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renee seats, a band of local heroes, any one of us ever got a responsibility to change our personal life for that? ah, okay, we're bringing you back chest or before the top of the errors, very significant milestone for al jazeera, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. what we're showing, you know, are live pictures of the ceremony, which is taking place at our headquarters right here in doha. what began as an arabic language satellite use channel in 1996 is now a global multi media network, with outlets on air and online in multiple languages, al jazeera has also been an advocates of press. freedom will joining us now, right next to me. in fact, is our correspondence mohammed vow mohammed's,
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we're going to stay with the pictures here, of course, this. so in the sense, the father, amir who is addressing this event, which kind of goes to show the real significance that this has 25 years of al jazeera, is obviously a, something to celebrate. but the fact that al jazeera is here at all, is also of great significance, not just to the arab world, but the whole media establishment about sites her 25 years ago when al jazeera started. nobody thought nobody could guess what, how, how it's going to develop and how it's gonna effect the art world. and if an years later, or until the, the war in afghanistan, people were in doubt whether the project would continue in the country. government was talking about privatizing it and you know, given it the funds only for 5 years and then it, it should stand on its own feet. whoa. who have seen the, the unimaginable developments that took place after that have seen it shooting. in
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this case of, of celebrate of celebrity and fame across the world. people were watching unders, your arabic, even before there was an english channel. yes, people were watching it in, in south korea, in china, in india, trying to stick to fight summer to translate what undesirable singing are you. okay . i'm just going to say they were going to listening to hear what the father amir is, is saying, let's just say, because he's very proud of the channel. let. let's hear what a he is saying is really and hoping to achieve the fruit itself for this project. and that is using to sell a new power and the out of the audience to be a participants in the debate. not just you, recipient of news. ladies and gentlemen, berdazi, pardon me, the launching of this project? couldn't a civil war without adler k. ting?
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considerable resources and i'm bringing a lot of garland thank competency, but the biggest challenge to us. so build a model of allison in lana media over time mark plus it in the adult world. our area, our regular world did not know me. the woodson sewer into, according to, and the, the, the high sound lucy, non, none of the world. a establishing this al jazeera has a beacon for that a, it has become linda through a,
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a here to the valley. or let's see this through a, [000:00:00;00] a . ready provided to us all what needs to fulfill its mission a refuse to that battle, or should be the subject of mix that from
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a point of view, it's a view to find their way to the platform of a of those, of course have the so this is size and compared to the, to in the heart of the minds of people. but they have no ride of depriving people from watching it because al jazeera, after all, is not for them to exclusively claim around the entire
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space of public media. to self say broad janitorial project, which came to a multiplicity in field, a z and i was always open to everybody including those. so i clicked the size that still the against a achieve this little only except through bravely defend the sacrifices of many people who worked it out of them. the number a man, the ultimate sacrifice in iraq to hear man, and libya,
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and other to the is sylvia. that for every one to see apart a day, we remember them play for all my a o a has given some were imprisoned, mechanically, unjustifiably, but all of that has made a even more determined to do their job. as offices have been close in many companies than i think we can expect more of the same as part of the family, but those were subjected to all sorts of had last minute. but that has done nothing but to make al jazeera,
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even more of the town to persevere on the path that has chosen for itself to serve with that network has kept up with all the painful development that our legion has gone through in the last one to 5 years, and they're always provided it will be the role of the honest a, convey to our people in this world revealing till the world a human on the face of the people of this region and this civilization law. actually, asia value al jazeera has been and will always remain a beacon,
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a blessed a and culture and the news of the savvy without falsify a that faithfully, accurately, especially in the days of the adam springs, expressed in the world by that of people to she piece full reform and we believe that on was believe that this kind of piece follow it, follow it should be the relationship between a self center. last type community. however, i feel
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a painful event. and because once again, the all be the same, what objection of people's aspirations in narrowing down a people that have not yet a final world, a climb mountains a i'm glad to let you all people work
