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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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sing with joy kissing each other, and algeria, she listened or she knew as if the indo chinese that managed to beat the french army. why not die? the decline continues an episode to of blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah 1300 hours gmc here on al jazeera, come all santa maria. welcome to the new south fighting as intensified in yemen. the saudi led coalition claims its killed, around a 160 who. the rebels and the mayor of
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paris paced tributes to the victims of the french massacre rep algerian, 60 years ago. but the calls for a formal apology continue these 19 people killed in landslides and floods. this is in the indian state of caroline and pet tightens living near a child care center, sparking debate of south africa's wildlife loss was a new space frontier. a russian film crew returns after shooting segments of the 1st movie in orbit. and in for the international olympic committee, had felt that plans to say to more regular woke up the ice. he says footballs. govern, embodies putting money ahead of sport. ah, hello rumors starting in yemen, the sour where the saudi latoya lucian says it's killed at least a 160 hootie fighters in marty province. the rebels have denied those claims though
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dozens of air strikes were launched in support of government forces. trying to push back the hoody fighters last month. they renewed their offensive to capture that province. priyanka group to has the details in this report. in yemen, 7 years civil war, the guns have rarely fallen silent. now, a fierce battle for control was being waged to the northeast, who the rebels are fighting to capture married. the oil rich province is the jamini government's last strong hold in the north of to weeks of siege and fighting duties, se then circling and capturing more areas, including a strategic gateway to wire up city and parts of neighboring shop where province. but beloved mother hal is merely a areas of 3200 square kilometers. hundreds of the mercenaries had been killed and wounded, including elements from arcada and iso, and many weapons have been seized. the armed forces salute the role of the tribes of marin and chub,
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law and people of both provinces against the aggressors. the armed forces will continue the liberation of more territories. he saw the about him, the government forces and their ally tribal fighters are pushing back with dozens of airstrikes and a ground offensive. and married is basically the last northern stronghold that the many government has as far as they're concerned, be, cannot afford to lose matter because that would mean and they're losing their switching and nausea man. and should the hope she, you have a significant piece deal. and actually allows with some level of the power share with the hershey movement. they cannot afford to lose that region of yemen because that would mean essentially losing control over natural resources that would allow for the her see to basically claim to have a completely independent living eman. mario already house hundreds of thousands of displaced people from across yemen. the un says thousands more have been displaced
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by the fighting in the province in the last month. a seizure by who sees it stopping humanitarian aid and critical medical supplies from reaching those who need them. the un is urging both sides, still are safe passage for civilians and 8 workers. but so far, those calls have been ignored. bianca gupta altogether also the news and the ask on interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools. only been herded to attend primary school since the taliban takeover male students and teachers were allowed to go back. in late september, stephanie decker's interviewed the afghan interior ministry spokesperson and cobble indicated that it was imminent. re that girls in secondary school and universities and their teachers, female teachers would be returning very soon. this is something that we've been hearing from the talib on since they took power, that yes, they would return, but it's going to take time. and of course, i've taking a toll on a lot of the girls. they want to go back to school. they want to continue their
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studies. and it's also, you know, one of the demands of the international community for the taliban to protect and safeguard the rights of girls and women to go to school and to work. but we also discussed other issues with him security. i started off by asking him what the impact was, not the taliban needs to govern this country. it is no longer an insurgency. what the impact was of the international community was holding those millions of dollars of much needed aid here. and this is what he had to say was that was what are the 2 aspects effected? first is running the system. and the 2nd one is the ordinary life of the people run . it can have a bad impact on the ordinary citizens because i'm going to need help in the economic sector and other areas due to withholding this money the oven community and the business men are suffering with the injury. motzinger. i asked him about recent reports that secondary schools for girls will be opening imminently. the kick off us time will be given by the ministry of education from my understanding
