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with healthy agriculture and that's healthy food at yen, do you know, help to you? people healthy people, the farmers receive no direct subsidies. instead, they will rely on future profits from their produce, including tomatoes, almonds, wine, honey, and oliver oils working with mother nature seems to be paying off. caffeine. stansell al jazeera. ah, this is out there, and these are the top stories. thousands of migrants have been traveling through southern mexico in the hopes of making it the u. s. the group is making mainly made up of patients in central americans have been stranded into what trula for months. john holman, has more from mexico city capitalism point at the moment in which met skin security, security forces have basically been keeping people trapped inside of that like a bubble trying to contain them as
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a try and get further north. so at this situation in which after a mumps about people broke canal and then got this far is already that's further than people have managed to get in quite a while. now what tends to happen is when they try and get further north, they're still right on that. so the border is there pixel 5, the national guard in terms of those road blocks space of rest, those migration authorities. so that's what's likely to happen that they're not even going to get out of the south of mexico on the way to the united states. the lead of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested. the country's presence as a daria antonio sugar known as often yellow, was captured in a meticulous operation. the u. s. had put up a $5000000.00 reward held locate him. balaban forces have been killed in a multiple a day, multiple attacks and afghanistan's eastern angle province. this comes a security operations continue against deisel law group has claimed responsibility . italy's former interior minister mathias albini has gone on trial for his role in
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blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019, his accused of kidnapping and abuse of power. the far right politician prevented to rescue vessels, would docking for days. and turkey's president, as de alotted, 10 western ambassadors be expelled for calling for their release of a jail philanthropists. osmond kabbalah has been in presence in 2017 without being convicted. he was accused of financing. the 2013 guest part protests and participating in a feld coo, which he denies. russia has reported a record number of deaths when the corona dar virus for the 5th day. in a row, though, nearly 38000 new infections and about 1000 fatalities, present value vladimir putin approved a weeklong nationwide. what play shut down? only about a 3rd of the population vaccinated one of the lowest rates in europe. those headlines, news continues, hey, on out 0 after inside story ah
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or the european union and bella roost playing politics with refugees. fellow ruth is accused of opening a new migrant route as a retaliation against e u sanctions. could their stand off lead to a humanitarian crisis in the baltics? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm how much m jerome? the european union is divided on how to respond to
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a migration crisis in the baltics. bella roost is accused of helping refugees and migrants from afghanistan, iraq, and syria, to cross the border into the block. you leaders are calling it state sponsored smuggling. the number of those trying to cross has surged in recent months. poland border agency says it's recorded 16000 attempts since august and 5000 in october alone. other migrants traveled to latvia and lithuania. b, u accuses bella roost of using what it calls hybrid warfare to retaliate against sanctions. it imposed on minsk those measures were a response to a crackdown on descent in belarus that's led to thousands of people being detained since last year. natasha butler has more from brussels as frustration with bell royce grows in the block. some european leaders did not hold back on the last day of a summit in brussels. they accused president alexander lucas jenko of running
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a human trafficking ring and weapon ising migration. by helping people to cross and legally into neighboring countries, to be see the hybrid to attack her of belarus regime, which has continued, which is becoming more and more aggressive receive is of her salvation efforts. the c a prior try, soft bar ocean regime to find new connections, new destinations. the u says uminski is flying people mainly from the middle east into bearers, and helping them to cross the border into the block via poland, lithuania and latvia. what are your luxemburg prime minister called on lead us to respect people's rights a day after an 8th person died on the border, where conditions for migrants are greenberg. some countries want to build a board offense for after the meeting. you leaders agree to strengthen boarders and impose more sanctions on minsk. we consider the behavior of the below us government
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as a hybrid attack. the people used by lucas anchor of victims. we must help them. no one's life should be used for political issues. and this is an instrumental ization of migration to pull it put to political pressure on the european union. we will keep up the pressure on the location collision and the problem with the europeans borders is not so much that we don't have enough border guards or order. we don't have enough fences. da da da real problem is that when people manage to enter illegally on you territory and that they are fairly certain that they will be able to stay even if they do not have a right to stay with one of us. his actions widely seen as retaliation for existing you sanctions, some one to way the more penalties are likely to stop minsk. but how to tackle migrations long been
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a source of division in the block. at our last summit is german chancellor, anglo merkel expressed regret that after so many discussions, the e u has yet to come up with a coherent migration plan. natasha butler al jazeera brussels. the migrants are caught in the middle. al jazeera steadfast and spoke to 2 men who eventually made it to germany. they told us, what will you will, you will, i will kill you. he will be dying. no means you could go to a bullet. but of course you, yes. and they told us they cut it, they give us a cutter, they told us ok, bull and pull me, go and get to the copper. yes. the they give us the cutter to cut the harvard wire, that he was duck being sent back and forth between the 2 countries. for 20 days, better wishes would tell us to go to poland. the polish would tell us to go the opposite direction to. but of us,
