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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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into a competitive a look at the loss of power in home, very early in the experiences of those who live in every day. but he's a pretty shuttle us. we have to be very careful, of course, have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera lou. hello, i'm marianne massey in london. a quick look at the headlines now. a taliban is pledging to step up security at she a mosque soft in the 2nd major attack against worshipping in a week. a mass funeral has been held in kandahar following a bomb attack on friday, which is now known to have killed 65 people and wounded more than a 100. i still has claimed responsibility. stephanie deka is in cobble. kandahar is
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police chief vowing to increase security with special police units at chia mosques across kandahar. this attack claim by i so significant in the sense of the 1st of its kind in kandahar kandahar is the birthplace, the stronghold of the taliban. and i'm really what we're seeing over the last couple of weeks is an increase in pace and increase in geographical scope in these attacks. initially, they were more centered around dallas, about in the east of the country. they moved to cobble moving to couldn't do in the north. and now in the south, in kandahar we've also noticed it here in the sense of the taliban beefing up security. we went round a couple of the ministries to day and the security procedures were tighter and different than before. as the fighting continues and northern ethiopia, hunger is also gripping the region. millions of people have been displaced by the conflict emanating from ted grind, children suffering from severe malnourishment. rest of area is on the blockade by the federal government. and the u. n says just 14 percent of much needed aid has
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made it through since june. thousands of demonstrators of rally near the presidential pottis' and cartoon as so dawn grapples with its biggest political crisis since the ousting of president bashir of prime minister says it's causing the country's west crisis in its transition to civilian. we'll talk to about 2. i would not be exaggerating if i said this political crisis is the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition and even threatens our entire country and warns of a terrible evil. this is due to the deep splits among civilians and among the military as well as between the civilians and the military. and a new crew has arrived at china's 1st permanent space station during that 6 month stay. the 3 chinese astronauts will install equipment and prepare the station for further expansion. it's the 2nd a full missions needed to complete the station. algae there. well,
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a nation in santa. that's what the hell, let's be you helene d r m m m m c can a border the can it be a see me, melissa. belabor. a heineken. how not indiana control now? yeah, he's a senior issue, a new general, good job. all right, we are sorry to keep an eye so many people can go sorry to keep track of the consortia now, which i now wish that was you can fellowship nasa, but she got a mcdaniels with
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a car. thank ah, the had it was it will be very little so hateful. a hint or bon bait dinner next. at the hunch. cow. carbon. yes, there's
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a wife. i saw elvis co off down to reconnect the chemical bond thing that i had just put it less. you can hand me a long time on the close the oh me if you had already you from the hands, where are we going my session of see the project that only fission pittsville higher search hasn't been new. i think there are so many story that we hear about morocco 1st, that comes to my mind. definitely my friend of mine who is from morocco and in bombay. she's. she's a representative for morocco for me, because she tells me about her uncle about the food there, about the indians there also about the beautiful places that one should visit the.
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and she insists that i should with morocco in the coming years from now. the nice when heard him, jim, what are be hand but he he'll hang again. jack missouri. i remember when he became the 2nd bell at all, came lubricant secondino. mr. dot from total missouri. bugging me live to gain lee . we know how to manage. hm. how your la mattress we handle. many had you can there she has her plan. when bed miss i better she told me i had going to take the buy food line. oh no, it's no one else had she he or rocky saw rocky, some jazz r o e c o b o o i didn't
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say i o seen the india. so if her senior met adam. yeah. when i came the scene, maybe you all are holding me in a world that adams why didn't reason venue matalin, submit a little metal and seen him korean, will you on the scene from then came feeling a do come. i mean the alarm, what are we can what is your money been lee and do what had less needed. camille, senior 1000000 view of value to the incentive region money became a carmel and what the somebody be some about me and he came there. i can't hold on seaman, and if so, cinnamon, what have you? should the jim i committed me to hell you from?
