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of the city, after half of them were, were actually expelled. as you were saying, last week, point nato, that obviously has good moscow and a lever off. the russian foreign minister says that all of nato's military and military liaison and information offices in moscow are also to close down. so really not going in the right direction, but perhaps not a huge surprise. nato said it has taken note of love robes, comments, but hasn't actually been officially communicated or, or notified of these imminent steps. the background of course tool this either we're sitting in relationship in the ration ship between nato and russia over many years. russia foreign ministry says that the latest actions by nato confirmed they are not interested in an equal dialogue and joint work. busy to de escalate
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military political tensions? well, those tensions increased, of course in 2014 when russia annexed crimea from ukraine. that's when they to cut off practical cooperation. although they still have been some channels for high level representatives to talk. but things are clearly very tense and if there is another response to this move by moscow then of course that relationship will be further damaged. not even thank you for that. the bible live in london cutter and the european union have signed an agreement to allow airlines to expand their services easier. it will allow cutters, national carrier to enter european markets without restrictions. this means no limits to payloads or number of flights. european companies will enjoy the same freedom traveling to cutoff. still ahead on the news, i will take you to asia's biggest arms for getting underway this time, or rising tensions around the region. and his school, this former world number one hits the jackal in las vegas.
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ah, hello there, let's look to the middle east and levant, and we're seeing some cloud pulling across eastern areas of the mediterranean, bringing some wet weather to syria, and to parts of lebanon as well. and that's thanks to a weather system. it's blowing across the black sea towards the caspian sea. we are going to see some heavy falls around coastal areas of iran. we could see some localized flooding with that rain, but further south it is looking a lot dryer. a lot finer as well. some misty mornings in katara and some cloud cover remains on tuesday, but it does ease on wednesday and that wind will die down. it's looking very hot across western areas of saudi arabia. and as we move to central africa, we have seen those hot and humid conditions continue across the democratic republic
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of congo, as well as the central african republic. those clusters of storms are going to continue to brew across the gulf of guineas from heavy falls on the way from nigeria. by the time we get to wednesday, it'll be uganda that see some heavy rain. we could see some flooding from that. there was a move further south that is going to get wetter across western areas. you can see angola and parts of namibia seeing some of that rain. it does y up both eastern areas of south africa, johannesburg coming in at 20 degrees celsius with plenty of sunshine. ah, the multiple people told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer u. s. laws prohibit some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms . phone lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go
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unenforced. and the deadly consequences that he see. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show. unwilling question on al jazeera indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia, whose firms for me, we moved full to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part when denise is pros and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou ah ah,
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you're watching the news. our on al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories, at least 35 people have died because the floods and lance lives triggered by heavy vein. in the southern indian state of carola, the army and navy are carrying out rescue operations and thousands have been relocated. sudanese forces are fired, tear gas. it is 1st. protests is in the capital cartoon. they're demanding prime minister abdullah hum don't step down. the protesters say he's economic policies have negatively affected living conditions and former us secretary of state colin powell has died from covered 19 complications. he was 84 years old, howle served in top diplomatic and military posts when nearly 30 years. when earlier we spoke to larry corp, who's a former assistant secretary of defense who worked with carn powell, he told us about the man he knew and how he was a role model for many americans. first of all, he had
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a wonderful sense of humor. he was always smiling and laughing and he would see the, you mer, aside even under some, you know, very serious type of things. he was very smart and he could take complex issues and put them in language that normal people you know, could, could, i could understand. he was also a role model because basically he was an african american odd that was serving and the military in the southern part of the united states before, you know, did segregation, had ended it, it was very, very difficult for him to be there. and, you know, and he handled that, you know, so well. and then of course, the nom, which was unwinnable, you know, all war he was able to do that and you know, good, get his soldiers through it. so i think you're right. i mean, a lot of people don't know that they only the, he, you know, he came on board a secretary of state, and since the whole iraq war was such a mess,
