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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2021 10:00am-10:30am AST

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one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience in south korea on al jazeera ah, breaking news out of sudan where soldiers of detained civilian members of the governing council, including the prime minister, abdullah hm. doc, ah, uncommon, santa maria here in doha, continuing coverage on out to see are all events incident. this monday, prime minister hom dock is said to have been moved to an unknown location after refusing to issue a statement in support of the military's actions. protesters are denouncing the detention live pictures here of them on the streets sitting ties on fire as well. and we are waiting to hear from the head to av sedans,
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suffered counsel abdul fata albert hon. ah little after 9 a. m. a nick cartoon this monday, where the military has detained several civilian ministers and officials. and that includes the prime minister, abdullah hum doc, the ministry of culture and information says he's been taken to an unknown unknown location because he refused to, to speak in support of the military's actions. troops that have blocked roads and bridges into cartoon. the internet is down mobile services, the limited, the airport is closed as well. all op sedans, main democracy group is cooling it, a military coup that must be resisted. tensions been building for months now between the military and civilian factions, who i meant to be sharing power. so plenty to count. but we'll start with this report from priyanka gutter. after months of past struggle with civilian leaders.
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so don's generals appear to have made their 1st decisive move. prime minister abdullah humbug is reported to be under house arrest. and several civilian leaders of the ruling sovereign council are detained. the internet and phone lines have been shut down. and the airport in cartoon, closed the pro democracy coalition forces of freedom and change. born out of the 2019 uprising that ousted long term liter, omar bashir has called for protests and strikes. and that call has been heated. i live in urgent call to all sudanese civilians who want to protect the revolution . what the military is doing is a betrayal to all citizens on all fronts. it is the duty of all civilians to move and to block all roads outside to prevent any military force to move right now. all of us must unite to show the truth. last month of feeds. qu, attempt by forces loyal to the she white in divisions between the military and
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civilian sides of the transitional, government. both sides, blame each other for slow reforms, a worsening economic crisis, poverty and corruption. the deal that was signed in august of 2018 was always flawed in number of ways. after me, 2 of the biggest flaws were that the military are gonna maintain control of gold mines and other financial interests sort of independent of the state in a somewhat corrupt manner. and that they were never really going to investigate themselves enough with the massacres of june 2019 the heart one gains of the pro democracy uprising have not led to reform. so many people fought for. and now whittemore political upheaval, sedan, it's once again on the edge priyanka kupta, alta 0, right, let's get started. been here, morgan is our, corresponded on the line from cartoon and good that we can even talk to you had been given that communications are down in some parts. tell us more about what
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you've been hearing and seeing well, the federal government officials having to record including refusing to issue a statement. andrew thing was a political process. william political argue nursing is include by the military. now we're still waiting from the military nation that the i think television and radio station were also the streets because of the access to the center of hudson, where vehicles have blocked all the roads leading to do. and we can see people burning tires. some of them turning back ministry vehicles saying that it's because of the limit through the countries in a political upheaval. but we are also seeing civilian banking come out. you can see people lighting up at fuel station. people lining up for bread, people lining up in front of the shop, trying to store commodity for the coming days. it's all because of the political
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uncertainty. nobody knows what i'm thinking is, again, restriction in telecommunications. nobody can access the internet so they don't know what is happening. they don't know who is currently eating the countries. so that is a lot of panic among civilians here. but those who join the 325, they say that they regard this as the fact that there is a move to arrest the members of the sovereignty. 1 so i was a big that it is, counseling is 5, the constitutional that there isn't saying that the military does not have a constitutional declaration. that agreement that was signed between the 2 hippa, i'm going to leave you there, i'm sorry to interrupt, but the phone line isn't great. and i guess that's to be expected at the moment, but we'll try to talk to you again a little bit later. so let's have a morgan correspondent talking about that and you saw the pictures in a number of people getting out onto the streets there. excuse me, any hot same? now the us special envoy for the horn of africa, jeffrey feldman was in caught him only at the weekend just
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a few days ago. he met and civilian leaders to try to result a dispute. he says now in a statement the u. s. is deeply alarmed by reports of a military takeover and said it would contravene the constitutional declaration and the democratic aspirations of the sudanese people. and it is utterly unacceptable. feltman goes on to say that any changes to the transitional government by force puts at risk the assistance of the united states. and we've heard from the e u foreign policy chief joseph barrel, who says he is following with utmost concern, ongoing events in sudan. the e, you calls on all stakeholders and regional partners to put back on track the transition process. right, let's go to the phone again and try mohammed to alameda. man who is a journalist basement, cut him. can you hear me? all right, mohammed? yes. blue. okay. and good, we can hear you as well, right? tell us what you've been seeing. come again,
