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president of the european commission had pulled out 0. the new is working hard to prioritize ways of easy code. 1900 vaccine, inequity ursula on july and spoke to us ahead of the g. 20 leader summit in italy on the you and climate conference in glasgow. cop 26 will be a moment of truth because we all know that we are not on track yet to fight climate change. we are running against the time against the clock. so we need action now in this ticket. the 2nd topic is the question of fairness of the so called climate finance. the developed countries have promised to support with $1100000000000.00 per year. the most vulnerable and least developed countries. and we have to make good on this promise. let's focus on the fairness one, because that is key. and actually the g. 20 countries are responsible for 80 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. and yet questions will also be asked in sacrifices will be asked of middle and low income countries. you mentioned
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the finance, which is obviously important, but shouldn't go wider than that. shouldn't it? for example, be at the heart of the foreign policy of the you to try to alleviate the stresses that many of these countries are feeling. the goal must be on one hand climate adaptation to support developing countries. and that this is very important. and on the other hand, to support that, the developing countries do immediately leap frog in to clean sustainable at best circulate economies. and this is the big goal. and for that we need not only finances, but we also need innovation. and this innovation also has to go to the developing countries. the cop conference, obviously, under the shadow of the pandemic, which is still raging numbers are contained in parts of europe around the world. they are not a lot of actions are being pledged. i know that you will be announcing a huge pledge, but you do not been delivered or certainly not delivered fast enough. now there's another proposal that says that actually what we should do is waive the peyton 2 of these vaccines, giving poor nations the ability to produce their own vaccines. the
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e. u does not support that proposal, but isn't that the answer to give poor nations the ability to help themselves? i'm forced to subscribe the goal to give them developing countries, the ability to help themself with what seems. therefore, we propose compulsory licensing because waving the patent doesn't bring you any manufacturing capacities. but compulsory licensing does that. and we have a 2nd initiative. we invest $1000000000.00 together with our african friends to bring m r and the technologies the faces for the covered vaccine to africa, and to build up their manufacturing capacities. let search shift the focus to afghanistan. now now the use planning to reopen its diplomatic mission and f canister, which obviously closed when the taliban took over back in august that also announced, or i believe you will announce the support package of just over one $1000000000.00 to help the african people you've specifically said the african people should not
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pay for the actions of the taliban. but of course, overall you development aid is still frozen because of the actions all of the taliban. what do you see the role of the you being enough? garrison right now is the winter's coming. and therefore the european union is leading the initiative to provide humanitarian aid. plus, we call it also, for example, to support teachers or health care workers that they can do their job. because the banking system is basically broken down. so salaries are not being paid. but i suppose it's the balance of this really helping the african people. but having to deal with the taliban, it's just quite a difficult balance to strike. and i wonder how long it sustainable for they should not be forever. this is foreclose clear, this is for the crisis moment at the right now and we are working on that's very important with neighboring countries, creating a platform because they are effective also to. but the most important right now is that the taliban government has to show that they come up with their deeds
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following their words. so far we haven't seen that for one troops and northern mozambique have helped the government regain territory. taken by an armed group for your conflicts has killed thousands of people and hundreds of 1000 to have been displaced for one to says it's funding the military operation itself. a right groups have questioned this, i'll just eras malcolm web has more from tampa. more than 700000 people have fled their homes in northern mozambique. in the last 4 years, an armed group called out, bob has attacked towns and villages. he says it wants to bring his lemon law to the province. it's fighters have beheaded people and abducted others. the people who fled to this town told us they don't understand why what to do. i'm going to do going to you wonder, which i still running to the forest to check my children. so i don't know what happened to them. why they decided to take my kids. i don't know. it was here at
