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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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a corruption, a compassion al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of troubles. ah days off the ethiopian government launched airstrikes and the to grab region. it says is conducted more rates on sunday. ah. can vanelle, this is algae. they're allowing from dough also coming up. protest is answered all the met with tear gas to blocking a major bridge in the capitol. a leader of columbia largest drug cartel has been arrested. the u. s. at a $5000000.00 bounty on his head. the kidnapping of petrol trunk drivers,
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fuels one breast in haiti. ah, we begin this new law in ethiopia, where the country's air force has conducted more strikes, integral part of a campaign by the government to intensify the aerial bombardment of rebels to control most of the northern region. the military says it had facilities run by the to gripe people's liberation front in the town of ottawa as well as the training side. the air force has been carrying out raids in the region for the past week. that's forced the united nations to cease humanitarian flights to the capital mckellar spot warnings of a worse that inc humanitarian and hunger crisis. samuel get to is an ethiopian journalist in addis ababa. he says, the government is suspicious of the un. despite the need for humanitarian aid, the chilton government is assisting that there are targeting military sites and
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places where the think the t p and f as training their troops. so they're saying the target are not every they ethiopians who reside in the to grey region. again, it's to destroy that element. so for the t p, a left that they declared as a terrorist organization, the ethiopian government has been accusing the u. n. of providing weapons. even resources are and you know, giving some kind of explanation of their success. the success they've been having since mid june, but in terms of ethiopia, ethiopia, again, as a very, you know, a powerful country in court in, you know, this economy compared to other african countries perhaps. but it's still, i need depend on nation, and this will impact it in the long term because there are many, many pop priorities. and this conflict begun in november is again,
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in our far region upon our region, affecting millions of people in need of our government support. the prime minister has been saying that this is about respecting the constitution of the country. it's defending its independence. that's why they've been having disagreements with perhaps the u. s. government, the bite and administration in washington dc. and other countries that have been pushing for if you're going to have some kind of negotiated c swire. but they've been saying from the get go that this is a local issue, the be sold, that should be sold by the theory and government ok, but again, it's are facing so many people that are now in need of immediate support pretenses backing the military. hon briefly blocks, major roads and bridge and sedans, capital. his tension synod between the generals and pro democracy movement to gas was fired, declared a protest isn't call to me. relations is solved between the military and civilians . sharing power and a fragile transitional government is supposed to lead to don't elections. long time
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leader omar bashir was pushed from power back in 20. 191 out from hippa morgan with the latest developments and cartoon. the response comes after the protesters in front of the presidential palace where they've been staging a 2nd for over a week. now try to expand the area of the sits in to try to pressure the government and to dissolving itself. and a new cabinet be formed by the prime minister. now the reason why the states that sits in front of the presidential palace is because most of them are pro military. they want the military to take over and take charge of the country. many of them coming out of their that they want the military to handle the affairs of the nation until elections are held because they said that the government is not representative. now the governor of whom issued a statement just after the dispersing of the protest, saying that those who are behind the blockade of the breeches and the roads are members of the former ruling party,
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which is out from power on april 2019 following month of anti government process, he said that there are also parts of the group that are participating in front of the fit and, and trying to the stabilize the, the, the country and trying to make it very hard for people to move. so that people can be frustrated to the point that they're drawn into violence. now again, the system has been going on for more than more than a week with processes demanding that prime minister to dissolve his cabinet. and that's the result of a split between the 4th of the freedom and change coalition. that's the ruling coalition. that is right now running the government around $700000.00 people have been hit by extensive flooding and south through dawn is the 3rd straight year of clouds, further endangering lives in the world youngest country, beset by civil war, hunger and corruption. the un says south food on has always been prone to fickle routes and floods. climate change is making these disasters worse. leader
