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and asks, what farther? inaction could meet next. and now the cabinet by 20 brittany. none of them have a syrian how to do it. crisis, what crisis own al jazeera? ah so people are reportedly shot deaden. su dawn, this tens of thousands take to the streets to protest against military rule. ah, you're watching out 0 live from headquarters in delphi, i'm getting obligate. also a heads. the u. s. and european leaders discuss iran's nuclear program on the slide . sidelines of the g 20 summit, they urged ron to avoid any escalation to ryan rebels and students say they've sees the strategic town and neighboring of our region. if european government denies the
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claims argentina freezes the prices of more than a 1000 household goods to curb soaring inflation. ah, hello, we begins to don where the doctor, as association says 2 people had been shot dead in protests against the military crew. more than a 100 other as have been injured, tens of thousands are on the streets and cities around the country. the u. s. sun, the u. n. had called on to don's military not to interfere with demonstrations. of these 13 people had now been killed since the military took power on monday. laura burton manley reports he'd seen dave in the making thousands of galvanized on the streets of cartoon demanding return to a transitional government. something they say with rob from them after the military coup on monday, they're risking
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a lot days of protests in the capital letters street to st. battles with the military and demonstrate of killed. 6 and landlord in all, some love the we went to the st because we reject the military rule. and he reject authoritarianism and categorically reject all the behavior of the military council . i don't know my been up one another. what luck on we want to topple the security committee and bring it down. we don't trust these people. this is not their 1st coup. we need the world to know that the sudanese people are living under oppression and are being beaten. our voices are not listened to because there is no coverage, and there is no internet. with the internet cut off, organizers use mouth suppliers and graffiti to reach people. the military also blocked the main road to the airport, the planned route of this march. what is really concerning is the vast array of military and security actors that are on the streets. there are just incredible set
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. also all of security centers that now patrol the streets no sense that they are necessarily taking orders from a central spot. and i think that you know, that diversity of different, those rectors is really the worry. these demonstrators are demanding, the prime minister, abdullah hum, docks, cabinets be restored. it was toppled by general abdel fata, as by hand, he also dissolved the sovereign counsel, established all to the overthrow of omar bashir 2 years ago. oh as well as jacqueline brown says he will hold elections in july 2023 and then hand power to the elected civilian government em. but the takeover has received international condemnation. ah, the u. n. a u. s. has called on the military not to intervene in the protest.
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the people and cartoon streets call it a power grab and demand to return to a democratic process. laura about a manly al jazeera hebert morgan has the latest from cartoon. we're here on street 60 in the city muse, capital hampton, where thousands of protesters have gathered to protest against the military coup which happened on monday. that's, i'm general. i've been put that i put on dissolved the transitional government arrested. the country's prime minister, as well as several government officials and announced that he is now in charge and would be leading the country until july 2023. now since then, people have been taken to the streets, despite the lack of communications, phone lines have been cut off and there was an intellect shut down imposed nationwide. that hasn't stopped people from protesting. nick neither has the presence of security for says at least 11 processes have been killed since monday. many processes have been injured and their reports of violence against protesters
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including people abused within their homes. now rights groups have condemned the move by the security forces, while international access have urged general han to reverse his school and restore the transitional government. but many processes he has said that falls short within that falls short from their demands. their demand now is for a transitional government that is completely led by civilians with the military having less roll and less authority than they had before general had them put the hydro 100 power. many processed thursday that when they took to the streets during the revolution in december 2018, they wanted to see a complete civilian rule. and despite the fact that the prime ministers cabinet prime minister, the lamb duke's cabinet, has failed to address the economic issues that the country has been facing and has failed to provo to bring just like additional reform that processes have been asking for. they still want to see a civil in government, they don't want a military ruling them and they don't want to see the army charge until elections are held. now general abdel for the helper han has promised that as long as the processor remain peaceful, they will not be attacked and has been caused by nations to restrain it for the
