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you, the olson is full with it. we don't. mothers, rejected by their own communities. could you think the people are going to welcome them after that? of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running. lou.
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ah, welcome back. he is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. and french presidents have met in person for the 1st time since there are countries most the serious diplomatic dispute in years. joe biden said a recent security agreement with australia and the u. k. that cos france some major contract, could have been handled better. biden is in row for the g. 20 leaders conference, him and hope frances before the 2 they summit, which will discuss among other matters, global distribution of coven vaccines and climate concerns. leaders then go to glasgow for the call 26 conference. children as young as 5 could soon be receiving coven 19 vaccines in the united states after the food and drug administration authorized that pfizer is a new child sized doses. the vaccines are
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a 3rd of the strengths given for adults and teenagers. as the u. s. moves closer to administering coven vaccines for children, there were still many countries in the world where the adult population is not fully immunized. it was an issue that i raised with were still have underline the president of the european commission before the g 20 leader summit. initially, i also asked her what she expected from the cop 26 climate summit in glasgow. cop 26 will be a moment of truth because we all know that we are not on track yet to fight climate change. we are running against the time against the clock, so we need action now in this decade. the 2nd topic is the question of fairness, the so called climate finance. the developed countries have promised to support with $1100000000000.00 per year. the most vulnerable and least developed countries
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. and we have to make good on this promise. let's focus on the fairness one, because that is key and actually the g. 20 countries are responsible for 80 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. and yet questions will also be asked and sacrifices will be asked of middle and low income countries. you mentioned the finance, which is obviously important, but shouldn't go wider than that, shouldn't it? for example, be at the heart of the foreign policy of the you to try to alleviate the stresses that many of these countries are feeling. the goal must be on one hand climate adaptation to support developing countries and that this is very important. and on the other hand, to support that, the developing countries do immediately leap frog into clean, sustainable at the best circular economies. and this is the big goal, and for that we need not only finances, but we also need innovation. and this innovation also has to go to the developing countries. the cop conference, obviously, under the shadow of the pandemic, which is still raging numbers,
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are contained in parts of europe around the world. they are not a lot of actions are being pledged. i know that you will be announcing a huge pledge, but you do not being delivered will certainly not deliver it fast enough. now there's another proposal that says that actually what we should do is waive the patent of these vaccines, giving poor nations the ability to produce their own vaccines. the e. u does not support that proposal, but isn't that the answer to give poor nations the ability to help themselves? i'm forced to subscribe the goal to give developing countries the ability to help themselves with what seems. therefore, we propose compulsory licensing because waving the patent doesn't bring you any manufacturing capacities. but compulsory licensing does that. and we have a 2nd initiative. we invest $1000000000.00 together with our african friends to bring m r a new technologies, the faces for the corporate vaccine to africa and to build up their manufacturing capacities. let search shift the focus to afghan is done now. now the use planning
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to reopen its diplomatic mission and f canister, which obviously a closed when the taliban took over back in august. it's also announced, or i believe you will announce the support package of just over $1000000000.00 to help the african people you've specifically said the african people should not pay for the actions of the taliban. but of course, overall you development aid is still frozen because of the actions all of the taliban. what do you see the role of the you being enough? garrison right now is the winter's coming. and therefore, the european union is leading the initiative to provide humanitarian aid. plus, we call it also, for example, to support teachers or health care workers that they can do their job. because the banking system is basically broken down. so the salaries are not being paid. but i suppose it's that balance, obviously helping the african people. but having to deal with the taliban, it's just quite a difficult balance to strike. and i wonder how long it sustainable for they should
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not be forever. this is foreclose clear. this is for the crisis moment. at the right now and we are working and that's very important with the neighboring countries creating a platform because they are effective also to but the most important right now is that the taliban government has to show that they come up with their deeds, following their words so far we haven't seen that the okay is threatening, greater checks on all e vessels fishing in its waters. if france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions, the escalating dispute is linked to a post bricks at fishing agreement. now paris is threatening sanctions. if the u. k . doesn't grant more licenses the french fishermen, the british government says, of those actions are implemented, it would put the you in breach of a trade agreement. alexi, o'brien has more from paris. the british captain has been summoned to appear in
