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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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is that chilling and traumatic stories, so the children throw stones at me, iraq's last generation on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, there i am. alamo, he is in this is the usa, live from dough harm coming up for you in the next 60 minutes protests against xerox, horner mentally election results turn violence. in fact, dance. these aren't mining pictures just outside the greens and citizens military orders. the release of for it to change cabinet ministers as pressure minds to restore the democratic process. international calls grew for
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a cease foreign ethiopia, us says peace negotiations should begin immediately with outs. preconditions and china moves to contain its most widespread cove at 19 outbreaks as the early months of the pond. and i'm joanna roscoe at the sports club. legends savvy is heading back to boss signer is coach the spanish giant strike a deal with countryside outside to release him. ah, where we begin this news, our with breaking news out of iraq. her protests are taking place against october's parliamentary election results. now there are clashes, as you can see from these live pictures between protest us and security forces. we understand that stones have been thrown and tear gas has been deployed. this of
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course follows those parliamentary elections in october. and let's see if we can get more. no, from my wounds. abdul were hoods, he joins us now live from baghdad. mama, these are dramatic pictures. we're showing our viewers. just give us a sense of the concept. why are these protests happening? and, and, and why have the seemingly spiraled out of control all hello, apparently a violence escalated or after the protesters are starting it a started, they started throwing good security of forces with the stones. and then security forces near the green zone area up there also try to fire in the air to disperse the protest of his and also they fired it tear a gas. now these protest her as our supporters of the political parties that last
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in villages live election that was conducted that the last month they include a popular mobilization forces. these are the military, all of the political parties that lost in the election. remember, this collation of the violence has escalated after the protest. her as announcing that today friday is the last chance for the government for the election commission to it he to hold. and he count of all the votes otherwise to conduct the election. now these protest her as have been occupying the areas near the greens on for the 3rd month. at now, they have been sitting tense. they have been a per marching in the area the have been chanting against the government against the election commission against international commissions included the the, the, and mission. and they would appear in union mission that have taken part in
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monitoring the election. in fact, they accuse the election commission of votes rigging of fraud and they also are, they have when they have gone quite to demand the removal of all the stuff of the election commission. now these protest her as a, as no they, they include, they include a popular mobilization forces. we spoke to many of them. they said that they were commanded, that they were commanded to leave their military positions in many areas across iraq and the sizes and the north and the west of the country and come here near the green zone to protest to belt, to sit up there. the tents and not leave the area until the demands are meant. now this tuition is getting worse because at the election commission says that it's impossible to be it to conduct at he election given the fact that it has
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conducted the really about 25 percent of the votes have been that he counted manually and eventually the results are identical with the old, that is it. so there is no change. there is no hope for these protest her is to leave the area because they are not happy with the work with. they are not happy with the results. they are not happy with that. the count of their disputed boats because they say that the disputed votes have been recounted only with a supervision from the election commission. in fact, they say that they are not leaving this, this area near the guns the degrees own, until a count is conducted to old the vote. so it would have re, can be, i mean, i mean it's with a re, can be enough to, to, to get these protests to stand back just as we're talking mark moods. it certainly
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looks like protests are no charge a one. it appears to be carrying a chair, charging out a line of riot police. there is this, this seems to be a lot of tensions on the street where our cameras are pointed. what would it take for these protests just sent it to back day in? has there been any evidence of wrongdoing at when it came to the election of the counsel progress itself? or are they just unhappy because they've lost will they had been calling for a protest has to take to the streets to day on friday, they call it, like a said the last a chance lost a chance. me that this is the last chance for peaceful protesting for peaceful demonstration, and then they would escalate. and that is exactly what happened. they started that so and good stows at the security forces. security forces applied was a t,
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a gas and firing, shooting in the air up. we have been getting reports from the protesting area that they have been injuries. they have been injuries among the protests and they say that they have also calling to protest as in other govern rates in other provinces to take it to the streets and but on that, and at the same time the election commission says that it's proceeding of it's proceeding with its work, it will effect the results of their disputed votes to the federal court to pass the final judgment. we have been speaking to a commissioners with the election commission. they say that there is no change. there is no change. there is no difference. there is no comparison. that is no difference. the, the, the, the new results with the, the, all the results. that's why they say that they're going to refer to the old. that
