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vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy. on how do we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs that matter to you or g 20 leaders to focus on climate change on the final day of the summit in room after agreeing on a global corporate tax terrain in big business. ah, you're watching all 0 life from a headquarters in del hi daddy navigator. also ahead. at least 4 people are shot dead and sued on tens of thousands protests against the military coup. japanese voters go to the polls and the 1st big test for prime
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minister from jo casita barely a month after he took office. i'm running on n t a fuel shortage in china forces the world's 2nd largest economy to ration diesel. ah, hello with the final day of the g 20 gathering of world leaders in rome on saturday they agreed to introduce a global corporate tax and it stopping big business from hiding profits in countries where they pay little or no taxes. the group is expected to focus on climate change. that's just the head of the cop 26 conference taking place in glasgow. adam rainy reports from rome. the g 20 summit began on saturday with a plea from the host of the gathering italian prime minister mario draggy. we must do all we can to overcome our differences. and we must rekindle
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the spirit that lead to the creation of this group coming into the summit. leaders from the world major economies agreed to a minimum global corporate tax, a 15 percent meant to reduce abuse of off shore loopholes. the biggest issues though, are proving the most difficult, covered 1900 vaccine equity, and taking effective action on the climate crisis. a draft statement from the group shows its struggling to get member countries to truly commit to capping global warming. at the $1.00 degree mark, a benchmark scientists have said is required to avoid disaster. and this comes just days before the climate change conference in glasgow. some t leaders opted to attend only via remote video with the chinese president. she, jim pang made only vague comments about china opening up further to the world that made no mention of china's role as a major global polluter. russian president vladimir putin had
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a more pointed request on vaccine recognition when russia sputnik cove in 1900 vaccine has not been approved for use by the u. s. or the european union, and hopes of reviving the iran nuclear deal. us president joe biden met on the sidelines with the leaders of the u. k. france and germany. they later issued a statement warning of the dangers of a nuclear capable iran. outside the security perimeter protesters gathered to call attention to various causes, thousands of protesters. some differences have come out for the street here in rome on saturday. some are calling for action on the climate crisis and others are marching against capitalism. they all have one message, the net for world leaders to dress global and equity. climate change. now, we're marketing today because we're asking for more concrete policies on demand change since the g 20 is happening right now in the summer, we'll continue on sunday. people will be watching closely to see if
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a closing group statement will go far enough in addressing climate change adarine algebra room. let's now speak to our diplomatic editor james base, he's joining us from roman james. i know that you've seen a copy of the draft communicate from the g 20 summit. what does it tell us about how much progress has been made on the issue of climate change? well, it's not the final word yet. negotiations continue until the communique is released . finally, but it's certainly doesn't go as far as the un would like, which is $1.00 degrees above pre industrial levels that the us and say is, is the highest. it could possibly be in terms of the amount to temperature of global warming. the final communicate it's draft form says well below 2, but it doesn't commit to that 1.5. what we're going to get the coming out also is the lead is going to be doing a little bit of sightseeing in the next few minutes in the center of rome. but when
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they sit down around the table, it's the main plenary session on climate taking place. this morning here. ready in rome, so fresh discussions among the leaders, but it's not just about the words of the final communicate. it's also about the individual countries, the g 20. each of them have to make that commitment to the environment that nationally determined contribution is what it's formally known as. and those are what campaign is in the us hoping they will lift their ambition on bows because the un believes if there is no success here at g 20, then there's no chance of success when these leaders get on a plane later today and fly to glasgow at the start of that 12 day conference in glasgow that vital climate summit, which the un says is the only way to protect the planet. and james, besides the issue of climate change, what else is on the agenda today?
