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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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a samsung group has been fined for misusing a legal anesthetic drug. lee j own was find $60000.00 for taking the drug, or the plastic surgery clinic and soul. over the course of several years, lee has been mired and legal issues over the last 5 years and was released from prison for bribery and embezzlement. 2 months ago, he's been running samsung since 2014 after his father suffered a heart attack and later died. ah, hello, adrian said again here in dough are the headlines on al jazeera sedans top general says that the military dissolved the transitional government to avoid a civil war. general abdel father albert han was speaking publicly for the 2nd time seizing power in a qu on monday. he said the armed forces tried to work with the civilian leadership, but tensions had grown for months and that they were a deadlock barn also said the prime minister abdullah handbook was being kept
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safely at the general's own house for his own safety. that it wasn't valia laura, we have experienced a bottleneck of occasions where we had to stand up to the prime minister and the factions who had signed a constitutional document. on these occasions, we had witnessed a great deal of disagreements. it was a struggle for power sharing, distribution of legislative council seats and officers of the executive branch. as a result, we have witnessed political fragmentation, and it prompted the armed forces to step adam. meanwhile, antique who protested or on the streets in sudan for a 2nd day, at least 7 demonstrators were killed after the military dissolved the transitional government. on monday, the u. s. is suspending $700000000.00 of aid to sudan in response to the coup egypt as joint cut off france and the un envoy to suit to, to don in calling for restraint. se asia most important regional summit has begun without mere mass. john to leader b does exclude at men on line,
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saying that he hasn't done enough to end violence. disrupt, australia's prime minister says that he'll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by the year 2030 activists have been hoping for a more ambitious target world leaders are meeting in glasgow to address climate change issues. next sunday, china has locked down a city of 4000000 and a bid to stamp out a corona virus outbreak. 6 of china's 29 new recorded cases or in lan, joe and japan's princess marco was married. a non royal college sweetheart chi camaro, formerly giving up her royal status. the couple held a low key wedding of 2 years of criticism and media scrutiny over their relationship. the pair will be moving to the us, where camaro works as a lawyer. those, the headlines coming up next on al jazeera it's planet s o s lou . hello,
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welcome to this special episode of planet s o s were here in ebay and greece scene of those devastating wildfires in the summer. ah, what was a catastrophic yearly stream where the world wide? we look ahead to comp 26 that crucial you and climate summit and gloves. grand scotland is taking place next week and from here in grace will be traveling to the coff havi in mountains. in romania oh, to hear the cool little wild largest area of virgin forest in europe under salt from illegal loggers, and saving the sturgeon how an ancient fish is struggling to survive alongside georgia's ambitious hydro electricity projects. the young polish activists hoping to protect the future. he doesn't feel this,
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this sense of the world just being destroyed that i see every day when i wake up and testing the i fly high on the crack, off in poland in one of the most polluted regions of your, ah, i the 1st typically you in climate, some is do not attract the attention of the world at large, but this one has and primarily it's because of the extreme weather events we've been seeing this year. let's take a look this summer alone in the u. s. death valley. so the highest temperature ever recorded on earth flooding in germany in belgium killed more than 200 people. more flooding in china with passengers trapped on subway trains and wild fonts raged in the us, canada, and siberia. in europe, record heat, wade schools wide spread, fires across turkey and greece, and here in area the still picking up the pieces. in early august with temperatures at m. c. wildfire ripped across southern europe. the land was parched and the fires
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quickly spread. northern heavier in greece was the hottest hit inferno lost for 2 weeks. thousands were evacuated. today you can see what's left in the devastation in this area was total. people are well used to annual wildfire here, but not on this scale. not with this much last thousands of hector's of forest and livelihoods just incinerated. and because of the fire as a new threat, as the rain comes so do floods and mudslides the flies of destroy the land, natural ability to withhold water, to act as a flood defense system. so now in periods of intense rain, thought it is cascades offerings, hillsides so that using the dead trees to shore the soil and keep the land in these hard exhausting work,
