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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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in place to work from as a journalist, always pushing boundaries part of the central. my cell is on good luck. we are the ones traveling the extra mile where the media goes. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. ah, i'm him, ron calling in to hold the top stories on al jazeera, an investigation into brazil's corona virus responses pointed the finger blame a president, joe, bolster nora. the draft report recommended he faced criminal charges, including crimes against humanity. it still needs to be voted on by the senate committee and could be vetoed or altered. gustavo ruby arrow is the founder of online magazine, the brazilian report. he says, the report could have been even worse for ball sanara. for one, the reports while extremely skating to the government could be worse because of the
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removal of chargers of murder and genocide. and for some government officials that is a win. because the other charges against boss a lot more complicated for everyday voters to understand to, to grasp at wild chain, the silent murderer. pretty straightforward. it would be much worse for the presence reputation. but also because of the fact that this committee has no power of indictment, he can only recommend the indictment. so now this goes to the federal prosecution office with who's had that is someone extremely friendly interval. so adam and also the fact that a sitting president can only been dieted with the nods from the house from 60 percent of congressmen. and at this point was a letter has no support to block it. if it comes to that, he has enough support in congress terms. and yes, it his extra, an extremely divisive figure. i will only add that the promise with boss and i do.
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both of those approval ratings are more related to the economy rather than that. his pandemic response because in brazil we're seeing poverty rates climbed really fast. unemployment remains really high. inflation is skyrocketing, which is a road in families purchasing power. he was present, joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology. biden's comments and can come off to report said that china had tested the nuclear capable weapon in august. beijing has denied the reports saying it was testing a space vehicle. the white house says it's raised concerns about the issue through diplomatic channels. the you and skills you counsel as held an emergency meeting on north korea a day off to pyongyang, tested a ballistic missile from a submarine. it's the 1st underwater test launch into years. the u. s. south korea and japan have condemned it. the afghan taliban says it needs international
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recognition to ease the countries, humanitarian crisis. representatives were speaking in moscow. following a conference were regional powers including china, india, and pakistan. russia says the group would have to uphold a basic standard of human rights to get recognition. the taliban also promised to address ongoing security concerns. we had very good meeting all the participating countries. they supported unfreeze in the assets of renaissance, dental, bank, which is actually the assets of the avalon people. and it should not be connected with political issues. and also all the participating countries, this supported close engagement with the new islamic government and of honest on and overall the stomach emitted appreciate the effort and the positions mostly expressed by different countries, entities meeting as when the tech on
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a u. s. outpost in southern syria. the pentagon as confirm, no u. s. forces have been injured. u. s. officials believe it was from a drone. it struck a base and al tanf and hums. the man accused of killing 17 people out of florida high school in 2018 has pleaded guilty. nicholas cruz was expelled from marjorie stoneman. douglas high school days before the shooting. a jury will now decide whether he should be executed or sentenced to life in prison. and ross is giving work as a week off with pay to curve and alarming rising cove. in 19 cases and deaths, president vladimir putin as approved approved a government proposal for the week long holiday. at the end of this month, only around a 3rd of russians are fully vaccinated. more than a 1000 russians died from coven 19 on wednesday. those, the headlights news continues here on out 0 the out. is there a world ah
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ah ah no just deem in nablus in the occupied to smack may not be one of the few must landmarks of the middle east. but for the very personal reasons, it's a place that means i look to me. my name is so sancho and
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a palestinian can make them out and is in nablus ebc, mainly palestinian city for almost 3002 years. it's being home for an ethnic and religious group who are neither jewish, no muslim. these are the samaritan. mm . this is my homeland growing up. i could see the place of worship from my balcony. i had many samaritans as friends. and as they used to pass, i often wonder what's happened to them. mm. oh . so it was turned to retained, to mentors seem reconnect with some all chance and need some new ones
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as in judaism sitting there is this emergency of player or de shabba. however, this small group is not jewish. having separated some 3000 years ago while they have much in common with judaism samaritans, our chief justice, their historical uniqueness. ah ah ah ah meg in the 1980s. i went to school in nablus and did with
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a number of so many things in my class. i was shocked at the time to discover that many of them were already engaged to be met in even though they were just teenagers . they knew what their future husbands would be. it seems that they invest in. it's where plan. ah, the smit an inch manages, not traditional love matches, but juniors put together by 2 sets of samaritan parents, with grace in short supply. some parents took out at retirement on behalf of their sons, teenagers, and young men looking for a bright ah ah, i 1st learned the samaritans of mansion seem seen better off than their neighbors.
