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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 8:30am-9:00am AST

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the projection out the glasgow central mosque judges, countries meeting out the cop 26th to take concrete action. as part of a project with greenpeace, and the islamic wildlife relief support that we especially with talk taking place in glasgow thought from the most perspective that we also said the message that looked the plaza 4 to re login, to send on messages for the most long because we would expect took the route to do likewise. so he said to strong mississippi, go to the community, but we're still that over the world. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories, the u. s. and french presidents of hell that fast in person meeting, since i country's most serious diplomatic dispute in years, australia counseled a deal with france in favor for one with the u. s. and the u. k. j bond and acknowledge the handling of that security packed was clumsy. we have
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a war world. i live in france with region par can we did with a lot of grace. i was under the impression, certain things that happened that had former, included with us food and drug administration, has authorized the 5 a by and had coven 19 vaccine for children, as young as 5 trials for the age group began in july, the lebanese ambassadors to saudi arabian bahrain have been given 48 hours to leave those countries. it's in response to accusations of saudi aggression and the yemen will. the u. k. is threatening, threatening, greater checks on all
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e vessels fishing in its waters. if france goes ahead with the series of proposed sanctions, the escalating dispute is linked to a post brags that fishing agreement. paris is threatening sanctions if the u. k. doesn't grant more licenses to french fishermen. at least 5 people have been killed and a shooting at a nightclub in panama. 6 people were wounded in the attack. authorities believe the shooting was part of a gang fight persons. queen elizabeth has been advised by doctors to ross for least another 2 weeks. it follows an overnight hospital stay last week. she will avoid official visits and undertake any light duty during this time. there is a headline, news continues asset democracy, maybe a fearless mexican journalists side lying for taking on a precedent under corrupt system, ruled by a single party for over 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform,
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determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga through seeking under refusal to be gagged. brady of silence, a witness documentary on out to sarah. ah ah ah ah, with some with i'm with my destiny with oh you
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yeah. cool. do you guys love yes to just live with love google overhead. good. what you want money. you get lost a job over there. yeah. no one that i didn't want them in more kadijah nazareth that just india the wheel boldly to my messages yet. oh glen, yet they're more was heretic on our bill on the side. really go out of the level question a back to lazy larry more with yellow of feelings there. bigelow, in k, as in the laborious or, or show if with her villa larry, they're out of mucus. ah, i believe you said woodland begun that will. are you killing the high beulah co
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workers or what booker mortem gillies working with you? we'll just get you good. the public her a oh, new guys with you play with them with them. morgan feel you years like hulu. but you know, to put in the new year to delivery. ah ah.
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ah, frightening saw that in the european countries in the 21st century. you have one man in power for more than 2 decades, and that's exactly what happened in russia. ah, lucas shanker had a 6 year head start on total. he came to power and $94.00, put in at the end of $99.00. but he, us, which is in your home language in, but he did you that a he is with get over there, blessed when you get a day or took some humor gretsch's skin. by the time the book came to power, look a shanker had already essentially established for full fledged authoritarian system invalid and began doing many of the same things with wickersham. go to read, you done, you know, prisoner phone and shutting down. independent media outlets. rigging, elections, motoring, political opponents of time. boris themself. call this the lucas,
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shy zation of russian. who just was when you had some annoyed yamil, ruskin is bloated him, excuse me. but his indian aunt with numer that assumes gallium on de your daughter, poor brother's emperor's comp, on eurey new mead newkirk. you whom robin the human n. as in by yes, i still not even look leisure of it by at the moon. we will buy your room. i'm present mutual, yost. i yield. so gluttony. cook, he woke, but gives repeated mistake. you couldn't cook now who did so millennia and look at me when she stooges to plough 10th of. oh, my so dish nickel. yet the suitors will thought to put on squee seely blue applause thought you was thrown. can you cut up? she worth of it, but i'm still in. you says diana che yesterday? yes. can you put him bookstore? i think the way he came to power in a way he established his rule. he's also a textbook example of how to transform a democracy to
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a perfect and solid authoritarian system. didn't happen with a could a tire didn't happen with a, you know, military vanden have more tanks on the street. it happened gradually. it happened over time. it happened incrementally as muscle leaning. one said, he should flock the chicken feather by feather to lessen the squawking. that's exactly how pu, combined about noon. an autocrat is some one who rows by non democratic means any one who is authoritarian and style of rule. ah, there are many countries in the world now that have been going through this process of gradual descent from democracy to autocracy. m. and then you look at the authoritarian regimes,
