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is flying over the rid, bringing something they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i marianna mossey. welcome to the news, our ally from london coming up the next 60 minutes. g 20 lead has promised to keep global warming to one and a half degrees celsius. but they leave rome without any commitment on net 0 carbon emissions. stage is now set for cop 26 governments a warn? this is their last chance to avoid climate catastrophe. also coming up on the program project groups in sudan called for
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a strike against the military. as pro democracy demonstrate is barricade roads in the capital and japan, you prime minister is projected to win elections, but the ruling parties, loss of seats in parliament could we consume yoke as she does power and in sport barcelona sar. sergio guerra has been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and in cricket, a former afghanistan captain receives a perfect sand off at the t 20 world. come ah, i'll come to the news. our top story wild leaders have agreed on the need to take action to fight climate change and prevent global warming by no more than one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels. but they've also been criticized from making no commitment to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050. and the use of coal
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was a highly divisive issue. she 20 leaders agreed to stop financing new coal pounds, but did not agree to and coal power in their own countries. this is important because the meeting was meant to be a spring board for the cop 26 gathering in in glasgow. and includes countries which account for 80 percent of global emissions. we have lots of crisis, the health and climate, the global poverty, the malnutrition, gender, and generational need qualities demand stronger action that we've taken so far. so i asked myself, what we mean when we say we've succeeded. but in what we succeeded? well, we certainly pledged considerable resources. we also kept too many of these commitments . we increase their strength, their scope. but mostly we made sure that our dreams as the secretary general, united nations are not only alive, but also that they are progressing out. there is kimberly how kit is in rhyme and
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she explains how the outcome of the g 20 summit is likely to affect cop $26.00 and glasgow. this is a climate conference that many had hoped that the g 20 meetings would kind of have an energy that that would start that climate conference. and instead, what we're getting from this draft communique has been very disappointing for so many of what is seems to be the real issue with it, is this failure to get a firm date for carbon neutrality. and the language that we're seeing in this final communique that basically says that they've agreed to reach carbon neutrality by around the mid century is what many are saying really lacks ambition. it fails to meet the moment and is going to make the work in glasgow at that you and climate summit so much more difficult. and so there is language here that says that in fact, they have committed to limiting global warming by 1.5 degrees celsius. but
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at the same time, we know that you and climate scientists were looking for so much more warning that there needed to be so much more an order to avert the climate catastrophes that were already starting to see into a growing pace around the globe. so this is the disappointment that has been expressed by many you as president joe biden ran i and got into office, largely because of his commitment to combating climate change, calling it an existential threats. so the focus now shifts from rhymes this cautious city of glasgow. for the cop 26 climate summit, he does from every region in the world are expected to discuss that plans to cut emissions. the u. k is hosting event which the prime minister paras johnston is called the wilds. moment of truth impressions. prince charles, as described the meeting as a make or break limit for the planet. listen, cope. 2 to 6 begins in glasgow to morrow. quite literally. it is the last chance
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saloon. we must know translate fine words into still fine actions. and as the enormity of the climate, jalap challenge dominates people's conversations from news rooms to living rooms. but as the future of humanity in nature herself are at stake. it is surely time to set aside our differences and grasp this unique opportunity to launch a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident, sustainable trajectory. and thus save our planet and violent edits. anthony clark is in class car with more on why this cop 26 summit is so important to say there's a lot at stake here and glasgow. busy is an understatement, the science tells us what needs to be done, and we'll see in the holes behind me over the next 2 weeks. if national navy ships have what it takes to step up,
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the world is overheating and extreme weather is already hitting hard. and to demonstrate the importance of this conference, we return to every year in greece scene of those devastating wildfires in the summer weather still picking up the pieces in early august with temperatures at unseen highs, wildfires ripped across southern europe. the land was parched and the fires quickly spread. northern air via in greece was a hardest hit. inferno lasted for 2 weeks, thousands were evacuated. today you can see what's left. the devastation in this area was total. people are well used to annual wildfires here, but not on this scale. not with this much last thousands of hector's of forest and livelihoods just incinerated. and because of the fires a new threat as the rain comes, so do floods and mud slides. the size of destroy the land, natural ability to withhold water, to act as