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they discuss almost everything when that meeting because these lead us not only have that formal sessions, they're also chatting in the margins of the meetings and having one on one meetings . some of those are important in the last, although president she of china isn't here. he's taking place and having his participation remotely for this session, his foreign minister, while he has been meeting the us secretary of state and the blinking that hopes that later in the year before the end of the year, they'll actually be a summit between president biden and president, she or that we believe that would be virtual, they won't actually meet face to face, but important to because these are the 2 most powerful men in the world, potentially meeting. president biden, also meeting present one of turkey amid difficult relations between the west and turkey. remember, earlier this month they took that the turkish president said, the tenant bosses including the us ambassador with persona non grata another difficult area of relations currently is between the u. k. and from surround after
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breakfast on trade, particularly on fishing. well, we believe that in the coming hours in the margins of the meeting, they'll be a short meeting between the british prime minister boris johnson and the french from the present emanuel macro. another important but difficult meeting. ok, james, you'll keep us across. i thank you so much, jim's maze, reporting from rome. so we were mentioning a moment ago that a global corporate tax agreed by g 20 liter is aims to discourage multinational corporations from hiding prophets and lawrence coffee call as a professor of economics, a boston university over in the u. s. she explains who will be affected the most. this will actually be good for low tax rate havens because they'll all be able to collectively raise their tax rate up to the 15 percent minimum and not have to compete with each other in this race to the bottom. so, you know, is
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a good for the big country is not necessarily because it's less of an incentive for companies to move outside of the u. s. or major or higher tax regions. and we have all these countries have signed on, including tax savings. so there must be some benefits and one of the benefit is that they're not competing with each other. if you get my drift and you're also going to be able to get more revenues is still going to be lower tax. it's still going to be an incentive to operate there. it just won't be as big as it was. it's not an end. it's a to me, nation of tax havens. i think this race is the bottom problem of operating in countries that have very low taxes to attract capital. that's been a problem for the big countries. and then the small, the tax havens are competing with each other. so then i get much revenue. so this is i think, a win win. in general. it's not my ideal tax reform to tell you the truth, but it's, i think better than what we have. the united states and european union have agreed
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to ease tariffs on steel and alimony and import. us will now allow certain metals from the you to enter duty free. it avoids you retaliatory measures on us products that were due to go into effect in december. former us president donald trump introduced the levies 3 years ago. the sudanese teacher's committee has called for a strike in all states of sudan. a day after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to denounce the military take over. soldiers use tear gas unblocked, major roads and gunfire has been reported. these 2 dawns, doctor's committee says at least 4 people were killed. hipaa morgan has more from the capital, hard to hear a protest that's been days into making thousands of people gather on the streets of her to demanding a return to transitional government. something they say was rob, from them after the military coup on monday. i know some of them we went to the
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street because we reject the military rule. and he reject authoritarianism and categorically reject all the behavior of the military council on it. no my be not one another. then what luck on we want to topple the security committee and bring it down. we don't trust these people. this is not their 1st coup. we need the world to know that the sudanese people are living under oppression and are being beaten. our voices are not listened to because there is no coverage and there is no internet. they're risking a lot. days of protests in the capital letters treat the st battles with the military and demonstrators killed. with the internet, cut off organizers used mosque flyers and graffiti to reach people. the military also blocked the main road to the airport. the plant root of this march saturdays protests were met with tear gas and live ammunition. what is really concerning is the vast array of military and security actors that are on the
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streets. there are just incredible set off all of security sectors that now patrol the streets no sense that they are necessarily taking orders from a central spot. and i think that you know, that diversity of different mills rectors is really the worry ah, these demonstrators are dem. think that prime minister held the lamb duke's cabinet, be restored. it was toppled by general abdel for the helper han. he also dissolved the sovereignty council established after the overthrow of omar bashir 2 years ago . some political parties have supported the qu. 011 ship hon. you were hon says he will hold elections in july 2023 and then hand power to the elected civilian government. but the takeover has provoked international condemnation. the u. n. n u . s. has called on the military not to intervene in the protest regional and international acts as have been urging general han to reverse his school and was so the transitional government,
