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middle eastern trays and money skilfully knocked down 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, cato, cortez gateway to whoa trade. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. we are watching the news. our live from a headquarters in val, how i'm daddy and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes. the head of saddam's military launch is a qu, dissolving the ruling council, which he says has been divided by in fighting. ah, protesters denouncing the detention to fill the street. some have been met with gunfire. turkeys, presidents addresses
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a dispute with western embassies after they back down over a recent diplomatic route. and nigeria launches a new digital currency, but will people be willing to use it? and in school barcelona condemned the abusive behavior of fans to as their coach, ronald clement plus i've got his son thought that campaign with a massive win over scotland at the t 20 woke up. ah. hello, we begin with the qu ensued, don been military chief, has dissolved the transitional government and declared a state of emergency. the fact the hubert han has vowed to hold elections as scheduled in 2023, but he says the country was in turmoil, and the military had a duty to intervene. so a number of ministers and civilian officials have been detained, including the prime minister de la ham dock. internet and mobile phone services are
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down. the airport is closed. on the tv and radio headquarters were rated. according to the sudanese doctorate committee, 3 people have died. a short time ago, sedans, central bank employees, went on str take, rejecting the military takeover. ever. morgan begins our coverage from cartoon. i just after months of power, struggle with civilian leaders to dance general's have stage a coup and imposed a state of emergency breaking up a faction transitional government that has been leading the country home of jesus. yeah, i think the garden, we dissolve the soften council and the cabinet and we put an end to the mass jobs and under secretaries. and the state governors will revise everything and will take decisions to watch everything. ah, general hans as the military had to intervene to and political and fighting with a cross to dan. this fury tens of thousands of men and women breaching on the street
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to show their anger against the fed and military takeover. i didn't have an urgent call to all sudanese civilians who want to protect the revolution. what the military is doing is a betrayal to all citizens on all fronts. it is the duty of all civilians to move and to block all roads outside to prevent any military force to move right now, all of us must unite to show the truth. i think i was the hey, now the return of the old regime is impossible. no matter what the excuses or the justifications the return is impossible. this is the 1st statement of the people, women and men are refusing any kind of fraud on democracy and civil society. the military has arrested several civilian members of the transitional government and moved prime minister of the lamb duke to an undisclosed location fronting global concerns. do you is very concerned about sedans, military forces reportedly putting, ah,
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prime minister. hm. duck under house arrest. and as well as detaining other members of the civilian leadership. and we urge for their fast relief ah, included the pro democracy forces of freedom and changed coalition. born out of the 2018 a prior. think that out that long time leader omar bashir has called for protests and strikes to resist the qu, division between the military and civilian side of the transition. government widened after last month failed to attempt by forces loyal to both sides, blame each other for the lo reforms, worsening economic crisis, poverty and corruption. many people are angry, but some also bring the news of the military takeover. a coalition of political parties has been teaching assistant in front of the presidential palace for more than a week, urging the military to take control. if members say some of those who participated in the 2018 uprising against the government have not been listened to, the military have been key to creating the conditions for this discord in security
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. and certainly in congress to given that the bahamas, you know, in many ways, assistance we had a state in this hybrid transitional arrangement. and those who have been part of this movement to push the government out are themselves key members of government. so any criticism of government performances very much self criticism, i think the hard one gains of the pro democracy uprising have not led to the reforms. many people fought for us. and now with more political upheaval, the nation is once again on the edge. he but morgan august 0 to me. you and envoy 1st don has brief the united nations volker pair to confirm that several civilian leaders are being held at a no locations. today. i'm demanding from everybody to exercise, utmost risk and restraint. i'm calling on the military release, all those that were on awfully to change today. and i'm asking the stakeholders to
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return to dialogue and restore the constitutional order as well as not to poach domestic peace in political transition at risk. we stand ready, of course to, for us to forge the country on its path, tom's domestic peace and political transition. we have been getting reaction out of the us. let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly how can so the white house has not responded to these latest developments . what are they saying? the us president in the state of new jersey promoting his domestic agenda. but once again, it is on the forefront of his activities for the day is the issue of sudan and the trends. the concern about the crew that has taken place there. it's important to note though that that is not a term that this white house is using, preferring instead to continue to do fact finding on the ground what the white house is saying through the deputy spokes person. chris say shaw is in fact or
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rather carrine. jean pierre is that the white house is deeply alarmed over the military takeover of the transitional government and rejecting the actions of the military calling for an immediate release of the prime minister and others who have as remain under house arrest. now, the white house saying that the actions today, or starr composition to the will be us believes of the sydney's people, their aspirations for peace, you liberty, and justice, and the united states continues to support the will of the people as such, it is now evaluating next steps in order to ensure that those aspirations can be realized. and kimberly, in term of the assistance that the us give to sue don, we heard this from a us official. earlier. we said that any changes to the transitional government by forts puts at risk us assistance. what kind of assistance is us provide?
