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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah ah g 20 leaders agrees a keep global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, but there's no pledge on net 0 missions. ah, hello again. i miss darcy at hey, this is al 0 life and her also coming up the stage is that for a global summit that's seen as the last best hope for nations to act on climate goals. more strikes and demonstrations answered on a day after 4 people was shot dead at during protests, against the military crew and japan's new prime ministers projected to hold on to
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power after sunday's election. but opposition gains. it could weaken from me. okay . she does influence ah, well, we begin in rome where well deed as on are wrapping up the g 20 summit, then they called the meaningful and effective action to cap global warming. she 20 countries agreed to take urgent steps to limit global warming to $1.00 degrees celsius. but their final communicate did not include a deadline for net 0 emissions. we have lots of crisis, the health and climate, the global poverty, the malnutrition, gender, and generational need qualities, demand, stronger action that we've taken so far. so i asked myself, what we mean when we say we've succeeded. but in walk, we succeeded where was suddenly pledged considerable resources. we also kept too
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many of the school meet when we increase their strength, their scope. but mostly we made sure that our dream says the secretary general, united nations are not only alive, but also that they are progressing. on the sidelines of the summer at us present, joe biden, and his turkish counterpart worship typo undiscussed anchor as request to acquire f . 16 fighter jets, the u. s. oppose is that because anchor purchased russian missile defense systems. and you, a secretary of state antony blinkin, told china's foreign minister one year to stop its aggressive actions towards taiwan. wang accused, the u. s. meanwhile, of supporting pro independence forces in taiwan while at south b to our white house correspondent, kimberly hawkins. she is across all of this forest in rome, and kimberly, obviously the g. 20 is now wrapping up as those cop climate talks, kick off and glasgow. and as you've been saying, the communique includes this desire to limit warming to $1.00 degrees celsius. but
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as he is rather empty ambition, given the lack of concrete timelines. yeah, that is what is the reflection of so many that had hoped this was really going to be more robust in terms of a communique and set the tone for glasgow and to sort of inject it with a new sort of burst of enthusiasm. but that has not been the case, as you point out, that final communique saying that in fact, the leaders have committed to ensuring that global warming is limited to 1.5 degrees celsius. and what people are really concerned about is when it comes to carbon neutrality, the language is pretty vague. it says only that this should be reached by or around the mid century. and the reason that there are so many concerned about this is you have to remember that to put it into context, the g 20 leaders and countries make up about 80 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. and so this is troubling,
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that there wasn't more enthusiasm for reaching some of the goals that many felt were necessary to avoid catastrophic climate events that we have been starting to see with some regularity around the planet. now we know that the diplomats were laid into the night, some of the stumbling blocks were the issue of the future. fossil fuels of the use of coal. and again, the issue of carbon neutrality. and so finally, they were able to come up with a compromise, but it is not the one that people were hoping for. i'll see how that goes over then and glasgow kimberly. some of the other big news that came from rome was from the sidelines of the meeting. can you talk us through some of the takeaways from those yeah, you touched on some of them at the beginning, but allow me to go into little bit more detail with respect to the a sideline meeting that occurred with the secretary of state from the united states of his chinese counterpart, there was a bit of
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a stern warning issued by the united states to china. what we know, according to a senior state department official, is that antony blank and warned his counterpart that any sort of unilateral action against a wine is something that the united states cannot condone, cannot support. and in fact, the only thing the united states is looking for in terms of taiwan and the escalations that have been of concern in some months is the fact that they want to see status quo. the other big issue for the united states between these 2 adversaries, and this is not new, it's been simmering for some time. is the issue of trade and the concern for so many countries beyond just the united states is that china has been using practices which are disrupting the global trading norms and sort of the international order, if you will. so the message was from the united states, the u. s. will continue to protect its interests now, a with respect to president biden, and meaning that took place with the president of turkey. rhetoric tie up ur to one