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columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested dido antonio sugar, who also goes by the name or tanya was captured in a remote corner of the jungle presidency of onto k, says it's the biggest blow to drug trafficking. since the death of pablo escobar in 1993 crag. gov to die your antonio osha guys, widely known as a tonio, and had been on the run for more than a decade. columbia most wanted and most fear drug trafficker. now finally, in handcuffs after being hunted down by soldiers, pay for the world's largest cocaine producing nation or tornadoes. the rest is the biggest victory in its so called war and drugs in nearly 30 years as verse ill gold bristles. the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country vehicle and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's. they want 3. he was captured at his hideout in jungle near
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the border with panama. more than 500 soldiers were deployed, one officer was killed your most blood guitar. we began in important satellite surveillance mission against him, with agencies from the u. s. in u. k. where with each movement with trace analysts with communications, where the 50 experts and signal intelligence permanently covering the area with an exact coverage that allowed us to indicate what his movements were you to get him from his hiding place. born into rural family, atanya was a hard and fighter who switch sides from far lab, gorilla to far i paramilitary groups. in 2012. he took over as the leader of the gods class from his brother who was killed by police. he's wanted by the us from porting tons of cocaine for years from south america. the kaufman says his group has been behind some of the worst violence. columbia has seen since the signing of a p staying with fock rebels in 2016. there is the possibility that these bring
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down levels of violence, especially on the communities that he bet had been affected by these large organization. but, but indeed, i mean, there is no an effective a solution to the drug trafficking international drug trafficking problem, just by beheading these type of organizations. that once all, they been narcotics problems in the world. no, nor in columbia. many fail toenails arrest mealy to a power struggle and a tell for that could was and the violence priyanka got their alta 0, thousands of migrants and refugees that set off on foot from southern mexico hoping to reach the us. the group is mainly made up of people from haiti, and central america have been stranded in mexico for months. i was scuffles as police trying to stop them. tom homan reports from mexico city. ah, another caravan emits code. it's been a reoccurring picture of the last 2 years,
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migrants grouping together to try and force away through the country into the us border. the only surprise is that this time around them been stopped by mexican authorities. yet, about a 1000 people left up at eula. the city close to mexico, southern booth with guatemala on saturday morning they were trying to break through a ring of security pieces confining them there over mumps. they called the city a prison of many can i once have in the think he forsake 7 or 8 months and then we will look up for a long time. we can't take it anymore. we don't have work. and we can't leave he nor gone to, which is much worse. so we need to get out of here, see their family up with alma oh. shortly after leaving tampa, tula, a shield. wool of the national guard. the block, the road ahead. that usually signals the end,
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the caravans detentions deputations but this time around of the struggle. most people through. 7 now they go on, but very slowly, mexican authorities have strictly prohibited buses, will taxis carrying migrants on foot? it will take them weeks to cover the about 2000 kilometers to the us, especially with women and children present. although the majority of those walking a men, where are they from different places, haiti, south, and central america. but most of something in common. they fleeing poverty, political turmoil, or violence in their own lands. at the moment their i missed to get to mexico city and get papers to stay. those who want to travel further to the us are assured of a cold welcome. forces in texas state already been mobilized to stop them. that's if mexico's authorities don't do so. first and soon as on the u. s. pressure,
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they always have done before. john holman, out is in mexico city. hundreds of people in haiti, al, protesting against the government's failure to end more than 2 years of savish fuel shortages. prices continue to thorne some petrol sessions of closed. now gangs have started kidnapping and killing fuel truck drive it on europe. hello reports from puerto prince ah, fires burning in the streets of the haitian capital. while protest, super worsening. insecurity, have swept the city in recent days. demonstrations over fuel shortages are also becoming a daily occurrence. there are fears, the city would come to a standstill if supplies aren't resumed soon or late. that was, i ended up with the government is not doing its job. they are the ones that you give us security. they should do everything to make sure pumps of petrol. so we can do what we have to do by blood. so despite some gas stations already running dry
