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oh, jeez, yeah, i know india marx, a mind stone in the fight. again, score with 19, it's given out it's 1000000000 stows of a locally made vaccine, while many poor nations are still without ah, play, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha with me fully butterball, also coming up. so don's political crisis deepens as rival functions call for protests in the capital cartoon. the un sets up a special trust fund to provide urgently needed cash to afghans and calls to bond
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and internationally award winning malaysian whiskey with a design mind from the countries colonial history. ah, thank you very much for joining us. we begin in india where they are celebrations to mark the one billions kobe 19 vaccine being administered. it's a 2nd nation to get to a 1000000000 doses after china, around 3 quarters of adults have now had one shot, but only 31 percent have had both. the delta vary and strove a huge surge in india earlier this year, which brought its health care system close to collapse, shortages lead to a black market for for medicine and oxygen cylinders. i'll just verify elizabeth ron m has more from katia in the southern state of carola. we are at the vaccination center in the southern state of carola,
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which has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the country. now india has administered 1000000000 close in 19 vaccine doses. that accounts for 75 percent of the adult population achieving the 1st dose and around 31 percent receiving both doses. and they also hope to start and elation people over the age of 12 soon. and that is seen as a really important to get the overall numbers up because 40 percent of indian population is actually under the age of 18. now the government is really celebrating achievement today, but they have been many concerns along the way. they have been problems with the assets used for registering and administering the vaccine concerns over the actual numbers of shots given especially off. the shocking discrepancies in the state of mother, which showed that jabs had been registered as being given to people who are no longer alive. now the government says that it has addressed what it called glitches . and what is one of the world's biggest vaccination drive. but there are still
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some concerns chief among them as the disparity between the police and partially vaccinated as one of the biggest in the world. the government itself has admitted that many people who are eligible for the 2nd dose haven't gone to get there a problem. in rural areas, will people have to travel long distances to get their 2nd daughter? government welfare programs, like food rations only links to people getting their 1st dose. india has record of the 2nd highest number of clothes in 19 death for the 450000. now currently india is recording the lowest number of daily cases and death in around 7 months. but india is also in the middle of festival season. there are a large number of festivals in the government and hell tech urgent people to continue to follow close 19 protocols to get vaccinated to get their 2nd also to avoid the kind of devastating 2nd wave of the country witness earlier this year,
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which was partly blamed for the very large gatherings, including festivals, which took place while india was the biggest supplier to the un bath vaccine sharing scheme, kovacs, but new delhi stopped all major exports during that surgeon cases in april. before kovak scheme aims to make sure people living in developing countries have access to jobs. but so far less than 3 percent of people in no income countries have received at least one dose compared to almost 50 percent worldwide. so despite that, some wealthy countries like the u. k and canada have received vaccines from callbacks, even though they had their own ideal to thomas vertical companies and an investigation by a coalition of 8 and why schools have found only one in 7 doses. promise to the poorest nations have been delivered. john hall has moved from london. well, the government here isn't attempting to justify that inequality at all. if anything, it's attempting to say that it's playing its part and doing everything it can to
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deal with that inequality. roboson a vacuous statement from a government spokesman in answer to questions about this report that you mentioned, said that the u. k. was proud to be playing a leading role in the production and distribution of coal vaccines worldwide. well, this report seems to suggest does more rather than suggest otherwise, it's the report by the people vaccine alliance. that's an umbrella body involving, as you said, there, including oxfam action ada, amnesty international and so on. it exists to promote the idea of lifting peyton's on vaccines and vaccine technology so that developing world countries can produce generic versions of those vaccines for themselves. and this report attempts to illustrate quite why that is such a crucial goal. and the reason is simple because the other mechanisms in place to vaccinate developing countries simply on working. so it points particularly to the idea that the rich world will donate massive quantities of vaccine to the world, which was promised at the g 7 summit in the summer. and that promise it says simply
