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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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part of this week, so law was doing some things right. and as correctly bailey's, the prep i have for decades. but still it's too little, somewhat too late, but they have to approve. ah, this is our desert, these your top stories and arms group in afghanistan link to i so says it's behind the bomb tack on the largest shia mosque in the southern city of kandahar. these 41 people have been killed and dozens more wounded. the pants again has often compensation to the families of victims of a drone strike. in kabul, 10 afghan civilians including 7 children, were killed during the final days before the u. s. troop at all. the pentagon has called the strike a mistake and says it will work to as relocating surviving family members to the u . s. i cannot, has more. why this is complicated is that normally these discussions are held by
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regional commanders on the grounds. they all know us troops in afghanistan anymore . so this is not being dealt with at a distance by the under secretary of state for defense, for the policy department. so he's talking to the c o n g o that employed the killed man. he will be talking to lawyers as well as it goes down the line. but further complicating this, is that the secretary of defense lloyd austin, has guaranteed that the men surviving family will be repaired created to the united states or brought into the united states as is their wish. now this is a method that is dealt with by the state department, so you've got another government organization that is going to need to get involved in this whole event. 7 activists and hong kong happened sentence to between 6 and 12 months in prison for their roles and last year's pro democracy, protests, sentences range between 6 and 12 months. they happen accused of organizing and inciting others to take part in the an authorized assembly. at least 3 people,
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a data on the magnitude 4.8 earthquake hit. the indonesian island of bali, the great target number of landslides, damaging homes. nice to all those have been injured. find to say they're looking into the possibility. the volcanic activity caused the quake. where did police say the fatal stopping at the u. k. politician, david amos is a terrorist incident. $69.00 you all with meeting members of the public at a church and his constituency, when he was a tax 25 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. a number of people have been injured on some violent protests in bangladesh. his capital deca demonstrated the angry images on social media, which they say insult islam. security forces use tear gas and battlements to break up the protests. those headlines coming up next one on one e. stay with us. talk to al jazeera, we ask what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on
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the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. in china, it's estimated there's an incident of domestic violence every 8 seconds from big cities or chillers among dollar to. so what else do they offer to rule really do talent for? well, i wrote when you get bands or fortunately the way you wanted women now starting to speak out against their attack. but will the voices be heard when or when he investigates the battle being fought? in homes at cross china. why? oh gosh gender. the mom. okay. and that is my,
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my sure boss. electrical drago the bomb if you're gonna do this downward rather different date out in general when it'll be in hegan from national that you don't push it back a year before these photo was taken young. she was engaged to be married, but she wanted to delay the widow. her fiance wanted to marry immediately, no one in her rural community of hands on the started tongues wagging. and soon the relationship solid and hygiene. when my, when i had an inch oxygen unlimited, i shall hear nothing, then you may not wait out locking be in the needle and a hodge, a child walk, sleep hello, shanty young cheese mother agrees nicolette content in k. okay, thanks. he had detention in the us what, what do you on that i send out good a bit. i tongue soon. path i buy you who you found quite
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a for some can. 2 they cut in a platinum ago, but they young, she and her fiance had a heated argument. enraged, he pushed young she to the ground, gouging out her eyes with his bay hands. young cheese mother found her lying in a pool of blood, a young fellow with him, which he by pembroke silva now. jojo them wishing olympic ward. she, the canterbury on the left hard when the young informed them of the pomp than i sure was, was wrought yang in no law yamil your me shorter look on either by we appreciate of last. anyhow, i shanna again tommy shannon, russia al parkway position bowel had him down and had a year have articles. it'll definitely either show me young. she remarried twice,
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but the abuse didn't stop. she says her 2nd husband beat her child and her mother as well. peter will, don't you? he'll dora wheat up for nap. what did? what did it on her way initially? the bower said not only is the shoes about pamela or higher, some her megan hannah. yeah. the brown will it color so well, i will. when you give me an solo fortune will the way you are selected. by the time young she was 26. she been trapped in the abuse of marriage for 6 years and had 2 children. oh, there was how much a no show. ha, ha, ha, trentadue j. e. a. howdy walker. we're going to get on her shore. i had suddenly a thought to other dingy, i'm busy every i acquiring a challenge. sheesh yang. she's ex husband's abuse escalated. and the final straw was when he threatened to kill her family allegations that lay about and that
