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its citizens, britons true colors, part one on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ready oh, it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock. either we stop it or it stops us. 1.5 is what we need to survive. well did is make and passion please for decisive action to stop global warming. as the cop 26 conference begins, endears, pledge to cause its emissions to net 0 by 2070 missing the summits goal by 20 years . ah. hello, i'm mary amazons, and you're watching al jazeera,
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also coming up on the program. the number of people known to have died of coven, 19 world wide pos is 5000000. and at least 3 people, a dead dozens and missing off to high rise apartment building collapses in the nigerian city of lagos. ah, well, the world is strapped to an environmental doomsday device. the british prime minister says, but it's not too late to turn this off. opening the cop 26 climate summit and glasgow boris johnson welcome more than 20000 delegates telling them they need to act. now . they include more than a $120.00 world leaders, such as u. s. president joe biden, who said nations like his which it caused the damage needed to get to work out there is diplomatic editor james base reports now from glasgow. oh,
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intense diplomacy ahead of this event has been going on for years. this has been billed as the conference the can save the planet. it's host the u. k. prime minister making the point of the city where it's being held. glasgow was the place where the steam engine was invented 250 years ago, triggering and industrial revolution that started the climate crisis. yes, my friends. we brought you to the very place where the doomsday machine began to tick. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act now to scan it and the warnings of what is at stake here, continued this from the un secretary general. lillian, our addiction to fossil fuels, is pushing humanity to the bidding. we face a stark choice either we stop it or it stops us. we are digging our
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own grapes. u. s. president joe biden came to glasgow with, unlike his predecessor, donald trump, a strong commitment to fight the climate emergency. but without the tools to do so, his green policies depend on a massive spending package that has already been paid back and has yet to pass congress. there's no more time to hang back or shit in the fans or argue amongst ourselves. this is a challenge of our collective lifetime, the existential threat, threat to human existence as we know it. and the president told delegates the eyes of history were on them. but president biden's own eyes were the subject of speculation on social media. did he doze off at one point as he listened to the speeches here in glasgow, there'll be 12 days of long, intense negotiations for this vital conference to be a success. all the stars need to align, but some powerful leaders like president,
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she of china and russia as president putin are not here. and there's not been the hope for momentum ahead of caught 26 over the weekend in rome. the leaders of the most prosperous nations on the planet met. they said all the right words about the climate, but they didn't take the action that was needed. according to environmentalists, one g 20 country india has committed at the glasgow conference to be net 0 by 2070, but prime minister nor andrew modi's announcement will disappoint many putting his country 2 decades behind the un target of 2050 barra india will fulfill 50 percent of its energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030, between now and 2030 india will reduce as total projected carbon emissions by $1000000000.00 tons by 2030. and you will reduce the carbon intensity of its economy by 45 percent. and by 2070 and you will achieve the target of net 0
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emissions. 20 live in on the front lay mia motley, is the prime minister of barbados, a small island nation that was battered by a hurricane in july. court read court, read to the g 7 countries. court read court, read for the g 20 earth. the ha, that's what it said. earth to cop for those who are ways to see for those who have is to listen and for laws who have a heart to fear. 1.5 is what we need to survive. the urgency of the situation is obvious, but it's still not clear. there's the commitment by all nations to try to fix things. james bay's al jazeera glasgow, la british mont, at queen elizabeth was unable to attend the conference for health reasons. instead, sending a video message, i from one hopes of this conference will be one of those rare occasions where
