say. i want to have a perspective that hasn't been shown to me before. so that's what i'm interested in . i don't, i'm not for sports is joe foley. thank you very much. the international olympic committee says it will not pressure the winter. olympic hosts china over its human rights record test events taking place right now i had a beijing 2022 which begins in february. there have been growing calls for the gains to respond or boycotted unless china ends what several countries including the united states, describes as genocide of weaken, muslims, china denies wrong doing yahoo! see vice president john coat says human rights are important. but outside of
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olympic movement, it is not their responsibility. the eye sees remit is to ensure that there is no human rights abuses in respect of the, the conduct of the games within the national, limpid committees, or within the olympic movement. when you have no ability to go into a country and tell them what to do, wait, all we can do is to award the olympic games to a country under conditions set out in his contract on football and denmark have their place alongside host kappa and germany it next year as well cut finals, they beat austria 1000000 copenhagen on tuesday. you can mala got the only goal of the game in the 2nd half of the year, 2020 to semi finalist progress inspect packet style. 8 went out to the 8th
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qualifying games. they've called 27 goals and conceded none. christiana, rinaldo scored his 10th patrick for portugal. as they be luxemburg, he put away 2 penalties in 5 minutes is inside, went to up for an elder, got his 3rd of the night late on as it finished 5. know, he sits on a 115 international goals while ahead of any other player. the result also to keep post go points behind group a leaders, albania could face punishment of a crowd, trouble that mod, they qualify with poland, kettle she that gave the poles the lead with 13 minutes to go in toronto. but as he celebrated, he was hit by buffalo thorn from fans. he and his teammates within pelted with more bottles, prompting them to walk off. the pit again was suspended for around 20 minutes before resuming it finished one of the poland. but peter skis posts much in to be also had to be cut short as more bottle for, for thrown at him. they were fevers, also likely to open investigation of the hungry fans clashed with police for 10
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minutes inside wembley stadium at the thought of the game. against england, police say the trouble started when they entered the away and to rest the funds suspected of racially abusing steward on gary and fans were allowed into this manchester sitting out last saturday's game without bonia as a punishment race to be se targeting england plays in another game in september, while on the page, it was hungry who took a surprise laid, but john stones equalize the england with his 1st international goal for 3 years. and it finished 11. in the top of the standing fight that drew the crowd trouble which marked the saucers again with the full front of the play, is mine. every time we speak of our racial abuse, the punishments that then follow, never seem to quite be in line with what happened. but i guess i can't speak to free on us. i know the fact, and i sincerely hope that if that was the case, then the punishments this time fit. what's happened?
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an african well cut qualifying morocco and cynical have made it into the playoff. having secured top spots in groups with 2 games to spare. tamara juice called hot tricks the sun ago, is gold helping them to a 31 win over namibia. the game was played in south africa because the movie is high and stadium was declared unfit house matches. rural could be skinny for one. jerry extended their unbeaten run to $31.00 games with a full nail when over a bunch of cities read my race among the scorers, the african champions that had a keener fossil and gold difference and payment on the final much next month. when all in the me a, the brooklyn nets have decided that korea, having won't play all practice until the team with the team until he's vaccinated against coven. 19 current of virus restrictions in new york. mean the nets, players must have had at least one job to play home of it was clear to train at the
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hope to see as it's considered a private building and he is eligible for some away games. but the nets once iving, fully involved. so until he gets the job or rules and you'll change, he isn't allowed to take part in any team activities. will you not covered carissa? 2013 when he was a member of the cavaliers, have a lot of mutual friends and family and we know each other as well. so knowing kyrie and the type of person he is particularly as it relates to not necessarily subscribing to think and moving to the beat of his own drama and really analyzing things and not jumping to something just because everybody else is doing it. my gut says no, but i also think that what, what happens with mere de blasio as well as kyrie and the nets and everything going on with the mandates could, could dictate change. so from our perspective and cover inquiry and knowing the type of person he is and i say no. but if he can't play because of various mandates,
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even traveling or what have you, it leaves his trade value kind of obsolete. so i think kind of similarly the been simmons was now returning to philadelphia after sitting out training camp. if you play, your value can go up, but carry situation is a lot different. i think it's a matter of whether he gets the vaccination or not. and like i said, knowing him, i don't see it happening. elana braided through the national league championship series in major league baseball, atlanta tech on the milwaukee brewers and game foreign cheese de, holding it to one lead in the match up. the various came into this game, knowing only a win would do as you can see here, they were more than happy to put their bodies on the line. but it wasn't to be their night's. the braves eventually coming from 4 to down when 5 for they'll play even los angeles soldiers or san francisco giants next. in the american lake, the houston astros have made their way into the championship series for the 5th year in a row. he's getting the better of the chicago white sox and gang for hair,
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and it wasn't even close. 11 on the nights to the astros, he will play the boston red sox next. while the new n h l season has started on tuesday, the current champions, the tampa bay lightning host, the pittsburgh penguins before the game began, the sunday cup was on display tampa bay had hoped so much the peasantry. but when the action did get going, it was the penguins who were the better team to pittsburgh, spoiling the occasion for the lightning by 6 goals to tuesday. and it was a special evening in las vegas in seattle, kracken became the league's newest team. they would have love to win against the team that was previously the latest edition, the gold nights. brian donato scored seattle's 1st half ago as they fall back from 3. nothing down to tie the game. but it was not to be vegas eventually winning for 3. all right, that's the sport for now. more later falling, joe, thank you very much for that. that's it. for this news our on al jazeera to stay with us down. jordan is going to be with you in just
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a few minutes with more updates. thanks so much ah ah it's the was. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing moment is seen context, india dixon, in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me, fade is. those are for context,
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india coming soon analysis eva frank assessments. what's the point of the un? if multilateralism isn't part of indiana, we need someone. we're sovereign states can exchange use informed opinions in focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match up the smaller games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era. in the world's most populous nation, one in every 4 women south is domestic by while one east investigates china's battle ground at hon, one out 0, the world is war me. i'm green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen no on al jazeera. ah. ready a warning about our warming planets, the international energy agency says trillions must be spent now one clean energy to limit climate change. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. taliban officials tell west them envoys using sanctions to pressure them, poses a threat to afghanistan. security can, your accuses a, you and court of bias off it rules in favor of somalia, in a maritime border dispute about a resource.


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