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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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back to campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing? more shooting did was yours? it was absolutely all 0. lou . hello, i'm down jordan tow the top stories head on al jazeera, a 120. well, leaders have gathered in glasgow for what's being described as a make or break moment in the fight to contain global warming. they've arrived with messages making clear the severity of the climate emergency, but it's far less certain whether they will deliver the action needed to stave off catastrophic levels of warming. in one early agreement, though, more than a 100 nations signed up to and deforestation by 2030. you and chief antonio, cherish had a start warning about what's at stake. i would addiction to fossil fuels,
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is pushing humanity to the body. we face us thought choice, either we stop it or it stops us, and it's time to say enough. enough of booked the lising biodiversity. he laugh of killing though ourselves with carbon in law, 50 thing. nature like the toilet. enough of burning and building and minding, go away deeper. we are digging our own graves in ethiopia, rebels, and they to drive people's liberation fiance. they've joined up with forces from the most populous region or a mia. atp left, says it sees the town of con boucher and it's airport in the i'm horror region. while fighters from army essays, they've see the town of, can me say both towns are strategic points on the highway to add a sonata. a 21 story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least 4 people. dozens of thought to be trapped in the rebel in lagos is not yet clear what caused
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the collapse. have been recent efforts to demolish or reinforce unsafe buildings in the city. with more than 80 taken down this year, after more than a year of political turmoil, it delayed elections. somalia has begun electing politicians which lower house of parliament the 1st 2 politicians for the 275 member, lower house were elected in mogadishu. on monday, they have been chosen by tens of thousands of clan delegates as a separate voting process for the upper house and then both branches of government vote for the next president. french president de manion macro is delaying new customs checks against the united kingdom. a dispute of a fishing rights to briggs, it was threatening to turn into a wider trade dispute, but more talks and planned to diffuse the crisis. i was where the headline news continues your analogy 0 after witness search. and thanks, a lot of our goal at al jazeera has always been to expand our reach and
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improve on what we have to offer. to do that, we've kept pace with how people get their news news strengthen by reporting. that's hard. hitting with the arab world rose up, you followed a trusted source and we grew with you. over the years, al jazeera digital has been recognized for getting it right. because online innovation has always been key. and that includes new ways of reaching even more people. as we grew, we brought you new shows and more content. and when times got tough, he turned to us again. so to keep that trust, we've added even more correspondence. 25 years of al jazeera, a unique path. always different, always pushing ah
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i could quote them this invoice has done most of us more to see this up at his team's usa, i was going to load it pulled. i be in this blue book, only mention it. all those beams in escalade. these simple did i put that? let me have one in my can inexplicably can use. i would you know, so this little ivy, inexplicable a studio the court and think that he says to emphasis about his own and left matthew cut him and faced and cl. anything that company they look have yes, will save you the way i thought they say happy with. okay, put a payment of a cisco channel and you'll see familiarity thing has to be continuous lay machine case. you call all the stuff persona we learned this through is to miss it, or his roster law are undoubtedly the element is as it is a marking cassock,
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loyce or you may have correspond that gwyn g l e t, which has put on, i guess i said camera, donnelly, canada. oh yeah, no temporary. one tell. okay. so at emily headed donators, those are us previously. well nathan, nazarene, good until i year associated. i may go, don't expect us in the south, but it had but honest operation inherited it because he thought almost almost because it's a little more the same way. so look not in this coin. better does mess as they both have a steady it part of it. the net loss. melamine post controller style. april whatever must must throw alice west osgood, police e catalog. welcome, where the fatty story can kill of quite a priscilla's, horrendous obedience. even seen at others in on basil date of humanity in owning cynthia than godaddy can knock it out of his hand. this last was but even difficult . well, in it, we're open it up and goes on granted. force and look as a political civilian must completely open us. you'll see
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a niche when people receives was a dilemma. they make it quick, but it was done to me. he comes to water in teams and control bristol dellagorzo's issue continue to frodo. a story in the name for me and it was expected was independent. diskin, festive, i don't bodily lemon because if we really love is a pretty soon for saturday, pretty soon. this is miss leticia, but i will have less williamson, good evening. i ah
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interestingness can't use unless you have chris will. nobela pelletize the scene can lose it. ambien a low spin p, those to mean is that let larger about peelers put into here to see 2 yellow ccc scam pacino's as her mother's at that scene gun. your foot on a quote that was policy that alice the whole order than the not the nice will specials is i miss minuchi? so kayla bless her principal, the less you that pinion that of 11 with i'm in class 5th us. but being diverse, put model of the samples. that isn't but i will come to the wellness monet this scene 11, but i'm 50 for, for with
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he isn't going to be on the level that we sent out a report because we were overseas in oklahoma. so but the list these and balloons to me simply because some of those preferred to knowledge yes. looks in some way