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everyone will have the chance to rise above the politics of the moment and achieve true statesmanship. it is the hope of many that the legacy of this summit written in history books yet to be printed, will describe you as the leaders who did not pass up the opportunity. and that you also the coal of those future generations. will the 2020 environmental performance index ranked liberia west in times of sustainability? according to local residents, starting over the damage is being caused, my corporations that have been allowed to exploit the regions resources. nicholas hoc travels the outs, cuts the capital monrovia to speak to those directly affected. it is deep in liberia as gideon forest regions that samuel dory comes to mourn her friends inside these coffins is maria. the farmer grieves of the pastor renee,
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the village shopkeeper, the cause of their death, samuel says, is the nearby rubber plantation of the tire manufacturing company firestone a long it started with a coffee, says doorway accuses the company of course, and the water they used for drinking informing odd if i houston one is cook and robert bringing it on to what to pollution. i'm feeling hurt. these are my citizens . it was, i am very angry. i keep saying that over and over high school, the government doesn't care about yesterday. since right now, you see the destruction. i will be long. this is not supernatural. we will destruction. what from debt to water was the government knows of firestone is exploiting only a 5th of the 10000 square kilometer land concession, but it is expanding as the 99 year government lease was renewed in 2005. the company is clearing large parts of liberia, skinny and forest reaching home to wear species of animals like the pig, me, hippo,
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and western chimps. their habitat is under threat environmental as say the rivers are contaminated with heavy metals, killing aquatic life. all this is supposed to be the lungs of west africa, but right here in the firestone confession the air is thick with chemicals. it's things the eyes. now in the statement firestone says it's doing all it can to mitigate the effect of climate change. and it is sticking to the current librarian laws to protect the environment. labyrinth rents at the bottom of the environmental performance index with researcher saying that the countries behind its regional peers, particularly in protecting the biodiversity, ensuring habitat conservation, and preventing climate change. who are followed or who are part of the industrial, rob, bottom family, who have the, the grid up potential to destroy our, if it is not us. and then when you make a report and think that we are doing less,
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what are you doing? you another more as well. my beer is poor and indebted government has given almost half the countries land in concession stewed, multinational companies in order to repay its debt to international creditors. these companies are exploiting the countries rich natural resources and displacing tens of thousands of people in the process most are making the country's capital. their home. faced with this influx authorities are unable to manage the expanding slums in clear, the mounting waste with a capital barely one meter both sea level. the rising ocean is now destroying their homes. for liberians, there is no escape from the effect of climate change. doorway sees in this coffins a reminder for future generations of what caused his friends, death and the pollution that can no longer be ignored or destroying the lives of so many. nicholas hawk al jazeera and by monrovia. then knock is considered one of the
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greenest countries in europe, if not the world. a key to that is how it generates power and how danes get around, as john hall explains from copenhagen. i'm standing quite literally at the height of environmental sustainability here on a very windy day. on top of the mound, build above a power plant, a green power plant beltran not smoke, but steam into the air. and turning, copenhagen's, un recyclable waste into heat and power for close to a 1000000 homes and giving more than that back to the people of the city as well. on one side, there's a dry sky slope. and on the other side, there's an 18 meta, high climbing wall. it's all parts of copenhagen's plan to become the 1st carbon neutral city by 2025. already. a 3rd of all of denmark's power comes from renewable sources. and you can see perhaps out there in the baltic, strike the wind turbines doing their bit. we have visitors coming every day. we
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have families coming with children. when they take the elevator ride up, they can look directly into the stomach of the way you planned. you can hear the little children talking with the dad about what is going on in here. and he tells them that the garbage that we throw out in the home is being driven here. it's being burned, a 1000 degrees celsius and outcomes, energy and hot water that they can show. and now another thing the danes do spectacularly well is cycling and cycle ponds already up to 50 percent of journeys to work. take place by bike. it's hope that by 2025, 3 quarters of all journeys anywhere will take place on bicycles, on foot or on public transport. this country then at the forefront of a clean transport revolution as well. john al jazeera copenhagen. ah.
