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question the narrative, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit. the listening pe, he constructs the media on al jazeera ah a day of morning in lebanon after the biggest st battle in beirut in more than a decade. ah, i'm saturdays a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up anger after afghanistan shots down one of its borders with pakistan for more than a week. standing up for their former president protest is in georgia. call for the release of mikhail circle, really applied to help africa fight the pandemic. u. s. president promises to send
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millions more vaccines to the continent. ah, levin is observing a day of national morning, off the bay roots were st. violence in more than a decade. 74 were killed when the city was rocked by gun fire and rocket propelled grenades on thursday. many more were wounded. the day began as a protest against organized raw the by has belonged. its allies open investigation into last year's bay route port explosion. but it descended into ours of gun fights involving unidentified snipers on rooftops. santa holder has more from beirut. yesterday the gun suddenly fell silent. there was an undeclared truth. some said that there could have been a deal, but it doesn't seem likely because both sides are still sticking to their positions . did one slide threaten the other to raise mistakes or did both sides realize that
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they raised the stakes so high that they took the country to the brink and they needed to take a step back. the tensions were over the judge thought it because the she are political groups. they want to see him removed. they say he's politicized. the opposition believes that judge baton should be given a chance that he should be able to continue his investigation and then he should be judged. the opposition is also accusing. has milan a mother she or political group of staging? a cool using arms to impose their will and if you read hezbollah affiliated media this morning, it is very clear that the crisis is not over because that there was a dangerous escalation in the street. but there still put a political escalation cabinet is paralyzed. and the she, our ministers are threatening to walk out if thought it better is not the smith. now, what does that mean? it means an entire sect is not represented. and in line with lebanon's constitution, the cabinet cannot govern because of the sectarian power sharing agreement in this
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country. so the guns may have fallen silent, but there is a political crisis, a serious political crisis. and it was only last month that a new government was formed after 13 months of political deadlock. and this country needs a government in order to engage in talks with the international community for a bailout package to save the economy. has bring you some breaking news down. coming in from afghanistan, we're receiving reports of an explosion inside a sheer mosque in the southern city of con, the heart security sources say there are casualties. stephanie decker is in cobble . let's bring her in to the shows or, or can you tell us about this explosion? well, we're just hearing news of this in the last 15 minutes or so. so we're trying to verify exact details. i'm just getting some videos enter now, but it does look like again very similar scenes to what we saw in canoes last friday. sammy ambulance says, casualty count at the moment, unconfirmed, but it does seem that there are casualties. kandahar is in the south of the country,
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this is really taliban heartland and the seat of power of the taliban. from what we understand this explosion happened in or near a she a mosque. we're trying to verify. 1 exact details at the moment. just breaking news, as you mentioned, but certainly it's a concern. we have a pattern it seems yesterday or last friday. again, as a has are a minority sheer mosque in couldn't do is targeted with a isis k suicide bomber managed to enter the mosque, detonate himself and kill over 60 people. and now it seems. we've had another explosion during friday. prayers on a friday in a mosque sheer mosque this time in the south, in kandahar, but we will of course, bring you more details one once we get them confirmed as to what exactly happened and how many casualties there are believed to have been. all right, and obviously not a good start to friday though. we're also hearing reports for taliban operation on the way against the i saw. can you tell us about that?
