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staying pace, deconstruct the media analysis era, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is broke and progress in indonesia now. ah ah, you watching out 0, your top story so far hill than usa protest is
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a gathering incidence capital to mon grates representation in governments. they've made up their made up of an alliance of om groups and opposition. members, the home secretary has ordered a security review after the killing of the m p. david amos, the prime minister, has helped tributes alongside the leader of the opposition, british police to describing the stabbing as a terrorist incident. and the afghan taliban is promising to increase security at she mosques off to another major attack, funerals are being held in kandahar following a bombing on friday. the killed at least 48 people i sold in. afghanistan has claimed responsibility. let's get more alma joining us now. and the user is oma some obs. he's a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council and former afghan ambassador to france and canada. he joins us on skype from washington. d. c. o summit. welcome back to the new south. his part of the issue here. the difficult issue for the
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taliban. the unpredictable element of what i soul is apparently doing now. well, that's part of it, peter. yes, not only the political nature of these terrorist attacks where one or 2 or 3 suicide bombers attack and then you and then you have havoc. and for in the scenes we saw that the few days ago and conduce now in come to hearts and to target being the has our community over harnessed on which raises questions as to what motivates who may be behind it is i show ice is just a brand or. ready is it actually part of a planning an agenda to create these kinds of situations, all of all who now are in charge of security and who are facing challenges. so there are a lot of questions that need to be investigated. something that hasn't really happened on for many years and hoping that the top one will have the means to do so
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. i so does seem to be well resourced. it seems to be planning this pretty successfully in the context of what they want to achieve given that might this and stress the word might. might this be heading towards a situation that we might be labeling as a civil war in say, a year or 2? well that may be it purpose behind these attacks to create a sectarian tensions and i financed on it hasn't worked for the past 20 years has already been she has been targeted other community we've been targeted at his cheeks and hindus as well. men and women, children civilian soft targets, hopefully and they are fun. people are not going to go back to a single war situation. and it's all about going to do what they have to do if they're in charge at the same time. you know, i want to start as
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a victim of geography and history, geo politics, you economics. and there are tensions within our honda start. their fault lines within one histone. anyone can take advantage of those 4 lines and therefore trends in the region and beyond. in anyone, any country or any state or non state actor can take advantage of these weaknesses that exist and honest i. so i think it's very important that we put everything in context and that they figure out exactly who is behind this, how they can do this and that they can be brought to justice or they can be eliminated. so that i can find some level of stability. part of that context though, surely is what the taliban is trying to achieve. we've seen the taliban indo ha, having talks essentially signaling to the outside world work with us. we've seen the ton of been in turkey signaling to the outside world,
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work with us just in the past few days with the un secretary general saying, look, we need to come up with some novel financing here so that we can get money floating into the african economy, so the taliban has to be seen to be getting a lid on this year. yes. well i thought about are in control the responsible for security and for making sure that i found all or know they just start inherited re back situation. of course, we all know that the coffers were empty. international community pros ask and assets, and now the population is facing is am and as well as security challenges and talking about are going around there in those back today. and the next few days, you'll be in moscow where they will be many other countries who will gather to listen to them and they will have to listen to the international community. so i think we're moving toward
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a situation where the tolerable and have not being recognized. you're upset about that or we see and there are other forces they're taking advantage of this situation. what needs to happen is that most autonomy need to recognize what it means to govern and to be effective, and to make sure that they satisfy the demand in the expectations at the national community. and in return, the national community has to step in and do what's possible in on is done to prevent the collapse. so i'm back to the thank you so much miss. i'm not talking to us again out of washington. thank you. millions of people displaced by decades of war and ghana stone are increasingly concerned by the countries and stability those living and make shift camps via they may have to stay longer. i shall borrow as this exclusive report from mazata sharif. my 100, as lamb doesn't have much time before winter arrives. he wants to complete his new mud brick house of bisk on the outskirts of the afghan city of mazata chevy. the
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father of mine, children says they could no longer live in the small towns erected when the 1st arrived here from a neighboring village. my name is on my them. this is home now at lease. i feel safe buy house was destroyed in the war. so the camp has become my home and my children's future, make them close. as winter approaches, families become anxious, food supplies have shrunk, and aid has nearly stopped. the few international agencies that have looked after the displaced us struggling to bring aid into afghanistan. most of the border crossings with neighboring countries are closed, and ad deliveries are restricted bacardi pocket. he, all these people are jobless and they cannot afford to buy food and most have been living in tents for months. it's getting cold and people are starting to worry about their future. this school was recently built by an
