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the launched team in 2006 protest as have called for a 1000000 mom march. in that time i've covered wars, revolutions, elections, and mandatory crews from the preventative correct. so the battle fields around wilson, i work job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news are on al jazeera. i'm fully back to board live from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. lebanon in morning funerals are underway in beirut after the biggest st battle in more than a decades. a bomb attack in afghanistan target says she,
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a mosque during friday prayers, at least 30 people are killed. also, lazar police in cameroon. shoot dead a 5 year old girl. fueling longstanding tensions between the and the phone and francophone regions. and poland passes a controversial law, allowing border guards to push back migrants and refugees. and it's for brazil hit fall in our latest world cup qualifier. no more among the scores it is you're going to presume close in on a place that next is fine. ah, thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of the u. k. this hour where the conservative m p. david amos has been stabbed multiple times. according to reports, the veteran member of parliament was meeting members of the public when a man reportedly entered and attacked him. we'll have more in this breaking news
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story for you as in when we have information and we'll be trying to join our correspondent nadine baba in london for more in it again. a british m p stopped multiple times. this friday will bring you the latest as in when we habits moving on and security sources in afghanistan say at least 37 people have been killed and dozens wounded. in an attack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar, it happened during friday prayers. they are unconfirmed reports of 3 explosions inside the mosque. it follows and a time last week on another mosque in the northern city of condos. at least 60 people were killed there. let's bring in stephanie decker, designed for us in cobbled, stephanie. what more do you know about this attack to day in kandahar? well, we are hearing from sources that it's possible that at least 3 suicide bombers were involved in this attack again on friday during friday prior that a sheer mosque,
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you mentioned that the biggest does she are mosque in kandahar. we know that the hospital had a lot of casualties brought to it so that number could rise when it comes to casualties of dead. certainly at the moment just over 30. i think it's significant because kandahar folly is the heart line, the birthplace of the taliban. you've never had this kind of attack carried out there before. so i think it is a message again, we haven't had any claim of responsibility as of yet, but certainly it does fit into the pattern of operation that we've seen over the last couple of weeks here. particularly i so let in afghanistan, stepping up, it's a tax on the toner, bon, on minorities, these kinds of a targets sending the message that you know, the town keep saying, it's the only group that contained the security here. and this is certainly a challenge to that. area and and the taliban. empower now for 2 months. having retained a power for 2 months now. i sold kate clearly trying to undermine them. can the crew of the taliban put a lead on i so k one at the same time time trying to govern
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a country that's on the brink of collapse. while a lot of people who have been speaking to that or not taliban will tell you that it looking increasingly difficult, that they have this under control, that the group seems to be achieving what they want, which is at to send a message that no or a safe, particularly if they can strike them in their heart. lie in the heartland of kandahar we did also 2 days ago, how the interior ministry spokesperson person tell after the taliban fighters to live within their ranks. this hinting at the concerns of infiltration. of course, you know, even a ton of on a very new governance volley only 2 months that they have moved from insurgency to governance. so people also will say that there is a concern of perhaps, of defections because the language now is different. they're no longer fighting, they're having to maintain security. so it's very, very complicated coupled that as you were mentioning there are there on a diplomatic push, international funds have been withheld. salaries haven't been paid here, not just the civil servants, but also the fighters. so it is certainly i on predictable times people will tell
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you here it's a new game. thank you stephanie, for that. stephanie deca reporting there live from campbell. meanwhile, thousands of people have been protesting a border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan that's been closed for more than a week. now. i know they are conflicting claims about who shot the border and why pakistani officials have said the afghan side had been close without notice. but i've gone to saint media claims. it was shot by pakistani authorities. be sure, mind crossing links, pakistan, southwestern province of baluchistan with bin bull dock in the african province of kandahar. command hider has more from harry pour in pakistan. hundreds of protest i marched at the deputy commissioner, all phase in the border down of german watch tension. however, the deputy commissioner told them that the closure of the board was not from the
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buckets on the side. that it was the avalon dollar bond who had closed that border and protest because of the handling of, of well i'm trying to cross into budget on also important to know, hundreds of trucks piled up on both sides of the border. british liberal items on board of trade guards losing a lot of money. the deputy commissioner also saying that if the dollar bought an open border, that focused on really do the same. however you said the matter was not being discussed between the foreign ministry. andy of $1.00 bond and carbon also important in order d dollar bond there. monday, august on any international airlines shared reduce it fed, which are now ignoble gently high because of the high insurance rates can died or something which prompted the budget on need to suspend or flights altogether to lebanon. now if you nodes are being held for 7 people killed in barrows, worst street violence in more than 10 years. the city was wrong by near constant
