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stopping boggling to which and began is his partners, the stories we don't often hear told by the people who do them. jeff is such a level. a nice sure. east and undertakers. this is europe altamira. ah . the roadblocks remained with tensions high after the currency. dan, the general who led the takeover says he had to do it to stop a civil war. we have witnessed political fragmentation and it prompted the armed forces to step out of them or so. oh, let me back and this is al jazeera life from london or so coming up, the target is 1.5 degrees, but the reality is the world could wound by nearly doubled that this century, un warns more is needed to refer disaster charging brazil's president with crimes
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against humanity over his approach to the pandemic. the senate votes with the result expected soon. as something unpleasant down on britain speeches. now a public out price forced a government. you turn on thousands of liters of sewage. ah, the roadblocks are still in place and students capital a day after mounting political precious turned into a military coup, demonstrates us returned to the streets after deadly protests on monday, the internet's still down, but military sources tell al jazeera, the prime minister has been taken back to his residence, the man who led the coop says he acted to avoid a civil war. hip morgan reports from cartoon. oh, the levels your clinical use. it was not a cool. that's the message from sedans,
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military leader who overthrew the interim government on monday. general abdel for the hon says he took power to help dance transition to democracy and avoid a civil war. but that's what we have experienced a bottleneck of occasions where we had to stand up to the prime minister. and the factions who had signed our constitutional document on these occasions, we had witnessed a great deal of disagreements. it was a struggle for power sharing, distribution of legislative council seats and offices of the executive branch. as a result, we have witness political fragmentation and it prompted the armed forces to step in at them. hundreds of people continue to protest against the power grab despite of violent response by security forces. on monday in tuesdays news conference, general hans said the detained prime minister of the lamb duke was being held at his house. hours later ham duke was taken back to his residence. as more political figures were arrested, sedans,
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interim government was created in 2019 after mass protests led to the overthrow of long time liter. how many bashing it, it was a combination of civil and military leaders as part of a power sharing agreement in response to the demands of protesters. analysts say it's not clear how general behind intends to address the many problems now facing for dam. with 3 huge challenges at placed one was the economy, the 2nd was actually putting in place all the institutions for folk democracy. and the 3rd was consolidating peace with armed groups. and it is entirely unclear what proposals general alper hand house for, tackling these problems. in fact, it would appear because he's just digging him so deeper into the ho ho sedans. economy has been struggling after years of conflict and uncertainty. but this grew could make things even worse. the u. s. is verbally waiting its relationship and has suspended a $700000000.00 assistance package for the now depos,
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transitional government. we firmly reject the assertions that this is within the authority of the military leadership in sudan. from our perspective, these actions are utterly unacceptable. they contravene the constitutional declaration, but more importantly they contravene the aspiration of the sudanese people. general bal, hans, as many government institutions will be formed in the coming days to steer the country until elections in 2023. the military stake over has sent to them back to 2019, when the army was in charge and the internet was shut down and processed as they are out in the streets. again, despite violence by security forces, promising that their demands for an enter, the military rule will be heard. he will morgan al jazeera hudson, or kristen salumi has more on the international reaction from the united nations headquarters in new york. while secretary general, antonio gutierrez, was very quick to condemn the coo and call for the release of prime minister hom
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dog. the high commissioner for human rights was also very critical of what's been happening on the ground. but when it comes to countries in the security council, generally, we've been hearing expressions of concern, a call for an end to violence, a returned to dialogue. and the process that was established after omar, i was sheer left to office in 2019 of working towards a 2023 election. there seems to be a universal call to get back to that. but there are some differences in nuance in the way council members are talking about the situation. reactions range from expressions of concern on the parts of countries like china and russia, to more forceful condemnations by the united states in the united kingdom. take a listen to the difference in tone that was set by the ambassador to the united kingdom and the deputy ambassador to russia outside of the council chambers. the u . k condemns the qu outright,