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we can go over this kind of stuff, but as i mean, i would say we but we but that the redline we put them in the csc insisting they began, i guess i don't make enough income. i can't seem to get the need for monday. it's almost going to settle. am i? can i please put in the you know, the amount that the g gonna give us
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a call for you. i don't, i don't want to but i'm going to just on the present, i get, i mean they can start to use it to a new person, maybe a little quote to move the case to multiple that also that particular plan will be enough to make ease for formula plot is not formula to move, but as you feel, so this is the equivalent, socio if we were supposed to case to beautiful mafia. i got some of that to little, not read the prostitution and switching us from, but from lack of knowledge that will not
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they will cut loose collaborate, i thought, is it carmen? is quintavius heat. gustavo, in case this present, rover ne, he not, as they will not present those when you go with
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isis bank with no, you're all, as i do, those are both of those is that was a good then i get a so this way they, when i knew all the is mrs and gay is a group of that, but he says they'll give home about a bit. so pre owned but, but as in zulu, in those exploring. so villarejo me, he done the hours that was that last year. let me that it doesn't one mother going on with one of those. we have the last, you know, some of these boys, those i've ever heard of. you say your but i see that one on. oh, no, not at eden. unless that doesn't mean you went up was what was going. okay, so my little massey brooklyn did it last week the masada visit, the one that aspect mile is a whole month. is the furnace developing for
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a delivery for a demo? yeah, from now. so looking for him in those employees goes back, he goes into my mini dentist embittered it and got his medicine in going there. the guy from nozzle is in a pretty that is in the lab work. those are the must be me. he go be me who know this was billed as english. he got us last. you love me. he got at the unit as he was a guttural is thomas. was there you this to really that? yes. bizarre aquanda. c storia veiled from anita gave me back up. was that the machine that oh the guy says if that if it is when in his bathroom it yet he called it up, but i got a mini swell dns. yeah, no, but i got another vin through the lucky political decide. i love you. uncle voices follow putting that mit it as was pass, you must was pass. you seen
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him battle what mrs is place? not p chevy. not a quarter that well, if it was clear school, so i could cut them in several p n for him that possibly that mean su solution though as yet, those is families, as even though we are read was that those ms young part of eric went there they will no, no teacher that he can assist you now though on grant gallagher. have you heard about this on the very least that this it's yawn as he another boy. i media idea imprint that this would be really cold. drill dorsey, seabed mesa co lit up, but he does in elaine say this a law is the about of it was gonna be so they've got a beautiful group made their own locally did on. i absolutely didn't get a deal with
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that because i feel a lot of companies that it made join me and we have those available to go get portable rated that this particular 50000 is the best. quit let companies like to release comments. i don't eat governmentally for us will be good if students will be assessed one percent of guitar. however, let me put that in put a political and public building. 30 said they know they will know if you live jeff . it'll get older. a b s. he will be in the webinar, inconsolably as messes in 20 days. politicos. you for sure. $9450.00 now
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in this him be empty. and then i'll pick out a report that he can import. i'm actually gonna buy someone on the mentally put them into the home telephone needles, even though i'm ready number he can can, unless you're never going to medical graphical and can be that way. not today, the list of if at least yes it was to another people we got low and before this was the last election, he's always look is that unless you're going in medical coma matter, but i'll just give them put it over over them. but i know you, i don't think we thought they put in via google payment. so we'll
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get, we're not released by easy fix on the lease which can be done in the central medical and 6 in, you know, is it is but i mean he knows them as maggie, she lives be a lot of us or can i speak to the us in the 1000 maybe and i'm in business model. i love you. the only thing i could even are going to sell was part of the house. joker when it goes to. yes. so you move on. she's happening to garment
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it carol printer. cuz i'm in in up. all right. you're going to surprise you. l indignities. have you up on what they see on the left or leave them with normal question. i will. okay. no, my question stays customer input. i hope. ok, joe, assuming can minutes, come on for a moment. if you're looking at the military or even really
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make. he caught that he is upper level muslim. this is going to be kind of fell and he's that he can and he says he's that new guy is starting for my the noise will be sent to get out of sailors. but if he's yes, yes, yes. a i hear a who, jonah, they don't know what they're going to be, gabriela does. yep. we'll have to leave it wouldn't make it quite obvious up, but will not be spoiled by their body. means that there's appeal. my job is i gotta
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look it up as an body. they get very jack noise, but i was, he got a nice as you that was of it again. if you he gave it rest. we got a saudi siegel us next unit, a maddest big enough. these, yes, ah, in la canadian, the little, but i cannot leprosy venture last defendant. this puts us police, pick us properly and combos with his team to spell. lemme quarterly by east methodist yet. but if he beat a piece out of elaine, this is joan galle, ambient to save up at mandel, the own sentimental in italy. so every that at the la costa levied together under his men were lucas of another. said he had candy that took him as flew to think that he has had chatted unless they were kept easter super again to pro matea come to radical in mister by soccer, political, whom he told his temper, tim baggett, i was good, but i'll be in a minute to visetti. i'm a thing here. ah