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to grind, battling ethiopian government now say they've joined out with a rebel force from the aroma region and considering marching on the capital earlier . if your government accused to grind fighters of killing a 100 use a claim they deny government tweet says the killings happening composure. a strategic town or apple group that it captured on sunday? will ethiopia is prime minister abbey? a homage is called on all citizens to mobilize in the fight against that crime forces which have also managed to take the town of dessie on a highway leading to addis ababa if you're p as ami has been fighting the people's desperation front for nearly a year. tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced by the conflict and many a starving or 21 story building and nigeria has collapsed killing at least 3 people, dozens more fear to be trapped in the rubble building is reported to have been under construction. it's not yet clear what caused the collapse, but have been recent efforts to demolish or reinforce unsafe buildings in the city
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. with more than $800.00 demolish this year. watching al jazeera ly from london still ahead on the program. oh, my tech in washington is the i supreme court. he is arguments on the near total abortion band in texas ad francis fishing community feeling left at sea as governments move closer to an all out trade or ah, no, admittedly, the been simply sharp shells recently around brisbin, but the day off i think the clouds, you can see still around but dispersing, but these thunderstorms should give you a clue. what's coming in, this is an active frontal system. there be some rain all way through the red hot, but just ahead of it. there's a cold front. it's warm enough late because the wind is coming from the north,
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then it goes through the temperature drop about 10 degrees. these stalls and i got very much energy in. so for new south wales of victoria, once again the potential for damage can we have the sky is still there on this blue with and the tropics as well. purse is okay back in the sunshine by 22 degrees. the season looks about right now for most the southeast asia in that this non mass here, the china is largely dry. there is right in northern vietnam, which they shouldn't be in this right in southern china, which they shouldn't be that seasonally wrong, but it's drawing up and lose all that looks about. right. but it's the right is for the sas in malaysia and indonesia and missing this part of asia. with the strange exception, the monsoon troughs through india is also going long way south officially, the southwest sponsored has gone, went on the 25th of october. but the still ray in the northeast one soon, and it's a long way north. what is the magic pradesh? the far west is go. and of course, down through sri lanka, it does look whit ah,
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with as australia, a photo journalist ran towards the flames to document the destruction. what does climate change look like? with scale that we parted in witness capturing change on al jazeera. the challenge is getting people to engage. oh, a main stories now. more than 100. 20 wild leaders are in glasgow,
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scotland hearing about the urgent need to tackle climate change. us a few general 100 towers told the cop 26 conference that by failing to respond to the crisis countries with digging their own grace. a 21 story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least 3 people. thousands more thought to be trapped in the rubble and the therapy as prime minister as calling on citizens to fight the rival to crime forces. after they took the key towns of jesse and culture, the to bryan say they've joined forces with an aroma rebel force and a considering marching on the capital. or more on that story. now because earlier i spoke to get you read these bugs, pass in for the ted gray people's liberation front, who said that the region is under siege is under brook. it's been on the stage to, you know, and this has been even more, has been even more strange then,
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especially with the, the forces from the guy last june. and we have this on is broken. what else to make sure that i'm not dying from? i'm going to have to make sure that the access to access the buyout. so we do what it takes to make sure that the cd is broken. if flat is managing, it is what it takes to. but when you have an objective for military victory beyond breaking the siege around to gripe, do you also plan on, on reaching this above you set your sights on the capital the if you continue to hold a lot of people and he does have to make sure that every major will have to be used to try lives. that is not a change. why? this is what it takes to win. and if working with and we are working with
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is what it takes that we will and link to nothing to do with the just wanna follow up on anything. but we are focused on neutralizing the trade. so that is that, that i could be brought to by because we have different genocide for a long time now for, for over a year. now we have to make sure that this doesn't exist anymore. more than 5000000 people around the world have died from the corona virus, according to the john hopkins university tracker, many experts say the actual numbers much higher. you end up to john antonio, the terrorist said, is devastating milestone reminds us that we are failing much of the world. while wealthy countries are rolling out 3rd doses of coven vaccine, only about 5 percent of people in africa, a fully vaccinated. this is a global shame. brianca gupta, now reports people gasping for air,