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gunfire for more than 4 hours on thursday, with an identified snipers on rooftops. it began as a protest, organized by his belie in its allies, demanding the removal of the judge overseeing the investigation into the barrel tort explosion. the judge's association has rejected calls to dismiss him. early i spoke to, rami coils, director of global engagement at the american university of fabled. he says, lebanon suffers from repeated cycles of violence. whenever there is a political development that might alter the balance of power of these forces, whether formerly in the parliament or in the cabinet of ministers, or in formerly on the street and society in the economy, the intentions flare again, the political system and lebanon has not been able to create a peaceful, credible, and conclusive mechanism by which everybody has a share of power, but also response to the will of the people through elections. and other means they
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have the system that a portions power. and they all want to keep their power. and then sometimes one of them insist that i am going to be president, or i'm gonna be a minister and they block the political process and they're stalemate and then frustration and then violence flares. so this is a cycle that says like crazy say, but what we saw yesterday on the streets of bay, which we hadn't seen in a long time. and this is a sectarian dispute, of course. then history shows that it's always been very difficult to mediate and resolve and resolve the sectarian disputes. how, how then do we move on from, from where we are today? and this is again, is the investigation into the report blast likely to continue and can it yields anything positive for the victim, sam, those are all critical questions for which there are no firm answers. there have always been sectarian tensions, as you said, but they've always been mediated and the short run things calm down, but then they flare up again. or if the political balance is threatened,
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now we have elections coming up next spring. then presidential elections and the parliament. this her moments of decisive political relationships. french more head on this, al jazeera and use our including planning away out of the climate crisis. u. s. president lays out his proposals. roy sustainable future. a travel of frenzy gets underway in australia. international flights booking surges, restrictions against the current virus are relaxed in swords, did he or didn't t, the moment of controversy that ended this major league baseball payoffs here? ah, are the world news 1st and authorities in english speaking? western cameroon, have called for calm after a school girl was killed when police fired on a car. at eap checkpoint, a crowd of people later killed the officer responsible. they then carried the
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girl's body to the governor's office. the incident took place in via we're anglo form separatists have been in conflict with government forces for 4 years now. as bringing adris was falling developments for his from neighboring nigeria. he joins us live from a boucher what are you hearing about the situation in beer? i made and enough things calm down well, the situation in beer is tess and calm, tense, and the says that a lot of people are expecting things to play up. this is a city known for its anti government protestant violence and it's also the capital of the southwestern region of cameroon. remember this and another region level of region ah, are talking about discrimination against are the english speaking? what's typical, sorry, with english speaking cameron, and also this is why the birthplace of the emperor's only movement is sort of a situation is calm, but
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a lot of people expect things to fly in the next few days or so. right tension, as you see in this part of cameron, is not you anglophones in western cameroon, have long complained about proceed. inequality, especially in education and law. how is the government addressing that well, a few years ago there was a national conference called by long serving president paul b ah, autonomy some kind of farm latitude has been given to regions, governors, regional governors and ministers to do, to sort of do more that we do to bring government closer to the people. but for many of the protests, many of the opposition, especially in english speaking colors are not happy about this. they believe that things will not work. they want to larger autonomy, larger freedoms, as well as recognition as prop. the discrimination against what they call the people of doctor region. and this has been going on for
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a very long time and negotiations. so why seem to have failed on the part of government? and the suspicion of movement upon bizarre here that refused to come to the table, those that give up their arms and have moved to the government side. i still complaining of being marginalized on the sidelines, and they were not happy. so the situation in the region is still volatile, and just last month, more than a dozen security officers like killed and the violence still continues. and that he's that feeling with the protest we saw on the 1st day on the streets of via that things may flap again in that region. i'm at. thank you very much for the update i made the jury slide there in abu jeff returning now to our breaking news story out of the u. k that we were reporting on earlier, and the conservative m p. david is being stabbed multiple times. let's bring in a d baba in london. nadine, what do we know happened?
