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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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by the people with the new the woods. this is your analogy around ah, i money insight into how he had top stories on al jazeera, haiti's, national police chief, has resigned off to processor, deteriorating security and gang violence. since monday work as have been on a general strike, falling the abduction of a group of christian missionaries, the gang keys of kidnapping the 16 americans, and one canadian has threatened to kill them. if a ransom isn't paid, annual report, reports report prints another day of protest in puerto prince la protesters, set up road blocks across the city, burning tires and other debris to prevent the free flow trap ah will protest in
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recent days have remained peaceful tensions are clearly on the rise, demonstrators called for the resignation of the countries national police, you liam shawl. many claim haiti, security forces have allowed violent crime and hid nappies to reach unprecedented levels. i did the are a lot of tours that come to haiti to help people become to evangelize and under the direction of lee. oh, shall they get kidnapped? because lane shall, doesn't have the capacity and leadership to direct the police to public flair shall, has to resign. well, with the current insecurity, americans and canadians and not speed from the kidnappers, doesn't matter which country you come from. you cannot live a normal life and haiti, y thursday afternoon, hades national police chief resigned from his post assigned, perhaps of the fast changing strategy by haitian authorities. working a close collaboration with u. s. federal agents as they seek to secure the release
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of the 17 hostages. women decree. i'm tensions are high in the country. following the release of the social media video posted by $400.00 millions of the criminal gang responsible for the abduction of 16 american citizens. and one canadian in the video, the gangs leader vowed retaliation after authorities shot and killed at least one member of the gang on wednesday. protest roadblocks have become a daily occurrence here in order prints, but the anger from demonstrators has grown beyond the worsening security situation . there, calling for accountability over widespread fuel shortages, higher prices on communication services, and a lack of leadership from government officials. the case of the 17 hostages has brought international attention to would summer calling a kidnapping crisis. more than 100 kidnappings have taken place. so for this month, and more than $700.00 since the start of the year. and a recent report by unicef says there were significantly more abductions of women
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and children in the 1st 8 months of 2021. then in all of last year, manuel revenue al jazeera or to print a cinematographer has been killed and a director injured off to the act to alec baldwin. find a proc gum on a films that in new mexico. the accident occurred during the filming of a 19th century weston and title rust with baldwin playing the lead. no charges have been filed and, and investigation is currently underway. the chinese property john of the grant has narrowly averted a formal default on its debts, the great purportedly wide funds to a trusty account on thursday for bond interest payment days before a deadline. it had missed payments during the past month of grant is the wells most indebted property developer owing $300000000.00. the years house of representatives has voted to hold donald trump's former allies, steve bannon, in contempt of congress. attorney general now decide whether to prosecute bannon
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for refusing to cooperate with investigation into the storming up the capital in january. he has ignored a subpoena from the select committee investigating the attack. mister bannon, its own public statements make clear, he knew what was going to happen before it did. and thus he must have been aware of and may well have been involved in the planning of everything that played out on that day. the american people deserve to know what he knew and what he did. tens of thousands of people have joined rival demonstrations in see dawn as tensions grow of his political future. take ass was fine to despise a group of protesters who according for grace's civilian control of the government as the headlines nice continues here off to al jazeera. well stay with us ah
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ah ah ah no just deem in nablus in the occupied to a smack may not be one of the famous landmarks of the middle east. but for the very personal reasons, it's a place that means
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a lot to me. my name is so sancho and a palestinian can make them acton is in nablus ebc, mainly palestinian city for almost 3002 years. it's being hong florida and ethnic and religious group who are neither jewish. no muslim. these are the samaritan. mm. this is my homeland growing up. i could see the place of worship from my balcony. i had many samaritans as friends and as they used to pass, i often wonder what happened to them. mm. oh. so it was to change too much and seem to reconnect with some all chance and need some new ones as in judaism. sit there,
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there is this emergency of peer or dish alba. however, this small group is not jewish. having separated some 3000 years ago while they have much in common with judaism samaritans, our chief justice did historical uniqueness. ah, with ah meg in the 1980s. i went to school ineptness and did with
