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ah, with family bon, severed, a traumatized child, torn between 2 worlds, struggles to return home in a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system. a girl in return, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is amuse ally from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. india mock. a milestone in the fight against coven 19. it's given out it's billionth doors of the locally made vaccine. while many poor nations are still without. sedans and political crisis deepens his rival factions call for protest in
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the capital cartoon. the u. n said sap has special trust fund to provide urgently needed cash to afghans. ah, and south korea joins the space, rice, launching its own rocket for the 1st time, but not everything goes to plan. i'm devin ashworth sport as the houston astros and atlanta braves, both moved within one game of baseball's wild series. and he's done is again, christiane evanardo schools and late when i from manchester, united as a fight from to no down to beat atlanta in the champions league. ah, hello and welcome to the program. we begin this news hour in the india where there are celebrations to mark the 1000000000 coven. 19 vaccine being admin. it. it's the
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2nd nation to get to a 1000000000 dose is off to china. around 3 quarters of an outs have now had one shot. but only 31 percent of had both adult variant drove a huge surge in india earlier this year, which brought its health care system close to collapse. shortages lead to a black market for medicine and oxygen cylinders. huge congratulations to india for mocking yet another might store a 1000000000 cove. 19 vaccine doses administered that extraordinary feet in a shots baton was not possible without strong political leadership into secretary couldn't void tins dedicated efforts of the entire health in front lying book force and the people themselves. elizabeth parent m has more from korea. in the southern state of carola, we are at vaccination center and the southern state of carola,
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which has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the country. now, india has administered 1000000000 close at 19 vaccine doses. that accounts for 75 percent of the adult population achieving the 1st dose and around 31 percent receiving both doses. and they also hope to start and knoxville, asian people over the age of 12 soon. and that is seen as a really important to get the overall numbers up because 40 percent of indian population is actually under the age of 18. now the government is really celebrating just achievement today, but there have been many concerns along the way they have been called them with the assets used for registering and administering the vaccine concerns over the actual numbers of shots given especially off the shopping discrepancy in the state of mother for days, which shows that jabs had been registered as being given to people who are no longer alive. now the government says that it has addressed all these what is called glitches. and what is one of the world's biggest vaccination drive?
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but there are still some concerns chief among them as the disparity between the police and partially vaccinated as one of the biggest in the world. the government itself has admitted that many people who are eligible for this 2nd dose haven't gone to get there a problem. in rural areas, will people have to travel long distances to get the 2nd government welfare programs like food rations only like people getting their 1st dose? india has record of the 2nd highest number of quoted 19 death for the 450000. now currently india is recording the lowest number of daily cases and death in around 7 months. but india is also in the middle of festival season. there are a large number of festivals in the government and hell tech urgent people to continue to follow close 19 protocols to get vaccinated to get the 2nd also to avoid the kind of devastating 2nd wave that the country witness earlier this
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year, which was partly blamed for the very large gatherings, including festivals, which took place india was the biggest supplier to the you and back to vaccine sharing scheme, kovacs, but new delhi stopped all major exports during that search in cases. in april, the kofax game aims to make sure people living in developing countries have access to jobs, but so far less than 3 percent of people in low income countries have received at least one dose, compared to almost 50 percent worldwide. despite that, some wealthy countries like the u. k and canada have received vaccines from kovacs, even though they had their own deals with pharmaceutical companies. and an investigation by a coalition of aid and rights groups is found only one in 7 doses promised to the poorest nations have been delivered. china hall joins us live from london journal. i want to get to the co tuition in the u. k. but firstly, the health secretary is urging people to get booster shots in the u. k. when poor
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nations have those woefully low jab writes, how's the government justifying this inequality? well, the government here isn't attempting to justify that inequality at all. if anything, it's attempting to say that it's playing its part and doing everything it can to deal with that inequality or other sorta vacuous statement from a government spokesman. in answer to questions about this report that you mentioned said that the u. k. was proud to be playing a leading role in the production and distribution of code vaccines worldwide. well, this report seems to suggest does more rather than suggest otherwise, it's a report by the people's vaccine alliance. that's an umbrella body involving n g o z. as he said, they're including oxfam action ada, amnesty international and so on. it exists to promote the idea of lifting patience on vaccines and vaccine technology so that developing world countries can produce generic versions of those vaccines for themselves. and this report attempts to