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they have both israeli and palestinian citizenship. and so the movement is not restricted, but with only $800.00 of them. they are people in crisis with 3 men to every woman that population is under serious, thick tradition that was surrounding marriage. compound, the problem. this generation faces a difficult choice to introduce sprites from outside, or to to spin minute decline. ah, i frenzy this emerson's bag in 2006. at that time it was already clear that they had a problem bringing new blood into the community. while at the same time,
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respecting and accepting that ancient traditions, ah ah ah, i with me there was an immunization magazine. how did she leave me a good semester visit a hub? what are they in? will i leave the corner with? oh
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i . when the submitted men of monte xen get together, they speak arabic and sometimes april. and when they took the most important topic is marriage. a shortage of fights, some men have looked to eastern europe, with many, many instances. on the la, shy for in the lodge, i'm a law in the back yard vehicle. not me. how committee but the lawyers on missouri. la l e m. i was you're there buddy. i'm a pre freon. there is a doctor. one i live on fears of what was the last name, shabby, a one and then all the thought i find that they are to walter,
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a 99 the so with those the i was out of us will have a lot of bobby i didn't, i'm well enough to romulan con, i love results. i thought you tell me how the i'm number sort of how about if i can on, on backups that are hard. those are in the not only love oh by then just a little i from the high a warm i have a much in my now. i mean feel ah
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. 6 neither money coming out on july 11th and mom was, is on the on job on job on it. which mine are the home of austin while affirmative from the moment and accept that hasn't been sick but a line of fish about fidela. i was home jesus. bah, summer hobbs and crucial oper. yana is a daughter been to la shop and hobbs them who are the sub octo key for our from a been on just puffy thought. oh hobbs up items because when we are shabanni. oh, hello sir. hello. i'm available. see how far
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ah, [000:00:00;00] a oh. ringback thank well up allow them in the living with . busy the video, the best scenes funny things back at age of emotions on one living. it's
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a record of a beautiful moment and this family's life. but another, it said in mind that of the choices that maybe money it was face one day he has to says 31 should get married as part of a marriage exchange with money. his future wife, the i got has limited options. and finding a husband. live is always you been to the developers. you live in hegan and then it was almost w. o is eva, mean son. as a shipment, a minimum for given us a shot,
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a little bit negotiable with isn't when he it when i will be the only in know the back but not i live with them. hello. hello. come on the road. come on there. oh, no, not in the fab zillow. so rick, there is almost a shop obama, why there's maybe a month to month in the ask you, if you, with those go on a full year that way. i mean, if you got them in then let me know and you know, it's kind of of a good kind of having to deal with me. is that for the no come, i love me. hope you will enough. one a, the, him on the record that all in the huh. but it was a big time deal with living. there are
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those here are your body. if a little dog will out, do you remember the school you're most of it like another should i will. i will drop it all, worked again. a married debit, only without a shirt or old either whistles or mobile larger. you are. little obama. now, the show for the out of rear on, on the higher the zone. i give them an alibi that when your money denson all a lot of it was going to war, georgia, harder law, a small sal albuquerque is her mom, another shit alum left hand thread. take an old man. ah tomatoes to say it is greatest feed is baking apart. b r a close knit community where religion and do letters touching fines,
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young people together. the samaritans follow the 1st 5 books of the jewish stillwater and believed that my attention would seem as a holy place of worship. ah, 2003 was a turning point for this. a motive. this trip druids about manage had created a population traces. and this was highlighted by a piece dabbed in adenine for dakota. they would also concerned that the small size of the community had left them open to sanity disorders. the police changed their ruth and allowed his son what the and other men to marry from outside as long as their wives converted to some earthen isn't what
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thus most ukrainian woman opened the door for other men to do the same. euclidian had several marriage instances onwards. woman looking forward for them husbands ah, ah, blah blah blah yellow. notice that head guy can look it up. god on t a mash. mush bought a la one that lean. oh yeah, sure. oh bar. and when la la yes. sham or see them homicide rather when your graph i then every
