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one day, but by coming to jordan, he has already created a legacy. he may not have anticipated. he's sharing his rarefied skills and cultural pride in a country where there's never been a history of this kind of woodworking. natasha name l. jazeera, i'm mad jordan. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. this our, the actor who played one of the tv's best known space captains has safely returned from his 1st flight to space william shatner known for playing captain kirk in the original star trek series, is the oldest man to make the journey. what you have hubert b o is the most, prefer aldrich? so real with emotion, what just happened? i took extra extra
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progress towards clean energy is far too slow and governments master triple spending. that's the call from the international energy agency. it says the world is set to miss it's net 0 target by 2050 by 60 percent. los angeles port will now operate around the clock to ease a large shipping backlog. the biden administration stepped in to help deal with the supply chain problems. after warnings of some empty shelves this holiday season, they use taught the bricks that official has proposed to remove. many of the customs checks between britain and northern ireland. as a trade dispute intensifies earlier the u. k. brick, st minister called for tearing up the protocol that is created trade at checks between great britain and northern ireland police in kosovo. have scaffold with ethnic says during operation to crack down on smuggling rides were held in 4 areas
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. please use t gas as the ethnic says through stones and other objects. they blocked the main road of north mit travis with trunks because of declared independence from serbia in 2008 large communities of ethnic says will live within because of those borders . protested in peru have gathered around the statue of christopher columbus in the capital to call attention to the treatment of indigenous people. they say colonization created deep inequities on the continent. and the united nations has recalled to senior officials working in ethiopia because of concerns about their safety. it comes after an unverified recordings surfaced in which to you and workers say official steamboat, sympathize, rather with rebels into grime. those are the headlines i am emily angry and the news continues here on al jazeera, after inside story by finance. ah
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rex, it travels escalade between the u. k and the e. u. both sides agree. customs checks in northern islands simply aren't working, but they don't to agree on the solution. is this a dispute about trade or politics and could at risk the peace in northern ireland? this is inside story. ah. hello and welcome to the program. today with me, pete adobe now when the u. k, left the european union, both sides agreed to a set of trade rules known as the northern island protocol. goods from britain,
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a checked at ports in northern ireland. the province remains in the e. u. single market. so trade can move freely across its land border with the republic of ireland. but nearly 2 years after breakfast, the u. k says that arrangement is not working. the government wants a new deal and it doesn't want the european court of justice as agreed on the bricks it to have oversight of the protocol. the e u is offering to remove some customs checks, but is calling for compromised to will bring in our guests in just a moment. first, this report from andrew simmons in belfast. as the u. k is breakfast minister prepared to speak in portugal, karen sloane was taking a delivery from the irish republic. it's his main supply line now and without it. his delicatessen in northern ireland would be out of business. his main suppliers used to be in the u. k. but the trade board when the r c means he can't rely on them anymore. karen had been hoping that you was about to smooth things out with
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concessions over regulations on food exporting from the u. k. and streamlined custom checks. but the way the british government is now behaving leaves karen and business people all over northern ireland in doubt how much we can make up until now he, along with many others, never realize the role of the european court of justice was an issue in the post bricks, it crisis here. no, i was thinking about it was bracket and you know, protocol and that's all you hear and you know, and all, you're just something new. and other thing to worry about, you know, i work. dom heartedness doesn't let you know for the keep go on your left hand. you can i agree with the politicians because they need to go need to do something. does he need to smooth the facts on the grid? there's nothing smooth and what the u. k. breakfast minutes to say he wants to me right. and all them out on protocol the device used to avoid a hard board and we now face is very serious situation. the preschool is not
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working, is completely lost consent in one community in northern ireland. now proposal looks more like a normal treaty in ways governs with international arbitration. instead of the system of the law. ultimately police in the course of one of the passes the european court justice that's problems in belfast on why the u. k. is taking such a hard line when they seem to be more hope of a compromise from brussels. and so is this last minute posturing on the part of the u. k. government. if it isn't, then there's a serious escalation to this crisis. i had this at a time when it will appear, the majority of people in northern ireland wanted to end to the standoff protests about the border had been led by unionists who say that being from the u. k. before becoming prime minister bar, as johnson had told a democratic unionist party 3 years ago that he didn't want to see nor marlyn left in the lurch by borderless c. no british conservative government could or should
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sign up to any such arrangement. that assurance fell by the wayside. the people who own island could be forgiven for feeling betrayed. and while eunice politicians welcome the hot line from the british government. there's a feeling of unease for many people living here. andrew simmons al jazeera belfast . ah. okay, let's bring in our guests today joining us from belfast, o. unready, assistant general, secretary of the irish congress of trades unions in brussels. we have nicholas white, senior director in brussels for co, worldwide. that's a global public affairs and strategic communications consultancy. and in cambridge, in the u. k, we have gram gudgusten research associate at the university of cambridge and formerly a special advisor to the former 1st minister of northern ireland. david trimble. gentlemen, welcome to all graham in cambridge coming to 1st, the e. you is offering some tweaks, some changes here for the d. u p. y isn't bad enough. oh,