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and information in a very short time. all the newest is and schools will be reopened. and all the girls and women will return to school and their teaching. josh, or both of the mover. many people remain terrified of the taliban. there is no trust. i tell him what is being done to address that. he tells us amnesty has been granted to everyone are monitoring their fighters and have opened a complain telephone line, other to the who are those people who are seeing the who have already left or have a plan to leave. we are giving them assurances that you are the people of this country, sons of this country, that come and work for this country unless built this country and they slamming emeralds together. but trust takes time to be re built, known time will prove whether the taliban will deliver on their promises. one gentleman i was talking to works as a civil servant under the taliban government. now, because a lot of the old guard having to be off the ministries, because the taliban fighters, they simply don't have that kind of experience saying that he hadn't been paid his
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salary in 6 months. and he said that things have never been so desperate. so yes, on the one hand, many people remain, you know, very questionable, and skeptical and scared of the type of bond. but the other side of it is that people will tell you that it's the economy. that is something that is making them want to leave this country. let's look at lebanon, where there are calls for rallies in the capital to mock 2 years. since the start of major protests against the government, demonstrators are also planning to gather at the bay report of course, the site of last year's massive explosion. jamaila shale is with us from beirut today. couple of hours since we last spoke. what's actually eventuated then? well not much really, aside from the weather changing, it's now raining here and come out. there's only been a handful of people and by hand for that is probably the most accurate assessment of it that have gathered in the streets. it's very small out of maybe 1015 people. i do this are you who started marching towards marchers square. as you
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mentioned, there it is a true your anniversary. those protests were protest, not just against the government, but in fact, against the entire political system. they wanted to move away from the sectarian system that has been governing 7 on for decades through one that was more civic in its nature about 2 years on. and they actually love it seems a lot more secure, sectarian than it has for a number of years. and we saw that point over those protests on or the fighting, rather on thursday where there was a protest by the movement. supporters as well as husband supports the she r block against the judge who is responsible for the investigation and the deadly a roots law. the ports over roughly about a year ago, they were upset some anger. the judge had called upon or some, and their ministers and not to minister from other effects and march through the streets 7, their supporters were killed. then transpire is actually the lebanese army,
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probably the only states institution, which is somewhat intact in what is all but a fail safe to come out. but it was one of the lebanese soldiers of the army that actually fired 1st, and that's added a lot more fuel to the fire here. that being said, these protests have been called to mark 2 years. it's very unlikely you're going to see more than a handful people at martin square. whether that is because of the weather, whether it is because it's such a tense situation, whether it's because so many lebanese have actually just lost hold for a late to united nations. sophistic come out 74 percent of revenue live on or under the poverty line. a lot of people who fled the country left the country, 2 years of protests and still instead of things getting better, they have gotten worse. when you speak to a lot of people, really they, they see the situation as a hopeless one jamal, a shell reporting from barrett this sunday. thank you, joe. coming up 10 minutes past this news hour. here's what we've got. i had the
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attributes continued to pour in for david amos, the british m p, who was killed while meeting his constituents in the return of horan, looking at one scary movies and making you come back after the lifting of locked downs and in sport, the norwegian strike and leaving his team to top spot in the german football league . santa ah, not least, 16 christian missionaries from the us and one from canada along with their family members have been kidnapped in haiti. they're on their way to the airport in the capitol port. a prince when they were taken by armed men in the area of ganja, haiti's and your years of economic and political upheaval and the situation caused worsened in, in july, after the assassination of the prison. mourners have continued to visit the site
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where a british m p was stamped to death on friday they, the amos was meeting members of the public in lee on say when he was attacked, police have extended the detention of a man who was arrested at the sea but who exactly was said, david amos was political views while he was a strong supporter, briggs vocal advocate of the leave campaign. during that 2016 referendum on e you ja membership. he was also chair of the all party parliamentary british cutter group, which had only recently visited dogma and also a consistent campaign for improvement in animal welfare and strongly against fox hunting. joining us from london now, rupa huck who was a laborer, m. p for ailing central and acton in london, and recently traveled here to carter with david amos as part of that delegation of