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and we all condemning and very concerned by the violence. in particular, the recent reports about beatings of women and girls, there was a violence before enough to leave the carnage for. so this is more delicate than this. i don't think, as i was asked to label, such as asian school or not go. and that difference in language will have to be overcome if the council is going to take any form of unified action going forward. and in fact, secretary general gutierrez was very critical of the counsel for not being more unified. he called sudan. the latest in a string of coup d'etat is an epidemic of qu datas. and he blamed the council for lack of unity and many cases for emboldening countries and, and players in countries to take action like this. he called on the council to make a unified statement. those discussions are ongoing, but they're not there yet. ah,
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just days ago before, and major climate conference, the u. n. is warning the promises already made to cut emissions on to enough. even with many countries, setting new net 0 missions targets it's forecast, a cut and greenhouse gases of around 7 and a half percent by 2030. the report says emissions actually need to be cut by 55 percent in that time. if there is any hope of sticking to the 1.5 degrees celsius, increase the supposed to stave off the worst effects of climate change. the report says there is a 60 percent chance temperatures will rise by nearly double that 2.7 degrees celsius. by the end of the century, of the un warns that some nations, including brazil, a china and india won't cart at all, emitting more greenhouse gases by 2030 than they did 11 years ago. in ga anderson as executive director of the u and environment program. she says they will hold
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nations to their promises to cons, emissions, when at this point, right? countries have given in what are referred to as in dcs. these promissory note, national determined contributions where they said this is what we're stretching our ambition to do. and when we add it all up, it shaves off 7.5 percent of our emissions. if we want to land at $1.00, we need to be much more ambitious. we need to be 7 times more ambitious and reduced by 55 percent. if we want to land at 2 degrees at the end of the century, and honestly we don't, then we need to increase on vision by 4 times and reduce by 30 percent our radar, our, our emissions. so there is a to do item here, and the g 20 countries east 20 large economies are responsible for 78 percent of all emissions. so the to do item lies with them. and within the g 20, obviously the developed countries have
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a special responsibility to really step up. but actually everyone does all 193 member states of the united nations must step up as best they can. we obviously are going to hold every one to their words. these, these net 0 pledges have not yet been formalized in the submission to the convention for climate change. but when we tank these net 0 pledges into account instead of hitting 2.7 degrees at the end of the century, we had 2.2 degrees. that's still too much, but it shows what is possible. brazil senator voting on a set of 9 criminal charges against the countries president on his handling of the pandemic. if it passes, the attorney general will have 30 days to decide if j. bolaro should face charges, including crimes against humanity, is also accused of misusing public money. and being a charlatan for peddling the use of an unproven drug seller to say,
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many of the country, 600000 corona virus, deaths could have been avoided. let sir, bring him monica danica of whose inborn a service, monica, quite a long list of for charges against ball sanara. what more do we know? yes, a long list and also long hours discussing this long list, this 11 on this panel that has 11 member senate members has been discussing this final report on for almost 9 hours already. it's that the session is almost at its end. ah, it's, they've been repeating over and over again. all everything that bill so now to did, to, to not help or to put brazil in this position of having the 2nd largest death toll of the pandemic after the united states. and he did it by delaying buying the acquisition of vaccines. and also for speaking out against the vaccine itself,
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he made a point of not being vaccinated as a president. and even after this report came out, which was last week of when it was made public before it's being discussed now to be voted even after that. and even after he was being accused of crimes against humanity, he went live on our social media. again to say that vaccines are against coven 19, may be linked to aids that people, that in the u. k. had received 2 doses of the vaccine. ah, were more likely to get aids than the others and this was based on, on a report that really had no scientific ah, reason. oh, so for, for the, for that reason it was even are taken down by facebook and by instagram and youtube . so now today what they have added to this report to this list of crimes, they've added a,
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they're going to ask the supreme court brazil supreme court to ban avo, coronado from social media. and social media is important for bull sonata. we must remember, he was elected using social media much like our president, donald trump. he is a big user of social media. so this is what was new to day a won't spose laura. so your response to these crimes alleged crimes? well, he says he's innocent. he says, this is a political ah, ah, that this whole investigation was moved for political reasons. and on october next year there will be presidential elections. and he says, this is, you know, everybody's trying, the opposition is trying to stop him from being reelected. he already said that only god will og take him down from the presidency. so and he's, he's basically said that he did nothing wrong. and his son even was one of the 11