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jani benefit from me. well what do you allow more clem and nicholas grammar, a headache, someone on dotty. i'm focusing on command on system on a i shall miss van none. i'm all walking, keeley, so alma is long as a defeat. he believes julie julie to an image. mammy, how do you wash and then pick and remember, you don't know how much your village i'm of july 19. you're jewels. you regret amos look at each by been act ok l y there was a vector jessia who revision come on
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manette 80 she algebra. dad's little horse had gone from what a little dog left to hush if she can flee a more headway. it was not one day of the week. i'll look for you. ah, come i did. it took a show on the video for the garage. oh yeah, sure. it's good luck in the morning with telling it's ugly, it's ugly, it's ugly. it's am. bushings was mccormick, knew that the fall of new the store local script is it's in the home or bob charlotte that additionally my son glossy lifting,
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pushing me. i was going to finish my symptom when he mentally nicely new to some cream. there's a, bring us, some for him, little religious deny is the as the mean on the would be here that saki got the feel, the booster appro starting to sing the blues. her also missing them when you go through not so look at the some nearest cause. look on the yellow. are you calling about your clinical deal with financial? i mean just on what you've given over high resign
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a beta have my name is chevy. chase john as you're on the for consolidate real ana. i'll touch on rocky believe gelatin visual. alrighty. ah yeah. this made issue. there was a 1st for disseminating the flick through that had been in place for centuries were changed and many men went compass. where'd previously all marriages would ariens? no, a man could choose a wife based on few choice. a couple could meet, fall in love and desire to spend their lives together. lou in ah,
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learning a little bit when it min her lawn, but for some of the year for the mother and oh yeah, that the been alibi and i was called it did and so was canada and the father was always there for love not in her digit this gone home fan followed nina grew. aha, but he or i'd this the marie, the as a real elfin osh. hm. muslim, are probably the le mars i lose or the was it phenomena, tennessee? ah, ah. oh the highland milfey. oh ashtray lou, i didn't know that mean michelin bella had lesson in nor aren't you. i'm a bit as
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a have probably all got mixed up beside the houses are, was v indoor elect or burn and boom, swore sentimental jacqueline, a hoa a soda a claim to be the for those all, are they elderly? hello. hello. yeah. hi. like normally learning with locally here
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with a real me you bully mini. i kill her. what day? well, if it now, but if at the lee now, and he said no more side of the lobby gibbons at a z, favorable hill enable to live with jeanette elected. i live in an area and i know couldn't run a so one day, i mean the, the may has been had they would come to live view or had this. i had to all budget blackie. i will try to finish much get it. i get it. the month i
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get it a lot on me. oh love so much. am i going to? i'm in home now. show new minutes just so could i and i was or the i cannot tell him that a gym i'm and that was i don't owe money a little italy. you walk a job. hello. hey, the joe was ms. fisher lake and often stuff done like i think then the land them by oh, by then i get this re yellowstone. what i see on the 6th day to day to get your food. not so much. redmond, a said be the bus. yeah. nation. but alas, just most lazy to home by the out, if it go to the hall and
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i and he was, or the middle class and that that was my middle name. but if you feel as if there was a good amount of article that that had been not an issue that was i oh, multiple people told ashley including my father that he was gonna killer u. s. laws prohibits. some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. phone lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go
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unenforced. and the deadly consequences that in see we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show. unwilling quist on al jazeera, the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland. the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, london is one of the most unfortunate cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the to impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those boys because we know that our audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under report
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it oh, you want to help save the world oh, sneeze into your elbow. m lou on him. wrong caught in doha, the top stories on out 0. an investigation into brazil's corona virus response is pointed the finger of blame at president j. a bull sonora. the draft report recommended he faced cruel charges, including crimes against humanity. it still needs to be voted on by the senate committee. you as president joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic missile technology and investigation by the financial times as a china had tested a new hypersonic weapon in august. beijing is denied the reports. article haine has


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