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on counting the cost, billions in losses, bankruptcy and bailouts. when will the airline industry recovery begin? washington's diminished influence in the last of america. tesla becomes the 1st one trillion dollar automaker where other disruptors in the truck industry, counting low cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. our relationship recently tested, but in their 1st face to face meeting, the u. s. and french presidents appear to turn over
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a new page. the climate emergency dominates the agenda, the g 20 summit, but the, you and chief warrens. many environmental pledges may fall short. we meet some of the migrant families who embarked on a desperate journey to the u. s. southern border and in the us itself, children as young as 5 could be in line for a coven vaccine after the food and drug administration approves pfizer is child sized the dos and i'm happy to send him dough with your schools, pakistan on the west indies record whims of the t 20 world cup and football, barcelona president, join la puente at moves he should have set ronald truman's sooner. ah, we begin the news hour in rome, where the u. s. and french presidents have met in person for the 1st time since
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their country's most serious diplomatic dispute in years. so by the like, knowledge, the handling of a recent security agreement with australia and the u. k. was clumsy. he says he was under the mistaken belief that france had been informed about the deal before it was announced. that agreement forced the cancellation of australia's multi $1000000000.00 deal to buy french submarines that the leaders are in rome for the g 20 summit. and then they're going to head to glasgow for the un climate conference . we have older for no more loyal, decent ally in france. it's been with us from the beginning. reason in part we came what we did was clumsy was not done with a lot of grace. i was under the impression, certain things that happened that had but i made clear french
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really, really no. what's important is precisely to be sure that such a situation will not be possible for all future congo coordinations tango cooperation. but for me, what's important is that we build during the past week, some very concrete actions north or to strengthen the bother sheep in the hell. this clarification between what european defense means and how this is completely compatible with nato. what's your been sovereignty means and how it is important for global security? the 2 liter speaking there. well, our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more now from rome. this was really long anticipated meeting, given the fact that just weeks ago the united states announced the creation of the security alliance between the united kingdom, australia. and of course, the us and in part this arrangement included the sale of nuclear technology at
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least to power submarines to australia. well, this caused quite a rift between the united states and france for a number of reasons. number one, because france was left in the dark about this deal and it cost the money. they had their own deal in place with australia to supply diesel powered submarines. so this was certainly an embarrassment domestically for a manual macro, and also an outrage that he had not been notified about this nor had he been informed that this security partnership or was taking place. so as a result, he pulled his ambassadors from not only australia, but also the united states. they had since been restored. and now this was the 1st face to face meeting for these leaders. although they did have a very brief phone call to discuss the issue, and as you heard there the u. s. president, once again, underscoring that it was a clumsy error on the part of the united states to really insulted ally as such as
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france an important ally. and you heard there from emanuel macro, the sort of moving forward. and acknowledging that there is an important relationship despite these mistakes and what matters is what happens in the coming weeks. months and years will earlier us, president biden visited. pope francis said the vatican to discuss the climate crisis and waste the end. the coroner virus pandemic after the 2 day g 20 meeting by didn't, will had to glasgow for the cult 26. you and climate summit. james bays reports now from rome. president biden with the pope, a deeply personal and spiritual moment for the u. s. is 2nd ever catholic president, but also a chance to discuss the most pressing issues at the top of the list, the climate emergency, the biden administration and hope by now to have passed its massive spending legislation,
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giving the president the ability to match his words on climate with action, but there's been no breakthrough. as the u. s. president toward rome with his motorcade of 85 vehicles, the un secretary general said all roads to success at the climate conference in glasgow in just a few days passed through rome. what is the minimum g 20 countries must deliver at this summit? for there to be a chance of success at cop $26.00 in glasgow. we asked you above what the scientists tell us that are the levels of emission that should be needed in 20, said he, and in 2050. and it is clear that he had leads nowhere. if developed countries will try to blame emerging economies and the emerging economies will try to blame developed countries. this is the moment for everybody to the maximum g. 20 leaders have been arriving in the italian capital,