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he got tarnish bias. a special session of a u. k. parliament is under way to pay tribute to david amos after the conservative m. p staff on friday, members of parliament, began with a minute's silence for their colleague, amos was stopped to death while meeting members of the public and church hole in his constituency, east of london. as bringing in john hall live in london for his. so join a day of remembrance as questions also being asked about the safety of peace. yes, normal parlor parliamentary business scraps for the afternoon at 230. there was a minute silence inside the inside the house of commons and promised devoris johnson led tributes and they're still going on this afternoon. the prime minister announcing that south in the town at the heart of david amos's constituency, will be turned into a city something he'd campaign for since 2000. so a tribute to david amos there and m p 's talking about a cowardly attack on
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a public 7 calling for a return to civility in british politics. now, what we don't yet know enough about is the motive for this killing on friday. we don't know, for instance whether david amos was killed because of who he was being david amos, something he said or something he believed in or simply because of what he was a british parliamentarian. and it is that latter possibility that his really struck a note of alarm here in westminster. where you said that debate is going on about how better to protect british empties who tend not to have protection when they're going about their business, even in the communities that elected them. many say that they are routinely subject to threats. one veteran mc margaret hodge said she'd received $90000.00 abusive social media mentions in just a 2 month period last year. so there are also cools to crack down on social media companies. but it's the business of protecting them physically that he's really
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being hotly discussed at the moment in these constituency settings, when they go about meeting face to face with people in their constituencies without protection. it's an absolute core part of british democracy in something that many of them absolute value and cherish pretty battelle, the home secretary is talking about making police protection available to m p. 's if they want it also the use of airport style scanners. now some may embrace that, but others are already voicing real unease at the idea of undermining this tradition. this openness and trust that exists in the relationship between m. p 's in their constituents. and i think this debate will have some way to run. jonah, thank you. for the moment john hall live there in london, china is economy grew at a slower rate than expected in the 3rd quarter. according to official figures, the world's 2nd largest economy expanded by 4.9 percent down 3 percent from the previous quarter. nationwide power outages and supply bottlenecks heard factories while sporadic over 90 not break have hampered consumer demand. katrina,
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you report some beijing. china's economy grew at a disappointing rate. in the 3rd quarter 2021. according to official figures, it expanded by only 4.9 percent. its weakest rate for the year, down 3 percentage points from the previous quarter. the world's 2nd largest economy face is several challenges domestically and abroad. reasonably, there's being significant price increasing commodities, oil gas and also imported coal. and her there is concern about energy security disruption. love and use apply to china in a short while, as well as the low, medium and longer term. this is a concern entity restrictions aimed at meeting climate change targets have led to power shortages, which have hampered manufacturing the property market, which accounts for about a quarter of china's d. d, p by some estimates has been weighed down by new measures differently to current debt. the country's largest real estate developer,
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f. a grant is struggling to pay back $300000000000.00 worth of debt fueling fears among housing investors. i think this new macro data has reflected, it is reality that chinese government is willing to make a trade off between economic growth and financial stability. and that's particularly clear when it comes to the restriction on the property market. analysts say slow retail consumption is particularly worrying beijing 0 tolerance approach to proven 19th means handful of cases could result in strict city one let down. this has had a devastating impact in domestic travel and spending. the pandemic has also disrupted global supply chains and affected the export of chinese products. officials have downplayed concerns saying the lower than expected g d p is in line with the countries gone, of achieving higher quality growth felt,
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or medulla. the national economy sustained is recovery and the development work with all the major macro economic indicators, it's falling in the reasonable range from experts more that global stock ad bond markets could be dragged down by risks in china, but it's economy is still expected to end the year as one of the fastest growing in the world. katrina you out is irritating. man mars co leader meaning ly has rejected demands made by se seizures, regional blank to comply with its brand, for a political transition. his comments, the 1st since man mar, was excluded from an upcoming, i say, and meeting also laid the blame for violence in the country on forces opposed to military rule florence, re house. i report only 2 days after the association of southeast asian nations o'ryan agreed to downgrade man must presence at a lead a summit later this month. coolly that minute hang struck a defiant tone now long ab loudy. after the statement was announced in april or
