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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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al jazeera, in proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year, running into his sugar growing. wheaton, a 3rd of the no workers have had their wounds with one or one east investigates. why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera ah, ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news hour on al jazeera. i'm fully back to bore life in my world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, a trail blazer and trusted advisor to several u. s. presidents column power. the 1st black secretary of state has died.
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protesters stage a syrian outside to dance presidential palace demanding the prime minister, dissolved the enter in government. also the sour flooding and landslides had 7 india. after heavy rains, dozens are killed and more bad weather is on the way and african sigma is far from dead top director say the economic possibilities for the silver screen are huge. allen's warranty wafer order in line to play one game behind closed doors, moves punishment for crowd travel during the year. 2020 final switch took place at wembley stadium back in july. ah, collin powell, one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2 decades has died at the age of 85. his family confirmed the new saying power guide
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from cove 19 complications. he was the 1st black american to serve as both secretary of state and as the country's top general. our white house correspondent, kimberly hark it looks back on his life and career. colin powell spent his career breaking barriers. he was the son of jamaican immigrants and spent 35 years in the u. s. army. he led combat forces in vietnam and eventually became a 4 star general. powell was ronald reagan's national security advisor in the 1980s in 1989, george h. w. bush made him the pentagon, top military officer, chair of the joint chiefs of staff. i will do whatever broken the united states directly to do and what the bush administration wanted. the invasion of iraq in january 1991 in response to his invasion of kuwait several months earlier. and with unrelenting, overwhelming use of military force. the powell doctrine was born. you have to kind
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of a clear understanding of why they're being committed for what purpose and a can't just be. we're seeing all this terrible stuff because the gulf war turned power into a hero. many wanted him to run for president, but he refused. instead, powell broke the color barrier once more, he was the 1st african american to serve as secretary of state during george w bush's presidency. during that tenure, powell did one thing that ultimately changed his reputation. he argued for the invasion of iraq in 2003 before the un security council acts and iraq's behavior show that saddam hussein and his regime are concealing their efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction. the evidence for powells case turned out to be false. he accepted responsibility for helping to lead the country into what power
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later called an unjustified war. since i deeply regret that the information, some of the information on all that some of the information i presented with from multi source was wrong. and it is a lot on my record. but yeah, i, there's nothing i can do to change that blot over time. pal's regret turned into disillusion with the republican party. he endorsed democratic presidential candidate barack obama in 2008. the visibility will expire because of the inclusive nature of his campaign because he is reaching out all across america. he gave similar reasons for backing hillary clinton over donald trump in 2016, and did the same for joe biden in 2020 with joe biden in the white house. you will never doubt that he will stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries. never the other way around. after the storming of the u. s. capital on january 6th, 2021 by then president donald trump supporters. powell announced he was quitting
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the republican party and he called on trump to resign. not surprising from a man who had always believed in duty to country before politics and had devoted his career to just that karen to a secretary of state antony blinkin has paid tribute to pow i believe, sugary palsy years as a soldier or what made him such an exceptional diplomat, he knew that war and military action should always be a last resort. and to make that so we need our diplomacy to be as robust and well resource as possible. he called for increased funding for state, which then as now was just a fraction of the pentagon's budget. he modernized the state department, putting a computer on every desk. and he believed deeply that america was an exceptional nation. that we could and should lead with confidence. and humility, and that the world was safer when the united states was engaged and its allies and
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partners were united. and the u. s. secretary of defense lloyd austin, also praised pow, saying his last a friend and mentor. the world lost one of the greatest leaders and we have ever witnessed all my lost a great husband in the family, lost a tremendous father. and i lost to a tremendous personal friend and mentor. and he has been my mentor for a number of years. i always made time for me and i could always go to him with, with tough issues. he always had great break counsel we. we will certainly miss him . i feel as if i have a hole in my heart just this morning of this just recently, last spring in. kimberly, how can our white house correspondent, not live from washed in? kimberly lots of reactions and tribute to con pow, bring us up to speed with the latest at the latest coming from the u. s. president
