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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm am liang when this is the news ally from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes, climate change in the economic recovery from the corona virus. a high on the agenda,
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with the g. 20 latest summit getting underway in bron coles from mass demonstrations in sudan against the military takeover and arrest of civilian leaders. us drug regulators authorize the lower doors, closed at 19 vaccine for children aged between 5 and 11 and the desperate journey for a better future. we made the migrants from central america, determined to walk their way to the us. i'm devin ash, with schools as the atlanta braves re take the lead and baseball as well series that rookie him anderson picked his 5 know hit innings as they shut out. the houston astros to me within 2 victories of their 1st championships. it's 1995. ah hello and welcome to the program. we begin with the annual g 20 summit, which is underway in rom, presidents and prime ministers of the world's leading economies will speak at length on
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a number of global challenges. the equitable distribution of corona virus vaccines and the global economic recovery from the pandemic. a high on the agenda, fighting climate change will also dominate discussions as the 2 day meeting precedes the cop 26 conference in glasgow. the united nations secretary general has won't have catastrophic outcomes for the world. if the latest fail to take ambitious action on climate crisis, we are still above what the science is. fellows that are the levels of emission that's it should be needed in 20, said he, and in 2050. and it is clear that he leads nowhere. if the developed countries will try to blame emerging economies and the emerging economies will try to blame developed countries, this is the moment for everybody to the maximum. okay,
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let's bring in now diplomatic editor james base who is live for us in rhyme. hello there, james. quite a hefty agenda. what can you tell us about what's happening today? well, i think the most important thing that's going on all the time is the negotiations on climate which are continuing the final wording in the communicate. this is the communicate as it stands. this is a draft version that which is 0 has obtained and the climate language in there. i think he's going to disappoint some campaigners. the communique says that the g 7 remain committed to capping global warming well below 2 degrees celsius above pre industrial levels. well below 2 degrees, but remember what the u. n. target is, it's 1.5 degrees and they have not so far in this dropped language committed to that they say they want to keep that target within reach. they say that needs meaningful and effective actions,
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but they say they need to taking into account different pathways and approaches. that's diplomatic language to say they can't agree on one way forward on this. the other part of it, i think will be a disappointment, is with regard to what these g 20 countries do to help the developed world. and there is a problem, i think a growing tension between the developed and developing world on the issue of climate change. the g 20 committed back in 2010 to provide a $100000000000.00 annually from 2020 to help the developing world. they now say they understand the importance of fulfilling that commit to mobilized 100000000000 annually until 2025. but they still haven't reached target, so it's commitment to do something they already committed to do and are not doing. that's what we know about the language and the communicate. even more important, i think, than the, the language in the communique is what each country agrees to do at glasgow. and certainly precious coming from the us and all those for them to increase that
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commitments. the phrase, you're going to hear a great deal over the coming weeks is nationally determined commitments. the individual countries commitment to climate change was very worrying is the un do the calculation of where all the countries are in that state commitments right now . and that state commitments, the scientists estimate, do not add up to 2 degrees celsius, do not add up to $1.00 degrees celsius. if they do what they're all committing right now, it will be by the end of the century, arise and the temperature of $2.00 degrees celsius and that according to the us would be catastrophic for the planet. james, thank you for your in fact say we're going to cross live now to the italian prime minister mario druggie, who is speaking at that latest summit. let's listen in a to see you. all of you here. after difficult few years for the global community. the pandemic has kept us apart as a deed, we don't,
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our citizens and even before we faced protection is unilateral is national is but the more we go way the way the, all our challenges, the more it is clear the multilateralism is the best answer to the problems we face today, in many ways it's the only possible answer from the bundle make to climate change. to fair and equitable taxation going it alone. it's simply not an option. we must, we must do all we can to overcome differences. and we must