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army to restrain itself and not attack protesters. but they are reports of death already in 2 days, protest and their concerns that by the end of saturday, there will be many lives lost and many more injured. all quoted to demand of a civilian transitional government. the reports of a blas at the entrance of the international airport at aden. that's in southern yemen. a number of deaths are being recorded. witnesses say a car bomb exploded near a security checkpoint close to an airport hotel and we will bring you more information when we have it. the us and european members of the 2015 iran nuclear deal have expressed great growing concern over actions taken by jeff run. so president biden met with the leaders of france. germany on the u. k. on the sidelines of this year is g. 20 summit in rome, they have issued a joint statements urging your wrong president avoid a dangerous escalation. and they also said around ongoing nuclear developments are
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compromising a possible return to the deal or white house correspondent, kimberly how kit is joining us from room. so what more can you tell us about this meeting that was held on iran? yeah, this meeting was initiated by the echoing chestler of germany angle of merkel who really felt it was necessary for what's known as the e 3 plus one. that would be the leaders of the united states, the united kingdom, germany, and france to get together in advance of a return to negotiations with iran in vienna that are set to resume next month. now this was an opportunity, according to the united states, to get on the same song sheet if you will. and as you point out following that meeting, the leaders believing that they are doing just that they have a clear goal and that is to limit ron's nuclear program, but also worried about the advances that have been made. given the fact iran is continuing to enrich uranium to near weapons grade levels. so in terms of the words
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of caution coming out of this meeting, as you reported the leader saying that they are urging the iranian president to act in good faith to avoid escalation. what would that look like? according to the national security advisor in the united states, all options remain on the table to limit aroused nuclear program. but there are no specifics adding to that. we should point out that what the leaders are committed to is that a go shaded solution they say, and they see this as the only possible way to deliver a positive outcome. i'm kimberly when it comes to the issue of climate change at the g. 20 a very important issue or leaders, they're speaking in one voice or how much progress has been made on that issue. well then it's still unclear what the final communique will look like. but we certainly know what the draft language looks like,
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and that has some positive signals, but again, it doesn't appear that everyone is speaking with one voice. so that is worrying because according to the un secretary general, he said all roads to success in terms of that un climate change conferences cop 26 . that takes place on the heel of the g. a 20 meeting here that it really is going to be successful. all rose to success, lead through rome. what we know from the draft communique is that what the leaders have agreed to is to take urgent steps to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. that means limit the warming not stop the warming. so the worrying trend here is that essentially this is not going to be a solution, it's only going to mitigate the problem. and so that's what these leaders are really concerned about. but what we should point out, what is encouraging is the fact that the of these g 20 leaders,
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they are 80 percent of the world's emitters. and so to have such a strong statement from these leaders, the certainly a positive and encouraging sign. okay, thank you. so much kimberly how can reporting from room rebels from ethiopia to grow regency, they are now in full control of the strategic toner. does see in the neighboring m horror region. the claim by the t great people's liberation front is being contested by the government. fighting has moved into the m horror on a far regions off to rebels. rita control to grow in recent months. the conflict has been going on for more than a year. thousands of people have been killed on more than 2000000 displaced. samuel got to chose a journalist in ethiopia and has more on the situation in jesse earlier today. around lunch time, 12 noon time, the t p left announced that they have claimed dessie heart. so for the amount of region, but in the last hour the children government has denied that they've taken control
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of. but you know, we spoke to our sources. they tell us, they've seen soldiers, we just cannot confirm if the t p pas indeed taken over dessie again. unimportant manufacturing hub in the heart of the region, which was money investment from many, many countries including china, turkey, which is building railway, worth $1700000000.00. the united arab emirates as the latest golf country to recall its lebanese ambassador kuwait, saudi arabia, amber hunt, and have done the same with re odds. also borrowing imports of lebanese goods. the dispute comes after lebanon's information minister, criticize the saudi lead coalitions war and yemen. in a video circulating online source code, adapt, he made those comments before he was appoint to administer lebanon's prime minister . and as he says, he is keen to establish the best relations with saudi arabia. the arab league is
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calling on all parties to find a resolution still ahead on al jazeera, the u. kay's prime minister talks of a turbulent relationship with france is the route over fishing rates escalates, recognizing religion. india's indigenous tribe say it's time of their beliefs are accurately reflected in the census. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored by kettle airways. hi there, good to see we've got some weather alerts we need to talk about for southern areas of india. we've have solid bands of rain setting up here and it's all because of moisture through the bay. been gall slamming into that southeast corner of india.