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including some like the australian prime minister, scott morrison, and the brazilian president jebel scenario, who faced the most criticism from climate campaigners. a senior un sources told me that the priest summit negotiations conducted by the leaders envoys known sherpas have been extremely difficult. there's been some positive movement on the global distribution of coby 19 vaccinations, but on the key issue, the climate emergency has been absolutely no progress. another issue complicating things is the fact that some leaders, notably rushes president putin and china's president. she will not be traveling to rome or glasgow and will be attending this g 20 remotely. james bayes al jazeera rome climate protests or is, are demanding financial institutions stop funding. the extraction of fossil fuels activists that greater tune berg was that are gathering outside the london offices
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of standard standard chartered bank. it was on a 50 protests across $26.00 countries. just days before world leaders gather for cop 26. the thrush out plans aiming to avert with the un has called a climate catastrophe. but frances, as urged the president and prime minister is heading to glasgow to make a radical decisions and offer concrete hope to future generations. well, there are reminders everywhere of the origin need to tackle to climate crisis. with more extreme weather events like flooding in sicily and freak storms and melbourne, just in the past few days. and there is increasing concern that poor countries will suffer the worst, even though they often pollute the least. they will be fighting for money to help those that already find themselves on the front lines of the climate crisis, like the farmers of bingo in zimbabwe. adapting to even halter drawing conditions, how to mikasa has more one
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go to consult for $20.00. the larger ones go for $25.00 selling the milk also means extra cash for these women in rural zimbabwe. they say they prefer rearing matter billy goats because they are steady and much more likely to survive . the long dry periods here made was by climate change. we're good to go through that with the 2 numbers. no comes up with it. as of the goes are low maintenance, much for other cows. they can get pregnant twice a year. so we make money. foster is quick cash to help us base school fees and other bills. farmers as seen disturbing changes in the weather. unpredictable rainfall, flash floods and long dry spells crops such as maze zimbabwe. staple food don't do well in these situations. extreme where the changes are taking a toll on communities and the environment is getting hotter and dry here every year . temperatures frequently reach a 40 degrees, erratic,
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grateful brought on by climate change means people can't grow much food and will have to find other ways to survive. breeding drought tolerant animals allows people not to have to rely too much on handouts from charities. traditionally bizarre districts where for dade has played a key role. so in terms of food assistance over the years, they have been getting these assistance. so with our approach, we're trying to shift of the way that they do business the way that they think and operate and actually say with the resources that we have. you can actually cushion yourselves from some of these strokes and stresses climate change. experts say severe where the patterns and arid parts of the country will persist. that means farmers will have to keep adapting and become more resilient. gen increasingly hush environment harder matessa al jazeera banga, zimbabwe or michael jacobs is
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a professor of political economy at the university of sheffield here in the u. k. specializing and climate change. she joins us now from oxford. sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera, we're just seeing that report of when the impact of climate change, for example, in zimbabwe. but many other parts of the world when actually it's the g 20 countries, the wealthiest countries in the world that are responsible for 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. there's a lot of talk of climate climate financing. can you see that happening in this time? i called 26, where that is the sort of wealthier nations will step up and help. well, we know that up to 2019, there wasn't enough money flowing from the rich nations, the world's to poor ones. and by enough, i don't mean what actually the poor countries would really like, but what the developed countries that promised as long as those 2009. and then again, in the paris agreement in 2015,
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the rich nations promised that they would mobilize a $100000000000.00 a year of finance to help poor countries, both reduce their emissions and even more importantly, as we've just been hearing there from zimbabwe, adapt to the climate change, they were at experience by 2019, however, only $80000000000.00 had been raised per year in that year. so til 20000000 shorts of the of the promise go. now i think it's quite likely now that in copenhagen, us are in glasgow cop. 26 in a few days time. we will hear that a 100000000000 more has just about been reached or will be reached in the next few days. but many developing countries will say that simply isn't enough. paris said that that should be a floor any more than that. when you look at the conditions that many poor countries and are experiencing as you've just seen, you can understand their demand for more. what's interesting is that obviously the focus at g 20 will be the climate crisis and also the pandemic. and both just don't
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know any border is when it comes to sort of wreaking havoc on countries. do you think that that changes the dynamics a little when we see, for example, europe recording its highest, ever temperature the summer? do you think that, that shift to the urgency more towards the developed nations? there's no question the pandemic has made a lot of the developed countries. i'm very much more aware of their global, into connectedness with other countries in the world. the variants have come from different countries and then spread all around the world because people travel now, so much more than they used to do. so that sense of into connectedness, i think, is probably increased. but so has the sense that people need to look after their own. we still have a situation where developed countries are sitting on vaccines that they don't need a many developing countries. poor countries cannot get enough people vaccinated rates of vaccination. most of the, the global south are still very low,