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n g o for teachers and students. it offers an escape from life, beset by conflict and destruction. armies are harrison unlike the cam, because i don't want to go back to my village. this know where to lift gate. a house was destroyed. i feel safe here. sarah and her family have sought refuge here . she says her house in condos was destroyed and her relatives were killed. she doesn't want to go back, but this isn't the place where she wants to spend her life either. mister glen. yeah, they're going on that, isn't it? i'm not that my to, to get cold at night and some of them is sick. i don't have money to buy food. if only i had a place where we can live in dignity, thousands of people, half leather villages in northern afghanistan, many of them, and it up living here. traumatized by a war that has shattered lives and separated millions from their families. for decades, refugees, and those displaced by war were told it was just
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a matter of time before they could get back home. now, many are still living in camps, and some are now married with children, the promise of resettlement and a permanent shelter will always delayed by war and instability. to day millions of afghan refugees and internally displaced may still have to wait and hope that one day that we have a place to call home. hash marbella al jazeera, on the outskirts of missouri sheriff. 7 activists in hong kong have been sentenced to prison for their roles and pro democracy protest. last year. their sentences range between 6 and 12 months. they had been accused of inciting, others to take part in unauthorized assemblies. roper bride has more from hong kong . there were a total of 7 defendants in court, found guilty of the charge of inciting others to take part in an illegal assembly. now, this dates back to a protest on july 1st of last year, which is traditionally
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a day of protest here in hong kong at the anniversary of hong kong handover back to chinese rule. but it came at the height of the kobe 19. pandemic were restrictions were in force to stop people gathering in numbers. so this was in contravention of that 5 of the defendants arrived hearing court in prison bands. they were already behind bogged. some of them denied fail, others already serving length the prison sentences for. busy their policy and other demonstrations last year, and they gave before sentences that will now be extended in some cases with the handing down of these sentences of between 6 and 12 months. 2 of the defendants were out on bail. they arrived at this court in the one chide district of hong kong to be greeted by supporters. there was some chanting, some speeches as they went in. one of the defendants jenkins seeing is a very well known activist. his nickname is the ball. he was not optimistic about his chances. he was not optimistic about hong kong. chances give him what is
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perceived here as the restrictions in free speech in the last couple years or come today and been sent to jail because of the freedom of speech or home congress or finding themselves in this prison without them or chrissy or freedom built by the judges and the government pro democracy group say the situation is deteriorated very quickly, especially since the introduction of the national security law in july of last year . given that it now covers so many possible offences such as succession subversion, colluding with foreign entities. all things which they say can be so broadly interpreted. now the chief executive carry lamp the prob, aging pro, administration a group, some parties here. so it's thanks to this law that a sense of normalcy has returned sanity now prevails once more in hong kong, they say, and it is true that there are no longer riots on the streets via bomb sub boys
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stations being trashed. but according to many people here, it is come with a terrible cost for hong kong in terms of the rolling back of many of the freedoms that they used to enjoy and basically ending up with an emasculated city. what's expected to be nasa's longest and most extensive mission has blasted off from florida. 3 to one lift off. lucy will be the 1st spacecraft to study jupiter's ancient trojan asteroids. it'll take 12 years and cover more than 6000000000 kilometers. it aims to help explain the formation of the solar system and one of the asteroid threats to us here on earth. let's talk to tiny harrison a fellow at the outer space institute. she joins us from washington on skype. tanya, great to talk to you again. so this is a drive by this isn't go there and pick up some food, why they decided to do it in that way. it takes
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a lot of fuel to be able to actually slow down enough to or bit anything in the solar system. and this way, we can also study more at multiple bodies with a single mission, so it's going to fly through not only the main built of asteroids, which i think most people are familiar with the asteroid belt that hangs out between mars and jupiter. but we also get to visit eyes 7 different trojan asteroids, and a few of these are even binary asteroids, so we get 2 for the price of $1.00. so in total, depending on how you count them, this mission gets to visit 12 different bodies close up by doing this fly by approach instead of trying to go into orbit of a single body. ok, briefly. sorry, tonya. assume i'm completely stupid. here was a binary asteroid. i so if you have to astro that or orbiting each other eyes like an astro does a little moon or 2 asteroids that just kind of hang out together. right. ok, thanks for that. good. okay, i'm not stupid as i was 30 seconds ago, but how do they decide the 12 asteroids that they fly by?
