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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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ah hi there, good to see you here. sure. weather forecasts for the middle east and we'll get to africa as well. hang tight, but we've got plenty in the way of sunshine. acute getting up to 35, but i want to take it toward the gulf states right now because a bit of a brisk wind is going to kick up the sand and dust here. so that could impact visibility. type of conditions where you get the sand in your eyes when you consider gus here about 45 kilometers per hour. so not as high as it has been over the last few days, but still bit of a breeze. we've got to contend with up to pakistan. northern areas may see some rain see been as warm about 32 degrees, but here's the guarantee or temperatures are gonna fall down to just 25 on tuesday . well below the average of 31, we had been seen driving rain for turkey's ne sir black sea region that has now faded away and were left with full on sunshine across turkey. on friday, here we are to africa right now, and we've got our storms coming and going but heavy concentration of rain along the
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gulf of guineas, southern sections of nigeria lycos getting up to a high of 29 degrees, white and windy for how the western cape cape town on friday, we could see gus here, 70 kilometers per hour than all of that. whites and windy weather starts to transfer to the eastern cape as we head toward the weekend. that's it, sir. ah. in the country with an abundance of resolve. lauren wan, indonesia whose terms booming. we move to grow and fraud with balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let people lose his growth and progress in now
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because of one of the fastest growing nations in the world, news on the customer needed to oakland and development. international shipping to become a middle east and trade warranty skillfully, myself re key is up to about filling up roman, connecting the world future while the car. so those gateway to whoa trade. lou ah ah, hello again. you're watching al jazeera, i'm installs you tehan dough home. let's remind you about top stories here. the sound. thousands of protesters with differing views on 2 dawns capital are taking
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to the streets of the capitol. mocking the anniversary of its past revolution in 1964. elsewhere in the country, t a gas was fired. i protested, calling for greatest civilian control over the government. india is celebrating administering 1000000000 cove in 19 vaccine doses around 75 percent of adults have now had at least one shot. but just about one 3rd of fully vaccinated, libya is hosting an international conference on the country stability. the gathering is seeking backing efforts to bring peace and security ahead of december . elections was now returned to our top story and take a closer look at sedans. opposition coalition. the forces of freedom and change. it was formed in january 2019 after anti government protests. it was made up of major opposition parties as well as armed groups in april that year, the military over 3 president omar this year. and 4 months later,
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the opposition coalition and the military council signed a power sharing deal as the country then transition to democracy. but not everyone was on board with that agreement and some members of the forces of freedom and change on our calling for the interim government to be dissolved. well, let's now bring in will lead madiba. he is the founder and president of the sudan policy for him. he joins us here in dire need. clearly there's broad to satisfaction and disillusionment with how things have gone since 2019. but all of that appears to be driving cracks within both the civilian and military sides themselves. just how united are the actions that we're now seeing on the streets is the f, f c potentially falling apart. i won't go to the extent of saying that it's falling apart, but, but obviously it is. the environment is highly, although i know and we are seeing 2 different opinions regarding regarding the continuing p o t v d and government. that way, that it's one group that's that's,
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that's sort of asking for the dissolution of the government. but there is no clear objective as to how the dissolution of the government is going to improve the performance of the government as a whole, knowingly that. a this is a shared responsibility between the sobering collins in which is totally dominated by the military officers who have completely succeed in co opting the civilian members in the holding current itself. and now you do have the forces of freedom and chase, which is the june. so they don't have somebody the central collins and the executive officer and the civilian government led by i'm to know if we'd go back and just reflect on the situation a little bit traditionally on historically, that has been divided between the forces of more than missing the forces of the
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transition and easy for freedom and didn't succeed in bringing you know, some of the forces that are considered i mean, of course, to the traditional like the traditional pride. but all of these, this will lead us that in the us. and by not bringing them on board, they let them follow the path of the benito, the officers. having said this, i think this would, these people today have a consistently better system. and i then made, made it very clear that they are not going to allow the military officers to take advantage of the situation and to assume and to assume. 1 or credit, or to as soon as you leave that ship by themselves, nor are they going to allow the civilians to this guy is in the name of stability
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and continue with their practices over 3rd period is what really let me ask you then can you talk us through the calculations that the military abstention having to make now, especially after last month to attempt to how much is the power sharing agreement potentially on the threads it's, it's now we are in a very dire situation. i mean, the consequences can be very hard if this government is dissolved, we are going to see some sort of any stability which may all be in the which may allow the door up in for a cool dad. this time, a genuine, not a genuine one, not not like the one that was orchestrated by the by the 30 don't. within the sobering carson they are now. they are,