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has not materialized only 14 percent of the one point. 8000000000 dose is promised by rich countries have in fact been delivered big culprits there. the u. k has only given 10 percent of what it promised. canada 8 percent the us say less than 16 percent. and the other mechanism is kovacs, which you were talking about there. the distribution mechanism for developing countries. big pharmaceutical companies have promised hundreds of millions of doses to kovacs. they haven't materialized either, only 12 percent of promised doses of in fact been given to kofax with the net effect as you had in your introductory introductory graphically, that just 2.8 percent of people in the developing world have in fact been vaccinated in brazil present jacob was narrow, has denied wrong doing after a senate committee recommended he faced criminal charges for his handling of the pandemic. the panels been investigating whether his actions caused many of brazil 600000 covey deaths. when a guy in a cave reports. while
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a senate panel was reading the long list of accusations against j will so narrow, the president was in ne brazil been cheered by his supporters. horrible voice of the people is the voice of gold. also, an arrow says he did nothing wrong. he's criticized the senate panel, which has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic. it's recommended the president to be charged with 10 different crimes, including crimes against humanity. but also narrow is accused of downplaying the pandemic, which caused $600000.00 deaths in brazil. the world's 2nd largest toll. the report says thousands of lives could have been saved if the president had taken the virus seriously. instead he criticized locked downs, encouraged mass gatherings made a point of not wearing a mask and delayed mast vaccination. the report will be voted upon next
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tuesday. it will then be submitted to brazil's attorney general, who has 30 days to determine whether he accepts the charges or not senator or matters. these were presided. the panel told of jose zepada. there is enough evidence to put bull sonata behind bars. if the attorney general does nothing will go to the supreme court and also to the international court of justice of the hague . we will continue to put pressure to make sure justice is done. or san ardo says the investigation is the loss of time. deborah thought renewed. it did nothing except spread grudge and hatred among brazilians. oh, no fear. but that opinion is strongly contested by many brazilians who lost their loved ones during the pandemic. and by doctors and scientists will say the coven 19 probe is historic, because it points the finger at all those responsible for the tragedy. monica and i give, i'll jazeera to saddam now,
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where crowds are starting to gather in the capital. cartoon way to rival factions of the opposition coalition have been calling for demonstrations. one faction supports a military takeover and is demanding the transitional government. big is old. the other is insisting that promises of democratic reforms be fulfilled live to al jazeera. hey morgan, who's in cartoon for is so another day of protesting cartoon. how i think, shaping up about what's the potential for, for violence today. well, there is great concern fully that things will turn violently already have the states attorney least if i'm 40 district attorneys to follow the processions around the various parts of the capital hub to we also have a list of hospitals that have already been named in case people get injured into this protest. now there are 2 different fashion calling to commemorate the anniversary of the 1st and in his revolution on the 21st of october,
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1964. 1 of them has been staging a, sitting in front of the presidential palace for 6 days now demanding that the military take over the other support the civilian for alicia of the 4th of rita maintains and bear the once more right here. now they have been saying that there should be a completion of their revolution, which is to say that they want to see a transitional legislative council being formed. they want to see just as what those have been killed during the revolution. but they also want to see the civilian take over. let's remember that the current transitional government is made up of a joint military civilian partnership with the military right now in charge of the sovereignty council. what's the effect of lead the presidency of the country? now they're saying that it's fine to hand over the leadership of backs up right to counsel, to sit within leadership. and that the military should hand over the other facilities that are under control. especially economic, especially for citizens. economic impacts such as companies that are run by the military dishes handed over to miss out the lamb, the same grove,
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the status of the country. so right now they're going to march to one of the designated areas that have been marked by the was of rita, my tv voice, that the board force that will in room. why a while others are sitting in front of the presidential out of demanding that the military dissolve, the government, all prime minister on the handle and assigned a new one that is representative of everyone was a pause all in the revolution. hey, beth, thank you very much. for that update, we'll keep a close eye on those demonstrations with you throughout the day here on al jazeera, hey morgan live there in cartoon. libby, as unity government is hosting an international stability conference as it seeks support ahead of elections. it's hold, the meeting in tripoli can help to bring peace and security ahead of december's presidential pole and make sure parliamentary elections are held as planned. the us russia, turkey and egypt are among those taking part. libya's foreign minister has called on delegates to support the fight against corruption. the hat denny was. yo jimmy, what will they say?
