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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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[000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a new i marine site over here, top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. and french president of hell, the fast in person meetings since by countries most serious diplomatic dispute in years, australia counsellor deal with france in favor for one with the u. s. and the united kingdom joe biden acknowledge the handling of that security packed was clumsy. we
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have a know more and more now why it's been with us in the beginning. reason, in part with a lot of grace. i was under the impression, certain things that happened that had to go on then to clear ranch what's important to you to be sure that such a situation won't be possible for all future honda accord nations tonga cooperation . but for me, what's important things that we built for the best with some very concrete actions
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in order to strengthen the bother. so this clarification between what your family friends meals and how this is completely compatible with nato. what's your sovereignty meals and how it's important for global security. the u. s. food and drug administration has authorized the pfizer by and had coven 19 vaccine for children as young as 5 trials for the age group began in july. the you case threatening greater checks on all e vessels fishing and its waters a france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions. the escalating dispute is linked to a post brags that fishing agreement. harris is threatening sanctions of the u. k. doesn't grant more licenses to french fishermen, the lebanese ambassadors to saudi arabia and bahrain have been given 48 hours to leave those countries. it's in response to accusations of saudi aggression in the yemen war, britons, queen elizabeth, has been advised to rest for the next 2 weeks and follows an overnight hospital
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stay last week. she will avoid official visits during this time. okay, those are your headlines. let's go back to witness. ah, ah, yes, connecticut them as invoice altunion sauce. more to see this up at his heels. is going to load it bolivians, blue book, only, man. it all those be no sailors, clay this simple data, but that let me tell me when i can inexplicably can use. i don't know. so i have to levy inexplicably story of the quote, i think that is as to the emphasis about his youth. mm hm. own in latin, have you got him and faced his yelling into that company? look, have yes. was it either way at the base?
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a camera. okay. probably made of a cisco thomas, others company lucy from he had his last victims. lamer. hang casey. galore the stuff. persona we learned this through is to miss it or is last law. are undoubtedly the medic, isn't you? it's a marking classic lawyer. so you may have correspond that the one year of cheerless, e one, which has brought on as good as i can. i'm not of ronada. oh yeah, no tempo in total case though, at emily headed bonuses. those orders. periodontal nathan, nazarene, good until i had associate through i may go. those expect us in the sub but it had, but on us, on british i'm and then headed because he thought almost all those because it's little models and what so look, no limit to one but he does mess as they bhaskar. they stated it, but i think the needless eniela me in pest control is double april, could either must, must throw low suppressed or squint balise e catalog. welcome. verify the story. cut gillis, quite
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a puzzle of holiness. heavy and sealing, seen at others in basil data. he guntee in orleans india tango dandy. can knock that on. so if he sent to celeste was but even difficult swelling, ah, it will send it out and goes home granted. force and look as a political civilian must be open as you'll see, a niche when bluetooth wasn't the law that make you quick biddy to duncan when he comes to water in teams and going to own bristol dellagorzo's issue, continued the frodo, his daughter in an employment looks expect to see lip indian diskin festival. i don't but ali lemon because if we really love is a party soon for some of the biggest one, this is mr shepherd. i will ask william cammon. hi,
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a with interesting as scheduled, unless you have, chris will never end up allow grassy seen a little bit ambien, a little spinky, those to be listed at leisure about kilos. put in here to see 2 yellow c c c campus . he knows how to mothers a batting gun, get foot on a chicago's policy that alice the whole out of in the not the nice will specials. yes, i miss minucci. so kayla. bless our principles with binion that of a love and with i'm in phyllis fiestas, but just being diverse for models that beside those isn't but i will come to that
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wellness, momentous scene 11, but i'm 50 for for with ah, here's another what about say we said are you going to put them
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in the you know the, these are some those perfect to do her well yes, someone to look up the little go vote just to see stuff but as emitted i would say we but don't we but that the deadline we put them to see and so i think,
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i guess i don't have any income. i can't seem to get the need for mothers. how can i can i for one in the loki go gonna give us a call for you. i don't get a little bit of too, but i'm just not the president. i mean, for the start to use it to a new person, maybe a little to quote, a little different than i thought it must be that also the party with the plan will be enough to make ease for formula as soon as formula move. but i see that
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feels this is a little bit or the equivalent socio if we were suppose to okay, is to put us on last year. i got some of that to little, not read the prostitution. and so she, us from perform like a lot better model. ah, they book lascola, florida go to sacrament, escorted this heat. gustavo,