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u. k. and pace mosacco condolences. first of all, i can't imagine what this time has has been like for you. tell us a little bit maybe about what's david amos did internationally. we are an international channel. you were here and cut her recently. obviously his reach was well beyond the u. k. yes, thank you for having me on the very sack side consensus when he was an amazing man . he had a very young home in trickery and in fact only less than a week ago, i was up the h q in front of me. introduce the david to the team, the very senior people from the town that were 14 of us and he's there and i talked about how he said has been that we've been in the u. k. on it since the last century, but he never agency. it's strange to me to met him in the past tense, wendy, but he always had a very youthful look and we spent
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a 1000000 dollar smile and he had been t. i had to cut her many times and he talked about her every time we came. that's been progress, exponential progress, i think he said how he was a bit we well copied. but when we saw the say give b 8 works now, and it's really to conclude, see, next year's competition and i'm coming again and it says that smile will never be seen again. that's returned, it will never happen. now it's a very painful time for everyone need until something don't see his local area that he champions. so if you stay from back benches and call them in. ready in the middle east and beyond the way i think we've seen it obviously creates while a lot of discussions, but in particular about the safety and security of m. p. 's. have you ever felt
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concerned about your own safety when you have health? as it's described, doors it's i turned in the u. k. a surgery when you go and meet members of your, of your constituency. so yes, so i say he's a very young usually with. ready friends who wasted, i mean, i did my and one on friday afternoon so you can track it and shortly they, it's killing my mind was on the nice coming we thought and, you know, people had come a cancel. this is a time with, with problems they want to be not. your job is to be so difficult a, it would be a social security is quite often you did get quite angry or
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therapy and, and that's why they're seeking the member colonists advice. i mean, i have been one particular one. i was sort of ambush by a campaign. it was meant to be. i want to let me think about it to people with sending out in people, areas and bills and stuff to me. making the wrong lines that they said that was the one time i think it probably the century, but hey, little citizens, we live amongst our community. we represent how would you forgive me interrupting you? how would you find a sort of happy medium between having that accessibility being able to uphold this tradition and being able to talk to the people who have elected you and being safe . i mean, i would like to think that this is
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a very isolated incidents. but you know, that's been seen and so, i mean, i think what would be a good one make this happen. i measure friends and again, similarly shopping in 2015 my advertisement. anyone like at this. ringback point rooms, so we have the name and address is coming. and i mean, we're supposed to call the police about about ever go after after break march 20 feet. i mean, i think police be happy to be quite often that way,
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but very low in the face. yeah. for people, i think we need some sort of compromise between where of course, prefixes, but at the same time if we just go over the weekend. but of course, look how thank you so much for your time. and i'm sorry we have to, you know, talk to these circumstances, but it is important and i do thank you for joining us. now venezuela's government had suspended talks with the opposition after a member of its negotiating team was extradited to the united states. alex sub was arrested in cape bird. last year, he has now been sent to the united states to face money laundering charges. the government and u. s, back to opposition have been holding talks,
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trying to resolve venezuela's, political and economic crises. they were set to resume on sunday in mexico. released rayleigh, i live at al mando when israel is alerting the world that the life of alex harbs endanger. it's in the hands of a judicial sister that has directed at harming venezuela and to demand his immediate release by the american government ceremonies are taking place in paris today to mock 60 years since the massacre of algerian protestors in a police crackdown. in fact, these are life pictures from paris now of hundreds of people attending a rally, organized by the human rights league. earlier the mayor of paris anadarko attended a ceremony and on saturday, manuel mac from behind the 1st french president to attend such a commotion. however, he did stop short of issuing a formal the precise number of victims as are known. but some historian say several 100 people were killed during demonstrations against french rule. sonya gaga has more industry 60 years on for the paris massacre and the wounds run deep.
