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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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ah, but as the struggle rages to save the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who earn their living beneath it? ah, witness. at the coal face on al jazeera ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello norton taylor. this is down here and use our live from london. coming up, a gang leader threatened to kill a foreign missionary group kidnapped in haiti. if he doesn't get $17000000.00. i got another huge crowds march through sedans, capital as rival groups make different demands over the countries future. ah, celebrations as india ministers. it's one billionth cove and vaccine. while the poorest
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nations continue to wait for doses, they were promised and the u. s. house of representatives votes to hold, trump ally steve bannon, in contempt of congress for define a subpoena on january. the 6th attack about he'd assume it would be a sport, the m b a face, another backlash in china. that's up to boston, celtics player and has cancer. described the chinese prison, she doing ping as a brutal dictator? ah, the leader, the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 members of a us based missionary group has threatened to kill them if a ransom isn't paid at a modeling $1000000.00 for each hostage, 5 of whom are children. as negotiations for their release going to their 5th day, there been more protests in the capitol over haiti's lessening security situation.
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demonstrations bent ties and blocked streets, angrier the fuel shortages and the rise in kidnappings by gangs unlucky did not bring up that junior ga to kid. nothing's going on in the country are only impoverishing us from the middle class who have no means. but you see that the rich are not kidnapped, and i never talked of novel. good. all is not possible that a gallon of gasoline is selling for 1100 goods. arielle on re you're not worthy of leading the country. go, go down our yeah, our own re you can no longer live in the country. go go. we have correspondence in haiti and ohio and the missionary group is based on a start with many rep hello, who's in asian capital, put a furnace. so what else did the gang leader say? after several days without any major update on the status of the 17 hostages were now seeing a major escalation. significant escalation intentions were referring, of course, that video that was posted on social media by $400.00 mal will. so the gang
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responsible for this kidnapping, in that video, it appears as though it is a funeral for a member of the gang who is allegedly killed by police on wednesday. and in the gay, the gang leader in the video is addressing arielle on re the countries prime minister directly saying that quote, you have made me cry, tears, i will make you cry blood. the gang leader is also a saying that he's willing to put a bullet in the head of each of the hostages. if his demands are not met. those demands, of course, are $17000000.00 in exchange for 17 hostages. now haiti's, national police is not a, has denied our request for interviews. they've not provided a statement regarding that ongoing investigation, but we'd know that u. s. federal agents are operating here on the ground, hand in hand and collaboration with local authorities to secure the release of those 17 hostages. and in the last couple of hours, the chief of the national police has resigned to us more rad. there's been
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a lot of breaking news on today as we said, we had several days where there was not a lot of significant updates. and then suddenly on, on thursday we're having a lot of activity, lot of new tensions. as you mentioned, the resignation of the national police chiefly on charl happened today. and this is happening amidst growing protest, growing social unrest in the country we were out earlier today. there was a protest specifically calling for us for the head of the national police force us to, to step down. and we can confirm now that leon charl, the head of haiti's national police has a step down from, from his position. and this is evidence of how fluid the dynamics are on the ground here. how difficult these efforts are these joint efforts between the u. s. and haitian authorities. to resolve this situation in these, this is a problem. this is a situation that's made significantly more complex by the worsening security situation. we talk about an escalation of crime, violent crime, like kidnappings and extortion in the wake of the assassination of haitian
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president of nel noise in july, even worse after the august. that devastating earthquake that took place in august . so we've seen over $700.00 kidnappings taking place so far this year, more than a 100 have taken place in so far in just october. and we're also seeing this report now by unicef. that was published on thursday that says that the number of women and children has already at kidnapped in haiti has already exceeded the number, the total number in 2020. so there is concern that this recent escalation intentions could be a precursor of more violence to come in the coming days. thank you very much indeed damaged or rap alone. john henderson is live now from that minnes bag ohio, where the missionary group is based, and a pretty made every anxious time that john as right christian aid ministries has been particularly quiet every day. they've come out with a carefully worded statement and that is until today. and they've been concerned