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court in august next year. he's accused of fishing and french waters without a license. he had on board about 2 tons of scallops. when his boat was checked and seized, taken to the french port of the half earlier this week. now those checks were part of the escalating route between the u. k and france over the rights to fission british waters, and particularly waters around the island of jersey. a u. k. crown dependency that lies just 22 kilometers of the french coast. francis wasn't given the licenses it deserves and that it expected under the post bricks at trade deal and that has got it incredibly frustrated. so on tuesday is it said it will unveil what it's called, targeted measures. if it doesn't get the license, it licenses it wants. it said that it will stop british vessels from docking and french ports that it will step up chicks, time consuming health and a health and safety checks on trucks going in and out of the u. k. and that could have an impact on shops like the one behind me,
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because france is the gateway to europe for all of those british fishing vessels and the fish that they try to sell it to the continent. there are lots of measures underway to try and prevent that happening, including possibly what we call a brush half meeting in rome. the sunday on the sidelines at the g. 20 meeting between president emmanuel mccall and the u. k. prime minister at boris johnson are both sides are being accused of ramping up the tension to play to a domestic audience. president mccall will be standing for re election and april next year, and the votes from those c side towns were fishing, is a lifeline. could be crucial to his re election. so that's the view from france. poor brennan now has been following developments from london detention continues and it's kind of spreading as well. there's also i detect some red faces on the british side. let me explain why. basically, this english british, scalloped dredge was stopped by the french authorities because it was said that it
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didn't have the proper paperwork to be fishing in the area that it was the operator of the boat at mcduff shellfish said that as far as that was concerned, they thought they did have the right paperwork. george eustace, the environment secretary, the the government minister said in the commons in the parliament on thursday. but he did believe it had the right paperwork and it had a license, but they were reported. it subsequently been removed from the list of approved birch and today mcduff shellfish. the operator, the boat now seems to be admitting that the vessel had slipped off the list of approved boat to be fishing in that area because of a clerical error. on the case side, now apparently death for the department involved is frantically trying to get to the bottom of this, but it could appear that it's actually the case problem. and that's why this boat has been impounded by the french because of a clerical error by the british. nevertheless, the british crying foul because they believe that the 0 tolerance enforcement that the friendships have begun as
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a result of the escalation of tensions over fishing rights around jersey and the u . k. channel islands. the 0 tolerance is in itself an intimidation tactic by the french. how this is all going to calm down is not clear yet. the lebanese ambassadors to saudi arabian pow rain have both been given 40 hours to leave those countries. saudi arabia has off announced that stopping all lebanese imports crossing its borders and recalled their bastards se hodder has warmed the story from beirut. a few days ago, a video circulated on line in which the information minister was criticizing the saudi a lead military campaign in yemen. in fact, calling saudi arabia the external aggressors. now, this of course angered saudi arabia. the information minister said that his statements were made before he was appointed in the new government. they were made
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back in august and disclosed his personal opinion. but that was just not enough for saudi arabia, even the lebanese government tried to distance itself, the prime minister, the president. they tried to distance themselves from the statements made by the information minister saying that it did not reflect lebanese government policy. but clearly with saudi arabia's decision to recall it some back for consultations and demanding that the investor in saudi arabia leave the country within 48 hours. it is just, this is just not enough. now this is going to, this is definitely a blow to the new government ever since. prime minister matthew took office. he has been talking about, you know, trying to restore relations with the golf corporation council states. because as of late, really, the relationship between lebanon and gulf arab states has been at an all time low. in fact, especially saudi arabia believes that iran through it's local ally,
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has the law now controls the country. and this is why saudi arabia really has been staying on the sidelines. so the traditional partners of lebanon, the gulf are countries, the political and economic partners. they have been on the sideline as of yet. so this new incident definitely is going to further further strain. the relationship and you also mentioned the economy, all of lebanon's imports will now be be banned. the military chief ins sedan ignored the direct warning from the united states not to interfere with the civilian government just hours before launching a qu, protests against the military takeover in the capital cartoons have been ongoing since monday. according to u. s. media washington's envoy for the region visited cartoon for talks just before sedans, military seized the power and dissolved the government. jeffrey feltman reportedly told general abdel father albert hands to de escalate the domestic situation. well,
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in a recent interview with p b. s in the united states. feltman said washington isn't the only one opposing the military takeover in sudan. he says opposition has been met domestically with protests and criticism from sedans, neighbors, feltman goes on to say the general boron will discover that it's not so easy to turn back the clock and the rays, increasing international pressure on saddam symmetry to release detained. civilian leaders, general boron isn't ruling out a return for the ousted prime minister of the handle. and so we will elect a prime minister from among independent figures and negotiations are already underway. as we speak, we have not given up on him duck. we sent delegates to negotiate with him to resume his duties. we believe what happened has released him from pressures he once had. we told him that we have cleared the field for you and no one would lay obstacles on your way from this day forward. and also you have the liberty to form the government as you may wish. we will not interfere in any decision by any official