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who said may of corona cause 40 to turn to us? ah, a little that it is disaffected, and i'm not sure but that i think that's it. but dr. jimmy didn't disco dancer, she's had to think his math conscientiousness off with him a starting to look ah, with so many nuts. and he would also be to see them in the a clue and a know we did. a lot of the film will go off if you don't feel just like is jessie maiden. yes. is nanette um is affiliated with us or cindy, give carrying woodward halik. i'm gonna say you had roughly 900. okay. so how do is get actually highlight sure. was it harder because they couldn't most of us 0. well, bassetti our, well it will, it will work to will of some of the up i just come in can in any she and not that
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she can utilize only cash or he does. he did yoshika for you. financial stability, coordination only was any thought pushed out for less money will have just air. well, if a human well, if it was a lot you could look in had a hold of her does not or it is you can be much of money, but of misery. to for a few minutes of su, yetter any l had hold or had near smith's dominion, it's commodity. if the legend give the dane one 0, i need those muslims, you. i mean, in an integer to cinema,
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univision of young woman. vini has seen him in india, i forget, had another, another lou henley's madelo amelion vini ha, in marriage, and s f, as in the csr. awesome, yeah. you do them audio, anakin, and pill academy in wyoming. my regina's while she had medicine, rakish liddy, could remar, ma'am, in any learn. lou, julia sims, you've seen him in india. you had a minute for them. ok, so let us when marie viola she had called miss ellen as well. he nod, we're feeling that it's a girl z. if you can, i mean we'll talk a hand with
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a handy will you like it to india method. okay. it'll hold. busy a lot of a lot to level blog level to waive a anyway, i had to wait lately will leave you with that feeling the way the holy. what a mess will have been seeing him
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with like i said, i'm really thankful to the people there. morocco and all they've shown us great love, great affection, great respect. thank you. i had a seabrook in december, rob, but it is so shocking in it is such a big surprise that indian villains, you know so far away from you. traditionally and culturally so far and you know, yet you people have, you know, embraced as you. people have given us so much a love just to lagrangian phones. i mean the proof, it was last night, you know, when i went to the premier student of the year, there were thousands of people just standing in the cord standing and seeing the film in total silence. i mean, this shows how it engine venza in captured an enraptured a d. audiences. so that's it is the magic of cinema. you know, it's not only indians in my,
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the magical organs of ah ah ah ah ah ah, it didn't matters english for the little girl that was issued a religion which ah
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ah ah ah ah ah. 6 ah, a small closed middle east and community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years
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. with a population under threat. when men outnumber women $3.00 to $1.00, out as they are well meet the man who decided to break with tradition and married foreign women. samaritan weddings signed sealed, delivered on out his era. ah, how low there. there's lots of fine and dry weather to be found across australia. and it's looking more settled in the south east now that those storms have rolled
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off away from places like new south wales. and victoria with a lot of sunshine come in, the temperatures here are picking up over the days to come, but it's going to get wetter. for parts of queens and brisbin is going to the thunderstorms come into play by the time we get into monday and the wet weather will pull in. so perth, by the time we get into choose day, you can see that system moving its way east. now, more centrally on up in the north, it is looking a lot finer and dryer. a lot of heat coming through the alice springs. if we look at the 3 day, by the time we get to choose, they were going to be touching 40 degrees celsius. now as we hope across the tasman see to new zealand, a lot of that warmth we seem in the south of the south island is going to be blown out by this weather system. that sweeps and warnings out for heavy rain, for strong winds, and a bit of a wintry mix that's coming into play along the west as we go into monday, is going to shifts in the north island, pushing through, leaving some showers behind. but it will start to dry up and as we move to southeast asia, it's looking very well indeed for parts of indo china, in particular for vietnam,
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from the remnants of that tropical storm that to weather update. ah,
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a ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i am marianne wise, a while come to the news. our life from london coming up as victims from friday's bombing in kandahar a lay to rest. the death toll rises to 65. a taliban is pledging to step up


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