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the benign bronzes and thousands of other artifacts looted during the sensuous long colonization of africa. i stick in a long time. campaigners hoped the events of the united kingdom on france this week will begin a process that could see the return of most of africa stolen, historic and cultural artifact. ahmed edris al jazeera, a butcher. ah, there's those, there are these other top stories, u. s. president joe biden doesn't appear to have the full support of his democratic party for his $1.00 trillion dollar spending program. a key democratic group is saying that they won't vote on the infrastructure built without the build back, better act i have held hell steady. and with what we've talked about as progresses and at least some of the progressive fuck is up until now. saying that we need both a bills to write together and uh, we don't have that right now. also, i thought the little babble because this was not, this was not will at,
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that was coming today. the u. k. a, some of the french ambassador, amid a deepening row of a post briggs fishing rights. it comes to ours after french authorities seized a british trula operating in french territory waters and the united states. and in un or increasing the persons who dawns at military as compensations. between security forces and protesters continue in hot in the un security council called for a restoration of a civilian that government and rebels in ethiopia. sigo regions say at least 10 people, including 3 children, have been killed and a government air strike. the ethiopian army says a targeted facility used by the t great people's liberation front in the regional capital michela, but a spokesperson for the rebels as a civilian residence was hit. a misdemeanor complaint related to an a lead sex crime has been filed against that former new york governor under coma covers accused of forcibly touching a former executive assistant. he resigned as governor in august, falling
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a sexual harassment investigation which involved 11 women and argentine as former president murray, cio mercury has appeared in court to face espionage charges. mccree is accused of ordering intelligence agencies despite on the families of crew members of a submarine sunk 4 years ago. the case has been suspended due to the president's obligation to hold military secrets, but that condition could be overturned by the countries in comment leader and facebook has changed his name while the social media site will keep the pack, will keep the name the parent company is now cool, meta chief executive marks of merc, made the announcement at a virtual conference. he says it reflects the met of us a future world with formal online interaction. those are headlines. news continues, hey, on out 0 after thrice. and don't forget, you can keep up on our dessert or come to al jazeera in the field, goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration crossing this dangerous jungle
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to make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia, panama borden. in search of a fence on line, they say the only thing left or their expired passport on al jazeera ah . sustainable food production is one of the greatest challenges for the future. with global demand for food set to increased by nearly 70 percent by 2050 agriculture is one of the most polluting and ecological damaging industries. if we want to keep food on the table without continuing to ravage our natural
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environment, we need to completely rethink how our food industries work. i'm russell bid and finland were one restaurant is championing a hyper local circular economy to create a revolutionary approach to dining. i must look for a new entity by scientists. i'll combating jellyfish blooms by taking them out to sea and on to our plain and developed countries like finland is hard to imagine that we are in the thick of a global food crisis. these helsinki shields us back to the hill with a wide variety of tasty treats bear salami. oh, but what's the true cost of all is choice to are increasingly beleaguered planet reindeer spring rolls are global foot system is incredibly wasteful. we use huge amounts of energy, water, and land to grow food and fire thousands of miles around the world. when we for
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much of it to remain anita, it's incredibly inefficient and balanced operation or of or post. i don't know if my pronunciation is quite right to me, one more time. corvell course. ok. so you've been having a dig around to see if we can get some statistics about the amount of food that is wasted. so imagine this puller, bread is total food produced in the world. last 10 percent during cultivation, 7 percent is lost after the harvest, 12 percent, which is lost during processing or point of sale. and another 11 percent is lost after has been purchased. i means in total, over a 3rd in the food produce, wade is wasted and just thrown away. alas, as something shocking to me. a growing movement of pioneers are taking steps to fix this global problem. this is ultima, a 5 star restaurant, the aims to be the model of sustainability. all the ingredients are local and all
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the processes are designed to do as little damage to the planet as possible. eliminating all the polluting effects of industrial agriculture. is the brainchild of chef henry allen for the uninitiated, and can you explain a little bit about what ultima is and why? why you set out? it's all started when me and my colleague tom, me. we were taking the bins out and we were thinking like, how can we make this much waste? how could we do with a things better for the environment for the customer? and that is our biggest ambition. one way to do that is by going hyper local. in other words, by growing ingredients right here in the restaurant, i've seen it so far before, but never in a restaurant after say, this is great. the main thing about this system is hydroponic water circulate. from up here, the plant takes always the water only from the roots. ok,
