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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 1:30am-2:00am AST

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any languages al jazeera, has been a fierce advocates of media, freedom and several of its journalists have been arrested and jailed because of their work. well, much more everything we're covering right here, lots of comments and analysis that takes you behind the headlines and then at live streaming available there as well. al jazeera dot com ah a recap of the main stories, the sound now more than a 120 while theatres are in glasgow, scotland hearing about the urgent need to tackle the climates emergency delegates heard you. k prime minister boys johnson say the world was strapped to a doomsday device. un general secretary antonio terrace, told the cop 26 conference that by failing to respond to the crisis. countries with digging their own graves. oh, it addiction to foreseen fools. you splashing humanity to the body. we
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face us thought short. either we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough. enough of built the lising, biodiversity. you laugh of killing, go ourselves. we have carbon. enough of to thing nature like a toilet. you laugh of burning and drilling and minding, go away, deeper. we are digging oh it own graves. despite the urgency of the message, not all well leaders are present in scotland among notable absentees. judging pain from china, which is the world's biggest pollution, and the russian president vladimir putin. when other stories were covering more than 5000000 people have now died from covered according to the johns hopkins university tracker, that many experts believe the actual number is higher. the u. n. is described, the vaccine roll out to poor countries, particularly those in africa were only 5 percent of people have been inoculated as
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a global shane. in ethiopia, the prime minister ahmed is calling on citizens to fight the rival to grind forces after they took the key towns including dessie and come bolger. but to grind, say, they've joined forces with an aroma rebel force and a considering marching on the capital. and a $21.00 story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least 3 people, dozens more fear to be trapped in the rubble. the building is reported to have been under construction, not yet clear what caused the collapse that been recent efforts to demolish or reinforce unsafe buildings in the city with more than 80 demolish this year. were witnesses next looking at australia as bush fires and that climate warning to the world? that's it for myself in the team here in london, we'll see you tomorrow in affluent distress. some neighborhoods are wrapped by social and economic despair. one 0, what
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a fake. the bad of local heroes, every one of us, they have a lot of responsibility to change our personal philosophy for their sip of a drink on al jazeera, a hearing the grant area, you need to be thinking, sheltering the supplier approach and protecting yourself away sheltering in college who i you have read and under that i suspect to come towards read by. yeah. i talk
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with who knows why people need to see things to believe the thing is it's really hard to show contracts. what is times
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i nash? i'm sleepy, so now i got a warning lot. i'm yeah, yeah. i'll be got you. yeah. yeah. are you a little like amber flushing love thing. i'll give you a call once i get to the wandering kaiser. i got locked up. i've been growing philosophy like at least 10 years of just struggle early in the last 4 or 5 years, i've been able to make a career out of it and to be able to pay my rent. this is my 1st by us citizen really. there's a couple days was really started with our breathing was i was one dioxide part. if i had a brick in my lungs, it was really scary to be honest. but i just felt like had to be, you know,
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i had to work cuz it's the shoe store. so, so this though i didn't have a choice thing with an employer or chart that does look solid. yeah. ah it rings on its way to work with actually great position right now. we got to get ready
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wasn't what i but
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i also put on a brick wall store just like to do a good job. it was just the one else already built on it doesn't really. it doesn't feel like what you would think it would fill
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this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in the last few months. so it was really a wake up call from a rural lesson quite light in the evening and the fire was bubbling behind these trees and everyone was pretty relax. mm. with that to me. it was a real lesson and how flies and how quickly things can change. we were for reference fives for 2 months, but it still was
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a scale that was shocking people in with like angela. it felt like frontline the whole order of things with the wind are the neighbors on a slide were trying to defend their properties. did i say this conqueror hopping towards mame mm hm. just ran right in front of this one. hi. that was brought in. what's up in the morning on the 2nd of january, the image was nearly every front page of the u. k. papers and being shared across
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social media. wildfire been treated on many from pages around the world was taken by the photo journalist, matthew alba. he treated my last day the decade, felt like the apocalypse, covering all the rest of the world. it was a clear top climate change in reduced cost or even normal radium prime minister scott morrison counted claims. the consequence of man made climate change will destroyed. well, i don't like to say so. so he had the front door,
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he clipped the stairs when i went out that day when i told him to what i saw a bit emotional about it. oh, i can't. thank you enough that i thought i'd just just nice to look at him when you wanting to think of something i remember it. i yeah, randolph discreetly. okay. yeah. just cuz cuz i want to show everybody that was on the side and i went to the, the same bath was cuz we didn't want to be near the bush and to do no harm to the harm to the point now. now we, i connect me to boise, i didn't even know dora. god,
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i was terrified with who with head for as before, but there's nothing like the image which no, i can't get out of my mind is burning wallabies desperately running to find water to immerse themselves if i would have perished at any rate. but by running directly accelerating the spread of the far end up like you know, ideas in the scary discount, the any one middle dies attract human error. that is only access. josh is fan dated from the
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blue i i think i've been crying before. i'm going to come down with he to i know no, i wasn't right. is there is so i mean, i've heard terrible with or should i come to when george colorado i live there, but i wasn't here for it was
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a boy sometimes question rather than to hi. good awesome. busy awesome, i'm heading to our truman now. we're close to where the file has brush. which means that there's a good chance i'm not going to be home tonight. a, i'm sorry i just to start finding out for this plan we're part of it was on the american plan with american for i don't know. i mean, if confirm as promised, but i don't know any of that out there with it. i don't know why.