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rekindle the spirit that led to the creation of this group almost 2 years since the start of the plan that make, we can finally look at the future with great or with some optim as successful vaccination campaigns and coordinated action from governments and central banks have allowed the global economy to rebound. many of our countries have launched recovery plans to boost growth. reducing equality is promote sustainability. together. we are building a new economic model and the world will be all the better for it. however, we must be aware of the challenges we face collectively,
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the pandemic is not over and startling. this bar it is in the global distribution of vaccines in i. hinkle and i income countries more than 70 percent of the population has received at least one those in the poorest. once this percentage drops to roughly 3 percent, these differences are morally unacceptable and undermine the global recovery. we are close to meeting the w h o target to vaccinate, in 40 percent of the global population. by the end of 2021. now we must know we must do all we can to reach 70 percent by made 2022. we must also continue to invest in research, eliminate trade barriers,
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affecting call the 19 vaccines and enhance predictability in their delivery. and we need to strengthen supply chains while expanding vaccine, manufacturing capacity at lago and regional level. as a gee 20 presidency in italy has were to promote a more equitable recovery. the global health sama in rome. so countries and companies make janet us vaccine pledges for poor countries. we must be sure we, hon, or them. now, we reach that story historic agreement for a fair and more effective international tax system. we over saw the allocation of $650000000000.00 in the new special drawing rides and endorse the possibility of registry between them to the countries that are most in
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need. these results are a powerful reminder or a what we can achieve collectively. we massive kora just to be just as ambitious in all the areas where we work together. it's now my pleasure to give the word to saudi arabia as king solomon being abdulla z also is a video message here from the king, from the king of saudi arabia. thank you. please. ok, that was the italian prime minister, mary druggie, that talking at the opening of the g 20 later summit. let's bring in our diplomatic as a james phase. now for some analysis of what the italian prime minister had to say . and what we can expect from the other ladies who will be speaking shortly about
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can 30 g m t james? well yes. where we will hear from all of the leaders of the g 20 as is normal. i don't suspect many of them. we're going to make a great deal of news. in fact, some of them will be trying very deliberately not to make news, but we know what they're going to be discussing to when they get around the table for the closed sessions. you've just heard the italian prime minister talk about it, coded and vaccine distribution. i think they, they made some positive movement that trying to increase the number of vaccines around the world to deal with the disparity. he talked about a situation right now. we're in africa, only 5 percent of the population has been fully protected with 2 doses against coven. 19 another aspect they'll be talking about, which again, i think is something that's been agreed already. is a global taxation. the fact that there were international companies that were able to do tax shopping going to different jurisdictions to avoid paying much tax. there's now going to be
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a 15 percent minimum imposed by the world 1st to g 7. now the g 20 adopting that so that every company must pay 15 percent in corporate tax. the other contentious subject they're going to be dealing with on this 1st day of the summit is energy supplies, king solomon speaking now of course oil and opec is part of this. but i think for the european countries, part of it too, is russia and vladimir putin and who's not attending the summit. he's going to be speaking as we speaking virtually because russia controls so much of europe's energy supplies. he holds the key, can turn the supplies on and off. and europe in some ways is, is at the mercy of russia. so that could be a contentious discussion in the coming hours was telling you quickly about a couple of other things that are going on here in rome. while the leaders are here clearly have lots of meetings between different leaders as well as the main
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sessions. one of the most important ones i think, is going to involve present odo on today. who is going to speak to president mccall, france, but also to chancellor merkel of germany anglo michael's last ever international summit. this is here in rome and they're going to be dealing with a really tense relations between turkey and western countries. that's important. important too, is another meeting happening shortly after that. and that's only around nuclear deal. you have a meeting of the us with the european countries that are still in the nuclear deal . the us, of course, pulled out on the president trump about the u. k. france and germany, looking at ways to try and restart those stall talks. they've been taking place in vienna that going to be debating. i think whether iran even wants to get back into those talks around public see, says it what it does after it's election, but it needs time. it says it will go back to the negotiating table at some point before the end of november. james, thank you very much. james spies will no doubt cross back to you as the day