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a photo her on you. but it was a when you put in her was a sham in the older zagata and your shining young daniel high balcony. the highs up the chavel shower demoniac hush while while while on the vienna, those are for those. those are susanna. so i was roger national denisha alisha. when i'm going in to her new one. yeah. or should i the drill much or the windshield bulk? what that pup our map our has all were the shadow to get all fowler that night young she picked up the axe and killed her husband in his sleep. although we'll limp at up and young st. in and thoughtless deonna shake her. oh no, no. how can i bow catherine's cheerfulness, don't we? um. oh yeah, i acted only me on our america, our mom here into our back. i'm in our head that i do need a grand coach in san young. she was sentenced to 12. he is for the murder,
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but was released after 8 years. she now works as a massuce, a skills she picked up was serving time in prison. young. she discovered many of the female inmates incarcerated for violent crimes. had also experienced domestic violence. and i shut up ala financial around me that they thought i own chatting bonnie tar ah . 0 0 the men like gooey abuse, runs deep in the family. his father and grandfather both beat their wives, mobile for you. sure. so dear yarger trying to while, ah, what the local social backward of which you know, why it's a do or does your travel channel on her top, i'm a little little me, you know, which is a walk ins or what you cause you to learn asia. what a fortune or the ada nega nursing where to where each entre so you were one is
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awesome. your civic one younger mccockriel whitmore when you can reach out to you franco, social you, what would i think? got to order you order from longwood. i'm watching the law depends on me as a football you want to put you china remains a deeply traditional society which some say promotes female submissiveness. according to social media expert night lay these traces back to the ancient philosophy of confucianism and can be seen in the chinese language itself. those i yelled, the google lea done and all. tanya sega is upon answer. siemens has a tongue pony and see for the sands as its this is
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yes sir. dan bernie, as a guanine is, is it whole? when's the last? well, the increasing the glandular. so waste bn dean are you seeing says, says the as a dangerous thing. there you go. fish out. butrend on boucher it was asked the sound where your children you sync your filter just to fans, home, filter balboa, some thousands home for a hotel. when you alcohol full lol on y'all's home. how so? i thought or how you know my minds will how he sits lou your mouth saying nan sees these confusion attitudes in many cases. so those are do you? what are you said the fall color? janice wins. i ga ballot or sheet or natural nashandra foot nashandra john
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traditional role. so you should nice and go towards young paula. sure. what a pallet, what has a ton of your major boise, you go, fetal or shoot. you change your car if you cannot, but sheeter. sure. mm mm oh no, just for a long time way held that view. he says he used his wife is an outlet for his dress at work. miss ordering a shower while you are not use are you share to go counselor, you share to we're going to wrong. why? by somebody you shifting to hold us or do pom, which will branch mart or you can put it on true doctor. got cancer or juggle niger where he wouldn't talk to tom because now we're pushing the doctor, would you didn't you want to not she go with tuition on top of her power juices. i'm not talking about domestic violence is so deeply rooted in traditional values
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that even family members may not see the need to hope those effect to route go ways . marriage, his parents as well as his in laws, were aware that he was abusing his wife. but they didn't reprimand him, even when he started using potentially deadly force photoshopped where tom, which he had soccer as an as a whole. what you got ga, ga food into how, what channel. and you do that have been, some will, you can hardly, honestly, you go quieter daughter will just want to go to where to go from minta miserable would you, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll do them soon. shoot this or talk to the dental title move which does or would you want to dive in regard to it as i'm it that she found was i'm attention will usual. hm. yeah. but aren't you? you want to go to watch it, but i wonder if what does pull me up, but a little you'd, honda, but our not that do you need to the heart usa usa wish under the own, is the saddam for the future room to do showed you step on shall do not use that.
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they won't get on the mamma puzzle everywhere dollar you pull out g r o w will i le, let's of all know you will not uses or passes make it had enough producing were to wish out. would you torture linton, poor you? so this is total source, all of our lenora's weight. i hope it's has just a dagger symbol. so can use and for your shouting tonton ye salons, i went and i would of june, which in yes, of gape would. i, rental astorga, georgia. arturo city are most and watch other women bottom. we use youtube will despite the abuse go away and his wife remained together and had a son lawyer marci. none says is huge. cris sharon chinese women to stay in relationships with what i said the little well what i sent an apology number to whole con dr. tile to the ban phone from that pay anthony joyce. and you die out when i go from there. so i get that to michelle, shall cindy, shall, what is your from paddle or dish on wash on your tail, john?