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yes, the taliban confirming that they have maya should destroy a key taliban. a key isis, k, isis in afghanistan hide out in missouri. sherry, this is in the north of the country. so it's obvious that there is at a concerted effort campaign underway by the taliban to target eyesore k areas. i think it was interesting. 2 days ago we had a press conference by the spokes person from the interior ministry. and beforehand, sammy, we've been interviewing members of the taliban. i interview interview the head of a couple security just a couple of days ago. and they've always maintained that in the isis case. threat is under control that they habits sorta was interesting 2 days ago. the interior ministry spokesperson giving a message to taliban fighters to look inward saying if you feel that anyone could be an ice ok operative within your ranks, he needs to be reported. and then saying that they will be held account under study a law. they will be held account under treason that the entire unit, including the commander will be dissolved. so there isn't admittance now that the
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infiltration by isis k of taliban rags could be a problem. but certainly, yes, we've seen a concerted campaign over the last couple of weeks of taliban trying to, you know, clamp down on the issue. but the problem is i me, unlike syria and iraq, what we saw in the past in terms of geography, isis k here operates more in terms of his sleep or cell mode so far harder i think, to deal with. but certainly a message from them. taliban was paying the security card saying that they can maintain the only ones that can maintain security here. and this is challenging that. right, that's v vi there. thanks so much. stephanie decker and thousands of people are protesting at a border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan. has been closed for more than a week. why not jama? oh yeah. oh, the wrong config thing claims about who shot the border and why focused on the official said the african side had been closed without notice, but african state media claimed it was shot by pakistani authorities. sherman
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crossing links focused on southwest and province of the largest bandwidth, spin bolduc in the afghan province of the har box dom international airlines is suspending its operations in the afghan capital p. i complains of security concerns and taliban heavy handedness. 9 line spokesman says dolphin crew was subjected to intimidation by the group. the tod bowen government is reportedly off the line to come ticket prices. the company says it's not clear how long the suspension will last. itala bon delegation. b mark is in turkey, is it continues at diplomatic push for support and international recognition. it's met the turkish foreign minister in ankara. earlier in the week the group met face to face with us and you officials and cut off baton upon one to the west threes. financial restrictions, but it says a crippling the country we advised to tell about administration once again that they should be inclusive for the unity of the country. we told them the importance
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of including all ethnic and religious groups and the administration of the country . we've underlined one thing and do not see this as a request from the west, but an expectation from the islamic world as well. we told them the importance of allowing girls to go to school and giving women the right to work. george's opposition has been rallying in the capital against the imprisonment of former presidents. mikhail akash, billy, the government says he entered the country illegally from exile. gosh billy, now face is 6 years in prison. robin 1st walker reports from tbilisi. they came to the capital from the cross, ga, for a jailed president who continued to command their respect. they gathered in the capital's freedom square to demand me half circus villains, liberty. his team read his letter penned from jail. i guar. thank you, said bob schneider readily. i am here. i am firmly determined to die and thus
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contribute to the defeat of the regime to my contribution to the fight the jordan, people against poverty, corruption, injustice, destruction of his suckers really was swiftly arrested after he secretly returned to georgia last month found guilty in absentia of abuses of power in office. he faces 6 years in prison. he's been on hunger strike for 2 weeks to his supporters. he's a political prisoner of georgia's governing party, and they remember him for what he achieved in office. i sent us back into the country, and misha time made an unprecedented economic and social leap in 10 years. this is what people remember. the opposition united national movement has been boyd bite sack, asheville is returned from exile. they hope this rally will give them the medicine
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in forthcoming marrow elections. oh, but keep asking, what is your plan? how plan is only one and there will be no 2nd plan. it is victory, victory, nothing else. but the party still lags behind the government in poles. there are many georgians who would rather forget such really coffee, but his supporters want him forgiven. even from prison, he retains a powerful influence over this country. robin 1st year walker al jazeera us president joe biden is trying to donate millions of corona virus vaccines to the african union. in the coming weeks. he made the announcement while hosting kenyan president, who can the author of the white house climate change and security were also on the agenda for the 2 leaders. were concerning our,