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illustrate quite why that is such a crucial goal. and the reason is simple because the other mechanisms in place to vaccinate developing world countries simply on working so points, particularly to the idea that the rich world will donate massive quantities of vaccine to the poor world. which was promised at the g 7 summit in the summer. and that promise it says simply has not materialized only 14 percent of the one point. 8000000000 doses promised by rich countries have in fact been delivered big culprits there, the u. k. as only given 10 percent of what it promised, canada 8 percent the us say less than 16 percent. and the other mechanism is kovacs, which you were talking about there. the distribution mechanism for developing countries. big pharmaceutical companies that promised hundreds of millions of doses to kovacs. they haven't materialized either. only 12 percent of promise doses of in fact, been given to kofax with the net effect as you had in your introductory introductory graphically, that just 2.8 percent of people in the developing world have in fact,
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been vaccinated fronting figures. jonah, what more can you tell us about the rising rights of covered in the u. k. and a call by doctors to trigger plan bane england. what sort of hop back to what the people's vaccine alliance will say, and that is that no one is safe until everyone is safe. if you've got big holes in the developing world, you've got big holes through which vaccine variance comply. and we're seeing that happening across europe much talking rusher about a sub variant of the delta variant has led to a big spike in cases there. they may be going to lockdown this, talk about 4th wave in belgium as well. and of course here in the u. k, the situation is looking pretty grim, frankly at the moment. sky high infection rates rising foster october warnings. they may hit a 100000 cases day during the winter death rates up where they were in march. back in march, of course, this country was in lockdown fast forward 7 months and what all of those mandatory
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restrictions are now gone. people are living with these numbers quite happily. by all accounts. it's all been rather normalized in life has gone back to normal, but behind the scenes, of course, protection is waning for people who had 2 doses of the vaccine. the booster program isn't actually going all that well, the recalls for the government to re introduce restriction, so called plan b, which they're saying they're not ready to do now, is not the time. this is a government course that was land based just a week ago for its multiple failures during the early phases of the pandemic, and being accused on various fronts now of failing to learn those early lessons. thank you for the update china, how live for us in london? the w h o is made a deal with a south african start up to replicate modernity formula for it's coven. 19 back. same average in biologics, is trying to develop a job as close as possible. to that of madonna. as part of the $100000000.00 plan,
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it's in hopes of ending africa's lack of sufficient access to vaccines. medina has privacy said it will not share its vaccine information despite growing pressure. it is, however, looking to open a vaccine production plant in africa for more on this. let's bring him at petro to blonde. she is the managing director at afro jen and bile logics and vaccines. she joins us from cape town. hello there petri thanks for joining us. you began this process in a middle of the year. what progress have you made in replicating that madonna vaccine but since announcement in 21st of june, the average and will be designated as an m r and i hop for. busy the loan duty countries not only advocate the team is migrating progress, we have done some lab work preparation. wood facility was completed building building at that time we have a vaccine, a drug substance, a modern,
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ever seen drug substance. we are waiting to receive the sequence for us into entering ju, y to foster process leg, maxine which ease non inferior didn't know vaccine. and the reason why we've chosen medina vaccine because there are sufficient evidence of pre clinical studies that the medulla vaccine is quite, i've been very effective. what are some of the challenges you're facing? pitcher challenges on x is to equipment in terms of lead times because this is new full for africa and you for song africa. it is a completely new platform that we establishing here axis to some of the critical materials like the limits formulation and is a challenge. it, it is also true that the components of the process that we have to develop our south because we were unable to axis maternal vial kick funds, instinct, trans, 1st, knowledge twos, to expedite the process. what do you think medina might ultimately be forced to
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share its process, but if it does, will it be too light? no, we are in discussions, but do not the various discussions happening. we in the insurance, we continue as african design just with you've been to university working very hard to in 3 months from now has a drug substance in a dot product based on demand in a sequence reading. we will continue to have discussions with, with these entities because i'll sit and components of process that we really would want to have some support. and we hope that we're doing an announcement to support africa. and with the syllabus in africa will be duff tilting complementary to what this in on. and i hope has to do, and we'll do full discontinued petra, you're in south africa. what have been, what has been the impact of that slow vaccine roll out there? what are you saying on the ground, given that just 5 percent of the people across the continent have received a full dose? in south africa, we had
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a slow storm been catching up. i think the vaccination number's not has just passed the 20000000 long, which is about 20 percent of the population. and they'd mustaine says that these good writing his asthma that people actually going for the sake of the 2nd vaccine, mostly not at the moment doing pfizer, the on discussions to do judge. i've used this for house pay workers, which was our 1st part of how did on defense and assistance to vaccinate the population we. we have antibiotics that initiatives and i think we should continue to engage and get a message across that i don't know any size unless the old site that we need to expedite and drive total population vaccination as soon as possible. petra, we appreciate all your hard work. cape had a petrow to lunch, managing director at ephra, janet biologics and vaccines. thank you. thank you very much.