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just tell us about what you've been seeing and hearing this morning. wow. yeah, it's actually, this collision is actually ongoing. because you know, the, the, the, the, the, the, the military force that surrounded the house of the minister has taken him to an unknown location. so they're called in sources in the office of the bad minister. was to military for actually dick over the building of the state, the tv radio. so that means, i mean there's any when that help him into that it means that the fittest, a statement of the coop is being paid. that's what we understand. and the indication that give them from, from the military, because the data started to put pressure on the minister to accept and solving the government. and when the message, again is their hopes, actually they take him to an a notification. so it looks at me because the, the,
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the cool actually become a tooth and it's a matter of time that the statement they come in me coming in the, in the few coming hours on the other side. the people still also is clayton and, and he was numbers coming to see a increase. and john dean is still going to get the money that he has to stay with the video, who i'm the insistence to stay mysteries and the me withdrawal from from, from the states office creation that they did also the bus our we started team for the 1st time seems it seems do sit in the morning, the military presence and extensive so that he's an up, it's of course he's out of if in the states of,
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of got to me. so that means me hello militia is not taking control of is the so father, no confrontations happen between the civilians and military. but there are no police seen in the states. maybe confrontation happen in the coming us. i'm quite amazed. i'm sorry to interrupt you and just as we look at the pictures of the protests, the number of people who have come out onto the street so quickly the, the burning of ties that it's, it's, it's, it's escalated so fast. i guess this speaks to the level of, of ill feeling amongst the people in sudan. yes. actually the, it's, it's, it's, it's where it is give to the people and you know this by the people expecting from some big cup. and because of the blue tension that we seen over the last 2 weeks between the military and civilians. and the top comes in,
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in the sense that by blocking the roads by bro military drives we saw, did they, did, they did, they did sit in the state in the position, but us with the, with the a call for the me to seize upon my despite all that the people will really give in the morning these today for safety. when the news comes in that that is my list come being for the for that, for the civilian, for the civilian minister on the senior members. so the, the people that insisted to stay in the streets and as i said, that's happening more than we expected more, more, more actually people come to cities know this is proficient association, which is, you know, it's very popular organization that lead to this again,
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as for my business, which is a school for general psych i'm actually in got to me this morning today. there are no actually schools. there are no actually and was the know everything or the business. i don't all the ships are closed. you're going to see this piece of go to one list there, the tires we had in the people, john didn't get us. ok mohammed, i mean thank you for that. very good to be able to talk to you today from cartoon, little bit more background information for you here. at least what we know so far about who's been arrested. most members of sedan, civilian leadership, including members of the transitional sovereign, a council have been detains. we start with prime minister, a bela handle, apparently taken to an unknown location that is according to students' culture and information ministry, the, his media advisor fi soma, sol, as also been detained. as has mohammed al fucking solomon,
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who is the spokesman for the sovereign council. and has been vocal and criticism of the military and the minister of industry, abraham l shake and the minister of information hums of our little they've been placed under arrest, according to reports as well. so we have a morgan on the line from catching hopefully the line is a little better now. that's pretty complete, isn't it going up to the prime minister and so many key advisors and ministers again going out pascoe, have a happy camper specifically because because located by the military bridges present the active site. and as the restricted, all the major institutions had also loved the military. i think that the military carrying out all of the i think if it's
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possible or their cabinet is very nice to have access to that communication or football. it's hard to get more with getting tired, but there's also panic on the. 5 fly in front of people trying to fill up their time because they didn't know what's happened to expect the bakery trying as much as they can. what if they can be good because it's clear yet what is happening and how long can you come on? tell us about communications today. how about when we had
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a little bit of trouble hearing you on the phone earlier? it's acts, it's what is fun actually is like, i know the engine, it's been been brought down to about 25 percent capacity. now let's try to get back with somebody because last was if i didn't put on and that's the tricky forward. i think we need to get it done as possible. the only people have to call via calling from outside the country to like to that. and this to be part of the flow of information i made it happening. 5 again, it's the background of all of how this came about. you have a pool minutes in front of the potential pilot more than a week. now, imagine that the military involve gavin, it's probably the one that should be the 2nd of all the people who are
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who have wanted to speak with the president of the she. but then the issue is within the government, it's changed and it is a sub model. rather it has, it's a good that for me to say that it's fine too because it hasn't been mentioned by demanding that the military, they charge of the country about 2000 over 2 or 300000 people talking to the fact that they're saying that they have been fighting for president of. ready when they got against 70, he's father to barracka, to civilian government,