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i mean there are more than 12. so how have they chosen those individual things to target? in the trojans alone, there are about $10000.00 separate asteroids, and it's really a case of orbital dynamics. you know, when you're picking when you want to launch your mission, which asteroids are available to you and which ones are representative of multiple types of asteroids? so in the trojans there's 3 different main types, and so in the 7 systems that they're going to orbit or sorry that they're way to fly by in the trojans. these give us kind of a representative sample of what all 3 main types of the children asteroids look like. why would nasa think that these asteroids are dangerous, at this particular time, or, or potentially at some point in the future? because if they've been kind of floating around, but lockton g o stationary orbit around the planet, why would they all of a sudden then turn into being a risk. fos. that's
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a great question. so you'll have asteroids that kind of hang out in these stable places for a while, but the orbits of the planets are changing around them. and so every once in a while, you get this gravitational interaction between mars and jupiter. that can fling asteroids from the main belts, or even some of the chosen asteroids toward the inner part of the solar system. and so we really want to understand the characteristic of these bodies, so that if we're going to design missions to try to combat these, either change their orbits or blow them up into smaller pieces so that we're not dealing with one gigantic asteroid, head toward earth. we get a better understanding of how we can deal with them. near space is clearly a location that an awful lot of countries around the world want to get to in the next 5 or 10 years. i'm thinking about the u. e. israel india, china. they're thinking about putting somebody, putting something on the moon. nasa is going way, way out there. they're thinking about mazda thinking about jupiter. is this nasa proudly kind of signaling to everyone else down here on terra firma?
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look, we're still the big boys of interplanetary exploration. i'm not sure that's an intentional effort on their part. nasa has been doing d space exploration, which in terms of space generally means anything beyond the moon for decades at this point. and i think it's more a matter of this is something that nasa is still uniquely suited to do in terms of the budget and the resources that they have available compared to other space agencies. but we're seeing a lot of international activity happening at mars now, which we hadn't seen before this year even. and so i don't think it'll be long before we see countries like china and the u. e. expanding into deeper space mission sued jupiter and beyond. ok, tanya, always an informative pleasure having you a contribution on these stories here on the news. i great talk to again. thank you so much. tony harrison talking to was from dc 3 chinese astronauts have successfully docs at china's 1st permanent space station. the crew will spend
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6 months working on the new platform the longest any of the countries astronauts have spent in or bits. the 1st section called t. m. he launched in april. this mission will focus on testing the living quarters as the 2nd of 4 flights to complete the space station which china hopes to complete by the end of next year. us the new zealand governments as old a one off nationwide vaccination dates trying to get as many people immunized against cubic 19 as they possibly can. the country had been lauded for its handling of the pandemic, but the vaccine rollouts has been slow and is now struggling to contain an outbreak of the delta variant his way in hay. ah, it was called super saturday and was designed to entice new zealanders to get vaccinated against coven. 19 the goal was to administer 100000 doses in one day, which was easily surpassed machine gun hard to form its on. and i have just made really lazy, marietta se differently. hubs. why modest isn't?
