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then mon, this fancied so lot, the book fishing makes up less than one percent of either country's economy, but for this community, it's vital, and they need answers soon, alexia bryan, al jazeera, bologna, so mer northern france. ah, is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the u. n. has found evidence that all sides and ethiopia as t gray conflicts have violated international human rights. in some cases amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it's reports as the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. well, the majority of the violations documented between november 2020 and june 2021 appeared to have been committed by editor and at your pin and literature and forces we have since then seen an increasing number of allegations of human rights abuses
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by degree in forces as well as continuum reported by alicia that it took an anti it a return defense forces. it is vital that all parties he, that the repeated calls to and hostilities and seek as get a lasting ceasefire more than 100 countries and joining the u. s. n. t e u to cut methane emissions by 30 percent by the end of this decade. it's the 2nd big commitment from the u. n. climate summit in glasgow are for a pack to and deforestation also by 20. 30. i saw says it was behind tuesday's attack on afghanistan's biggest military hospital and cobble at least 19 people were killed. and another 50 injured in the explosion among those killed was the commander of the taliban special forces who was in charge of cobbled security. the french ambassador to australia has accused canberra of intentional deceit when it canceled a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. australia signed up with security packed with the u. s. and u. k. instead,
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under their deal it will get its 1st nuclear powered submarines. i minister scott morrison has denied lying about his intentions. face masks are being re introduced in the netherlands after arise in corona virus infections. the government is also expanding the use of a corona pass showing proof of a coven, 19 vaccination, or a negative test. the actions have been rising since most social distancing measures were dropped in late september. the u. s. is given a final approval to pfizer covered 19 vaccine for children from ages 5 to 11. president joe biden has called the move a turning point in the fight against the virus. the food and drug administration has already said that the shot is safe for that age group. a smaller dose than normal was recommended. those are the headlines. peter don't be, will have in use are for you here on al jazeera right after democracy, maybe ah, bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera.
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when i enter my yahoo! jump ahead. i'm oh, no. what risks are you willing to occur in the fight for freedom? ah, i say that one of the things that is always motivated me to feel so strongly about democracy is the powerful stories that of emerge, of the risks people have and the fear they live in when they don't have any freedom at all. ah, you look at the risks of these young civil society are diverse in thailand, and you look at the risks that people and me and me are taking right now and you
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i mean id client loan. hi man. i go on your yeah. i thought we talked a lot about the dilemma of democracy. let's talk about the dilemma as of authoritarian rule in authoritarian rulers are sitting on a dilemma. and that is, if there people get educated, become aware, get empowered in any way,
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society and economy develop the country as successful. people are going to demand freedom. and if the country is not successful and they're stuck in stagnation, then they're going to get disillusioned with corrupt, predatory, unsuccessful governance. and they're going to demand change in the me. ah, i think money spent on now being on
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a main issue with your thought only me hand off if i can. ok. well my, my mm mm ah, it seems like a dark time for freedom and democracy. and it's perhaps too easy to get depressed and resigned. but i think it's very important to be hopeful and resolute because history teaches us that authoritarian regimes have their own contradictions and vulnerabilities and they constantly have to face the possibility that people are going to rise up and demand their dignity.
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authoritarianism has no solution. we who have the privilege of living and democracies have to be supportive of those who are taking risks for those who are struggling against great odds and not yield to despair. and recognize that we never know when an opening is going to come when an accident is going to happen. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate himself and say enough is enough and ignite a popular uprising. and i think history still lives with all of the difficulties of the current moment on the side of freedom and democracy. and it is a value worth striving for, and worth devoting a life to working to bring about and improve
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ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news or alive from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. every day, more people are suffering and during the un human rights chief releases a report on ethiopia as war documenting what she describes as extreme brutality void by major climate announcements. leaders had home from cop 26 leaving officials .


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