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we don't know yet. we're gonna have to look at the footprint. it does look as if it was made a significant effort to a situation cut down the number of checks on goods going in from great britain to no violent internal customer trade in, within the u. k. which obviously it's very uncomfortable to you because it makes me feel like a 70 to touch out of the, of the united kingdom. so my guess is it probably won't be enough, but we should recognize, i think will be the right right direction. next slide in brussels, quite should you lot have primacy in northern ireland because this is what the british agreed to when the bridge agreement was 1st place is very difficult. sitting brussels to avoid the impression,
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the point of what's going on here isn't actually reaching a particular solution. the point is to continue fighting because this goes down well with british rogers. there was no problem as you report frankly said with the european court of justice as part of the north american system. now operation, there's been no involvement actually of the european court of justice. so far, this is a, there's an inventive invention problem. and we're seeing now that there's some very generous movement by the you, which is to be now stations day has already been previous, counted by a british government, who are something more interested in having a function in finding solution. can i contextualize that question nicholas and ask you it again though, why should the european court of justice are primacy in northern ireland? because the e. c. j doesn't have privacy and wales or scotland, the u. k. left the european union? why not just say okay, well the e c, j has primacy in brazil or canada,
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or australia simply wouldn't fly. well, i mean, you may also notice that there is actually a land border between the republic of ireland, which remains into europe in which is inside united kingdom on the island. and in order to keep that order open, one has to make certain concessions, certain arrangements to do with regulation. and the u. k. knowing full well was it was doing agreed that the european court of justice should have that should have a supervisory vote on this. otherwise, you have to invent an entire new arbitration system from scratch, which actually wants to will that much work because there isn't all that much to do to things in bigger, tracy's, which that you have with larger countries. like as you mentioned, brazil or ukraine for that matter, you do set up standalone arbitration now because it's a lot of work to be done. this isn't a case like this is a case where we're looking at the continued application. the law in the terrace really wears and always looking how that should be managed. why earth should you invention, new arbitration system rather than the building which already overseas the
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implementation of the regulations. ready doesn't make any sense. so. oh, in reading in belfast, what's this debates so far done to your members when it comes to jobs when it comes to production levels? and if it goes south and they implement so called article 16 because everyone can walk away from this unit. actually if they choose to, what would that do to business across the border? well, thanks peter hunger because i'll see we're still in this political impasse. but anything that adds to uncertainty, anything that adds to the cost of doing business has the potential to not only just under my, in the standards of labor, but undermine the capacity of jobs to be maintained. and you know, obviously the biggest concern is the huge political instability that this political impasse is continuing to create. and it seems to us as an organization that represents workers from both traditions and migrant workers. that what we really
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need for consensus, it seems to me that in the summer months the u. k. government looked for confess to some of the ears. it seems this afternoon they're going to be deliver. and that must create the context for negotiation and, and we really need to see diplomacy, negotiation and good faith restored to international relations. here, i think that you take over have some way to go to, to get to that place. gotcha. in cambridge, how much of the motivation for this as far as boris johnson's government in london is concerned actually comes down to him. clearly wanting to safeguard the good friday agreement. because if he does that, that plays well to his breakfast hard liners in his own party. that plays well to the 52 percent of the british electorate who voted for breakfast. i as good politics. well, he's gone to the bank to protect the good friday agreement, international trade. it's been portable component not only for the u. k,
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but for the violence usa and, and help us think about this is the new service for forest johnson. very few people in great britain in the majority of like 8 percent of the u. k, which is outside. and don't really care all that much about this. he's not going to say that he is doing this actually sensitivity and morality. but i think to be fair, we can also say that he had promised to, you know, wasn't people saying he's trying to retain that position. great. the protocol 2 years ago, when his government was in a very weak position, it's agreement, negotiated, agreed, at the time of us. it's not working. it's opposed by a large number of people who know him, and it's time to change it. they might,
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it's in the interest of you to change this, this is a sort of that could go along for years with the fact. all sorts of other relationships between you can be here now is the time to sort it out to everyone satisfaction. and michael, it's a big company. so nicholas, white and brussels. you're shaking your head there as graham was talking about boris johnson and morality and the same sentence. unfreeze, i was a still see you perfectly. well, you saw you 22 years ago. he said that this was ready to abuse and he won an election on the basis of this deal, which he is now attempting to refuses. i don't see anything charity moral. ready or ethical about o in radian, belfast. you allowed yourself arise, smile. there is anyone in the room really surprised the poorest johnson might be considering doing a complete you turn on this, if you believe dominant cummings, formerly a very close source of information cheek by jowl with boris johnston, number 10 until he handled his involvement with corona virus. wrongly and then had