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yeah, well not only is it about the any assistance that is provided, but there is a real feeling in the united states of betrayal, right? now, because the united states had just wrapped up through its envoy there in the region, ah, 2 days of meetings, and that included with the major general bur, had warning, specifically about any actions that could lead to some type of a coo. and that, that if that were to transpire, that the funding or the aid, the u. s. provides would be in jeopardy. it appears to the united states that those words were completely unheeded. and so it's almost as if there was a gut punch if you will, to the united states. and that's why they are now talking seriously about the future of a to sedan. and it's not just the white house. we should point out that there are some senior members on capitol hill who are having those same conversations. and in terms of the aid that you're asking about, it's very broad. but specifically,
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we can tell you most recently in 2021 was $337000000.00. that was to assist the transitional government. now, of course, given the fact that many of those officials are now under house arrest, there really is a question about the future of that aid. we should also point out very quickly that the united states help sudan when it came to talking to the i a map about 50000000000 in debt relief and another 2400000000 in funding. so the united states not happy at what has occurred and really reevaluating the relationship in light of the events that have transpired. okay, thank you so much. kimberly hallett reporting from the white house. let's continue the discussion on the u. s. and so don's relationship going forward and speak to william laurens, who's a former diplomatic co author of after the uprisings, political transition in tennessee, olivia and yemen. he's also the cur, currently a professor at american university. and he's joining us from washington via skype. thanks so much for speaking to us on al jazeera. so kimberly was just saying that
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there is a sense, the trail at the white house. i mean, what do you make of the timing a fall of this, considering that the u. s. envoy having just been in su, done this past weekend. is this extremely embarrassing for the u. s. and u. s. diplomacy? i don't know if we see it at a trail or exactly have the white house feeling certainly they do that quickly. but if i can use similar language, it is a slap in the face because this of senior us envoy and very senior former un official, jeffrey felt them and they're saying not to do exactly what they went ahead and did just after his departure that sending a message that not only is this military clinton, not in favor of democracy, they're not in favor of international partnership. it is international systems including you,
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military systems which will carry together through its current economic crisis. and so far, whether we're talking about over the last 2 years or the recent political crisis of the last month or the and now today we have no economic plans coming from the major general under time to address, you know, 400 percent inflation provision food stuff and all of the other economic grievances that the sudanese people have and they're out in the street today and in larger and larger numbers and that will continue. so it's not just that for hahn is sending a message or not to the community. instead, he's basically saying, you know, i have no plan other than to consolidate my own power to for a very serious sort of marrow interested. i'm trying to protect and that in 1st and foremost to the white house looks like a bad calculation on the part of the student leadership. great. so what is the us us plan and what kind of leverage does the u. s. have we're perhaps not have
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overboard han and the military leaders well certainly doesn't have as much as it would like. and to some degree, the military side of the civilian military regime was hold over from the boss your era, if not bus your loyalist within the us. at the very bad relations for decade. but the u. s. did help broker with the germans and the brit. the may, june negotiations and 2019 that led to the government that was just overthrown. and the u. s. has had constant dealing to these officials since then who until today had been holding to their commitments into their promises and then abandoned them as a result of this crisis. so there's the, they know each other, there's a good dialogue and there is a certain amount of economic leverage that they have sanctioned both in terms of economic sanctions, against the large holdings that the military has, for example,
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in the mineral sector. but also all of the humanitarian and economic systems that the us can provide and help with a number of regional disputes, the whole number of things, and the u. s. as strong as the bi nutrition key thing. want to act multilaterally and the un, it's been acting quickly here. the arab league is on board. the african union is moving in the right direction. and when the international community speaks with one voice and moves as one unit, then the largest representative that community, in this case, detroit, germany, u. k. and united states have more leverage when it comes to talking to the military club today. and i mean, as you're saying that the countries to don has really made some big strides and normalizing ties and relations with the west. and of course unlocking much needed funding. so could that all be in jeopardy now? everything's in jeopardy. i mean, i mean,
