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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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the origins of this virus in a collegiate collective, a mutually responsible way. in the means, years top holiday destination has reopen to foreign tourists. the 1st time since the pandemic began, but barley lacks international flights. a spokesman for the island airport says no flights of yet been scheduled to land nationals from 19 countries have been cleared, travel there, but not from australia. a key source of tourist revenue. a magnitude for point 5 earthquake has shaken the spanish island of la palmer is the strongest tremor since the volcano there began to rupturing more than 3 weeks ago. the quake was one of about 60 recorded overnight by spain's national geographic institute. the cambrai, via her volcano, is continuing to pour out and spew lava. ah, 1630 g m t. you're watching al jazeera, i'm peach, adobe. your top stories. a cautious
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com has returned to be roots of the hours of violence that left at least 6 people there and many more injured. they were the worst st. clashes there in years. hoops moved in out. the gunfire broke out of protests against the judge leading the port last investigation. the lebanese army says it will remain deployed in the area as paula and his allies of accused the judge to get off of political bias in his best education with i'm providing any evidence in order has more from beirut, there was really a dangerous escalation that according to has belong amal, a began when the, the protestors who are heading towards the justice pallets were ambushed in the statement as well. and i must say that the sniper opened fire, and they're actually pointing the finger at the lebanese forces. now, the lebanese forces has denied this, they've denied this charge,
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and they're calling for an, an investigation. so it's very hard to independently confirm what happened. but this is, according to the authorities, how this escalation is dangerous escalation began. the president michelle, who condemned the violence. whereas i know your side is that the we will never allow anyone else to hijack the country. what has happened today, what will be followed on both levels of the judiciary and the security and investigations were each the reality and the truth and the facts among those perpetrators will be taken to the court. the investigation of the bill to port blast will continue, because it's a commitment towards the lebanese people and towards the international community law based on the independence of the judicial europe. noise intelligence agency says an attack by a man wielding a bow and arrow appears to be in terrorism. 5 people were killed. a 37 year old danny suspect has now been arrested up next. it's witness here now to sierra more
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news on this channel in 30 minutes. see that? ah ah. more than they do go, dia was geek out. the other is in the eagle golden, peter thought war. gin rings a lot by yard gus halla may be see keith hall,
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it ended up on that. i'm on the monkey. in opposite vonnegut. do you got cunningham? mana, who did he was lost or neil money in not met the deductible that absolutely is like that. but in order to get him, he could either kill them, they will put it out due to the him of the vehicle, they got there. adobe did it on the ac, is not gonna lie with the vehicle to look at that. mm hm. well the piece but nic legal mom. not so good. been nobody thought so decided this bob smith had got
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albeit logged him as i mean boss can let the hands up guy phoebe. it clearly was either medi than my for my medic. those house nimble i often but i like her thought nice study. johnny decal to many bicycles. brimley pitman if he b m. a political science makia in can be mafia. the upkeep can me jen menam and the ran it, but many a may bother early caught back a ye up get either mid i'm affiliated of log a little to do. did he get the i didn't go. we put on our leah told him, would pick gears hum,
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know what i was looking for done in mad. that's and done it almost. i won't get that for me. my name is all about it. like an egg. the faith that the, that the evelyn being isn't of god. the god of a map may met d. yep. because that's what that meant. it. boom move. and that, that got it, all the ups up got a minute that get tie our dog limited here. cough lock diesel. da da diana mean they have cameras. hoffer, we'll put it on act. we just aren't gonna dump critical
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more than others. i don't become a ah, a potty already been going on with all of our game which i thought them hot out again. mm. with all those follow 8th to like images and it says i've got all of them nibbled. the mit is hot. i love god font of the love blog that eva neo will come within a foreign i am within. i was
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a model that i make of it. it basically was what it was monumental to the app and a banana politic to talk with them then is this all of that? sorta in subsidized meaning that in like i think either vehicles another minutes i've got that i have to be done with your oh no mm. a
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british on that. i'm us, which i got a little less up. tica was if i can manage a lot, but he always on the top of the break it down though amicus on, when i got, but i know which symbolically a much gloss, the psalm, fishy log that us, all gods, everybody to the little bunker, lana. ok of a saddam, as a fellow candy said i'm well center did go luck with the boy. well,