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joe biden, who is remembering his friend, general colin powell as a man who embodied what biden is calling the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat. but most of all friend, in fact, he said that he will miss being able to call on his friends wisdom. someone who was a trusted confidant in good times and bad, and also the speaker of the house. nancy pelosi acknowledging that coven 19 has taken another great american pointing out that as we pray for general powers, loved ones, we pray for the 725000 americans taken by this vicious virus and barack obama acknowledging the color barriers that general colin powell broke with so many of the positions he accepted as a 1st and a number of administration saying that he helped a generation of young people set their sights higher. he refused to accept that
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race would limit his dreams. so this isn't the how colin powell is be remembered and it should be noted that he always let his work speak for himself that he was very humble and, and showed that humility throughout anything that he did and any post that he held . and he served both a republican presidents but also endorsed democratic president for office, given the fact he put his duty to country, not to political party, something that is so rare. now in a divided america, as he said, kimberly he said to have died of coverage related complications, even though he was double vaccinated. what is his family said? his family made a point of noting that to he was fully vaccinated. but still that coven 19 took his life. and i think it's important to remember. and in fact, it's shocked. so many americans, but it is a reminder of the limits of the coven vaccine. well, it certainly can reduce the severity. it doesn't offer lifelong immunity from the
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virus and what we're learning is that colin powell also was immunocompromised given the fact that he was battling or had been battling cancer. and of course, we know very but well, from the reports that have been coming out over that months and, and now more than a year of cove at 19 in this pandemic that, that certainly puts you at greater risk. and that certainly is the case with colin powell who has to come to cove at 19 as a result of those health challenges he faced. thank you very much for that. kimberly how kit live for us there at the white house. it's now speak to hillary man leverett, who's a c u of start teacher, and a former u. s. diplomat and white house national security official. she's joining us from virginia in the u. s. very good. how are you with us? miss leverett? so one of the most respected how big figures in american public life is how common pile is being praised to day. i know you worked with him, reflect on, on the general power that you knew what was his most distinctive traits of
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character. well, he was in many ways like so many people are saying today, a great leader in ways large and small. i can just for account 11 anecdote from my experience with him, a small one, but i think telling of his personality in his character. we were at the united nations soon after 911 in november, 2001. and there were many ministerials and important meetings about afghanistan, an issue i was working closely on. we were briefing secretary of state colin powell back at the waldorf astoria, which was kind of the u. s. headquarters in new york at the time. and everyone had gone to his suite 2 to brief him and had ordered dinner. i didn't realize they were ordering dinner. and i thought i could just get something from the diplomatic security office down the hall. but they had run out of food and i ran into column house week because i needed to be them on these, these issues of africa on afghanistan. and he saw that everyone else had dinner
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except for me. and he literally took his hamburger, cut it in half, and gave me half his hamburger half his french fries and insisted that i share his dinner. i demurred and said, no, i couldn't possibly take his food. and he said, no, a commander always eats last. i'm not gonna let anybody not have food in my room. and so it was a telling anecdote for me about his character that he would stand by. # all the people that work for him and do what he needed to do for them. so in terms of my personal interaction, i thought he was a tremendous figure and his character was just unlimited. but in terms of his historic role, i do think it's important for us all to reflect on this day when he passes what a difference he could have made in the bush administration. had he chosen to resign over the illegal. i'm justified. invasion of iraq that has devastated so many lives . instead, he allowed the president bush and the secretary of defense to you,
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him as their salesman because they knew his credibility would be unquestioned. and he went along with that. and the history of the middle east will never be the same because of that. so even though i have tremendous respect for him personally, had tremendous respect for him. i think history will, will look at his role and what he could have done without as, as kind of words as we're hearing today. he did defend the american decision to invade iraq in 2003. we all remember that those images of him at the united nations security council, then do you think that that will be his lasting legacy overshadowing everything else that he's a cheat? i'm afraid that is, that is very, very possible. he had really come to prominence is as a harsh critic of the u. s. role in vietnam. and he had vow to never let the united states go into such a quagmire as vietnam to destroy so many lives. so many people in vietnam and their
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lives here in the united states. and he became known for the power doctrine, which would be to fight a war in a different way, not to try, not counter insurgency or to remake societies. he vowed to have a different way of american foreign policy and national security. and in some ways, he succeeded with that in the 1991 gulf war to eject iraq from kuwait. but then to support not just to support, but to be the leading defender before the united nations security council. to tell the lies that we're told that justified that war with the number of people who died and who have been displaced, i'm afraid that there will be anybody know that knowledge today. so that made a mistake. he did acknowledge making a mistake later. and i admire that and i admire many other things about him, but i am afraid that the that his decision to sell the war will be what he is remembered for historically. thank you very much for sharing your views with us.