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one day before the anniversary president macklin attended the official collaboration alongside relatives of the victims. he paid tribute to them, yet no word of an apology from the man who was running to keep his job in next year's election. not even a public speech in a written statement put out by the president's office, mccall observed a minute of silence and memory of the victims of the bloody repression of october 17 1961. he admitted the facts. the crimes committed that night under the authority of molly's papa are inexcusable for the republic. was that conveyed regret but too subtle for many who point to the decades of silence surrounding the killings illegal. don't force the source on him and it's high time on this 60th anniversary, that a strong statement be made at the highest level of the state to recognise the responsibility of the french state and this massacre. this,
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the massacre occurred against the backdrop of the algerian war of independence. as a conflict dragged on, the public began to turn against the savagery of the methods used by french forces . throughout this turbulent time, one man came to embody those traits, movies pop up. a senior police official in france is nazi collaboration, is to be she government, and forcibly deported more than one of the half 1000 french jews to die in concentration camps. after the war, he rose to become the officer in charge of power, says police forces in his role proper ordered the violence. oppression of the october 17th march in paris like $25000.00 men, women and children gathered across the city to protest against the curfew. that prevented algerians leaving their homes at night. police charged at the crowds, killing dozens and held many into the river send to drown their bodies never to be found. and the precise number of those killed still unknown. it took 51 years for
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a french president to recognise the killings in 2012 of that precedent. francois long acknowledged the massacre and renounced frances colonial passed. but he stopped short of an apollo she and was roundly criticized by right. twin opponents with the sensitivity in which some regard. the killings comes down to holding frances colonial pass to account. the rise of the far right in the country has further inflamed an already toxic debate. back home was eventually imprisoned for the crimes he committed during world war 2. but for the victims of 1961 massacre and their families, it is an event which exposed the unrestrained powers of the authorities of a time, the grief and damage that it left behind. sunny diagonal alger. sarah, very pleased to welcome the algerian journalist, mademoiselle he to al jazeera. now to discuss this further, my, her, why is it not enough? what president micron said, and the mayor of paris attending to day?
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why for some algerians? is it still not enough? yet he simply never fully recognized the state's responsibility in this matter. as the report mentioned, you had former president speak about we're crushing i will my house and was that it was and excusable hiring for the transfer public. but there was a really, or i think, personally sweet from a french historian, minister, how can you recognize the responsibility of the heritage police without mentioning the words proofing, police, government colonialism, racism. so i think the french government always take a half step, but they had to really fully go through with an apology, which i do believe that a lot of times implicit begins and they would appreciate i wonder, even the 60 years later at how well known this event is in front, obviously amongst the algerian community. it will be but in waterfront. yeah, i mean i'm, i'm a, there. i see the pictures of the progress that are going to take place to the us
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and the shadows. another bridge. bizarre. can get it in person, there are some exceptions now, what happened with elected officials, they are having ceremonies almost every year now along the river sun i so. ready at least that a governmental level is become sort of landmark events in the days, at least. but you know, that was under general terms, public, imo, gets an indifference or in simply also they know what exactly happened with the whole cover. and that's because for decades and decades and decades, the fact of what happened on sunday, october 19. 61 was simply in it. tell me more about the algerian population in france. i believe it's about 3000000. ah, but then i also think of the context of french politics elections and he immigrant sentiment all these sorts of things. tell us about that. algerian electorate, if you like it. yeah, we really started having mass, all jerry and immigration towards france. i don't read about the 9000 times
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mentions one use really 30 since it is significant numbers are in there. and initially, you know, 4 to 5 decades on that. and they were taken from manual labor working in factories and they were not a cigarette citizenship until after independence, 962. and so the older generation that their friends, they were really, they really saw her lot of discrimination. and that sort of sometimes carries on the road and generations until this day, there's still a lot of ease those words like integration about, you know, the children of immigrants, full, the feeling friends or friends decided fully expecting them. and here we know that as the presidential election in france of april 2022 approach is going to be more controversial statements from politicians across the spectrum as they sort of make appeals to the far right lecture in france, all. and everybody sort of bullen on their seas for now. okay, ma'am, as i great to talk to you. thank you for your time and your insight. thanks. vernon,