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while there's a surplus in the developed world of vaccines. the former prime minister, the u. k. gotten brown and others have been calling just today for those vaccines that are surplus to requirements in the developed world to be airlifted before their cell by dates run out into poor countries. so yes, there is a greater awareness of interconnectedness, but we still really haven't seen the commitment on the part of developed countries to do something about it. but so just to go back to that question, do you think that it's going to shift to the way that developed countries? think about climate change, specifically because at least when it comes to paying lip service that there have been a lot of promises of money. i mean, i know pledges don't always get lived up to but, but i think there is a sense of urgency. do you think that that will be reflected in what actually comes out of cop 26? yes, i do. i think one of the great advantages of these are these climate change conferences . they force are all. ringback leaders from both developed and developing worlds to
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focus on the question of climate change in how urgent it is. so i do think you will see stronger commitments being made, both to cutting emissions and to finance. and, but the question of whether they're enough for the poorest countries, i think will be the biggest question on the agenda in glasgow. i think most of the of the world's most vulnerable countries will be saying, this isn't enough. we did not cause climate change, but we are experiencing its worst effects. and so even though yes, i think it's true that there is greater awareness, greater commitment on the part of develop countries. i don't think it will match. but what the most vulnerable countries want, i mean now we're talking about finances and you seem to apply or you know that. busy certainly a lot of people think that even the money isn't going to be what's promised, but i'm wondering, is it just about money or should something like helping poor countries deal with the effects of climate change just basically underpin a lot of the developed countries. foreign policies when it comes to the rest of the
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world. i think that's absolutely essential. most of most of the developed world 8 programs now are attempting at least to be what they would call climate resilient. so that they are adapted to the climate change that countries are experience. and so for example, assistance on agriculture is aware robin responding to the changes in the climate, but as we saw burns in but we many countries are experiencing but it's still not sufficient. and many developing countries are still learning how to do this themselves. this has occurred in conditions which are often very difficult countries are, are now more indebted than they used to be. so the question of how you are dirt to those new climatic conditions is a difficult one and most developing countries are themselves struggling with it. and the 8 programs that they get from the developed world are still learning how to, how to make the real difference that is required. so this is a joint learning effort and that needs to be enough commitment to the developing
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world as well. not all countries, development plans are yet sufficiently adapted to climate change. michael jacob's professor of political economy at the university of sheffield. great to get your views and will be interesting to talk to you. hopefully, after we get some kind of outcome to call per $26.00, and let's hope it's a good one. thank you. now, coming up on al jazeera, this news our caught up in an escalating dispute. the u. k. and france continued to trade threats over fishing rights. pakistan's government prepares the face down a band, religious group determined to march on the capital. and in sports, one of the best coaches in the n h l, resigns that for his part in that chicago blackhawks sex abuse. ah, but 1st it's been almost a week since
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a large group of migrants set off from the mexican city of tampa. trula aiming to reach the u. s. but one mexican authorities have previously stopped previous caravans. they're actually allowing people to now walk through the country, hoping that it just becomes too much for them. john holman, has worn out from southern mexico. ah, it's a tough awakening for the group of more than 3000 people who are moving through met confer. trying to get to the u. s. after another night spent sleeping on the street . there's a lot of children here. the 7 in the martinez family is struggling already on the phone and some of them were tired, but the children, even more cell one is ill. she's got source, they've all got irritated skin. it must be the sun and the change in the temperature. i like most people in the caravan, the martinez is have come from central america on today. in their case 15 people,
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3 generations of their family have fled. late to they'll tell us why. like many of this, they arrived quickly at the met considered top a jeweler hoping to then travel through the country to the states. but of, for it's, he's confined them there for months. now they've managed to get out with what little they can carry. these bags contain all of elvin martinez, is his wife and free children's possessions. perched on a rickety buggy gal gas. thou, i'm our i reckon the wheels might give out at some point today during the walk. i'm right now this is everything that you have in the world. pretty much know ali test all look at in, in soon enough, it's time to head off. the group started before dawn to avoid the south metzger. he journey sound a little cheddar and the children who can't take it any.