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a flood defense system. the non periods of intense rain, the water just cascades of these hillsides. so they're using the dead trees to sure the soil and the land intact. it is hard, exhausting work, but vital to preserve what's left and encourage regeneration of the forest. a big part of every, as far as the economy has been obliterated. cost as i own use, livelihood comes from his bees who make honey from the resin of pine trees or used to i feel sad that this once green forest has been burnt, and i find it difficult to figure out what we'll do and how be keeping can continue to exist on ever we will not be around when this forest is once again able to give us honey. so for us, our area has died. collecting pine reson was an important money owner for farmers like georgia's agnostic but not in the more he also lost
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a fit of his goat. her to the fires across the island. more animals died than survived. but the destruction was great for farmers. buildings were burnt. animals were lost and grazing land has disappeared. in other words, what we had here was last for many years need to go by so that things can return to how they were helping people around the world to adapt to and mitigate against catastrophic events. like this is a big part of the climate conference in glasgow. so what a success caught $26.00 looked like the science tells us we need to prevent temperature through rising beyond ideally one and a half degrees celsius. but the 2021 production gap report shows that current government plans will produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels required to make that happen. so in glasgow, we need a strong declaration. they commit to net 0 missions by 2050, as well as big reductions by 2030. this has been a seismic event that has changed lives perhaps for a generation,
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but the forest will come back because nature always does. if humanity allows it to . well right now, the men here and god's go, not good. just this week we had that even with the latest global commitments to cut emissions. we're still heading for 2.7 degrees celsius. remember, the target is one and a half degrees, and the $100000000000.00 a year promised by rich nations to developing countries by 2020. well, that went arrive now until 2023. trust is a limited commodity here in glasgow and it will be a long, hard battle to reach the agreement. the world needs ma'am, is in glasgow forest and explained what is likely to happen in the coming days. much awaited conference on climate change cop 26 is underway in glasgow at least 25000 delegates from 109 to 6 countries are in utmost and they call it a consequential tiny point for your money to deal with the climate crisis. the
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conference would have been held at this time last year, but was point because of the covered 90 pandemic. yet it's copied that makes it quite different to other summits. and organizers are very strict about people wearing mosques, and also socially distancing. and every delegate is expected to present a negative call the test every morning before they are allowed to enter. the value of the conference. security has been tightened in our own glass schools. scottish police say the conference is the most complex, uncomplicated event. a beheld is called to lung, at least 10000 police officers from across the united kingdom have been deployed. there's also been a massive shortage of hotel rooms on competition in glasgow due to price hikes, making some of the delegates for some of the nearby cities like edinburgh, and they are commuting every day to the venue on international day. all prophecies
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also planned for such a day with tens of thousands of protesters expect them to descend on glasgow. the activists were planning this. puerto said only through this peaceful act of civil disobedience, or they contained the attention of the world towards the climate crisis. well, nathan, thank he is a coordinator at any global campaign to demand climate justice and is in glasgow joins us now on skype. and of course the periscope was hugely significant, wasn't it? that was where leaders agreed that they would keep global temperatures rising above to decrease. yes, but really am for more like around one and a half degrees celsius. but they were required to come forward with specific plans on how they are going to do that. is that something it's likely to emerge from cop $26.00? unfortunately, not. the reality is that in the 6 years since the parts of the members sign,
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we've gone backwards. if anything, there are new nationally determined contributions that countries are never in here, but they really don't go far enough it's, it's more or less what we've already seen back in 2015. what are the consequences of that? of course, they will say that there are various reasons for this, whether it be political or economic governments not being able to deliver on, on the carbon is ation plans that will bring about anything around to, to decrease a one and a half degrees. but what are the ramifications like you to be? while drums cations all just delivering what they're saying they will deliver? are $2.00 degrees celsius warming by the end of the century, not sooner, which is devastating. that just sounds like an abstract number, but we're already living in a world of one point. one degree warming at $2.00. we really the impacts are
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so much greater. it's catastrophic. we're approaching that stage, you know, the total collapse of ecosystem. and of course then are organized global human community, which is dependent on those ecosystem. so it really is very, very severe. every cop is the last jump saloon in terms of countries delivering something and coming to agreement and improving their target. they've been doing this for 30 years. so it's not that god who is singularly unique and everything depends on this moment. every day is a day for government to step up their ambition in terms of climate change. which governments, he watching particularly closely what, how important is the contribution from us president joe biden?