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progresses and we, he more. thank you very much. okay, let's bring in antonio. villafranca who is the director of studies at the italian institute for international political studies. he joins as live from milan. hello there. antonia, thanks for joining us. i want to get to what's on the agenda at the summit. but 1st, let's talk about the overall tone of the summit, especially given the absence of the chinese and russian presidents. do you think it will be a little less frosty? well, actually it's not surprising at all. if we take, for instance, she, she, she basically as not done any journey abroad, the, the outbreak of the corona virus and 40. and of course, there is the no justifiable to say that because the all the rise, the, all the infection and say at this moment in the middle school and the in the rush in russia. but in any case, you know, the signals at the set of degree
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a decline of the most about the air force. but i would not be necessarily very pessimistic even because, you know, i know that everybody is interested now in the found me the enroll. but i think it's worth recalling that the g 20 is a month deductible for going on all the a one year journey and your call you get mentioned before some key achievements of been already a or maybe here. and i the all, the, the, via, the more that the, the biggest lot at the moment the biggest issue which, you know, generally the leaders are not delivering. and that's really worry. so is that environment because there is no clear cut commitment on a, keeping the rising global temperature on the 1.5 degrees by the 3rd of the century. and the most importantly,
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that is not commitment. that in the boonies ation and the re reducing casting or canceling that all the public subsidies to carbone and to energy. so there is no agreement inside that. it's not surprising, like the speaking gave it because we know that the most important, the global producers of both of us are in the g 2. and so it's really difficult to achieve an agreement on these very sensitive issues. yes. on that and turning on climate change, do you think what happened here in italy this weekend will be a major sign of what can be accomplished in scotland? absolutely. i mean, a, in the very date of the time they were chosen, just because you know, the political leaders can got re enroll and then fly immediately to glasgow. so, these meeting the jeep at the meeting is suppose at least, you know, to create momentum,
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to pay their way to the negotiation in that glass below it. because you know that it's not the right they knew what he's done to ad binding targets, binding to become a commitment that the political leaders are supposed to reach a political consensus enrolled and then find find a binding targets and compromise binding targets in black go. so far, unfortunately, it doesn't look like you know, they are really reaching get a consensus on the key to key points i mentioned before. while antonio villafranca, we appreciate your insight. thanks for joining us. use the director of studies at the italian institute for international political studies. appreciate your time. thank you for letting me get moving on now and rebels in ethiopia to grow region say they've faced the strategic town of dizzy in the neighboring m. honda region. there's no confirmation from the government's side and al jazeera con, independently verified the claim. fighting has moved into the m herrera and f. 5
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regions after rebels. rachel control of t grey. in recent months. the conflict has been going on for more than a year, killing thousands of people and displacing more than 2000000 other to sedan now. and major roads in the capital has been closed ahead of protests against the military coup. last monday, a cybersecurity watchdog says the internet has been blocked the us and the un calling on sudan military not to interfere with demonstrations. at least 11 people have been killed during protest this way. activists have been broadcasting messages in mosques urging people to continue their opposition to the military takeover. so how did sedan get to these points? let's take a look. the military power from a transitional government led by prime minister of della hum, dog. on monday the general abdel flatter, albert han has dissolved the silver and council that ruling body was established
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after m. l. a. but she was overthrown 2 years ago. their hands also announced a state of emergency. a promise is to hold elections in july 2023, and then hand pallets of the elected civilian government. protests have been held around sudan to reject the return of military rule. to find out what's going on on the ground there. let's bring in that, he'd been morgan, whose life for us in the cuts him hello. uh huh. well can you tell us about what's happening today? all people have been mobilizing for the 30th october for days now, and we've seen process and part of them already despite heavy ministry presence. and despite the fact that the military has blocked most of the bridges that lead to the capital hotel to the center city. now, the military has also blocked the airport road that was supposed to be one of the destinations for protest says coming from the southern parts and the eastern parts of hard to city. so many of them decided to change the nation to another street,