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egypt, saudi arabia, russia, some of the other former soviet states. and of course china, most of law and these regimes are even more authoritarian now than they were 5 or 10 years ago. on the 4th day of his non gracious presence in may of 2000 vladimir putin sent armed operatives from the tax police. and the prosecutor general service to raid the offices of russia's largest private independent media hold afternoon. they tried to bring in reinforcements city encampment already surrounding the television tower. 2003. we had a parliamentary election. yes. on difficult to win an election when your opponents are not on about 3 of them when you have the next you know them what william blake, when they go back to you know, he's g m a. yeah. the,
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the way to do it must bring it. they've got to get back to the police and it by the we always did it with my best buy you dinner. then we sort of thing still go through the sharon, kind of sort of technical exercise as to all details. everyone will join, label your suit, put it all game up and you got the from a boy out, 3 of them, a volleyball. got, don't you, me bully. but i'd, vivian will be july via love, else lose. did i see a video and they had done everything they could sell to try to guard against, to be for the security services to make mass arrests, to threaten in many cases to matter. political economy putin is a very insecure political leader. and he clearly fears that if he has a serious opposition, canada who is able to speak and travel around the country and mobilize that things may get out of control in russia, which is the land of monopoly power and monopoly greed,
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and the state that is capable of being murderous when it needs to be in the night of february 27th, 2015. barson himself almost most prominent opponent vladimir putin was dumbbell by 5 bullets in the back. literally in a shout over kronen in moscow. the bar since i was on just a close call, he has a very close friend. he was someone to whom i owe everything i've ever accomplished in my political life. it's says a lot about today's russia that this is the price of freedom that you have to pay the ultimate price. i the
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i was targeted into occasions both times in moscow both times through sophisticated poisonings. presumably carried out by chemical agency. a tool used by the security services going back to soviet times. but this method has especially proliferated on the vladimir putin. both times i was in a coma on artificial life support. and dr. so told my wife that had about a 5 percent chance to live with so many people in my generation, in russia, it was sort of inevitable to become really politicized. this did perhaps smoke the beginning of the end. the 1st conscious political memory was the democratic revolution in august of 1991 the 3 days that ended the soviet regime. as
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we woke up that morning in august of 1991, tens of thousands gathered at the cent russian citizens musk heights who refused to accept dakota. when are armed with anything i except their dignity and that determination to defend their freedom. and they went into the streets and literally stood in front of the tanks and then the tank stopped the soviet and turned away poise. this was my 1st conscious medical memory. i was chinese, although the times use yesterday roaring approval for every freshman. now the biggest fear of any autocrat is his or her own people. it has been like this throughout history. nothing changes in this regard. it was the moment of deflection, no foreign invasion. no. a sort of pressure from our side is as dangerous to them, as when they see crowds of people on the street
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with on vladimir hooton's watch that the many democratic peace revolutions. but none of them so far have been as dangerous, flatter mapleton as the one in ukraine with russia. lau is the most aggressive and amy of democracy in the world. the strategy of kremlin used to build your russian world and did not on the ball at the minute stop on. they bought corrupt shop, it's about the culture. they want everyone to fear dam mm. family wants to control some parts of this world for they are for
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they think like empire and ukraine is already a democracy. biggest russian speaking democracy. unfortunately to them of course, for mm. in with they will show a dignity in ukraine was a moment when ukrainians choose not to ship with
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what they can do at them from all of the learning the job to look up with the advice i'm a question to put a more so fujen. prego lacrowe, you got a little cordial now. you wont preview all star. no one is not old news. alert. silly warrior was getting married, cook or oven you. us up a jay on when your stores will easily break, grow lou was an issue, but it excused it all day through a conflicted. brutal proceed. young bra slower. ah ah, why? you crane these so important for kremlin, and it means that it's wedding portent for the world for obese bottle for democracy. geographically ukraine ease was actually
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in the middle of this conflict between the worlds between the liberal world liberal democratic and asserted that every year we become strong. but kremlin, do it's best to, oh, it's resources we to faith because it's impossible to build a russian so tiny results with reinforcement. 3 units in ukrainian, ukraine, already volt in the war. and it's not only a conflict between the ukraine and russian grain at the ball is not the island and the russian leave it. i believe that it's
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a war against democracy. it's not the crisis. it's hand mate. she to be sure if we will lose it. ah, it will be a loss for all the world when there are a war politically with your values, principles, and institutions, you either have to decide that you're going to defend them and fight back. or we are going to be a very, very grave risk soon as i sit here, russia is massing troops on the ukrainian border. as i sit here, russia is mobilizing new military power in the arctic ocean. and so on. china is