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control, the cabinet is come out dissolved southern to count for the traffic. we need to be consulting to each other with majority agreement. now, the military won't have regardless of how or how bad. again, this is what happened, that's due to the region back valley because already had the things that were again stuck. i was trying to find all the haber morgan on the line from cartoon. will they be there for now and be told do again, of course, throughout the day. thank you. so how did sedan actually get to this point where you go back to december of 2018 when thousands of people in the northeast and region of protested against high unemployment and poverty and corruption within days, those protests and spread to other cities, including the capital cartoon in april of 2019,
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the military removed president obama shipped from office after nearly 30 years in power and 4 months later and after accusations of use of violence against protesters, the military agreed to form this. civilian lead. transitional governments and new cabinets took office in september under prime minister bella humbug as part of a 3 year power sharing agreement. well, let's hear from hollard here, who is with inside inside strategy partners, a, a friend based in seattle, specializing in government relations. and she says, this latest development has all the hallmarks of a full military coup. the closing of the bridge is the, the closing down of tell, it comes at the complete internet blackout. you can't make phone calls, you can send text estimates messages quite clearly the rest of key government figures including members of the sovereign council and also the minister for
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cabinets. if i had it on my to indicate very much it. this is a qu, in any case, any contravention of the constitutional declaration on the constitutional document of 2019, and pushed by the ministry to try and maneuver. second, to william active is considered a to by the constitutional declaration, which is why we're seeing coaches start to come out in the streets of cartoon. as of this morning, i think that the military was surprised by to the extent to which there was m t military sentiments within the country and extend to its people across the country . not just in call to came out against military rule by comparison to the crowd seen massive crowds on the 21st. that sort of sponsored or broken, orchestrated protest a week earlier. so much, few people probably in the 1000, but dwindle, been to only probably a 100 or even fewer. the interesting thing about the media angle is that in the past 48 hours,
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we've seen this today. news agency building stormed by ministry supported last night. we heard the ministry of information was also stormed, and it's quite clear that the ministry wants to get ahead of this narrative. probably because the things that they does still have some civilian support. but again, that support is not by any means. the majority of sidney people based on the number of protests. so a reminder of the situation in sudan. now what appears to be a military take over the arrest of multiple ministers, including we believe the prime minister. what we are waiting on, who we are waiting to hear from is general of the hon, who is the head of sedans, suffering council. that would give us hopefully some more clarity on what has happened. you see the pictures of the people on the streets of how to me that there is so much and get there and people out protesting all throughout this monday morning. more from sedan to come right now, the other news, and if you,
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if he has military is carried out more strikes in take i on sunday, capping a week of attacks against rebels, you control most of the region among the science hit with a facility in the town of ad well, which the government says it's a military unit used by the children people's duration, front, fighting going on for almost a year. now, the bombardments, in recent days for the u. n. t stop humanitarian flight to the regional capital mikella. if you've met abroad and now, excuse me, who's from so hon. research a think tank focusing on security in the one of africa. and he says, decline forces are on the offensive, despite the superiority of the if you have been military on the one hand, a c o, p is a state, a government which had until recently, one of the most powerful militaries on the continent. and it has access to military assistance from allies. it has been purchasing weapons and ammunition, including drones,
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but also conventional armaments for ground forces for the last few months. while the t d f for the grand defense forces is isolated as a blockade on the, on the to gray region, which means they don't have resupply. but at the same time, it is the 2 grand forces that seemed to have taken the advantage or the initiative they have retake and control of most of the gray region. and they have now taken the offensive into neighboring alpha. and i'm hotter regions with the intention of lifting the blockade on the right and bringing the yoke in federal government to the bargaining table. the areas that have been bombed the facilities are far behind the front lines. they are at best sort of dual use facilities that could be civilian, might have been re purpose for,
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for military reasons. but in general in warfare, you know, this sort of strategic bombing aiming for targets that really don't have any tactical or immediate value has as a very mixed record at best. and in some ways it seems to be galvanizing the 2 grand defense forces and their supporters. i felt claimed responsibility for saturday's blast and the uganda capital. at least one person dying 7 others were injured in the explosion at a restaurant in the suburb of kampala, police say 3 suspected bombers disguise themselves with customers and planted explosives in a plastic bag. authorities are described as an act of domestic terrorism. columbia president says the rest of the country's most wanted drug trafficker is the biggest blow against the drug trade. this century. dido antonio suca mills, that goes by the name of antonio, was captured in a remote area close to the border with panama on saturday. he is the leader of
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columbia largest drug cartel. understand the ramp. yes, he has moved from the time the rest of diarrhea and sonya also got better known as alton yell is on the front pages of all the newspapers here in columbia and the talk of the town here in the capital booker and beyond that, because this is a very significant arrest, but you would be hard pressed to find anybody who believes this carrier, the same weight as the death of pablo escobar back in 1993 as the president of columbia suggested when he announced that the capture people here will tell you that at the height of escobar power, those were much scarier times as bomb went off in a major cities across the country. also, escobar was a very public figure and a person who became a sort of robin hood for many a poor columbia answer while alton. yeah, he's definitely a household name here,