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yeah. as coven cases rise mainly in the larger city, oakland giveaways and gimmicks will use to persuade people to receive defies a jab, including a vaccination st. her sit up on an unusual and plane, there was particular focus on pacific island and indigenous multi communities with vaccination rates, a lower than others. overall, jezzlyn wants to have 90 percent of the eligible population immunized. it was 62 percent before super saturday at the beginning of the pandemic museum and adopted an elimination strategy. and for the most part it's been successful. but at the same time, it's fallen behind much of the rest of the world when it comes to vaccinations and with delta probably here to stay. the government is now racing to catch up. in the meantime, there are concerns the outbreak of the delta variant could get out of control. oakland is still largely locked down, but the government has abandoned its elimination strategy. the numbers continued to
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rise in the australian state of victoria to with almost 2000 new cases, confirmed on saturday and 7 debts, including a 15 year old. but next week the state government says stay at home, orders will be lifted. if the vaccination rate reaches 70 percent over $5000000.60 victorians are now released 1st, those vaccinated. that means that i jaded half percent of the over 16 population. i'm has now had her 1st dose and 64.3 percent of had the 2nd dose restrictions are also being eased in many asian countries including vietnam, where people can dine and restaurants for the 1st time in months. but the new freedoms are having a negative effect on the manufacturing industry cove at 19 locked downs and hoshi men, city many, many factories that supply some of the world's biggest brands couldn't operate. now that they can, they don't have enough work is because many have left the city to return to their home provinces. the government estimates more than 2000000 may leave dealing
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another sit back to vietnam's economy and the global supply chain. wayne, hey, al jazeera toner, music and still come here on the music for you. another sensational stripe from liverpool, egyptian maestro bull highlights coming up when we come back. ah, the glamour of hollywood in an unlikely place. normal pool, you know, as a panel done in brazil. my think internally with my mother here she was brilliant. britain was here again physics. there's a lot of love and affection and respect over the morocco. people. a world away from mom by a nation has taken indian cinema too. it's hot out as we were well reveals the color and passion of morocco's hollywood dream. it's the world's. 2 most populous democracy,
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diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous scene. context, india dixon. in that look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me feel that those are for context, india coming soon. and eyes is either lou. ah, welcome back time for the sports news we've been joined by far. peter. thank you so much. liverpool are back on top of the premier league for a few hours at least following a 5 know hammering of watford. this was claudia ranieri,
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1st game in charge. watford ranieri famously lead last year to the league title in 2016. liverpool took an early mohammed felon finding a manet combining with scorn. that was the senegalese strikers 100 premier league gold issues. brazilian forward reverted for media went on to score a hack trick. saw delivered another storming individual goal as livable when i went to point clear of chelsea play later on saturday. it's obviously not about me else or whatever to say who is that? who is the best for me? he's the best. i see him every day. that makes it maybe more easy for me, but they're all miss living dorski all their stuff like this said melbourne, all those things scoring like crazy, messy. am still putting all performances on world class level. so, but they all these kind of things and others will come,
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but yes and this moment. who's for sure. on top of that list. soon as the antenna star owns deborah has missed out on a place that the indian wells final jibber was beaten in straight sets by spain's paula dosage. to her had been one of the informed players on the tour with 48 winds . the season she still said to make history on monday when she'll become the 1st hour player to be ranked inside the world to top 10. this when for but osa has set up the biggest final of her career a. it's an amazing feeling. they still can. i believe that i'm in the final hearing was they say that's like the 1st grand slam. so i but i always said it was the level it, it started on. so for me to believe able to be in a final on this a little bit so. so we'll take on former world number one, victoria as a rank in the final. the 2 time grand slam champion came from a sat down to beat elena auster panko as a rancor as amy's. again,