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our shared fight against coven united states, and donated 2800000 doses of vaccine to kenya as part of a 50000000 doses. we've donated africa union and i'm proud to announce that today that we're making additional historic, one time donation is 74000000 doses of j j vaccine. the a you and we're going to be centered some more the by the end of the year. white house correspondent, kimberly healthcare has more on the meeting. we know that the can you president did campaign against corruption? he is one of the high profile leaders that has been mentioned in those pandora papers that investigation that revealed that there are a number of world leaders as well as celebrities and the others who have significant amounts of money invested off shore. and the reason this is of concern is not just because of the corruption or anti corruption campaigning that or who
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kenyatta did. but as well. 1 the fact that to kenya is one of the largest recipients of usa, the 5th largest, in fact, from the united states. so this is another reason. now the white house has acknowledged this. they say that look at, there may be some concerns, but that won't stop the conversations in order to achieve the goal of financial transparency. so that's one key issue. the other comes down to security and a given geography and the fact that kenya is position so close to ethiopia, and the concerns about the warring factions of the to gray region. the u. s. president expect to also discussed that as well with the canyon president. how the leader can work in his government can work to try and resolve that conflict. we also know the u. s. president has it through an executive order, ready? possible sanctions, but not yet implemented them for me, us president bill clinton has been hospitalized in california with
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a suspected glove infection. clinton spokesman says he's on demand and in good spirits, doctor se the 75 year old is responding well 20 by all sorts. still had an al jazeera paying tribute to an african icon people and the king of ass. i remember the man, the former president tried to remove from history why the largest species of fish in the world is on the threat and how mexico is trying to save it. ah, there we haven't been able to identify compasses, proper store now for at least 24 hours. that was his track and it's not disappeared and, and got just absorbed into the mella, which is significant. right from the treating monsoon from anywhere from miramar
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cross to viet nam, that's heavy right up to $300.00 millimeters daily. so there will be extensive flooding in thailand, men mar, parts of cambodia and vietnam for the sex as an increase in the shower, particularly in weston, bornea less so you'll notice in java, but it's hardly a dry picture. and it's been stormy in australia. this was the picture in sydney, a hail storm now that's just one example. there was a pretty vicious windows damage. in fact, from this rob, active spring storm which is revolving and still going east would have gone off shore to some degree. now the worst of it, but it's like to be pretty windy and as our wind warnings over victoria and new south wales for the next day or so in perth, it briefly got this it to $32.00 degrees with down to 25. now for saturdays has been near and normal and is a much quieter picture. come sunday. but in new zealand the opposite is true. looks nice on saturday. wait till sunday. you may not like that.
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ah, with the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we moved pool to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment let to be part. when do these use growth and progress in indonesia now? ah ah.
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well come back. it's time to update our headlines now. breaking news swept, gannon. stan. an explosion has rocks a. she r mosque in the southern city of on the ha, security, so say there are casualties. lebanon is observing a day of national morning after by routes was 3 violence more than a decade. 7 people were killed. the city was rocked by gunfire and rocket propelled grenades on thursday. u. s. president joe biden says he's country will donate 17000000 corona virus vaccines to the african union in the coming weeks made the announce. so while hosting canyon president to hood of kenyata in the white house, helen's parliament has passed a law allowing border gods to push back migrants and refugees at the border. authorities can also refuse the asylum claims of those who enter illegally the legislation support supplies to build a $400000000.00 board, a wall. human rights groups accused poland of wanting to legalize in humane
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treatment. the european union and poland accused bellows of allowing migrants to cross illegally as a retaliation against e. u. sanctions. us appeals causes allow the state of texas to move ahead with the nation's most restrictive abortion law. the legislation was passed last month and then challenged by the biden administration. it's viewed as effectively binding all abortions. the legal fight could end up in the supreme court. taiwanese authorities are investigating whether a fire that killed at least 46 people will start to deliberately, dozens of others were injured in the incident on thursday. laura burton manley reports it was a rundown building and a working class neighborhood. now its a burnt help shell. the cleanup continued throughout the night after this block and tie once port city of gal shown was engulfed by