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which he dissolved on monday. but many protested hearsay. even if that happens, it's their faults short of their demands to completely hand over power to civilian rule. the people on how to toombs. 3, call it a power, grab and demand. a returned to a democratic process. he bo morgan august 0 harpoon. at least 12 people are now known to have been killed in a car. bomb attack at aiden's international airport in southern yemen. several more wounded in that explosion. the city has been wrought by several blasts in the past few years. it's been the seat of humans internationally recognized governments and the rebels took over in 2014 still ahead on al jazeera, a make or break moment will tell you what's at stake as world leaders gather for a climate summit in glasgow. i'm they have when they took for region one and the world is coming together to combat climate change. i. tragedy is underway in one of
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the most bio diverse regions in the world. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys, with sponsored by capital airways. well, as on the move now, throughout europe, not just in one place, everything is coming from the atlantic in going in this direction, which means there is a settle whether high pressure sort of squashed out towards the western sort of russia and to some degree only to some degree as a levant, but throughout the military, we've had this stormy weather. they're going east was just catching known parts of libya that was affecting sicily, calabria. and suddenly, as you see, there's more rain there today. so the next band already come in, not a proper storm, sisters on the move for the amber warnings out potential for flooding. that's come in through portugal in spain, yet water come here as well as you see that won't last long. east going south with
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that has bit of a turn up, so red warnings and for potential flooding for northern italy. this is during monday with snow throughout the house. it's coming from france right up towards the austrian terrill than what's happening for the north with eyes probably focusing for a while and comp $26.00 in glasgow. yet more rain coming through through scotland. norman. yes, has been flooding recently, and the warnings is delightful. that this system keep going east was during monday bringing rain to sudden sweden. so a doorway and veggie denmark. the following weather actually looks pretty shower to start with, but actually it turns quiet. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always in the country with an abundance of results with great foreign walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let pot when denise is growth and progress in indonesia now, ah ah, hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the shower. the sudanese teachers committee has called for a strike, an old state of su dawn. a day after hundreds of thousands of people rally to denounced the military takeover. at least 4 people were killed in the protests on saturday. it's the final day of the g, 20 gathering of world leaders in rome. and the group has agreed to impose
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a minimum global corporate tax on multinational companies. and the focus today and right now is expected to shift towards climate change on the cop $26.00 conference . the car has more on what we can expect from that climate summit in glasgow to say there's a lot at stake here and glasgow. busy is an understatement, the science tells us what needs to be done, and we'll see in the holes behind me over the next 2 weeks. if national leadership have what it takes to step up, the world is overheating and extreme weather is already hitting hard. and to demonstrate the importance of this conference, we returned to evian, increase scene of those devastating wildfire in the summer, where the still picking up the pieces sh. in early august with temperatures at unseen highs, wildfire ripped across southern europe. the land was parched and the fires quickly spread. northern heavier in greece was a hardest hit. inferno lasted for 2 weeks, thousands were evacuated. today you can see what's left. the devastation in this
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area was total. people are well used to annual wildfires here, but not on this scale. not with this much last thousands of hector's of forest and livelihoods just incinerated. and because of the fires a new threat as the rain comes so do, floods and mudslides, the fries have destroyed the land, natural ability to withhold water, to act as a flood defense system. the non periods of intense rain, the water just cascades of these hillsides. so they using the dead trees to shore the soil and the land intact. it is hard, exhausting work but vital to preserve what's left and encourage regeneration of the forest. a big part of evy as far as the economy has been obliterated. cost as i own use, livelihood comes from his bees who make honey from the resin of pine trees or used
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to. i feel sad that this once green forest has been burnt, and i find it difficult to figure out what we'll do and how be keeping can continue to exist on ever. we will not be around when this forest is once again able to give us honey. so for us, our area has died. collecting pine reson was an important money owner for farmers like georgia's agnostic but not in the more. he also lost a 5th of his goat, her to the fires. across the island, more animals died than survived. but the destruction was great for farmers, buildings were burnt, animals were lost, and grazing land has disappeared. in other words, what we had here was last many years need to go by so that things can return to how they were helping people around the world to adapt to and mitigate against catastrophic events. like this is a big part of the climate conference in glasgow. so what a success at cock $26.00 looked like the science tells us we need to prevent