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a number of somebody in my class. i was shocked at the time to discover that many of them went ordered the engaged to be met in even though they were just teenagers . they knew what their future husbands would be. it seemed that their destinies were plant temper. ah, dis, wait an inch manages. not traditional love matches, but juniors put together by 2 sets of samaritan parents with grace in short supply . some parents took out advertisement on behalf of their sons jean inches and young men looking for upright. ah lou with 1st glance,
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the samaritans of mansion seem seen better off than their neighbors. they have both israeli and palestinian citizenship as so the movement is not restricted, but with only $800.00 of them. they are people in crisis with see men to every woman that population is under serious, thick tradition that was surrounding marriage compounds. the problem this generation faces a difficult choice to introduce spreads from outside or to, to spend minute decline. ah, i finished this emerson's bag in 2006 at that time it was already clear that they had a problem bringing new blood into. ready the community,
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while at the same time respecting and accepting that ancient traditions. ah ah ah, i with cash magazine, how did she leave milam? it's going to help yourself a good semester. sheila hope. what are they in will? i will be good. hold a
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i went to submitted a z, get to this speak arabic, and sometimes people and when they took the most important topic is made with a short teacher. right. some men have looked to eastern europe with many, many instances on the la, shy for in the larger and normal, blah in the back yard vehicle. and i mean, how can we but the laser module a on there is a doctor wanda, fear. so what was the last name? shabazz banana is always are one of the thought
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a . so for those the i was out of touch. will have the loss of bobby, i didn't, i'm well enough. my on the lincoln, i left was a lot time you had the i never saw about a break on on documents that are hard disorder. i'm not really luck. oh wow. then just i will not. then i just a do i mean i it totally wrong. i smoke, yeah, i go to warm. i mean, i know i really can you feel ah
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. 6 noon when you money can i give it on japan was up on mom was is another on job on job the on it which mine are the home of your style. affirmative from the moment and accept that has been sick, but a lie low fish about that i left her with home jesus. uh huh. hobbs and chris hello young. it is a thought to been to la shop and hobbs them. who are the sub octo key for our from a been on just puffy thought. oh hobbs up, adams. because when we are shabanni,
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i all huddle of c panel up a couple. see how far ah, do you see a . ringback lot of them in the living with . busy the video, the best of friends, funny things back at age of emotions and one live in. it's a record of
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a beautiful moment in this family's life. but another, it said in mind that of the choices that baby me it was face one day. he has to says 31 should get married as part of a marriage exchange with money. his future wife the i've got has limited options and finding a husband live. it's always been to reserve and develop a hegan. and then it was almost w. o is eva kelvin, some a shipment, a minimum for given us a shout, a little bit negotiable with isn't
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when you, when i or with only in know the back but not i letter with them. hello. hello. can only mode it. oh no, no, no. fab zillow or sorry, rick, there was a la much ecolog. withdraw. how to shop. all the others, maybe a month to month, the in the f. you can, if you, with a full year bath, where you go to menu, then what, let me know. and i thought, you know, instead of a good i have to do with me, is that for the no, come, i love me. you help me to well enough one. the one on collider that came out of the door in law, but always a full blown being to our time deal with living. there are
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those here. are you barney? if a little dog, a woman will school, you'll also be like another should i love about what to get a mirror with the only one other shirt or idaho selzer mobile largely la la la la la, to show for the out of a rear on the on the highly the zone, i've given them an alibi. when your money denson all along, how that was going to war georgia, how there law, a small so large box is that la mom a mother ship. and i'm a left hand of check it all man. ah, somebody does to say it is greatest for you is baking apart. b, r, a close knit community where religion and religious teaching 5 young people together. the samaritans followed the 1st 5 books of the jewish tel water and
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believed that my attention was seem as a holy place of worship. ah, 2003 was a turning point for the samaritans district druids about marriage had created a population traces. and this was highlighted by a piece dabbed in adenine for dakota. they would also concerned that the small size of the community had left them open to genetic disorders. the please change the rules and allowed his son what the and other men to marry from outside as long as there was converted to summer than isn't what thus most 2 korean woman opened the door for other men to do the same. euclidean
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had several marriage agencies onwards. woman looking forward for them. husbands ah. ah, blah blah blah yellow notice black head guy. give jam it up. god on t. there they go. mash mush. a la one that lean. oh. yeah, sure. oh bar. and when la la sham or or see them homicide rather than your graph i then every jani, better for me. well,