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we bring along the european commissions. the european commission has suspended funding to the world health organization's operations into democratic republic of congo. an independent inquiry found more than 80 age workers, sexually exploited and abused women during the response to the ebola outbreak. leak emails to the voice, news agency show the e u was withholding more than $24000000.00 to the w h. o. robert foreman felt as an investigative journalist who broke the story of w. h. o abuses and democrats republic of congo. he says, scores of victims have now come forward between our 2 investigations for the new humanitarian and thomson reuters and this commission that was set up by w h o. we're now looking at more than 150 women who have gone on the record to say that they were abused, exploited in many cases, raped by responders working for the ball,
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the response. overwhelmingly. w h o employees. overwhelmingly foreigners working for w h o. and one of the more striking aspects of this was the fact that the abuser is organized sort of rackets of abuse and indeed used the resources of the response to engage in their view. so as an example, in a number of instances, dr. were sent in marked w h o vehicles w h o drivers to pick up women to ferry them to hotels, which doubled as offices for w h ho. where those women were sexually exploited or abused in at least one case a w h o driver was sent in a mark w h of vehicle to kidnap a minor was brought to one of these hotels and was raped by a w h ho, employee pakistan's prime minister has held the security meeting to discuss the violent protests by a band political party. several police officers were killed and at least $25.00 other people were wounded during a to wreak and le bike rally on wednesday. thousands of their members are marching
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on the capitalist slum about demanding action against france over the 2017, charlie had no cartoon control receipt. well, the p o p long march left the garage on wallace, 220 kilometer is from islamabad on friday. morning and it's now approaching was either bad. the government has warned protesters that they will not allow them to continue beyond the city of j loom on the river channel. the protesters have set their sights on the capital is from above with 30000, the extra personnel has been cold to from other provinces, to beef up security in case the long march reaches its final destination. come all hider is in a slum about the dead eager la bag burger don had refused to call off the long march toward the lama bod. after spending a night in the industrial down of goodrow, while they're now moving towards the bar where they were to be confronted by the
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1st major up the river janaya, there was a meeting of the national security committee of the cabinet, the prime minister calling a harder for military and civilian chief to discuss the strategy forward of god, the government will be trying to ensure. busy that the managers are not able to cross that major barrier which ever jer knob that decision has already been taken. but even if they are able to cross that barrier, they will be confronted by yet another river of which are over jail. so the progress dani about military forces now have been authorized to use voice. when necessary, so far, the police has been using maximum restrain. and the minister also say that while the government determined are stopped to march, they wanted to send a message, a garage to say that if day march stop the leadership of the day gala beg buckets on really be relief. however,
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there will be no compromise on the issue of the expulsion of the french ambassador or debating debts in parliament. several species of sturgeon are in danger of becoming extinct in georgia. the fisher facing threats from manmade to dams, robin forest walker reports now from the real ne river. if you could travel back through the midst of time, say around 200000000 years, you would find fish. remarkably like the ones swimming the present day waters of the rio ne river size. critically endangered species of sturgeon still spawn in the roney. that is, they travel up stream from the black sea to lay their eggs. but upstream, numerous dams have contributed to their drastic decline. this one is the vert see, hey hydropower cascade completed in 1987. it stopped fish from reaching spawning
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grounds that had existed for millennia hydropower. so very me probably for sure. her just spawning grounds or the chris oh and now it's only 90 kilometers. and in the past, it was more of a 50 temperature to understand the threat to moon and needs more data. we said mckelly is ready to help. he remembers the days when the sturgeon, with large and plentiful catching them, now is illegal. but if method locals know who to call. oh yes ma'am. yes, let us, we keep it alive, put it in a basket and wait for to moon or all the others. they'll come take us apple and let them go. if fish are released back into the river, that's delivering results. one species thought to be extinct has been rediscovered the so called ship sturgeon. but dna analysis also has revealed
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a worrying trend hybrid individuals, which can no longer reproduce. man's intervention is everywhere. here the river has been diverted to reduce season flooding. the sluice gates used to be used for quite a different purpose. if close you could trap migrating sturgeon, and they could be caught far more easily. well, thanks to observe is on the ground. those kinds of big fishing events are far less common. 12 monitors now patrol and 92 kilometers stretch of the reopening. last year kennedy's team covered the $22.00 incidents of poaching, including this rig of hooks designed to snag sturgeon on the river bed. they said that's in a look at one of the we are in contact with each other over the phone. we pass on information. what is happening in our area, or if a boat goes by, i will tell the others where we went in which direction, and we will react to that. if something illegal is happening, we can stop it with the virgin. ok now better protected and better understood.