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more violence happened due to the provocations of terrorist groups, c, r p h and the national unity government and involvement of ethnic armed organizations who is still solving that. no one cares to stop the violence in killings and are only demanding that we solve the issue. as yon should work on that sink asean has faced increasing pressure to take a tougher stand against myanmar. in a hastily convened virtual meeting last friday. foreign ministers in the region agreed to invite a non political figure from myanmar instead to the meeting. brunei which host this year's audio meetings cited a lack of progress on a piece plan that myanmar had agreed to during an emergency summit in jakarta in april. but one analyst says, as he ins, decision to sideline man, must military ruler, may not have much impact as and gotten hard thinking to do about what next steps to to take. but i do think that a lot of other countries around the world, the united nations and other leaders have to figure out
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a way to actively help as he and through this and to find other points of putting pressure on the site administration council. unfortunately, there's not many points of pressure that you can do. i think the military's really hunkering down and becoming more defined, not more corporate. february's qu, plunged myanmar into turmoil. more than a 1100 people have been killed. and activists say, security forces are still conducting raids and arresting people across the country . more than 7000 people are still being detained. men on clang and his speech on monday also agreed to release more than 5600 people arrested for the roles in antique who protests but rights group assistance association for political prisoners has criticized the amnesty as a form of distraction for foreign governments. it says if the military, jupiter was sincere about the peace process, it would release all deposed civilian leaders, including on santucci and other political prisoners without conditions. immediately
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florence li al jazeera. as the world slowly begins to open up after covert 19 related long down the asia pacific region is witnessing and intensifying arms race from nations or acquiring weapons in response to china's military girlfriend. tensions around north korea. weapons programs, scott high. every point or one of asia biggest markets for arms dealers and their clients military shopping for the latest technology and weapons kicks off this week in south korea at the sole a dex trade show leaders in defense ministries and officials for 28 countries will look to strike deals as the world starts to move on after the pandemic shop interests from countries in southeast asia, africa, and central and south america. this was confirmed with follow up with inquiries for products and parts as well. and this rising interest in weaponry comes at a crucial time for the asia pacific region with young north korea just last week,
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put on a show of its latest weapon systems, vowing to build what it called an invincible military neighbour and a dex hosts. south korea is the focus on new technology to counter its rival to the north and its continuing development of nuclear weapons. we are preparing additional funding for various cutting edge technologies, emerging going into the umbrella of the 4th industrial revolution from unmanned vehicles and laser weaponry. for example, i can say these systems will grow in our arsenal. we will continue to acquire surveillance assets at a rapid pace. building tension is not limited to regional players and disputes superpowers. the united states and china have been testing each other in the territory around taiwan. china says the island is part of its territory, the u. s. says it's working to keep international territory open on the sea and in the air. earlier this month, china showed off its latest weaponry and missile systems. and just over the weekend
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reports that china recently tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile. rising, the stakes in what appears to be a budding arms race in eastern asia, the u. s. in russia are also developing similar weapons. so while some defense budgets might have been trimmed in the last 18 months because of covered 19 related cars, many militaries now appear to be making up for lost time. got hyler al jazeera, few an invoice for syria says the government and the opposition have agreed to begin drafting constitutional reforms from monday, talks about the country's political future has been stalled since january, serious 10 years civil war has killed more than 350000 people and disgraced millions in 2018 the government and the opposition agreed to form a committee to draft a new constitution, but progress has been slow. now green man has been at the forefront of our changing climate was several 1st time events reported this year alone. the ice cap melted at