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they have totally augustine. and they don't have any motor meetings with the civilians. so there is already a fraction within the sovereign counsel, but always in the prime minister's office. i think things are good except for the fact that there are some offices. i mean minister, it's all may be point to the mature codes based and political activist was. but, but the performance of the government is ok. what is not okay, is the performance of the suffering counsel and the central assembly of the forces of freedom and chase. i'm sorry to interrupt you. i am curious because there have been a lot of rumors about who might be driving the sun rest. we've obviously seen protests on the streets or the several weeks now and i know that has been talk of,
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but she is supported, potentially trying to destabilize things. do you think that holds any ways it does . i think the ex redeem has some activities who are trying to take advantage of the so the nice people's this 2nd fraction was a bit for months of the government. no, i mean if you think of the fact that we should have had a legislative college 3 years ago, 33 months after that live allusion. and now it has been 3 years and we don't have a legislative body. now we don't really just need the body, you can't carry out, you know, any judicial practices. you can continue with the issuing degrees and laws and you can completely, you can complete the peace agreement knowingly that we have the
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media to the media to for, to see of the may liberation. of course it's like on i've been why had mm hm. but no, they haven't being brought into the piece agreement. so i think no, there is a lot of the sudanese today by going out in the streets. they made it very clear that they are not. they are not here for 40. so freedom i changed one. neither are supporting the forces of freedom i came to. they want both to fulfill their duties in a carrying out the might be spread out by the be clearly there's a lot of on may be still ahead will lead madiba that the founder and president of issued on policy for him. always great to get your thoughts on out there. thanks for joining us again. william now to nigeria where a separatist leader has pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism and treason in a long delayed trial security was tice and the capital. a boucher as nom de kanu
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was brought to course he's the leader of the outward group. the indigenous people have biafra at one to break away states for the ethnic ego. people can you is a british citizen and had fled nigeria but was then brought back in june. his lawyers say he was kidnapped in kenya. now south careers 1st domestically produced rocket failed in its mission to put a dummy satellite into all this. well, to ha ha, he is. and the new re rock had traveled up to 700 kilometers above the earth. it successfully completed the 1st and 2nd stages of separation. but present when j in said the dummy satellite was unstable and mal workstall needs to be done. you use you need the flight test of the nori has been completed. i am proud. unfortunately, we didn't reach your goal perfectly, but we cheve the great result with the 1st launch from launch control to take off
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ignition of the engine twice in the air and the separation of the rocket and dummy satellite. all recom pushed without any problems. it is completely our own technology. however, placing the dummy satellite and orbit remains an unfinished tuscan, all shares in chinese property giant, ever grand have plunged by more than 10 percent. that's after a deal to purchase, part of the world's most indebted developer, fell through the drop and share price. as deepened fears that the company could soon be declared, in default with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's missed multiple payments in the past month. mariah manuel is the chief asia strategist with silver horn investment advisors. he says evergreen's debt crisis reflects a bigger problem with china's economic model. they're selling the best bids now. so that's another reason markets a suit somewhat is because if you cancel the best business, you're probably going to struggle worse. but it's also that they were trying to sell it back to someone that actually owns a lot of debt,
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mainly you doing buddy. the government as well, or definitely entities the earned by the chinese government, local vehicles and things like that. but so the chinese government is not right to buy over grandad's. at some point, this is had to stop ever grande's, the largest model, but that there's an entire underlying political economy of outside it works, which is a real estate and uses models like a grand day which is not sustainable. and the chinese designers, particularly china, is top leader, has made very clear that he wants this to end. he want houses to be living in and not speculation. and the previous way of doing business must stop the chinese government. and if it has to very complicated top, must feel in boss mostly trying to much of money or do so in a way that doesn't put you on a me, if ever grande's but, but one of many, then it also needs to send a strong signal that is not going to by allow all of the other grande's to be just
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out there and it has to somehow part road between being credible and also find ways to get some of that credit back. it's, it's a difficult mix. malaysian made whisky has sparked controversy with some calling for sales of the liquor to be banned. the name and design of the award winning spirit is being seen by some as an insult. islam, the countries mean religion from 3 has moved from the capital column for when news emerged that the malaysian made whiskey had won international awards, it gained a claim back home, but also criticism. the brand is called the my, which means tin in the malay language. tin mining was one of the main industries in the malay peninsula in the 19th century. the label features a man known as captain speedy, who was an officer in british malaya, as it was then known, and is said to have popularized whiskey drinking in this region. but some have objected to the image saying the bearded man resembles