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what do they allow more curriculum and nicholas grammar and a headache. someone on my property management system a i shall miss brand none. i'm all walking kia, so on the morning i saw a . busy defeated, believe julie julie to miss mammy, how do you wash and then pick and human in general. hi, mr. village. i'm of july magic tutorials. you regret amos look at each of that been act ok. l y d morgan, i fear will revision on our door. come on manette
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h. algebra you had sort of horse had gone times, were a little door june let to hush. if she can flee, a more headway. it was not. we had a recall of the week and i'll look for you. ah, come i did. it took up a show on the video for the garage to discuss. oh yeah, sure. it was my form. it's good talking to morning latanya. so it's a yes leon, if it's a motion, was mccormick near the football of neutral or no prescript visits in your home or bob charlotte? that additionally my question is for the me
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i was going to finish my simple when mentally yours is nice to you. when you use them green, there's a, bring my last some so similar, legal and i is the them, you know, the would be here that saki got the filled, the booster pro, starting a thing. you did the balloon had also seen them when you know that so look at the some your cars and i was calling about your clinical deal with financial and major tour as well as keeping with horizontal beta. have one the chevy chase. john,
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as you're on the root canal, is the real ana. i was giving you the job of visual ah, yes, this major issue there was a 1st for the samaritans district through is that have been in place for centuries were changed and many men went campus where previously all marriages with ariens. no, a man could choose a wife based on free choice. a couple could meet full in love and decided to spend their lives together. lou. ah,
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lou of it's been, it's been her lawn. but for some of the year. for the moderate no. yeah. that he had been out of ice and i was called to it's always canada and to father. i was always there for love not in her digit. this gone home fan followed no clue or heard the ha, but he or i'd this the marie, the as a real elfin osh. hm. mr. mark applebee the le mars i lose all the was a family, tennessee for oh, the highland milfey. oh ashtray. lou, i didn't know that mean michelin that had lesson in. no, i'm a bit. that's probably all mixed up in the whole social was
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v and the elective and warm saw in america to another day and a solar chauffeur. danny been craner to learn. maybe the the so are they elderly? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. like normally learning a locally here with
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a real warm is usually been a while day for a year and he said no more service the lobby given jerry unable to live with jeanette iraq to develop a scenario. and i'm calling on a saturday. i mean the, the may, has been, had the word come to live. you had this, i had to you, but like yo, on to michigan. i forget it, the more i get it a lot. so mark,
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when will know when, when, when the bus. so what is your, how could i and i found a was also a kind of fish to limit that i'm, i'm in my heart that there was a don't oh my got a job. hello. a jo wasn't a lake and often so i was like then the lin them by oh by then again this way yellow will not occur. she on the 6th day of the day, it's just not so much moment of the bus yan issues. but alas, just less lazy to homebound and out of it go to holland and i
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wish i knew was or the middle and that, that when my little on a but it is a bit, you feel as if the content was a good amount of article value but not an issue that was i ah, i've never seen so much devastation or experienced how quickly every thing can change as the current of ours and damaged the events in india became much more than just story. every one was affected. we couldn't keep the people we cared
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about ally and there were times on air when i had to hold back teeth. but every day i was driven to convey the connect of trauma to make sure that despite the high numbers, we didn't forget that every single death represented of families worst moment. and how and not suffering could have been avoided. i became a journalist to tell the story of what is happening, but also shows the wider context. i'm elizabeth koran, m j half a ganga media censorship. and the rise of all their italian rule wake up one day. the system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive before a turing machine. i looked at the left of power in home very in the experiences of those who live it every day. that is a pressure on us,
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but we have to be very careful, of course, and we have to be brave enough to support how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera lou. i money insight into how he has helped stories on al jazeera haiti's police chief has resigned off to protest. so the deteriorating security and gang violence demonstrate is happening. calling for legal shawls to step down for failing to control armed gangs. since monday work is have been on a general strike, falling the abduction of a group of christian missionaries. my new republic has mo, from puerto prince. that video posted on social media by the gang of $400.00 mobile zone, which is the criminal game responsible for the kid.


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