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the 1st player to win this title 3 times every tournament, even though you come back to the same places and bit of a different story. and i don't really take that experience into like you can. let's really care with care that that's an invisible thing. but i think the most important is to really have the same approaches i've been having a whole week is to stay consistent, stay discipline in my matches. and that's what i'm looking for. it is the last bush of the season. so i'm going to do my best. while the men semi final draw has an unfamiliar look, the leading seeds of fail to make it through. well, number 3, stefano sets of his was beaten in the quarter finals. the greek player losing out to the unseated george and nicholas special. ashby lee and 3 fat olympic champion, alexanders of rab had a day to forget. the german got off to
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a good start and took the 1st sets in his match against a tailor. fred's, the american whose rank 3rd, the 9th in the world, thought back to level a match. and they decided, managed to survive to match points for going on to claim the win solely the 2nd time for him to beaten the play around. inside the was 5. was close to winning but you know, the level of tennis was just not quite there for me, but i mean, credits him. he played a great match. he deserves to minutes. i miss. and i mean today mentally is not another you for me. oh, mine is getting ready to seize its place in the sporting spotlight. the country is set to stage the teacher when a cricket world cup. oman is coast hosting the tournaments alongside the united arab emirates. the event was originally set to be held in india, but the location was switched due to the cobra. 1900 pandemic house play, pop one,
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new guinea and the opening match on sunday. bangladesh will then take on scotland and we spoke to the man in charge of money, cricket about the work that's being done to prepare we had no public stands. we had no facilities for spectators. and we've had to create something and we have no media box. we had no press for some of these. so we've created a media, sand press boxes, 24 corporate units, and about 4000 spectator. see thing. so quite amount of quite a large amount of infrastructure has as has been moved. i think it's so well, time in the sense that we were just about to embark on, our ross shoots development program. and this will do a world of good and considering the fact that even local sports channel is going to live coveted and all the 6 games that are being being hosted over here. that itself
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will do us. a lot of good. these last rose had taken game, one of their playoff series against boston red sox, red sox pitcher heroku kazi, was samara, was making his post season debut. and he had a tough outing. martin maldonado on the receiving end of one of his wilder pitches and finished by 4 to the astros game. 2 of the series is coming out, but later this saturday long with the dodgers versus the braves and game, one of the national league championship series of the results. we stay in the moment. you know, you, when you turn to pay, as you prepare for tomorrow, you lose, you turn to pay as you prefer for tomorrow. so they, they've done an amazing job since they one of the season, you know, and i, i joke with that, but it's truth. and i, we, we lost the 3, the 1st 3 games of the season to, to baltimore and, and only fell like game 4 against tampa was to see them, to be honest with you. so we've been living like this for, for a while. so i will be ready for tomorrow. and just before we go,
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an update from the premier league lester have just defeated manchester united for to while man city beat burnley to now. okay. thank rita. laura, thank you so much more news been about 2 minutes. was hulu . mm hm. in the country with an abundance of resources, right? already won indonesia, his firms for me, we moved full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy re to create quality jobs through invest. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in the media. now, a $115000000.00 traits disappeared every year in say, the clothing that we all wear from up cycling to say the forest. the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans law to conserving the world's dwindling wetlands. 3 of the 8th worlds, global bird migration white intersect right? where we are basically discovered a treasure try it is one of the most special wetlands on the plan. and i, for ice ecosystems, the light on al jazeera, stay propaganda, media, censorship, and the rise of all of their italian rule. you wake up one day, this system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian shame. i looked at the love of power in hungary,
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in the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us. but we have to be very careful of course, and we have to be brave enough to support that question how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. sentimental have you take, it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel to years. ah ah, a she is more there dead in the kandahar mosque lost the toner by on promises to step up security with the minority community in afghanistan. ah, look in on piece, adobe. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. the west crisis
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of su dawn's transition, a warning from the countries prime minister, a small protests, a colt. there is a review.


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