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our concern is standing up against the biggest challenge. corruption, corruption in all forms. it's the true enemy to our country. it brings poverty, ignorance, and in fighting and the collapse of human values. we should join forces up route corruption. nothing is more dangerous. we need to stand up to it to reach sovereignty. cilla head on al jazeera promises of better security, and i've got a son after to isolate talk from chia moss for 2 weeks. but the minority worshipers tell us know where fields faith. the and south korea joined the space race launching its own rocket for the 1st time. but not everything goes to plan. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hi there, good to, sir. here's her weather story for asia pacific. we've got some rain just edging into tokyo on friday, 14 degrees, but we're going to get a tropical push of air as well. so that's going to search your temperature to 20 over the next little bit. temperatures have been falling for hong kong, just a high of 20 degrees on friday, gray lane, 16. and we do have that weather in and around the area. indo china for vietnam once again, central parts of the country getting into these bouts of heavy rain north of denying south of being and also toward the saw, the south, his wall, which man city $28.00 degrees, but a tropical fuel here. and you will see some shorts and bolts. same goes for bangkok, thunderstorms call them poor, also seen some thunderstorms and jakarta as well with a high of $32.00 degrees, taking you to the sub continent rate. now india, this is the northern states of a con and we've seen mud slides and line sides here 4 times above the average
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october rainfall. this is unusual to see this much rain this far north at this time of the year. now by friday, most of it is dissipating, but still keeping some at times bursts of rain connecticut. as we head toward careless state coach, he has a high 30 degrees, but again look toward the north. we see that rain fade away on friday, the trop, the, the weather sponsored cattle airways boasted world's best air line of 2021 in the country with an abundance of results. great, foreign want indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let's be pot linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier now . ah,
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the me welcome back here watching ology 0 live from doha reminder of our top stories. india is celebrating administering 1000000000 cove in 1900 vaccine doses. around 70 percent of adults have not had at least one shot, but just about one 3rd awfully vaccinated. brazil spreads of enjoyable narrow has denied wrong doing. after a tenant committee recommended he faced criminal charges for his handling of the panoramic. the panels been investigating whether his actions caused many of brazil, 600000 cope with death. and crowds gathering into don capital called to where to rival factions of the opposition coalition have called for demonstrations. one side
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is demanding the transitional government to be dissolved. nato defense ministers are discussing the lessons learned enough ganeth son as they gather in brussels for to day meeting the alliance he said expire it. he's include making sure the country doesn't become a safe haven for arcada and other on groups. it's been more than 2 months since italy band cease control. as nato troops completed their withdrawal. now the united nation says it set up a special trust to supply of garrison with urgently needed cash. at the agencies development program said it will be tapping into funds that were frozen after the taliban took over. the country has been on the brink of a humanitarian and economic collapse due to a lack of cash live to algiers. stephanie deca who is incapable for his stephanie, how much difference will this un fund make in the lives of afghans given that the humanitarian crisis unfolding that oh, well, it'll make a huge difference once it gets here fully. i mean, this is again,
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we've heard of the last couple of weeks, multiple pledges, you know, nap from united nations from the you, from the g 20. and the, i think most importantly is seeing how they're gonna get a mechanism in place. because of course, the main issue is that they don't want this money to go through the taliban until they officially recognize them as a government. and this is why the taliban is craving international legitimacy because you have a country on the verge of economic collapse here. so yes, it's good news, but we still have to see any of the money even that was pledged weeks ago to arrive here, i can tell you that many people we've been speaking to over the last couple of weeks, whether it's health workers, whether it's, you know, security forces, whether it's, you know, people in drug rehabilitation centers, whether it's civil servants, none of them have had their salaries paid and they that verges from 4 to 6 months. that gives you an indication people are not rich share folly of how difficult life is become when the international community suddenly withheld. you know, billions of dollars of much needed cash. now is also having an impact on security.