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and they confirmed that they will be violent right group into then say that more than 140 people haven't injured since monday. and they confirmed that those that that number or that figure will increase but protests to say that they've been preparing for this. they, despite the fact that there is no phone communication for a few days. now there is no internet that has been cut off since monday morning. but many of them say that they've been mobilizing at the neighborhood level at 3 level to show the military that they do not want to be ruled by the army. now if you don't have them who has held it right there on tuesday and again met with those who described as the symbols of the revolution on wednesday. and he has promised that process those who are, who will not be hurt and that they do have the right to express their demand. so it's not clear yet how the army would deal with the, with the protest, especially because we've seen both of violent 15 rounds of violence against processes in the capital for someone other parts of the capital key. but thank you very much. and no doubt,
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we'll cross back to you throughout the day as things progress. the ok, let's bring in jonas horner, who's the deputy director for one of africa and senior analyst for the sedan for sedan, rather at the international crisis group. he joins us live by skype from nairobi. hello, they join us. thanks for joining us. they've been international condemnation and now a 1000000 people are expected on the streets of sudan. how much pressure does general, but how need to walk back from this curve? well, i think it's becoming quite clear to general glaucon in these 1st few days of the cruise just brought a significant speculation to this this take over on monday. really was the, the international program has been swift and, and quite clear. and even, you know, some of sedans allies in the region have been shocked, i think, by just how goes to 1st a lot of the, the, the governments who've been behind that the civilian transition had been a and pushing back. so i think, you know, there is currently,
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as i understand it will some sense of soul searching, like just where to go from here for the military. and there are a range of actors. we're now negotiating with them from the, when, from other diplomatic, a quarters i trying to find a way back out of this. but i think, you know, key here is that it is unlikely that the me with any, you know, ministry full acquisition that they may be able to return to the status quo ante, which so very equitable division of power between military and civilian. i think that is far less likely now even how angry people are on the streets. janice, what response we likely to say from security forces today, could they be a full blind crackdown? the messaging from the general community has been, you know, aggressively urging the sudanese security forces to avoid being part any violence. i think, you know, the products themselves will be vigorous and, and vociferous. what is really concerning though, is the vast array of military and security actors that are on the streets. there
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are just incredible set of security sectors that now control the streets no sense that they are necessarily taking orders from a central spot. and i think that, you know, that diversity of different mills are actors, is really worried because many of them will take their orders from different locations. and that could lead to bounce in one part and, and, and also the pittsburgh prospect of different sections of the military, even turning on each other, which would precipitate a whole new level of balance. so janice really just said this is a class today for the said and he's army so it's definitely tested. sydney is army i, i, you know, we certainly do advise them to, to keep their counsel, to stay in the barracks, to avoid any of the violence that has characterized the 1st 5 days or so on this q . and certainly any of the bottoms that characterize some of the worst periods of saddam's revolution typically in 2019,
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you really did not work out well for the military when they had exercised violence in such an extreme way on june 3, in 2019 during revolutionists. it was bad that really wasn't inflection point, and turner's international finance heavily against the military and led to the transitional power sharing agreement for the regular exam. prestone is on a deputy director for horn of africa and senior senior analyst to sit in international classes. but thank you to syria now and state media has reported explosions near the capital, damascus. it says the military intercepted an attack in the countryside. no further details were immediately reported, but we will have more details as they come to hand french president manuel mccolan says a fishing dispute with the u. k. is a test of its credibility in a post bricks at world. the u. k. is threatening to conduct the increase to checks on all a you vessels fishing in its waters. if france go ahead with