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senators that are in this panel. and who, of course, as opposed to the report, his son, when the reporter said, what will the reaction of your father b heath? he said, well, you know how my father laughs. he laughs. ha, ha ha. and that is what his reaction will be. so that's one of the bit things that people in brazil, really criticized bull, so not about is his total lack of empathy with the families and, and that have lost these 600000 people to coven 19 monica yet? kevin, when the service. thank you. advisors to the us drugs regulate to have voted in favor of giving the fire a corona virus vaccine to children. the recommendation to give the job to children age 5 to $11.00 know, goes to the food and drug administration for approval. the expert panels set the benefits of inoculation far outweigh the risks. this means the vaccine could be
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available for children as soon as next week. still to come on al jazeera, a very different image from the traditional taliban fighter, the by the 313 are the try to bon special forces kid out in uniforms and also american accessories. also a change in p. r. wanting to move away from the idea of an insurgency and being an official security arm of the state and stephanie decorated cobble will have that story. coming up on, while i peruse president petro castillo, is walking a falling line, with his cabinet picks as he tries to get his 2nd administration confirmed at just 3 months. ah hello, we got some very, very wet and windy weather, extreme weather on the car to cross parts of australia over the next couple of days,
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particularly into southern and eastern areas. got a little clutches, storms now pushing in across southern parts of wu wei. and these are repair pop as we go on through the next couple of days per season lobby, showers, them as we go on through wednesday. ahead of that will. the stream weather is in the form of the heat. we running around 3040 degrees above average in adelaide 30 celsius the 26 there for melbourne as that where to weather makes his way through the malibu boy into south australia. we are going to see increase the wet weather and christy, windy weather, gusty winds, increasing the fire escape dry lightning. also a concert will grassy turn, wetter as we go towards the latter part of the week. and those storms rattling into victoria and eventually into southern parts of new south wales in a bit of wet weather to into our new zealand warm ranks. we call it here 21 celsius . therefore oakland have see some warm rain recently into northern parts of a japan. we have still got some live showers, longest bells of bright now in the process of pulling away. so wednesday looks like
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a dry day. full many got some shower santa northern parts of honshu, into her condo, that sweeps through with tri weather coming behind. ah, assassination is decided destabilizing the democratic process. if we lose it, it will be a loss for holding a documentary explorer. how autocratic leaders undermine democracy to consolidate their power through the eyes of those who dare to stand and defy it? our country deserves so much better than being ruled by a cleft, aquatic dictation, opposing autocracy. democracy maybe. on al jazeera lou.
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ah, reminder at the top stories here on al jazeera, see dance talk general says he dismissed the country's transitional government to avoid a civil war process of continued into the 2nd day of the sudanese prime minister remains. detain brazil, senate is voting on a set of 9 criminal charges against the countries president on his handling. the pandemic sent it to say many. ready of the countries, 600000 corona virus, deaths could have been avoided if his government tackled the path that makes more effectively a you and climate report says global promises to cut submissions aren't enough to meet the power agreement targets of a $1.00 degree temperature rise, it says there's a 60 percent chance temperatures. it will rise by nearly doubled that
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the european commission says it's on the lookout for manipulated energy prices. as the cost of gas hits record highs. ministers of met in luxembourg for abundance. he talked to tackle the situation. most countries are responding with measures including price caps and subsidies, but the block is struggling to agree on a longer term plan to avoid the effects of price swings. the european commission says it's analyzing the design of the continent electricity market, and also looking closely at how gas supplies are behaving. there's anger in ecuador over plans to increase oil and mining exploration. indigenous communities are also worried about the rising cost of fuel. indigenous groups early a suit the government to try and hold oil development in the amazon calling president, game molasses assets. a policy of death. demonstrations is scattered all over the country, causing road and blocks and street closures or more variations are
