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me to behind closing was founded on blood with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. if the families that are teaching each other, how to search, not really v authority, al jazeera has teens on the ground, liquid rock shot up into the air as well as chemicals being released to bring you will move when documentaries and light news. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello there, i'm this dolls your hand. this is the news. our lie from our headquarters here and are coming up in the next 60 minutes. g 20 leaders agreed to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, but there is no pledge on net 0 emissions. meanwhile, the stage is now set for
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a global summit that seen as the last best hope for nations to act on their climate goals. more strikes and demonstrations who don a day after 4 people was shot dead during protests against the military coup. and japan's new prime minister is projected to hold on to power after sunday's election . but opposition gains could weaken from yoko sheet as influence and in sport barcelona star. sergio guerra has been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and cricket. our former afghanistan captain receives the perfect sand off at the t 20 world cup. ah, well, we begin this news out in rome where well deed is are wrapping up that g 20 summit . they called the meaningful and effective actions a fight climate change. she 20 countries agreed to take urgent steps to limit
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global warming to $1.00 degrees celsius. but their final communicate did not include a deadline for net 0 missions. we have lots of cries is the health and climate, the global poverty, the malnutrition, gender, and generational need qualities demand stronger action that we've taken so far. so i asked myself what we mean when we say we've succeeded, but in want we succeeded. well, we certainly pledged considerable resources. we also kept to many of these commitments. we increase their strength, their scope. but mostly we made sure that our dreams as the secretary general united nations are not only alive, but also that they are progressing. also on the sidelines of that some of us president joe biden and his talk his counterpart rash typo on discuss anchorage request to acquire f. 16 fighter jets. the u. s. oppose is that because anchor purchased russian missile defense systems and the us secretary of state,
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anthony blinkin also met with china's foreign minister and told him to stop its aggressive actions towards taiwan. one accused us of supporting pro independence forces in taiwan. well that's future whitehouse correspond. kimberly how could she's on the ground for us in rome? so kimberly is even saying the g 20 is wrapping up as those cup climate talks kickoff and glasgow. and the communique though from the g 20 includes the desire to limit global warming, but that seems rather empty ambition, given the lack of concrete timelines with ng some of the feedback already on this communique, less that ambitious and failing to meet the moment there were high hopes for the statements coming out of the g 20 because many believe that it could set the tone for what would take place in glasgow at the you and climate 7. so that's why there is so much disappointment that there is a real failure in this communicate to reach carbon neutrality by
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a firm date. instead, what it says is that there will be a carbon neutrality by or about the mid century. and people say here in rome, but that is simply not enough that the risk of catastrophe due to global warming is great and greater with every day. and so there is a lot of disappointment. now what we know is that there was hard work being done late into the night by diplomats, but at the end, the firm commitments on some of the sticking points like ending fossil fuel. you said the use of coal, and again, this issue of carbon neutrality was really hard for the players to come together. and the reason this is such a concern is because the g 20 countries make up about 80 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. and so what happens here really has an impact on what will happen in glasgow, and that's why there's so much disappointment. kimberly,
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as we've been saying as well, those, some of the biggest news came from the sidelines and this meeting mostly from us meetings with their counterparts. can you talk us through some of those takeaways? yeah, one of great interest was the meeting between the u. s. secretary of state and his chinese counterpart add the reason for this interest was because of course, these are 2 global adversaries. very much in competition. and the relationship has been tense for several years now and so. 2 in order to avert what many fear could be sort of a boiling over conflict, the discussion was sort of the solution. so that's why we had these 2 men meeting on the sidelines of the g 20. and one of the big issues we know that the united states wanted to bring up was the issue of taiwan. now, the concern for the united states is that china has been sort of exercising its might and really going to territories that has made the international community
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uncomfortable in the taiwan strait. and so there was a very firm message that was delivered by the secretary of state. it was that he believes that he was crystal clear and explaining that the united states can only accept the status quo, but nothing more. in other words, unilateral action by china will not be tolerated by the united states towards taiwan. now, there was another important meeting that took place between us president joe biden of the united states and russia type air to one the turkish leader. the reason for some interest is because again, this relationship has also been one that has been had a lot of friction in recent years. so we've been talking about the issue of defense being one of the main concerns is or to nato allies. and the reason that there is concern is the fact that turkey has been purchasing as surface to air missile defense system from russia. and the whole reason that nato exists. it will not the
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whole reason, but in part to counter russian aggression and so purchasing from russia, leaves many uncomfortable within that native security group. and so this was the discussion. we also know that in terms of the conversation, a senior administration official telling us, it was very candid, but it was also very productive. and the issue that was also brought up the issue of human rights because the united states not too happy about many political prisoners that have been detained without charge. and so the u. s. president, delivering a per message there that that is also not acceptable to the united states and that the united states expects more from its nato ally, our white house correspondent, kimberly how could they were the latest for us from rome today. thank you very much . kimberly. when it's not bringing out 0 senior political analyst, my on bashar i, he joins us from paris via skype. my one just picking up there from where we left off with kimberly that meeting between biden and other one. i believe that was their 2nd meeting since biden took office. we know the relationship has been a little rocky of late to say the least has anything actually really changed now.