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so those weather alerts are in play across tamela. now do we could see $200.00 millimeters of rain within a short span of time that could certainly lead to some flooding. and also getting some strikes with some pretty solid bands of rain across sri lanka, as wall, se stage are storms coming in going, but i think some problems spots will be for the top end of sumatra rate across java and for borneo. and so the way, see over the past 24 hours, we've scooped up 80 to a 100 millimeters of rain. vietnam, the rain is still coming both for the north and also the south. hanoi has picked up 35 millimeters, not a lot, but when you consider day and day out, you're getting that the rain certainly piles up quickly. a wave of rain from grey lane right down to the pearl river valley, but hong kong will stay dry. with the high up 26 degrees rain also scooting away from cargo shima on sunday europe to a hive. 19 degrees temperatures have fallen though for northern areas of china. har been 6 degrees and beijing 16, but that still above average for this sum the year. enjoy your weekend. see you
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soon. for the weather. sponsored by katara always in the country with an abundance of resource rate, la rewan, indonesia, his terms forming. we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let pa going to be his growth and progress even here now. ah, the
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help stories on options. there are other sour sedans, doctors, associations, as 2 people have been shot dead in protest against the military. coups, more than 100, have been injured. tens of thousands are marching and cities around the country, demanding a return to civilian rule. a number of people who died following a blas at aiden's international airport in southern yemen. witness to say a carbonic floated nearest security checkpoint close to an airport hotel. us and european members of the 2016 iran nuclear jail have expressed grave rolling concern over actions by jeff ron. they've issued a joint statement from this years g 20 summit urging iran to avoid dangerous escalation. the u. k. prime minister says he can't rule out taking legal action against france that a post for exit fishing disputes. the risk got worse earlier this week when from sees the british boat. harris is threatening to block poor sand increase checks on boats on laurie's. if the u. k. doesn't ground more licenses to french fishermen?
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british government says that will put the new and breach of a trade agreements. alexi o'brien has more from the front side in the france has laid down an ultimatum. if its fishermen do not get the licenses that they say they deserve, and that they expected under the post bricks at tre, dale by tuesday, then ports like this one will be at the center is what they call and targeted measures. british fishing vessels will not be able to dock at ports like this. they'll be tough, longer health and safety checks on trucks going in and out of ports from the u. k. also, versus fishing vessels will face tougher security checks if they fishing and fringe waters. boats like this once this scalloped troll that was seized earlier in the week accused of fishing and french waters without a license. and its been caught up in this escalating dispute between france and the u. k. over access to british waters waters off the coast of france,
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including the island of jersey, which sits just about 22 kilometers off the coast. now the french president mccomb has said that this route is actually a test of the case global credibility. he's told a newspaper that you can spend years negotiating this trade deal and then within a matter of bumps decide which but you want to stick to depending on which bits suit you best. he says that is not an example of good character in the french prime minister. john castillo has reportedly written to the european commission asking for support and saying that it must demonstrate that there is more damage by leaving the european union than by staying within the block. but there are also concerns here in france and ports like this infringe fishing communities up and down the coast. that if the measures do go ahead on tuesday as france is straightening, actually it will be the ports. it will be the fishing communities and consumers who end up paying the price. how brennan is in london with the latest reaction out of
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the u. k. the route over the fishing rights dispute has at least fallen off the front pages of. busy the case major newspapers on saturday, but the exasperation over how this disputes has been allowed to fester an escalator over the past 4 days remains bars. johnson is in is in room for the g 20 and he's been speaking with the president of the european commission, actually on the land reiterating what he describes. his puzzlement that he has got this far. he told us live on the land that he raises, concerns about the rhetoric of the french side. he told her that the threats by the french were completely unjustified. that is the threat to prevent british catches from being landed in french ports. and he told reporters before he met miss witnesses on the land that basically britain would do whatever is necessary to protect you k interest. but at least that wasn't an escalation of the kind of rhetoric that we've seen earlier in the week where one of his ministers was saying