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is, it's especially the disputed that isn't of the disputed the votes to the federal court to pass the final judgment. but one commissioner says that it, the federal court will most probably endorse that, isn't because there is no clear evidence about the vote frigging. that is no legal standing for those who are disputing you are challenging the election commission. okay. black when it's a day at friday was the last peaceful day for demonstrations, according to the protests. those that have been occupying. educated the greens on for the 3rd week. well, they say it's the last piece all day of protest, and certainly the pictures that we are broadcasting right now don't appear to be a very peaceful in deeds, mac mood after one had you are in baghdad for as,
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as the people who are protesting. and again, holding chairs aloft, edge certainly charging towards the security forces. clearly unhappy with the way the elections had run, but you're based in baghdad. you're talking to to other people. was the chair. well sense in the city, i mean, pertains to other people feel that the elections have progressed. okay. what, what's the mood like on the whole, in baghdad following these elections? will the prosystems at present only a my, you know, to faction of the iraqi society. and they have been encouraging, they have been supported and motivated by the political parties that lost in the election. but the general air sense in iraq is that this election, dr. but election as at the, the, the, the 3rd the fight, the 5th,
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the election that has been conducted since the fall of saddam hussein's regime and 2003. but they say that it says it has been monitored by international supervisors. it has been a monitored by the united nations by european viewed opinion, and even by it presented ubs of old, the political a parties. despite the fact that at this is that the best in, in terms of a guinea zation in terms of logistics. the best election to be held in iraq in 18 years. but yet the turnout was very low. it was only 41 percent. turn out. so many people in the street. many people say that they do not believe in this electoral process because it is only producing the same old parties,
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but the same old parties are now having dispute among themselves. those political buses that lost in the election. they have sent the supporters in the streets, blocking the streets, occupying areas near the green zone. now, a very important area that has a headquarters of diplomatic missions, including the u. s. embassy and also government offices that trying to put pressure on the government, put push it on the electra electra commission to change something. and the boat results to change something with that is saying guarantee will not do these thing for the 20th can migrate. i'm sorry to cut you off for the protest as you're clearly angry at the results and they want the results to change. but in terms of the winds or political system that you've just explained to her audience appears to be returning the same results. the same parties getting in is the recognition
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in iraq more generally, that if it more reform needs to be had with it, with the entire system, not just the electoral system because of the same leaders are being returns. and there is unhappiness with the system with the leaders that keep coming back to these elections. is there a recognition more broadly that the system is not working? was it is the definitely is because many people'd say that the same old system, the same old corrupt regime. it has been reproduced over the past years. so corrupt political parties, corrupt officials, corrupt politicians. but yet they say that the hope that this election can bring about a change, especially that this is the 1st time opposition parties are gain and
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legislative election. remember, this election has brought opportunity to there are a movement and opposition movement called that 2019 october revolution movement. it's called to train year and iraq. and it has given a chance to representatives of the revolution of the opposition movement to take part in the selection and when, and they have also achieved a relative victory in this a, this sir election compared to other elections in the past. so i think this is the 1st time opposition parties have a voice, they have a chance to take part in the legislative a body that will hopefully according to them. well, i make a change will be formal and eliminate the corruption that they have been suffering from huh. for almost 2 decades. okay. my words, outdoor herds,
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i will leave it there for now. but thank you very much indeed for talking as through those sad developments in iraq care for veers just joining us. we are showing life pictures of protests at just outside the greens are very near to the green zone. these protests following the results of the elections in october and clearly many unhappy with those result. so unhappy that the, the hans, we came to the manual recount and system returning the same results. we're going to keep a cool cy own development. same backside and bring you more on the story later in the news. let's take, you know, to see don, where the military leads. there has ordered the release of 4 civilian cabinet ministers who were detains in last month, military takeover. and this comes with international pressure,
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intensifies to reach a deal or on a return to power sharing with civilian leaders and a phone call with the u. s. secretary of states. anthony burton can general observe fatter ober hon said he agrees on the needs to accelerate the formation of a government's un secretary general. antonio terrace also spoke to per hahn on thursday and urged him to restore the transitional process. meanwhile, i said, prime minister handled remains under house arrest, but the u. s. and the u. n. are pressing for his full release and read statements and the u. n. has held an emergency session on sit on the high commissioner for human rights said the military take over. there is deeply disturbing. she's also called for an end to the deadly use of force by the army and police. more protests against the military takeover are expected later on