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this to rest on demit. i think it was in june of this year and i think that we had some of the conversation as were, as we've had today. and just to clarify a bit about what a, what to, kimberly was reporting there on the american perspective on the biden, at the one on by didn't. i'd rather american chinese talks. it's just important. and also to highlight that it's the chinese who think that the americans are intervening behind their back. and taiwan are advocating for taiwanese independence within the island against the so called the one china policy. so the chinese official seems to be quite upset with the united states interfering and then all is one of influence if you will. and that's why it was the chinese foreign minister who raised the question of taiwan rather angrily with his american counterpart. the
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same thing with the terror. savage. there is an american perspective about dirk you buying russian arms, but yet there's also turkish prospective law stokes. about america not selling it's natal. i had vance defense, messiah system, and not taking any serious position or a clear position on seeing the question of syria or the question of that be right, g o, that portion of security in the eastern mediterranean on what's next for libya and so, so forth. so there are, there is, or there are american perspectives on these thoughts, but they're also chinese turks and other perspectives that i think we heard about from an added to one just earlier tonight. and they were kelly very tricky, very sensitive meetings and did not. and my on turning to the summit itself, we had dragging, they're trying to play up successes from the me thing. he counts the commitments on climate as that as successes that in given the lack of concrete commitments on cuts,
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do you count that as a success? you know, i agree with you are completely when you are on the line, the idea that there are no firm commitments, there are no solid firm the lines and in the document. so while i drag it, why do i sort of walk in light in the rest of us about how there is progress are which is important and threat to should the positive light in what happened in italy, it is clear to me and allow me to use a climate metaphor it if it's, if it's gonna rain in glasgow, we would have seen dark clouds in rome to day, but we haven't. that's why i'm not very optimistic about what's going to go on and glasgow because when the g 20 meets and as we have hard earlier from kimberly they are the ones who emit some 80 percent of that. for you sion out there in our universe. clearly a statement, a clarity from uh, from rome. what went
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a long way in glasgow. the fact that the chinese are not there on the, are the worst emitters and the fact that the russians are there. they are also the 2nd war, submitters. after the united states, especially when the question of coal and so so forth. so i don't think it was leaders have shown the silliest is needed to deal with climate change. is the same room with same to sort of a spirit that. busy has sort of falling short when they deal with a question of inequality. but as i said earlier, you could cheat the poor, but you cannot cheat. mother nature rama on you. talk about some of the notable nurses and the d. 20 presence. payton president. she isn't minister though envoys as did saudi arabia, presumably that changed the turn of discussions, especially when like having things like global tax, global corporate tax agreements and included and, and vaccines and in quality. what took into the global tax agreement. there's one
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positive thing that came out of the meeting and that's important. it's been in the pipeline for a few years now. but clearly it was some american leadership and others stepping in . now we have more than $150.00 countries on board and also one that is important. but that's especially important for those countries who been using their corporations who basically ship overseas to get some tax savings elsewhere. that does not exactly factor, nobody the quality which remains to be a problem. but yes, as you said, you know, those of us who hope that that will do that will come and be a bit more serious than they where, when they met you actually in 2020 at the time. if you remember, fossil posted by your area where it was corporate and so forth. so talk about over then. let's talk about it now. but i think it's still mixed mixed bag. it's still, you know, the idea that they're not really meeting aspire ations on,
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on the various important issues. but neither are they burying preparations. now on the chart, the out there senior political, unless speaking to us from paris, always great to get your analysis. thank you. my one, well, as we've been saying, the focus of wild leaders will now be shifting from room to glasgow as the un climate summit that gets underway. the meeting has already been described as a make or break moment for our planet. rising temperatures are affecting millions of people with floods, super storms and wildfire, or causing devastation that speak to our environment in the clock. he joins us now from glasgow. nik i'm curious. what do you make of that g. 20 communicate? what kind of tone does that set for those talks in class, we're when a socialist is put o as a context. if you think back to the paris agreement back in 2015, then it was all abouts. the, well, the green 2 limits temperatures from increasing beyond 2 degrees celsius over pre