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a pious muslim many other say, the name could also be mistaken for variation of fatima. a muslim, named for women malay is the main ethnic group in muslim majority, malaysia, and also the official language. when you take on a malay, would you tend to give impression that liquor is ok with the melissa society. so i, i thought that the company was not careful and this is why they such are abroad. the whiskey make has declined to be interviewed, but said in a statement, they did not intend for the name to stay a controversy. and that any interpretation of the name unrelated to tin mining is false. some critics of the brand of cultures name a labeling to be changed while a consumer group has urged authorities to stop sales of the product here. not everyone sees the brand as controversial, the deputy president of an islamic political parties as while alcohol is forbidden
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in islam. the rights of non muslims to drink has to be respected. some analysts think the issue is being used to advance political ambitions. i think it's more of a, a section of insecurity or 6 mentality by the perpetrators. and also the target group target audience group that they want to win over the understand the psyche, the mentality of the electorate base and debt debt trying to exploit that. again, for political mileage. so it can be either really just a racial political parties have in the past to portray themselves as defenders of a faith or race as a tactic to gain votes. the next general election has to be held by mid 2023. the controversy about t martha whiskey isn't going away just yet. reports have been launched with
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malaysia domestic trade in consumer affairs, as well as how ministries to investigate the matter. florence louis al jazeera kuala lumpur well still ahead. here on al jazeera, bangladesh booked their place and the next round of crickets t 20 wild cup. pete will have all the apps and for you in sport. ah
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ah. oh, lou ah ah, welcome back. now as the grease land, green landing ice sheet melts, huge deposits of wrath elements are being uncovered. meiza vital and the production
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of low carbon technologies, such as electric cars and wind turbines. but farmers worried about radioactive dust and waste water. i'm trying to block mining projects and clock visitors at the town of na sock in south greenland. a statue of leaf ericsson, the viking, who said to have discovered america 400 years before columbus gazes out overseen. that might surprise you. it's the end of summer and the sheep had been rounded up for market. farming is part of the way of life in the south, but these lands also hold new possibilities. i headed up a mountain valley near the town of na sack. the rocks here hold some of the world's richest deposits of rare of minerals. this is the sides of an old uranium mine. it's long been decommissioned. but now international mining companies want to dig deep again. the rock we see all around the same was for 3 or 4 kilometers beneath the earth's crust. and then about a 1000000000 years ago, these mountains just rid up. and they reckon that within this area alone,
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there are one and a half 1000000 tons of rare with minerals, with another $26000000.00 tons at a site nearby. and all of that combined is enough to supply the wealth total need. a rare earth minerals for a 115 years, which is why this whole area is just so valuable and has so much attention. this is my mother's father. i met with neil secaria son who's been fighting the proposed mind for years. man, i to sha, so i like to ship. if the mind gets to go ahead, the 1st thing that will affect us is dust followed by radioactive radiation. those things will start from the 1st day of production. that's going to affect our water supply and it's only 3 kilometers away from the mining site. meaning we won't be able to continue living in norfolk public meetings were held earlier in the year with the mining company involved. although they didn't attend the most recent one as my child, they green the minerals who are australian, and part chinese owned a c o. told al jazeera,
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there's been misinformation about the project in the community that does not accurately reflect the impact assessments and his cause concern among local stakeholders. this is unfortunate when the project is met. stringent environmental standards, mining would bring jobs, business opportunities and economic stimulus for the local community. the cross greenland, the issue is so controversial, it toppled the national government and in came the indigenous in your party who have promised to stop the mine. but they recognise a future government might reverse that as a day draws to a close more sheet of being rounded up. the farmers have grave concerns about the impact of toxic waste on the land and waterways. the sheep thrive on the water will be poisoned and the sea will be posted and then we will be post it. i will not never accept the mining the queen nancy called to have been keep going in 1000 years. not many people could survive here. and there to be strong to live here
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in green and long ago the viking saw the potential of this part of greenland. and as the ice melts, making more mining sites accessible. interest in greenland rich resources will only increase. mcclark al, jazeera, casias and greenland. while it is now time for sport and pieces them can draw the z and the be a one way of putting it in the, in be a, is facing the process of another backlash in china. of the boston celtics play. and it came to describe the chinese prison shooting thing as a brutal dictator. he was doing a social media video promoting tibetan independence. brutal dictator of china. she g p. i have a message for you, and you are henchmen. i will say again, again and again, loud and clear. i hope you hear me free tibet free tibet free tibet