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hues of motorists keep growing as detention at the pump. where the problem is, the people in government, the rich are fighting the pool. some motorists tell us fuel is becoming so hard to come by. it can take days to get their hands on only a few gallons across the haitian capital. many federal stations have closed their doors all together, creating a black market fuel. in recent days, the price of gasoline has gone from $10.00 to $15.00 per gallon and it's a cost that's only getting higher as the fuel shortage. worse, delivering fuel to residence has become more difficult as violence linked to criminal gangs spreads to more parts of the city. gang members have made a lucrative business out of extorting and kidnapping. petrol delivery driver transports are threatening to strike, to protest against the violence directed towards delivery personnel. women from opera, not very by gig. isaac,
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a reason why there's no pitfalls that some of the drivers have been kidnapped previously with the trucks, donors of paid for the truck to be released, but lift the driver behind and they will kill. it's not, that's why drivers now skids occur to the cargo terminal because they may get kidnapped music audio guy. though the recent abduction of 17 missionaries by haitian gang has captured global headlines, violence and kidnappings are challenged, that most residents here face on a daily basis. and between increasing insecurity, fast rising fuel prices and an economic crisis exacerbated by the ongoing. coby 19 pandemic security experts say the situation is a ticking time bomb for social unrest. manuel did apollo al jazeera, puerto prince sal had on al jazeera west and ambassadors who signed a letter criticising taxi's government wait to see with the anchor rally plans to expel them. and on the brink of bankruptcy, we'll have more on why indonesia 1st airline could soon be grounded.
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ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best a line of 2021. that the monsoon trough that goes across asia tends to go south, is time the year didn't do it smoothly. does it in steps if you like and it tends to get stocks. it's done that recently of a viet nam 2 days with the rain as the whole, the months average or the fall of now the next belt of significant raise a bit further south. yeah, the system is going to have handy for something vietnam and cambodia and there's another circulation to watch in the philippines that might develop into something that is taking a lot of energy away from delays. you didn't need it for the south, where the rainy season is starting now, and there are widespread showers and thunderstorms not quite as intense as they were, even a week ago. now, over the rain is going south, it tends to produce these anomalies on its way. so it's wet and q, she cocoa,
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lots of honshu during monday. winter should be coming in to china, but these temperatures hobbins at 16 degrees should be getting colder. it is not, is warming up at the moment. again, monsoon trough going south with an anomaly on it. is this one here that run it runs up through cox's bizarre eastern bangladesh, me and my left there for a couple of days. the rest of india and pakistan, the poles just a few light showers, but nothing worse than that. and even down in connecticut and caroline, where there's been so much rain recently. it is now easy. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. in india is sugar growing. wheaton, a 3rd of chemo workers have had their winds, with one a one east investigate. why so many women are having invasive surgery on out? is it well as experiencing unprecedented extreme weather record temperature being said last year than i feel for deteriorating faster than ever the
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quote running down world, lead is amazing flaws. go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out a deal to flash, a mission to port to late follow the you and climate summit on al jazeera. ah ah. gotcha al jazeera reminder of our top stories the seller is air force is conducted more strikes into gripe as the government intensifies ariel of bombardment of rebels who control most of the northern region. the air force has been carrying out raids in the region for the past week. dial antonio sugar, the leader of columbia largest drug cartel has been arrested, shook, also known as of tonia, is the most high profile drug trafficker to be captured. since the death of public
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escobar in 1993 hundreds of people in haiti protesting more than 2 years of severe fuel shortages, prices continue to soar and some petrol stations of closed gangs and started kidnapping fuel truck drive. it's gone, men have kills at least 10 people. and marly, in an attack on a base of a paramilitary group known as the gun that you saw it happened in the northern region of gaul. the group was formed in 2009 and is backed by the army. it's unclear who is responsible for the attack. because argues, following developments from duck are in neighboring senegal. another brazen attack in mali. this time it against a government backed militia called the gondo e, so which in the ser, i language means the children of the land. this is a group made up of former military soldiers as well as local militia groups that