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the marilla hotel in the town of palmer city and grew through more international attention than ever before. it attacked the town in march. the hotel was popular with contractors servicing in nearby natural gas project. it was besieged for days . thousands died trying to escape week later, french oil giant tow towel suspended his operations in the area and pulled out its workers. had been preparing to extract $20000000000.00 worth of offshore natural gas. than in july, london, troops arrived to help the government forces. over the following months, they fought the armed group out of the towns and villages it controlled. they celebrated their game together at this parade. beaks armed forces had failed to contain the insurgency, the rwandan troops have had much more success with their questions around who's
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paying for the operation? well, they're equipment like the helmets wearing looks new. it's all in agreement between the president of the 2 countries and the terms of that agreement aren't entirely clear. rwanda's president pooka, gummy says, we wonder is simply helping an ally and funding the operation itself. we need friends and ending with this one is just its own contribution. but my son beacon writes groups wonder if for one that could even afford the cost, which would include it, importing fleets of military vehicles and why it would pay. it is not part of the wouldn't governance of conflict goes emotion that is not clear as to who is paying the bill off the national forces that the 2nd country to fight my extension is. many observers suspect france could be paying because of tow
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towels. fossil fuel interests or that french president emanuel mccomb broke a deal. he met with the president of both mozambique and miranda earlier this year . when he visited veranda in may, my con promised 500000000 euros of development aid. and spoke of helping regional responses, including in mozambique. but france has neither confirmed nor denied its funding. the rwandan troops on the ground there also questions around whose funding the enemy, our ship, our aging rifles captured from them by the london forces don't suggest they have a lot of money. i feel as claimed responsibility for some of the attacks that local discontent with the government is more apparent than foreign connections. for many, it's not clear who is behind the forces fighting and the conflict. what is clear is that both local grievances and $20000000000.00 worth of natural gas lie in the
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middle of it. malcolm web al jazeera, amber mozambique. let's discuss this with borges now. mira has a research consultants at the institute for security studies. he's joining us from mozambique capital. i'm a pu toe, thanks for your time. and so as some in mozambique and particularly civil a society groups, it say that the rwandan forces are operating with unclear mandates and financing it . is that a concern that you share a yes, i think it does, of course ended on amazon begun. shay and no one has them begun to put a bug but of good. we could not agree. yeah. it was when i think it, it's not clear why there monday in mozambique what i did power did. and god, it's not clear for how long did one does it. we're going to stay in wasn't beach and a ball and it's not to please why amazon began going to pass back to to true andes . glendale parisians come to the gutter. right. but the rwandan government frames
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this as a responsibility to protect mission. and after all, they are making gains and many people say, well, the runs and forces are succeeding where a mozambique army has failed in this battle. yes, that is to this is a very good beach was beach to hear that and they are here to our system. was them begun for freeze, but we more know to how expensive ease to deploy 2000 the military to come to look at it and doing he to death for debt, international responsibility. we know everyone that is not to reach country. this are willing to sort of something to not a problem. so having mining to sustain it isn't mission. it means this is a very important mission of what them says. it means they expend, gains important again, if not to now that lives in the future. and to for died, it's important to say that when president cut the manages, it didn't cover delgado a last month he signed and member that he's got all of these governments and
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agreement and committed agreement which has not been squatted. so we don't know what does agreement are about. and also the agreement to, to bry ruined is and forced to mozambique when once a sent it to parliament, which is very strange because when there is agreement between congress. but deborah, meant to my small about the content, mozambique on parliament, has not been not to fight about agreement. so did as a cloud and cloud to about to all did run this business in mozambique. so who could be funding this operation? i don't want to get into the round sort of a speculation, but who do you think it is behind this? we might to rise. i bought this is a festival. is that dead? wanda? it's finding a dimension now and by expecting to have it in time in the future of foreigners them, and by staying in