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one would expect about anything they say provoking the, the hostage takers. but today they did hold us what we would call a news conference if they answered questions which they did not. it was really a statement being read by a spokesman here. but just now we've gotten a new statement from them. they are aware of that threatening video, and they say christian aid ministries is aware of a video posted on facebook that appears to depict members of the gang suspected of kidnapping our staff. we understand law enforcement in the united states and haiti are also aware we will not comment on a, on the video until those directly involved in obtaining the release of the hostages . have determined that comments will not jeopardize the safety and well being of our staff. and family members, so they're being quiet as they can, trying not to revoke the hostage takers as they go through this process of trying to get those people back. now, earlier today, they also came out there was
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a spokesman who read a statement, essentially saying the families have written a letter and in that letter they're asking for a day of prayer and fasting for these hostages. and went on just to say that 1st that they considered this an opportunity not just to get those hostages back, but also for those missionaries to minister to the hostage takers and try to try to have some positive impact on their lives. so they're looking at this not just as is as dangerous problem, but also as an opportunity. otherwise we're not hearing a whole lot from the people here. and we don't know whether they're going to pay that ransom, that $17000000.10 apiece. but they did tell us a little more about who these people are. they say they are missionaries who are on ish and mennonite from all across the u. s. from pennsylvania to oregon and in
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ontario, canada. tom henderson, thank you very much. indeed. dozens of people have been injured during rival demonstrations in sudan as the crisis of the country's transition to democracy deepens, reese used tear gas alive, bullets to disperse crowds just outside the capital. cartoon. the military has shared power civilians in a transitional government says 2019. the still disagreement about the way forward m . a morgan reports from cutting a recitation of the national anthem before the camp. on thursday, tens of thousands took to the 3 into dance capital for 2 and other cities to mark 57 years since that countries 1st revolution against military rule. but that's not the only reason these people came out. barbara with her in on a game. and so i came here for one reason, not part of any group, but against military rule against the former ruling party. i came here to show that we want to civilian government. i came here to support
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a democratic civilian transition. we want all the military away from power with any of the demonstrations were called by the forces of freedom and change coalition. that's the coalition that signed a power sharing agreement with the military in 2019 following the ousting of long time. president obama albus here, it led to the formation of a transitional government with the executive power given to civilians that place to improve the economy and rebuild state institutions. 2 years on some say many of the goals of the revolution haven't been achieved. because i don't know if it's not a complete civilian government yet. we want it to be a completely civilian government. and when we participated in the revolution, it was because of food or fuel. it was because we wanted justice to live in peace. there are some achievements, but we want the military to hand over power and attempted coup in late september resulted in a rift between the 2 sides sharing power. it prompted the military to call for
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reforms within the forces of freedom and change. the forces of freedom and change wants to show it has a large support base among the population. it also wants to pull great military leaders, despite the lack of political reforms, an economic progress minister, me still prefer a civilian government. it's also response to the sitting in front of the presidential palace over the past week. supporters of a dissident coalition from the forces of freedom and change, known as the national charter alliance, has called on the government to be dissolved and a technocrat government replace it. it's supporters have called for a military, took over in the short term. i should not mind that much of how you would it also restricted the countries being run by a few political parties. while there are many other groups that are in the country, where are these other groups? we don't see dummy loaded into government. they are being marginalized. we want the military to take control until elections are held up. those in front of the presidential palace said they won't leave until the government is dissolved, while those who protested on 1st, they say they won't allow for a dissolution to dance. prime minister says those who came out on 1st this
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processed should commitment to dance, transition to civilian rule. that is spoken of you can assume you. today, you have proven your commitment to peacefulness and the path of freedom, democracy, and civilian transitions model. the people have given their voice past their message that there will be no backing dam from the revolution we've done. he has called for dialogue, but each side is waiting for the other to compromise while to dance, transition to democracy remains fragile court between them. he but morgan august era cartoon suleiman, balder is a senior adviser, the century a year space. think tank focused on exposing corruption and prevention. genocide in african countries joins us by skype from new york. so as we heard, there are some quite different demands from the protest as though what would you say the key ones and, and why they so angry. at this point, the kid is a loud and clear which is a total rejection of any of them by the military to