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possible is the most populous us sport in china, but southwick's games already been wiped from the shadows. of the n b, a chinese boat cost port and $0.10. some citizens in china also calling for a boycott of the club. one high ranking chinese official at the ministry of foreign affairs dismissed kansas comments. other, the basketball player you mentioned is trying to grandstand on tibet related issues to draw attention. such fallacies are not worth refuting. audrey, on the finding. we welcome people who are unbiased and uphold objective positions from all over the world to visit about. meanwhile, we will by no means accept any attacks and smears on to best development and progress. the n b s relationship with china has been strained in recent years. in 2019 a major rel develops when the in houston rockets general manager darrell maury tweeted support for democracy. protest to the non con. it's a civil chinese broadcasters and sponsors cutting ties with the n b a. and can to,
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himself is most strange. it's a controversy he also describes turkeys president, richard type early on. as a dictator, cancer grew up in turkey, but his passport was revoked in 2017, for the government. they accused him of terrorism. his n b a games are still sense that they and he doesn't travel abroad with his team through fear of arrest. cancer didn't play in the celtics defeat for the new york mix on wednesday, but it was a better season opener for the chicago bulls. they made a slow start against the detroit pistons, those who training after the 2nd quarter of a beck levine, then fuck them into life. the also god who want to go middle between us a lympics school 1530 to 34 points in the 3rd quarter to in spite of all the victory jeremy groaned led the persons of 24 points, but mr. charles had the game with 50 seconds left of chicago, 19488 in major league baseball, the houston astros or just one, went away from reaching the world series. for the 2nd year running their american
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league series against the boston red sox was all square to, to hitting it's a game 5 at boston's fenway park. it was the astros who dominated to win 9. 1. how belong by this home run by your done alvarez? the series now headed back to houston and the red sultani to win the next game to force a decide es 3. arguably the play of the day was by a spectator though boston fairfield evers broke his backs and allowed short of wood flew straight into the stands for potentially dangerous situation was avoided when the red sox fan plucked it out of the air with a great catch. now it was hearse and he has a nicely ven, yeah, could be dangerous. it was another great catch in the national league series between the atlanta braves and the la dodgers watch this like here that takes longer to get this one of the one that was evelyn, who is adam duvall denying alice gavin lacks
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a home run as of the brains they did managed to get out of the park 4 times with eddie rosario getting 2 of them. i 19 to to take a 31 lead overall, just one game away. now from their 1st world series since 1999, the defending champions dodges need to win game 5 to avoid elimination home or on game any day. the way you never want to have your back against the wall. that's not how you are drawn out. but it's a very or we have a very resilient team, a very tough team and down it's marketing much tougher and facing match for it and elimination. yeah, but we've done it before. um, like i said, you know, we got to win tomorrow and i really believe we're equipped to win to morrow's bargain. bangladesh have qualified for the 2nd round of the t 20 cricket woke up known as the super 12 that did so on thursday by hammering pop
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a new guinea by 84 runs batting. first macro duleigh top school with 50 as the bangladesh. he's posted 181 for 7 of a new guinea never even got close. there were all are for the 97 shack about how some help himself to for wickets. bangladesh was final place in the super 12 will be determined by the outcome of the match between scotland and oman, who were playing each other right now. oh no watch out for some flash photography hears football. mhm at seller comes face to face with himself. the egypt and liverpool store and veiled his life size, wax worth git mad. anti souls in london, very realistic. liverpool will be happy they have the real thing. seller has started the seas. brilliantly scoring 12 goals in 11 game so far. i could remember for now i'll be your again a little bit later with another update miss garcia. thanks so much present. wow. that is it for me for this news hour here and uh huh. but don't go alley. back in
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just a minute with more of the day's news to stay with . ah, joy abacus launches trade and investment in south africa into african traits. a gives you access to more than $1100.00 exhibitors and $10000.00 visitors and buyers and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries participate in trade and investment deals with 40000000000 dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners,
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the i 80 of 2020. what transforming africa the world is warming. and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland. the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera in america is a region of wonder, a joy tragedy. and yes, of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are. you have to be able to relate to the human condition with no category is alike. and it's my job to shed light on how and why lou confronted with some of the world's worst air quality, mongolian government has begun shutting the nations polluted capital. cities, coal mines, ah. but as the struggle rages to save the environment above
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ground, what does the future hold for the men who are living beneath it? ah witness. at the coal face on al jazeera, ah tear gas fired it, protested, calling for grace's civilian rule in sudan as rival demonstrates as take to the streets. ah, hello there, i'm miss darcy. attain this is al jazeera life from dar ha. also coming on. libby, his government confines that support.


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