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ready i'm actually in exactly so, but i'm, i'm on my way and i'll be there soon as possible. we do. have you guys come up with her about already today. i on we were speaking with the san garza has not time before and i said pretty cool with us to be able to to head down when i was shut down like were with the press. so the total promising fuller crumpton couldn't
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possibly like hungry dressed, tired giving you the wanted on, are you myron and healing you way? remember already on contact with the air tanker wallet. you know, even our region aircraft had contracted around that american company.
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he. ready how do i be for him? i'm getting a logo for the pot. tortured. so yeah. i've also found out i've got a baby on the way you know to be bringing your life into the world. when a future is so uncertain, it definitely makes you think about those things. so this is what should be doing with my mom would be fast asleep, but she'd get out of the patch and just sit on her belly and just do this. since infancy, you know something, so you don't, you know be nice. be nice. one that's gone sweat account, concert consulate. not so he'd kills him. or would you do in
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a for ah, what i find hard for someone he's actually been in the phi grounds ever. the majority of things burned. my business partner, phil. he does all the use. amazing. so he gets called a lot by the walls. i've groups to euthanize sick one that's um, but most of those are getting put down cuz there's no way for them to go. lot of one that survived, but will they survive until it regenerates to actually be self sufficient? again, as a natural bushland done, i'm not spreading. oh yeah,
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well those are, i don't think many did or what, what, what was up board, you know, becoming a company. oh region for the clear right fire. if you in the area around brit by, you agree. it is true like through the park in the day are radical and volatile. this is a scale that retarded. imagine the challenge is getting people to engage, make people realize,
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or make people tear about climate change. them have that emotional connection. i want people to see these things for themselves and make up their own minds. or maybe you got right back to me voice. yes. with the side in the flies i'm stuck with night. right? my would be most likely going to connect with you. i got so he wants to go to get out of it, but we should go into coming behind were coming behind the right. but it was coming to what it was. edging back towards rober just robert go. i was having the how it comes up. as a full recognizes the roster,
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the ready potentially carson i really america over there as fi chapel i guess all i
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it's inevitable that we will experience more extreme events lock black summer in the future that's confronting bought we hot turned away from this reality i want people to engage with that and to be challenged by that. think. what is that was me was that was my family to make people feel as always an asshole. and the rest is up to them. ah ah. ah.
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a fearless mexican journalists side lying for taking on a precedent. and a corrupt system ruled by a single party for over 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform, determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga of truth seeking and a refusal to be gagged. radio silence, a witness documentary on out to sierra from the for velez of caracas. so the battle fields wrong, most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge with thoughtful as incur marines, rivers, young on england. st. plastic is everywhere. but if local is can be facing bags and bubble gum. wellington been
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what the moral can be done with this plague polymers. earth right? re imagining class day on al jazeera. ah. there's no more time to hang back or sit in the fence or argue amongst ourselves. well, lead us ramp up coals to tackle the climate crisis, but some of the worse polluting countries pushed back plans to achieve 0 carbon emissions. ah, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up.


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