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a couple delgado protecting the ellen facility during its life time. so a lot of minded to protect into facility is the one off a bit more to sound like bodies. and people have been saying that for us is paying it, but i don't believe that, you know, for us as a democrat to the contrary, they cannot to paid admission and to hide need for a long time. so i don't believe a friend is paying, you know, it is if for us is contributing, it wouldn't pay in the future not get to this point. so i think at my is stronger, but you're going to do that. and rwanda isn't paying admission now. but in the future, and let me say next year, when de leon g project to resume, then there wouldn't get into a payment for granted to seek to, to do off to ellen g facility. and that is what you think they might get in return . is that what you're saying? yeah, i did that, that is how i think there might get it done. because before the incentives in the company will go to will use it to guarantee to see to, to get a legit facilities that to be credit like the security of companies and private,
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committed to companies. also amazon, we can try to secrete a when to contract. it paid to buy it out as some media know vs deep per year. so i think in this payment now we shifted to rolanda and in italy, houston, what they're saying is that den north leaving come to gotten it to liz. and now i just very briefly, i me, what do you understand the exit strategy to be for the rwandan for says if there even is one can come again with your question, what do you, what do you think the exit strategy will look like for ones and forces from that area, if there is an exit strategy, what i think you see today will guarantee security company about only in elin g, f for where do you know why? because i'm not present in progress covered to the present in the bottom. i was
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seeing what the prior and this is the idea of the project. so it increased out, you know, i bought that data simply to protect aliens if i do. but also there is something to do my stay at one, it doesn't shut bought, that would then be, but from god to do to god it does seem like the front cover did got into my portal . so december for mrs. on it also, wendy saw the big which is the same language spoken in the area of content in the capital got. so there is a lot in terms of a strategy, but also creating something for the area for wonder, which is the content trying to be to become a leader in africa. ok, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. joining us from who tell the kidnapping of american and canadian missionaries in haiti has captured the world's attention. there's still no word on their fate. nearly 2 weeks later, the wave of abductions and recent months has left people traumatized right across the country. barbara and spoke to one victim. just a warning,
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some viewers may find his report. disturbing. she is a 15 year old girl. the only child of a family that is far from wealthy, but that didn't stop kidnappers from grabbing her off the street last month. on her way home from school. she asked best not to show her face or use her real name will differ. they took me and blindfolded me and put me in a car. i don't know where they took me. then they raped me. i was crying and calling out for my mom, and i could hear other children crying to her mother who also asked us to conceal her identity, sold all her possessions, and scraped together the equivalent of 2000 us dollars to pay her daughters ransom . went this at seeing artesia. i feel good because they didn't kill ha, i was glad i could see her and get her back with them. we dealt with me. mother and
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daughter are now destitute. living in a safe house run by a private organization that helps battered and abused women and girls. a near total breakdown of law and order has left many haitians at the mercy of criminal groups who use kidnapping to make easy money. women and girls are particularly vulnerable . honestly, there's no place that i can quite like. take your place in haiti right now. everywhere is unsecure, thought in girls. old women aid workers say some victims die in captivity and there remains are never found. others are too deeply traumatized. to go on, i heard some case that human all girls that had it has been kicked, not they killed themself. few, if any of these crimes are ever solved according to a haitian human rights research organization, nearly 800 people have been kidnapped since the beginning of this year. mary is now
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receiving medical and psychological treatment. oh good. we need security in the country. a lot of young women and men are being kidnapped now. she is one of many victims in a country living in fear. rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince, a landmark sexual harassment case has made it to court and to miss you. m p 's or had maloof is accused of performing a sexual act in his car outside a high school in 20. 19 the case held, galvanized tennessee as me to movement. he avoided prosecution at the time because of parliamentary immunity that changed in july when president chi asides froze the tennessee in parliament and lifted immunity for politicians. if this is a protest and solidarity with the girl, the victim of the harassment and to condemn all the time it took for this child to begin. and now it's been already more than 2 years and no decision was taken.