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industrial levels. and now we know that that is too much. the focus has to be on $1.00 degrees celsius and the fact that the g trend, twit g 20 has acknowledged that and has graphs. that is a good thing. but as we've discussed it's, it's a watery commitment saying that they will urge meaningful and effective action, but agreeing no specific measures and no pledge, as you've said on net 0 emissions, is one observer here. put it. if the g 20 was meant to be a dresser herself, a hair coat $26.00, then they fluffed their lines. so now the can has been kicked down the road to hair and gloves go. and the pressure is on world leaders when they pitch up tomorrow to step out to the plate and come up with some commitments. he can be sure that the developing nations, the least developed countries, will be putting an intense amount of pressure on them to act a little bit earlier. we spoke to the president of malawi, lazarus, chiquita,
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who's also the chair of the least developed countries. our hope for this conference is to say, how do we develop and sustain that development where that necessarily have to go through the same processes that develop nations had to go through to bring the earth to where. now we're talking about an actual problem. they actually need to say we are moving beyond just talking to real action in terms of issues to do with finance. it. 12 years ago in copenhagen they said that would raise $100000000000.00 . now that amount of money is not necessarily the same as it was then. so which means that even that needs to be revised. however, if there is no finance, there is no way develop. nations can tell, developing nations don't use the systems we use,
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use new system. now if you're talking about new technology, because we still need to have electricity, we still need to have industrialization. we still need to have food sufficiency so that people move away from subsistence farming to farming that is commercialized and mechanized. now how do you do that with that? the power now the new technology is they are extremely expensive. if we don't have financing with debt levels that are choke in such nations as i represent, it's impossible. so we can commit to reduce in carbon emission. knowing that we haven't even contributed significant amounts to the same. but if we don't have the financing in the adapter taishan methodologist, we are following and committing ourselves to may not necessarily come to pass. then you begin to wonder i, we really taken this thing seriously. i,
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we actually listening to the science, or maybe we have gone to where we are in self delusion. because this to me is something that needs to be addressed head on. so that we move away from federalism and hopelessness to where we can say this is doable. and together we can do nick, these cup talks can often get pretty technical and has obviously a lot to cover. so what should we then be looking for over the next 2 weeks? well basically you really got to look at climate finance that that's the big one. that's the one that everybody is going to be arguing. the toss over and we heard earlier this week how $100000000000.00. it was promised back in 2009 and still hasn't been delivered and was due to be delivered in 2020 will now be delivered. possibly in 2023. it was promised by the rich nations to developing
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countries. and as we've just heard the developing countries, one a piece of that action and they want it now, but it keeps getting delayed and kicked down the road. and so now as we've heard from the and below in president, the all emphasis is own what the national leaders of the big emitters are prepared to do to come to claus. go to morrow in the next day, deliver the national statements and really get the ball rolling. set up a bit of momentum to have some positive action here in glasgow on vironment at it at net clark there for us and glasgow will be seeking to him and plenty over there because the next couple of weeks. thanks so much. thank. well, there is plenty more had viewed this news out, including on fish. i gotta tell you that the position is, is unchanged. talks over the fishing dispute between the u. k and france, remain stagnant after boat leaders meet at the g. 20 summit and, and sport alexander's reb, continues his dominant form to claim a 5th title for the a. ah,
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the french president and manuel macro says the ball is in britain's court regarding that fishing dispute. the route was over the number of fishing license as being allocated to france by the u. k. tensions have escalated since france seized and british vessel. meanwhile, micron met privately with burst johnson on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit and rome. on fish. i gotta tell you the, the, the position is, is unchanged. and i will, i'll just, i'll just, i'll just say this for the, for the record. i must, i was puzzled to read a letter from the french prime minister explicitly asking for britain to be punished for leaving the e u. and i, i just have to take say to really, i don't believe that that is compatible either with the, the spirit or the letter of the withdrawal agreement or the,