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with be upon you all. ok, we've just been listening to her. she had been khalifa, anthony, a he is the, the former amir of cats are, of course, he was a mere, at the time that the channel was founded and this really was added mom. and i really want to get this point across the fact that it will before al jazeera, the reason al jazeera was such a, a grounds bree king or projects a groundbreaking, n surprises because the arab world really hadn't seen anything like it before. just talk us through what our to sera meant to, to audience is particularly audiences in the arab world. who hadn't had access to this kind of news before. and, and just talk as to how transformative it was for audience is across the middle east. well, 25 years ago there was no single art channel that starts and use with the,
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with the news of the people. yes, they started with the news of the air of the leaders, the ruling in the saw, the fact that these channels suddenly out of the blue began on the 1st day of his broadcast. a new approach to the news was at that what was not only fascinated, but even shocking to many. now how can this happen? this is a channel owned by an armed government that starts the news with what happens to people and not what happens with the leaders or what they say and so on. so that in itself is this was a seminal, it change. yeah. and you can build on that over the years it to remain steadfast in that approach. and it, sir, it's the slogan was the opinion on the other opinion. so it was not just the opinion of one side, but it had brought to the debate. all the voices that could be found because that was she didn't get that before did she you only ever saw the one site on television
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. i met my father watching it, absolutely transfixed. just seeing both sides, like the argument brought together in the one place. and you know, over the years, i mean the meal has just been speaking about the tribulation, to relations up to the others. yeah. i was facing across the 25 years. how it was it's hard quarters well bombarded, how it's, it's correspondence well, put in jail. how it was subject to campaigns, systematic campaigns, housman governments try to put fresh on, cut out to close the channel. i mean, all that tells you how much, what kind of a hill an uphill battle just was, was fighting was, you know, climbing. yeah. and he has predicted that this will continue at the same time, we can say that the people in the well, the desperately in need of this change of this channel or this network. now they will continue to be need because the outer world has not said its final word. we have seen the offspring,
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the failure of the spring and the problems we have seen. you know that what's happening in all of the other countries. most of the other countries now, so there will be more troubles ahead and there will be more engagement for this in those problems to show you know, to, to, to, to give the voice of the voiceless. and remember that with understand and this, this is, this is, you know, this is not my analysis. many analysts, there's a lot of books, i've written legislation. the, the, i mean the, the status of the situation before i just was launched was that there was the flow of news. the, the, the flow of news was coming from the north to the, if i had no voice, but with under 0, the voice of the south was being had in the north. and that triggered a lot of interest, even in the west itself. you know, competition did not happen only in the region here, but even channels like cnn and the b, b, c began to, you know, you got to look at this and take a look for ways to,
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to compete with it within the source itself. as a, as a, as a strong voice that has to be, you know, compete with that. it does, yes. certainly a remarkable channel as michael channel to work out as well. we can both agree mohammed and like he say the, our builds still has lots to say and we will be, they're communicating and broadcasting the voice of the voiceless mohammad phone. great. have you all set? thank you very much. in the mo, the us president joe biden has told the cop 26 summit that the u. s. is committed to action own climate change, not just words by then is working to prove. washington is a reliable partner. remember the us left the 2015 paris agreements on or former president donald trump. a decision which will traverse by 2 by were planning
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for both short term spread to 3rd 2030. that will keep 1.5 degrees celsius and rich . and for a marathon that will take us, take us to the finish line and transform the largest economy the world into a thriving, innovative, equitable, and just clean energy engine of net 0 for an a 0 world. that's why today i'm releasing the u. s. long term strategy, which presents a vision of achieving the united states goal of ned 0 mission is economy wide by no later than 2050 will speaking before precedent by 10 year and chief antonio guitar, russia u. k. prime minister boris johnson gave much stock of warnings, a bite. what's at stake o it addiction to fuss him? fools is pushing humanity to the bidding. we face us thought choice. i then we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough enough of boot,
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the lising biodiversity enough of killing though ourselves with carbon enough of t thing. nature like a toilet. enough of burdening and dealing and minding though it weighed deeper. we are digging our own graves. the longer we failed to act, the worse it gets, and the higher the price when we are eventually forced by catastrophe to act because humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act. now. if we don't get serious about climate change to day, it will be too late for our children to do so. to morrow. we can cross live no to mohammed adult who is in glasgow forest. mohammed's