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to be got rid of as in, in a very delayed way, i guess. but he is basically saying in the daily mail today for his johnson was always going to do a u e on this. i don't think anyone is surprised and i would agree entirely with that was the only thing that's really been consistent during the bars. johnson regime is the inconsistency. i mean not so long ago. ready david frost was extolling the virtues of this agreement, very agreement. he negotiated. now he's trying to disown us. i mean, if, if a junior training official behave that way after negotiating the cream of abroad last very long. so, you know, there are issues with the protocol and it's a result of the hard bridge. the, the sparse johnson government, soft assisted upon so unionist, of highlighted some very legitimate concerns. they need to be taken on board. and i think of the context of what the are going to deliver today. they will be taken on board and what we really need to see our voices in northern ireland involved in this because this is an issue that can be done to the people of northern. you don't
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with us. i think the u. k. government and the you need to engage with civic society, the political clash players. trade unions right across the board in order to make sure that the issues with the protocol are address so that we can all move forward because you are right to say the belfast. good friday agreement has been undermined by briggs on a d, by the protocol to tell the relationship crucial. i think we can only restore that voices in northern right across the piece that wants to build a consensus on aren't interested in division and rank or but actually wants to bring people together. our hair done, our center stage. nicholas white and brussels. you've gone from shaking your head, nodding in agreement there, when the e u is talking about to tallahassee, and it's also signaling quotes creative solutions. what might those solutions be? i mean, this is going to come down to technical fixes for the customs administration, which. ready i'm not that familiar with, i understand it will require actual functional data bases,
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commercial transactions and access to those databases from both sides. but i'm sort of pick up another important point, which is the consultation with norton arm stakeholders, both electors and from civil society. they use proposals today or how they are going to include a certain level of concentration, which has so far been up here in the process is would it be nice to hurt dental? so from the workforce yesterday, let's go back to graham, go to the cambridge green. can the d u p. live with a de facto irish northern island border down the irish sea between the island of island and the british isles. know that when they come, because it's separate from the rest of the u. k. as, as you know, an ongoing campaign by a nationalist island back by the republic of ireland to achieve in the long run the united ireland, the majority in no, absolutely. don't want to complete,
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they want an appointment. i received your step or 2 in the direction. ready before it's enough to to union this and it will be, it will be opposed and therefore it's undermining the provider agreement. the protocol itself says to support the private agreement, it's absolutely posing serious social disruption. no. have central to to do that. and this, this needs to be sorted out, it needs to be sorted out so that the majority of both communities in northern ireland see this something is satisfactory. i think almost everyone agrees that the single market has to be protected, but they have to be some, some means of a stopping illegal goods getting into the republic about there are other ways of doing that. i try to crack enough and it needs to be
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needs to be simplified and reformed. i will say tomorrow when the paper it's published. that's how far they're coming to nicholas white and brussels. coming back to you, this e, you olive branch that we seem to be discussing now seems to be as well, annoying the french. is there a genuine source of annoyance there specifically with this issue, or is it just forgive me? is it just the french being the french, or is there kind of a, a backwash here from other sources of anger? in the relationship between paris and london, we've got the migrant crisis. we've got phishing permits being debated and the french for the past 3 weeks have been hopping mad over the orcus deal. yeah, well i can't speak for french. i sit in brussels and city arest. look, the proposals have got french banking or they would not a host, so just settle that. yes,
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the relationship between france and london between harrison loves not moment is particularly bout not jasmine a tenure perspective. it's a combination of the fishing permits. see the summary deal with australia versus their security force on both sides there. but the current on instability doesn't really help and i very much endorse. ready the set about the need for a more stable pushing progress towards relationship. it's true to an extent that we're looking at a situation where a protocol didn't have that much, he sanctioned north americans needed even his braces were in radian belfast. as far as your members are concerned, and you have members on both sides of the board, you have a strong membership in the republic and you have a strong membership in northern ireland. if it's as simple as the e, you being creative with things like the way that for example, cooked meats and sausage meat is labeled. so sausage meat might go from being labeled as sausage meat too. and i cook national identity food products. okay,
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now of course there are some red top papers in the u. k. are going to go completely mental with joy if and when that happens, of course they will. but if that's what it has to happen, what if that's what has to happen? why didn't they just do this 2 years ago? well, i think in any negotiation, peter, you need to know that you're an honest partner that adheres to the agreement that they have signed up to. and we haven't seen that good for a good faith approach. you can't go, and so if i were the european union or negotiate with david frost, your boss johnson would be incredibly cautious, but making concessions because it seems any concession you make it rejected even before the concession is made. i think i looked up, but if i could just briefly come back, i'm solving graham said i agree with when he says the protocol or a protocol needs article communities. but there is a border in the island violence soft. we need to keep it soft, but there has been