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we've been looking at that story over the last couple of days, particularly the she minority here. they faced a tax on to their mosques, income to her, and in conduce. over the last 2 fridays, we visited a neighborhood in west cobble. we were told that the security guards weren't returning because they hadn't been paid and they're very concerned, particularly during friday pairs because of the resale attacks by isolate afghanistan. nanda, they told us that his, our community there, that they don't feel safe anywhere anymore. a even in prayer law with them. and there is anees here. oh, holy place seems to offer new sanctuary for afghanistan. she a community? no, i haven't assured phone resume. when the taliban came, we felt safe. but after detoxing condos in kandahar we feel very much a chris on on the taliban cannot insure security for us as they promised. despite that, we continue to come to pray, even in fi born even if we have to die here god. when he had and his and his last,
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we have witnessed a taxpayer dice, decided to slay dice. you feel afraid, are you and we're gonna not only hear it during being re go because we are written is because we are rec, ignacio or fiercest yasamin and has our us out. it was the sheer last friday iceland. afghanistan said it was behind this attack on a sheer mosque in kandahar. the province is the taliban stronghold. it was the 2nd attack on a sheer mosque in a week. the 1st in the northern province of conduce it's causing increased worry here in the capital among the she a community. they say no one feel safe. this is the majority here area of cobble in the area has suffered numerous attacks over the last couple of years. moths have been attacked, girl schools have been attacked. many buses have been attacked, weddings have been attacked, and even gunman entering the maternity ward, killing pregnant women in their bags. there is a constant, unpredictable fear here of when the next attack may come. most of these attacks
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were claimed by iso in afghanistan, the armed group attack this moss, to the largest in dash to bouchee taliban officials of said they will do more to protect the shia community. but we didn't see any taliban presence in this area while we visited was a lemon mockup along. we used to have 5 gars. they had salaries and weapons. now de taliban said they should return to work, but they haven't returned. there's no money. the risk is high, especially during friday's prayer. we found the taliban patrols on friday, but the risk remains high. the shia and particularly the his, our community has long been persecuted here in afghanistan. mohammed is a student at cobble university, which remains closed. do you want to tell one to do more to protect? because of course it is the richer requests of not only has are in short the target of to just the ducks. but all the people are gunners on was firm called the one to do more. not only is in case of security,
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but in cuz of economic thinkers are for trust between the thought. one of the people, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. on certain times for afghanistan, she a community. and for so many other afghans all tell us, they hope taliban leaders can deliver on their promise to protect minorities and provide security for everyone across the country. stephanie decker, all jazeera cobble us present. joe biden says he's concerned about chinese hypersonic miss on technology. his comments come after the financial times reported beijing has tested a nuclear capable weapon with that technology in august. and this are reportedly circle the glow before defending on a target. beijing denies the report claiming it was testing a space vehicle. particle haine has moved from washington. the white house doesn't appear like it's trying to put a lot of focus on this. what happened was when president joe biden was leaving washington a reporter asked, are you concerned about this potential missile launch? and he said yes for her part white house spokesman jenn,
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saki said they're reaching out to their counterparts in china through the diplomatic process. so basically this is all about a report in the financial times, it said that it over the summer, china was able to test launch what they call a nuclear capable, hypersonic glide. what? but so basically it's a missile that goes into the outer space, circles the globe at 5 times the speed of sound was able to land according to the financial times, pretty much near its target, mr. target. but just narrowly. now china says this was not a missile test, they said they were working on rocket technology. why is this such a big concern for us? well, it's been a lot of, it's money on missile defense systems that can basically shoot down conventional types of missiles. they wouldn't work against the hypersonic missile, and it's a big emphasis for us military defense. one of the programs that they're considering pursuing would cost estimate $176000000000.00 over 10 years, but it's hypersonic missiles become commonplace. obviously they're going to have to rethink their strategy. also important to point out,
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the other nations are working with this technology, including the united states. russia says it is as well as well as north korea. again, china says it is not working on that technology, but it has raise concerns in the us. shares in chinese property giant ever grind, have plunged by more than 10 percent. that's after a deal to purchase, part of the world's most indebted develop, a fell through the drop in share price has deepened fears. the company could soon be declared in default with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's miss multiple payments in the past months. investors are worried to fall out could affect the wider chinese economy. brian manuel is a chief asia strategist with silver horn investment advisors advisors. he says, every grant that crisis reflects a bigger problem with china's economic models. they still have the best bits now, so that's another reason markets as somewhat is because if you cancel the best part of the business, you're probably going to struggle the worse. but it's also that they were trying to