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authorities in china have cancelled hundreds of flights close schools, and increased mass testing to contain a new coven 19 outbreak. the latest cases have been linked to an elderly couple who were part of a group of tourists. badging has maintained a strict policy on corona virus. with border closures and knocked downs regularly brought into force crowds starting to gather in the sudanese capital cancer and where to rival factions of the opposition coalition have called for demonstrations though mark the anniversary of the 1964 revolution that removed a general bood from pal on one side, support for military andrews, demanding the transitional government be dissolved saying it has failed them economically and politically. while the other is calling for promises made to civilians after law l. but she was after 2 years ago kept let's take a closer look at sedans, opposition,
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coalition forces of freedom and change. it's cold. it was formed in january 2019 after anti government protests. it was made up of major opposition parties as well as armed groups in april that ye, the military over through president are my elder share. and 4 months later, the fortune forces of change and the governing military council signed a deal to begin a transition to democracy. but not all the coalition members were on board. a group known as sudan revolutionary front opposed that gym and some of its members. and now, calling for the interim government to be dissolved by the civilian side of forces of freedom and change once the power sharing agreement to be fully implemented, implemented. it's a complicated situation. luckily we're joined by have been morgan, who's in concert to explain it all to us here about what's the situation where you are and what a protest is cooling for. well,
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there are 2 sides here in this current political arena in sudan, which is the prime minister of them, has described as a division and making it the most dangerous points and couldn't transition history . now you have the forces of freedom in change coalition, that's the mainstream coalition. that 1st called for for processes the comrie, the 21st of october anniversary and the thing that what they, once prime minister them having to do is the minister reach to complete the, the gold of this revolution. they said that there should be a civilian or in the completed assembly that should be formed, the concert from legislative assembly that should be formed to be able to continue with this transition. they've also asked him to make sure that the military handover power to civilian rule asked for the constitutional declaration that was signed in august 2019. then you have the national charter alliance. that's a subset or a group called the force of the freedom of change. while they are part of the
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forces of freedom team, they seem to have a different demand. they want prime minister them docked to dissolve the current government, even though they do have members in that government. they say that they want an expansion of the base to include more groups and more coalitions and more associations. emp is government. we're talking about again, a country that is very dea, a very diverse so many ethnicities. so many groups. so many coalition, many of them participated in dia, december, 28th and revolution. many of them who are now saying that they don't see themselves into the government and therefore they want to see change. so prime minister out the land of has called for a dialogue, but that is yet to happen between the 2 sides, making it very hard for him as his words, to continue with this transition to civilian rule. well, he will make sure you keep us updated as to what unfolds in the capitol given morgan line for us there in cartoon, plenty morehead on this news hour, including promises of better security in afghanistan after i saw a tax to she and mos in 2 weeks but the minority worship as tell us no way feel
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safe questions about the future of aid in haiti as negotiations for the release of 17 kidnapped missionaries into a 5th day and in sportive fantastic catch. by a baseball fan stops anyone getting hurt as a broken bat. flies into this dance. oh, that's coming out with gemma in sport. ah . 900 defense ministers are discussing the lessons learned in afghanistan as they gather and brussels for a 2 day meeting. the lions has said its priorities include making sure the country doesn't become a safe haven for al qaeda and other groups. it's been more than 2 months, seems to taliban faced control. as nato troops completed their withdrawal, the un says it's set up as special trust to supply afghanistan with urgently needed
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cash. the head of the agencies development program said it will be tapping into funds that were frozen after the taliban took them. the countries being on the brink of a humanitarian and economic collapse due to a lack of cash. for more on these, let's go live to stephanie deca, who's in the capital. cobble, hello, they stuff. how much of a difference will these un funds make in the lives of african? what i think 1st and foremost, we have to look at what kind of mechanism is going to be a put in place for the cash to reach those who need at most, emory we've, i think the international community agrees on one thing is i desperately needed cash needs to come here quickly. so you've now heard from the u. n. d p, setting up a fund we've heard from the european union, even the g. 20 agreed. and on a form of getting cash injected into the economy here, this is a country that has become hugely dependent on these foreign reserves over the last 2 decades and having withheld it all of a sudden is having