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a friday. let's get more now from our correspond. hey, morgan, he joins is no longer form cartoon. hipaa. let's start with the concession, if you like the release of these 4 ministers. well, can we regions of that well, there's been various calls and mediation efforts to nice, not just for ministers who have been released, but all the political prisoners, including members of the, of the transitional government that has been dissolved to have them all released. those who have been released or the minister of trade, the minister of communication, the minister of information and the minister of youth and sports. however, the minister in the cabinets of the prime minister is still under detention. he still under rest and his family say his whereabouts are still unknown. this also to advise this to prime minister of the lamb dog as well as this book, person of been now dissolved sovereignty counsel. so many other senior government officials still remain under arrest mediation efforts. are still ongoing between the 2 sides,
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but there's still yet to be any concrete result produce the united states and the you and both call for the reinstating of prime minister of the lam dog who is also still under house arrest. and it's not free to me, even the cabinet members who have been, who have not been arrested. many of them have with us messages saying that despite the fact that there were parts of his cabinet which has been dissolved, they cannot meet with the prime minister. because he is under house arrest. now all of this comes as mediation efforts continue between the 2 sides with the help of the united nation, the you and national figures as well as neighboring south sedan. but right after the announcement of the release late on thursday, the 4th of freedom and change coalition put out the statement that the top official members of the coalition. and that's the coalition that has led anti government protest movement during the december of 2018, up to april 2019 revolution, which saw the president bashir overthrown. that movement now says that 3 of us officials have been arrested following a meeting with the un mission here. incident now the un mission,
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but other statements saying that the arrest of the 3 figures of these, of the forces of freedom and change does not, it help in restoring the stability infected hender. there was the ration of stability and it's not the fire, the release of the for political prisoners. so it looks like there's some kind of a step forward and a step back with while with cabinet ministers release. but officials from the former ruling coalition, now that the transitional government has been dissolved still being targeted, there are still other activity to happen reportedly arrested as well, with their whereabouts and known and the u. s. and the us and several mediators calling for the release of all political prisoners. and the station there was the ration of the transitional government that has been resolved on october 24th. ok have been morgan will leave it there for now. but thank you very much indeed. have been morgan, they're joining us live from the sydney's capital, hurt to me. let's get more and i from peter murphy, he's the director of the african program at the european cancel and foreign relations. and join us from berlin skits. have you where there's only use are just
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start week by giving us you read that. the situation here doesn't look like the international pressure is working. i think so. i can do. national pressure has been, has been strong and unified. the message coming across is clear that a military to sort of figure company won't be accepted, but let's not forget that they're 2nd part of this equation, that's also putting pressure on the instigators of the 2. and that's the part that gets street into that. i've been to the street is even more important and the impacts i'd say, as well as for general take should release the rest of the people who are detained because you've rightly point today. you know, the pressure is being made, but the so some way to go, i mean, it will take more international pressure i think. so i think what,
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what we might find is that for the, for those who, in the who it's, it's one of the things that they control the government. quite another thing to be able to then govern the country. and what we're seeing is that the, the reaction to the school a chance as been overwhelming. i think it will be continuous. why do you see when, i'm sorry, what, why do you think the army is holding back from the field transition? what, what are their demands in this? because they're clearly not going to relinquish power. just because the u. s. president tells and say well it's not just the us president telling him to it's, it's the vast majority of the international community. but as i was saying, also the st. you, i think we're going to come into a situation continues where the military doesn't step back from taking control where the country itself is on government. so they will find themselves in an
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untenable position that will lead us eventually do the need for a mediated solution. both sides, they're the tracking the civilian government and those, the military will not get everything they want and not as we are moving toward the trajectory is towards that what, why do you think that the military would, would be it would be on got on governor both under the military because the military, their rationale for this takeover was that with the civilian leaders, the politicians were bickering with each other and that wasn't delivering for the sudanese people. why do you say it's in effect almost the other way around? well, because as you say, this bickering are the in fighting that's, that's one thing. but the prospect of losing the hope for a civilian lad. i'm
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a product to dan. this is something that was once no generation opportunity that was brought about by the 28.9. the prospect of losing that is a much stronger incentive that will continue to drive popular opposition to the school . ok, theater murphy. great. so get your thoughts on your analysis. thank you so much for joining us on the al jazeera news, our thank you. several anti government groups and the c o. p are forming an alliance in an attempt to push h prime minister. and governments. international calls are growing for an immediate cease far between federal forces and rebels from the northern region. un security can force you to discuss the conflict later on friday. were us envoy, jeffrey feldman, is in just about to push for de escalation was left rebels pushing size from