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least 19 people have been killed after heavy rain caused land slides and flooding. in the indian side of carola, these are the worst flood since 2018 when more than 500 people were killed. teams from national disaster response for sa, working to save those still in danger. the haunting hassle streets turned into rivers. entire hillsides appearing to melt under heavy rain. moran. okay. there in baltimore, the rain from the top is accumulated here. the water has entered our veranda in our house. it has been raining continuously since morning. such heavy rainfall in the indian state of carola was unexpected. and his claim several lives soldiers have been flown in to help with rescue efforts. this team is trying to reach others trapped beneath shifting mud. while this fruits
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and vegetables vendor does what little he can't to save his business. no, mona will not allow them all over dinner at around $330.00 or 4 pm. water started rising, and most of our stuff was damaged. we managed to save some vegetables like onions, but most of our vegetables have been destroyed. the monsoon season ended in september and after months of heavy storms, locals were not expecting another one. bringing such wet condition, farmers here rely on rains to produce crops, but too much creates problems like waterborne diseases. while the clean up and rescue work goes on, the waters are slowly starting to receipt. the harding al jazeera. before we grab or break a time for checking the weather with kara. hello there, let's have a look at the weather in south america. and with the strong winds pull into southern areas of chile, where things remain rather wet and wintery,
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but we've got spouses sunshine further north. it is looking milder in santiago, the temperature above average sitting at $26.00 degrees, not to fine and dry weather for much of argentina for the wet weather we have to head to coastal areas of brazil. we got ready for rio de janeiro storms rolling into sao paolo, and if we have a look at the 3 day that's going to knock a lot of the warm salt are about 10 degrees below average. by the time we get some monday that rain continuing through to thursday. now we'll cross the amazon basin with the scattered sheldon thunderstorms, heaviest in the north of brazil. but we have seen some fierce thunder re downpours across the northern areas of peru and ecuador. they are fit to continue. now was we moved to central america. we've got heavy rain across panama, and costa rica, and some really wet and windy weather for eastern areas of mexico. it's wet from mexico city, much of the week. it's dry up in the north. we've seen some showers sprinkled in the south, but for the caribbean and hispaniola lots of storms. but some sunshine managing to
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come through remains dry in kingston with a temperature at 32 degrees celsius car. thank you for that. still ahead on this news r y syrian refugees in turkey facing a rising tide of xenophobia. i'm scott oddler in southern thailand, we're a fishing community standing up against a government development project. they say will decimate the environment and cross their way of life. and in sport, the atlanta braves strike 1st in their playoff series with the los angeles duct ah, question, the narrative. you don't have ways to shake whether decent formation east squeal or not. you don't have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story. their motivation, these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm
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here to tell you that i think that many people die because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media analysis era. the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse, greenland, the melting of the frozen nor on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world, sentimental when you call home, we'll but you can use in current affairs that matter to years. ah ah,
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the news on here at al jazeera and these are top stories, the saudi that coalition in yemen says it's killed at least a $160.00 hoti fighters in murray province. dozens of air strikes were launched in support of government forces to push back the rebels. the afghan interior ministry says girls will soon return to secondary schools. only been permitted to 10 primary schools so far since the taliban take over. access to education has been a key demand of the international community. and thousands of people are rallying in paris to mark 60 years since the massacre of algerian protestors in a police crackdown earlier. emmanuel micron became the 1st french president to attend such a commemoration, though he stopped short of issuing a formal apology in sri lanka, hundreds of fishermen are protesting against what they say is poaching from neighboring india. they said their livelihoods being threatened.


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