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i think there's certain things that would be held back, for example today and did sort of sign up for the abraham record, sued and did after many years of try and get removed from a full terrorism designation. although that wasn't fully implemented in a way that worked completely well for today. and so i think the way to look at it is there are, you know, a whole bunch of tear it than a whole bunch of sticks. the biggest, karen being a large amount of economic assistance and the biggest stick being removing it. but that's a many, many things that can go on including targeting sanctions, again, which is, well, you know, both contributors, international legal action, their ability to travel their ability. ready to operate in the national banking system, i mean all of that in play. and i think the u. s. is going to find the right combination of carrots and sticks in the short and medium term to try to help get these things back on track. let me also add that ultimately, it depends on what student needs people do and particularly what the student street
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does. and what prompted the latest crisis of the last month was that there was a break away faction of the civilian that called for the school. so there's also a student in civilian civilian dialogue that needs to take place. i think before the students, people are speaking with one voice back at the military, clinton, william laurence. we thank you so much for speaking to us from washington d. c. pleasure. now in his speech on monday, general the for the hybrid hans and the constitution that created the power sharing government turned into a struggle. alarm of we suspend the oppression of a number flocked because of the constitutional draft commit ourselves to old agreement, signed by us. we dissolved the sovereign consul and cabinet. we put an end to the job of the mayors. their secretaries and the departments to generals of the departments in the states will do their job with had a hollow shave as
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a sudanese attorney based in bahrain, she says the military is running a brazen effort to legitimize its takeover. we don't have a civic in lead government because you just hold the server to come so you just hold the cabinet. what else is remaining? this is these are basically the pillars of the political agreement that the have find. they the transition metric council find what they see before the before the questions which i talk to. so what's remaining is basically a transitional. i'm a little transition counsel trying to, to, to get on the country with certain provisions of the, of the, of the constitution. i talk to, to make it look like this is not a cool, but it's a cool there's, you know, 3 main factors that lead to the school. one of it is there is an argument about who should be running the the that the military should be handed over the presidency of the 70 cancer to civilians. this was an issue and it should have been resolved in november. another issue might be the icpc on handing over of,
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of icpc criminals to the, to the, to the have. so i guess and also the economy, the economy is doing this with me is government has made it very clear from the beginning that one of the future study has to do is to go back into a nicer community and they've done successfully that. so we've had this sanction lifted from the americans. we have the epic initiative agreeing to wave certain certain debts from sudan including principal and interest. so i think we were in the right track. yes, slowly, but we were in the right track. so to use the argument that the sudanese government failed to, to add here to what this denise. people want to need as, as it's ridiculous. santee morehead, on the algebra news hour, including a stark warning from the un. millions of afghan children may starve to death unless urgent action is taken. why israel supreme court has disowned a decision again, forced evictions and occupied east jerusalem. later in sport we hear from him
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former manchester united player about the increasing drama at old trafford. ah, but 1st the turkish president, roger taber, tuan says no foreign diplomat can remain in the country unless they respect the country's laws. his remarks follow a row between ankara and tenant massacres from western countries over a jailed activists. on saturday, the us and others issued a joint statement calling for the release of mon caballo. or tuan in response said that they must be stripped off their diplomatic status and immunity. you to miss us, la cruz to call them up to our aim is not to start a crisis. it's only to preserve and protect the rights and interests of our country to day than bachelors took a step back and refer to the vienna convention dear statement,
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let us to believe that they will be more careful in terms of our rights that are derived from our sovereignty, people who don't respect our rights, cannot remain in this country. russel sir is joining us from if stumble. so has a diplomatic route been avoided? at least for now, russell well, for now there diplomatic crisis over the cavellas case. yes, it is. an it is over to they anchor had a very the task day for the diplomatic traffic, the sources and, and can, i says that the usa took the initiation today to deescalate the tension. the u. s. is embassy a couple of hours ago. just before are the ones cabinet meeting has to with it that they out maintain a bite of whip by the ad did they did the vienna convention article or 41 which says that the diplomats should respect the added that the laws and regulations off
