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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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as but 2 people in holding and this will be unacceptable. they say the government should 1st compensate the victims of earlier earthquakes and not create new ones. steadfast and al jazeera coding and and you can get the latest news and much more on our website just paid to the address, which is out there a dot com ah, hello you, what you, which is ear. and these are the top stories, this our several ethiopian anti government groups in washington, d. c. have signed an agreement to form an alliance against prime minister abi om. it, it comes as a t o p as ami calls on former soldiers to join. it's 5 against rebels from the trigger i region as a response to the mirror of crisis facing the various missions of the country and to reverse the harmful effects of the adamant autocratic rule to our peoples and
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beyond. we have coordinated the object need to collaborate and join our force towards a safe transition in the country. hence, have establish of the united front of the federalist and confederate forces. more than 100 people have been injured in protest against election results in iraq. security forces have fighting the ever news t gas to disperse. the crowds demonstrate his say, vote rigging to play sedans military later has agreed with the us secretary of state on the need to speed up the formation of a new government. general abdel fata albert han has also ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained in last month and military takeover. thousands of climate change activists have marched through central glasgow, demanding world late is doing more to protect the planet. the youth day rally was
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organized by the friday for future global strike movement. the group says promises made by ladies at the top $26.00 summit on not enough a memorial service for colin powell, the former us secretary of state is taking place in washington. d. c. these are live pictures at the moment of richard armitage, for my deputy secretary of state. colin pal died from corona virus complications aged 84 president joe biden is in attendance at the memorial as well as for my president obama and george w bush in 2003 pal address c u n. where he falsely accused a rock of having weapons of mass destruction. so this is for my deputy secretary of state, paying tribute here at the memorial. okay, those are the headlines. i'm emily angland states you now for democracy, maybe part of the time must always on good luck. so we are the ones grappling the extra mile where auto media don't go. we go there and we give them
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come with id low, yahoo! jump ahead. i'm a what risks? are you willing to occur in the fight for freedom? ah, i say that one of the saves that is always motivated me to feel so strongly about democracy is the powerful stories that of emerge, of the risks people have and the fear they live in when they don't have any freedom at all with you look at the risks of these young civil society are diverse in thailand, and you look at the risks that people and me and mar are taking right now and you
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can't help but admire their courage. their determination, ah ah, oh
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i be good for the you know, i don't know. i got your i didn't have a time in my gun by how time i was i how i was. i have all my go. so when did all wrong, let me tell me what it would be for my, for my people and i live in the, in the me me
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body. i mean id client loan. hi man. i got your yeah. i thought we talked a lot about the dilemma of democracy. let's talk about the dilemma. as of authoritarian rule. i authoritarian rulers are sitting on a dilemma. and that is if there people get educated, become aware,
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get empowered in any way, society and economy develop. the country as successful people are going to demand freedom. and if the country is not successful and they're stuck in stagnation, then they're going to get disillusioned with corrupt, predatory, unsuccessful governance. and they're going to demand change in the me. ah, i think money spent on,
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me to hand off if i can. and what i was wondering when i mm. mm ah, it seems like a dark time for freedom and democracy and it's perhaps too easy to get depressed and resigned. but i think it's very important to be hopeful and resolute because history teaches us that authoritarian regimes have their own contradictions and vulnerabilities and they constantly have to face the possibility that people are going to rise up and demand their dignity.
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authoritarianism has no solution. we who have the privilege of living and democracies have to be supportive of those who are taking risks for those who are struggling against great odds and not yield to despair. and recognize that we never know when an opening is going to come when an accident is going to happen. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate himself and say enough is enough and ignite a popular uprising. and i think history still lives with all of the difficulties of the current moment on the side of freedom and democracy. and it is of value worth striving for and worth devoting a life to working to bring about and improve. ah,
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ah ah. with
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awe it the opium opposition groups abroad agree on and aligned against prime minister abbey ahmed as us urges it. citizens to leave the country. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is out here alive from doha, also coming up protests against iraq's parliamentary election results turned violent in baghdad with scuffles outside the high security grains on sedans, military orders, the release of for detained cabinet.


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