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a doomsday cloak taking our own graves. it doesn't sound much like the leaders themselves. take this conference is going to achieve anything. yes, indeed. halla and they were bound to say that delegates who spoke to say they were expecting the speeches from would lead us to set the temple. and it is from this picture. they said that they are, they will have deduced to whether cop $26.00 was on a truck to achieving an agreement of the end of the 12 days of negotiations. here the over arching m a goal of these summit is to set the world on a path to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also slowed down a global warming. and that's what the speeches were all about. the one minute to doomsday quotes from prime minister, a buddhist johnson,
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and also the 2nd general of the united nations waxing lyrical about all the been just the was the world faces. somehow it will be catastrophic for the people of the world if nothing is done at this point. george, by them, is his presence here. his very presses here has been seen as a really positive on that it shows the u. s. is back of the table and ready to combat global warming and climate change. but again, it, he has a setback in that he's much touted. legislative agenda for climate suckling climate change still hangs in the balance because it's yet to get an approval from congress . but nonetheless, that his presence here has been seen as very positive by many people, but absence of his peers. the russian president vladimir putin and the chinese
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president changing p is many say is going to really dump and the spit if that will be a closed door mythics where it will lead us, i suppose, to host for you to come up with an agreement once they finish that deliberately on their speeches here. then the negotiate as i expected to walk on texts with a view of having a deal by the 12th of november. okay, mohammed that though their life for us in glasgow. mama, thank you. the spring break in use night of nigeria, where a 21 story building has collapsed in legals. it's believed 50 people are trapped. officials have been trying to demolish or retrofit unsafe buildings in legal switches, africa's seconds most populous 50. with an ac buildings have been demolished so far this year was crossover amenities. he's following the story from neighboring chad
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asked me, what will, can you tell us about this building collapse? well, basically it happened this afternoon. holla, and what we know so far is that 2 people have been pulled out a life on the scenes while ambulances and emergency workers, but there was nothing much they could do. they tried to get through the rubble with bare hands until this hour, 1518 minutes ago when heavy duty machinery started coming into the area of lagos, which is a high brow residential and commercial estate in mega city. and then the work started in earnest, looking at the rebel, the mountain of rebel, the in fact, needed much more bigger heavy duty commit to move the rebel in order to access the people who have been trapped inside that building. now it's not clear exactly how many people have been trapped and emergency workers are really silent about the
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number of people who been killed because of this disaster. lagos is no stranger to this disaster. respecting the construction code has always been a difficult situation in lagos enforcement. despite enforcement such contravention, continue not only in lagos, but across the cities in id area. people bribe officials to look the other way while the big go screaming things and making construction or constructing poorly built structures in lagos. eventually these structures collapse and killed and lots of people every yeah, we read your stuff, such incidences. but again, in the area why this incident occurred, it's expected that officers are watching closely because this is a high brow area. and people expect officials in that area will be watching exactly and constantly how these construction works continue. it's not clear whether it's the fault of construction, construction workers,
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all it's because of climate change makers has been thinking over the past few years because of climate change. there's been a lot of flooding in that area, but it's too early to say exactly what caused that incident. holler. okay. did you use their life or is there for me at chad for now? thank you very much indeed. of the u. s. supreme court says, hearing arguments about an abortion law in texas, the regulation effectively bands terminations. once the fetal heartbeat is detected, it's been in effect since september, but hundreds of thousands of people have protested against it across the country. the justice department says it violates some landmark ruling from 1973. the pole is struggling after several days of flooding and devastating landslides, with a $100.00 people have been killed, and homes and copes have been destroyed. expert, se, landslides are more coleman in the himalayan region. this reins become more intense and glassy, his mouth,