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a said a self control over power during the transition or even after that, the sudanese have opted today to say we do it in the 4 civilian road and a civilian lead transition to democracy. and this is no, despite a lot of economic hardships that is making their lives very difficult. despite a lot of failure in the executive branch of government and responding to the most music needs of the population. but the principle of democracy and rule of law and peace is really the one of the driver of the most stations of today to place throughout to down, by the way, not only in the computer, the tech centers, what the time the current time table is for that transition to democracy and how do you expect to change if it'll what do they need after the
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signing a lease agreement? um our movements that now is interested in the government back in october. the timeline for the transition has been reset. and now, you know, people are looking at elections in 2024 and therefore 2 years remaining due in which a lot needs to be done, much of the frustration of the population, even as they expressed support for the civilian component, relate to the failure to achieve the objectives of the will you sion in setting up a transition and they just let the assembly the counsels for the form of the a lot of forms and also the necessity of really controlling the economic crisis in ways that the population could feel approve it. and being therefore improved essential services and economic
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development goods delivery to the sudanese with a prime minister there. and he said that he's talking to both sides. how secure is his position and how confident are people that can actually manage things? well the one thing that we can really clear during the current crisis, which is really escalated very seriously since last september, that mr. han do the prime minister in your, in the trust and acceptance of all factions, including the military, including the, to split the factions of the freedom of freedom and change, the political constituency of the civilian government. and therefore he had now with the endorsement of the streets as we have seen it in the sand 1000000, pistol marshes across the country. he has a stronger hand now to bring about that reasonable solution to these very intricate guys is something that could be known in that way. would
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again, stylize the transition and focus the energies of the government different institutions . and it's political constituency as well, on getting the business of the sudanese people, the business of the state, done dissolving all the problems that need to be resolved in the company. and there's no shortage of cinnamon. now. thank you very much and if you're not, so thank you. thanks for having. ready it alicio fin government has carried out our stripes on the northern t gray region for the 3rd time this week. the government says it targeted a military training center and the capital mckelly. 3 people were killed in our strikes on monday rebels in to grey say they were civilians, but the federal government disputes that thousands of people have been killed and more than 2000000 displaced says the fighting broke out and t gray almost a year ago going up on the news or from london, i waited to see
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a time where i live better than this man's already lost one leg in the fight for democracy in s we're teeny. he says he's prepared to risk his life for a better nation than so south korea will push ahead despite his 1st home, grooms based rocket failing to put a dummy satellite into bit and bangladesh put their place in the next round of crickets. t 20 world cup. pito, who actually, ah 1000000000 doses of corona virus vaccines have been administered in india. the government wants the entire population immunized by the end of the year. this is poor nations continue to wait for the doses they were promised. in parts of europe, the reluctance to get vaccinated prompting a surgeon infections, including in the russian capital moscow. it's just announced, it's strict,
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it's locked down since june last year with our new soup markets and pharmacies allowed to stay open from next week. bernard smith reports by filing its health workers across some of the remotest parts of the country. india has now given at least one dose of cobit 19 vaccine to 3 quarters, or it's 1380000000 population. prime minister neuron remote, he visited a new daily hospital to celebrate the billionth dose, but only 31 percent of had 2 doses, maybe the 3rd in degree of at as well as the feeling but the worst as fast as there is no further rest. so many people are not really going in for the 2nd dose, straight away in you're sitting on vaccines. talk of a 100000000 doses and has recently started exporting again, it's africa. whether need it. less than 5 percent of the continents population has been vaccinated. the world health organization says that could mean the pandemic goes on for a year longer than it needs to developing countries should not have to wait for the
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charity rich nations. because that charity, as we've seen in the last year in a hall, is not happening. we cannot rely on their law, jess, we have to have manufacturing and do that. we have to share the recipe that we're publicly funded in the 1st place in some eastern european countries. the challenge is persuading enough people to get jumped via is the 1st european nation to go back into lockdown. only 54 percent of adults are vaccinated. the average is 74 percent . bulgaria and romania are also struggling to cope with a surgeon infections while in russia. corona virus related death of it, another day, the record of more than a 1000. the government is imposing a week long the workplace shut down from the start of november. that's very clear, but in countries that have low vaccine uptake, that's where we're seeing the serious pandemic effects at the moment in terms of death and people ending up in hospital. so the general population level,