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there's been no step forward. so this is also a message to say it is time to say no to impunity and that we must denounce this phenomenon on harassment and rate reaches in japan's ok. now, islands are being overwhelmed by vast tides of floating pure stone formed by the eruption of an underwater volcano. the pilot has damaged ports and fishing boats. foreign fish have died because they swallowed the stones, the pebbles come from an underwater volcano, nearly 1500 kilometers away. japan's government has designated at a natural disaster. i'll give you some data there. what though, i thought it was exciting how pumice from a volcanic eruption in august reached all the way to the western shore of okinawa, but after a week the pumice had accumulated up to 50 centimeters. this is disastrous. still ahead on many sour as the atlanta braves competing baseballs world series, we hear from those offender by bare refusal to change their name.
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ah ah
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ah ah ah time for an update on the sports news with jamal. thanks to rainbow sign, a president john water says javi will coach the club one day, but refused to say whether he'd be the immediate replacement from acumen cumin. with fact wednesday and the portrait minutes, he should have acted sooner for now. they bosses a beating coach, says he boswell has been put in temporary temp reach us with the club sitting 9th and alida former boss manager pet guardiola. now manchester city of course believes his old place is ready to take over the weekend. if i don't have any bells at he's
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ready to to do to do the job so he knows the house and vironment just so important in this, in his role. and he knows the game has passion and, and i'm pretty sure he's doing. he has more experience right now that i had, for example, when i took over the clap of the team from priscilla. as appears kristin ericsson will need to leave in atlanta fees to continue his football career, offer his cardiac arrest of euros. the mid filled it was resuscitated on the pitch during denmark's opening game against finland back in june and was subsequently fitted of an icy de defibrillator that his rece the ration say he isn't allowed to play unless the device is removed, syria champions in to say that open to eric's and leaving to play in another country that would allow him to compete, he way 5 or the german club at union berlin to play. then next you write a conference league game and a partially closed stadium because of the anti semitic behavior. some of the fans,
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they were targeting supporters of israeli team at mccarthy high fat during the match on september 30th. it was the 1st football game involving and is ready team to be played out balance and pick stadium which was built for the 1936 games hosted by nazi germany now to the scandal this roxie and h l at joel quin villa. one of hockey's most successful coaches is the latest high profile figure to resign. for his part in chicago, black hawks, failure to properly investigate allegations of sexual abuse. greenville coach to the black hooks to the stanley cup trophy back in 2010. when one of their pie as kyle beach had claimed to have been abused by an assistant coach during the playoffs, quin bill said he didn't know about the matter until this year, but a report has found that he and others in management didn't know, but were more focused on winning the championship. and in an interview this week, the alleged victim, a beach that his coach was definitely it was i watched the entire leadership management group and our job fun goes office to have a meeting about it. i buried this for 10 years,
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11 years 63 about quinn vale, quit his current job at the florida panthers following a meeting with the n h l. a commission on thursday in the statements. he said, i want to express my sorry for the pain of this young man called beach has suffered . my former team at the black hawks failed kyle and i own my share of that. i want to reflect on how all of this happened and take the time to educate myself on ensuring hockey space is a safe. if everyone quinn vill one a 3 stanley cups with chicago and is the 2nd most successful coach in an h l. history. he resigned with about 3 is and $15000000.00 left on his contract with the pompous. he's made the best ever start to an end at h l. a season on friday, they're listening to the come franchise in history. we're going to season with 8 straight victories. so then i also looking for a new coach. quinn, val is not the 1st to resign and more could follow. stan bowman,
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step down is the general manager of the black hawks on tuesday and also quit as gm of the many us winter olympic hockey team. the n h l commission that is meeting on friday with winnipeg jets general manager kevin. shove a day off. he will say what the black hawks in 2010 the black hawk. so one of several us sports franchise as he continues out on their native american t name. another of them, the atlanta braves, are currently competing and faithfuls while series and for many critics, their refusal to change is offensive. as john henry reports the last team and major league baseball named after native americans his brought their controversial logo and the tomahawk chop. ah, to the 2021 world series, the atlanta braves in baseball's commissioner rob manfred insist indigenous americans are just fine with that one.