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. also some tensions between that u. s. turkey relations relationship and that has been going on for some time. you touched on the issue of defense. that's where the united states has one of its biggest concerns with turkey because of their decision to purchase technology from russia as a nato ally is troubling. given the fact that nato, in one of its purposes is to counter russian aggression, so it becomes rather complicated about where turkey stands. and this isn't just an issue for the united states, but other countries in nato as well. so that was one of the issues we know was discussed as well. we know that there was a discussion about human rights and the rule of law. given the fact that in recent weeks, turkey has been a rather ask will atory the united states feels when the u. s. ambassador law with french and germany's ambassadors issued a statement condemning the fact that there is
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a political prisoner there since 2017 who is also philanthropist. and he is being held without charge. so strong words from the united states. again on that. again, we're told that this was a candid conversation, was also constructive, but i was a chance for these leaders to meet face to face, to try and work out some of the simmering issues in the hopes that they can move beyond them. and we do expect to hear from the turkish president there, very shortly, will bring that to you live here on out there, but for now our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk it with all the latest from room. thank you. kimberly, on, as we've been saying, the focus of rallied as well now shift from room to glasgow as the un climate summit that gets underway. the meeting has been described as a make or break moment for our planet. rising temperatures affecting millions of people with floods, soup storms and wildfires already causing devastation. our environment at at a net clock is in glasgow for us with more as me describe is the most a consequential summit ever. a turning point, perhaps for humanity. others say,
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is not really important at all. it's not going to have any effect as just a talking shop, a, a coven melting point. a melting pot, if you like. for 25000 delegates who are stuck inside a tent for 2 weeks. and the more of an opportunity for bleed is to say more of their blah, blah, blah, to quote, a famous you fact of his recently. but the sons tells us that there is no question that we need positive action here to say the least. is it even feasible? is it possible that speak to the greenpeace chief or jennifer morgan, who's a veteran of these crops, we've been to all 26 of them? said java. what, what's your expectation hair? oh, we can make it a positive outcome. i mean, my expectation is that the leaders who calm are going to come and make commitments that will keep this 1.5 degrees goal in sight that they're going to come forward. the develop countries and support the poorest countries on earth to deal with the climate emergency. and that we're not going to have rules that are gonna open up
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some offsets, which are pretty dodgy, and can endanger the paris agreement. and that's all to play for. it's day one. yes, it's the world leaders arriving tomorrow. it's a pretty much a procedural day to day. not a lot happening and we've heard from the mel devion for a minister, obviously. that is a nation very much at risk from sea level rise. we've also heard from the president of the un general assembly who's been speaking as well, but all eyes on tomorrow with the national leaders arrived and give their national statements in what could be a tumultuous fortnight. now moving on and the sydney's teachers committee has called for a strike in all states of sudan and comes a day after hundreds of thousands of people rally there to denounce the military takeover soldiers used tear gas and blocked major roads. and gunfire was reported, at least 4 people were killed. hidden morgan has the latest force from the streets of cartoon. where on one of the main roads, incidents capital from central business district, and normally on
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a normal day around this time, which is mid afternoon in heart of whom the roads are jammed with scars and the shops are open. and that's because this road connects to many state institutions and many banking institutions in the heart of the capital. but right now, there are very few cars on the streets and many shop remain closed. and this is a week after the military takeover. now today is the 1st day of the work and we many people here say that they are very wary and they're very uncertain of the coming days. it's also the nation wide protest. people calling for the release of prime minister, the lamb built, and his cabinet members who arrested on monday when the military of over many processors have called on people to join a civil disobedience movement. and to join general strikes, protest at residential levels, have set up barricade along the main roads and add their neighborhoods to try to get more people to join the civil disobedience movement. but to also make sure that there are fewer people going to work to show the army that they are still