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i believe that russia sits around that since with a complete immunization series. that's similar to what we're seeing in other countries like romania, i'm bulgaria, the u. k. as more cases than france, germany, italy and spain combined. and poland is also facing a significant rise in the affections now at $5000.00 to day, which may require a drastic action just as the continent heads towards winter. bernard smith al jazeera, was you had the world health organization as warning the pandemic could continue well into next year. if wealthier nations don't give more vaccines to poor nations . it was branded a dereliction of duty by the w chose health financing ambassador from where you k prime minister gordon brown. and the country he used to run is one of the worst offenders. the u. k. pledged a 100000000 doses for poorer states, but a so far, st. just over 9 and a half 1000000. less than a 10th of the promise. only canada has done worse,
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sending just 8 percent of the 41000000. it promised. and both countries have taken out of the kovacs part of jobs, the u. k. half a 1000000 and canada, nearly a 1000000 of the countries analyzed japan was doing the best. and it sent only a 3rd of what it's promised. as to more about all this with the door to beat, a drawback is a global health and infectious diseases expert. and the director of the school center of social entrepreneurship at oxford university joins me by skype from oxford, and so on. this issue of the pledges not been delivered. well, what the main reasons for that to think? well, i think particularly now as adults are very and has caused surges in some countries, and we're also seeing evidence of declining and unity over time after 2. does the vac seen and i call for boosters that wealthy countries who have been hoarding vaccines from the very beginning or perhaps now even more reluctant to part with some of those vaccines. and as you've already pointed out, it's a real tragedy. as we see,
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the vaccine rip through much of the global south countries are not meeting their pledges over a 1000000000 doses have been pledged by g 7, another wealthy countries for a fraction of which has been delivered. and over 300000000 doses are being ordered right now. we need to move away from this model of charity and really having wealthy countries sort of give their leftovers when they're through to one, a solid charity which involves collaboration. really walking the talk when we say that none of us are safe until all of us are safe and sharing the know how and investing in production capacity around the world to solve this problem. and what, and to, as you mentioned, some of the cases of spiking in places like russia and ukraine. why does it these areas are seeing such big rise in the number of cases, but also in depth? was a perfect storm of delta and low vaccination rates. remember, a delta is highly infectious and far more infectious than the wild type strain or the alpha variance that we saw last year at early this year. so it spreads much
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more quickly and then coupled with that, the fact that very few people are relatively few people have taken up back, seems probably several reasons for this but, but perhaps most importantly, they're high level of mistrust. and so you have the majority of the population that's unprotected until very recently they opened up their economy. so there's very little social distancing or non pharmaceutical interventions. and then of course delta, and now we're seeing that surgeon is the highest rates of death. we've seen in some countries in russian eastern europe since the beginning of the pads. it's time for quick action and hopefully some of these measures the short term locked downs, and some of the new coven passport measures being entered. it will lead to arise and vaccine uptake. now in the you k, there's been another 52000 cases in one day the government saying this stage is not planning to any. introduce any new restrictions. how do you see it playing out in the u. k. young concern, you know, the place we are now is, is
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a predictable and was the result of the policy decisions that were made in the summer to really open everything back up and to make face coverings optional to remove all distancing restrictions, not to protect schools, not to invest and insulation, and really just to rely on what has been a very successful vaccination campaign. unfortunately, i don't believe that that alone is enough, particularly in a world of delta and with a certain degree of waning vaccine immunity or. and so what we need to see now as we move into the winter as the flu season is coming and other respiratory viruses are going to put real pressure on the chassis, there should be other measures being taken now to slow to spread simple things. we can do like, mandatory things, coverings and crowd of spaces, kobe passports for high risk indoor gatherings, etc. and i think that would really helped us down the search and get all these different countries or have any surgeries at different points. i mean, you, me, as you mentioned that the emphasis will be on kind of firefighting there. what do