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it's 95 percent less water than the conventional farming. the best thing for me in this idea is that we can cut the fresh herbs just before the service for every day . there's minimum weight or new taste it. it's very sweet and from the seat to fully grown in the system one week. totally organic or no 1st decides, now fertilizers, nothing. ultima is based on the principles of circular economics where waste is seen as a resource. this approach minimizes the need for transport, water and energy, and the even formed livestock on site, edible, carbon neutral crickets. hello and the lights. yes. you know are the either case in the light. ultima serve up over $1000.00 crickets each week in their 5 star dishes with cricket larvae growing into fully grown adults within 2 months. this is the
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bigger home. oh hello. yes. a crickets. so can you give us a sense of how these little crate earth fit into this notion of a circular economy? we can use all the stems of the sellers or the pills of a cucumber if we are feed them one week with base a lives where they will taste more like basil now and that where we don't have to throw anything away cuz they eat almost anything henry's mission is fundamentally about changing our attitude to the food we eat and preparing us for a future where it meets like beef may not be so readily available. 100 gram, offer crickets, 22 grams of pure protein. take 99 percent less water and growing a beef. ah, so their carbon footprint is it's like nothing. henry is also trialing
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a protein rich algorithm. the idea is a so innovative, they're being seen as the future of food production on this world and beyond. this is cost of this is also the one thing that nasa is are interested about. nasa, the space agency. yeah. wireless sky. it's a tell some space st. pertains. yeah, i saw this cold air upon it so it grows in the air. hello. yeah. now that is something you don't see everyday. is it? it is wet. yes, it is in the air, but it is still kept moist. yes. right. but this where you don't really need. ah, and he saw the benefits about this is it can produce 10 times more potatoes than a traditional way. so this is, this is for real for you guys. this is not just a kind of a marketing stuff. we don't have to be millionaires. we, when just need to, you know, rove things forward, make people think we're talking about, you know, food security, de certification,
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climate change, big issues. they really care about the stuff. and i'm on board and i'm going and seen foot later on henry's invitation, i'll be cooking dinner here. but 1st i travel just one hour down the road to see if these principles of circular economics can work on a much larger industrial scale. it's always a way, but so let's take the squatters. griffith farm and on scale is exactly now. all right, do you need a license for the is there breaks here at robbie's farm actor turn. farmer robert jordan also has a vertical farm, but this one is on another level. oh man. oh, oh, lisa jack is a different season inside, isn't it? so it's like a herb safari. what we got means, vassal again, some coriander. i'd expected you to have how kind of
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a glass as well. so this is entirely electric ellie de la. if no, no sunlight used the toe, the console to wire men create a more efficient growth and a much higher yield. is it not waste from an operation like this? we grow in a, in a biodegradable pot. so we have no plastics inside the, the growth area anymore. everything is biodegradable. robert's goal is to prove that these hypoth sustainable techniques could one day be rolled out in every city and town in the world. transporting this leaves sundays, pete, on this part, around the world, is not that clever. it should always be produced locally and consume broad locally . well, i love that rather than taking the food to the plate, you're taking a farm to, to the, to the cloth and proposed to display of your on pill. yeah. you can see that they are constantly working on improving the efficiency of the whole operation. even
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this isn't truly waste because it's going to get composted and used on the farm that said they're reconceptualize thing. the concept, the waste of my way back to ultima. henry's asked me to pick up some supplies for tonight's dinner service 1st, and i wonder if i've come to the right place. i i are you doing what you do now? here we're growing mushrooms. we're growing oyster mushrooms on coffee wished finished. people are crazy. about mushrooms and the drink a lot of coffee. is it an absolute j back that that is an absolute perfect space. these are, these are ready to harvest. there will be harvested today. actually. we don't want to hold you up. we'd love to give you a hand. christmas team collect, use coffee, groans from businesses across helsinki. the grounds provide all the nutrients, mushrooms need to explode into light. oh, my fall or that i that is amazing. you can just grab the whole cluster and then
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twist it until it comes off. like there you go. that's so nancy eating it. we have um, the consumer product are we call it a healthy, any grow kit and best basically, you see it's the same as we have in our farm, but this is so that people can grow it at home. if you're a normal coffee drinker, you can, you can make do with your own coffee grounds. i can imagine being quite magical to watch these incredible kind of creatures emerging. yeah. here in finland there is now quite active community of, of home growers. encouraging consumers to grow food at home is the kind of strategy that will reduce our dependence on industrial agriculture. chris's team of sold 3000 of their kits and even run workshops to teach people had to grow fantastic, funky. all right, so we've done a harvesting, we've got our mushrooms back,