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temperature through rising beyond ideally one and a half degrees celsius. but the 2021 production gap report shows that current government plans will produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels required to make that happen. so in glasgow, we need a strong declaration. they commit to net 0 missions by 2050, as well as big reductions by 2030. this has been a seismic event that has changed lives perhaps for a generation, but the forest will come back because nature always does. if humanity allows it to . well right now, the omens here and god's go not good. just this week, we had that even with the latest global commitments to commissions. we're still heading for 2.7 degrees celsius. remember, the target is one and a half degrees and the $100000000000.00 a year promised by rich nations to developing countries by 2020. well, that went arrive now until 2023. trust is a limited commodity here in clouds. go and it will be a long,
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hard battle to reach the agreement, the worldly. around the world. exploiting natural resources has been important for economic growth, despite the effect on the environment and climate, and in ecuador, illegal mining has been a way of life for many decades. and now there are fears government plan to issue more international licenses. will create more damage. terrorism reports in the city of esmerelda as a community that's resisting the advance of large mining companies. this is the pacific william forest. and there we are filled with wild life and unique vegetation. it is slowly being devastated. bulldozers are used to divert the river as illegal miners tried to find gold. and no one has been doing this for 12 years. he says he rents the equipment and hires members of the community to help out that much. then we bring a machine and we make
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a whole and then we get the material and start building a pool. and then we start extracting when we get a 150 grams of gold or so, then it's worth moving somewhere else. people like the lever spend hours next to the river, trying to find the scraps left by bigger miners. she shows us how she's able to find some gold particles that allow her to make around $20.00 a day and feed her 4 children for them. and we don't get to work every day. we work one week and then then we have to find another area. we are told, some of the country's best. gold is found here. lack of government controls, makes it easy for illegal activities to spread. look what's happening here. this is one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. this is little movie river and it's slowly being destroyed by illegal minors. at the same time, local family say that this is the only way they have to make a living. but it's having
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a huge impact on the environment. all around is he will community, there are abandoned fools, allegedly filled with chemicals, used in the process to extract gold, eddystone, and appa is the leader of the church indigenous community. he says he's concerned as to look on the miss hillary, you're the river's contaminated, it cannot bathe fish for drink water for 11 years. it's contaminated and we are asking children not to go to the river on university research shows that water in the province of mid alice has high levels of aluminum and iron. janet got a best lives in a nearby community. she says her children are showing signs of skin problems. wrestling is yet more lasso once to increase mining and all exploration activity in the country, to jumpstart a troubled economy and to fight illegal operations. but experts say it will not solve equals endemic problems. luckily because your visit are if they want to tell
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us that exploiting these resources will solve our problems of misery under development and that we will progress. but history tells us that has never happened because it's not the 1st time our elite ser, incapable of thinking an economic model. that is not only extracting nature's resources because that's where our problems lie. it was all swain forest is among the most threatened in the world poverty unemployment and the promise of development are causing massive damage. the government, instead of fighting it, is desperate to bring international oil and mining companies and give it away. that is, i will, i'll the theda if we'd love to call, or voters in japan or casting their ballots in a general election to, to, to decide whether to keep the newly appointed prime minister, the governing liberal democratic party has been led by female because she doesn't want a leadership vote a month ago, he took charge after years, shahita suger resigned a year into the job. because she has promised to revive japan. pandemic battered
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economy with a stimulus package. rub, mcbride is monitoring japan's general election from so this is being seen generally as a, as a test sheet as popularity. he is new to the job, but by association. he does come into the job, inheriting a lot of the public disapproval of the way the government, which is dominated by the liberal democratic party, and also his predecessor at the a previous prime minister shahid a suga has handled the corona virus pandemic at there were also concerns in japan about the continuing sluggishness of the economy, stagnant wage growth, job security. but this is also seen as a fight, not necessarily between the political parties, but also a fight with voter apathy. the last 2 elections for the lower house have seen the lowest voter turnout since the 2nd world war, with just a little over half of the eligible voters actually coming out to vote. it's also disproportionately the elderly of japan who tend to be the voters as the older