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go daddy, daddy. pay a meal. punctual. shot one machinery to now, what was all what hutchins on the whole lot. no much certainly jolessa your clinical handle, your children, it's an issue was attention saturday, me pamela shinji, but don't honda tonisha soon? you said to you couldn't be any of the quadrant or may off what, what her name, which nissan and mazda johnson via feet. honda fleet, thomas ginger millard, soon young lights eeoc, one corner, you know, the corner, our shoes are putting away with nothing to hold him back. the beatings go away unleashed on his wife became increasingly violent and whole die only using the soul of our weeds. begout jr. frontal is near to that just one word of our was with another young to to dr. appleton is also loomed over with you. so we're the engine future to young kid until you will you chang,
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looking through your smoking nice young country and as i read us at that jealous of william the your so talk to him about me would you wouldn't kind of you. honda are good showing that on your own as off i don't your to let to start. jobs were made to the heart. so 3 enrolled in where to go. bushings are over, which in there were junior, you are usa, so go to got to go to a boy. she is. are all sitting in the whiten. none much. if i didn't control you yell. no nuclear yet be, i don't not cushions. nasa possible the new asp will not. in 2016, the chinese government tried to address the problem by introducing an anti domestic violence law, which allowed victims to obtain restraining orders against their abuses. state media reported the complaints of domestic violence to the women's federation went down by 8.4 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year. aimed yo say
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this doesn't tell the full story we went on without all count him back to the or should i don't quite jack. josh is fantasia alpha. that but what shall try? she did that to seal the hypo call in 2020 thing you and and her team into quality and enjoy based in beijing, conducted an online survey on women's living conditions in china. oh, kings said gotcha. so turning out to you, what is it entire truth is tabatha, don't watch a down washer. and nigger pay it should baja showed you as well as the issues with the implementation lawyer mass i nan says the law simply doesn't go far enough goat or sort of as a it up. you're not your fault. you may send a mail out and bonnie, the chena julian, her shanghai madonica yank. olivia ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha! call it on your sugar shirley satin old high elder, shall i think he bought land and legal. why didn't you, hon?
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and he knew that are your favorite one, either in ashley hock yukon, which will finance arching atrial shatoya dashes. one yeah, sure major. catching him in a modern you 100 o'connell that, that, that are becoming politician at least a quarter of women in china report having experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives. many feel there's no way out. according to police figures out of the 157000 women in china who took their own lives in 201760 percent, had experienced domestic violence way law, not her real name is a successful entrepreneur in shanghai. in 2019, she made a man, she thought could be her soulmate. i wish english al doesher. are you sure me than her? so each teacher to say selfish it, i should be obvious. but soon,
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red flags emerged talking to you and child, i'll cow, or the shots you are counsel uni. so that means you toss will be goosey. i'll tell ya, cut off his controlling behavior escalated to me. but one night while i was a few minutes late arriving at his place, he became suspicious about where she had been and reacted brutally plano, shin, l o e surance elliott shall or to others among dollars on her. a home in color. your book here. you're sure that i would see the ocean could ting? oh, hold bowler. sure. had you tell him, hey, how are you doing? quite old on she should, i should do your cli off. rama will assure you that with our dry dollar and it tell you about toward allah or sh altura was sure joel
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yan de 12 on a made johan job, 2 foot tall closet with ours. j b a would have to be a new router. and as a sure teacher, that that whole what else does that household manager talk that hello, tony talking, charge the old dive out, drop and i love her legal boards. their whole all will push in hornets. you will fancied the comment, your shoe, when will each so if i talking to you, didn't you? you one hand you the old couldn't city out offered us your house. sherry's, i'd shirley has low trump mommy latasha. now hold or you can handle any mail. you my hunch, and i to judge whom to norman, call you the a camera, your position where la jumped into attack. see, but her boyfriend chased her down and pulled her out. she only escaped when a couple passing by stepping to help lisa to halter. knew that he knew her them how you love him?