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the restaurant gonna cook them up. so what's the hand ready to go? i ready to poop. tom infected with. oh my god, what have you done? it got the salad, greens, and herbs which are grown over there. yeah. we got the crickets which grown up there and the mushrooms, which about half hour away. yeah. i'm sorry for the local. it's about as little cozy. i can get, you know, i mean i'm gonna fish out one of these little guys here. i can take the prickly little legs. therefore i tell you what, i think it's super se tickets to really nice protein. great. yeah. yeah. really like you might hear so much with it, these ideas can go mainstream is what they want. whether it's, you know,
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the circular economy or the hyper local production, or just to kind of general transparency of the operation. it start to see a grow glass pieces and that is in the world and reducing the environmental impact and absolutely the world's growing demand for food is pushing ever increasing pressure on natural resources. food waste campaign, as believe our environment may be close to breaking points. food is the single biggest impact that humans have on nature. we are deforest, india, to grow more food. is by far the biggest user, freshwater, the single biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions. and the biggest reason why we're in the middle of the mass species extinction of bent the sick. that planet earth has faced least a 3rd of the wealth. food is currently being wasted. we're talking about ugly fruit and vegetables on farms being wasted because they don't comply with cosmetic standards. we're talking about huge heaving shopping aisles, the food,
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which is just going to end up in the supermarket bins. and the reason why they're there is because the supermarket know, that's what triggers are response of taking and filling our basket. even though week after week on average, people are wasting 20 percent of the groceries that they're buying in those stores . it's a system with entrenched with images. we do have the powers individuals to waste less shift away from most ecological destructive practices. that should give us hope that we can flip this enormous problem into one of the most delicious tools to tackle environmental miller ah, with over 7500 kilometers of coast time. italy has relied on the bounty of the sea for thousands of years. ah, but hidden beneath these as your waters,
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an environmental catastrophe may be underway. i'm a sinner for renewal, and i finish chef and food right for nearly 30 years. italian cuisine is one of my passions. so when i heard it's these fishing waters were under threat, i just had to investigate. i'm here and 7 leslie were italians are facing a rather stinging problem. lou jellyfish numbers are up by 400 percent in the last 13 years loan with the tentacle terrace swamping the coastline and damaging the delicate marine ecosystem. but sometimes one problem can solve another i've come to let j to find out how jellyfish could help alleviate the impending food crisis. i becoming an ingredient in the italian ketchup 1st though, i've met with marine biologist, dr. stefano prior. know who is researching the rise and jellyfish numbers?
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there is a scientific evidence that there are some increasing there's particularly in causal arial, subject to anthropogenic impact. so human impacts on the, on the call sir. my producer, an announcement of day frequency and munos from charlotte fish. dr. stephanie, i was referred to. the jess jellyfish numbers are booming. due to for ratty of man made fact, artificial waterways like this. so his canal which connects the red sea to the mediterranean, are transporting new jellyfish species here. climate change is enabling these newcomers to survive with some of the temperatures in the med rising by 1.15 degrees c in the last 3 decades. how bad is the problem? stephanie ecological impacts of jellyfish is sir equivalent to 2 lions from the savannah. they are top or the doors, so they kind of have an impact on the functioning of the marine ecosystem some
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cases. so we have larger fisher wish loom suit to reach dance with his life up to $300.00 or, or $400.00 pounds, so per square kilometers along the coastline. so these were the factor, particularly human activities, fly her swimming on the, along the calls or fishery. and even aquaculture plants may be affected because in some cases the animal show the fish can keep 100 thousands of fish in a few days, these blooms are hitting local fishing industries. hard is estimated that in the north adriatic they cost the italian fishing fleet. $8500000.00 euros a year. stephanie said me north to the aquarium of january to discover how the creature unique reproductive process is really compounding the problem. the baby family. yeah. vivian, the maybe deadly fish curator. sophia love, her i know is breeding thousands of jelly fish this little she doesn't know about
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these potent pulsing creatures. why are the jellyfish so efficient have reproducing they are doing that, that the relieve their a huge, a quantity of sperm and egg. they 30 live in this. therefore we have plenty of love them or these tango on the bottom of the sea. he sets it on the bottom and became a poly. each polyps relieved after division of a very big number of jellyfish living liberal martha i fancy in their fear. deliveries are so prolific. breeding to single adult can lay up to 45000 eggs a day. these ancient invertebrates have existed since before the dinosaurs and they inhabit every ocean on earth. jellyfish, swarms of decimated irish salmon fisheries, and hit the tourist industry of australia, but one beach saw 13000 bathers get stung in a single week. that back and let j,
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i've heard that a research project is close to her breakthrough. it's called go jelly. this is our latham talked to antonia leoni and her colleagues aim to show food, say, to authorities. that jellyfish are a safe, plentiful food source. but serving poisonous jellyfish makes me a little nervous. are they all safe to eat? no, no. we're with the star the. it just feels this some because the interest is with good ava. different dr. compound. the eat jellyfish, you will measure yes, that we measure and the way that the doctor we brought her in the liquid, the nitro john her in order to extract different then on that is the jellyfish that could be laid out for a yeoman and jellyfish that are really say, dr. antoinette less research shows that most mediterranean jellyfish are perfectly