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you think needs to change in terms of the global approach to, to make sure that that other countries can account catch up because their fall was positionally. yeah. 19 in many ways as address rehearsal for 21st century problems like the climate crisis and challenges when there's something that affect all of us and we retreat, internationalism, themself, interest, it hurts us in the long runs. what we're seeing now is back seeing an equity is not just a moral failure, but it's really epidemiologically economically not at anyone's best interest. when we left the virus rage elsewhere in the world, it's constantly mutating and the risk of new variance that might be maxine to come back to haunt us is ever present. so we need is collective action. we need a sense of solidarity and we need to work harder to bring this fruits of modern medical science and these miraculous vaccines to the places and even most patients rush. thank you very much and if you're for thank you. thank you. hello,
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it is in china, have cancelled hundreds of flights, closed schools, and ramped up mass testing in the attempt to contain a new code 19 outbreak. that asia surgeon cases has been linked to an elderly couple who were part of a group of tourists. strict corona virus policies have been maintained in the country with border closures and locked downs regularly brought in to force chairs and the chinese property giant ever grandy have plunged more than 10 percent after a deal to purchase. part of the company fell through the drop in share price. as deepened fears at the world's most indebted property developer could soon be declared in default with liabilities of more than $300000000000.00. it's missed multiple payments in the past month. investors are worried the fallout could affect the wider chinese economy. south korea's 1st domestically produce rocket has failed in its mission to put a dummy satellite into orbit. well, to ha new,
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a rocket travel 700 kilometers above the earth, successfully completing the 1st and 2nd stages of separation and official say its final stage appeared to shut down early, meaning the payload did not reach the speed needed tube. it has not been jane has found to press ahead with south korea's space program with the next test. shadel for may next year. among done you so the door. yeah. put your stable dummy satellite into it remains none. finished task. however, lifting a launch for immigrants with altitude of 700 kilometers, it's a great feature in itself made as your inch closer to space than on you to new you j. what about it's not long before we'll be able to launch the exact ring to the target trajectory the career space age is approaching already. we're jonathan as us more still to come this hour. i think we, after we get off, we're extremely disappointed with developments. european union need, his power pressure on poland to fall back into line at the summit in brussels under
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clot reporting from the southern tip of greenland, where she farmers are protesting against plans to mine. rarer minerals and the surrounding mountains and last seasons, most valuable player in the n b a continues to lead the way of the denver nuggets. the 1000 when's port ah was no doubt the season's changing has been snow in northern and eastern europe briefly about a week ago. and now it's too pretty stormy. this caused damage late on thursday through the netherlands unit, so close these white lines are, indicates windy weather through northern europe. whereas for the south, what was the change? it's not quite so dramatic. so it's zoom in on northern europe, particularly northern part of germany and the baltic shore. this is strong winds
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will be rain with it once that's gone through, it'll tuck in some pretty cold air. so be more snow for central norway and sweden. and yet again, finland, but this is a process, everything's movie from west to east. so although temporary looks cold, it won't necessarily last and feed into the change is taking place in the british isles of the suddenly coming in and london back up to 14. by which time stockens come down to 4. to say it's cyclical. so you're back up to about 9 by time you get to monday with the breeze turning in direction that it starts rain. eventually, there is change for the south. there are shares going through the valley, erickson catching his eastern shore of spain. there shall dost around in italy, a north and part of the balkans. there will be a slow drop in temperature, i think in the balkans. otherwise these are slow moving stores on their way actually to the norton african shores, leaving sunshine behind. ah,
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examining the impact of today's headlines. let's move to cobit 19, terrible demonstration of the failure of human solid at it. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. what i mean, what i saw, what i witnessed, and pre nobody sees in their own country, international filmmakers, a world class journalist. let's take a deep dive into his common prosperity, bring programs to improve and inspire reco solution that can make a difference. now on al jazeera in india, super going meeting, the 3rd of female workers have had their winds in one in one investigates why so many women call. having invasive surgery on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you,
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al jazeera. ah, ah, they're going to remind are the top stories around here and either the haitian gang accused of kidnapping 17 members of a u. s. based missionary group, as threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid. the gang is demanding $1000000.00 for each hostage, 5 of him, a children. tens of thousands of joined rival demonstrations in sudan as tensions grow over its political future. tear gas was used to disperse protest as trying to reach out to the recording for greater civilian control of the government. and 1000000000 doses of crone of ours vaccines have been administered in india. it's wrapped up production to export more dr.


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