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yes. when you came down for it all to which is a little to lose was the did hope i took however out that comment angel, our job bower. so not a long pony bench. now brown with had to our, to the and she, she's what told hold our paddle, we'll turn would the she and she should sorta and cash logic. job job title did a woman lat pole, vocal. oh, shoot, a brown. will she john the door? oh jenny tallman, fennel good on that unit, alicia body tunnel tilbury alicia, bali puddled away should had her era. who should had you though? but i shall go with h le johnson to strategic camille national feel. would you the jamal or do you to do it? him up to peanut go or daniel or whole whittier ha ha ha ha ichi unit. the
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shadow ratio over there hawk went out to haut hollow fellows had just the orchard about our of you were i shannon out or you did with ideas advantages. tom weigh total, interested all what's with an i vision one hour and down up you will going to sort city asleep on the oba vandella power. we see a lot with album speeds m as in we answered your power, which we sat down to the she doesn't with only a wish. it all with her dad. you them you will want danny? sure will you made me out as well. ah, john, ah, well, what was it in? uh huh. you know johnny cigarette on jerry center. it's a wish it was empty. or point you to go to one you wish somebody had her? oh, mail, mail parking crease. sure you from little but he had her. she does or your coach and how young is to dallas hudson will you should. you should ashes on
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such stories of domestic abuse have had an impact all over china. they've even resonated with perpetrators themselves after 4 years of abuse grew ways why filed for divorce. it came as a shock to him and he feared he might lose his son too. or when his or her connor go or was that i was i'm entry too much at him. bonnie: she turned off. we are trying to shadow on her so do judgment. colleges and the gods. roger b jamika. this all to how you got entire canada. jessica, that's all fine. got you up here. john. gore. fine job. what you so this whole search under and go from border is year to got me muted. jackson, touching far, no garcia, you bought a box off of the young. she story was featured in this documentary and seeing her plight changed to ways, mind country, and on this year to garnish the johnson as or what your, what you can i so i did,
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she did us audio john dollar. we were one year, so dreaded on support under edition with jobs. so when is the her jaw file for sharon, you eager cushion your, why would you put a loss in your walk? let you know how the net, when i see here, you were to go. she knew to his body, i jotted on, you were shared to a tray, a patient with that. michelle, she knew nozzler foreseeable were full law her when you want to go bullied psychologist t m been works with a china white ribbon volunteer network. the organization which helped grew way turn over a new leaf better that you and all her sheer, a tier 2 and i seen that he alone lay a chair, social agenda for new party, the down the go handle. we are this into the machine a fortune, a total needle. deleon, i'm good. you can push the button rubashaw one and lung gall
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duncan gordon machine. it's jojo hammer short on the gyla shirley tissue to the lead out nature 20 seem to have kingdom. sure fit for it. i was seal under j r b a c h was a lost shirt. the way that we're seeing newly that on was as you there? yes, yes, off allergic, i've been central now and only the door. why griffin has tried different approaches to educate men on how to respect women, including a men's virtue class at all. unless i have punches on that the financial holler. thanks so much. i owe for tina i said if english and ian. okay, the machine in silica issues there, but i will tell them on fund ticker funding, which would hold that, thought, sure. they just go massena. hi, sure chic uh fine. seems as you full way than shing the sink. it kinda issue to say how many days admins as you have was uses of getting you the ladies. oh goodness. do you, how can i say one more chinese rapidly?
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i now stage name lee grew up in a firmly plagued by domestic violence. as a child, he frequently witnessed his father, brutally beating up his mother. in his soul, released in 2019, he recounted his painful childhood memories. how gonna say a sions, ard and awards? i was on plant india, 100 ohms, you know, we just was shy. you sort of a changing so long. hon rounds here is young obama, james honda by it is a hotel. i thought all she says about the answering. it's a long way whenever it is on via they shot or 2. they always her to sing. all honda doesn't do modern soon. i'm trans also age. i'm switching tyler, rollins, giovanni, you all on time. alma joshua jones was, you know,
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need on genie do will, while i saw how humans aunts will dina sanitizer natal, i'm for holly. why you some so, so her and i saw legal such i like many others who grow up with domestic violence. liang now is insecure. when making friends or starting relationship or canal erase, also whole has all she has on the form. what i that each all yours your teens, hung was a for, they knew body longsol. so it was a way of her non true how, what humble ways or shoe way seed wrong, why she all way up until the war to the a single man shine. now liang our hopes to use his skills as an entertainer to showing light on the repercussions of domestic violence through his
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song go away, is now divorced, but he keeps in touch with his ex wife. they live in the same area and take turns carrying for the 9 year old song. pilots, little not what you can call her at your time. hello. i was law papasan had a moment run them over to her pony. mamma will about what did you know, concerns lady lona link. i told her a whole new ball. sure to go and shoot you a reminder on her and you can purchase award and that you were were schanzer cost us a just when you book a walk out, you had to go just a few months. again, that's in tart, oak auto body touching it to hide. so we'll w job title. what the body does. it's a girl. she does. she does somewhat off watching with a few changes or what he is sometimes just a you each year to her body. the trenton, normal washing that would you send us the odds? are you thinking now she even not her and the taco bell,
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where i tell her to log on to thunder. how quick we issued awkward alicia po honda to go polly digestion which is awesome. i kinda wish into that jesus washout loan. so she apologized that he tried to knock, that would have been that you central, but in germany's capital, there is a barber like no other than what it is to have them for my mark basra cross with you. but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the master barber of berlin and says europe on al jazeera planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26th climate summit. al jazeera showcase
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is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witness screen films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people empower us, why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us out as they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera stories that need to be toll. find a way these are my babies. my student witness. showcase is
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inspiring documentary that changed the world on al jazeera. ah oh, i some claims responsibility for fridays bomb its hudson. is she a most skin cell than i've got his own? at least 41 people on killed. ah. hello money inside. this is out, is there a line from dough also coming up? 7 activists in hong kong. i was sentenced to prison for that role in last year's july. first protests that the government says most illegal police, the one to terrorism investigation enough to push.


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