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but vital to preserve what's left and encourage regeneration of the forest. e. net that is able to guy again about a there you were trying to keep the soil in place as we don't want it to be carried away by heavy rainfall because their natural regeneration cannot take place. they slowly be carried into the creeks and that will create a huge problem causing flooding only by community is a big part of evy. as far as the economy has been obliterated. cost as i own you, as livelihood comes from his bees, who make honey from the resin of pine trees, or used to cost a shows me what's left of the dozens of hives. he lost to the fires against the mirror because am alicia nevo a? she'll sound that this once green forest has been burnt, and i find it difficult to figure out what we'll do and how be keeping can continue to exist on ebay. what we will not be around when this forest is once again able to
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give us honey. so for us, our area has died. collecting pine reson was an important money owner for farmers like george yos agnostic, but not any more. he also lost a 5th of his goat, her to the fires. across the island, more animals died than survived. either political or selfish, whether such havoc on the destruction was great for farmers. buildings were burnt, animals were lost, and grazing. land has disappeared. in other words, what we had here was last many years to go by so that things can return to how they were from last livelihoods to ruined homes. all this is the reality of a warming world. natural weather events made worse by climate change. city, when you come inside that you get a sense realization of just how fast it must have been it living normally one band and the very next is all this torch than collapsed around you. everywhere you look as evidence of
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a life once lived to folk is an old tin. hannah odom, and that presumed we just sat on shells, an old book, artist. ah, this has been a seismic event that has changed lives perhaps for a generation. but the forest will come back because nature always does. if humanity allows it to save, helping people adapt to and mitigate against extreme weather events that cause damage light. this is a big part of the you and climate summit and glasgow next week. say, what does success at cop 26 looked like? well, remember, the sun says we need to prevent temperatures from rising beyond. ideally, one and a half degrees celsius. bought the 2021 production got report out last week shows
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current government plans will produce more than double the amounts of fossil fuels required to make that happen. so in close go, we need a strong declaration that commit to net 0 emissions by 2050, as well as big reductions by 2030. developing nations were once a considerable financial package to help them adapt. and that needs to be ambitious commitment to phasing out cole and protecting forests, editing shoulds and coke. 26 will be deemed a failure. and then who knows what lies in store? ah, so the major focus at $26.00 will be an attempt to set goals to end deforestation. first, of course are crucial for the health of the planet. i will come here to the co pay
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the mountains in romania, which is home to $1.00 of the largest remnants of virgin forest in europe, which is also under devastation is sold from illegal looking autumn carpets the hillsides, the multi hued canopy mocking the seasonal change of millennia, ancient original forests sweeping across the co pay the mountains in eastern europe . it's been here since the ice age, a mosaic of habitat rich and life, and sheer natural running. if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the world, from the forest of the co pay, the mountains of a lungs of europe, they shocked the c o. 2 out of the atmosphere and put auction back into it. they regulate the water system. there's a vast, vast array of life here. in fact, the forests of the world to the most bio diversity ecosystems on the plan, me out in these ones, prestige environment. life is the squeezed out. are the so called can be mafia.
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ah, trees are being extracted illegally on an unprecedented scale by criminal gangs, and the locals who fight against it, paid the price. meetings are frequent. the people, the murder to 6 forest ranges have been killed in the last few years, leading to recent process in the capital d caressed. oh, 1st hurry of petro smith to cool over red stag. going up part. he tells me they used to be 50 or 60 in this area alone. so, but now it seems, there are none me. and this is why this area was legally logged 10 years ago, and it ripped apart b to a system where trees one stood for thousands of years. and there are abundant bio diversity, as i said on it's all but a lifeless patchwork. but you can see this kind of station from the on the letter
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in a maps, you can see everything. it's impossible to believe that they didn't know they know, and they encourage and they took a lot of money. audio says it's clear who's to blame. the politicians ending good for us and professional studies and grew up into the forest and know what forestry means, can blame only the politicians. we spoke to the government and they told us combating illegal logging is one of the priorities of romania. it's a continuous action and we've already seen results. the working group has been set up which aims to increase the efficiency of solving criminal cases involving forestry crimes. as well as the specialization of environmental prosecutors. we drove on through the forest, along tracks and roads used in plain sight by the illegal loggers.