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subsidy, 9 se door and soft, mid the heel. once on the do off with the keys of icky sallow, that had in committed being the luxury to which those on m. m would much rather he ought to put on the cat. jesus cannot pick up the league, the monument, but if i saw thought 80 d off the abena many escape all when they will know their posse be that on me buffy the legacy. what the lithia lmi trying to sell packet saw it. it key sol, desk had a mail, go ahead. just cuba dusty. may i put anton gallic him with oz canopy? nancy been with us. that'll go. he said that he be men an apo hotley. can't ye
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immediate adi beat her? comedic. he is catholic. he has at all, made us hot and soft. he has a i ladonna's mother fuddled kat. this is i'm was just a jed shouldn't put on lulu. mm ah. he'd customer eagle took them about it, buddy or michelle. yeah. the t v. but jones have them cuz she missiles got vague about that other mother. if i do big kisses like both of your g. somebody could you
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go in to honda love? so maybe on the outside they bought a lot, a 100 people. you didn't, you got their mother, i got to do bomb. just reach out to getting a dollar just was in the media. would you were looking move of people who she a by and get the most highly the near my bill to follow fuji's me care job garfield. i like about it, but it'll all over lick and jessica junior level to medical ago. well, we do got d a d e r trying to basically hold the state responsible for the negligence. that they have done to him in the sense that the delayed justice and the process that has caused
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him so much trouble. a person who suffered when he, when he is in jail. let's see how quickly now the state can readdress is grievances she saw on the phone with john long jr. like her mother about him. stupid is alyssa . yeah, this is still going to be of who? nowhere ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, all sorta jail got her job, sorta got to copy, got off the mean data base. he thought that a be sort of got a sim hagan to gather betty. the place my week is ha, yes for today. could make about it hunting up, would it not updated it day to get a good back? that ain't gab within that they b. thank and do me my system. it. i'd like an article to be seen as school is and as they made, they got bought from welcome and the little girl that you bought with a little that it might have been
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a big demand. justice will hurt to was god who much school or tiny buddy, give them a database that i got to deal with that to pick 9th off in yoga. i'm going to start all national adapted to live goldman go path and then it brought it down to the pinnacle when the guy with thought the leah don't matter. do pass ending the heck they will. all school does problem at all the do the password in my own good job. well, no medical job and those out up i said they affect our school. led us after the fact that there the vogue gone manila via the m. i'm old. go, oh, cut them, got comedy, gotten them, but then i asked dounia, ms. giddeons laconia. oh, do you not old model. was the it didn't go really go the video god of hon. the
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admitted in a a, a, a, a. t a, a game tomorrow party for music and in a 2nd ma'am. okay. got johnny. i turned on them on them because all of them on the lego will that again, the bus will go to some dog. maybe a went got the maybe i think given the
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mom and i just thought it was the can be the can. so can we, what are they care for you to get a bargain? mom, i'm a little bit better. got there a be a tv meeting with me? no, nino, even though the who i don't know that i do. i mean with maybe just say you will get that via the biggest that your dad them a
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made up of the vin, the vin. um, i did a jotting in it to or sewing up on 40 boxes, not on the front on long, then a reason how many big device you live at home. but it will feel much almost a here baton while almost a man a guy, beaver. so father, you can either go to cinema. so good daughter, alex, terminal harvey looked at bob ma'am. all right, come regularly tea. can you email me? right. hello. good patel's ma'am. she should get there. but all the years that ah
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and con, adding a high thought when they go up here. also look to be a bother learning is india, how push a a border time bul. jot a in with
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a yard, getting a block or a bus, then a keel opened on the, on the one. lincoln miracle, show me how to get the blood as a lead to market. you'll get a tablet all together. thank you. we'll try to get that done. i
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i me threat of their citizenship. thousands of haitian dominicans, a penalized for the heritage estate sanctioned races and forces them into legal limbo. a young attorney mat the grassroots political campaign advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plagues the dominican republic? state less a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah
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and a joy abacus lunches, trade and investment in south africa into african trades that gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners, the i 80 of 2020. what transforming africa? what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. re byron walk indonesia,
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his friends for me. we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. oh, gun battles and explosions in beirut, falling protests against the judge investigating last year's port blast. at least 6 people are killed in an address to the nation. lebanon's president me shallow says those responsible for the violence will be held accountable.


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