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henry man, leverage joining us there. from virginia, thank you very much for your time. thank you. plenty more head on this muse, our including children at risk. how to fighting in ethiopia to drive region is affecting a vulnerable people in other areas. but we'll have an update on the search for the us and canadian missionaries kidnapped him haiti and in support the atlanta braves as a step closer to the world series after another dramatic wind over the town. ah, let's turn our attention to the world news now, and russia is closing nato's permanent mission in moscow. the move is in response to the expulsion of half of russia's mission to the western military alliance nearly 2 weeks ago. it's also closing all other nato related missions. nato accused the 8 members of being undeclared russian spies, russia foreign minister announced
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a retaliatory move and a media briefing earlier, while blaming nato for the worsening relations. will nurse practitioners we don't have proper conditions for basic diplomatic activities as a result of natal steps in response to nato's actions. we suspend the work of our permanent mission to nato, including the work of the chief military representative of starting from november. first, we will always speak to prevail, falcon, how're about this. he's a military analyst and also a columnist for no via gazette, or he's joining us via skype. from moscow, i saw a russia suspension of its mission could come into effect as early as november. first, according to the russian foreign minister. how does this really affect relations? have already been so tense between russia and ne, to, i mean they seized all practical corporation after the annexation of crimea. does this suspension change anything on the face of it? and formally, this is kind of fresh and nate, though, breaking off relations, it sounds almost as if, you know, that's kind of war coming up,
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but it's really not. and it's not as bad as the previous sounds. it's not good, but it's not as bad. russia did not have much relationship with nato. asher that crime me after 14. and actually before that also the relations were not very workable. moscow never really like the connection between russia and nato because in these russian nato count. so russia sleeved itself as being ganged together against all the other nations. russia always preferred bilateral ties because with each individual western country, russia is militarily stronger. it's a big nation, and russia preferred that. so what look like, i know, you know, trying to sell them. oh wow, it's a signal, it's not so much a signal, it's a cons,
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did it. this is that this kind of consolidates. * the fact of the relationship with nate, you as an organization is on the kind of freeze is 0. but that doesn't mean that russian, the west will not have dealings. they will, but not through nato. and the mission was already very much dysfunctional. and russia wants to have this native mission and moscow closed, but nigel embassies are going to work here. so it's not as bad as it sounds you. but russia, as it has read repeatedly, accused nato of provocatively expanding military infrastructure closer. theresa, it's borders. you don't think there's a risk that the tension is good, good escalate further? well, there's always a risk of escalation. there's a possibility of a clash happening. i mean plains colliding or in the shapes colliding in the
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baltic in the black sea, which could leak in an escalation, and that should be avoided. and but the neg, do russia kind of liaison that's closing down was not that functional to prevent such a thing. my boundary moscow believes that the leaves on the still has a hot line city with washington is becker. russia also still retains relationship with the european union. no, it doesn't also like the kind of a big union. it refers via actual things. but with the european union, there's a lot of money involved in a dell. it's not. and so russia demonstrated, if you don't want to send us our, our, our diplomats, we're going to close the entire thing more suspended, which is another way of saying we're closing. thank you very much for talking to us about this. prevail, falcon, how i joining as sand from moscow? thank you for your time. sudanese forces
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a fire tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital cartoon. they've been demanding prime minister, abdullah, ham dog dissolving, trim government. others are calling on him to step down or gesture. say his economic policies have negatively affected living conditions, to dance transitional government, to slash fuel subsidies, and adopted an exchange system that's hurt the value of its currency. here morgan is outside the presidential palace in cartoon with more. for the 3rd day, thousands continued to gather in front of the presidential palace here and the sit amused capital harpoon. now protest those have been staging as sits in demanding prime minister of the lamb duke. dissolve the executive cabinet and foreman. you want that these, they should be more representative of the people who participated in the december 28th and revolution, but eventually led to the i'll think, i'll former president all model machine. now, while there are a few thousands here, hundreds went up from this residential palace. just