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a record rate. the watery, created in 24 hours was enough to cover entirely an area, the size of florida in $525.00 centimeters of water. great chunks of the sheep collapse and drifted off into the open ocean. and it's been so warm, there's been rain, not snow on the summit for the 1st time on record. ology, there is nick clock traveled to a glacier to see 1st hand the effects of climate change and speak to scientists. studying the effects the arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, which means the sea doesn't freeze as much as it used to. unless sea ice means more sunlight is absorbed into the ocean. warmer ocean melt the glasses faster from below, while warm air temperatures mel the glassy as an ice sheet faster from above. meaning more icebergs carved into the ocean, the ice sheet diminishes and as ongoing, sea level rise around the world. this
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is how it sounds and how it looks when the ice cap meets the sea and see the azure blue of the ice cell that's caused by the great pressure of the glassy or above. the ice cap is weighing down on the ice. and these continual cracks, izzy ice falls and collapses off into the water. and he see birds is wheeling around, feeding off these rich nutrients that a churned up by this continual flow of melt water that's coming off. the glasser and vast quantities because seuss the greenland ice sheet and the effects of it melting. so important to us all, there's a huge amount of scientific research going on. deep within a few or oceanographer lawrence mer, uses a pro to gather data from the water. in terms of climate change to with this we met
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measure how much fresh water is actually coming from the eye sheet. so we see in recent years, the amount of fresh water has increased as strongly because the melt has increased strongly, de know, so we measure temperature of the ocean was the ocean in many parts of creedence in direct contact with the eye sheet. so if the ocean warms up, than that the places will melt faster and faster and that's something we actually see. it's also important to take core samples from the fuel bed. everything that happens in the water column at some point, and so at the sea floor, and in spite of your ecosystem of the footwear industry. so again, we're interested in how a climate change would impact the food width of this re, shorts. at the end of every summer satellite track as establish how much arctic sea ice has been lost. this year it dropped to an area of just 4720000 square kilometers. it's 12 lowest extent on record. so sea ice is currently declining at
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a rate of around 13 percent each decade. and to put that into perspective, an area of sea ice equivalent to a country, the size of austria is being lost each year. the arctic is complex and hard to predict. oh, are we want to take in our light of the state department in washington where the secretary of state antony, blinking a speaking necessity. he came to the state department after a long and extraordinary career in the us armed forces. he was general tom, former chairman, the joint cheese when he walked into the oval office to be sworn in as our nation stopped him from that. after that he was mister secretary. he gave the state department the very best of his leadership, his experience, his patriotism. he gave us his decency and the state department loved him for secretary col trusted the career workforce here. he empowered them,
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he made sure that the desk officer who knew a particular country or issue most deeply was the one who got to brief him or the president. he told his staff that they didn't need to worry about getting them fancy lunches, and hamburgers and hot dogs were just fine. when he hopped down to the elevator, he pull others on with him. he didn't bother with formalities. and he wasn't overly concerned with hierarchy either. he wanted to hear from everyone. he walked around the building, dropping into offices, unannounced, asking what people needed, making sure they knew he was counting on them. and secretary powell was simply incompletely a leader. and he knew how to build a strong and united team. he treated people the way he expected them to treat each other. and he made sure that they knew he would always have their back. the result was that his people would walk through walls for him. secretary college career and
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the u. s. military is legendary. as a teenager, the city college of new york. not far from where he grew up in the south bronx, he joined r o t c. and after graduation became an army officer for 35 years, he was a professional soldier. he started in the infantry shirt to tours in vietnam, was stationed in south 3 in west germany, and oversaw operation, desert, storm and rack. for the time he retired from military, he was arguably the most respected and celebrated american in uniform. at that time, he received his 2nd presidential medal of freedom. this time from president clinton, who sat at the metal ceremony. today, a grateful nation observes the end of the distinguished career, the celebrates, 35 years of service and victory. victory for the united states military that gave young column pal a chance to learn and to grow and to lead. a victory for the military and political
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leaders who continued to elevate him based on their complete confidence and share respect. a victory for a nation well served and in a larger sense, a victory for the american dream. for the principle that in our nation, people can rise as far as their talent, their capacities, their dreams and their discipline will carry them. after that career, colin powell could have enjoyed a quieter life and may be dedicating himself full time to the organization. he founded america's promise to help young people from under represented communities like the one where he grew up. instead, he started a new career in diplomacy. and i believe secretary pals years as a soldier or what made him such an exceptional diplomat. he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort and to make that so we need our diplomacy to be as robust and well resource as possible. he called for increased funding for stake,