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mobilizing its military in the south china sea and bearing down on taiwan. i don't think we should seek a cold war, but it is a period, a new period of normative battle over democratic values in the world. i think democracies of the world have to recognize this and rise to the challenge with figuring out how to deal with the rise of china is the great challenge of the 21st century. dis gotten more authoritarian over the past decade, state champion and alternative to western democratic capitalism. that
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gives dictatorships like china's an incredible vulnerability should a day come when that regime is no longer able to provide economic growth, it will no longer have any reason to stay in power. and the only choice it will have, therefore, if it wants to stay in power, is to use increasing repression and increasing violence against its own citizens. ah ah. so in 2014, i was as good a leader. we had the massive civil disobedience, women call it the umbrella movement. news, news,
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news by law. people were promised democracy in a ptolemy by the chinese government. we didn't believe them after the tenant masika . and under that one party did here ship. so we have hundreds of thousands of people blocking the major on a phone call showing a very strong signal that we are demanding for democracy. and the government should let them draw a voice. they saw us troublemakers, or even the traders of the country because among a democratic system in hong kong. so we actually covered a lot of them. i 1st that isn't attacks. i decided to run for election. i managed to win the election at the age of 23 and becoming the youngest
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elected legislator in hong kong history. i. it shows how people want to change. yeah. but at the end of the day they go from and they always can find ways to suppress you. they managed to kick me out of the counsel 9 months after i represented people in it's a month i went to jo, call it the umbrella bisman. i felt definitely bad about it, but i actually had a mental preparation for that. and i feel like he's actually one of the pest up in our system journey. i at the end of the
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day, the movement, the not so seat, but it was of very memorable page of history because a b flat very 1st massive disobedience movement. over time, i decided to flee out of the city in order to preserve a voice. and soon enough i left the city. i found myself on the want of based off the national security at all. if i were to be back to hong kong, i will immediately be arrested and be submitted to the national security court. the charges they put on me on the metal, the penalty of it is life imprisonment. we are literally facing the most powerful author at heritage in the world. so we are actually facing david versus goliath battle.
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ah, if everyone wants to change the country only thought about their personal safety. the nothing in history, whatever sort we know the risks and we accept them because we think our country deserves so much better than being ruled in the 21st century by a clep socratic sanisha. that you will mention that to be up and let us submitted. but yeah, i mean, you did it or not you but i you
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know like what i what i me
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me. ready i think yesterday was a nor from the show in any i use natural was actually, you know, bachelor model. so i didn't teach at the gym by blue here. the lady perry gave for me would give him was a lot of my work, you know,
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very local dealing but in the triple trades. got you and her sure. no to gillian. he goes anyway, she's up there and she never get rest of the me is my little know you lose your what's your place in your mind? yeah, absolutely. yes ma'am. i we sure that ukrainians are ready to die for democracy.
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you fight or that's it. that's it. if you are not ready to fight, you lose any weight because the idea that these guys poor jungle shaneka we'll go wild themself, not valuable. they dea, it's afraid they'll. busy ah, the most powerful lesson i learned in my life is that however strong a dictatorship, how was strong and pervading forces, however strong and half of the repression. when enough people are waiting to stand up what's right, they succeed. and i think even in the darkest types, in the darkest days when it seems to be most difficult and most appeal to climb, i think it's very important to remember that you know, so he dissidence i had the saying that night is dark as before the dawn and i think
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that is a very important fastened term. mm. o . democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy on me. i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the run and you episode of democracy may be exposed to struggle if those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is critical. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera, setting, the discussions, what is greenwashing is when an oil company talks green, but at 30 unflinching journalism, are you committed to building a vibrant democratic up godsa sharing personal stories with a global audience? our ministers had no idea what happening on the shelf fuel,
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but i could see the body bag explore and abundance of world class programming. climate change is another principal issue of survival on al jazeera. mm. mm. i money insight into how you top stories on al jazeera, the u, as in french presidents of hell that fuss in past meetings since that countries most serious diplomatic dispute in years, australia counseled a deal with france in favor for one with the u. s. on the u. k. j bought and acknowledge the humbling of that security packed was clumsy. we have your own for no more war with ally and friends. friends with us in the beginning.


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