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protesting against the take over some of the main roads and bridges that were blocked by the military leading to the capital. one of whom have been opened with the exception of 2 bridges. but there are also trees that have been cleared off. the barricade set up by the protest of the army says that it wants to be life returned to normal as a way to form their civilian transitional government. which should be led by the military until elections are held in july 2023. but protested they, they're not going to wait for the formation of that government and see what it looks like. they calling for more protests in the coming days. but in the meantime, they say they will leave every means available to show the army that they are not happy with the pick over. and they want a return to democratic process that was already under way before the army over through the government on monday. well, and if you, if you had the regional government of hora, has called on all of its residents who are able to fight to take up arms rebels from the tiguan people's liberation front claim to be in control. now of the
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strategic town of dessie, that's being contested by addis ababa. a statement from the regional government said the t p l. f raped women, destroyed infrastructure, and looted property. fighting has moved into the horror and far regions. after rebels, we took control of t, right? in recent months on the saudi led coalition has kills at least $21850.00 rebels and as strikes and the province of merit. that's according to state media who also report that dozens of military vehicles were destroyed in those air raids. the who began their major pushed to take control of the oil rich province in september. mark is the last stronghold of the internationally recognized government in northern human. i still had here on out of here my hundreds of ask on my grandson, disembarked from a turkish flag congress in greece running on empty. he also did in china was the one second largest economy russian diesel. ah,
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that's it, maybe in peninsula the chances of showers increase with every day with a still very low to be honest. this though bit different where you see these from students coming in a line of class. it brings in showers. they mostly don't amount to much nest their in house by the mountains, which they are eastern turkey, northern syria, and northern iraq, where flash floods are still in the full cross the next day or so. but beyond that, it's generally quite is still not particularly cold. look at the wind that wants to bring in the snow from the central plains of asia. when it just about succeeds by the end of wednesday. it tries to bring that snow in at a catholic storm, but whether it succeeds, we are yet to see. i don't think it will think he's just the 1st push means shout further west though. in northern iran as well. the flashlight potential exist there
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as we change the wind direction there up the horn of africa from southwest to a northeast. so the sharon jamie's rather weak hiller, a few light ones, if you see, but mostly it is west of the rift valley, which is where the seasonal range beat through d. r. congo. danforth? no, no, my go. she'll raise welcomed. but did you notice, dubious temperature, 40 a little high for this time the you might think you be right. the average is $36.00 . the record is $40.00. it is cooling data. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results, great bar and want indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance the green economy. ah, well, let's take you live now to rome, where turkish present rush, apply bad wana speaking after his meeting with you as president joe biden. on the
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sidelines of that g 20 summit, that sicilian hosted by italy. the g 20 has been completed to this ticket. such a large number of meetings were conducted. the ticket covering mantle gauntlet issues, including the climate, the environment. they're all sort of the 2nd a met cut to dublin phone. if you can do to go take these to the image in the last 2 days, who told us below mother? yeah, i had heard them think we have concluded our studies on our discussions. i mean, if you did not on, despite the effect of the pandemic, bassetti that job done 3050, couldn't italy has carried out the hits hosting responsibilities with success. and i would like to congratulate it's only for that dinner, either the sick let him in for noon. so extend my thanks to italy and did for their
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hosting play loveseat almost in a video. i hope the efforts carried out in the context of this meeting will bring about positive results. look, good, i said. economy imaculi's, phone getting committed. it that we discussed later situation done of the global situation and all in full. let me sitting there though. i'm good with it. and in another period, wendy detrimental effects upon the mc shan at the still continues because it, it, and we discussed various policies via you to me video than the proper lemaire, vice versa. i think i've got that link empty of yet that in that they're both to look on that and i thought he distinguished friends and there's some meetings that our primary on
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the subject. was he the, the latest developments in the global situation and the primary risks that are facing us. these are the matters that we assessed so cool. is that a lot more? no, it would period, during which the pandemic is still raging. i mean, we looked at matters and solutions without which could be made that i get who strengthen our economies and reduce the problems being experienced might fit. although the global economy is improving things to do that. thought then good. there are still serious challenges facing us, need to be good thick. his dna is how long will the especially do out in the you may la copa, my human de la lan debt sherlock has sort to sky high levels. never seen before. i q 3 care, whatever the level of developmental all economies of countries are being shaken. and on the day of the sun, international institutions reports to suggest that these problems are going to