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but georgia is government once more hydropower, on this river, not less. their survival still hangs in the balance. rubbing 1st year walker al jazeera on the rio river in western georgia. still to come on al jazeera, this news hour in sports is p as g score, i come back when to expend their advantage in them. ah
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a whole ah ah,
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now peter is here with the sport. but with thank you very much. see, you know, messy is in down for wednesdays, champions, league fixture, full paras, engine, man. the argentine has been battling a muscle injury and he was substituted at half time against lil. he as she trailed after break before captain, martinos equalised in the 74th minute. and paris found a late winter thanks to anne harold maria. he assist now. 10 points ahead in the league. barcelona president. john le porter says chevy wool coach the club one day, but refused to say whether he be the immediate replacement for ronald truman. the doctrine was sacked wednesday and la, puerto admits he should have acted sooner for now. bosses b team coach sergio baldwin has been put in temporary charge with the club sitting 9th in the league, former boss manager pet. guardiola believes he's formats he made. chevy is ready to take over at the no cap is and i don't have any dobs or dirt he's ready to to
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do to do the job. so he knows the house environment that is so important indies in his role. and he knows the game here by sion and, and i'm pretty sure he is do. he has more experience right now that i had, for example, when i took over the clap of the team from barcelona. only got us all shy admits it's been a difficult week following their 5 no. last to liverpool. the manchester united manager says he takes responsibility for how players will react on saturday afternoon against tottenham. i've been through some very bad moments here as a player. and when i've been a coach and a manager as well as i've had to deal with setbacks, there's probably been 2 or 3 crisis, or at least since i am became the manager here. and her one thing i can say is that i'll always give it
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a good shot and fight back the scandal, the rock, the n h l has now claimed one of the leagues most successful coaches jo, couldn't vote, is the latest high profile figure to resign for his part in the chicago black hole failure to properly investigate allegations of sexual abuse, couldn't, will coach the black hawks to the stanley cup back in 2010 when one of the plays co beach claims have been abused by an assistant coach during the playoffs. couldn't, will said he didn't know about the matter. and so this year, but a report of sound that he and other than management didn't know, but were more focused on winning the championship. the alleged victim beach cities coach was definitely aware. i watched the entire leadership management group and our job fun goes office to have a meeting about it. i buried this for 10 years, 11 years. couldn't bill said i want to express my sorry for the pain this young man carl beach has suffered by former team. the black hawk failed kyle and i own my
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share of that. i want to reflect on how all of this happened and take the time to educate myself on ensuring hockey spaces of faith for everyone. puppy, son of when they say match in a row, the t 20 cricket woke up. they faced a gunny stone on friday into by the name and now be put on an and beaten 71 part to ship to help the africans post 147 for 6. i've got to still had hopes of an upset, and pucky stone slipped from 122 for 3 to 124 for 5. but us if only show the flow for the pakistani with 25 from any 7 moves to insure victory to losing their 1st 2 games the west indies of when they 1st match up the use to them. and nicholas poor and eating 40 has the will be posted one of the 42 for against the dish and charger listen desktops for the 44 for the bangladesh, you got close to the target they needed for from the final ball. but there brought a bold don't delivery to ensure
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a waste in the wind by 3 runs. whales will host new zealand in the 1st of the end of the rugby test matches on saturday and caught us. the all blacks are fresh from winning the rugby championship, although they were beaten in their last match by will champion south africa. the welsh, the current 6 nations championship champions. but new zealand will go into the snatches the favorites. they've not lost the wealth since 953. they play a high retention game and night. they demand patience from you. and and you know, they've always been very, very passionate about how they throw the bodies into the contact area. so it will be a physical challenge in that regard. and finally, snowboarding history was created in austria, when chinese teenagers to you, ming became the 1st person to complete a 1980 in the crail. the 17 year old is no stranger to records, also being the 1st to lend to other tricks over the past couple of years. metal the sports is barbara. back to london. those champs are so amazing,
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pete. thank you. now that is it for this news hour. i'm going to be back in just a few minutes though with more of the days. ah ah. a november on al jazeera, all through a year of turbulent weather. well lead us gather in bloss, go for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning full blinds, goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the us. millions in ca, gustavo,
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both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution and more than a year after the lawful trigger. a political, quite immersive personal short documentaries africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china mall, 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and quote for a boy called impact the sporting event, november on out just sarah ah, 25 years ago, new iraq in a television news in the middle east began. a 2 part documentary series must be the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels launch. and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of al jazeera, a unique puff to al jazeera in the field,
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goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration. bruce, crossing phil this dangerous jungle can make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia, panama borden. in search of events, and they say the only thing left are there expired passports on al jazeera? ah, a relationship of recently test said, but in their 1st to face to face meeting, the u. s. and french president appeared to turn over a new page. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up the climate emergency dominates the agenda. the g 20.


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