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will fully we know that this member of the conservative party, a member of parliament since 1983 in fact was stabbed several times while he was holding what they call a constituency surgery. a chance for members of the public to present problems and questions to their representative. this was happening in a church in leon c, which is just a few kilometers from the town of south bend in southeast, in england, on the coast. david amos, who 69 was treated at the scene. there are quotes in the local newspaper from people who saw a man run into that church. and now we have heard from the police that they have arrested one man. and they are not looking for any body else. we've also heard from a local counselor, a local politician there who saw mr. amos,
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being treated for his injuries, saying that he didn't know what condition he was in, but that it didn't look good naturally that have that has been an outpouring him in the last hour or so from politicians on all sides here in the u. k. and it has reminded people of the dangers that politicians do sometimes face when they are meeting the public in 2016, a labor a member of parliament. jo cox was shot dead when she was holding a similar meeting where she in the town that she actually represented. and that was just a few days before the breakfasts referendum, which had polarized opinions. and going back further in 2010, another labour politician was attacked at a constituency surgery. lots of people that sir,
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that sir david amos says, condition is not in front to life threatening. we do not have word on exactly his current state and we'll keep a close eye on the story or with you need him for the moment. thank you very much. nadine bob alive there in london. napoleon solomon test fast. a law allowing god to push back my grins and refugees at the border. authorities can also refuse asylum claims of those who entered illegally the legislation all to support the plan to build a $400000000.00 board. a wall human rights groups accused poland of wanting to legalize in humane treatment. and those being pushed back a part of the search in refugees and migrants crossing into the european union from bella bruce, in recent months, thousands of travelled into poland, latvia and lithuania, which accused bella rules of sending the people to destabilize their countries. the european union has called it a form of hybrid warfare launch in retaliation against sanctions. it imposed on
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beller, was his government. the measures were in response to the governments crackdown on descent knots, led to thousands of people being detained since last year. were led speak to void checks, she belsky about this is in war. so his editor in chief of visegrad inside, which is a political current affairs magazine. thank you very much for being with us. so what does this law passed by the polish palm? it means for those trying to get into poland today, especially those coming from bella, bruce, and why has this happened now? well, the in fact, the law does not change much in what was happening already. the border border guards based on the government directive were already applying push backs and would ignore the ally as island a applications. if they were, even petitions are on the polish side, but that's not necessarily the case. as, as many of the migrants who wanted to get through a poland, where actually travin and traveling to a 2 locations in germany. these,
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these are daily buses are coming to the border and picking them up whenever they actually make it to, to cross through the green border. so in much actually in, in a twist, you would say that this is about a, giving a, giving legal grounds for new operations. stronger legal last for the operations of the, of the border guard school. otherwise, are facing a real human side in crisis at mounting up on the border my it, while rights groups have criticize this, of course, because under international law, anyone seeking international protection must be given access to the assign and process even if they have crossed the border illegally. is there any effective recourse for, for the people, for the migraines or refugee seeking international protection and important a fallen is a, has been a accepting asylum seekers before that in this particular situation. it apparently, i mean the. busy government in poland is,
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is responding to the logic of the hybrid threads that is being purposefully a waged by, by lucas shanker version that deeper are flown into blue bellows and an assisted by the border guards and also abused according to other reports on the crossing of men in various unpleasant ways and also they are put into danger, put in the woods in the swamps which are otherwise not that you know, polish cars are not able to control and several dead people that bodies appeared that people off of the people who are lost worse include lives were lost as of the low temperatures and, and being lost in the woods, not being picked up by the police cars. right. this has certainly create attentions with the european union. and there's been some talk in poland and even hungry of an e. you pull out as a result of these tensions. is it a bluff when, when it comes to poland or is there a real possibility today that they could exit the block? no, there is no. there is no possibility of exiting the blog to the contrary. polish government
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strategy seems to be to stay in the block and cause trouble to be the the troublemaker, the sovereign, this power. it is bad news for poland, stability, and the future with this government. i wouldn't be, i couldn't be harsher or with, with, with my words of criticism towards the policy that they're pursuing. but it's definitely nerd. it's flirting with the idea, but not applying their the, of any exit. but it's putting a lot of burden on the you as a block out. thank you so much for talking to us about new. thank you for your inside vote. check. she belsky, editor in chief of visegrad, inside joining us there for more. so we appreciate your time. thank you. a man accused of killing 5 people with a bow and arrows in norway has been placed in psychiatric care. a court ordered the 37 year old dain be held for at least 4 weeks, is admitted carrying out the attack on wednesday night in the town of cones. barrick li say he was known to have frequently sought medical health to the u. s.