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continue for some more time. if but get city, there are disruptions to supply chains and the effects of these disruptions or gun are resulting in empty shells. and there are long lasting shoes in traffic. yes it, him, it, i just, the thumb policy. there was a growth outside of 1.8 percent cindy, cindy, when my mitigated for turkey last year, be fan it, him that and as a country in this situation, we are continuing to follow all these developments closely. getting messina, cut to the lucky the net guide us if we are making attempts well to reduce the effects of these global fluctuations in our country. got it. we have full, created supports and incentives from the very 1st day of the incentive. and in this
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way, we have supported all members of our nation in the lights of new needs which have arisen we have come up with new projects and we are continuing these efforts, exports, imports and employment suicide. if you know our areas in which we have in the will continually if it made advancements make yet exist oh, apart from developing our own economy, i'm still not on it almost getting div nuf effective global inconsistencies within our a challenge which we are trying to face hold on with every effort. and in this respect, these summits meetings die is stupid in ot vagina. but if you are a place where we discussed global supply chains with total to the thought, the ha v to rule based approach of the world trade organization. if it receives our supports and we repeated sediments,
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our supports in this context ever thought is met. then it was like muffin and emanate certain institutions, falcon ludden, oven politically driven manipulations i civic it. and we believe that this should not be the case m l b if him, if you're and all model. otherwise, countries like us who have great potential to grow economically. the fuel at, at wal, lisa, falcon and my son will have increasing suspicions of these global institutions with care. there the experiences of the and any man suggest that we have to be more careful, more just in this respect me so much that it can do us. and i said it was done in the last one and a half to 2 years. we have experienced and witnessed certain things that many we have seen that it is important for all people to be able to access the health
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facilities homes, only necessary instruments in if to prevent a new mix color. it is also, i see a, a primary, right, and so we are all secure, all of us not to use and security. and with this in mind, from the very beginning of the pandemic, that turkey has provided me no love to go out assistance in the form of medical equipment and critical equipment to a 160 countries and 12 institutions. while dollar citizen, we have refugees in our country, which we treat equally as our own and them citizens. they have also had access to all our facilities that have an antenna. i fill out a during the pandemic that will set out aside and ada. i'd in july, we had a policy that puts the schumann at the center. now we are looking at see cool
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access to the explanation. the lot of fun that it down when hundreds of people who are not able to access even a 1st vaccination in other countries, hundreds of millions of dollars can be spent on a touristic visit to space. if on one hand we see poverty, and on the other side, we see luxury and affluence, you tell this situation can no longer continue to clinic in the 1st almost just in the yeah, the world health organization has approved certain vaccination. it is not acceptable for discrimination to take place on a global arena, jam on it. at the same time, it is unacceptable and completely wrong for the vaccination to be used as a instruments of black males on the food we have
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expressed are using disregard to other g 20 leaders and also with the turkey we have we are continuing our studies in relation to our own vaccine, which we have developed ourselves in a human centric approach. it kind of its own like sedation. up to mr. tim, i will hopefully be soon presented for our own citizens and the whole of humanity distinguished friends in that it was almost getting our world is our heritage. and we cannot continue to consume its in this way. if we do that, we may not have not even a drop of water to drink air, to breathe and soil to live on jewels. in this latest period, the natural disasters that we have faced show you effect of climate change or
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nature. you see coconut, the climate change effect on the human life since it is a serious challenge to human development is keeping in all the contacts we made during the summit. we spoke about climate change and express the need to have an urgency solution. well, on the him he said that was thought out of the john the cut forests, clean water, an honorable soil judge are required by future generations. and we must do everything in our hands to make this possible. as you know, go to the turkey. we have confirmed the power is treated in the recent way and we are to fairly good level. in this respect, we have a green development plan. and with this we hope that we will achieve