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but 20 days we had no access to food or water and pollution. police would either put by weapons, doctors or peaches and repeatedly tell us to get back to poland. ah. all right, let's bring in our guess in kevin ukraine, yellow slab roman show president of the think tank mrs. scientific research center and in brussels, catalano chief executive of the center for european policy studies. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time here on the inside story today. kado, let me start with you today. european union leaders pledged on friday to keep up the pressure on beller roost. president alex anchor alexander lucas shanker. to halt the flow of migrants from his country. how do they keep up the pressure? what does that entail was we know since august last year they had started with sanctions. i know they have increase on the sanction of the month of june. and of course, they are further looking into what all the depression exercise on the government. i know they're looking also to let you know the order priority for what they did with
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this journalist who came back from, from athens and a force to land in between. yeah, but also they're looking especially at natasha, but also looking to do the same thing, i think, to other international organizations. the problem however, is that the gotcha is not a member of many organizations like the counsel europe or b r c. the organizational security question. so the only things, yes, is through these all the international organizations, like i met from the united nations. but this is more difficult because for example, the i m. s. recently a quarter of a 1000000000 loan. so, i mean, the best thing you can do is to use at all the means at old domains which exist up international level with rational organizations. put pressure on russia, for example. also ensure that flights from syria or flights from iraq cannot happen . who bring these refugees and all these me so so just to make sure that you put
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maximum pressure on the lane also on russia and go on the government yet us live. you leaders have also agreed to impose more sanctions on men's going forward. but if bela bruce is actions are seen as a retaliation for existing e sanctions. how would imposing more sanctions actually be effective? let's talk about the appropriate or the nature of sanctions. because in the 1st 9 months of the year in the light of sanctions, bolivar some export of the goods to european union doubled. and look, shaneka laughed at the way. busy sanctions imposed because what he cares about is money. there are no restrictions on trade. there are almost no restrictions and capital. moreover, some european companies urge european union to change functional regime as it was
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imposed so far. so who should go said different hybrid modes of waging war against your opinion. i implemented information will. busy trade warfare, and what he cares about is keeping the society under control and preserving context with the kremlin and keep both cusick cesium bad and in the light of very inappropriate mode of sanctions. he believes he can do that without any consequences. but what i should notice and point out is how come that these inflow refugees of people from different. busy countries happened only in 2021, never had happened before. so there must be some information campaign in these countries to tell the people what kind of stagers bother has. and not to come to bother because nobody forces into these planes to come to bellows,
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which she definitely where do this hybrid mode of warfare. busy with europe in union, to abolish sanctions altogether. and kind of the you keeps talking about hybrid warfare that bella bruce is waging some type of hybrid attacks and hybrid warfare. what exactly can you break that down for us? what exactly hybrid warfare mean when, when it's applied to bell roofs right now hydro and this gauge is kind of a sugar water for it's not the real are, i mean i mean, but alicia is not saying that they are doing these things. they are doing st just as a threat. i mean to the european union, and they said, this is margaret calling to better russia to go to the you. but they are not saying that the printer's, that's the form of hybrid barbara risk. but i think i said these are the things that you can count on and all of that, we know that we have some other problems with them to you. but they tried to cross the border into holland, all of which is not one of the most key members of europe in europe in you can use
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as also as an element towards forums who say, look, you see what your opinion is good or we can act together, and we can stop this guy at your borders that you don't like at all as well to come into your country. but anyway, it's a thing which, you know, you want to, since very time has happened already in degrees. but i think, look, i shan't didn't have to look very far, he added on the sitting and 201516 by which maximum rational medical and got several billions to keep the shooting refugees within the borders. but again, let's have what you can do is limit that, but the best thing that you will be concentra to be a nicest android sized maximum brush. i'm probably also, as the other speaker was saying, and there are still many more things that you can do. and if, for example, the, just the quarter, the 1000000000 loan to do a better lucia that should not have been done. but again,