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or the trading corporation agree. that's probably all i'll say about about that woman. oh that's now bring in san diego and london. sonya i see barnes johnson is also thank he and mike on had a wide ranging and frank discussion yes. classic diplomatic tool, perhaps for stronger words than they wish to admit to. but look, i mean it's really sort of focusing on that route. that seems to have sprung up around those fishing licenses. and perhaps really from boris johnson, slightly disingenuously. of course, he speaks fluent french and understands perfectly. the less about he refers to that was sent by the french prime minister, caustics, stating that not to punish brisson for on those terms. but really that u. k has to respect the legal promises that it is bound by and that
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he does mention that the decision to leave the blog should be really one that, that that is more damage and leaving it rather than in remaining in it. so yes, there is a slight amount of fact and in the terms that the french are very keen that and setting perhaps a warning shot to other european union countries that you know, if you do start to mess around with the rules and regulations, then they're all going to be comebacks from from the european union itself. and bar johnson during may was making that statement and, and addressing the press that he did seem quite some, but not his usual boy self. as he has been sort of usually seen in these situations as well. but, and sort of making a loss of him, placing a lot of emphasis on the urgency of those issues that he referred to earlier on as in sort of a daring to that 1.5 percent commitment from countries. he also praised france
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by saying that he very much thought that they were on the right track and he completely supported them when it came to climate change initiatives, as well as other other matters and the green tech solutions as well. but it seems that with regard to this fishing licenses, this is for, for the time being, it's an intractable issue. both sides are not shifting from that. francis given you can ultimate to move until tuesday to come up with a way of resolving this issue. but, you know, make, if you, if you look really, that is really tied down to exactly how the u. k. relationship with the european union is playing out post breaks it. and that is really the emphasis here. it has been somewhat discordant since it left the blog. now, it looks like frauds isn't going to give the u. k. any easy, right, in terms of striking it out of making itself as
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a global player in retaliation for that, that would be the point of view address it really put out by the british side of things. but france is really adamant, but all it wants to do is to make the u. k. owner its obligations. so for the time being absolutely now on top cody out on fishing licenses for the time. so that for us in london, thanks so much sonya. well, let's now get more of the view from the other side of the channel with alexia bryan and paris. alex, he seems the 2 sides now can't even agree on what was actually said, the meeting in ro oh let's right. there was a little bit of back and forth earlier in the day earlier, french officials had said, well, there was an agreement to de escalate coast in an announcement came from downing street that they was intend agreement. and there was some frustration from the french presidency menu mccomb during his briefing and the past hour or so he said
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yes, we did agree. we did agree to, to keep talking about this, but there was an awareness that it would take a long time. but that the ball was firmly in britain's court, that they, they have to act on this and they have to make some concrete actions before tuesday or france will go ahead with these measures that it has 3. and now we'll just go through what some of those are. one is preventing british fishing vessels from, from docking, infringe ports and, and from unloading they catch, they could also be tougher health and safety checks on, on trucks going to and from france. it also tough that security checks on at british vessels in french waters. now, nicole says, again, if we, if we don't get his get anything concrete from britain before tuesday. well, we will have to go ahead with putting some of those in place. and he said that he regretted that he didn't want to do that because he likes britain. both gentlemen have been came to impose it big, they're good friends, but he did say, look, we need some changes. we've been talking about this for 10 months. we have quite
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a few fishing licenses, but we don't have all the ones that we want. and we want to know why nicole. so saying that he would regret to put those moves in place because he knows that they will have a negative effect on, on french fishermen. but earlier we heard from the french europe minister came on problem. he said, look, 90 percent of the licenses europe had applied for had been given out, but most of that 10 percent. they were french and he said, but that looks like we're being targeted here. and that's when it goes from being a technical difficulty to, to being a political one. so it does appear at this stage that instead of making any progress during the 30 minute meeting today as, as what's hoped, both sides appear to have dug in. and they waiting for to see who will move 1st. so at this stage, those measures fit to be unveiled on tuesday. we'll wait and see what happens. mccomb says he hopes that they will be some action from britain in the coming days will indeed see how that continues to play out there next year. brian,