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slowly resuming it. cobble app holds more than 2 months after chaotic western evacuation efforts. as the taliban to control aid is now being flown. and along with a few charter and evacuation flights with security managed by the lead taliban unit . stephanie deca has this exclusive report patrolling cobbles, international airport, the badge re 313 especial unit of the taliban. they didn't look like your traditional taliban fighter. out of the by that he's get selected, you know, who are they? the most important missions. number one, they are afghans. no one from any other country can be for the book. number 2, they are muslims. of course on number 3 are healthy strong. and of course, the most important is to be a martyrdom seeker. the units members have been responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against us in nato forces and the afghan national army. during
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years of conflict, battery 313 is seen as one of the most elite and hard core units of the taliban. yeah, we can go, we can go to, we were given rare access to them at cobble airport. it is the only part of the capitol where it's being deployed. we're told one of the things that distinguishes the by 3313 visually from other taliban fighters is their uniforms. also wearing american accessories like sun glasses face moth, and night vision goggles. this is also part of a p r change moving away from the idea of being an insurgency and our being a very well trained official security arm of the state. we meet the airport commander mohammed salam side is in charge of the battery, 3131 at securing the airport, director bandanna commack from airport to represent the whole country. so most important point to show that our country is functioning as security and flights are operational. so to maintain this, we needed a loyal and well trained unit. how many of the troops that are station here are the suicide unit of the battery?
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313, and whenever the security situation becomes more stable, they will go back to their camps and the previous governments police force will come back and maintain the security, the job or rather to with getting thought from here. securing the man inference the front door on making a safe and warm and those who are going to the way in since i there was a concern is a, is car bombs? yes or so. so to kind of concerned that still exist and we cannot ignore. does not officially we are to do you see here we are checking people who are getting but just the driver is being checked here. all the people are checked inside inside. there's a body check. there remains mistrust between the people and the taliban. for many afghans, years of conflict are not easy to forget. model, oh, or message to our country men is don't fear these lie mc emirates of afghanistan. the 20 year fight was to defend your rights. we are not your enemies. we are your
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friends up and we will secure your life in your belongings. on the streets of the capital, we want to get a sense of how people see them. well, other security is better than before, but work in the economy are in a very bad state. i'm asking the world, why have they blocked afghanistan's money? it's not the taliban. so i sals, it's the money of the afghans they need to release it. my life, i could have all the other that they see. they'll ensure security, but they can't because there's no work, no jobs. people are exhausted. they can sure security like this. it is one thing to talk about. change to give assurances that things will be different from the past, but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt. stephanie decker al jazeera, cobble. an explosion on a bus near the uganda and capital compiler on monday is killed at least 2 people. please say a suicide bomber was responsible and was a known member of the allied democratic forces and on group linked to iso. the
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attack comes after one person was killed by a bomb on saturday. i saw has claimed responsibility for his hack. more than a dozen tornadoes have been reported in the us states of missouri and illinois. the storms, toll roofs from buildings up rita trees and destroyed power lines of vehicles, crew se will take some time to fully assess the damage. the storms dropped heavy rain in some areas leading to flooding. bruce opposition lead. congress has postponed a confirmation vote on president pedro castillo's new cabinet. after the death of a lawmaker who died suddenly on monday, 3 months after his election, casea has brought more left. we moderates into his government to a peace critics. but now face is opposition from party allies. marianna sanchez reports from lima. i did who has had 2 cabinets in less than 3
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months. attention, so running high, and was forced prime minister either way, either to resign only in october. president bid or castillo, then swore in a new prime minister mil vasquez and a new cabinet of mainly moderate leftists. he now needs the opposition, let congress to approve his appointees, but some protesters are calling on castillo to leave on car. how much longer are we going to wait? we don't want to vote of confidence. we want the vacancy. yes to your face is pressure from opposition legislators who want him to at least fire his interior minister before confirming vasquez the left as leader also faces opposition from some members of his own party. what accused him of battling policies that are not in line with left his political ideals and say they won't support him, les, unless they're really that this situation is not only negative for are still fragile democratic system, but also makes it difficult for the government to implement the public policies that the country urgently need. now,