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safe to eat with just a small number needing toxins or moved through freezing or simply by washing. it's giving me hope that this could be a genuine food for the future. what are the other challenges that you faith in the europe for a jellyfish is considered and nice and they know andra, this could be change of the eat her, our star this demonstrate that they are her power, fuller or i saw some of them could be important for local fishermen, la loca la restaurant. so for loca la, economy am, if jelly fish meet goes mainstream. here it could help re balance marine ecosystems and rated helen waters of this gelatinous manner. and with 80 percent protein and just 5 percent fat. it could also become highly prized on entity to me. a farming livestock is responsible for up to
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14.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. so eating jelly fish as a substitute could help reduce the very global warming that causes subgroups that already popular in back to the far east. but right now they can't legally be sold as food anywhere in europe. so and to know that has provided some jelly fish and sent me to go. jelly is collaborating shap fabiani viva o d. can we cook with the database? okay, go now. color yellow adela. yeah, yes. hello. this is 2 different spaces of jellyfish. this brawl is buyer for 2 in a row. oh, nice bouts. is only cold. treat the most tender jellyfish and pep yano
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aims to cook it slowly. but 1st we wash it in an ice bar. leasing to ensure it doesn't lose the taste of the c pepe i know avoids or seasoning or folds nor pepper only oil. okay, so we're cooking the soviet that is in a water bath. why did you decide to work with go jelly? do you all the plugin all or? yeah, like i said lag lou lou. oh yeah. when the jellyfish comes out of the so b, it's finished off in the oven. the piano her has the vision for the future. and for me that is truly truly exciting. fusing traditional italian cooking with striking modern ingredients for our piano plans to serve the jellyfish with spears of campari gin and parsley on a bed of italian leaves. we have a dish, it looks like a jewel. it's time for me to taste for pianos creation and the go. jenny team has
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joined us to see the results for themselves. get truly magnificent. i love it. i don't like it. lovely. i love it. to let's see that it really, a fabulous jellyfish is delicious with a very light c food taste and texture seminar to calamari. but a jellyfish are going to make it on to dinner plates across the world. the public will have to fall in love with it. you would have to try it, please try. so the teams in this food the, you can find the some of the things that people are looking now saw no factor, law calories, and also a good pace. the saw you had all the ingredients of all of that would be appreciated by the cost. oh, i feel privileged to try deli face. this has given me
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a taste of what the future might hold. if we all get on board and fry this new booth than we might have a time of redressing the damage that we have done to our ocean food pioneers around the world, a planning the diets of the future globally over a quarter of ice free land is used for grazing animals, causing enormous habitat damage. but a california company may have a solution. the impossible burger. a soil based meat substitute that looks and tastes just like the real thing. meanwhile, in israel scientists, a farming mediterranean fruit flies as a source of protein. using 99 percent left land and omitting just 170th
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of the greenhouse gases, generated when raising regular livestock and in use produces are making insects more palatable to western tastes. by coating them and chocolates. time is running out to halt the food industry's environmental destruction. the challenge for us, oh is wherever possible to eat with a planet in mines and to choose our menus wisely, to help prevent the decline of our natural world. ah, bottles in cameron's rivers come on england. st. plastic is everywhere. but if cloth all it can be facing boats and
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bubble gum, wellington boots, what more can be done with this plague polymers? earth rise, re imagining class day on al jazeera. ah too many have been forced to flee their homes, escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. short lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives,
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and fueling migration exit on doris at climate in crisis on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress's approval, with detailed coverage, with his rights group in southeast asia, say they confirmed about arrived in reported cases of working conditions from around the world government. unsecured agencies are described, arisen incident as planned with the aim of this table. i think the country in the next episode of planets a swiss ahead of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air. giving you perspective of the changing face of the coal mining industry empowerment we report on illegal logging here, romania, and explore how catastrophic wall flies in greece since created new problems that
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all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather. joyless for planets, s o. s. on al jazeera, ah yes, present, joe biden? announce his a scale back plan for social and climate spending. but he still faces pushback from members of his own party. ah, on the wrong call, this is out there alive from dough also coming up. france i seizes a british boat and threatens its neighbor with sanction.


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