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in case this poison, clover ne, he not as they will not present those when you go with isis bank with no joy unless i do those have both of those is that was a key, then i get a so this way they, when i knew all the is mrs and gay is a group of that believe that they'll give home about a bit. so pre owned vote for this in sudak in those exploited so villarejo me, he done the hours that was that matthew, having a down there, get me that it doesn't want my, the going on with what it is. we have the less, you know,
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some of these boys does. i've ever heard of. you say that i see that one on. oh no, not that he doesn't waste. that doesn't mean he went up, was almost gone. okay. so maybe we'll assume that must be both and a less would be my sort of visit the quite in that aspect of the money isn't money because the sun is developing for a delivery on a demo to get from now. so looking for him in those implement those boss, he goes into my many dentist embittered it and got his medicine in going there. the doesn't, doesn't need enough that this is in the lab work. those are the must be make, it will be me who know this was billed as english. he got us last year that me, he got at the, in a guess he was a guttural. it's almost what was there you this to really that? yes. bizarre aquanda c storia veiled from anita gave me back up with a little that oh the guess is that if it is when in his bathroom it yet eco it up. but i got a mini swell dns. yeah, no,
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but i got another thing through the like if i put like a decided lack of you conquer forces, follow putting that mit it as was pass, you must was pass. you seen him better. what mrs is place? not p chevy. not a quarter that, well, if it was clear schools, i looked at them and several p. n. for him. that puzzled that mean su salute ability get those a stomach as he and lord way i read was a does miss young but other going there. they will no, no teacher that he go, assist now though. oh, good uncle ega. have you heard about this? on the very least that this it's yawn as he never oil. our media idea imprint that this would be the only goal deal dorsey seabed mesa co lit up, but he's does in the low in sick this law is the about of it was gonna be so
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they've got a radio luckily get on. i absolutely didn't get to heal if you don't want to because they all work a lot. you're one of our company that it made join mean we have those available to go get portable rate of disposal of $1550.00 plus click last company, select or at least come inside on government for us will be good if students will bill us. one percent of guitar, however, let me put that, i'll put
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a political and public building. 30 said they, you know, they will know if you live jeff. i don't get the older people. the still haven't got the list. and solo the as mrs. can infinity is political, see for sure. $9450.00 now in this him be empty. i'm not to cut him in a report for the matter and really gather by someone on the mentally put them into the home telephone needles. even the number he can can unless you're never going to not graphical and can be the political but not today the list of if at least yes it
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was to another people we got low and before this was the last election, he's one way to look is that unless you're going to go home, but i'll just give them put it over to matt. but i can hear you. i don't think we really put in via google payment. we'll get, you know, if there's a lease in by easy for you and the school was it can be done in the central medical exam. you know, it is, but i mean, you know, that was demos muggy. she lives the a lot of us, or can i speak to the us in the 1000 about a week or maybe and i'm in this model. i love you. the only thing i could even tell
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was part of the else joking when it goes to the us move on the she's happening in fact government get up and get them in. in upper right. you're going to surprise and you will in dignitary up on what they see on the left or lead something normal. question out up. ok. know my question as to customer input. hope ok, joe, assuming numerous commodities for
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medical you know, military didn't really make . he caught up all muslim, this is going to be kind of fell and he's that he can and he says he's that i'm a new guy is studying for my the noise will be sent to get out as soon as we would have it. yes. yes, a i here the
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with who jonah, they don't know what they're going to be, gabriella does? yep. we'll have to leave it wouldn't make it quite obvious up, but on the spot that they bothered, he means that there's appeal. my job is about to look. it up as an body. that is very jack noise, but i was he gather this as you, but most of it in a skiing. he gave it rest. we got a saudi siegel us next unit in august. big enough. these yes ah, in la can kinda like today, but i cannot leprosy vince. yeah. last defendant, this puts us police pick us properly and combos with his pin to start a lemme quarterly by east methodist yet, but he beat a piece out of elaine. this is june, gail ambient to save up at mandel, the own sentimental candidate. so if you that at the la costa levied together under his men will. okay. so, but other said he had candy that took him as flu,
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to think that he accosted, chatted about, kept easter super again to permit yet come periodically, mr. by soccer, political, when he to his temper tent that i was good, but i be in a but a mil. vcm a thing here. ah boy, some will be in the process or 40 people like that. i'll dig it under the men's you on is not one of one of the manual is is that one will be is your jamila god was mother, be sure to meet god about daily tube without even the logo law, but he didn't share the let it boldly got one, but i can't give you any, but i mean he go there. normally, there are some things. yeah, this is thomas randall in eddie c, a p certificate. got them in the see if he'll probably get it booked. that he, somebody can be that thought it will be of no police's. ganga, no, and domingo the linux hewn at least he could collect doral telescope,