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a series of proposed sanctions, paris face threatening sanctions, if the u. k. doesn't grant more licenses to french fishermen, the british government says that would put to b e u in breach of a trade agreement. we'll get more on the case response with poll brennan in london shortly. but 1st let's go to lexia. brian, in the french port city of la hover. hello there, alexi. how could ports be affected by the measures francis threatening him? well, as you say, i am here in the house at port in france where and this is where the british trula was seized earlier in the week accused of illegally fishing in french waters without a license. now the boat was caught off and was frances calling. it's 0 tolerance approach and expression of its anger and frustration over not getting given the licenses that it expected that it says it deserves under that post bricks at tre
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deal. now francis said, if it doesn't get the licenses that at once by tuesday, it will go ahead with the sanctions that you mentioned. things like stopping british fishing vessels from docking and ports like this, and extra health and safety check, some trucks going in and out of the u. k. and also extra security checks on british boats infringe waters. not all comes down to what it says is, is the u. k. and the author of jersey, the u. k. crown dependency, and ireland just 22 kilometers off the french coast. not giving french fishing, fishing vessels, the licenses to fish in those waters. ports like this one, however, it is one of the biggest fringe ports. it's actually the biggest container port and it is one of the 6 ports that could be included in those extra edges. now the french president, menu mccall has reportedly said that this phishing route is a test of the you case, global credibility. and he's has reportedly told a newspaper look, you cannot spend years negotiating this deal and then a few months later decide which parts you want to stick to,
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depending on what suits you best. he says that is not a sign of good character, the fringe prime minister, john carter. caustic says, reportedly written to the european commission saying, asking it to demonstrate that there is actually more damage to leaving the european union than staying in it a signal to the u. k o, any other country thinking that you'll get a better deal by leaving the blocks. but actually that's not a good idea. but there is also some concern here and ports like this, and fishing communities up and down the coast. that if the french majors do go ahead on tuesday, as they threatening that actually at the port that the fishermen and consumers who will end up paying the price like the thank you for that update, alexia or brian live for us there. let's bring in pull brennan now, who's in london and get a u. k. perspective. what's the latest from the camp? their home? well, i mean it's that the sense here in the u. k. is that there are snoozed upon bigger fish to fry. i mean, we are on the brink of the cop 26 summits,
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perhaps the biggest summit of our life times trying to control temperature increases globally for, for the next generations. and for these 2 old allies, old rivals, in some respects to be arguing about the fishing rights of some 40 to 50 fishing boats in the english channel, is frankly seen by some as a distraction as a lack of perspective, as frankly just not very helpful at all on the comments that alexi referred to by the french president micron show a sense of exasperation by the french, the u. k. his response to it is to express puzzlement. barbara johnson on the plane out to rome to the g. 20 summit. that's taking place. said, you know where we're puzzled by what's going on. obviously, we will stand by to take the appropriate action if the french carry through with these threats to blockade ports and prevent pretty strollers from landing,
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they're catching french ports. we will do whatever is necessary to ensure you k interests and lord france to the print. his britain's breakfast minister said on friday he met his counterparts in london or sick seth given and said french checks for potentially the ban on, on landing fish was unjustified. but at the heart of this, what you, what you essentially have is exasperation from the french side about the way the british have gone about. trying to re negotiates elements of the bricks if deals specifically the protocol on northern ireland. and from the british side, you've got them rather muscular li, trying to defend the rights of their fishing boats. and it's a totemic a tech subject is fishing, it's, it's a vanishingly small economic impact in a huge ocean of, of the, of the overall economic ties between the 2 sides, between britain and the european union. so important is it symbolically that both
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sides seem to be getting drawn into this war of words on the eve of cop 26. when other leaders are trying to appeal for them to calm it down and there's no sun at the moment of this fishing ground coming down in date. all right, thank you very much hope and live for us in london. thank you. still ahead on al jazeera, it has the longest, a mediterranean coastline in africa, but some of libby's fishermen say crumbling moraine infrastructure is dragging back the industry. and in school at le bron james returns from a spell on the sidelines to inspire the like is to another we ah, here's her. we can forecast for europe and africa. hello everyone. we've had a weather maker in the central mediterranean. do quite a number on sicily this time it was the eastern portion of the island seen those
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scenes of flash flooding. but also winds got seen up to about a 100 kilometers per hour, is still red weather alert in play for sicily on saturday. but let's track where


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