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have joined forces. a camp that is home to over a 1000 soldiers into places 10 minutes drives away from the un base, as well as the french backan base. at least 10 people were killed. many more were wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. no human rights watch accuse the malia and military as well as government backed militias of extra judicial killing. and this has increased since there has been an effort by the 1000000 government to support government backed militias. the united nations security council are asking the government of bomber co, led by former military june to a semi goiter, to organize free and fair elections as soon as possible. currently, they're scheduled to take place a by february 2022. however, there has been signs by this government to delay those elections. we're here to
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listen to the transition authorities and determine the best way to support them in their full efforts to realize this transition. we also come with clear messages on the need to organize the election, implement the piece agreement, and stabilize the center of money. the crisis in molly has spread beyond its borders to neighboring and share and burkina faso at stake. here are the people in this a hell over a 1000000 people have been displaced because of the ongoing crisis, with the humanitarian situation degrading rapidly as a tax increase. libya is electro commission says it will soon begin candidate registration for december elections. but the countries to rival legislative have yet to decide how the vote will work. a 2020 political deal between previously warring sides means both must agree on
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a constitutional basis before the elections can actually take place. while a train is intrinsically explains more about wants yet to be agreed ahead of the election. we're just 2 months away from the scheduled nationwide elections in libya . but there's still some question that's what kind of election libyans will see. will they be a general election will with the parliamentary elections, what we see a parliamentary presidential election simultaneously? those are questions that have yet to be resolved as a size have yet to agree upon a constitutional framework for those elections to be held. now, earlier today, imagine say at the head of the high national electoral commission said a few things. one you said the commission will not deviate from its commitment to implement free and fair elections. he says we plan on opening the door for candidates to register and the 2nd half of november. and this is really where the divide happens. who can run for president,
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what kind of powers the president have. according to the libyan political agreement, signed in 2015. the high council of state, based in tripoli and the house of representatives, the parliament based and eastern libya, have to agree upon this framework to hold elections. here and in tripoli, they've set some conditions. they voted on the conditions for who can run for president. that board you have to control eastern would be in the eastern libya they've allowed. they voted for condition that allow for have to, to, to, to run for president. now whether or not the very aside the high council state and the parliament can agree upon a framework within these couple of weeks of an order for the elections to be held to schedule. we're not really sure. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of solution the various sites come up with an order for libyans to be able to carry out the vote. there's a growing security presence in the rocky capital bank that was supporters of pro iranian political parties of staging. sit him demanding
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a recount to vote from ptolemy reelections held earlier this month. and some are threatening to take matters into their own hands as well. hold on for one turkeys president has said that 10 western ambassadors must be declared persona non grata or stripped of their diplomatic status and immunity. it was a response to the u. s. and others issuing a joint statement, calling for the release of jail businessman osman column. he's been accused of involvement and failed coo and turkey in 2016 and a financing nationwide protests 3 years earlier. he denies this joint statement, says the case is cast a shadow of respect for democracy. it also noted that the charges against cabala have changed over time, and called on turkey to resolve his case, quote. in line with turkey's international obligations and domestic law, turkey is called the statement irresponsible or so sir dal has more now from his
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tumble. was macola has been in prison in there in october of 2017. and since then, there has been several chars against him. several accusations of, of the primary ones are that he has been, defy, has been financing there that the nationwide protest i particularly during did. jesse park brought us in a stumble ad that was the largest route to the goldman till that time. and 2nd one is that he has to get part or to rule in the quit attempting 2016, but the trials have been going on and on. so just recently there did that the, the court for the human rights of europe. a has also announced that they asked the turkish authorities to release or small corolla because they said that there is no, there are no enough suspicions, ordered aqueous suspicions, that he has committed that crimes that has been charged against him. and just after that, also the council of europe also has called in turkey to lease or small koala. if