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apparently there are still many loop holes which can keep luca shane, court eyes. and the most important one is closer lation ship. put in russia. yes. live is what we're seeing here is, oh yeah, go ahead. if you want to jump in, please go, hey me, a little bit correction. that is not alone. technically, that's a burst member of the funds that each member of i am i've got and there must be good reasons not to give it to borrows. like not recognizing the legitimate mr. barshan government deny mark is not a political organization to do that. that is why it look a stronger regime. god is $920000000.00 and definitely that's not the loan. and it doesn't say that i m f support that however europe and union foreign policy should definitely be more. busy comprehensive and consistent and again there was the famous for having smuggled. busy different kinds of grey economy schemes in trading tobacco goods with their appealing union and it has never been stopped. so
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. busy migration is another wave. ready of the show that differently homework. busy should be done by european union to kind of why has the you still not been able to come up with a coherent and comprehensive migration plan? you know that element, but that's an issue. i mean, if you look at that you, we have money to us, started united way, integrate the whole domain of what we call home. and it's just as affairs is much less and of course has evolved into placing us. but we still do not have, for example, of common aside in policy. i mean, we have different interpretations over into different member states. mange the total national responsibility. it's not an e response. would it be? i really think i have called for e. y is our new agency, permanent notation of the w convention, but of course, there's still some way to go before we get there. and by the way, publish that april. there's only a month ago,
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just saying how crucially important it is to do that. but again, this is the main, remember, stage referred less it to keep it on the, their own control rather than to have it under your control. and again, you don't need to look pretty far, look at hungry look at photos which are more. this is the members within the you to call it that way. which would certainly not like to have ross's dictating b as a policy for these 2 countries, cato you just mentioned, you know, basically the idea that you would like to see there be a unified policy when it comes to asylum. what has to happen for that to become a reality? i mean it's not so difficult to just the members that have to agree in common that he wants to do this together. and there is a single agency dealing with all as either of you. but that means that they have to get a sovereignty over asylum applications,
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national level. but we haven't you authority, which is basically looking at all member states to agree on to the side on the side for a given asylum seeker years today. it is totally my fault. it's not you are responsible. yara slot, at its core right now is what we're seeing play out. is this a case of bell ruse and the you essentially playing politics with the lives of refugees? unfortunately, a cynical behavior ability is, i believe it does not inform people who come to bother on the conditions and how they can go to europe in union. on the one hand, on the other hand, it's the blood rush was human, realizes the soft part in your heart. and paul is have migration policy and abuse, of course. but there is one player also that we should mention case russia, some people believe that russia definitely could have a say in these kind of conflict. and if russia says something or
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take the position to the migration policy in order. busy i think that your opinion would be very grateful and russia would also see that it has some leverage on brothers wherever it doesn't happen. that means that not only migration policy is in question and it does not ad strength european union, but also that at info to injury and energy policy right now in capital. busy and many other things, and we see the weakening of ricky and union as the fact that he's abused by the russian, russian authorities altogether. and kind of from your vantage point, could this stand off that's playing out right now? could it lead to a, a humanitarian crisis in the baltics? this sort of you guys, this is ongoing since several months. and the question is, how can we stop it from happening?
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and that's why, as i said to me, to try to exercise much maximum pressure. and in this, for example, through even further limiting, for example, plains getting access to the ocean s fish and torment acting to other restrictions just to really get to government on it's nice but you know, it's very difficult to do that. so many base if you have supported by russia, dennis will, may not. so you don't. on the other hand, if you see what he's doing and we see other things happening in the country, we shouldn't be desperate. we know that the opposition is very strong and better shall certainly outside the country in the rain, our phones and other countries last year. and we have to support this opposition to try to exercise maximum pressure to get rid of this man and alicia slot. are there any indications right now that president lucas shank would back down at all or be more concerned about the possibility of further sanctions carrying over
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$700.00 political prisoners and over $70000.00 people who suffer from the regime. look shank, having very favorable economic conditions and again increase of export by 35 percent in 2021. having russia or china support. busy he is not likely to break down. why should he, if he's raging information trade the migration warfare and he's saying that your opinion is. busy not demonstrating trends and what he cares and what he's afraid is unity and force and determination to resist this kind of behavior. so essentially involuntary, european union is kind of supporting this kind of behavior of the russian regime and the number of people who believe russians who left the country. i think they fitted half a 1000000 which definitely weekend, but the russian opposition inside the country and there is no pressure inside of it
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. so i think that. busy the prospects changing, and so the regime are quite grim. it cut out there are growing calls by some e. u. member states to build border fences to build walls. do you believe that we're going to see that happening more and more? yes, we can have these roles but you know this border between boucher and love via literate excuse me on so it's extremely difficult to have the census as a kind of a 100 percent fence between these different countries. so i think this is not a solution. there will always be a base around people are given by the below version of government means to cut. so ladies francis, again a, this is not the solution will have to think of the solution with the maximum impression on the government. and don't forget that are so many ways we can do work with other companies, like for example, switzerland or the u. k. or other countries. i mean,