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ah, and despite long lines of calls and taxes to the side of them, no one's going to give them a ride. the mexican government plan this time round seems to be to let people have thoughts but only on foot. and they've set up checkpoints like this one daily ahead of the caravan to make sure that cars, buses taxi's, aren't picking, migrants up. and that way round the migrants in the caravans quickly getting worn down and they still a couple of months, whoop from mexico city, the caravans officials stopping point 6 months at their current rate from the us. where many want to eventually get to the martinez family are already on the verge of giving up, but one thing stops them. and now we have nothing back home. we sold everything and what's more, we can't go back here with what it does. my husband had problems with extortion because he's a taxi driver and my son to because he didn't want to join the gangs. and those
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that don't join can be killed when it led on leslie to other memories of his son. she says was so precious by the goings to join that he took his own life. and the autumn him at firing yang of my son killed himself when he was 20. i mean, if i can take care of it, my life back home is tough. but so as this journey given on it that night we left the family sleeping in a leaky warehouse in another village, only a tiny bit further on the long walk, nor and we can speak to john holeman that live. he is in knacker koya in mexico for a search on some really heartbreaking stories there in, in your report. and, you know, especially of course, so many families making this journey. not the mexican authorities, i guess,
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are hoping that a lot of people will just find that too much and beside to turn back. but it doesn't seem to be what's happening. just judging on the people that you've spoken to. hey, yeah, i think that was completely the strategy barbara, until today there was a bit of a change in the mexican authority said listen, if you agree to break up the caravan, what we'll do is we'll give everyone here the right for a visa to met code the right to reside, to work here, at least for a time, i will send them to 6 different states to do that, and will provide a bit of help to get work. now that was put to the people in the caravans by their leaders. and that all for as in a meeting was rejected at least initially. so as far as we know, people are going to continue to walk north. now, as well as the breakfast both of the mexican government. same way. if you don't want to do it that way, we'll use force to stop you doing that. the national god as has happened with past
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caravans. it's also just the wear and tear on people you saw in our report where we are now. we're in a basketball, cool. in this village, the heat so intense that we're family behind is have just put up this sort of screen to try and protect them. this, this families lying around here trying to get away from the midday sun and find a little bit of shelter at today because of proposed deal by the mexican government . it's been a bit of a rest day. but on other days they've been working 15 to 20 kilometers has been really tough for people, especially those that have children. we just seen children with cough with fever, a little go with them to load for her back. this is been really hard, and of course they've had to go on foot because as you said, the mexican authorities have faced needs decided, okay, we'll let you with bonds but will not let anyone pick you up. so that's the only way that you're going to get north in this caravan. where are these people from all over the place really does people hear from haiti? of was he that countries had chronic problems for quite a well political?