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not, as they said that the dead to the causal of europe is going to start the regent proceedings against turkey. well, matthew bronzer is a former us diplomat. and non resident senior fellow, at atlantic council's eurasia center, he says this is an attempt by owed, want to preserve his domestic standing. anytime there is a significant foreign policy decision in any country, domestic politics are a big part of it. in this case, i think president r one is looking forward to the possibility of early elections. there are supposed to be scheduled in 2023. they may be moved up and he's in an electoral alliance and a parliamentary alliance with a far right nationalist, political party. so you know, that party called the nationalist, actual party that they always want to take a tough line whenever they feel that, especially western countries are putting pressure on turkey. but i'm not sure how far turkey is going to go in the situation. you know, it's possible that president,
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they're the ones announcements, ordering a directing is foreign minister to declare these ambassadors. persona non grata, may simply be a diplomatic shot across the bow. and it may be that turkey does not follow through on actually expelling them. and i say that because the reaction by the u. s. embassy and several other european ones has been muted. in fact, the embassies have refrained from commenting, which makes me think there's some sort of a discussion going on still behind the scenes for us and south korea are again, pressing north korea to refrain from carrying out more, mis, all tests, days offer it, said it for a new type of ballistic missile. the us envoy for north korea is in soul for meetings about the tests and long running style nation nuclear homeless. the north korea is refusing to return to talks until the us dropped what it calls, postal policy. hello, cindy, this is laura from guzman city. i had series in depth discussions with representative kim over the proposal for an end of war declaration. we reconfirmed
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our shared stance that we are willing to discuss all matters, including north korea's interests, wants to dialogue with north korea resumes. as u. s. government has been expressing its willingness to talk and we hope that north korea response to this as soon as possible. we call it, sees publications and other the thing like it. and is that engage in dialogue with me? and we had me in the united states, i would know with positively our young luke is a professor, a military strategic studies at her mom university. he explains what hostile policy is. north korea is referring to the c instead, u. s. a knows kudos c s u s. s the main enemy. so wow, we have, we have korean war. and after that, the u. s. o, foresee saw, ah,
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station the in south korea. so the u. s. u. s. forces include a cell, i mean is so hot, car activity. so well, when they talk about the hust her policy towards most korea, ah, well, i mean, the all entitle activity including the inequality jones, an insight sanction. and even the u. s. pores, his inquiry i sell at was they see there's a hostile indonesian airline. golda is on the brink of bankruptcy, like all carriers. it's been hit hard by declining travel during the pandemic, but it was already struggling with death. jessica washington report from jakarta, indonesia largest airport. passenger traffic is on the rise. as domestic tourism enjoys a resurgence. after months of relative quiet travel restrictions at major airports
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around the country on easing, as the number of coven 19 cases full. it's a welcome change for the countries a v ation industry. but it may not be enough to save one major player drowning in debt. the countries oldest airline guru to indonesia is getting close to bankruptcy . if not a pretty picture in terms of the debts. amounting to i, mrs. trillion sophia, which is coming up to billions. ah, the pandemic had a severe impact on the flag carrier. hasn't numbers have fallen by 90 percent and flight frequency has reduced from $400.00 to less than $100.00 flights a day? the airlines total debt is now $4900000000.00, and the company faces several law suits over unpaid debts. the airline c
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o. a fun city of pu trail told al jazeera steps have been taken to turn the company around, including renegotiating airplane leasing costs and restructuring loans. like many airlines around the world's gerda, indonesia has struggled through the pandemic because of travel related restrictions, but grew does financial woes. it started long before the pandemic, and now the flag carrier faces an uncertain future aviation expert sega router, indonesia has struggled to compete with low cost carriers grappling with weak earnings while paying for a large and expensive flight of aircraft that are mostly least 5 years earlier. receive some of the operational costs of gary's increased dramatically and down softly and the measurement of flight. for example, java london is not the approved profitable. the airline is still mostly owned by the government, and the ministry of state owned enterprises has proposed rebranding. a state own
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charter service pillay to air as a passenger carry it to replace gruder or putting in more state cash. the ministry declined an interview with al jazeera, the option of the bankruptcy liquidation of godaddy. is freddy, like the feasible option? right? no. under pressure to resolve the crisis at gruder, the government faces a difficult choice, either try and save the failing airline, or let it collapse. jessica washington out a 0 to kata. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. ethiopia, the air force has conducted more strikes, integral.


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