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t gray in the neighboring regions of m horror and afar and down a major road running safe to the capital. a sub of a to grind rebels said they took control of these times this week. come bolt says, you see fits on a supply line linking the landlocked nation to the ports of j booty. let's get more know from the journalist. you'll get to show he's a saba samuel, this, this situation is causing it concerns internationally. but there also seems to be some movement in terms of momentum with the t p l f. and i'm saying more groups joining their cause as it were. just talk us through this shift in momentum on the grind, what's happening well, and to begin with, sir, this, the u. s. secretary of the u. s. in boy to the horn of africa. jeffrey feltman as
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expected to depart ethiopia. any moment now, we approached the embassy to ask if he had indeed met with the prime minister prime minister abbey armored. but the embassy refused to say, but they said they sent us a statement from the secretary of state that was we leased yesterday calling for a cease fire between the ethiopian forces and the t p. i left. this comes as a t p i left as claiming, or allegedly claiming more towns and more villages. but the theo pennsaid insists that's not true. they are going to crush them. this is going to be a war about the foundation of the country. and they're going to go all the way and very them with our blood quote unquote was what the prime minister said. but the t p left is insisting they're going ahead. they're pushing ahead. they're not looking for any kind of compromise or settlement. they're going to push all the way to our
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d'silva. this comes in addition to the u. s. this also comes from the african union and the canyon president and the uganda president who is supposed to be having a conference own or a summit on what's happening and he threw in ethiopia on november 16th. and this comes us. the conflict is really are facing money people and again, more than 2000000 people are currently displeased as a result of it. and they say they are start the numbers, 2000000 people displaced by this. and from the graphic that we showed our viewers, the threats of violence, if the t p l f in its forces and get caused to add to sub i would have had a significant impacts on the government of the day. you are in addis ababa. just talk us through what the situation is like where you are. i mean ed, our people were reads, does it appear like there will be fighting coming close to the capital?
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eminently there was a rumor that the conflict has come to the suburbs so far. the sub about it was reported, but thou was fools. i mean, the december wise tense people are worried are concerned. but for the most part it's business as usual. but the government has declared a state of emergency a few days ago endorsed by the parliament. and they've started asking for id knocking on doors, having conversations, making sure that the country is intact, as the prime minister said. but this is comparable to what happened in the u. s. perhaps in the early 2000 was george w bush and making sure that the rights of the people are a 100 to the government or in exchange to her as a safety that's needed by, by the population. but again, money, foreigners are heading to outside of ethiopia,
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including the u. s. department that has told its citizens to live the country. and even if they need support, financial support, the embassy said they're willing to cover for them, but they want them to leave ethiopia saying, the conflict is eminent, is coming to december. o came samuel, get a show at thank you so much for bringing us those updates from addis ababa. we appreciate it. at the top here, unofficial in bosnia herzegovina says the piece still that ended the war 26 years ago is under threat. the both in syrup liter miller, i don't think has announced plans to establish a separate army within the country that violates the 1995 date and peace agreements which ended the 3 and a half year conflicts but speak now had sent you mal sheil who is lifers in sarajevo, jamal a very concerning situation developing, were you on indeed halla. i mean,
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although physically there is nothing that's changed here, or there is an almost tangible sense of worry and concern amongst our people. the trajectory of how the political rhetoric is taking the country, particularly the words coming from neurologic because his threats isn't, isn't to set up a separate army. it's essentially just set up a militia unarmed group and break away the republic assert sky. our region from bosnia properties, threats, and not only to do that, but to break away from the judiciary as well as other states institutions and on the other side of it. so whilst he is backed by a strong regional power is an international power, including russia and the other side, it seems there is still yet to be major or significance inputs from nato and other international powers. joining me now is sabina to dick
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a member of the federal parliaments. thank you very much for joining us here on the news. our. i want to start by asking you how real is the threats are of this current political crisis, transforming into something look more deadly. well, considering the extreme political forces in bosnia and herzegovina as well as the region. and i dare to say the world that we have maligned foreign influence here would profit from the chaos and war. i refuse to add to that rhetoric with vice security assessment and adding essentially fuel to the fire. but the sheer fact that you are here today discussing this issue is a reflection off the sentiment that has already reached the international community and the globe that we are here, essentially being blackmailed. i would say both politically and in all other ways by a corrupt, at least in bosnia, for surviving succession. they sell these who is willing to start the conflicts on
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war in order to prevent themselves from going to prison cells. this is not an ideological question. this is not a political debate, this is not a constitutional debate. it is a desperate attempt by those in power to remain in power under any costs. on the side of the separatist, they are very clear. do you have strong allies on the other side, particularly those who are behind the data piece? of course you're talking about the united states. we're talking about european and the internet communities. when we've spoken to people about next slide, they say that they are nowhere to be found. there are still no influence. there was a feeling during the war in the 90 s, that's the international community let down. and in some respects with implicitly in allowing for the massacres and genocide.


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