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to complain that game threatening a further ramping up of tensions with, with france over this fishing dispute. and i think they route to de escalation and all of this will be to dial down the verbal rhetoric and the posturing and perhaps go back to nuts and bolts and facts and figures. because that seems to be where the disagreements actually lie written in the read out of the wonderland encounter between bars, johnson and the land. as you said, the 98 percent of license applications by e, you vessels had been approved and only 2 percent not. but that doesn't actually tally with some other statistics that are around which say the jersey is approved just 16 at $47.00 application. so if the 2 sides can actually work at what is fact in the sense of statistics and what is not, then there might be a little bit closer to try to work out where compromises might be found before tuesday deadline. new york city is braced for a shortage of public sector workers after the vaccine mandate deadline pass on
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friday. police and firefighter unions warn, many staff will go on unpaid leave for refusing to get the job. full of l has more from washington d. c. u york needs it's firefighters and it's cups, but pretty soon there may be fewer on duty than before. we're trying to avoid what is going to be an inevitable disaster by design on monday morning told to get at least one shot and prove it by friday night, giving a choice of a cobra vaccine or no job unless medically exempt, many refusing city work is from 1st responders to sanitation, i don't feel that i should be coerced into taking it before i'm ready. i'm already back with a man not pushing your harming your fellow sanitation workers in your harming your neighbors and your harming the people in new york city. and it's time to stop. and now a city preparing for a shortage in washington, st. hundreds of firefighters still unvaccinated,
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only some claiming their exempt. there are some firefighters for whom we don't have any vaccine, rather small number of about 30. and we don't have, they do not have the vaccine in exemption request ending with the d. c. government or the department of health. those individuals who would be the 1st that we would take adverse action or when it comes to officials here in washington. the message is clear, co shots provide the best defense and the best way of getting this country back on track. but many outside this place do not want to be forced. this country split not just by politics, but by vaccine mandates to protest is in minnesota. i go to the health care providers vaccine mandate space center work is in mississippi, protesting a federal mandate to an airline. pilots trying. i'm failing to block a mandate affecting them and all of this as the vac seem look set to be approved for young kids. so when i look at the risk and benefit from my 9 year old son,
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it's not really a close call. the benefits you will get from the vaccines far outweigh any risk as the f d, i. e overwhelmingly recommending on friday that 5 to 11 year olds get the find a job. it still has to be signed off by the cdc. that could come as soon as next week with shots on offer in a matter of days. even if some parents are cautious for my kids, i don't think i'll be getting the vaccine for them until it's been rigorously tested. you know, really, really good testing critical. just, it's too dangerous. one study claiming only 27 percent of parents plan on giving this reduced dose vaccine to that kid straight away. the white house may have its co it beating plan, but it's got a long way to go in convincing the rest of the country. fil lavelle al jazeera washington supporters of a band political party and pakistan had been halted in their march towards the capital. the protesters are demanding the release of their detained leader. the prime minister is expected to address the issue in a speech on sunday. as ca,
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hider reports from islamabad. the teddy gala bag pockets don protests. margery have been camped and the toner was bod frigerator on the bank of the river. jane ob, about 190 kilometer from islam i bought a day of gotten, are waiting for a member delegation which was formed after the pockets on the prime minister. held a crucial ground of strong red, prominent religion from across the country and told them that there had to be a pre call solution to this crisis. now it should be remembered that the module that been threatening, that they will continue their module lama by the government. on the other hand, saying that they've drawn a red line on the river knob that the protectors will not be allowed to cross that bridge or member committee of god. hope that the crisis will be to feel peacefully . but they're also warned marcher or any forward movement. would be to undermine
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saburd dodging their talk. that situation indeed very critical. and the next 24 hours are going to be extremely important on how the government of m. ron con, tacker the dish particular issue. india's indigenous tribes are campaigning to have their religious beliefs recognised in an upcoming census. more than 100000000 indigenous people live in india. many worship nature and they don't identify with any of the 6 religions listed in the census. unless but per item reports from durcan states, the people of roger data village in india is eastern state of jack and sing songs, praising nature. they belong to the around tribe. and to some of the more than 50000000 indigenous people of central and eastern india known as other bosses. anthropologists, they are the vast seas of the country's 1st inhabitants and their beliefs pre date of all religions in india. the 1st 3 worship mother, the 2nd,