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go with them will be in the process or 40 people like that. i'll dig around the demons you on is not one of one of the manual. is it the one will be, is your jamica was mother, be sure to meet god about daily job without even the logo law. but he didn't hear the larry ball. he got one, but i can't give you any, but i mean, he go there. normally there are some things. yeah, this all is thomas randall in that he's seen a pe certificate, got them in the see if he'll probably cut it to put the his somebody can be that, but it will be at another police school jingle and domingo the linux young at least equal to literally police school audit and also spin emanating with yet just with the fortune till maybe they won't cover the key for the most about what it got. a mini fluid dna. both of those michigan most common can les storer s a v s, and the most of that
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i think was us. yes i did on said jo facilities like when we build ski laura's with those kids that been going soup on that. yeah. in this the moment i'm not sure this deputy middle, the quality. okay. is it under as manuel. okay, so robert, i believe i left a voice. gus already about in glenn gould according bait. that is according been able to see and thought close. i'm gonna meet in on durango. there vain be those are being dis, a sporty and thought that he got an idea in wrangle. they beat that as having to hit their bossy and book e. hi man, because kyle did on is gonna be up in the indian there in on going well that that is a single 40 and thought as he can. but as manuel out of e by lessing boys best in on, blank like why didn't they base according to steinway, be oh,
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with a ah, with with
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in my book this event of the make equal to whirlpool they'd up a saturday they'd let out, can nobody d n in go next, vivian thing contriving expressive, and they've been amnesty a politic of whistle to poised on up. i can em blanco. but a may. he could simply cody's made out a scene for dude 18 asked up at that he shows men so cynical for 2 of the low spoils is then so puzzle seeing where both will be at no papa, no, no transfer to monsieur at the side of the line for me that i look in northern williams, friends yet is a mr. problem. him already well, i will get either with us. do any boarding gamino? yes. isn't there? i know a little bit effect is there just though you together don't.
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wasn't about a yoga over them. was use me notice less book were the se in love, even of them in there. because as you for december, not mirrorless, business ventures, experience is elemental given a gap. and of course, as is more for them, i live in there, c, w. seattle. endless quite to ask is to visit kevin gunman for not douglas jim book it to walk away because i was no mad also set back his whole dcea alaska postcard on in that video console tower oil in another los gas was louse t sierra the last one yeah, can feed my lucas will this be the last us you on for a little bit. i live near me. dotala middle gwin,
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dedicated camino carmenela. he will not be to meet soon as one at a comfort interval. succeed newcomb and sad yet, but i yet can seen, call them and asked him to contra muscle tweet, then web over at another the halley school and we'll see and look up to cynthia nevins. yep. or van your moral contact in this will be coronel report. i live in the book see emptiness, umbrella fordham, anchored government limply harbor as they lose the most wonderful temp. well,
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that is about digest been through their own ambient to put them as this are leveled windows and explicit. examines, you know, a look. des moines schedule. nobody got one more lead. gelato did an a p versus you steve. he could put him a mental not in the ending on blood pressure. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, there has been relatively quiet to the last 24 hours or so this looks like a lot of class, but really the rains take long way north and the total it's coming afterwards isn't that code is a code from going to be code behind it. the templates are in single figures and certainly here when you pick your feel it and eventually that code will come or down across the states, but it hasn't really bitten just yet. so the forecasts that are alters at lowest about 5 degrees or wednesday, little less cold on thursday, and as the percentage chance of brief snow showers in the field. carol was saying the snow further west in the rockies. but the code comes up with the moisture from
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the gulf. you get, i think significant thunderstorm risk in texas hale possibly to when i those are once more the pacific coast looked very wet by the end of wednesday, which i'm sure is welcome rein. is a good line of exaggerated showers through cuba. recently, jamaica now occurred again to belize, honduras, and nicaragua. this is the case for tuesday. whether that's the focus of the heaviest ray orange tops means the biggest downpours mexico's largely, but not entirely dry. and for south america, very pleasing to say a lot of see a lot of re pneumonia. disappointing both your rear where it's still wet. ah, but the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting this victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins.
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the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera. ah, there's no more time to hang back or shoot an offense, or argue amongst ourselves. what lead us ramp up calls to tackle the climate crisis as they agree to end deforestation by 2030. ah. hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out there, alive from dough. are also coming up to graham forces, joined with another ethiopian rebel group. as i step up their offensive against the military france rose back on its threat to impose sanctions on the u. k as talks continue.


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