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now in the biden administration has issued a report on how it plans to protect american families from the economic risks of climate change. parts of the u. s. have been experiencing extreme weather, including wildfires and hurricanes. in february, a cold snap in texas led to widespread power outages, causing an estimated $10000000000.00 in property damage. the 40 page document comes ahead of the un climate change conference to be held in scotland next month. that's bringing our white house correspondent, kimberley hancock. my for us in washington, so tell us more. kimberly about what's in the biden administration's plan to, to deal with this climates crisis. i think what the main take away from this plan is it's approach. in other words, the biden administration through this plan seeks to show that essentially every aspect of the u. s. economy that touches ordinary lives. and also businesses is affected by climate change, whether it be extreme, whether in the form of flooding,
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drought, or even wild fires that all of this has an economic impact. and as a result, this report essentially is a whole of government approach. in other words, this is how this is going to meet the goal of the, by an administration to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent, by the year 2030. so the main criticism has always been in the united states that this comes at the risk of jobs, then this is a plan that essentially a really cuts that argument down. in other words saying this is the plan to mitigate those concerns. so that is what is being laid out person biden is headed to the be kind of meeting in glasgow in just a few weeks. kimberly a lot of support in the international media horseman at home. it's a different story, is me. oh, yes it is. ah, well, what the challenge is for the, by the administration of it is of course,
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putting these words into action and that's where the challenge is for this white house, given the fact that they're headed to this un climate summit. and right now what the by an administration has, is a very good plan, but it needs congress to pass this plan into law in order for these commitments to move ahead. and so that is the problem for this white house. it's fearful that not only may this not get passed, but this may not get past it at all and let alone before this international summit . so this is the challenge. still the white house pushing very hard. in fact, 13 cabinet members will be attending in glasgow. scotland to show the priority that this white house is taking when it comes to climate change. kimberly thank you very much for that. kimberly. how can you sound white house correspondent? oh, i'll sterilised prime minister says he will attend the un climate summit in glasgow later this month. it's got morrison had initially threatened to skip the comp $26.00 event in scotland. it comes as his conservative government tracy's global pressure to cut carbon emissions. australia is one of the world's largest coal and
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gas exporters, and as long resisted adopting a carbon neutral target. it's not just about hitting that 0, that's an important environmental goal. that what's important to the strategy is economy goes from strength to strength and the livelihoods in the lives. the destroying scenario, particularly in rural and regional areas, are able to go full with heart and with confidence. and that's what my plan will be all about. and i look forward to furthering those discussions in the weeks ahead that a country that currently made smallest greenhouse gases is china and it seems, is leader, she ging being may not be going to the you and kind of conference in glasgow. jenna hall has more on that from london. he says, any kind of deal won't work without chinese involvement. china is actually the pivotal to the world's effort to tackle climate change. in particular, the effort to keep level warming to within one and off degrees of pre industrial levels. and what china does, absolutely, matt, as it is by a country mile,
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the biggest carbon emitter 27 percent of global emissions come out of china. now as to how significant this news that president, she may not be coming. this is about. this is quoting anonymous sources. festival china hasn't confirmed it, tellingly though nor have they denied it, but it's worth pointing out the president, she hasn't traveled to a number of big international meetings recently. he wasn't at the general assembly in new york last month. he's not planning to attend the g 20 in rome in a couple of weeks time, just ahead of glasgow. and private campaign is, will tell you that because of that, they weren't really expecting him to turn up anyway, what matters? they say he's that in his place, china sends negotiate his armed with a proper mandate to be able to reach a deal around the table at cop $26.00 to move on from china's already stated aims and targets to inject from fresh ambition into them. as is required of all the