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a catastrophic effect. so yes, it's much needed, but i think 1st and foremost, we have to see how quickly and how it's going to get here on the ground and how it's going to be distributed to the people. i can tell you having been here for the last couple of weeks everyone, we have spoken to whether they are, you know, health workers, whether it's someone working in a drug habilitation center, whether they're journalists, whether they're civil servants, even security guards, even taliban fighters will tell you that they haven't been paid their salaries and it ranges from what we're being told 2 to 3 months to 6 months. so there's a massive issue of cash flow, and i think this is something that we call it sort of underline enough. so these pleasures are great, but it really comes down to how quickly and how efficiently it can get to those who need it most. and it also ties into security. something we've been looking at recently, particularly the increase in attacks by iso k, i saw in afghanistan, and that's really having an impact on the minority. she, our population here are 2 of their mosque. as you mentioned, they're attacked over the last 2 fridays,
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one and conduce one in kandahar we went to visit a neighbourhood west of cobble where the has our community there told us that even inside their mosques, ah, holy place, they don't feel safe these days or even in prayer law or them, and there is anees here, or a holy place seems to offer no sanctuary for afghanistan. she a community, no toner, resume. when did taliban came? we felt safe. but after detoxing condos in kandahar we feel very much a chris went on. the taliban cannot insure security for us as they promised. despite that, we continued to come to pray, even in fear on even if we have to die here gone when he had and is and is lost, we have witnessed a taxpayer dice, decided to slay dice, you feel afraid, are you? and we're gonna not only hear it during praying, re go because we are written is because we are rec,
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ignacio or fiercest yasamin and has out us out. it was the sheer last friday iceland. afghanistan said it was behind this attack on a sheer mosque in kandahar. the province is the taliban stronghold. it was the 2nd attack on a sheer mosque in a week. the 1st in the northern province of conduce is causing increased worry here in the capital among the shia community. they say no one feel safe. this is the majority here area of cobble in the area has suffered numerous attacks. over the last couple of years, mosques have been attacked, girl schools have been attacked. many buses have been attacked, weddings have been attacked, and even gunman entering the maternity ward, killing pregnant women in their bags. there is a constant, unpredictable fear here of when the next attack may come. most of these attacks were claimed by iso in afghanistan. the army group attacked this moss to the largest in dashed it, but she taliban officials of said they will do more to protect the shia community. but we didn't see any taliban presence in this area. while we visited was
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a lemon milk oblong. we used to have 5 guards, they had salaries and weapons. now the taliban said they should return to work, but they haven't returned. there's no money. the risk is high, especially during fridays prayer to taliban patrols on friday. but the risk one remains high. the shia and particularly the his, our community has long been persecuted here in afghanistan. mohammed is a student at cobble university which remains closed. do you want a ton of one to do more to protect it? is the visual because this not only has the target of to just the text, but all the people have done this on one from one to do more. not only is and case of security, but in case of economy in case of trust between the top one is the people uncertain times for the canister and she a community. and for so many other afghans all tell us, they hope taliban leaders can deliver on their promise to protect minorities and
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provide security for everyone. across the country, stephanie decker or jazeera couple libya is hosting an international conference as it seek support ahead of elections. it wants support for efforts to bring peace and security ahead of decembers po, delegates from around the world are at the meeting in tripling the us russia, turkey, and egypt are among those taking part. libya has been in conflict since the uprising that toppled. why my gadhafi, 10 years ago, different political groups have since been committing, competing, rather violently to gain control. since 2014, the major power struggle had been between the u. n. recognized government in tripoli, led by prime minister fires, allots are raj and the to brook based administration in the aisd, backed by the warlord to leave for half term. last march, the 2 sides agreed to a cease fire and formed a unity government until elections in december. for more on this,