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the receiving or the hosting companies, and that has been a strong sign awful. we'll to deescalate detention so avalon received that and that an answer that he welcome the, the did the statement from the embassy of the united states. and just after the 3, the of add you as his embassy germany, the netherlands, france, and the other companies also re, to with her dad. it was a retreat the as the ship from this embassies that they are taking a step back. so for now, we can say that the diplomatic crisis over also colace keys is over. however, at the did the next hearing in cavellas trail is going to be a month later or november 26. and the council of europe says that if was michaela is not immediately released. it will that this start the infringement proceedings. a gas turkey which cooled a followed by the a sanctions. and if the european council take such an action in such a direction,
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we do not know what will be at once a reaction to that as well. okay, thank you so much resource are the, are reporting from a stumble all the us says it's patients with iran is wearing thin over nuclear negotiations. special envoy, robert malley is set to, ron should not delay its return to the talks any longer. his comments come as a use negotiator is due to meet his counterpart in brussels for talks on resuming discussions. ron's, deputy foreign minister will also be there. the un says of got a son is on the brink of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises, and millions of people could die because of food shortages. the us food program is asking world leaders to take action and released billions of dollars a frozen humanitarian donations. the un says 2 thirds of have gone astound population. that's 23000000 people are food and secure. stephanie decker has more
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from travel, count down, 2 catastrophe, and one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. if not the worse, those are the warnings from the world food programs executive director. if you look at the numbers over hoff voc aniston's population are facing severe food insecurities in this latest report, 22800000 people. 14000000 of those are children. and also interestingly saying that for the 1st time urban areas, areas like cobble in the main cities are facing the same rate of food insecurities as the rural areas. there are various reasons for this, but the main one also recently compounded by the fact that the international community is withholding billions and billions of dollars of much needed money here everyone. we've spoken to whether they're civil servants under the taliban government taliban fighters, people who work in the health sector and nurses, people who work in centers of drug rehabilitation. they have not been paid their salaries and months. people do not have the cash to feed themselves. also recently
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a couple of weeks ago, even world food program saying that only 5 percent of households across the country are getting enough to eat. so desperate times you're really going to get worse with the onset of winter temperatures dropping below freezing. here it will snow it will be wet, and also the aid agencies warning that many people who are displaced will be cut off for much needed aid and russia briefly. also calling for the international community to release those funds. we've been talking to people here, one man yesterday telling us that this is not the money of the taliban. this is not isolate money. this is the money that belongs to the afghan people, and the situation is so desperate that they need to release it as soon as possible . over to the state department. that is the spokesman person net price. he speaking on developments out of sedan legislation and the legitimate grievances about the pace of the transition. but sovereign council, chair, bur, hahn's dismissal of government officials and dissolution of government institutions
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. both violate sedans, constitutional declaration, and abandoned. the democratic aspirations of the sudanese people. military officials should immediately release and ensure the safety of all detained political actors, fully restore the civilian lead transitional government, and refrained from any violence against protesters including the use of live ammunition. any change to the transitional government by force ris assistance in our bilateral bilateral relationship more broadly. in light of these developments, the united states is pausing assistance from, from the $700.00 off the $700000000.00 in emergency assistance appropriations of economic support funds for susanna forced in those funds were intended to support the countries democratic tech transition. as we evaluate the next step for sedan programming next at today,