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a border in the irish sea for years. it's called devolution u. k is not a state. there are rules and laws and northern scotland, wales names that are different. now we don't want to see any additional border infrastructure between northern ireland and britain, but we don't want to see it between northern public, so it's about squaring that circle and it's about moving away from 0. so i, when you lose black and white is more gray and i think it's about compromising and it's being picked, but people being confident, but that can really happen if they're empowered and you know, i don't think everyone and know that i don't respect of the political tradition wants to rely on the u. k. government to do their bidding for them and that's why the voices and none of them are nationalist or other need to be heard more graham, they're all voices perhaps not in northern ireland, but elsewhere in the e. you talking about potential here. it all goes belly up there talking about the potential here for trade war tariffs out of the u. k. or tariff goods out to the u
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. k. say it's sausage, meet cooked, meets. that's one thing. but if you start imposing tariffs on luxury goods, you know, bottles of moult, whiskey, luxury motor cars, that's a completely different ball game. how far down that road potentially is the european union prepared to go not very far. i don't think the protocol itself says that if, if i the side in folks article 16 which will suspend the protocol and anyway, action has to be a propulsion that the trade we're talking about is so small that the proportions action would also have to be small it wants to up the to here and started to trade all that and the next previous silly thing to do this is a small matter, but very little danger here for the single market all year. this time, greatly to, to, to take a step back here. and dump this right down,
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but let's get this sorted. so there are ways of protecting the single market that are having the unique i can't think of that, for example, anywhere in the world. we have a major customers in triple with insight on country that was imposed on the you know, the time of great weakness and division and the you need to recognize, sit down and agree with the central way of doing this is what the people of the protocol has nicholas white and brussels, i guess part of that process of recognizing what might happen as far as brussels is concerned is a calculation. the calculation has got to be surely. what's the strength of feeling inside 10 downing street? how do they view the stance so far? on the part of boris johnson's government. yeah, i mean that's not making mistakes. the european union wants to see this one settled
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dealt with. but there is a strong perception that shipment is more interested in the fight than in the solution. yesterday speech by north prost. nothing also average to sell lesson question until there was a sense that britain is actually interested in the go chasing rather than washing devices under contin. is it good news? oh, in that we are not starting this process this coming couple of days, couple of weeks with a take it or leave it atmosphere on the part of either side. well i, i had to refresh, suggested air that shows a bit more like a take it or leave it out of it, which is which, which was regrettable. i really hope that the announcement later on from jessica, which creates the context for negotiations, where people can go in to negotiation in good faith using proper diplomatic channels. and without the, without the mega full diplomacy, we can try and understand and reach an accommodation agreement that will be in the
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interests of the european union in the u. k. crucial interest of all of the people of northern ireland and the island of central. and we need the space and we need to move away, as i said before from 0 sum game. i think you will also have to look at what's happening in poland and hungary because the rule of law and making sure that agreements are honored and the countries enter into dollars is crucial. so i think you will look at the context of, of the wider situation in any negotiation with government given you government up to date 10 seconds each. please gentlemen gram. gotcha. and cambridge a year from now, do you think you'll be a soft border or a hard border or are you talking about about in the irish said, no, it's a border between the island and the republic. oh, that will be a sophomore. there's no, there's no question about that. there are many ways to solve this problem with nicholas white and brussel south florida. hard border for once i agree with graham
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soft is much more likely. so in radian belfast last last week to belfast. your, your, in the middle of this debate in south florida or a hard border has to be a soft border north and south and needs to be a softer border east and west. it's in the interest of both communities and everyone. gentlemen, thank you so much for giving us your insights into this very dense, very complicated story, but i think we've managed to break it down into its composite parts and dare i say we've made brakes. it slightly more understandable and it was half an hour ago. thank you so much. thank you to our guests. they were o in reedy nicholas white and green. gotcha. and thank you to, for your company. you can see the show again, any time via the website outage, your dot com, and for more discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle, you know, by now it's pat ha, inside story from me peter bobby, and everyone on the team here in doha, thanks for watching. i will see you very soon for the moment.
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ah, for, ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily angry. this is denise ally from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. what you have given the most, is the most profound experience. star trek actor william shatner land safely back on earth, becoming the oldest man to have gone to space. and now the dispute over the northern island between the u. k and e u as.


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