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so of course we're watching the u. s. because there's a lot of fun for being made by death. it's returned to the old, the pirates agreement after the wilderness years of the trump regime. but unfortunately, joe biden is not bringing anything that even remotely resembles the united states its fair share of climate auction. the united states is the largest, the stark polluter. and earlier in the report was mentioned that production gap report in you can see the united states is commitment to climate change amounts to increasing its production of fossil fuel in the next decade. so it's a bit rich for joe biden to come to glasgow and hector other countries in particular, developing countries to increase their ambition and, and be carbonized on the similar time scale to the united states. when the united states has been the biggest polluter for so long in this
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process in this space, in particular, also really the biggest, the believe the biggest lie garden drive on ambition has been many cops in the past where the cars essentially been told by other countries get out of the way, please, because you're really blocking anything that could be considered progress. so when, when mister biden comes, i'm sure there will be a lot of noise and he will be celebrated by some just for not being trump. unfortunately, that's not good enough for people around the world to already a one degree warming facing just on imaginable suffering. as you say, just at the point where we are now in terms of global temperature rises, we have seen catastrophic wildfires and weather patterns causing a great deal of destruction to people's lives and livelihoods. so how, how significant would it be if in an ideal world you could have both the united
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states and china coming together with more ambitious plans and concrete targets on net 0 emissions? how powerful a message with that sand across the world. what sort of ripple effect could that have? of course, it's always going to be good if big countries, you know, probably largely populated companies like china, over 1000000000 people. united states being the world super pyre is always going to be good if they do more. thought opens up a bit of space, of course, but the united states and china are not on you think, studying by any stretch of the imagination. so to try and tie them into doing the same targets, meeting the same targets on the same time frame is really letting the united states off the hook quite significantly. but it would be great. obviously,
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if both displayed more ambition with their targets in the united states. the ambition is not the lack of ambition on the it's not only limited to their own emissions reductions and cuts to pollution. it's also showing up in their finance contributions in their climate finance for developing countries to do their own emissions reductions as well as adopt as best they come to the realities of climate change and deal with the impact with the losses in damages. the united states is not contributing its fair share on the i natural from either. so we would really need that movement in that area to encourage other countries to come forward with greater pledges. you say it's not just about emission reduction, but it is also about meeting targets on providing climate financing. thank you, nathan. thank he with the news, our life from london,
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there is still much more spring you on the program, but his sons long march is over after an agreement, and 10 days of often violent protests taking for gold in ecuador, why local residents and the government disagree over the future of the unique ecosystem and that is for the houses fire in men's tennis, continues his dominant form to quite a 5th title for the year. ah, now the sudanese teaches committee is called 1st strike in all states across to dawn. it comes a day after tens of thousands of people rally to denounce last mondays, military pu soldiers use tear gas and blocked major roads. at least 4 people were killed. hebrew morgan has the latest now from the streets of hard. tim,
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where on one of the main roads into dam capital, from central business district, and normally on a normal day around this time, which is mid afternoon in hot assume the roads are jammed with stars and the shops are open. and that's because this road connects to many state institutions and many banking institutions in the heart of the capital. but right now, there are very few cars on the street and many shops remain close. and this is a week after the military take over. now today is the 1st day of the work and we many people here say that they are very wary and they're very uncertain of the coming days. it's also they often nationwide protest people calling for the release of prime minister of the lamb, built on his cabinet members who arrested on monday. when the military took over. many protesters have called on people to join a civil disobedience movement. and to join general strikes, protested at residential levels, have set up barricade along the main roads and add their neighborhoods to try to get more people to join the civil disobedience movement. but to also make sure that
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there are fewer people going to work to show the army that they are still protesting against that take over some of the main roads and bridges that were blocked by the military leading to the capital. one of them have been opened with the exception of 2 bridges, but there are also streets that have been cleared off the barricade set by the port that says the army says that it wants to be life returned to normal as a way to form their civilian transitional governments, which should be led by the military until elections are held in july 2023. but protested they, they're not going to wait for the formation of that government and see what it looks like. they calling for more protests in the coming days. but in the meantime, they say they will use every means available to show the army that they're not happy with the takeover. and they want every time to democratic process that was already under way before the army over through the government. on monday, i just want to take a closer look now at the pro democracy groups behind the protests and civil disobedience. will the sydney's teachers committee that called the strike as part
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of the sudanese professionals association. this is a network of independent trade unions. it's demanding the restoration of the transitional government. it also includes the sudanese doctors central committee. it's been documenting the injuries and deaths of protest as to counter the government's official figures on the sudanese lawyers union have condemned the arrest of activist and politicians and called the military oppressive and to tell a tarion. and then on a more local level, there are many so called resistance committees, as they call themselves, grass roots bodies spread out across the country that are organizing protests in their communities. we can out speak with theodore murphy, director of the africa program at erupt. council on foreign relations. he joins us on skype from the german capital, berlin. what are these protests and this civil disobedience movement? what is this likely to achieve?