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which then as now was just a fraction of the pentagon's budget. he modernized the state department, putting a computer on every desk. and he believed deeply that his america was an exceptional nation. that we could and should lead with confidence and humility. and that the world was safer when the united states was engaged and its allies and partners were united. future military leaders and diplomats. we'll study colon pals, world like the powell doctrine that hammered out criteria for when and how the united states should use force and his support for expeditionary diplomacy, diplomats, and military working together to bring stability to high threat environments. he was a man of ideas, but he wasn't ideological. he was constantly listening, learning, adapting, he could admit mistakes. it was just another example of his integrity. as is
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probably evident by now. i was a huge admirer, secretary pass. i always will be. and he was very generous with me. this past 4th of july, all, we spent a few precious hours together talking about the state department. discussing all the challenges were confronting around the world. 2 things were clear. secretary pals, depth of knowledge about world events was unmatched. and he loved the state department and wanted it to thrive. so today is a sad day for us here in state, especially for all those who worked for and with secretary powell and will never forget the experience. our thoughts are with on the pollen, the entire family to day to every one who loved him. colon pal dedicated his extraordinary life to public service because he never stopped believing in america . and we believe in america in no small part because it help reduce someone like
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colon pop. thank you sir. i that was the u. s. secretary of state on to leave linkin paying tribute to the late secretary of state, colin powell whose died at the age of 84 from over 19 related complications as a secretary bank and was saying there a sad day at the state department. he praised a man of ideals, but not ideological who said was constantly listening and he has also said that power he is as a soldier is what made him as an unexceptional diplomat. let's bring in. kimberly hall kit. briefly. white house correspondent kimberly tributes. have been coming in today from both sides of the i yeah, there's no question and as you heard the secretary of state speaking there about colin powell, who once was a secretary of state himself, 2 things really come to mind and we're hearing this repeatedly as the tributes to
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colin powell continue to pour in one that he conducted himself with humility and the other that he was a mentor for so many that his actions and his willingness at times to admit mistakes, even ones that put a major blemish on his career as in be very public mistake, that he later acknowledged the argument for the case of weapons of mass destruction in iraq that led the united states to that u. s. invasion. oh was something that he regretted it is, is really a remarkable man. and the fact that he was able to acknowledge that mistake and, and also to really have such a long career in so many areas of public services, how he is being remembered. and so we're hearing from not only knows that work closely with him like the of the secretary of defense currently who says that he
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lost a friend and mentor. but even we are hearing from former press to appointed him in various roles. not just because of his it, sorry. do you want to ask me what i was gonna i was gonna talk about the fact that he's being praised as someone who broke the racial ceiling in america. that's quite significant. it's significant, but it's something that he never wore on his sleeve and that was the point that i was trying to make is that i in fact he, it was somebody who obviously broke the color barrier repeatedly, but let his work speak for itself. ah, he did not sort of swear out on a t shirt if you will. 1 the fact i am african american and this is the post that i got, he expected people to see him as a human being doing great work. and that is how he is remembered. but he's also remembered as being inspirational to so many african americans that came after him,
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who saw the out person of color in positions. they'd never seen a person of color before in that role. and so that's what made him really revered by not just blacks, but also white that they saw this person doing a job with humility and to lead by example. and as a result, you heard there from the secretary of state entity blinking, that people would move mountains for him as a result of his conduct and his actions. and to the very end, he was providing counsel for not just republicans, but also democrats who looked to him because he was a man of principle and duty to country before party r. kimberly. thank you very much. kimberly hawkins live there at the white house. ah, it is 16 hours g m t m fully by table in doha, colin powell, one of the leading figures of american men.


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