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sell it back to some of that actually owns a lot of debt, mainly you doing buddy, the chinese government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government, local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not right to buy oh, evergreen day after. at some point, this is had to stop ever grande's, the largest model, but that there's an entire underlying political economy of outside it works, which is a real estate and uses models like a grand day which is not sustainable. and the chinese, the particular challenge, top leader has made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop the chinese government. and if it has 2 very complicated top must feel embossed specially trying get much of the money or the do so in a way that doesn't fit on me is ever grande's but, but one of many,
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then it also needs to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just out there and it has to somehow part road between being credible and also signed to get some of that credit back. it's a difficult mix. a malaysian made whisky has sparked controversy with some calling for sales of the liquor to be banned. the name and design of the award winning spirit is being seen as insulting to islam. the country's main religion prize re, has the story from column for when use emerged for the malaysian made whiskey had one international awards. it gained a claim back home, but also criticism. the brand is called the my, which means tin in the malay language. tin mining was one of the main industries in the malay peninsula in the 19th century. the label features a man known as captain speedy, who was an officer in british malaya. as it was then known and is said to have popularized whiskey drinking in this region. but some have objected to the image
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saying the bearded man resembles a pious muslin many others say the name could also be mistaken for variation of fatima. a muslim, named for women malay is the main ethnic group in muslim majority, malaysia, and also the official language. when you pick on a malay, would you tend to give impression that liquor is ok with the melissa society. so i, i thought that the company was not careful, and this is why they such a broad the whiskey makers declined to be interviewed. but said in a statement, they did not intend for the name to still controversy. and that any interpretation of the name unrelated to tin mining is false. some critics of the brand of coal 1st name and labeling to be changed while a consumers group has urged authorities to stop sales of the product here. not everyone sees the brand as controversial. the deputy president of an islamic
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political parties as while alcohol is forbidden in islam, the rights of non muslims to drink has to be respected. some analysts think the issue is being used to advance political ambitions. i think it's more of a reflection of insecurity or 6 mentality by the perpetrators and also the target group target audience group that they, they want to win over the understand the psyche, the mentality of the letter it base and they're, they're trying to exploit that. again, for political mileage, so it can be either religious or racial. political parties have in the past portrayed themselves as defenders of a faith or race as a tactic to gain votes. the next general election has to be held by mid 2023. the controversy about t martha whiskey isn't going away just yet. reports have been launched with
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malaysia domestic trade in consumer affairs, as well as home ministries to investigate the matter. florence louis al jazeera kuala lumpur. south korea's 1st domestically produced rock had failed its mission to put a dummy satellite into all bits. well, to ha, ha, ha it. and then newly rock have travelled up to 700 kilometers above the earth, a success he competed the 1st and 2nd stages of separation. and present moonshine said in a national address, the damage satellite was unstable and more work needs to be done. john gray, that is a defense industry analyst with james. he says space is a priority for south korea in terms of defense. this launch system, once it's proven and operational will have the potential to provide south careers, military with satellites that provide capability in terms of our intelligence
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surveillance, navigation communications. and one of the biggest initial advantages potentially with this system with the launch system is that it will provide south, grew the ability to put satellites into space that provide capability to, to, to have persistence surveillance over north korea. and this will give south korea the ability to monitor potential north korean launches of ballistic and cruise missiles and also to shape to shape a response. but this really is the 1st stage. so in the next few years, south korea plans to develop and start operating a series of space launch vehicles from the narrow space center. and the launch vehicles will be putting small satellites into low earth orbit arm further increasing south korea space defense capabilities. and that's the plan, and this is the 1st stage. traditionally in the last few years, north korea has, has responded tit for tat in many of the,
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in many of the developments in terms of missiles submarine launch missiles is, is one example. and so i would imagine that north korea will be looking to see how it could demonstrate its own capabilities in terms of space. it's probably too early to do that. but some capabilities advance capabilities would be something that north korea will be looking to demonstrate. as a result of this, ah, ah, hello again, i'm fully back the ball with the headlines on al jazeera, india is celebrating administering 1000000000 doses of cobra, 1900 vaccines. around 75 percent of adults have now had at least one shot a just about one 3rd awfully vaccinated. brazil, surprise it, enjoyable scenario has denied wrong doing after a senate committee recommended he faced criminal charges for his handling of the pan demik. the panels been investigating whether his actions caused many of brazil
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