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forth in parents, thank you so much. lexie. now moving on on the sudanese teachers committee has called for a strike and all states of sudan that comes a day off the hundreds of thousands of people rally there to denounce the military takeover soldiers use tear gas and blocked major roads. and gunfire was reported, at least 4 people were killed. him, morgan has the latest force from the streets of cartoon. where on one of the main roads into dam capital, from central business district, and normally on a normal day around this time, which is mid afternoon in hot assume the roads are jammed with stars and the shops are open. and that's because this road connects to many state institutions and many banking institutions in the heart of the capital. but right now, there are very few cars on the street and many shops remain closed. and this is a week after the military take over. now today is the 1st day of the work and we, many people here say that they are very wary and they're very uncertain of the coming days. it's also the nation wide protest people calling for the release of
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prime minister, the lamb bill, and his cabinet members who arrested on monday, when the military took over. many protested, have called on people to join a civil disobedience movement. and to join general strikes, protested at residential levels, have set up barricade along the main roads and add their neighborhoods to try to get more people to join the civil disobedience movement. but to also make sure that there are fewer people going to work to show the army that they are still protesting against that take over some of the main roads and bridges that were blocked by the military leading to the capital. one of them have been opened with the exception of 2 bridges, but there are also streets that have been cleared off the barricade set by the protest as the army says that it wants to be life returned to normal as a way to form their civilian transitional government, which should be led by the military until elections are held in july 2023, but protested they, they're not going to wait for the formation of that government and see what it
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looks like. they calling for more protest in the coming days. but in the meantime, they say they will use every means available to show the army that they're not happy with the takeover. and they want every parent to democratic process that was already under way before the army over through the government. on monday. on an 8th you appear, the regional government of em hora has called on all of its residents who are able to fight to take up arms rebels from the people's liberation front claim to now be in control of the strategic town of dessie. but that's being contested. by addis ababa, a statement from the regional government said the chief left raped women destroyed infrastructure and looted property. fighting has moved into the horror and a far regions after rebels. we took control of t brian recent months. the saudi led coalition has killed at least 218 who the rebels and air strikes in the province of marin. that's according to state media who also report the dozens of military vehicles were destroyed in those raids. the
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who began their major push to take control of that oil rich province in september. marv is the last stronghold of the internationally recognized government in northern yemen. of how's ruling coalition is projected to keep its majority in the lower house of parliament, but a prime minister for me. okay. she has liberal democratic party is still set to lose some seats and a set back for the leader who took charge nearly a month ago. robert pride reports this has not just been a contest between political parties, but also a struggle against voter apathy, especially among young voters who feel particularly disengaged. yeah, easier by this campaign in the run up to sundays pole was aimed at encouraging more young people to vote for court having ruled japan almost continuously since world war 2. the liberal democratic party is seen by many is the only choice that's in spite of an attempt in this election by the opposition parties to coordinate their
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campaigns, to win over l. d. p. c. panel. i don't have confidence in the other parties will need a liberal democratic party is good enough to my president. so even though the l e. p is winning big in recent elections, their support in the country is not necessarily high. historically speaking. hello, victory is indeed led by the set back of the oppositions mother seen as a test of newly elected prime minister. fumey oak is shita. his government faces widespread dissatisfaction over its handling of the pandemic. he's got a relatively low approval rating, while many voters still seem undecided on him as a leader. many japanese ill, quite helpless about the fact that only one choice. you look at the policy that's announced by, for example, by the opposition, or is all wars less the same? and there's no eye opener. there's no convincing argument that's been displayed. and this, i think, is one of the biggest reasons why in the turn out ratio. still remains in the 30
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percentile cuz she there is hoping to promise of a stimulus package to revive the batted economy will when.


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