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ah, the people who live in the mountains is terrible. farmer and forest only conclusion says the whole community is affected by today for the import on the internet that they have been told for hundreds of years, we have managed the forest in a sustainable way. we take a small amount of wood for building and fire. it's very annoying that strangers come here from other countries and take away our way of life. i'm frightened of the people who steal to what i feel my family's in danger. because this is a mob like organization. the scale of loss is staggering. romania loses up to 9 heck his a forest per hour to illegal logging. that contribution. huge amount of forest loss globally. in fact, between 1990 in 2016, the world lost 1300000 square kilometers of forest, an area larger than south africa. and in 2020 tropical forest loss around the world equal the size of the netherlands. since humans started cutting down forests,
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46 percent of trees have been found. mm. around the world 2020 was meant to be a landmark year in the fight against deforestation a year by which many countries have pledged to have or completely stop forest loss . but in fact, the plundering has increased here in romania. it's not too late yet. if not now, when we come to southern poland, the heart of the countries mining industry. the rich coal seems of felicia have long powered the country. economic engine today providing up to 50000 jobs co accounts for more than 2 thirds of the country's energy supply. the trouble is by 2049 coal is due to be phased out and that presents a very real problem for the region and for the country as a whole. across poland,
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coal heartlands. this is a familiar site every day of the year and has been for decades, power stations working non stop, to keep the country running. this is the biggest and most common polluting power plant, the whole of europe. it is a balance of power station and it accounts are around a 5th, about 20 percent opponents total energy requirement and is fueled by this colossal pit my. we can see in front of his head and employs nearly 10000 people. ah, but everyone across the industry is deeply worried about the future as a transition to renewables means coal should be phased out entirely by 2049 at the latest. so the question is, what happens to the minus i met with mine and trade union offices. georgie, america, who was in the pits for 43, is, he took me deep down, a decommissioned mine, which is more than 40 kilometers of underground tunnels and told me minus of word
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the coal faces here. sincerely 18 hundreds. now as the industry winds down 21st century minus, feel let down by the government ashes a sum of i am feeling for which i am. but if a prostate than i understand change is taking place in the money industry on necessary. but those changes have to put people 1st. it must be a just unfair transition, securing their existence. the money industry has long said the left, so our economy. and today money is being considered as something bad and problematic for the government. the green transition is a huge challenge. it admitted to al jazeera, it's unlikely to hit the 25th d carb unusual target, agreed by the e. u. i think for, for us, certainly it will be, it will be more difficult and than for orders. and it will certainly take us longer. it might be a few years beyond that. we haven't said that goal specifically in our,
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in our legislation today, we are currently working on, on a strategic until 2050, but it hasn't been finalized. i don't that stone certainly does. not make the full coming you in climate negotiations in glasgow any easier with their focus on the phasing out of co. a bad news too. because from a health perspective, the green transition cannot come soon enough. across poland, toxic colson, willows from millions of chimney tops. and this at a time when the world health organization says it, air pollution is more dangerous than previously thought. killing an estimated $7000000.00 people a year in poland itself. air pollution causes $45000.00 premature deaths each year, while the country has some of the most polluted air in europe. and 36 of europe's 50 most polluted cities are in the country. but in the ones badly polluted city of crack of science is hitching a ride into the evening sky. every time this sight,
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seeing balloon goes up on both senses, sent air pollution measurements down in 2019 city authorities band. the burning of fossil fuels within city limits and the effects have been immediate. we see, yeah, great, changing the city, the quality of the air is say, improving cra, city out, or if the city is pushing to hurry, much pressure to it would use the amy, since the crack of experience demonstrates the possibilities ahead for code phase out coal. you slash emissions clean up the air at the same time. the getting there is a challenge. salisia the regional, the re front light of that green energy transition. and as that transition gathers pace, of course, all forms of renewable energy needs to be wrapped up from solar to winds,
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even the whole debate over nuclear power. and we're going to focus now on hydro power. and the problem with that is that as we build more dams, it takes us toll on the natural world. robin for our share. walker reports now from georgia. if you could travel path through the mists of time, say around 200000000 years, you would find fish remarkably like ones swimming the present day waters of the reality river here. those special special fun in though a war of the we're in dinosaurs. this touches we're also living here. so this is my little responsibility for this living link to pre history rests on to moon as young shoulders a ph. d student and conservation officer with foreigner and flora international. 5 critically endangered species of sturgeon still spawn in the rony. that is the
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travel ups tree you from the black sea to lay their racks. but upstream numerous times have contributed to that trusty decline. this one is developed seeking hydropower cascade completed in 1097. it stopped fish from reaching spawning grounds that had existed for millennia hydropower. so very me probably for sure this pardon spawning grounds. i the chris that. oh, and now it's only 9 kilometers and in the past it was more of a 50 measure temperature. the water to understand is the threat to needs more data with said. ringback again is great to help. he remembers the days when the sturgeon would lodge and plentiful, catching them now is illegal. but if method locals know who to call. our lawyer ma'am, is known as from another. we keep is alive, put it to the basket,
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and white the to moon, all the others. they'll come take a sample and let them go. said in fish, rubies, back into the river. that's delivering results. one species thought to be extinct has been we discovered the so called ship sturgeon. but dna analysis also has revealed out worrying trend hybrid individuals which can no longer produce a listless dishes which interbred. they dont have ah, nough spawning grounds. also they are not the lucky individual since they cannot find the same species. ringback ringback man's intervention is everywhere. here the river has been diverted to reduce season flooding. this loose gates used to be used for quite a different purpose. if close you could trap migrating sturgeon and they could be
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caught far more easily. well, thanks to observe is on the ground, those kinds of big fishing events are far less common. 12 monitors now patrol a 92 kilometer stretch of the re yoni. last year kennedy's team uncovered $22.00 incidents of poaching, including this brig of hooks designed to snag sturgeon on the river bed. they cisco, that semi walker 20th uncle. she lived to live with underground that a law we are in contact with each other over the phone. we pass on information. what is happening in our area, or if a boat goes by, i will tell the others where it went in which day action. and it will react so that if something illegal is happening, we can stop it. the sturgeon ah, now better protected and better understood. but george is government once more, hydro power on this river, not less. their survival still hangs in the balance. the
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battle to change the way we are, the world mobilizes, mass, climate youth movement. these actions resonates around the world. we throw to 3 of ponies. you got to this and show them some video clips of some key players in the climate conversation. my name is them, you can, i'm 19 years old and i got into climate activism at the beginning of the pandemic because i always just wanted speed assertion to all the graces that were facing. hi, my name is what's ya and 16. and i joined the climate mover and 2 years ago i'm clay i'm and 19 years old and i knew came when they came in and moved in for about 3 years. there are further rises in temperatures that are already baked in. and my friends baked his word if we keep on the current track, then the temperatures will go up by 2.7 degrees or more by the end of the century.