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since he came to office in july to steal ministers have sent mixed messages. some have indicated their willingness to write the constitution and nationalized produce natural gas sector when others reject these plans. and peruvians appear disappointed by gaseous choices. no, ma'am, we are asking for a constituent assembly because the cabinet does not represent us either. resident gasdio still faces the challenge to be able to govern nationally after all makers passed along last week, limiting his ability to decide upon wisdom. they don't approve his policies or his appointments, and only say some political parties are only focused on pushing out castillo. you're looking at one that is so either they are waiting for the right moment. it is clear that there is no intention to negotiate anything. it is a matter of political calculations when they are going to take that step. but the precedent says he's not concerned about losing his job or not or not, but oh cobra,
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we're not worried about those rumors on the laser. people think like that, or that is what dos will live off to stay something. yeah, the process to confirm the new cabinet proposed like a steel began and monday, but it had to be postponed until next week after a congressman suffered a heart attack and died as millions of peruvians wait to see if congress will approve this cabinet tensions among political rivals appear to be getting worse. innocent jacenta cedar ema they do last year. britton's water company's pump to ross or sewage directly into rivers and oceans. hundreds of thousands of times. now they face a legal duty to stop that happening after the government was forced into a u turn. it had stopped short of the measure last week, but as where we challenge reports from london, a public outcry and shocking images have changed people's minds. the 21st of
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october 2021 and an outflow pipe on the south coast of england pumps, hour after hour of untreated sewage into a picturesque harbor. just one of many similar instances that ever polled swimmers, water, sports enthusiasts, fishes and environmentalists. and that last week impedes voted could keep on happening by rejecting and amendments to the new environment bill public want to see actual nist, the public is seeing a hugely profitable water industry continually and systematically polluting the environment. it seems that the fines are putting them off. it seems that the current legislation and enforcement isn't entirely them for hulu. thing to the extent they are, that any change in this amendment is the 1st step in making sure that the water in the fee is truly legally accountable for the food pollution that they're putting into these blue environments. britton's largely victorian sewage system can't cope when there's too much rain. in the circumstances,
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water companies are allowed to release rain water and sewage into rivers and the sea to stop the system. backing up. last year, there were $400000.00 such overflows. this series, storm overflow on the beverly brook is just one example among thousands. in 2020. this spilled a $141.00 times for a total of 2528 hours. that's a 105 days worth of sewage contaminated water pouring into the stream and just a few kilometers that way. it runs into the thames and on to london to justify rejecting the environment bill amendment that would make this illegal. the government said it wasn't needed to curb sewage discharges by water companies. it's m p. 's also said updating an antiquated sewage system overnight would cost billions, a burden that would ultimately be passed on to customers and their utility bills, but on the thames river path. some opinions were harder, i don't think it's,
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excuse me at all. i mean, in this day and age when the sort of level of technology we have the means of such a primitive thing to do. i feel it into the water. i mean it's, it's of case mine, isn't it really and, and no, i wouldn't swim the tendons. colon fishes here whenever he can. though he puts the fish back and can't quite believe that anyone would getting themselves have you ever gone swimming? would you have oh no, don't open notes were enough, but now can't remember the white glove i would go with but they did upset, but more lawyer this year the most i'll ever say they have voted contents $213.00. not. contents 60 on tuesday evening, the upper chamber of the british parliament, the house of lords voted to return the amendment to employees in the common or not . the government has also indicated it will strengthen the environment bill with its own amendments targeting sewage leaks. it means the issue will keep on causing a stink in british politics. for a while to come,
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will reach alan's how to 0 london. a dutch appeals court says a collection of ancient cry b in gold artifact should be returned to ukraine. both russia and ukraine have claimed ownership of the collection dating back to the 2nd century. their pieces were on display in amsterdam when russia annex crimea, in 2014 for crimean museums launched a joint legal bid 7 years ago to reclaim the historic treasure. ah, a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera sedans, top general says he dismissed the country's transitional government to avoid a civil war. general abdel fattah out behind claims it was the legitimate takeovers protest continue into their 2nd day sources for bronze office, say prime minister abdullah, ham dark has now been taken to.


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