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but there are hundreds of tribes in the u. s. and many activists say in agreement between local native americans and the team doesn't make the imagery or the stereotypes that go with it, any less racist. you can't be a little bit racist. you're either racist. and so i having these types of things associated with native culture you are acknowledging that it's, you know, your appropriate, our culture, ronda lavano, a member of the a coma pueblo tribe says the sport, stereotyping leads to cultural mockery. just watch this teacher in california classroom decades after baseballs racially segregated, negro league was retired. indigenous americans continue to see their caricatured identities broadly used in north american pro, sports by teams with names like the kansas city chiefs and the chicago blackhawks.
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some teams if drop the native american imagery, the cleveland indians and the washington redskins had both 3 random, but others such as the chicago black hawks insist those names are attribute and they're not about to give them up. but people who study the effects of this image, re, say it causes significant harm, indigenous or native deemed mascot, decrease indigenous youth, self esteem, community worth, and future academic aspirations. it increases stress, depression, and suicide ideation among indigenous people. and it has a larger effect of disconnecting native people from like their culture and until sports teams and their fans change. many native americans will continue to call for an in to cultural appropriation. john henry and al jazeera chicago, utah jazz are the only, i'm beaten team left in the m b a after racking up another when this time over the
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houston rockets 7 is that players reached double figures with boy and bog down of its top scoring with 19 points the jobs and start to the season with full straight victories for the 1st time since 2006 of the jazz the any other 2 on base and seems heading into says games. the golden state warriors, and call gables fight last warriors taken out high and by the men this grizzlies, 14211 and over time john, around. sorry for the grizzlies with the point while, but will club rec, them has been getting the hollywood treatment is that very famous. owners came to town axes, ryan reynolds and robert. michael had a bought the club back in february, but haven't had the chance to visit until now. rex and play in the national league, which is the 5th tier of english football. so reynolds and michael hanny have much bigger ambition. well, most people would say we want to get the really good actually we're gonna take everyone's face. yeah. lately. that's been the thing. yeah. no i, i you know,
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recent discussions. yeah. there's a reason that i should just of the way up here. yeah. steps. and then, you know, hopefully to make sure that raxon is the name for that. it's a little bit more global than it is now. and that. so that's a big priority for us, is expanding and growing the club. and in every way we camped, and the fact that the club has been around for a 160 years and will be around for another 160 years. and. and that's really important to us so that we want to win right now. while we are alive, and we also want to set up the structure for the club to continue to win long afterward. debt, i have my one party trick, which is the the, the, the name of the longest town. i believe i can say correctly. sandback pushed when get go, get acquit him. the robot center. city yoga. oh, i see it. i will not attempt that it at so he is bullet for now. pizza will have more for you later. including action from crickets at sea, 20 wild cup doing our edge. i'm looking forward to it. thank you so much for that sports up didn't. so thanks for watching the news. our analogies here, we'll take a short break and we'll be back in just
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a couple of minutes with much more off the days me see you then bye bye. a to al jazeera in the field goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration work . better coffee, fill this dangerous jungle to make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia, panama borden, in search of a better line. they say the only thing left or their expired passport on al jazeera lanetra is approaching a tipping point. in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summits, al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency. witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet. s o. s. reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people and power off why politicians have been
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so unaffected in fighting climate change. fault lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us out is there. a world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera to many have been forced to flee their homes, escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. short lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives, and fueling migration exit on doors. apply much in crisis on al jazeera,
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what moves you with the news and kind of falls that matter to you. ah, he was president joe biden meets pope francis of the vatican, added the g. 20 summit, as the leaders seek to find a common ground on climate change. ah, you're watching, i'll just throw a lie from headquarters and ohio jedi navigator also a heads. the u. k threatens to board french boats while paris again.


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