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saying the survey has more from one of the areas. so it's been effected. i want to start by giving you sort of a broad sense of what it looks like here on the ground. we're east of cut my do about 2 hours incentive, paul chart, district. and i just want to give you a sense of what it looks like. you're right now, we're just gonna zoom in here and i want to show you this river valley basin here. now all the areas that you see, the gravel bed, the gray rubble and sand, that whole space, right there was covered in water. up until a few days ago. now what we're seeing here, all of that, that was, that is now grey sandy rubble used to be rice, patty, field. all that's left now is that small green space, a farmland that we see in frame. now everything else was washed away by the flood waters. now, what this represents is a loss of economic income for the people who live in areas like this all across the country. it represents
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a lot of food security. those for agricultural crops that will grow not just to be sold, but to be consumed by these local communities. we have a more than 100 people dead on the policy side of the border from these floods. another $100.00 plus deaths on the indian side of the border. this is effected the country in almost every region that we can think of. and it's not just a $150.00 dead and or missing. there's bridges that have been destroyed, at least 5000 building structures, homes, roads, land slides are now threatening people's lives and livelihoods. 5000000 people have know died from cove at 19. that number comes from johns hopkins university, but the world health organization estimates the actual figure could be almost 3 times higher than health authorities suggest. the virus was 1st identified in the
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chinese city of hon. and december 2019 was 250000000 infections. have since been reported globally and will finish with the celebrations going on right here right now in doha, marking 25 years since the launch of our just sarah, addressing the ceremony, former country and the a 100, been heavy for us on these that the network can become a transformative for us, especially in the arab world, will began as an arabic language, satellite news channel in 1996 is now a global multi media network with its own air and online in multiple languages. jamal shall take a look back at the history of the media network and the obstacles and challenges. it's based on the time of its launch in 1996 all to 0 was seen by many as merely a drop in
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a media ocean dominated by mostly western news channels and outlets 25 years later that drop has caused ripples the world over forcing a synonymy of change across the globe before al jazeera launch. the arab world enjoyed little if any media freedom citizens from iraq to martini, were told what to think and say, through state own channels that focused on, glorifying their leaders. while ignoring the concerns of ordinary people. but when the channel began broadcasting under the slogans of the opinion and the other opinion and the voice of the voiceless, it's on the respect and recognition of millions and it's viewership rocketed. while most media outlets were embedded with american and british forces during the occupation of iraq, all jesse were reported the otherwise untold story of the human cost of the war. as it had done before and i've got to stand. but this came at a heavy price. odyssey ra journalists were injured, arrested, and even killed. among them thought of
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a you who was killed by us strike on the capital. baghdad illegally occupied palestine al jazeera has always been present. it's cameras, broadcasting the daily struggles of palestinians living under is radio occupation. correcting a narrative, the previous you fail to tell that side of the story killed by the israeli army. from the 2nd intifada to the attack on an 8th flotilla headed to the besieged gaza strip. and until the recent war in 2021, the network has reported the story from all sites and angle. again, this resulted in its offices in gaza, being bombed this time by the israeli army, live on t v in early 2011. and that's where the motto, being the voice of the voiceless, crystallized, arab capital of the arab capital, erupted with anger. and millions of people took to the streets, demanding freedom, justice and a better life. these are the people, all g 0 was on the ground reporting life while local, regional,
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and even some international channels failed to acknowledge the historic process that became known as the arab spring. all the while the network remained loyal to its other motto, giving airtime to everyone, including the regimes that were cracking down on their own people. in 2017, and a testament to how influential al jazeera had become a blockade on thought was imposed by egypt. saudi arabia, bucklin, and the united arab emirates, they insisted the channel must be shut down for the blockade to be lifted. a demand rejected by cutters leader whose country hosts the network. so you're not going to shut down. i don't know when the country's ruler sticking to the commitments made by his father on the day the channel was launched back in 1996 and rest assured the channels freedom will not be restricted politically. it'll be a platform for every opinion. what started off as an arabic language channel 25 years ago is now
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a global media networks that includes 5 different channels. several websites and a plethora of digital platforms, all have cemented themselves as leaders in their field. all of them seeking the human story and striving to speak truth to power. a quarter of a century has passed and what was once described by form, adrian dictates. office nemo bought as a tiny much box is now a global media empire whose flame continues to burn as a beacon of free press in a region that has never needed. it's more dramatic y'all. i just gotta, doha, ah, this is al jazeera, these all the headlines


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