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families torn apart, and governments forced to close borders and order. millions of people to be confined to their homes. the coven 19 pandemic, have now killed more people than any other viral epidemic in the 21st century. but almost 2 years since the 1st case emerged in china's won province, and a new current virus spread rapidly across the globe. effective vaccines, developed at a record pace seemed to be having some impact at the moment that the average number of daily depths worldwide is lower than what we were seeing last year. and a lot of that could be attributed to a combination of vaccination. people understanding how cobit in fix people and what they have to do to control it. but in russia, which produced was 1st, domestically developed over 900 job. many people are reluctant to take it,
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and that's leading to a record number of deaths. and after the initial optimism of a fast vaccine rule out, if the u. k, are the parts of western europe and china infections arising, it'll be very interesting to see what happens in, in the northern hemisphere as by and large many countries have no restrictions at all. now and back things, obviously the whole population is not vaccinated and, and as they go into winter, people are closing the windows and doors and, and there's a higher risk of transmission. and in both households and businesses and social social settings. so i think where we're about to learn a lot and that is how much we can rely on the vaccine on to why richard nations are racing to give booster shots. poor countries, particularly in africa, are struggling to get supplies of ac scenes,
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leaving millions of people, fundable, conflict and poverty have already devastated health care systems in syria, yemen, haiti, democratic republic of congo, which have yet to vaccinate. even 5 percent of the populations. the lack of vaccination in the poll world has a huge impact in 2 ways. first up, many, many people are dying today that don't need to die. getting very, very sick and losing relatives. we still have a situation where nurses and doctors in some of these countries are not even protected against this candidate. a pandemic seems far from over. but some countries like australia, town, not uncompleted. you are preparing for a new way of life. reopening the economies with more vaccines and fewer restrictions, bianca, the al jazeera, hundreds of refugees had been rescued by the great coast guard. after spending days
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in the g and c, a boat was adding to italy from turkey, but last power along the way, causing a dispute over who should rescue them. john's roblis visited the end of costs where refugees are being held in quarantine. most of those rescue to being held here at the reception and identification center on the island. of course it's currently being expanded to accommodate more refugees. we were allowed to film the rescued passengers from a distance, but not to talk to them, even though they've all tested negative for coven 19. the greek centers for disease control mandates that they spend 2 weeks in quarantine. after that, they'll be allowed to apply for asylum here than younger battelle it, but in many they were weary after spending 3 days at sea, but they also seemed relieved. their misery was over come some have mobility problems. we gave them water food 1st aid i and we are looking for clothing for them becoming their journey. here was an ordeal and an accident. they set out from turkey, heading for italy,
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but their ship lost power and they called for help. this is how the greek coast guard found them adrift on the g and c. they then towed them 750 kilometers, took course the nearest reception center where they could be processed according to e, g, and boat report and, and geo that monitors refugee boats. that tow lasted almost 3 days because the murat was dragged back and forth. greek authorities say that's because they were trying to get turkey to accept the boat back. we sent twitter request for his current this. they never is on the, on the just. then we had the she already bought. mainly we were asking whether the ship is ducky shot, not any dish durkis. whether we should do the dirty shirt, she irregular migration has become a sensitive issue between greece and turkey. under a 2016 agreement turkish authorities are supposed to prevent refugees from entering
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the european union. but in march of last year, turkey actively encouraged refugees to storm greek borders. ever since then, aid groups alleged greek authorities have often tried to prevent potential asylum seekers from entering greek territory. such prospects are illegal under the geneva convention on the status of refugees. the passengers of the buddha to $7.00 to $9.00 were caught in the intensifying politics of board of management. jobs. federal police al jazeera, got the right to an abortion in the u. s. as in the balance, su, chrissy room court justices. here, arguments over any a total ban on the procedure in texas, it prevents any terminations. once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is often before a woman knows she is pregnant, spitting effects in september, and led to hundreds of thousands of people across the country, protesting against it. a democrat that justice department is bringing the challenge against the republican controlled state. patty colleen has more from washington