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a primary leading position in the world. in this context, we have a 20530 declaration which we have shared with the g 20 leaders with the plans that we have prepared tysons. we will continue to contribute to the international community you saw any yeah, of course, at the same time that your thought about the woman feel we have to you, killer. they regards to the fact that countries are not equal positions in regard regards of climate change. there are like developed and developing countries and juggling the sort of burden should be shared equitably in a reasonable mother among doubles. there are certain countries, but students salutes the world in the highest manner. why that says the genie lucas ala food here. if we look at the amount that this re,
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while you've been listening there to turkish, president ross apply berto and speaking after that, g. 20 summit and rome. he's covered some broad ground including global economic recovery from the pandemic supply chains, vaccines and climate change. he also, while he was in rome, met with us president joe biden on the sidelines of that summit, but he hasn't gone into much detail of how that went. well, let's bring it out. is there a senior political analyst, my one bashar he joins us from paris via skype milan. that's obviously just been days since president adot and threatened to expel the u. s. ambassador amongst others. but in the read out of that meeting, we were hearing more diplomatic language between the 2 nato allies. has anything really changed here? well, certainly the a tech aside says that the meeting that went on for over an hour has been quite positive and that the 2 sides have expressed willingness to further discuss and, and reach solutions to the various fronts of frictions. i think president biden seems
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to be quite giggly or we've seen his body language with the president, edwin, and i think certainly the american person has tried to bridge a some of the differences with, with thirtyish president. clearly turkey has some role to play in an area and in region where the united states have measured interest, whether it slid biase or of glanced on and so on, so forth. and then of course, the question of nit a turkey being and it all i and as we'll well known for the last couple of years, we've been hitting more of the same subjects being discussed again and again, not to be that therapies are purchase over russian defense system as $400.00 and why america opposes that. and basically throws therapy out of it's $535.00, a $35.00 advanced air force and so so forth. so that on a good number of points of friction, i'd by didn't system discussion, human rights violations and 30,
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and that there was an insists on sovereignty and independence of the turkish judiciary. it's basically more of a symbol, huh. or, well, if i'm hearing the b u. s. the other thing i, they kicks taki off the f $35.00 per than often a boat that defense system from the russians that your fatty. now i think they're trying to buy different us jets. how's that going either within atkins? yes, it seems that president the one reached out to the american president's asking to purchase f sixteens, which basically you know, similar to their 30 five's also advanced 5 good jets. because you see the turks have already paid in advance. some of that money to worst are $35.00, so they were frozen out of it. they're certainly going to used. i meant to buy something else. i just need to mention that originally the turks ended up buying the s 4 hundreds because the united states would not sell turkey its own advance
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vitreous defense systems. so dorky claims that they had to go to the russians because at least defense system. and once it was forced out of the f 35 project, it is insisting on purchasing the f sixteens in order to make sure that as on it to ally it from fair to some of its own defense with one my one bizarre, they're out there a senior political unless speaking to us from parents will be speaking to him later on with more analysis as well. thank you so much. my one ah hello again. this is al jazeera and these other headlines awhile leaders at the g. 20 summit and rome have called for meaningful and effective action to ensure that global warming is limited to 1.5 degrees celsius. and the final communicate from the summit does not include
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a deadline for net 0 missions. we have lots of cries as the health and climate, the global poverty, the malnutrition, gender, and generational need qualities, demand, stronger action that we've taken so far. so i asked myself, what we mean when we say we've succeeded. but in what we succeeded. well, was certainly pledged considerable resources. we also kept too many of these commitments. we increased their strength, their scope. but mostly we made sure that our dream says the secretary general, united nations are not only alive, but also that they are progressing. well, our leaders are now heading to the scottish city of glasgow for the cub $26.00 climate change senate leaders from all regions in the wilds are expected to discuss their plans that and cost emissions. hundreds of migrants have disembarked from the turkish french cover ship in greece. the vessel was carrying about 400 people.


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