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oregon no spin made them. i made a move yet just with the fortune till may. but i will double the key for to make about what it got a mini fluid d n able to that it was me. he cannot a common can. les storer s a vs anymore, so that ah, i think was us. yes. how do you don't sell your babies? like when we build ski laura's will does. is that bank going soup on by? yeah. in this the moment, i'm not sure this. every middle they quoted you. is this manuel lopez road. i believe i left a voice. gus, already about in glenn gould according bait. that is according been able to see and thought close. i'm gonna meet in on wrangle. they've been, be those are being these a sporty and thought that he got an idea in grand go living be that is having to hit the policy and book e. hi man. the has called it on is going to getting the indian bear in mind that
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that is a single 40 and thought as he can. but as manuel out of e by lessing west, as in on, blank like, why didn't they base according to steinway, be oh, with
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ah, with in my book this event of the make equal to well pull that up is out of it let out. can nobody d n ingual next, vivian think, contriving expressive in tipping amnesty a politic of whistle to placed on a bike in m. blanco. but a may, he could simply cody's meet at us. get food 18. asked up at that. he shows men so cynical for 2 of the low spoils is 10. so paso, seeing where both of yet no proponent to transfer to monsieur at the side of the
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line for me that i look in northern williams. friends yet. is mister opprobrium in morning? well, i will. oh, getting the horses do any dog voiding camino just isn't there a little a little bit effect is there just though you together don't wasn't about. a a yoga with them was use me notice less book were the yes, even have even of them in there. because as you for december, not mirrorless, business ventures, experience is elemental given a gap. and of course, as is more for them, i live in there, c, w, as in yellow. endless, quite dwayne yeskis to listed govern government for not douglas kim cook it to walk
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away because i was no mad also set back, asshole he's jealous. caboose got on in that video console tower oil in another los gas was louse, t sierra. the last one. yeah. can feed my lucas, will this be the last us you on for you live at b riley denied me. doubtless. middle quintile can communicate carmenela. he will not be to me to unless one other comfort in my will succeed newcombe and said yet, but i yet can sink with amanda in so contrary muscle tweet then web over another the halley school and we'll see and look up the cynthia blevins. yep. or the venue? morales,
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kentucky and this will be coronel tripled. thank you . mm hm. mm hm. i have the book see emptiness, umbrella fordham anchorman, limply harbor. as duluth, he must have one of his with dmp. well, that is about digest. been thrown ambient to put them as this or leveled windows and explicit. examines, you know, a look. des moines schedule. nobody got one more let go out there in at the rest.
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as you steve, he could put him a mental, not in the ending on blood, but i ah ah, how. as australia burned, a photo journalist ran towards the flames to document the destruction. what does climate change look? walk? with a scale that we can't even imagine. witness capturing change on out just the challenge is getting people to engage with them. it doesn't rain often in the arabian peninsula, but it does sometimes that is not. and you will see sharon as you see here in western side of yemen, for example around the amani coast salia, you'd have to see showers for example,
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around the gulf. but that happens from november till by february occasionally, and it's starting to be a case now. is it in the official forecasters? thank clubs. thomas for saturday, maybe not for sunday. and monday is temperatures hover. little bit about the average for the whole month of november, but you know, we're not going there. city crates difference. now those chows are too big saying, and it's generally dry throughout to iran, right up to normal pots pakistan, but temperature dropping on tibetan platter, which is hardly a surprise sons the predominant thing know in the sky. this is take you to sunday on the eastern side of the med, including the vantage turkey there's a greater likelihood of showers. this is particularly so on sunday, a bit of snow as possible. the high ground in eastern this is again, seasonally normal, to the size of that and also seasonally normal. there is a little bit of increase in light showers in somalia, but the monsoon rain has gone leather monsoon. wind is very light,
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so the biggest rains in a control your africa off further west, pretty obviously from the gulf of guinea time to anger. ah, with on counting the cost, billions and losses, bankruptcy and bailouts. when will the airline industry recovery begin? washington is diminished influence in latin america. tesla becomes the 1st one trillion dollars also america, where other disruptors in the truck industry. counting the cost on al jazeera question, the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or d. c information. it's real or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of the lifting pe,
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deconstruct the media. on out this era, the latest news, as it breaks the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress's approval. we detailed coverage with his rights group in southeast asia, say, very concerned about the rise in reported cases of whole working conditions from around the world government, unsecured agencies. i've described a recent incident as well with the a more this stabilize the, the country ah, climate change and the economic recovery from the grown of ours. a high on the agenda with the g 20 lee to summit about to get underway and run. ah.


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