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this offices like her quite for those who saw a lot of people from central america, from countries like from do this, have political instability. that's had huge problems with that had climate problems, a failing economy. and basically what they said is, listen, we're not doing this because we want to, we're doing this because we haven't got a lot of choice back home. and where are they going to? some people say, i'm just going to be happy if i can stay in mexico, live or work here. others of them do want to get to the united states. they do with the american dream. they've got relatives there. the pipes are sending the money or saying get here are made, we can take care of you and that's who they want. so it's a real mixture in this caravan. obviously, american authorities want to see this right there border. there's personal mexican authorities and so to stop, it certainly may 3. see not about you. didn't really go through today. what's gonna happen next? absolutely desperate situation. john holeman with the latest there from the southern mexican. thank you. now children as young as 5 could soon be
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receiving coven 19 vaccines in the united states after the food and drug administration authorized. pfizer is that new child sized the doses successful tests were conducted earlier this year on 5 to 11 year olds. the vaccines are a 3rd of the strength given to adults, and teenagers will fill of alice following the story for us in washington d. c. i feel good to see you. what does this decision actually mean? how soon could it be before 5 year olds in the states get a vaccine? i mean, we're talking about days barbara, there's still some procedure to go through because this was just the f d a where all of its experts get together. they pour over the evidence so resumed than they hold a vote. i mean, they overwhelmingly voted in favor of this. it was 17 full 0 against with one abstention. so it shows that they really want this to happen, but it still has to go to the cdc. so has to go to their advisory committee next week. then it goes to the big boss. rachelle will ask you who makes the final call,
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but that is pretty much seen as a formality. and as you say, it's a much more reduced dosage. just a 3rd of the strength that adults get that given 3 weeks apart, as is the case, have in the u. s. these vaccines and they are all ready to go on this effect some 28000000 kids to cook children over the age of 12 are already able to get this that that's already been approved. this is for the smaller children ages 5 to 11. we know that the states have already got theirs on order. some 15000000 doses have been ordered over the last few days because they see this coming. so they've been working with the algorithms over how many they need. they've got the jobs ready to go. the white house is unveiled, it's planet says they're going to be and community census, they're going to be in pharmacy. they've got to be, and doctors offices are going to be in orange caps bottles. so they're not going to be mixed up with the other ones which have purple caps to be kept completely separately. and they are all ready to go. that says, even though you think that many parents who will be holding out for this will be pleased. there is still a lot of hesitancy about the vaccines, particularly for those small children. in fact, one study believe today from the kaiser family foundation, which is
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a nonprofit organization that specializes in health care, says that only 27 percent of parents just over a quarter here in the u. s. plans give this fact c. as soon as it is 1st available that said, it couldn't come at a better time, you know, well, fast hurtling towards november. you know what that means in the u. s. that means holiday season, especially thanksgiving. the big a celebration of all in this country. that's just a few weeks away. last year families, many of them had to stay a part this year. families are coming together. and even though there will be many people who don't get this faxed to their kids, at least give some one more option. as i hope to try to return some sense of normality here, barbara, absolutely. phil laval with the latest there from washington d. c. phil, thank you. still to come here and al jazeera, the e u. suspends funding to the w. h. chose congo operations over its handling of a sexual abuse scandal viewing the fight against the building. saving the 3rd gen y . manmade dams in georgia are threatening these living links to prehistoric times.
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and this chinese teenager makes history in austria, all the details coming up and spin ah that atlantic weather is really polishing that western europe, bringing a lot of rain, persistent rain. this line of clad is that rain slow moving it 1st, but it's accelerating. now. the still sole storm system that one's cold, so much flooding so much trouble in sicily, southern it's leanne in malta. so 1st of all the incoming rain. now, although the fed risk is declining in scottish borders and still flooding on the ground in coverage is this part northwest and sassy looks fine, but the next delta reins moved eastward in this more to come through all. and now head of this rain, it's been inducing
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a bit of warmth and subtly breeze. so for denmark and sweden rep into the low teens once or course the rate of pay to that, to some degree and rain proper swing through. they're fairly quickly during sunday, still over certain areas. if you follow a line sass, remember that satellite picture goes through france toward spain and portugal. now during saturday, that means rain for central space heading southwards. that is true for pasco, seattle. a few cooler. the storm system still circulate is becoming smaller now. the warnings will go from south miss lee in sicily. during saturday. the be gone for sunday, sunday itself and again, you look for the west. net next summer. tongue of rain is coming in through portugal and spain. not a dirty site with tens of thousands of children were born into old lives under the icicle regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps either orphans all with a widowed mothers,
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rejected by their own communities. chicken length of people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me, iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion in spy program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role and deliver it? unlike fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running lou.
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