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let's bring in malik trainer who's at the conference in tripoli. malik. even those to say their elections look like they're in doubt now. what does this conference mean for libya? well, this is the 1st time got a conference at this level. and with these kinds of numbers, i mean there's over 30 countries here and organizations including the united nations, the european union, the african union, and the early. so this is the 1st time that a conference of this size, this magnitude has been held inside of women territory. now we've seen these kinds of conferences before, but there were always held, for instance, in germany, berlin to berlin, conference, one and 2 in switzerland, in paris, in italy. so i think the hope now is that things might actually change when all these parties gather inside of libyan territory. now, though the conference was scheduled to begin about an hour and 10 minutes ago,
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and it was delayed a story now, due to the law, the, the, the number of people that arrive are so, you know, before arriving late due to traffic and, and just the amount of flights that are coming in to, for the airport to holds up to, to be able to support these people coming in. they're going to be discussing a few things. one, they're going to be discussing, unifying state institutions. libya is still deeply divided and the military institution go khalifa have to who controls eastern libya militarily. and here in western livia, you have forces loyal to the government of national unity. so the hope is the least . the libyan hope is that the parties that are gathered here today, the countries that are gathered here today will some, will support their ambition. and, and pro, put pressure on the stakeholders in libya to come together and come up with a, a unified military. now the, another major aspect of the discussions today will talk about forcing the foreign
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fighters, there's approximately 20000 and foreign fighters and mercenaries inside of libya and take control vast areas of land, especially in southern libya. so that puts into to question a while, those foreign fighters are here that puts us to question, if elections can be held, the liberals are putting together a comprehensive plan action plan to expel these fighters out. and they're hoping that into the national community will support them in that effort. and malik, hadn't libyans feel about it? i think lucas will, from what we're seeing across all the social media platforms. i mean, libyans are super excited. you're seeing the, you know, as we were driving in, you can see the flags of the various countries that are here, you know, the, the american flag, the spanish flag, italian flag, a european flags, a, you know, even arab countries are. so people are excited. they feel that this means that tripoli is safe enough to hold out or to
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a host all these senior officials from various countries. you have to remember that since around 2014, most embassy is less tripoli. and, and just recently, in the last couple of months, we're seeing a return of embassies inside of libya. also, looters are really excited. they feel like, you know, this, that they felt that they've been marginalized in the last couple of years. so they feel like they're that lucas gain, it's respect among the international community. so a lot of hope or whether that a mouse or anything in the, in the couple of the monster took the follow. we'll have to wait and see. i mean, we've seen conferences like this before and nothing has really happened. luca still remained divided and, and conflict still remained so hopeful, but i think people are also a little bit more realistic in the fact that maybe nothing will come out of this. well keep us updated one way or the other. thank you for the update melick trying to their life for us in tripoli. still head on al jazeera stalks,
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the one of china's biggest real estate developers plunge after a deal to self part of the company's services falls through and the world's most controversial pipeline. russia is being accused of using it's known strain to, to blackmail germany. ah hey, there we've had wild weather roll across northwestern europe. hello everyone. it was enough to produce this serious storm in england. brick walls knocked down to the ground. and now the investigation is under way to see if this was a tornado damage caused by a tornado. which isn't rare, the u. k gets about 30 of those a year. white and windy weather across western france. so low countries, scandinavia into the baltic states and knocking on the door of southern sections of
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finland, helsinki. the bulk of your reign will come on friday. winds will be fierce is while the low country southern germany into the west of france, we'll see guts of about 8200 kilometers per hour. and we've got this northwind. so that's really dragging in some cold air. wind inches, the height of 12 degrees on thursday. so period seems looking pretty good say toward the north. we have a few spits in spots of rain, but we're still hanging onto the thirty's here. central and southern parts of europe also seen some rain and clouds drift in watch what it does to belgrade $24.00 degrees. but over 48 hours, we're going to slice it in half to just a high of 12 on saturday. turkey was dealing with them, driving rain for the northeastern black sea region, but that his dissipated, we've got full on sunshine across the country on thursday. and some what weather for guinea and guinea be south on thursday. the south a hive 30. the.


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