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generation. and this is an, an older graying society. they tend to take the civic responsibility of voting very seriously. a consequently, a lot of the campaigning. a lot of the policies have been directed at the more elderly voters, which then becomes a self feeding cycle, if you like that the younger generation or even more disengaged and in the last election we saw have virtually just i, 3rd of all 20, some things who are eligible to vote, actually coming out and casting the vote. so that will be one of the 1st figures that will be very telling in this election. once the polls close in a few hours, just the actual voter turnout. china has started rationing diesel. a nationwide energy shortage has led to a surgeon demand for the fuel and the rise in prices. katrina, you has more. these truck drivers are used to criss crossing china driving hundreds of kilometers every day. but
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a nation wide shortage of diesel fuel has changed that. are you look out of the meal, i'm scared to leaf beijing and their drive long distances. some petrol stations have run out of diesel fuel. the machines are closed. 2 days ago, i drove south to hoop a province, and the men in petrol stations didn't have any. the shortage has been accompanied by a sharp rise and prices. since january, the cost of diesel here has increased by about 30 percent. a dispatch of station customers limited to by just 200 meters, a people feel, but outside the capital supply problem is much worse and some truck drivers having to wait days to refuel. they have the long lines of vehicles that petrol stations in china's southern and eastern provinces due to rationing. many drivers say they can only refuel for one day's journey, which means cross country deliveries are taking longer to arrive. china is in the middle of the power crisis that is triggered blackouts in many cities, shortages of coal and natural gas have led to surge and diesel consumption.
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factories and businesses have turned to diesel powered generators to maintain operations, draining supply. the 2nd reason is probably because a lot of these are being re routed to the agriculture sector during the harvest season to basically support green trying and to prepare for, for plenty winter across. and on the, on the supply side, basically, the domestic supply for diesel has been going down because china has been export are a lot more to the rest to the rest of the world. some estimate china's diesel stop pals to be at the lowest level. and at least a year environmental crackdown on crude oil production in some regions have worse and the shortage the government has off the chinese refineries to increase production and imports. but this would be enough to contain the shortfall. experts warn the scarcity of diesel is likely to last for months and could worse an
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existing problems in the global supply chain. katrina you out a 0 paging. the leaders of britain and france are expected to meet in the next hour on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit to discuss the post bricks at fishing dispute, or johnson says he can't rely on taking legal action against france after it sees the british vessel em. i know where my call is threatening to block ports and increase checks on boats and laurie's, if the u. k doesn't grant more licenses to french fishing vessels, alexia bryan has more from the of, in france. frances laid down an ultimatum if it's freshman, did not get the licenses that they say they deserve. and that they expected under the post bricks at tre, dale by tuesday. then ports like this one will be at the center is what they call and targeted measures. british fishing vessels will not be able to dock at ports like this, they'll be tougher, longer health and safety checks on trucks going in and out of port from the u. k.
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also, versus fishing vessels will face tougher security checks if the fishing and fringe waters boats like this one. this scala trula that was seized earlier in the week accused of fishing and french waters without a license. and its been caught up in the escalating dispute between france and the u. k. over access to british waters and waters off the coast of france, including the island of jersey, which sits just about 22 kilometers off the coast. now the french president, m l m a chrome has said that this route is actually a test of the case, global credibility. he's told a newspaper that you can spend years negotiating this trade deal. and then within a matter of bumps decide which, but you want to stick to, depending on which bits suit you best. he says that is not an example of good character in the french prime minister. john castillo has reportedly written to the european commission asking for support and saying that it must demonstrate that there is more damage by leaving the european union than by staying within the block
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. but there are also concerns here in france and like this in french fishing communities up and down the coast. that if the measures do go ahead on tuesday, as france is straightening, actually it will be the ports, it will be the fishing communities and consumers who end up paying the price. a, with a canoe more than a 1000 years old, has been discovered in southern mexico. it was found almost completely intact in a pool of water near the ruins of chit unit. so that was once a major mayan city, with temples and pyramids. ah, there's a check of the headlines on al jazeera.


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