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a huge fire resident say was home to poor, elderly and disabled people. many who survived and now left homeless syfy chin had managed to escape the flames. i've never seen a fire. i pressed on the elevator button. when i got downstairs, i saw the building burning. the fire was very big. that was not how well it was, a scene of chaos, local se they heard an explosion at 3 am, followed by a fire that raged out of control. daybreak people was still being pulled from the building. it had taken hundreds of by crew and rescue workers more than 4 hours to dampen the flames. and most the day to confirm no more people were trapped inside a regarding the serious human losses caused by the fire at the building and young
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chang district. i feel in comparable pain, and i deeply blame myself to all the wounded people, the dead and their families as well. the citizens of gal young, i want to express my deepest sorrows. now quiet. so video, grieving the loss of life and a building to the standing tool for decades. resident say it was once driving hosting restaurants, shops, and a cinema. but over years it became partly abandoned, while businesses moved out. many homeless moved in on sandra, i feel quite sad, used to be very affluent here, and then it somehow just turned into this. my family used to live here downstairs, used to be quite fancy. there was an ice rink. even carry okey really nice and now it's all gone. i was living in this building where mostly homeless people of the ocean. you're poor people, elderly people, and some disabled people. normally don't see people in or out. there will be 5 or 6
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drinking there, then arguing as authorities clear, the glass from the street police are now investigating whether it was often that it started this fire. many look on a tragedy that is left the port city grappling with the immense loss of life lore about a manly al jazeera. the much anticipated reopening of indonesia is tourist island of bali has started slowly with no international flight scheduled nationals from 19 countries have been cleared to enter. visitors must be vaccinated though, must complete 5 days of hotel quarantine. jessica washington reports on the island of valley. this is kuta beach, one of indonesia is most popular tourist attractions. for months, some of families famed beaches were closed due to the pandemic. now many say they
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are feeling optimistic. the worst is over. i hope tourists will come back just like before. i'm getting my surf boards ready. shortly after the pandemic began, indonesia shouted orders to tours. the restrictions had a devastating effect on sally's economy. as hotels and restaurants, clothes, thousands of people faced financial hardship. before the pandemic, there were around $3.00 to $5.00 people each day who wanted to learn how to say. now that no one a few months ago, indonesia was the global epi center of the virus with thousands of people dying every day. but after months of tragedy, infections had declined, and vaccine drive has been accelerated. on the 1st day of its reopening, no flights arrived at the international terminal. official say it may take weeks or months before the industry probably restarts. november 2nd,
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i sent one in november according to our data. there are booking from china, south korea and japan. hopefully the bookings will keep going up. some local business owners, hopefully they will be able to revive the businesses as restrictions are further east. regular, like the regulations were simpler, motorists come rebuilding the work in tourism just one body to be normal again as soon as possible. like many in the industry, she fears a compulsory 5 day hotel quarantine may put off visitors. the posho, reopening of intonations, borders is just the 1st step in rejuvenating the country's tourism industry. next, when say they are confident, industry will begin to incoming so my confidence will appeal of folly remains unchanged. this is the emit demetia of bali at the debt. why i am optimistic that by the will, a rebound will be 5 again. more than 6000000 travellers visited bali in
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2019 and those in the tourism industry, our hope and both, and others will soon return. jessica washington, out of here jakarta, hundreds of people are expected to gather and begin or fast as capsule debate. tribute to former president thomas sanker on the anniversary of his assassination. it comes just days after the trial of those accused of his murder was postponed. san kara was a revolutionary pan africanist who led the country in the 1980s. nicholas hoc reports were going to go. for almost 20 years, this documentary on the south nation of former president thomas hunker was bound in burkina. faso. no one dared to play it except for abdullah jalap during the term of former present. blaze coll bowie. jello organized, a parallel film festival to counter the government run festival known as fis. becca the senate. what he bought, meaning the right for a free cinema. got in trouble with the government when it attempted to commemorate
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the memory of to muscle gum. there was censorship. we were not supposed to touch upon politically sensitive issues. you had to be brave to even pronounce the name of toma satera. we tried to do a special show on him, and within 15 minutes the presidential guard stopped our gathering. despite prison combo is attempts to censor and remove to myself from booking fossils history. he has become a celebrated faker, described as the chicken vera of africa. captain soccer took power in the cool 983 and set out bold reforms. cutting ties with international aid, money in striving for self sufficiency, the left when soldiers shun former colonial power, france in favor of closer ties with russia and china to much longer i was inside this building, holding a meeting with his collaborators. when he heard jeeps rolled in and gunfire, he came out and stood here, raised his hand up in the air and told his collaborators there after me. he was