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just about 3 hours of back and forth. the justices heard arguments for and against the texas abortion law. basically it goes round roe v wade, which allows abortion in the country and says that private citizens can basically sue anyone involved in how helping a woman get in abortion. and they could face up to a $10000.00 fine after the arguments, the lawyers for both sides said that they were optimistic. i don't wanna read too much into abt leave. but as i said, several justice we're obviously concerned with, i think you heard today the state of texas mit texas can do this with the right to abortion band with brown versus the board of education. a state could have gotten around the supreme court's decision. brown, by allowing anyone to sued for $10000.00 or more. someone who's integrating sworn to the federal court, would have been completely powerless. so the focus for me is this case,
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and this is case law. what happens in other states, what their legislators are elected to do are different than what are our elected officials are elected to do. and so each state has a responsibility to do what they think is right. and their legislators have a responsibility to represent their constituents abuse. and so i'm pleased to, to represent this state on this particular issue. and we're going to go for doing this that the justices of signals, they don't really plan to rule on whether the texas laws, constitutional, but whether providers or the federal government actually has the right to sue to stop texas. the bigger abortion case is going to come in december, that's when the justices will hear about a law in mississippi that says, abortions cannot happen after 15 weeks of pregnancy. that is far shorter than the current law allows. both of these decisions that were not expected for months, but they will have a huge impact on this country will in the past hour, spend the sign of a possible falling in the fishing dispute between person and france. french you
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affairs minister says he's invited, is pursers counterpart talks on thursday, an offer that's been accepted. france had threatened to impose restrictive new customs. checks from tuesday, and less french boats were granted more access to british waters from bologna out. so mass alexi, o'brien reports at the fish market and france's biggest fishing port. they nervous some here say they've already lost nearly 50 percent of their income after their boats weren't granted a license to fish and british waters were, ah, overhang otis, are going like bugging monica. this is all, what we don't understand is why some boats are given licenses and others warrant. some of these boats have been fishing in these waters for generations either suddenly having acids or none network, but that is also the ocean became the latest battle ground between the u. k. and the european union under post bricks a tre deal, which came into force this year. it meant both sides could control who could fish
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and their waters. france accuses the u. k. of unfairly denying permission to dozens of its vessels. fishermen and we'll also mer, rely on british waters for their catch. but the relationship goes both ways because for the british fishing and st. france is the gateway to europe and they depend on ports like this for access to the continent. if the u. k. doesn't resolve the issue, francis threatening to roll out a series of sanctions, including tougher checks on trucks going to and from the u. k. and preventing british fishing boats from docking and unloading their catch. the u. k says it's considering legal action if the measures go ahead. all sudden cry bianco says the announcement of rex it. we knew that be a lot of problems for the fishing industry. what's happening now is not a surprise. and the biggest losers will be the british retirement, and the french fishermen and not just them, there is concern here that thousands of jobs could be affected,
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including those who processed their fish that brought a shore from british boats over could move to sub i. yeah. what we want is for everyone to be able to work for everyone to be able to go anywhere respecting each other's jobs, have i resolved to have equal rights and work hand in hand like before. this susie's home to a statue that pays tribute to the close relations between the u. k and france. but that relationships being solely test it. and as politicians argue over their futures, some in the fishing community feel they're being left out at sea. alexia brian, elders era, bologna assume air, northern france on al jazeera is celebrating its 25th anniversary, was launched as an arabic language satellite use channel in 1996 from the country capital. doha is now a global network with several outlets. in many languages,
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al jazeera has been a fierce advocate of media freedom, and several of its journalists have been arrested and jailed because of their work . well, much more, everything we're covering right here, lots of comments and analysis that takes you behind the headlines and then at live streaming available there as well. al jazeera dot com. ah, a recap of the main story. is this our now more than a 120 wild leaders are in glasgow, scotland hearing about the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency delegates heard you. k prime minister boys johnson say the world was strapped to a doomsday device. un generals, i could drown toyota terrace.


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