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and never mind will that will do or to the ice flows dissolving like ice in your martini here in a new york. when i hear this, i feel no hope to me. bars, johnson, just as his fellow prime minister as president across the world, they are detached from the reality and do not treat the crisis that we are facing seriously. he meets with so many people and, and that she, she makes jokes about how the glacier is. i will melt like like ice in martini. i mean that's that just said nazi build a good you all commitment to fight and eyes and deforestation is strong. we recently recorded a 28 percent decrease in deforestation and burning in the region. but even then we criticized valuable scenario as a climate denial and or what he does is, or he commits eco site. and he,
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he lies straight into our faces. and he, he doesn't care about indigenous people off. i'm as own an unprecedented flashlights in new york and new jersey. is yet another more reminder, it is, extreme storm in the crime, a crisis crisis, or here he is a man of the seventy's, you know, and who knows, how long will he be able to, to live on this planet? i won't be living here for decades, but he is the one empower and he doesn't feel the fear that i feel he doesn't feel this, this sense of, you know, the world just just being destroyed that i see every day when i wake up. when climate crisis came to them, when the climate crisis started to threaten their homes like their country, now there's something to treat, it's a seriously when for a lot of years, climate crisis was a relative for billions of people in the global. so there is no planet b,
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there is no plan and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, i think the blah, blah, blah, sums up and love. i think it is the 100 percent representation of what the politicians across our country. but across the world are giving us at the moment is just blah blah blades emptiness. it's nothing. see was just so sarcastic at the beginning and i quite like that because um she played at the same game aside. our politicians do. and when she said, blah, blah, blah, ah, that was what i hear when politicians say something about climate. lou comical, 26 is very important because, ah, we don't have any more time thought i'd there and 25 calls like this. is there any hope for cough? i think yes because there will be
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a lot of people from our climate move went and i and i and i just can't wait to, i feel the power of the people as long as they will be sticking to those fairy tales . and we will not see crime and action that we have the right to see and that we demand from the world leaders will not see just as being implemented will not see climate being treated seriously. the only hope i see is in the movement and the people that treat this whole situation with the severity that it deserves the youth, we would very much driving the impetus for global change. well that's it for this episode of planet s o s. next, stop by crucial climate summit in glasgow with you see is a great deal at state street, whether to water shortages to destruction of environment to air pollution. the science tells us it is a fundamental moment, the relation to the world. i last chance perhaps to pull out of this headlong dive
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into the climate crisis, was altering the very nature of the world we live in. mm hm. dawn . lou look forward to brighter sky's the weather. sponsored my cattle at ways 70000000 people are under threat as the 1st snore easter, this season takes shape. hello everyone. so we had to sort storm systems come together here creating this beast of a storm. this one's going to pack
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a punch if we focus specifically on new york city. we'll see when guys have about 80 kilometers per hour and rainfall a $150.00 millimeters. that's more than a months worth of rain. and under 24 hours, go to the west rate. now that while whether that was plaguing the pacific northwest in california, moving across the rockies in it's going to redevelop in sparks some storms through that central plains in the days to come. western canada still white, still windy. i think vancouver, we'll see wind gusts anywhere from about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. remnants leftovers of what was hurricane rick of largely dissipated across mexico, getting striked with some heavy rain for western cuba, thunderstorms for habana. and we've got heavy falls stretching from rio de janeiro rate through to the pacific coast of columbia on tuesday, blast it with some powerful winds for commodore a river. davia will see the wind up to about a 105 kilometers per hour on tuesday. temperature is in santiago, have fallen a bit. you're at 29 degrees, but that's still good,
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while above average. that's it. see you soon. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i am adrian for again. this is louise. i'll live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. so don's military leader says that he acted to avoid a civil war after he forced out the interim government and took power. southeast asian leaders hold the annual summit without inviting the outlaw at its koolaid up we get rare access to the taliban unit, the saving to provide security of cobbles, internationally.


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