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his father's and the son, his guard, or rituals, are about worshiping. these guards for safety and prosperity. we are only worshippers of nature, and god does not have any shape or size like many other vices. members of the tribe of followers of a distinct religion called santa one millions of indigenous people have been converted to christianity, or hinduism by mission. reason the past 150 years. millions of others don't identify with the 6 religions on the indian senses hinder with them. islam christianity sick of them, both of them and jane as them out of aussies began de campaign for recognition of their religion after the indian government led by the by the p, a jumped the party or b, j. p decided to drop the other religions and persuasions option from the next census, but more than 7000000 other bosses, johnson has one of the biggest populations of indigenous people. politicians here
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passed a resolution last year saying the state recognizes things, tribe, and religion called soft enough. they're all in the central government to do the same. but the b, g, p ideological wing, the hindu nationalist organizer, the recess has been holding outreach programs, trying to convince other bosses, the hindus a big party, the b g. b. an artist says, believe that since i was his anita worshippers, even in hinduism, we believe that you can be pieced you to worship river, the sun, mountains, and even trees. so brothers, you do the same to so we believe they are hindus. but if they say they're not in, do the b, j b has no problem. with that other asi said, the government wants to force them to choose the hindu option for political reasons . and that by basically the fact that the b j. p is conspiring to include tribal people amongst hindus so that it can use them as a voting bank. the demand for the inclusion of a separate religion, genuine, and the indian government should do it. the followers of tribal village and say
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they have withstood pressure to convert to christianity or hinduism and will continue to do so. they say they refuse to take part in the next census. if the government refuses to acknowledge them, elizabeth peron and al jazeera jock and eastern india, i contina is due to make a payment on it's $45000000000.00 debt to the international monetary fund. many argentines want to see a freeze on repayments, as the country suffers a rise and hunger poverty and rampant inflation. daniels, weimer reports from banners aries, they queue every weekday outside. the little star soup kitchen on the outskirts of when osiris only to day were married and her neighbours arrived, there was nothing left with them in the casino, authentic bitter marianne, which they were supposed to have cooked plenty. but a lot of people turned up and we were a bit late, but they gave us some packets of food which will cook at home. it's probably
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all the eat until the soup kitchen reopens, serving 70 families with food given mostly by the local authorities. supervisor, marianna, blames inflation for the increase in hunger or the nutritional value of what they serve diminishes. yeah, yep. okay, well the last element, every day you go to the market and you'll find the price today is not the same as the price yesterday. it's very common prices rose 3.5 percent in september, more than 50 percent over the past 12 months. is it a good game of hello fresh. what we'd like is that people can buy what they need to know. they'll be able to eat nothing more, just the basics, the things i need to live a normal life. oh, yeah. normal over 40 percent of argentines live in poverty. we're more than half of children under 14 years old. don't have enough to eat this for many as the last resort, the offer of a bowl of rice which will lock will contain something you tricia's to get them
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through the day because inevitably, the fight just to keep going will continue to morrow. the government last week for the prices of 1400 essential items in the battle to control inflation. it is blighted argentina for generations. some people say it's a race between her wages and prices and other income like pensions. and in the meantime, you get somehow are exposed to loss is burgess and power that then you can try to recover and be with freed union. so regular protest calling for fair wages to keep pace with inflation. they say that should take priority over re paying argentina's debt to the international monetary fund. oh, it's
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a scam and paying that debt is incompatible with ending poverty and destitution. oh, jan. tina's historically volatile economy was hit hard by the cobit 19 pandemic. it's emerging from that catastrophe, only to have to deal with 2 of its traditional enemies. a massive debt burden and rampant inflation. dang schwein law out a 01 osiris. ah . hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, so don's doctor's association says 2 people had been shot dead in protest against the military coup. with an 100 have been injured. tens of thousands are marching in cities around the country, demanding a return to civilian rule. hipaa morgan has more.


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