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can also be persuaded to join you and making sure that we're getting a lot of, i just want to talk for a moment about how the dynamics of migration to europe may have changed these past several years. is, is the baltic root has that become a more viable alternative for migrants both occurred on the one hand and poland. busy these are 2 venues where migrate my migraines go. busy and the reason is there a simple there is no. busy physical border, no obstacle that so so it is stimulated support, this kind of delivery of people and you for that one whole according to law, they should have the right to be in the border zone. so definitely the damn location there being that definitely should be supported by the authority. so, but again, now if you want to change behavior barshan authorities, the best and most effective way would be to talk to for urge by the russian
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commercial partners in european union to change your location goes here. we know that we've had means, dialect provide years. we had like recent example of brussels come belgium company urging the brussels to change leave sanctions. we have or st business bottom in the junior business part as in different areas. busy so there are many ways to see, in fact, you to put pressure on shanker behavior and to add, if we add also some diplomatic and other tools to dialogue cover dialogue with russia and how bellows behave. that also can be the way out of the situation because you spoke a few months ago about the fact that you perceive what's happening right now on the border to be an actual humanitarian crisis. playing out human rights groups have criticize both poland and bella roost for their treatment of asylum seekers. i want
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to ask you about how dire the conditions are for migrants and refugees and whether or not authorities, or even ensuring medical support or providing food and shelter. that they're not aware of. i think they do, but again, let's say you can, it's the easiest way is already in the greek plans are probably before the easiest way to have some form of our for is just to years human beings are way to get what they want, which is totally unjustified, and that's why you have to use all legal means to put the maximum question on the government. if they are losing human humans to get their re, humans live, to get their way done, it has to be extremely up. and again, let's say you are speaking, i'm saying, but still so many things we can do. i know we had loans was funding from european investment bank to the better government, but there are also others which are still doing traits with the been government. let's say, let's act on this and the, make sure that the government just behaved. and rachel, ya, 5, do you foresee,
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you being able to come to some sort of agreement, any type of agreement that would guarantee shared responsibility for migrants or asylum seekers going forward? so far your opinion has failed. busy to deliver on the unity of migration policy abroad at the same time, we believe that under the pressure of this human karen catastrophe when we see a winter's coming and winter is much more severe. so the catastrophe probably will grow. and it definitely requires opinion union to act to lead to support governments in poland. busy athenian live tour to kind of to deal with this mentor and crisis. otherwise say, you know, that will be a big blow. busy to the reputation i'll repeat union as the organization that suspends out as a democratic free world. so definitely the reputation,
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the end and good will of repeating unity that state and you from your opinion, cannot act in the unity to resist this crisis. to neutralize that, then there will definitely further erode european union reputation in the world. 5 at a time when there is this erosion ongoing of the reputation of you. partly because of this crisis. i mean, what, from your perspective has to happen for, you know, these countries to come together to actually come up with a coherent plan to deal with this? oh, would i have the craziest idea right now? probably for many speakers are, you know, one, so that union collapsed not when all the sanctions where the most severe butler sanctions way gone. so if you do not have any other ways to put against the question, the regime with these are the european union having in mind what kind of connection
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with for didn't get rid of sanctioned altogether. there must be other ways to pursue freedom and democracy in the region and then. busy you will not have humanitarian catastrophe and deaths of poor refugees at the border. busy of poland beller with beller with. so there could be this wild solution to consider. all right, well we have run out of time to we're going to have to leave our conversation there . thanks so much to our guest. yarrow slab roman shook and cut a lot. and thank you to for watching, you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a j inside story for me and how much i'm doing the whole team here. bye for now. a
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world needs right ah washer. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be you can use in current affairs that matter to you . i am not in ron calling enzo the top stories on al jazeera, the lead of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested columbia's presidents as daria antonia sugar known as austin yell was captured in a meticulous operation. washington describes him as the leader of an armed and violent drug cartel. it had put up a 5000000 dollar rewards help location died went on your issue gun, i'll yes or danielle. this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug
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trafficking in this century. in our country and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo.


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