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and he is very powerful, especially in the north west of the country. but he spent most of his time hiding in the jungle. is no one an approved regular. it was good news that he was captured and i don't think it's going to change much. i'm just because the programs in the country remain the same company. and oh, no, no, not, not that area can. i don't think it will have the same impact as death of pub last cover that caused the real change in the country and within colombian, society, this arrest doesn't feel to say the truth is that it's difficult to know just how much of an impact this will have on the elicit the drug trade, the experts will tell you that if the demand of cocaine remains the strongest, most likely new leaders will appear that will replace him. what we do know is that the columbia wants to extradite auto near to the united states. where he will face a number of charges and where many people hope that he will share secrets about
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both his operations here and his many international connections. will it's been 7 years since eric's gone out of the woods. i can't breathe as he was dying under the choke hold of a new police officer gone, his case led to a national movement against police violence in the united states. and in the coming, i was a rad judicial inquiry. we'll begin looking into how his death was handled. gabriel, at his under reports now for new eric gardener, was unarmed, and by all accounts minding his own business. when new york police officers accused him of selling lou cigarettes outside a convenience store, daniel pen to leo, one of the officers on seen, put gardener in a cho, cold, and prohibited under department use of force guidelines. and that led to the death of the 46 year old father of 6, a grand jury decision not to charge pen to leo sparked nationwide protests, gardeners dying words. i can't breathe, became
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a national rallying cry against police brutality. 5 years later, pennsylvania was fired from the new york police department, and the city settled a wrongful death claim, with gardener's family for several $1000000.00. but 7 years on gardener's mother, gwen carr says there is still work to be done. there is no justice for eric, eric is gone, but we still need closure. and the closure would look like to me. if all those offices who was involved in my sons death that day, stand accountable. and there was transparency and which we know all of that was try and tried to be hidden. a judge granted when cars request to hold a judicial inquiry into her son's death. such inquiries are very rare. the last time one was held here in new york was over a 100 years ago, and it's not a trial. there will not be a jury, and nobody will be found guilty or innocent when it's over. but it's
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a way for lawyers to question powerful people that dealt with gardeners, death, and a way to get a public record of who knew what when and why certain decisions were made. in a setback to the gardener family, the judge decided new york mayor bill de blasio does not have to testify saying he can instead submit a written statement despite being directly named in the inquiry. one of the critics say that reasoning undermines the very point of what the inquiries meant to address transparency. how do we whole are public leaders accountable if they're allowed to just submit statements, right? when you're named on a case and you're not being called to be active, participating, vocal and under sworn oh, it's a pass. the city fought against. holding the inquiry, arguing it was unnecessary. a spokesperson for the city's lawyers declined to
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request for an interview. gabriel is ando al jazeera new york. 10 western nations are waiting to see if there ambassadors will be asked to leave turkey after president rejects hypo undeclared, them persona non grata. that was in response to the us and other western countries issuing a joint statement. calling for the release of the jail businessman osman cover. he's been accused of involvement in a fail crew in 2016 and a financing nationwide protests 3 years earlier. wrestle soda has more now, from istanbul, definitely, dears, having such a diplomatic spad with them the most prominent country, his wonder is not going to have the turkish economy in right track. so just this country's majority of them are natal members and turkey is one of the most important nato, a country as well. so if that happens, turkey will literally expel, is need to allied ambassadors at germany, is number one, turkey's number one tre,
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pardon, or france, or sees another very much prominent trade partner. and the u. s. is the largest nato member as well, including sweden, denmark, new zealand, and some other companies as well. so this will definitely bring turkey into a direct direct confrontation to promote the competition with the western camp, which is not going to be a good news for the turkish economy. however, this was in a make him process trickier recently over syria. yes, meditating and north africa has been having lots of problems with the usa and some other important european companies owned in room in rome. there will be a g, a g 20 meeting next week prison. i was expecting to meet the president biden there, but if the explosion of this diplomat happened, one of these invoices happens. then there are concerns that this meeting will not happen in room between prison, avalon, and bite. and that could further deteriorate. the relations between turkey and the western countries to paraglider have survived
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a mid air collision along turkey's southwestern coast. the moment was captured by an onlooker in the area of older de needs. they were rescued after falling into the sea. the pair were taking part in an international festival. ah, this is al jazeera, our main story today comes from sit down with the information ministry as a number of ministers and officials have been detained by the military. and that includes the prime minister, abdullah hum dog is reportedly been taken to an unknown location after refuse.


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