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the white house and cdc announced details of the new vaccination policy that will go into effect for international travelers. on november, 8th, as of november, 8th foreign nationally travels to the to the united states will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination status prior to boarding and airplanes united states. this policy puts public health 1st. it is consistent in stringent protecting us citizens and residents, as though as well as those who come to visit us because it puts public health 1st. exceptions to this policy will be extremely limited. primarily, children under the age of 18 and certain individuals from countries where vaccines are not yet readily accessible. those who are eligible to travel but not yet vaccinated, will need to provide proof of a negative cove at 19 test within one day, before their flights departure. for those who are vaccinated, the testing requirement remains 3 days before their flight. and that testing requirement applies to every one, not just foreign nationals,
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but also us citizens and lawful permanent residence. so please everyone, make sure that when you're traveling internationally, you take your proof of vaccination with you. you'll find many more details in the documents published by the white house and cdc today, as well as on our website, travel dot state dot gov, and the next 2 weeks will work with all of you and with the travel industry stakeholders to make implementation of this policy as smooth as possible for everyone. but beyond logistical details, we want to emphasize that this policy will allow the resumption of international travel for those who are fully vaccinated. families and friends can see each other again, tourists can visit our amazing lands and amazing landmarks. this policy will further boost economic recovery and its impacts will be wide spread across the united states. we're excited to see this go into effect. and finally, since the beginning of this administration, you've heard the secretary acknowledge we are in a fundamentally new era and global affairs, a world in which the climate crisis,
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global health and emerging technologies will increasing. oh, we're moving away from lead. price is the spokesperson of the state department, because he's now gone on to talk about international travel and coven vaccines. but earlier we listening to him as he made a short statement on sudan in which he said that the u. s. is pausing assistance for sudan, and it also has urging the restoration of a civilian government. let's bring in kimberly hallett, once again. kimberly, so that was pretty much the take away message from a ned price. what do we make of that? and his tone well, the white house, so regardless of which arm of government or agency you're talking about, whether it be the state department of the, by the administration, the white house of the, by the ministration or a other agencies all seem to be singing from the same sheet of music on this one and that is that the aid was very,
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it was very much explained to the officials in the parties involved. and a series of meetings by the special envoy to the horn of africa, including with general bur hon, that the aid would be in jeopardy to sudan if some sort of who took place. and given the fact that these events have transpired, even though the united states is not calling it a coo and continues its fact finding, they are not happy with the facts on the ground. given the fact that there, i use 2 days of meetings and then immediately this transpired. so now we have this announcement that the 8 is no longer under threat. it is paused and it is substantial. you heard there in the figure, almost double what initially i had been told and that is 700000000 that had been set aside to support the transition to democracy. the transitional government are all of that now on hold by the united states, because there is the sense that they've been slapped in the face in diplomatic
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terms. this is a real frustration and, and somewhat arguing embarrassment for the united states given the fact that those meetings really did not resolve the concerns of the united states. in fact, just the opposite. so what we're seeing here is the united states taking the next step and taking things to the next level. and i know that we also were getting news earlier on from the white house itself. we heard from the president, well, what does he have to say? the president is really focused on his domestic agenda right now, which is a challenge in and of itself along with some challenging whole numbers for joe biden as he continues to battle cove id with respect to sudan, that has been left to the deputy press secretary career shop here, who reiterated the concerns of the white house that the united states is deeply alarmed about what's happened, rejects the actions of the military and is calling for the immediate release of
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those under house arrest, including the prime minister and others. and is also the mind that these actions that have transpired are very much a stark contrast to the will of the sudanese people. in other words, the pursuit of justice, liberty, and also peace. and so the united states, you heard there as well from ned price to spoke 1st and for the state department. the really next steps are being evaluated. but we do know that when it comes to humanitarian aid, the headline in the last few moments in the united states have paused that a to sedan in light of the actions taken by the military. yep. all right, thank you so much. kimberly how reported from the white house now, more than 243000000 people have been infected with corona virus since 2019, almost 5000000 of them have died. the virus has also cut a part through the world's economies. and now the world health summit is underway
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