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a few kilometers down to the office of the prime minister. actually held an emergency cabinet meeting to pressure him to dissolve that cabinet that he was meeting with. police stopped them from advancing to the office and as they tried to storm the office, they were met with tear gas. but this shows how far these processes are willing to go to voice their demands for the government to be dissolved. and it's not the only protest that is going to be happening in the country in the east, in red sea state protest. those have been demonstrating for a month now and have sat down the main port as they demand the government council attract, known as the eastern track in a jewel piece agreement that was signed in october last year. and they said that they don't want that because i don't want that piece agreement because of it not being representative. now the whole issue here is the issue of representation. people here who we spoke to said that they're not represented in the government. and that is why they're taken to the street. he feels he is military is denying carrying out airstrikes in the northern to gray region. local hospital official say
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3 people were killed in the attacks on michaela, the regional capital, a television station which is controlled by to grey and rebels also reported the strikes. fighting between government forces and fighters from to grey has intensified in the past few weeks or the conflict in the northern province has filled into neighboring am harrah and off our regions. and as priyanka go to report, a shortage of food in em. harrah a spring, many at risk. saba ali moon was 3 years old when she died. a month later, her mother with a surviving infant is trying to understand what happened. look, i name is ellen lewis in on the doctors told me they have no treatment from ma'am, not as children, but i pleaded to them seeing please save my child's life. they tried putting the treatment in her leg, her hand, nose and head didn't succeed. they told me she was severely affected by malnutrition and could not help load it. they gave me some syrup and tablets. she
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passed away exactly a week away on sunday, helped them a curly. it's mocked thousands of families in a few years. i'm her region was sheltering in the city of the se, from fighting for the north. tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in pyro and our far regions, trampling for food and shelter in this busting city. fighting between rebels degree and the few p military that started last november has spilled into neighboring regions at this hospital award to say young men and boys too frail to breed better cause of the conflict with one yellow will. those who died are already dead . even those of us who survived are also dead, even if our bodies are alive. because we don't know who is live, who's dead? first of all, there is misery from hunger. there's nothing to eat either. if they escape the war, the people will die of hunger. there is nothing, everything is clothed, no market nothings while a few p as kaufman is accused of blocking supplies. 2 areas under rebel control
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into grey t p. the fighters have been accused of committing atrocities. sada says she was attacked and reaped in august by armed man speaking the t green language. and he said, don't know the north him in the good them in the attackers said to me, we left our houses both to kill and to die. i'm from the jungle, so i have all the right to do whatever i want. i can even kill you. you raised his gun to me and threatened to kill me. i said okay to his demands. he also asked me for money and i said, okay. then he told me he was interested in me. i said, please do anything you want. and then he raped me. a spokesman for the rebels and degree has denied accusations of using grape as a weapon of war. but as a conflict grinds on for nearly a year, if your pins who really had so little feel us, so you're not losing everything. priyanka gupta all to 0. the african
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television and film industry is on the edge of a boom, according to you. and research is predicting that with further investment $20000000.00 jobs and $20000000000.00 in revenue could be created. it can us hoc report on the pan african film and television festival in work in a fossil far from dead african cinema is going through a revival. were on set in bertina thought it was capital wanted to go where a big name of african cinema suck. i said, why do i go coaching young actors? he has a stake in the movie and wanted to do well, that money to be made in africa, out of money, a lot of money. you just need to, to get a good idea, get the good producer and make a good feel. and you can sell it as lot of money. but before you do that, you need the government to to, to create a system where you can get money to power. house of african cinema is booming.