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well, i think it's demonstrating, 1st of all that the currency of power has really changed. so dan used to be ruled by the gun. and now the currency of power in sudan is popular mobilization. the military leaders. the generals who have instigated those who may have hoped that it would pass through with a minimum of opposition, both from the street and sudan, the protest movement, and also from the international community. but i think they're rapidly discovering that that was a great miscalculation the demonstrations yesterday. were a sign of that, and i think it can only be expected to continue if not escalate. but is the civilian government likely to be restored? i think it's not just the question of the civilian government being restored, the protest movement is demanding more than that now. and if we look at the balance of power, believe the it rests with the protest movement. so the protest movement is not just
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calling for a restoration of the power sharing agreement that existed between the 2 to the military and the civilian is calling out for the military to be pushed out of that power sharing marriage altogether. and for a full civilian leadership to, to take over. this is very different than what's being discussed, where the military leaders who have now instigated the school would appoint civilian leaders. we're talking about is something that completely empowers the civilian side, driven by the protest movement. not the other way around. right. so previously the past couple of years has been this by sharing agreement between sedans and civilian and military leaders. but that has been, it was fraught, it was unstable and obviously lead in part to what we see happening now. people want the, the military, it to simply and this coo and, and leave power. that's not likely to happen, is it, they seem to show yesterday that they were willing to deploy violence against
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peaceful demonstrators hila out there on the streets in many cities across the down . well, i'm not sure that the military leadership has that many options. if the sidney's population comes out on mass, repeatedly and over time, what can, what can the military really do to get the situation back under control? they will not be able to kill their way out of this. the cost would be unbearable. the international community as well, has come out rapidly and is almost completely united in condemning the smooth. so the, the got the military leadership, if the took, if a continued down this path would face international isolation and extreme unrest at home. i think what's more concerning is, what will the military leadership do if this continues what tactics with a resort to? and there's a possibility there that they won't just try to suppress. so use the old currency
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of power the gun but tried to find some kind of counter mobilization, tried to create their own popular protest movement. they won't be as successful in that as the civilians are ok, but they might bring some people to the streets. and this could lead to potentially catastrophic results where we would see real clashes between the 2 sides. that's what we need to avoid to the situation could become more dangerous as they start to playing gangs, and various and act as the loyal to them against the peaceful protest as even in the face of such mass mobilization and popular pressure. is it so easy or straightforward to get rid of the military? how entrenched, how powerful is that position within the country, not militarily and politically, but economically as well? well, there's the military leadership and there's the military. so what,
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what some people are discussing right now is whether those in the leadership who are responsible for this decision could make a graceful exit. and then with, with a fresh start, some kind of negotiated resumption of power sharing or civilian leadership with the military. and the subordinate role could, could take place. that's a possibility. it's true that the military and the former regime has deep rooted networks is able to draw upon financial and economic resources. that's all true. but again, it is very difficult to confront a mass popular movement with money or guns. there's just not that much you can do. and i think there's been a quite a fundamental miscalculation on behalf of those who instigated this to, from the military leadership on what the reaction would be both domestically in terms of the street and international. sorry. can i just you very briefly, what if they were to take that confrontation on with
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a support from outside the country? i don't see where that support would be coming from. there's very limited number of countries and those are in the immediate neighborhood who support what the military is doing. the vast majority, including all of the western partners, are categorically opposed. i don't see that changing here, delmar c. thank you very much for joining us from the european council on foreign relations. still ad on the news out as the cop $26.00 climates on the opens in scotland. revisit the african like that slowly vanishing china at a standstill. the fuel crisis that crippling the nation supply lines, adams for the atlanta braves edge, closer to the world series title. ah
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hello there. well autumn is certainly being felt in europe. we've got wet and windy conditions across many areas and that unsettled weather is set to continue for the next few days. the wind and the rain pulling in from the west, pushing across to the east. now ahead of this eastern europe, missing a lot of fine and dry weather stretching all the way from poland down to the balcony. that is going to change. by the time we get into choose day, and that's thanks, the low pressure that's pulling in, bringing some heavy rain storms and snow to pots of fronds to switzerland. so snow for the outs and some heavy rain from northern parts of italy. we have got some red warnings out fully gloria and tuscany. we could see some flooding from those torrential downpours. but as we go into tuesday, it's going to push across into austria into croatia. this area is going to see a lot of wet weather and with that we are going to see some of those temperatures come down. for example,
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in belgrade it's more rain as well for grease and the rain continues for fronds. it winds up slightly on tuesday for britain, an island, but with those briscoe winds will remain scandinavia see some of the rain fall heavily as we go further into the week. but it remains rather dry for western russia and it's rather mild in moscow at 7 degrees celsius. ah, the pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the raw and you episode of democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to come when of through the vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera got on one of the fastest growing
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nations in the world. news wanted cars on needed to oakland and develop it school track international shipping company to become a p middle east and we'll trade and money skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future, won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, welcome back. i mean stories now well, lead is of course for meaningful and effective.


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