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then gun down. we know this because his body was exuberant, autopsy was performed. the corpse was riddled with bullet up until then the government's official line was that he had died a natural death. this has become now a site to remember and pay tribute to what is now an african icon at 35 years after his death. the trial of his murder began on monday, the head of the presidential guard general generate who censored our work in films on takara is on trial for assassinating him. also accused, but allison is for president composing. he lived in exile in neighboring ivory coast, after being ousted from power in 20. 14, in a popular uprising is important also to know the truth. to make the justice happen . if you have to punish some people the have to be punished, but we have to take care of this matter. you know, get mcclare in 2017 french president. my cool promise to be classify secret
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documents linked to soccer as death. but only a 3rd of them were given to her as family lawyers, for jello shedding light into the uncomfortable truth of breaking off us. this past is the only way to move forward in order to ensure that history does not repeat itself again. nicholas hawk al jazeera was to go. water in the capsule of canada, zach territory has been declared undrinkable because of phase it may be contaminated with petrol. state of emergency has been declared and you can do it. that's home to about 7000 people. drinking water has been flown into the territory, the alarm was raised off, the fumes were detected as a water treatment plant. the source is unclear, the local people say there have been problems with aging. infrastructure. australia, as prime minister says he'll attend the u. n. climate summits in glasgow later this month. scott morrison had initially threatened to skip the cup $26.00 events in scotland. it comes as
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a conservative government faces global pressure. the carbon emissions australia is one of the world's largest cole and gas exporters, and as long resisted adopting a carbon neutral target. it's not just about hitting it 0. that's an important environmental goal, that what's important it is friday is economy goes from strength to strength and the livelihoods in the lives, the destroying and now particularly in rural and regional areas, are able to go for with hope and with confidence. and that's what my plan will be all about, and i look forward to furthering those discussions in the weeks ahead. a while shocks can grow up to 18 meters long and fascinate holiday makers and scientists around the world. but they're on the threat from commercial fishing and tourism and numbers a dropping john holman reports now and mexico's efforts to protect the giant fish small specks appearing in the ocean. you'd never guess what lies beneath the
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biggest fish in the world until the end of september. well, shots will be gracie mits, cuz caribbean walters one of their main feeding grounds. but the shouts endangered . he just as it is elsewhere in the world over 75 years, it's numbers have hauled, and that's something met. who's trying to do something about raphael pin sees truck is to the welsh out. spins to see where they go. what they do it's lucky. it's a gentle join is lincolnton william local nazi. i'm contributing to the knowledge about these animals to protect them. you need to know about them. despite its size, the welsh, it's managed to keep it secrets well. little is known about how it mates all gives birth. raphael and others research could be vital to save it, but it's just one part the conservation effort in mexico.
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2 years ago, the government set up rules for visitors to the whale, shout 3, designate to protection areas. they can't swim on the wall to with the fish. and taurus boats meant keep that distance from it. only grouped with government accredited guides are allowed in a. you need a guide because they know what you can and can't do in the water. you can bring your boat, but you need a guide. okay, captain, when you go to lunch with him, i got young. that's jose juan, the mingus, the caribbean biosphere reserve. he says the rules only work because local tourism companies have brought into this more to let all, many of the criteria and good conservation habits have been created by them because they understand they have to protect the well shark. so that this resource stays with us. in other words, everyone wants the shocks and the tories to keep coming illegally that way in case
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it was an incredible experience. if you get the chance you have to come because they are really incredible, amazing to be able to swim with such an immense and marvelous animal. and then it's gone, submits, goes, well, shop population will be heading off to maxima. the question, as every year is how many will return, john holmes al jazeera metzger. ah, unless take you through some of the headlines here now, jesse are now breaking news in afghanistan. concerning an explosion inside a share mosque in the southern city of on the heart, security source is say there are casualties. stephanie deca has more from cobble.


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