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nigerian film industry, also known as normally, would many nigerian films are featuring at burkina faso pan african film and television festival known as fest backup. this is my desire is a slow pace drama funded entirely in nigeria. in short and 16 millimeter film across 48 locations in league off, i can't press high with low production values, but quality camera work. nigerian films are being sold directly online to consumers . nigerian producers have disrupted the way movies are made and finance. they're proving to the rest of the world and africa that local filmmakers cannot just make money, but get rich to create of cinema. this is this, this take in what will become an hour and a half long african drama. once that you have the director, the g o, p, dozens of actors, the director has even hired an extra camera to film the making of, of the movie. he says he's trying to produce quality african cinema because the
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market has become increasingly competitive. during the bertino sponsor festival filmmakers meet producers and distributors earlier funding used to come mostly from western institution. but this has changed as video actual netflix mall. and it was effect invented by the nigerians who lose aligned and created pay as you go services using you. duke gentles, this has revolutionized the film industry, allow our filmmakers to fund their films and get them on the international markets . that there was the whole, the theories like while a book from senegal or easy to access online and are gaining in popularity among young african audiences. but so his art house cinema. like if i die in ethiopian film, exploring cut a plant containing stimulants. the mouse production of movies has created renewed enthusiasm with once abandon cinemas, reopening their doors, so spectators can see their stories being brought to life on the big screen.
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nicholas hawk al jazeera walker do still ahead on al jazeera canadian prime minister adjusted intruders, making his 1st visit to a site where the unmarked grace of 215 indigenous children were founding me. we'll have a live report and an embarrassing moment for a football legend as he forgets the name of the un secretary general. i'll show you the awkward moment later and forced to say, ah hello there, let's look to the middle east and levant, and we're seeing some cloud pulling across eastern areas of the mediterranean, bringing some wet weather to syria, and to parts of lebanon as well. and that's thanks to a weather system that is blowing across the black sea towards the caspian sea. we are going to see some heavy falls around coastal areas of iran. we could see some
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localized flooding with that rain, but further south that is looking a lot dryer, a lot finer as well. some misty mornings in katara and some cloud cover remains on tuesday, but it does ease on wednesday and that wind will die down. it's looking very hot across western areas of saudi arabia and as we move to central africa, we have seen those hot and humid conditions continue across the democratic republic of congo, as well as the central african republic. those clusters of storms are going to continue to brew across the gulf of guineas from heavy falls on the way from nigeria. by the time we get to wednesday, it'll be uganda that see some heavy rain. we could see some flooding from that. there was a move further south it is going to get wetter across western air, as you can see, angola and parts of namibia. seeing some of that rain. it does y up both eastern areas of south africa, johannesburg, coming in at 20 degrees celsius with plenty of sunshine. ah,
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was more than 12000 migrants, mostly haitians in the canada sprung up in del rio, texas. over the last 2 weeks. they won't assign us, authorities are overwhelmed. this is just the latest flash point in a month long surgeon, people are legally crossing the buddha. and there's little in the camp for them. you can see that kind of thing. trying to trying to stop getting back into the coming up that they went across to maybe get through the site because there was enough food for them to be there in the car. we met nicholas on the mexican bank to the river, searching for food, a medicine for his family. he hadn't realized until we asked him about it. the us authorities rules are now flying haitians back home. there is no president crime as high students can't go to school, there is no work. the economy is down. people can't put up with them. deportation
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is not good for us. lou. ah, welcome back. a reminder of our, some of our top stories on this, al jazeera news, our russia is closing nato's permanent mission in moscow. the move is in response to the expulsion of half of russia's mission to the western military alliance nearly 2 weeks ago. it's also closing all other natal related missions. sudanese forces have fire t gas. it is 1st protest is in the capital cartoon. and demanding prime minister, abdullah, hum dog dissolving true government. others calling on him to stop dr. step down. and colin powell,
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one of the leading figures of american military and foreign policy for nearly 2 decades, has died at the age of $84.00. his family confirmed the new saying paul died from coven.


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