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countries attending, of course, a 100 leaders will be their president biden included. and it is upon that hope that a deal can still be done in glasgow that the success of cop $26.00 rest. and that will be judged on whether by the end of it, that one and a half degree target is still deemed to be alive. and that is really down to china right now for a check on the world, whether his rom, grease is being hit hard moment by the weather is a slightly revolving storm. it's been named, is the 2nd one in a week in this one. i think worse in the last, the rain is falling heavily. coffee was 140 is all of actor walked. i was average unsurprising. there is flooding in the islands. doesn't look particularly bad, but this is just one example actually extends across the whole of greece. this is athens, for example, the st flooding here, power cuts, of course, as a result of this and not just athens, go up to the salonica as a most powerful grease are still at risk from this. and just north of that wrapping
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around the wind through croatia. the northern part of the coast is touching gale force is a potentially damaging bus route. grease or red wall is a heavy rain for friday. they will be east by saturday because the system is edging slowly east, the g and, but it still looks it's going to be rainy or at least sharing. but things are, of course, on the improve by this time and is all moving east across the gene in towards turkey. this is a slow system, but on the gets it won't be much of a risk. weatherwise, i don't think it's just a matter of few showers, and it's no surprise for you would just as if across to what should be retreating model soon. system, but look at northern india rain and then start extending into pakistan. and whale shocks can go up to 18 meat is long and fascinate holiday makers in scientists around the world. they are under threat from commercial fishing and tourism and numbers, a dropping. hodges here as john home and reports. now on mexico's efforts to protect the giant fish, small specks appearing in the ocean,
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you'd never guess what lies beneath the biggest fish in the world until the end of september. well, shots will be gracie mits, cuz caribbean walters, one of their main feeding grounds. with the shouts endangered, he just as it is elsewhere in the world over 75 years, it's numbers have hauled and that's something mitzvah is trying to do. something about raphael pin sees truck is to the way show it's figure to see where they go. what they do. ah, it's lucky, it's a gentle join is lincolnton. he will yield local nazi. i'm contributing to the knowledge about these animals to protect them. you need to know about them despite its size the washer, it's managed to keep it secrets well. little is known about how it mates or gives birth. raphael and others research could be vital to save it,
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but it's just one part the conservation effort in mexico. 2 years ago, the government set of rules for visitors to the whale, shout 3 designate to protection areas they can't swim on the wall to with the fish . and taurus boats meant keep that distance from it. only grouped with government accredited guides are allowed in the tunnel. you need a guide because they know what you can and can't do in the water. you can bring your boat, but you need a guide. okay, captain, when you learn from him, i got young. that's jose juan, the mingus headed the caribbean biosphere reserve. he says the rules only work because local tourism companies have brought into this modulus. all, many of the criteria and good conservation habits have been created by them because they understand they have to protect the well shark. so that this resource stays
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with us. i don't know the words everyone wants the shocks and the tories to keep coming in. i say the way it was an incredible experience. if you get the chance you have to come because they are really incredible. amazing to be able to swim with such an immense and marvelous animal. and then it's gone, submits goes, well, shop population will be heading off to maxima. the question as every year is how many will return john, home, out 0, mate scope still ahead on this news our. it's all hands on deck in michigan as another majority. black city in the u. s. is told it's not safe to drink the tap water and sports destination tennis ties. just hit a korea high in the world, ranking the details with andy to stay with us. we're back after the break. ah,
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canada is approaching a tipping point. in the lead up to the coff 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency. witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate how rising temperatures are fueling a water war in the u. s. l just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the stream takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera.
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